American Music Awards 2011 Red Carpet

Posted on November 21, 2011

We’re rolling up our sleeves, cracking our knuckles and doing some preliminary stretches. You should too, darlings. We’ve got a metric shit-ton of celebrities to criticize and we don’t want any of you to strain yourselves. Ready? Warmed up? Let’s DO THIS.


Adam Lambert

It’s so very not our style, but we would be perfectly happy saying complimentary things about this look if only it fit him better. He’s a bit sausage-y in this getup.


Alanis Morissette

Oh, sweetie. This is drab, boring, and not very flattering.


Amy Heidemann

This, on the other hand, is crazy fun. We’ll even allow for matchy accessories.


Anne V

Pretty. Nothing earth-shattering, of course. And we don’t even like red lace. But it’s inoffensive.


Audrina Patridge in Joey Tierney

Stripper shoes, cutouts, and babyhead boobs. Pure class all the way.


Bleona Qereti

Counselor Troi hitting the clubs because she’s horny.


Carly Steel

Bottom heavy and boring.


Cheryl Hines in Lorena Sarbu

Blah dress and cheap-looking shoes.


Christa B. Allen

It’s all right. We don’t actually love the shoes, but we salute her attempt to not match them too closely to the dress.


Ellie Goulding in Christopher Kane

If it weren’t for the plastic and the bared skin, we’d think this looked business-y. It needs way more interesting accessories and something needs to be done with the hair.


Erica Dasher

This couldn’t possibly be any more boring. We’re about to black out from boredom just looking at —


Heidi Klum in Giles

Apparently, tight, short and shiny is no longer enough for the Heidster. She had to add “underwear-baring” to the list.


Hillary Scott in Rani Zakhem

Kitten, a contrasting belt and purse with an up ‘do would have taken this dress places.


Jennifer Hudson in Jenny Packham

It’s a cute dress, but she’s making the mistake lately of wearing things too high-waisted for her build.


Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad

It’s divatastic, we’ll give it that. At this stage in her career, it’s all about maximum impact, which is why she performed that drag revue onstage later in the evening. Don’t you worry; we’ll be running down that and most of the other stage looks in a later post.

Jennifer Morrison in Temperley London

The bottom half of this dress doesn’t feel like it goes with the top half. Cute bodice, but that hem is unfortunate. Also, she’s too washed out to be wearing an all-white dress.


Jenny McCarthy in Victoria Beckham

Cute and surprisingly understated. We would not have chosen those shoes for her, however.


John Legend

John, you used to dress so impeccably. What happened? The jacket and pants are both too tight and the latter needs hemming. Also, a contrasting shirt, please.


Julia Kurbatowa

This is the dress equivalent of an airbrushed van.


Julie Bowen in Manish Arora

WOW! What a supercute holiday party dress! What a boring pair of shoes.


Justin Bieber

Vampire lesbian.

Sorry, but it’s the first thing that popped up when we saw him and now we can’t think of anything else to say.


Katherine Heigl in Roberto Cavalli

There’s a fine line separating chic, pretty greys and drab greys. We think this dress, while fine in every other aspect, is just over the line on the drab side. We also think her hair’s a bit severe.


Katy Perry in Vivienne Westwood

She looks gorgeous, but that was the wrong shoe.


Lance Bass


You are A GAY, Lance Bass. You should not be wearing ill-fitted suits that badly need a good 3 inches taken off the pants hem. You should be setting an example, as A GAY, to the rest of those poor slobs on the red carpet.

The gays are very, very disappointed with you, Lance Bass. Maybe you and Lambert can start your own “Gays in badly fitted suits” club or something.


Mary J. Blige in Roberto Cavalli

O Mary J. Blige we love you get up, but we don’t think this dress is very flattering from a color perspective. You look a bit washed out, girl.


Nicki Minaj in Oscar de la Renta




Taylor Swift in Reem Acra

Whatever. Surprisingly shapeless. She’s a girl who loves her flounces and frills.


[Photo Credit: Andrew Stevens/PR Photos]

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  • Sobaika Mirza

    Jennifer Lopez looks fantastic. I loved that Zuhair Murad collection but didn’t think it would get much red carpet attention. She gets my vote for Queen of Everything.

    • Anonymous

      I do think it works nicely on her.

  • Counselor Troi hitting the clubs because she’s horny.


    • Anonymous

      Look out 10-Forward, someone’s on the prowl!

    • Anonymous

      One thing I love about TLo are their endless geek references. 

      • Counselor Troi’s face is a different color than the rest of her body

  • I like that Nikki Minaj has found the really pretty corner of bugnut crazy.

    • Anonymous

      Indeed. I saw her and thought “that looks great, actually”. And was then sad that I will never be able to afford that dress, which looks gorgeous and fun.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE Nicki’s look…HATE her wide-eyed “doll” face!!!

    • Natasha Fairweather

      Frightened Muppet eyes!

  • Sobaika Mirza


    I’m dying.

    • I literally spit on my computer.

    • Vaniljekjeks

      That was my first thought as well.  I think his own mother would think the same thing.   It’s like he really goes out of his way to look like a lesbian vampire.

    • Anonymous

      I’m so glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I scrolled down to that, it would have ended up all over my computer!

  • CQAussie

    Never seen so many train wrecks on one red carpet.  The only stand out was Jenny McCarthy for me and I kinda like those shoes with her VB dress.  I get the Nicki Minaj love – at least she’s bringing some interest but her crazy eyes will be haunting me today.  Also….all I can see now are “baby head boobs”.  YIPES.

    • Anonymous

      I thought Jenny McCarthy was the standout as well. Love that dress.  Julie Bowen was a close second. Not so enamored with Katy Perry.

    • Anonymous

      Agree with Jenny Mc but I also thought the Victoria’s daughter from Revenge looked great…understated, fresh and age-appropriate.

  • Looking at Alanis, I now understand why you guys hate ankle straps so much.

  • Anonymous

    OMG. This is all too much for a Monday. 

  • Anonymous

    Just loled at work at “Vampire Lesbian.”

  • Anonymous

    I didnt watch the AMAs…. when I first switched over to watch… there he was … the beiber.  I just couldnt do it.  After about 45 seconds of that mess I changed the channel and never went back.  Looking at the red carpet looks online today I see I dont even know who half these people are. 

    • Sobaika Mirza

      You will be SO sorry you missed Bieber in day-glo neon yellow pants, “dancing” onstage with LMFAO.

      • OMG NOOOOO!
        That is going to be searing the back of my eyes all day, now.

      • Anonymous

        There are so many things wrong with that sentence. Seeing him in his ridiculous tux was more than enough for me. 

      • I’m so sure it’s available on youtube…LOL!

  • A. Valera

    Counselor Troi hitting the clubs because she’s horny.
    God, I love you guys…

    • Anonymous

      Me, too…kudos for catching the Star Trek vibe!

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      It’s worse. Most of them employed somebody WHOSE JOB IT IS TO DRESS CELEBRITIES TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED and that person couldn’t dress them better than this.

  • Anonymous


  • Ben

    vampire lesbian is the best

  • Ben

    vampire lesbian is the best

  • Anonymous

    Love Nicki Minaj.  My very first ‘semi-formal dance’ dress was a black bodice with a shiny green skirt (green lamee to be exact. It was the 80s), so I’ve remained very partial to that color combo.

  • Anonymous

    Love Nicki Minaj.  My very first ‘semi-formal dance’ dress was a black bodice with a shiny green skirt (green lamee to be exact. It was the 80s), so I’ve remained very partial to that color combo.

  • Addicted2Glamour

     I suppose it is to her credit that I know who Nicki Minaj is just by sight, without ever having heard one single note of her music. As for the rest of these young ladies, (Erica Dasher? Hillary Scott? Who?) I have absolutely no idea who most of them are. And judging by the way they are dressed, especially considering they are on the Red Carpet, I don’t think I want to. 

    • granted, Hillary Scott is not a soloist–she is a member of Lady Antebellum.

  • the lance bass comment – amazing!! and so right.

  • Mariah J

    It’s a sad day when I have to admit that Katy Perry looks the best…everyone else is just “ew” or “eh”…mostly “ew”s

  • i have never found Katy Perry’s RC looks inspiring, but this one was great. Then she had to pick that shoe. The color is great but it ruins the entire effect of the dress.

  • Anonymous

    New lows in tackiness for Heidi!

  • Cheryl Hines’ dress looks straight out of Suede’s decoy collection.

  • Adam: badly fitted pants. Love everything else.
    Alanis: kill your stylist, now.
    Amy: Work that cartoon shit, girl!
    Anne: (yawning)
    Audrina: Best kisser in the trailer park
    Bleona: Sweet Jeebus and Mary on a Gangplank, NO!!!!!!!
    Carly: See Anne V.
    Cheryl: Destroys your shape completely. You look like a wedding bouquet.
    Christa: See Anne V, and Carly
    Ellie: How did you manage to double your age so quickly?
    Erica: I’m opening the BoreMeRoom for you, Anne, Carly and Christa
    Heidi:  um NO!
    Hilary: into the BoreMeRoom you go!
    Jennifer: Good Dress, great color.
    J-Lo: Looking good, but you need to learn to start dialing it back a trifle.
    Jennifer M: Man is that BoreMeRoom getting busy.
    Jenny: Fab!!!
    John: One size up, all over.
    Julia: Is that part of an old Yes Album cover?
    Juile: Not bad, not RC, but not bad.
    Justin: I will only forgive you because you’re 12.
    Katherine: Into the BoreMeRoom you go!
    Katy: Bravo for wearing Westwood. Purple shoes, please.
    Lance: Did you borrow these clothes from like, 5 different sized friends who secretly hate your guts?
    Mary: Not the best choice for your figure.
    Nicki: Will you please STOP with that insane stare?
    Taylor: Guess what, T?  BoreMeRoom, now!

    Geez that was a lot.
    How do you guys do this every day?

    • Marie Drucker

      Wait a second. Do you guys always show us these red carpets in alpha order by first name? Bravo!

      • Nora Mulllin

        Holy cow, I’ve never picked up on that. It makes me want to go check old posts.

      • Anonymous

        Oh man, I never caught that before. Impressive!

  • Anonymous

    Adam Lambert is clearly the conductor in the opera that is his life.

    (that opera stars Nicki Minaj, obviously)

    • Anonymous

      And he looks so very…pleased with himself.

    • Anonymous

      I think he always looks like an action figure.  Seriously, go back and look.  It is quite impressive.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, nothing fits Bieber, does it? And Katy Perry sure had a Bride of Frankenstein vibe in that look.

  • Vampire lesbian.

    Pfft! Now I can’t un-see it!

  • Anonymous

    Clearly you need to be Jeeves to Lance Bass’ Bertie Wooster.

    Also, I miss you saying “We j’adore.”

    • Anonymous

      Wooster and Jeeves, SIGH.

  • Anonymous

    You fellows win today for the Counselor Troi reference alone.

  • I am going to have nightmares about that Justin Bieber getup for WEEKS.

  • Anonymous

    Jennifer Morrison’s outfit looks like a hippie wedding dress from 1971.

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking polygamist bride

      • Anonymous

        That, too, Wendi!

  • Anonymous

    Wow – I’m really surprised that Taylor Swift went outside of her safe zone of gold sparkly dresses to wear a gold sparkly dress.  Good for you Taylor!

    • Sobaika Mirza

      Doesn’t she usually do white and silvery? Maybe next time we can get some bronze going.

    • Anonymous

      And she forgot the “Virgin” sash, too.

      • She forgot to perm her hair this time too.

  • Anonymous

    What a haphazard bunch -come are close to the oscars while others are on their way to the office party.   

    – You need to revise the comment con Christa B. Allen (who?) because that dress is hideous. 

    – Jenny Mc Carthy’s is not her dress, IMO. 

    – Love Nicky Minaj’s on her. 

    – Is it me or is Katherine Heigl not “aging” well? I mean, she was adorable as a teen, but her face now is puffy and her hair is never ok. 

    – Justin Bieber… I just can’t. Kid, some things not even you can get away with.  

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I think Jenny McCarthy looks like the drag version of herself.  Maybe less severe in the styling and it would’ve been OK.

  • Aimee Haideman is the only one here who looks like she has an actual sense of style. The only other outfits of any interest are Nikki and Katy, both of who look like jokes – it’s their gimmick and I love it, but it’s unfair to compare to someone who’s actually trying to dress.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      Are you familiar with her work and Karmin? Mostly YouTube stuff but it’s clear that she has a very defined style, and she works it.

      • Anonymous

        I just went to the Karmin website and listened to a song. She has a great voice!

  • Anonymous

    “baby-head boobs” is genius. Also a great band name. 

    I love Heidemann’s outfit and styling. I really like that she did her hair like a 1940s hat. I’m not usually that into costume on the red carpet, but that look is totally working for her. Now I have to hit google to find out who the hell she is. (I guess the outfit did its job)

  • Ida Richards

    Lesbian Vampire!! Haha! Loved that!

  • Anonymous

    The only ones I could remember were Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry. So they win. All the others are very  bad or rather dull.

  • Anonymous

    “Vampire lesbian!”  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  GOOD one!  He doesn’t even look like himself with that 1950s school-picture-day hair, and the one thing Justin Bieber should never try to be is edgy. Because he ends up looking like this!

    I think the number of awards shows is exceeding the volume of good-looking clothing and the number of competent stylists, because this is a WHOLE lot of fug!  Cheryl Hines usually looks so good–but here she looks appallingly bad.  Plastic shoes and a shower curtain?  Girl–what were you thinking???

    Not loving Adam Lambert’s Buster Poindexter hair, and he looks so plastic–he could be a Sucklord Adam Lambert action figure.

    Alanis Morisette–my funky girl, what happened to you?

    Nikki Minaj, even with the crazy eyes, is the clear winner here. 

  • aimee_parrott


    OMG, I am *dying* here.  You two say a LOT of funny things, but this might be the funniest thing ever.  J’adore. 

  • Cathy S

    I like Lambert’s coat. And I don’t have any idea who Amy Heidemann is but she looks very cute. The only other dress I like is Julie Bowen’s. Bieber made me laugh out loud. And Nicki Minaj looks fabulous, except for her crazy eyes.

  • Anonymous

    I actually liked Heidi’s dress–didn’t see the underwear but then I’ve already commented that my screen resolution isn’t all that. But her hair? WTH is that??

  • Anonymous

    Amy Heidemann and, of course, Nicki Minaj, are my treasures. For once I was actually inspired to Google somebody (A.H.).

    Does Bleona Qereti remind anybody else of the Svedka sexdroid? While I’m on the subject, has anybody ever understood that ad campaign?

    • Anonymous

      I have never understood that ad campaign.  You are not alone.

    • Really. What is the possible connection between androids and getting drunk on Vodka?  Unless getting that hammered makes you want to mess around with a trollopy robot.

      • Anonymous

        Bahahahaha! I love you SO MUCH for using the term “trollopy robot”.

    • Scott Hester-Johnson

      Duh. They’re obviously sucking up to SkyNet for the inevitable Robopocalypse.

  • Anonymous

    Adam Lambert and the Biebs both look like vampires. Is something wrong with Nikki Minaj’s eyes? She always looks just that side of crazy. Thanks for my morning dose of laughter with that Counselor Troi line–nice bone to the trekkies in the crowd.

    Jennifer Lopez looks beautiful. I think it was the best look shown so far.

  • So… why do you all always put Taylor Swift at the end of every single thing you feature her in?

  • I’m strongly ambivalent to the girl, but Taylor’s earrings were everything.

  • counselor troi!!! horny!!!

  • I really wish Julie Bowen would have been able to get one of Bert’s looks in time for this, just because I think it would have been awesome if he’d beaten Anya to the red carpet (though I think if he ever dresses anyone for the red carpet, he’ll probably end up beating her)

    I’m very confused by Heidi’s dress — how is it supposed to be worn?  ‘Cause I’m guessing it’s not designed to go over blue underwear…

    • Julie would have looked great wearing this to the GQ thing (but with a better bra). Metallics seemed to be protocol. 

  • Most confusing award goes to Justin Bieber. Seriously, what?

    • Anonymous

      A close second goes to Ellie Goulding. Is she posing, or does she stand like that all the time?  And in either case, WHY?

  • Anonymous

    Goodness, what a bunch of ugly/slutty/boring red carpet looks. When Jenny McCarthy has the cutest (and one of the most modest) dresses on the RC, there’s a major glitch in the time/space continuum or something.

  • Ann Erickson

    “This is the dress equivalent of an airbrushed van.”
    I choked on my coffee. So damn true! 

    • Me too! Except it was water.  Between that and the “vampire lesbian” I’m dying over here.

    • Me too! Except it was water.  Between that and the “vampire lesbian” I’m dying over here.

  • MilaXX

    Adam Lambert – Jacket and vest a skoosh too tightAlanis Morissette – She’s never been a fashion plate but this would have been okay if it ended at the knee
    Amy Heidemann – Cute. This looks works all around.
    Anne V – Too boring to even be a fug
    Audrina Patridge – Ho
    Bleona Qereti – Star Trek ho
    Carly Steel – Wrong shoes & tights
    Cheryl Hines – This is so wrong. The dress makes her look thick waisted, the color washes her out and the shoes look cheap
    Christa B. Allen – Mediocre effort. The dress doesn’t really help define her waist
    Ellie Goulding – Boring look, bad hair
    Erica Dasher – Slutty office wear
    Heidi Klum – *sigh*  This could have been cute if she had gotten it lined. Even more so if she had not matched her underwear to her shoes.
    Hillary Scott – Boring
    Jennifer Hudson – I don’t care how skinny she gets, she’s too knocked kneed to wear mini skirts
    Jennifer Lopez – It’s a perfect JLo diva dress
    Jennifer Morrison – Ugly dress
    Jenny McCarthy – I liked this look, even the shoes. I wish she had worn the glasses on the RC because I think they help sell the shoes with this dress.
    John Legend – UGH! That suit does not fit and he looks like he has lady hips
    Julia Kurbatowa – Boring
    Julie Bowen – I think this works. She doesn’t look like and older gal trying to be hip, but she’s dressed correctly for the event
    Justin Bieber – I think he was trying to dress up to match his girlfriend’s look, but he just looks like a ventriloquist dummy to me. I wish he had genuinely commented to the look and gotten the pants properly fitted and worn an actual pair of shoes.
    Katherine Heigl – Irrationa HATE! I’m pretty sure when she left Grey;s she thought she as going to be the next darling of the rom-coms. She’s not. No she just seems to be making bad try hard attempts at getting attention and failing. This is yet another FAIL.
    Katy Perry – Not a bad look, but the shoe should have been either a gray color or a shade close to her hair color. We don;t need every color of the rainbow.
    Lance Bass – Looks like he’s wearing his father’s suit.
    Mary J. Blige – Not bad but a more saturated color would have looked better on her.
    Nicki Minaj – I like the look, but why does she always pose crazy eyed for pictures?
    Taylor Swift – Still boring after all these years

    • Stefanos Mantyla

      Thank you for making me realize why they are in this order! I had no idea they were in alphabetical order until now. Is it always that way?

      • MilaXX

        you know I never noticed it. I have no idea if TLO organizes it like that or that’s how the pictures come in to them.

        • Stefanos Mantyla

          Someone I saw asked why Taylor Swift is always saved for last… then I saw your list! Hence my observation.

      • Not always, but pretty often!

  • Anonymous

    Jenny – Jenny for the win.

    JLo and Jenny McCarthy  looks the best

    Oh and Julie Bowen looks better than in many of her recent appearances

  • Anonymous

    I heart Amy so much!!! Karmin is genius.

  • What about Katy Perry’s shoes on Heidi? Too matchy?? Oh, and I loved the vampire lesbian comment 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Is Justin Bieber wearing lifts? Does he always?

  • Why is Katy Perry wearing the phrase “Green Economy” down her crotch?

    • Scott Hester-Johnson

      Cause like everyone who buys this crap in the west, she has no idea what her dress/t-shirt/backpack says.

      And stop showing off, Euphory. 😉

      • Anonymous


  • muzan-e

    Oh. Oh yes. In a sea of ill-fitted mediocrity, there floats my dazzling, manic Nicki.  Love. Her. 

  • Everyone but Anne V and Jenny McCarthy looks like shit. Shit that’s been barfed on.

    • Actually Niki Minaj looks ok, but only from the neck down.

  • Anonymous

    Counselor Troi hitting the clubs because she’s horny.  ZING!!  My God, why didn’t she just put her boobs on a platter since she wanted to showcase them?

    JLo’s making sure everybody knows that she’s still hot,

  • Julie Bowen, Nicki Minaj and, shockingly, Taylor Swift FTW, in my opinion. The rest are horrible…. Would have loved Jenny McCarthy’s outfit if it weren’t for the shoes. 

  • Anonymous

    Now SEE???  This line up has one or two good moments, but wouldn’t you have loved to see some kick-ass long white fringe in this mix?  Plus:  I’m tired of seeing women looking like they’ve got Tupperware bolted to their chests.  It just looks painful and cheap…like most porn.

  • LB

    Why are there so many non-musicians??? Isn’t this the American Music Awards? I don’t get how they decide to invite people to these things.

    • Anonymous

      And, most of the ‘musicians’ aren’t really worthy of the title….sort of like the ‘Artists’ Entrance’ signs outside the Letterman and Leno studios. Artists? Snooki? Kim Kardashian? Really?

    • Anonymous

      And, most of the ‘musicians’ aren’t really worthy of the title….sort of like the ‘Artists’ Entrance’ signs outside the Letterman and Leno studios. Artists? Snooki? Kim Kardashian? Really?

  • Anonymous

    HOW MANY sparkle-coated beigey gold dresses can Taylor Swift possibly go through?! It’s getting down-right embarrassing. I want her to be forced to sit in a room with all of them together to confront her problem – she’s like a guy oblivious to the fact that all his ex-girlfriends are identical. “You see aaaallll these different things? NOT SO DIFFERENT. SURPRISE.” 

  • Tamara Hogan

    I gulp before saying…Jenny McCarthy FTW.
    That said, what is she – indeed, what are most of these people – even doing there?

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or is The Bieber getting douchier as he gets older?

  • Christina MacDonnell

    i am BEYOND excited that amy heidemann from karmin made your list!!  i <3 karmin so much and she is adorable.

  • Anonymous

    Spot on with the Bieber comment.  I will now laugh hysterically every time I see a photo of him.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody looks particularly good here and most of them look bad, but if there is a prize for looking ridiculous it should go to Justin Bieber.

  • They need to put Amy Heidemann’s whole outfit on Naya Rivera at some point this Glee season. Would look amazing on her.

    And Bieber looks like my Ken doll in the 80s/early 90s whenever I put him in an outfit that wasn’t his short shorts and cropped net top (oh Gay Ken, I miss you). They were always too big in the shoulders so you could get him into them, and it make him look like a box on a stick with a head. And I think he had a velvet tux at some point.

    • Anonymous

      Haha that’s exactly what it was reminding me off. When dolls clothes were made of fabric too proportionally thick for the small scale 😀

  • Scott Hester-Johnson

    “Counselor Troi hitting the clubs because she’s horny.”


    RC comment.


    (Now you bitches can come to my office and clean the coffee off my monitor)

  • Anonymous

    i’m so sad looking at justin. because i just imagine his handlers and entourage looking at it and saying things like ‘baller’ and ‘swag’ when he walked out of the fitting room, and being the gullible 16 y/o he is, thinks that this is so the look for anybody but huggy bear.

  • Anonymous

    Frau Samuels’ dress is surprisingly long, for her (it actually covers her upper thighs). I think it would be a great holiday dress with a lining instead of BLUE UNDERWEAR (?!?!?).
    Jenny McCarthy, Julie Bowen and Amy Heidemann all have adorable dresses; I agree on the shoes.
    Sorry, I can’t get past Nicki Minaj’s face — nightmares! And the bottom of her dress is very wrinkled.
    Coffee spit take at “Vampire Lesbian.”
    Tired of the J-Lo’s same ol’ diva look. She needs something fresher.

  • Anonymous

    Can we have some pics of Taylor Swift’s brother….her date for the evening. He is absolutely adorable.
    Lopez is turning into a drag queen more and more everyday.
    Love that Amy….so fun, so fresh.
    Why do the clothes never fit the guys. Are people buying the wrong size or did everyone stop going to the gym? Why oh why are the pants too long.

  • Anonymous

    Adam Lambert for the win, even if it doesn’t fit right.

    Amy Heidemann takes the Ladies’ Division, though she really ought to be top three, but the rest of the gang just didn’t impress.  I mean, when Ms. Lopez and Ms. McCarthy make a strong positive impression, the field is not deep. Katy Perry is first runner up, and I can’t decide between Ms. Minaj or Ms. McCarthy for 3rd.

  • Anonymous

    I am continually surprised by how much I like Victoria Beckham’s line, and how nicely it works on both skinny and curvy ladies. If I could afford it, I would own most of it.

  • Nicki Minaj wins this round, closely followed by Katy Perry and JLo.  Plus ROFL at “Vampire Lesbian.”  A more perfect assessment can’t be made.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a strange day when JLo, Nicki, and Jennifer McCarthy are my picks for best dressed. Poor JHud….as a fellow knock-kneed girl I can sympathize, but when you are getting your picture taken all the time you need to learn how to place your feet for a more flattering picture.

  • Anonymous

    Love x 1,000 Julie Bowen’s dress!  And Katherine Heigl’s shoes are to die.

  • Anonymous

    Thank the gods for Katy Perry, who is the only one who looks perfect here. Everything else is just too tight/tiny, ill-fitting, tacky as hell, ruined by hiddy shoes (eg, J. Hud) or WAY overdressed (J.Lo, Nicky M.). 

  • bieber looks more like a lesbian in a suit than when jane lynch or ellen wear suits.

  • Now I am The Bee

    Wow I am out of it–I don’t know who these people are.  I admit I am old and do not listen to most pop music these days. 
    But–since most of these are pop arists–I’d expect more fun and frolic inthe fashion.  These are all kinda boring.  And–what is Katherine Heigl doing there?  Did she put out an album or something? 

  • Anonymous

    A day without Nicki Minaj is like a day without sunshine. Kudos for going with a softer pink wig that wouldn’t fight for attention with the bright green skirt. I love the nightgown Jennifer Cameron is wearing! She should have never gone blonde, though. It washes her out no matter what color she has on and actually detracts from her beauty.

  • Anonymous

    Those earrings are the most daring fashion choice Taylor Swift has ever made.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    Jenny McCarthy, JLo and of course Nicki Minaj get Ins.  A whoole lotta slutty slutty slutty up there, and a lot of boring.  Anyone besides me think Jenny McC has had some, er … “work” done? 

  • Ummmm…think if you’d been looking above the crotch Adam Lambert may not have looked quite so “sausage-y” to you. Eyes up People! J-Lo looks her age. Really Darlings…Niki Minaj needs to stop getting her clothes from the kids dress up dept at Walmart And, can’t she wear some shoes she can actually WALK in?  Mary J? You wore your giant Cobra costume from Halloween? Jennifer Hudson needs to stop wearing her little sisters clothes, even if they are all glittery & shiny. And BEIBER! Honestly, what can you say. The kid needs a stylist..BAD. He looks like Bellatrix Lestrange & the Phantom of the Opera’s illegitimate son? daughter? whatever.

  • Anonymous

    Jennifer Hudson’s problem is not the high-waist, it’s the SHORT length. Just make it longer and it would be a complete WERQ for me 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Vampire lesbian….hahaaaaaaahahaaaa! Counselor Troi…..bahahahahaha! 

    JLo is looking pretty divatastic but for me it’s Nicki Minaj FTW (except for the fact she couldn’t walk in her shoes). Love it.

  • Love Julie Bowen’s dress!  Don’t mind a good peep toe, me.

  • Anonymous

    It looks like bad lighting and unforgiving photography are making everyone look even worse (washed out, squinty or google eyed, slumped, etc.). Kind of like the horrifyingly depressing “candid” shots my mother likes to take of all of us and distribute around the holidays (Happy New Year! You look like crap!).

  • Anonymous

    I disagree with the verdict on Katy Perry’s shoes. I love that they don’t match, but they appear to be playing on a color in her hair accessory. Generally fabulous, I say!

  • Anonymous

    I think the exact phrase for the Bieb is “vampire lesbian of Sodom.” Yes? Whereas Adam Blambert is more of “Wayne Newton does a Western –some D-list version of MAVERICK or something — in 1962 and gains 20 pounds during filming but there isn’t time or budget to take out his costume, so he’s stuck wearing corsets and holding his breath.”

  • Anonymous

    Is Justin Bieber wearing black tennis shoe WEDGES?!?  That is a fashion crime against humanity!

  • I’m such a lemming today…love Jenny McCarthy and Julie Bowen’s dresses. Their dresses. That’s it. Hate their shoes and hair. I am really digging on the Vicky B. dresses lately.  I’m sad about Heidi’s because with a slip or lining, that could have been a really cute dress.

  • I lost it at babyhead boobs and fell over on vampire lesbian.  You complete me, TLo.

  • Damien Washington

    I think I would try to walk a carpet in Julie Bowen’s 5-inch icepick heels before I called them boring.

  • Damien Washington

    Memo to Adam Lambert: You are not now, nor will you ever be Chris Colfer. Deal with it.

  • Did everyone, Adam Lambert included, get a boob job for the event? Haven’t seen that many baby heads since I visited the nursery. I thought it was so sweet that the Biebs combed his hair. Someone teach Ellie Goulding how to stand. I thought she was pregnant at first. Nicki Minaj looks like she was caught unexpectedly. But the dress is killah! I had to look at Bieber again. Velvet and tucked into his pants. Awww. Maybe his taste is poor enough that he did actually hook up with that tattooed and pierced girl. 

  • What’s with this pose where it looks like the woman’s right arm is dislocated? She’s still expected to show off the clutch that’s glued into her right hand, so she just swings it to the front of her body?

  • Sara__B

    Vampire lesbian. “Gays in badly-fitted suits” club. I love you guys for adding so much laughter to my days.

  • Nicki Minaj looks fantastic. What a fabulous dress.

  • Anonymous

    I cannot believe I actually like something Nicki Minaj is wearing! But I must be getting old because for a couple of these dresses I was like damn, does it always have to be so booty bumping short? Bieber and Lambert look ridiculous to me, as they always do.

  • Jennifer Morrison’s dress looks like one of those pretty lingerie dresses from Frederick’s or Victoria’s Secret.

  • margaret meyers

    Lesbian Vampire in high-heeled sneakers.  Where’s the low-necked sweater, Lo-retta?

  • Anonymous

    Katy’s dress is fabulous.  I also really dig Adam’s outfit if it fit better, and he’d do something different with his hair.

    And I’m about to say two things I don’t think I’ve ever said before…I like J Lo’s dress, and I like Nikki Minaj’s dress.

  • Anonymous

    A few of my first impressions:

    ADAM LAMBERT:  GIrlfriend is becoming a caricature of herself
    ALANIS MORISETTE:  Do I look fat in this dress?
    AMY HEIDEMAN:  Don’t know who she is and her style isn’t to my liking but she’s well put together and is obviously having a great deal of fun with it.  You go girl!
    ANNE V:  Real Housewife of Hoochie Ville.  Typical bleached blonde look.
    ELLIE GOULDING:  I don’t even know what I’m looking at and the hair is hideous and unhealthy looking
    ERICA DASHER:  Vampire executive assistant
    HEIDI KLUM:  I see Paris,  I see France…
    JENNIFER HUDSON:  She’s starting to look like a bobble head
    JENNIFER LOPEZ:  Expected.  Yawn.
    JENNY MCCARTHY:  Really cute dress.  The shoes are a WTF. A simple pointy toed black pump would have pulled the look together nicely
    JUSTIN BEIBER:  I can’t.  Too easy.
    MARY J BLIGE: Get up.  Now get out of that ugly dress.
    NICKI MINAJ:  Looks like she just got goosed

  • Anonymous

    ROFL @ Counselor Troi!…you guys are ALWAYS great for a laugh!

  • Anonymous

    It’s so funny how a lot of these people ( this post and others ) have no clue how ill fitting and bad their clothes look..comes with being a rising star over night and nobody to guide them…OR as my sainted Mother used to say: “You can’t shine shit”.

  • Anonymous

    Vampire lesbian…..Baby head boobs….Adam Lambert…..I can’t control my giggles 

  • Mary Gallagher

    Love Amy Heidemann! She’s 1/2 of the duo, Karmin. Love them to pieces!

  • Vampire Lesbian!!!  Best comment of the night.  

    And who the HELL are these people?  I’ve never heard of most of them!!!

  • Wait, did I just think Nikki Minaj is best dressed? That’s really saying something.  I’m also pretty over those platform pumps.  I think they just make women’s feet look fat and clunky.     

  • Anonymous

    Adam Lambert looks foolish at this  point.  There is only so far you can take that glam rocker fairy schtick and he passed about 10lbs ago.  Amy Heideman wants everyone to know she can be the next katy Perry!  See?  Retro hair – check.  Short skirt – check.  Colorful accesories – check.   J-Lo committed a one sleeved crime against humanity, ugh.  I LOVE Julie Bowens dress and don’t even mind the shoes.  Nicki Minaj looked great in that gown, stunning but when you can’t even walk across the stage unassisted and STILL stumble, your shoes are too high and not meant to be worn.  Taylor swift?  I really, really don’t like her but this dress was wurprisingly good on her.

  • Even with the “wrong shoes,” I think Katy Perry had one of the best looks for the night. Say what you will about the girl, at least she’s not a boring dresser!

  • Love the J.Lo dress, Bieber is lols, and while I like what Julie Bowen is wearing I think she’s a tad too thin to pull it off.

    And I’m going to bring Baby Head Boobs into everyday conversation, everywhere.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, Jenny killed the carpet handsdown. JLO, seriously, if you are going to revisit Beyonce did it have to be that dress? Now, this is off the topic, but there is something in Bieber that is making my alarms set-off; if he goes Chris Brown “all of a sudden” just rewind back to this photo and see the crazy unfold. Anyway Jenny, even though she is wearing Beckham, killed it. Everyone else they are too rich to be so taxing on the mediocre. Where’s the flavor around here?

  • I already love you TLo, but the Counselor Troi joke made my heart explode! YES.