45th Annual CMA Awards Part 1

Posted on November 10, 2011

That’s right, bitches. Part ONE. There were too many cowboys and cowgirls to fit into just one post. So let’s get our yeehaw on and start judging!


Carrie Underwood in Reem Acra

Very pretty and polished, but we have a complaint, of course. Bad enough she picked a dress that matches her hair; did she have to go for the matchy clutch too?


Erin Andrews

Honky Tonk Barbie.


Faith Hill in Chado Ralph Rucci

Not crazy about the hair, but the dress is gorgeous. Perhaps a bit too low-key for the CMAs, though. We actually like the lack of jewelry, but again, the big hair doesn’t really go with the minimalism.


Ginnifer Goodwin in Prabal Gurung

TRAGIC HAIR. We don’t even think she should be leaving the house with hair like that, let alone appearing in public and having her picture taken. The dress is, typically for her, too complicated and doesn’t suit her.


Hannah Blaylock

Too heavy and too long, but we like the color on her.


Jane Dear Girls

We don’t know, you guys. We’re all for cultivating a look, but the one on the left looks like she works in an adult toy store and the one on the right … we don’t actually have a problem with the one on the right, although the lacey hem is kind of ugly.


Kimberly Schlapman

Simple, but it works. We’re kind of digging the hair. How refreshing to see someone who didn’t iron all the character out of their hair.


Kimberly Williams-Paisley

Enh. Like something you’d wear to a wedding.


Laura Bell Bundy

Like something you’d wear to jump out of a cake the night before a wedding.


Martina McBride

We’re all for ladies in pants on the RC but not these shiny, wrinkly things, Martina. Those shoes look awful.


Nicole Kidman in Jean Paul Gaultier

Can’t argue with that.

Sandra Lee

Why is she suddenly everywhere? She must have velcro nipples holding that thing up.


Sara Evans

Pretty color; unflattering shape.

Shawna Thompson

It’s sad when strippers are forced to make their costumes out of old hotel room drapes, isn’t it?


[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos]

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  • RE: Jane Dear Girls- you’d have a problem with the one on the right if you saw them perform.

    • Anonymous

      Is Goth Harajuku Country a thing, now?

    • The one on the left has the cupcake purse AGAIN!

  • That laura bell bunny thing is hideous!!!! Granny panties and an ass cape? WTF

    Saw another pic of Sara Evans and from the side – she looks like a size 0 – from the front a 14? 

    • Anonymous

      That “laura bell bunny” (lol) outfit reminds me of an Esther Williams swimming extravaganza movie.

      • Or it could be the latest in gyno couture. Imagine getting wear one of those at the doc’s office…

  • Anonymous

    shawna thompson’s looks like something josh would’ve made in the use-your-bedsheet-and-dye-it challenge. complete with the ridiculous oversize modesty tab.

    • Anonymous

      I have decided she is the country Katy Perry.  Tacky tacky tacky!

    • Anonymous

      LOL!  It’s a modesty tab!

  • Anonymous

    With the exception of some strange “shake it for me” song that was kind of creepy, this was a pretty enjoyable show. I mean, even 2 minutes of Kenny Loggins and Gregg Allman made it totally worth it.

    • Anonymous

      I had to turn it off after the standing ovation for Hank Williams Jr. That was disgusting.

      Shame, because I do like Brad Paisley, he’s a hoot.

  • I was wondering if Sara Lee…uh, Sandra Lee, would be in this mix.

  • Now THIS is what I want from an awards show. Everything from perfection to train wreckage.  What on EARTH were Laura Bell, Shana and Sara THINKING??????

  • Now this is what I want from an awards show.  Everything from perfection to train wreckage.  I actually love Faith Hill’s 60’s fashion shoot big hair, paired with that sublime Ralph Rucci dress.  But, Ginnifer, Hannah, Laura Bell, Martina, Shana, and Sara, yeas I’m talking to YOU!  WHAT were you thinking?????

  • Just starting a hard day of work here (in the Mountain Time Zone).  Thanks for the morning laughs to get my day jump-started.  Can’t wait for your assessment of Carrie Underwood’s competing stripper-drape-sewing project look that I caught at the end of the night.  My eyebrows about jumped off my head.

    Faith Hill is a beautiful woman, but that hair should just hop right back in the time machine and go home to the 60’s where it belongs.

  • “How refreshing to see someone who didn’t iron all the character out of their hair.”

    Like x infinity!

    • Anonymous

      And I “like x infinity” Sara’s comment – very short and to the point!  

      Anorexic hair has been one of my major dislikes lo these many years – especially on Nicole Kidman.  At least in the photo above, her hair has a tiny bit of life in it.  Her hair is naturally curly and I always wonder why she feels the need to iron it to the nth degree for EVERY SINGLE red carpet appearance!

    • Yep. And that is some serious hair she’s sporting, isn’t it? I love it.

  • loving Kimberly Schlapman
    ‘s hair

  • Anonymous

    God bless T Lo for making my shitastic morning so much better.

    Shawna Thompson is tragic. That is too much awful in one outfit.

    Underwood, Kidman, and Schlapman all looked great.

    That woman from the Jane Dear Girls is using that cupcake bag again? Or is it the same event?

    • Sorry you’re having a lousy morning Anathema. And yeah, I think that IS the same cupcake bag. lol

      • Anonymous

        Aww, thanks. Husband snored all night, then I had to drop my son off at BART for a field trip. A trip that usually takes less than 15 took 30. We were seriously passed by a second grade girl on a f–king scooter. Like the scene from Office Space.

      • Anonymous

        I thought it was a real cupcake.

        • That, at least, would have been truly funny.

  • Anonymous

    Gonna have to disagree on Carrie. Yes, it is matchy, but damn! Carrie matches things GOOD!
    Erin-bwahahaha! Honky Tonk Barbie!
    Faith. Oh, Faith. Why do you have to even exist?. (Can you tell I don’t like her? Gosh, how much talent does it take to lay on a bed and wiggle. No, don’t answer that.)
    Ginnifer chopped her hair with her embroider scissors again, didn’t she?
    Hannah, thanks for convincing me not to go with the applique flowers for my daughter’s wedding.
    Jane Deere-she has that same cupcake purse along tonight.
    Kimberly S.-Hmm, I wouldn’t have gone with silver for such a blonde.
    Kimberly W-P-This IS the dress I want for my daughter’s wedding.
    Laura-On the High Wire!
    Martina-you are such a teensy tiny thing, but even you could go up a size. Or maybe ride the limo standing up. Your shoes are lovely.
    Nicole looks great except her face. Botox is not your friend.
    Sandra Lee? Why?
    Sara Evans-love the brown and blue jewelry combo. Now find a gay who will tell you not to wear jersey dresses.
    Shawna, put it away.

    Wow, I thought I needed another cup of coffee, but apparently not.

    • Anonymous

      For me, it’s definitely “Carrie. Oh, Carrie. Why do you have to even exist?”

  • Kimberly Schlapman looks like she did her hair by sticking her finger in an electrical socket.

    “Velvet nipples”? HAHAHAHAHA!!!

    There are no words for how trashy Shawna Thompson’s dress is.

  • I don’t like Nicole Kidman’s dress as much as I like Cate Blanchett’s similar one from several years ago at the Oscars, but it’s lovely and flattering and that’s unusual & good for her. (I also don’t like NK as much as I like CB, but that’s just a matter of scale: the tall, pale, talented ladies will always be my idols.)

    I don’t mind the VOLUME of Faith Hill’s hair, I mind that it looks like she styled it in a wind tunnel.

  • Anonymous

    Some serious ugly here. Did you notice the cupcake purse Susie Brown from JaneDear Girls is holding?

  • Anonymous

    Oh you two are in rare form today. Excuse me while I get my inhaler. Too much laughing is an asthma trigger.  Honky Tonk Barbie. Drape dress. (cough)

  • Anonymous

    I guess I’m behind on the news, why in the world is Gennifer Goodwin at the CMA awards?

    • Typical ABC cross promotion. Her new show is on the network.

  • Anonymous

    I gasped at how awful Shawna Thompson looks. (And I don’t even know who she is!) Kimberly Schlapman’s hair is a little too Glenn Close à la Fatal Attraction for me.

  • My comment disappeared. 🙁

    Anyway, Kimberly Schlapman stuck her finger into an electrical socket for that hair, “velcro nipples” made me snort hot tea, and Shawna Thompson should have never left the house in that poor excuse for a toga/Grecian-style dress.

  • Anonymous

    Underwood: Not a good color for her, but I’m surprised I actually like the dress. Usually I hate everything she wears.
    Erin Andrews: Honky Tonk Hooker
    Faith Hill: Did she walk through a wind tunnel to get there?
    Ginnifer Goodwin: Girl is a hot mess.
    Hannah Blaylock: Ugly.
    Jane Dear Girls: Who are these people??
    Kimberly Schlapman: I like it. Could have used some big jewelry, though.
    Kimberly W-P: I like it. the color suits her. Could have used some dramatic eye makeup.
    Laura Bell Bundy: Is she serious with this? Please tell me she’s not serious.
    Martina McBride: That outfit is pure Mother of the Bride, except for the color.
    Nicole K: I like it. She needs to go back to being a redhead.
    Sandra Lee: Tacky. Somebody needs to tell her that the bra-less look is not her friend.
    Sara Evans: Enh. Looks like she took her sofa cover and wrapped it around herself at the last minute.
    Shawna T: That’s hilarious.

  • And to think that there’s a designer out there who gets paid to make crap that what Shawna Thompson (who IS she, anyway) is wearing.

  • I love seeing Nicole Kidman at these country music events. She almost looks out of place. I don’t know what it is about country music that makes its stars unable to put together a decent look.

    • Anonymous

      Almost?  She looks like a chaperone.

      • Anonymous

        Melizer, I don’t often laugh out loud, but you made me do that. Kudos.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    How refreshing to see someone who didn’t iron all the character out of their hair.

    YES. Bring on the curly hair!!

    • Anonymous

      I’m all for curly hair, but I’m seeing fright wig here, not curly.  I think it just needed to be styled better.

      • Sobaika Mirza

        Yeah, it’s a little Einstein. But we don’t see it often on the red carpet so I’m pleased.

      • I think it’s fabulous. Crazy, but fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    Whoa. There are so many tragic women’s breasts up in here. Nicole Kidman’s chest looks plain weird – like they photoshopped her breasts out and elongated the rest.  Sandra Lee and Shawna Thompson need a boob intervention.

  • BerlinerNYC

    Hilarious. All Shauna is missing is the curtain rod from Carol Burnett’s Scarlett O’Hara curtain dress!

    Kimberly Schlapman (whoever she is) looks deranged but fun. Handle with care, or you might end up with your bunny boiling on the stove.

    • Harlot O’Hara.

  • Anonymous

    Mostly tragic. I wish Carrie Underwood would try something new. Her dress is one of the prettier ones however. Love Faith’s hair and dress, just not together. Nicole needs to yank her dress up a couple of inches and do something with that hair. Ugh! 

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure I agree with TLo on Kimberley….as Susanne Bartsch would say, “It’s a bit camp, no?”  Somehow the combo looks a bit drag to my eye…..even the “tan” reads oddly in the photo.

  • Anonymous

    How are there no comments?!  Because everyone hates country as much as I do?  I clicked anyway. 

    • Anonymous

      Hey!  Here’s everyone!  Did Julianne Hough turn up to either of these, or did she crash and burn like Jessica Simpson?

  • Anonymous

    Hannah Blaylock’s dress reminds me of Dusty’s crumpled newspaper USA from last night’s Work of Art.

  • Anonymous

    Watching their faces is like watching a horror movie about Barbie dolls who morph into killer clowns.

  • Anonymous

    I decided to take notes and do one comment, instead of several as I scrolled.

    – Faith Hill: looks like the Bride of Frankenstein.

    – That “Jane Dear” girl…is she going to carry that cupcake purse to EVERY red carpet now?

    – Nicole Kidman: brought some class to the proeedings. You go, girl. Err…. Yeehaw, girl.

  • Anonymous

    Like something you’d wear to jump out of a cake the night before a wedding….so true, TLo, so true…

    And velcro nipples? BWAHHAAAHHHAAA!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t argue with Nicole?  The shape of her hair is awful!

  • Every time I see Sandra Lee I think, “Who is that, that Sandra Lee?” to the tune of “Sandra Dee” from Grease. 

    • Anonymous

      Oh, thanks to you and Karen above, I’m going to be singing “Sara Lee” to the tune of “Sandra Dee” whenever I see her!

  • I like Faith Hill’s dress, but combined with the hair it makes her look like Shania Twain.

    • And that is never, ever, ever a good thing. Just reading the words “Shania Twain” gives me a rash.

  • Anonymous

    Are the Jane Dear Girls wearing the exact same thing they wore to whatever other country music thing it was that happened not too long ago?

    • MilaXX

      The one on the left looks like she’s repeating.

  • Anonymous

    She must have velcro nipples holding that thing up. Looks like one of Sandra’s brown eyes is making an appearance.

  • Anonymous

    She must have velcro nipples holding that thing up.  Maybe not…looks like one of her Brown eyes is making an appearance

  • Terence Ng

    Is Nicole sort of the odd woman out? Bringing Hollywood Star-level resources and fashion to CMA-level gigs? And not even a country singer. I wonder if they other girls hate her.

    Martina is channeling old-school Mandrell Sisters shit right there. And that’s not a good thing.

    And Sandra, girl, I’m almost starting to like you despite how much I hate what you do, but WTF are you doing here?

    • Anonymous

      Mandrell Sisters! *snort*

    • Nicole is there because she’s married to Keith Urban, not because she’s a Hollywood star.

      • Terence Ng

        Thank you, I know. I was pointing out that she’s not even a country singer (re: Urban’s wife), but she brings the resources of a Hollywood star (her own) to red carpets where everyone else lacks that level of styling and fame. Like  a famous singer attending a gala run by her public university husband and dressing in a Dior dress while everyone is looking nice in their department store finds.

  • Do you think that the adult shoppe Jane Dear Girl gets confused for that “wacky/punk rock” forensic scientist on NCIS?

  • Anonymous

    I love that Nicole Kidman is a regular goer to these country awards now that she’s married to Keith Urban. I wonder if she’s made country singer friends, and I hope she one day fully embraces the country music look and shows up to these events with big hair and whatnot.

  • Anonymous

    I like Faith Hill’s hair with that dress…. very 60’s!

  • MilaXX

    Laura Bell Bundy looks so pleased at herself in that ridiculous outfit.
    Sarah lee looks like she’s having a nip slip.Shawna Thompson just looks silly.

  • My comment disappeared too.
    Do you think that the adult toy store Jane Dear Girl gets confused for the “wacky/punk rock” forensic scientist on NCIS?

  • Anonymous

    “Like something you’d wear to jump out of a cake the night before a wedding”

    Hahahahahahahahaha! Snort!

    • Anonymous

      That was actually such a kind comment, given the outfit 🙂

  • Anonymous

    How many country awards ceremonies are there any given month, I wonder?

  • Anonymous

    Nicole Kidman really needs to do something about her hair.  And whoever Kimberley Schlapman is, I don’t think her hair is about not ironing, it’s about a great big perm.  And doesn’t Faith Hill always have big hair?  She looks great in that dress, and I think the big hair is sort of fine for her. 

    This Laura Bell Bundy looks like at least she’s in on the joke, but really she should never do that again.

    • That’s no perm. She’s naturally curly.

  • mrslilypond

    Sara Evans….I actually don’t have a problem with….since for once she’s not wearing something that’s practically up to her crotch and just plain to young for her (Watch her videos you’ll see what I mean)

  • Anonymous

    The thing I love about Country Music awards shows is that the stars still take some chances and make mistakes. It feels like amateur hour, but it’s fun. Makes me miss Cher at the Academy Awards. (Though of course, her outfits were show stoppers and intended to be talked about the next day in an “Oh my God, did you see her dress? I think her nipples were showing!” kind of way. Somehow I don’t think that’s what Sandra Lee/Dee was going for.) 

  • Martina – get pants the next size bigger next time.  Hate the pull across your hips!

    • Now I am The Bee

      I don’t think they are pulling.  I think they are just wrinkled from sitting in the car on the way over.  That darn satin will wrinkle in a heartbeat. 

  • Carrie U. looks good here. Unfortunately, she wore several other much less-flattering outfits throughout the night. Seriously tragic outfits.
    Almost as seriously tragic as what Miranda Lambert wears to pick up her award. But we’ll get to that.
    Faith’s hair works better with the awesome pantsuit she wears later in the evening during her performance.But I do love that dress.
    Ginnifer, that is too much dress for you. Egads!
    Why does one wear John Paul Gaultier and then not brush one’s hair?

  • Sara S Rummell

    When Erin Andrews walked out last night, I totally got on board with hating naked shoes (made popular by Jennifer Aniston).  It looked like she was walking out on her tiptoes…bad. 

  • Anonymous

     Re: Jane Dear Girls – “we don’t actually have a problem with the one on the right”
    I think you blinked. That hideous dress is right out of Frederick’s of Hollywood.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I agree it wasn’t good either.  But when you accessorize that hideous dress with a friend in an even more hideous outfit it makes it look better.

  • Anonymous

    What an assortment!  Carrie U and Faith Hill are looking pretty elegant.  Nicole Kidman too, dress-wise, but I can’t get past her new plastic face. She always looks like a bot, and it freaks me out.

    I get the Barbie reference, but I have to say that Erin Andrews looks pretty.  Everything fits and the shoes are great.

    Everyone else?  A range from What The….? to Holy Mother of God!  I don’t know, or care, who Shawna Thompson is, but that shmatta she’s wearing is one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. And the Bundy person must be using the same substances Rick Perry has been taking lately. The bodice on Sandra Lee’s dress has a built-in wardrobe malfunction and looks terrible.  Also, count me among those who don’t understand why the host of a TV food show is suddenly on every red carpet from here to Beijing.  Don’t get it.

  • Anonymous

    Nicole Kidman needs to update her look. That hair is not flattering her at all, and Ginnifer Goodwin looks like she’s wearing a tablecloth. Everyone else, I agree with you on.

  • Anonymous

    Nicole Kidman’s dress is gorgeous, but could she have run a comb through her hair? It looks awful and it looks like she has some missing hair above her forehead. Too much dyeing???

  • Anonymous

    Velcro nipples is causing me to wince and laugh at the same time. Shawna Thompson’s dress may be the ugliest dress I have ever seen on a red carpet. Ever. Really. Truly. I cannot believe she walked out of the trailer like that. I need wine

  • Anonymous

    Awwwwww, maaaaaaaaaan!  None of my comments registered!  They’re all gone!  DISQUS on the fritz again?

    • What’s missing? Looks like all your comments from this thread are still in our system.

      • Anonymous

        Ryan, they’re here now.  But, I swear–an hour ago, they weren’t.  There were just 40 comments for the longest time!

        • Disqus has been kind of wacky lately. I always give it some time for my comments to show up. And, instead of just refreshing, go back into the thread by clicking the link to it, either from the side box or the home page. As a bonus, this keeps your Like button from malfunctioning.

        • We found out that there was a sever “backed up”, meaning that when you connected to it, it had old data (comments). This is fixed now.

          Just know that if you submit a comment and it goes through, it’s definitely in our system whether it’s displayed after refreshing or not. Sorry for any confusion!

          [email protected]:[email protected]:disqus

          • Now I am The Bee

            Ok –So can you do something about the “floating” disclaimer/social network buttons on this site?  It’s supposed to be at the bottom, but often floats up to the top and covers up a number of comments.  Really frustrating. 
            Thanks in advance. 

          • That’s not something we can really control :-

      • Anonymous

        I’m having such a hassle with Disqus, on this site and others.

    • Anonymous

      Happened to me, too!

  • Anonymous

    I always expect Carrie Underpants to start giving the beauty queen wave at any moment. That dress. Her hair! Those teeth!!! All she really wants in life is World Peace.

  • Never heard of JaneDear Girls, but I am LOVING the girl with the black hair and her adorable goth/rockabilly pinup style. It’s so refreshing and she’s so cute!

    Nicole Kidman’s pointy shoes poking out under her dress bothers me and I wish she’s scootch her dress up a little higher.

  • Anonymous

    I just LUV the realness of the country music crowd, and they make no excuses.  Martina is one of my favorites and she just looks like a busy mom that rushed in from PTA.   I do not know who Kimberly Schlapman is, but as a proud owner of curly locks myself, props to her for totally ROCKIN’ that hair.  Power to the curly girls!

  • Anonymous

    I love Faith Hills dress and it fits her gorgeously but that 80’s Sphia Loren hair combined with the big, tight smile is just off putting.
    Nicoles dress is fab!  She looks great but I always think she looks great.
    Shawna Thompson – WTF?!?!  “fancy whore” is not a red carpet look.
    Laura Bell Bundy, it’s one thing to wear a dress that does that and another thing to actually DO THAT on the red carpet.  STOP IT!
    Sandra Lee – go home.  We are all tried of you and you look floozy here.
    Martina McBrides wrinkled crotch pants are making me a little quesy.

  • So much big hair! 🙂 I actually like how Ginnifer Goodwin looks here…

  • Anonymous

    Well, they’re certainly not dispelling the stereotype that “Country” = “Tacky.”

  • Anonymous

    Re: Nicole Kidman “Can’t argue with that.” Really, gentlemen? Did you see the hair?

  • Anonymous

    Shawna Thompson’s designer either hates her or went to the Anya School of Clothes Construction. That thing is so tragic it’s hilarious.

  • Sandra Lee is an affront to food and partly responsible for the infantilizing of the American palate. In other words I loathe her and her awful abortion of a show. Not even her drunken crazy entertainment value can make up for her overall fail. Though I hate to say I don’t loathe her dress but goodness, one deep breath and she’s done. 

    • Ditto to everything you said. The woman is a scourge. And, as several others are wondering, why is she at the CMAs? Why was she at the Glamour Women of the Year event? I thought they sent her back to the lab every night for some rest, to be rebooted in the morning.

      • I guess she’s with some politician and that gets her…um…invited to the CMAs? Because you know, the things are totally related. Yeah I got nothing. 

    • Anonymous


      What I want explained to me is what Andrew Cuomo sees in her? All the beautiful, smart, 40ish in New York and he picks her? Hell I bet there many bitter kittens posting here that fit that description. I would understand him taking up with a 20 something but Sandra Lee who makes Andrew Cuomo (a name which ends in vowel) lasagne with KECTHCUP as some sort of secret ingredient. Do god help up if she ends up as First Whatever.

  • looks like that Shawna person didn’t quite know which hole her head was supposed to go through…. 

  • I think Carrie looks great, even if she is all matchy-matchy. On her, it looks good.

  • The one on the left looks like a Monster High doll!

    • Anonymous

      You say that likes it’s a bad thing  😉

  • Makes me miss the old fashioned country dresses (almost)

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me, or does Nicole Kidman look strange?

  • Now I am The Bee

    Wait–why is Gennifer Goodwin there?  Just wondering.  And Sandra Lee?  Are they both singers now? 
    I think Carrie Underwood looks adorable–and I like McBride’s outfit, except her pants are too short!  I don’t know any of the other folks, so I won’t say anything about them….

  • Anonymous

    “It’s sad when strippers are forced to make their costumes out of old hotel room drapes, isn’t it?”

    Gotta get a gimmick.

  • bloodshothalfblind

    i swear i thought martina was jackie collins.

  • Anonymous

    Faith Hill’s hair is (IMO) perfect. This IS the CMA, after all. I don’t want it to get all Hollywood mainstream.

    Sandra Lee – I’d have been tempted to start a drinking game based on how often she had to hoist that thing up. It’s like a tacky and tragic bridal gown.

    The awful are so truly awful, there’s not much to say.

  • Anonymous

    Carrie Underwood is perfect IMHO

  • I was unaware that Hot Topic had a prom collection. The Jane Dear Girls have educated me.

  • Anonymous

    “so nice to see someone not iron all the character out of their hair” – but if only the same could be said about faces.

  • I’d like to think a bunch of country singers cornered Kidman in the ladies room.  “Stop making us look bad, or we will cut you.  Our clutches are so terrible-looking because they were the only ones we can keep Bowie knives in them.”

  • Anonymous

    Shawna Thompson FTL!

    Nicole Kidman looks like some different kind of species altogether. Outstanding.

  • Anonymous

    Carrie Underwood can be as matchy matchy as she likes, as far as I’m concerned. She’s one of the few ladies on this red carpet who doesn’t look like country fried Southern hell.

  • Don’t know anything about country music  but just happened to catch the 2011 CMA awards, looked at some videos of Thompson Square online (and lots and lots of Eric Church)  and have rarely seen anyone as beautiful as Shawna Thompson is in them (despite the platinum streak).     So why O God does a woman who has talent, beauty and had a great breakout year do this to herself?   Incomprehensible.