AmaraGold Vintage Lace Earrings

Posted on November 28, 2011

It seems like we’re always talking about bags and shoes around here. Let’s shift our accessories focus, shall we? These caught our eye today and we thought they were pretty and a little different; earrings inspired by vintage lace, from AmaraGold, the eco-friendly jewelry company.

14K Gold Clockwork Drop Earrings $450

14K Gold English Lace Drop Earrings $300

14K Gold Battenberg Lace Drop Earrings $325

14K Gold Cottage Lace Drop Earrings $450

14K Gold Round Eccentric Hoops Drop Earrings $265

14K Gold Venetian Lace Drop Earrings $650


We think what we like most about them is that they’re still recognizably lace, but have an iconic simplicity to them that translates well to jewelry.

Pretty, no? We’re asking.


AmaraGold’s Vintage Lace-Inspired Earrings: YEA or NAY?


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  • Sobaika Mirza

    Filigree-type jewelry is not my thing, but these are very pretty for those who are into it.

  • Yea! I wish I could afford them!

    • Worry not.  This is the sort of thing that can get knocked off very successfully at lower pricing.

      • Anonymous

        Ahem, Forever 21.

      • Anonymous

        True, but they will use materials that make some of us break out in hives. Sadness.

        I wonder if this place ever has sales?

  • YEA! Also – I want them all.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, me too. Of course they’re going to be cheaper versions of them at H&M but you can see the difference. These are more delicate and they’re gold of course.

  • Joyce VG

    YEA! Love them all.

  • They are very pretty.  But… I know for a fact that one of the direct sale jewelry companies (you know, the ones with the parties and things for suburban moms…)has had a pair almost exactly like the first ones for quite awhile now.  And they’re way cheaper.

    • Anonymous

      LOL. I have a silver cuff with circles set in it from Stella & Dot. You’re so right.

      • I almost bought a nearly identical pair last summer — same shape, same size, same circle pattern.  The only difference was that my pair had some circles filled in with white enamel.  They were really pretty… and I may still buy them, particularly since they’ve become so fashionable:)

  • GORGEOUS. Going on my Christmas list.

  • Anonymous


  • So beautiful! YEA! YEA a thousand times YEA!

  • Anonymous

    They’re lovely but really, nothing you can’t get a $40 knockoff of.

    • MilaXX

      I wouldn’t want the knockoff because they wouldn’t be real gold. I wear costume stuff a lot, but a gal needs a real pair on occasion.

  • Nora Mulllin

    WANT! In my jewelry box immediately.

  • I don’t care for gold, so I wouldn’t wear them, but I do think the designs are pretty.

    • Yeah, I wish they’d do some in silver, white gold or platinum.  Then they’d match my ring better.  (I know, one’s jewelry doesn’t have to match a wedding ring, but it bothers me:)

  • I think they’re gorgeous.

  • Sarah Thomas

    Wow, I have the bottom pair! Oh wait, never mind. I just looked at the pricetag. I have a $25 pair that literally looks exactly the same. I got them on Modcloth four years ago.

    • Pam Winters

      Going straight to Modcloth now. Ta very much.

  • Not something I’d wear, but I think they’d be pretty on the right person. Yea.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    YEA! Very pretty

  • Anonymous

    Yea!  Off to look for affordable knock-offs!

  • pretty.. but ive seen (and owned) several pairs with similar design.  (for much cheaper).  I like them, but it’s definitely not a new earring concept.

  • Anonymous

    YES! I’ll take one of each.

  • Anonymous

    A big, upper-case YEA! from me!  I love them–and I love that they’re made from recycled gold.  Also love the different lace patterns and how pretty each one looks when it’s just a smidge of a big swath of lace fabric.  My favorites are the Gold Clockwork earrings, but that might just be because they remind me of the movie “Hugo,” with which I am currently obsessed!  Cannot wait to see it!

  • wish i had pierced ears for these!

  • Anonymous

    The cottage…I want!

  • Anonymous

    Christmas ornaments! I have to say, I think they’re quite pretty (I would wear something like this), but I also think this is clearly a case where the price tag isn’t justified and one could easily get knockoffs that would look just as nice. The accessory version of “pretty, but commercial.”

  • I absolutely LOVE filigree and am currently wearing a gorgeous pair of filigree earrings. These are lovely, but nothing that looks new or exciting enough to be worth the price tag.

  • Anonymous


  • Yay!  These are beautiful, I just wish they were in my price range.  Maybe there will be a trickle down to the cheap stuff 😀

  • Anonymous


  • I want every single pair. I LOVE these!

  • Anonymous

    def YAY, although the price point is far outta my range. but really elegant and flexible throughout a lot of seasonal and trend chamges.

  • Anonymous

    As others have said, you can find knockoffs that are much cheaper and look the same.  I’d like to see the designs in something a bit more fancy than gold.  But the designs are pretty.

  • Anonymous

    Yea. I love these. I like the ones with the circles (Clockwork Drop and Round Eccentric) the best. The cottage lace drop is pretty fabulous, too.

  • These are pretty but I feel like I have like 5 pairs of them already. Really nothing very new, except these are probably much much costlier. 

  • Anonymous

    Yea, pretty! I will wait for a decent-looking costume jewelry adaptation. Or maybe make some of my own and save myself a few hundred dollars. 

  • Eclectic Mayhem


    I’ve not worn big dangly earrings for a long time (they’re not recommended around small – grabby – children!) but I particularly like the Round Eccentric Hoops and the Clockwork Drop.I don’t wear gold at all though, which is probably a good thing because I couldn’t afford these anyway.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t recommend them around drunk – grabby – adults, either.

  • Anonymous

    Love these. I just saw the earrings on AmaraGold and the bottom earrings are huge – measures 2″. I don’t really buy knock offs anymore because the nickel in cheaper metals bothers my ears, they fade or break. So for me, the price is fine. Real gold is worth it.

  • Anonymous

    I was curious about the “eco-friendly” part so checked out their mission statement: Admirable, but I’m not quite getting why these items are so expensive. On the other hand, they are definitely clean, well crafted, and elegantly designed. Wish I wore earrings.

    • Anonymous

      Because gold is still hovering at $1700 an ounce.  Considering, I actually didn’t think they were that pricey.

      • Anonymous

        Good point, but this is 14 K gold, so should be less. I suspect it is the workmanship and marketing along with the market itself that adds to the price.

  • Anonymous

    Yea!  My faves are #4 and #5.

  • Quite pretty, but I’m not convinced that they’re worth the price. Wouldn’t you be able to find something similar for far less?

  • Yay. Very versatile.

  • Anonymous

    Meh. The first pair is interesting.

  • Anonymous

    A thumbs up even though they look a bit like small Christmas ornaments.

    And can they be ordered in tennis racquet size for Anya?

  • Pretty. Expensive.

  • R. L.

    Yea for sure.  I love them.

  • Anonymous

    I want them in silver or another grey metallic!

  • Erin Courtney

    Yes, I love them. They are classic, versatile and unique at the same time. 

  • Anonymous

    want! but in silver

  • Anonymous

    It’s interesting. These don’t make me think of lace so much as they make me think of stained glass windows and old-fashioned wrought iron. Which is okay, because I like those things better.

  • Anonymous

    I like these.  Can we make them in silver? And in prices normal people can afford? That would be lovely…

  • Kate Pearce

    yes please!

  • Yea.

  • Very pretty!  Any girl I see wearing these will get a “WERQ IT!”

  • Natasha Fairweather

    SO PRETTY. Definite Yea for me.

  • Anonymous

    Yea! Especially the first round pair you show.

  • Anonymous

    With the current melt price of gold, I’m amazed they can offer them at that price point.  I’m glad they are salvaging and recycling gold, though, since I’ve discovered the carbon footprint of my wedding ring.

  • Anonymous

    Love them, YEA!

  • Yea.  These are beautiful!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I WANT the first one, with the circles. SERIOUSLY. 

  • TK

    Very pretty, but I own a pair just like them that I bought for $10 a few years ago. Not a new idea.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah. If I could afford it, I would totally buy these pieces.

  • paula.pertile

    They remind me of those entryway grillwork ‘walls’ that every new house had in 1963.

  • M M

    These remind me of the laser cut bamboo earrings I have, which I adore. However in metal/gold, they look more like departments store jewelry –nice, but nothing I’d write home about.

  • Anonymous

    I want the Battenberg.  Did you get that Santa?

  • YEA. Super pretty but out of my price range.

  • Anonymous

    yea, very pretty AND they look like they won’t weigh down your ears.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Pretty.. however I do like the websites necklaces better.   And I will echo others by saying that you can find cheaper versions out there.

  • Terence Ng

    I would call them gold lattices and I love them. <3

  • Anonymous

    YAY.  I love filigree.  But these are way too expensive…hopefully they’ll be popular enough that knock-offs will abound!

  • Now I am The Bee

    Yea!  However–they’re a bit spendy for me, so I won’t be sporting them any time soon…which is a shame. I like them a lot. 
    P.S. Very happy that gold is coming back into fashion. Have had it up to here with silver.

  • Laura Hartman

    No thank you.

  • Ben

    i thought they look super boring

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Would not impress anyone familiar with 19th century jewelry.

  • Anonymous

    they are lovely in a simple kind of way, but if they were made less expensively, they’d just look cheap.  the price is in the weight of the gold, i’m sure.  i’d be more excited if they had some color- a smattering of emeralds…or rubies…or both, for the holidays.

    on a totally unrelated matter, in the midst of the holiday boutique season the electronic board on my pfaff sewing machine has just died.  i think i’m going to cry.

    • Anonymous

      Dispiriting news about your sewing machine. I can imagine the frustration.

  • Anonymous

    I like them. I could see wearing them even with just jeans and a t-shirt, if I wear richer or they were cheaper or both.

  • They are beautiful, but I am definitely not in the $450 earring demographic. 

  • Beautiful.  Too bad I don’t have several thousand dollars lying around.  And that I can’t wear earrings anyway, le sigh.

  • Anonymous

    Big YEA! I’m allergic to everything but 14k or higher gold, and even some 14k makes my ears do awful things. Unfortunately, I do not have unlimited funds at my disposal (which is the reason why I am a Bitter, Bitter very Bitter Kitten). Any other Kittens know of less expensive designers that make pretty earrings and don’t put nickel in their 14k?

  • Beautiful, but not going into my jewelry box. I can’t imagine paying this kind of money for 14K! 58.33% pure gold for that much money?

  • Anonymous

    Very pretty. The price? Not so much. 

  • eh… they aren’t my favorite… Kind of boring and cheapish looking, which is not in line with the price tags.

  • Yea! I like them, they’re pretty. Do they come in white gold too? Or silver? I’m not one for yellow gold.

  • I say yea!

  • YEA! YEEEEAAAAA! Majorly covetable. I don’t really wear gold jewelry, which is probably good, cos I feel the same way about these as I do about the mulberry Bayswater bag in black leather: make it with silver hardware, and I’ll empty my back account right then and there!

  • Very pretty.  The Cottage Lace, especially.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I like more than I am ambivalent to, so I say Yea.

  • Pretty – Yes!

  • Anonymous

    Yea! But how about in Silver for folks who don’t wear gold?

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for saying that…now I don’t have to! Silver all the way!

  • Stunning!

  • Love the eccentric circles…now if I only had $300 to drop on a pair of earrings.

  • Cathy S

    I think they’re very pretty. So delicate.

  • Yea.  I love them.

  • Very pretty. I love that they’re eco-friendly gold too. They are too expensive for me as well.

  • As a dyed-in-the-wool earring ho, I lurve them.  Very pretty.

  • sweetlilvoice

    Nice, I’ll be looking for the knockoffs at Kohl’s.

  • Ruth Gottesman

    I agree with everyone else: very very pretty but not particularly unique. You can find similar pieces (albeit out of much cheaper materials) at a much lower price point.

  • I’m usually more of a silver girl, but those are all lovely!

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely gorgeous! 

  • Anonymous

    Ooooh, very lovely. My sister and mother both make lace, and I wish I had the funds to get the appropriate earrings for each of them.

  • MilaXX

    YEA I’ll take one of each please!

  • Anonymous

    YEA!!! Right up my alley. I love all of them.

  • First one! :)))

  • Anonymous

    Yes and for once, something that is generally affordable.  Gold is expensive and that drives up the cost.  How about something in silver?

  • Pam Winters

    Yea! A million yeas! They remind me of the sorts of earrings I got when I first had pierced ears in the 1970s. Of course, those were $5 at McCrory’s and turned green after a while.