45th Annual CMA Awards Part 2

Posted on November 10, 2011

Let’s all head on back to the Glitter Hoedown, y’all!


Cherill Green

Not a bad dress, and we realize the CMAs aren’t the Oscars, but this is a bit too tight and short for an awards show that’s not on MTV. Also, the shoes look cheap. And we don’t like her hair. Get used to that last sentence because you’re about to read it a lot.


Deborah Allen

Totally Daytime Emmys.


Emily VanCamp

Oh, Emily Amanda Clarke Thorne. Why did they take you off our TV last night and make you wear this sad thing? Great color on her, but terrible shape.


Hillary Scott

Colorless, but not bad otherwise. This was the time to be adventurous in your clutch choice, dear. Also, we hate your hair.


Jana Kramer

Pretty enough, but shapeless. And it doesn’t need a train.


Jennifer Nettles in Naeem Khan

Serving up chic in a room very much in need of it.



Kellie Pickler in Pamella Roland

REALLY don’t like the hair, which looks like Who’s the Boss?-era Judith Light, but we have to say, that dress fits her beautifully.


Karen Fairchild

This is quite pretty and interesting. Visually widens her a little but she can pull off the stripes and circles when a lot of ladies couldn’t.


Lauren Alaina

Cute. Really hate the hair, though.


LeAnn Rimes in Badgley Mischka

Like a lampshade in an old west whorehouse. Way too frilly and ruffly. Interesting color, though.


Matraca Berg

You can’t go wrong with a classic style that fits well, in great colors. We don’t like the bottom of it, but overall, she looks great.


Meghan Linsey

We get it, and we mostly think it’s fun, but she should have picked a more interesting bag and shoes.


Natasha Bedingfield

Honey, we miss Mad Men too, but we don’t think this was the time to stage a salute to it.

Reba McEntire

This looks like a gown for hiking or some other sporty activity. It fits her well but that shrug/strap detail makes her look like she’s backpacking. Also: dislike her hair.


Taylor Swift in J. Mendel

Will someone please give this girl a tiara and a big sash that says “VIRGIN” and get it over with?

[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos]

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  • Anonymous

    Oh, LeAnn Rimes, that is so not your dress.

    Have to disagree with the uncles about Reba, I think she looks adorable.

    • That dress is no ones dress.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. Ick.
        And why does her hair have an ombre effect going on? She needs to see her colorist immediately.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t want to judge her too harshly.  Maybe she was going for dinosaur. 

      • Anonymous

        Dinosaur costume was my first thought. Then I thought “it hasn’t been as long as you think since the kids were little, has it?”

  • Judith Light–I don’t know how you guys can so easily just reach back and grab these dead-on comparisons so easily.  And what has Kellie done to her face?  She doesn’t even look like she’s in her 20s anymore!

    • I was thinking that too! Honestly, I don’t keep up with country singers/American Idol alumni (she was on that, right?), so I was convinced I’d mistaken her for someone else. Glad to have my suspicions confirmed. Did something happen to her, or is this a case of foolish plastic surgery?

      • I googled some other pictures of her from the CMAs and it looks like this is just a bad picture of her face.  She looks more like I expected here:  

      • Anonymous

        I think she’s just wearing too much white makeup. She was on the new 90210 a couple episodes ago, and Ellen, and she looked great. She’d had to have had something done reallllly recently for that to be surgery.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know who she is so I am really surprised to learn she is that young.  She looks like a ferociously well preserved 40ish woman.

      • Anonymous

        Wow, same here. Looking at that photo, I’d say 45 with an amazing bod.

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking she was Judith Light.

  • Anonymous

    What happened to Kellie Pickler’s face?  Isn’t she only 24-25 years old? OMG

    • Anonymous

      I was shocked at Kellie Pickler’s face! What has happened to the cute young thing? What has Ryan Seacrest done to her?
      She should run out while she still can, she is aging from the stress of pretending!   

      • Wrong Seacrest beard. You’re thinking of Julianne Hough.

        • Anonymous

          OMG, I am!  I need a beard list !
          Anyway poor Kelly Pickler is beginning to look Pickled. 

      • Anonymous

        I was just as shocked to see Kellie’s face. Did she have plastic surgery? Her face looks gaunt and old. I can’t find anything online that mentions surgery, but it sure looked like it to me.

    • When I saw this catastrophe’s hair, I hadn’t looked at the name as I don’t know most country artists.  I then scrolled back up wondering what old lady this was with such a hot bod and messed up face and gasped and scrunched closer to my screen to make sure TLo weren’t joking.  Kellie of American Idol days was adorbs.  What the hell?

    • OMG is right. She looks like Barbara Mandrell’s great-aunt.

      She looks more bizarre every time I see her. Seeing as how I despised her when she was on American Idol (she’s just the worst), I  experience some schadenfreude when she looks so ridiculous and old.

    • Anonymous

       My thought exactly.  She was adorable on AI, now she looks at least 30 years older.

  • Anonymous

    That J. Mendel dress Taylor’s wearing looks like a dull Cristian Siriano gown.

    • Robyn Morelli

      it looks like a wedding dress!

  • What happened to Kellie Pickler? She looks so old here. Did she have some bad botox or something?

  • Kellie Pickler and LeAnn Rimes have something disturbingly Courtney Stodden-esque going on in their facial regions. 

  • Anonymous

    Two thoughts:
    1.  I missed Emily Amanda Clarke Thorne last night, too.  Do we get her back next week?
    2.  What’s up with Kellie Pickler’s make-up?  Did she really want to look like a 55-year-old plastic surgery victim?

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Jennifer Nettles looks FANTASTIC!!  Seriously, give the girl a WERQ!  Or maybe it is a “graded on a curve” situation next to some of the many bombs we are seeing….
    Hillary Scott looks very thick in that dress, when did Kelli Pickler turn 53 & fighting it hard?  And i realize Reba McIntire is a wondeful musician, great humanitarian and freind to all but why does she always have to have that stupid “Aw shucks, I’m just a hillbillly made good” look on her face?

    • Anonymous

      ‘Cause hasn’t forgotten how far she’s come and how happy she is to be there. That’s a NATURAL smile.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, I get that it is a natural smile, she is a really great gal and I do admire a lot of what she does and her humility, it just isn’t a look that I respond to very well, that’s all.

        • Anonymous

          I think maybe is she went for simpler dresses, skip velvets and “fancy schmancy” things and tone down the make up the overall effect would be more natural.

          • Well, she is the original “Fancy” (if you don’t know her music, you may not know the reference)

    • Hillary is thick (as a big girl myself, I don’t mean that in a derogatory manner), but I just wish she would learn to complement her body better.

      • Anonymous

        I’m a “big girl” too, so I hear ya.  It is all about finding the style the suits and flatters, isn’t it?  I’m eternally happy I don’t have a lifestyle that requires red carpet appearances, I would be a diasaster!  LOL!

  • seriously, kellie picker’s face!

    • Anonymous

      No kidding! Isn’t she young? She doesn’t look young here.

      • Anonymous

        I honestly don’t recognize the person in the photo at all.

    • I thought it was Morgan Fairchild.

  • You know, I live in Nashville, I listen to country music, I have friends in the business…but who the hell are half these people?

    • huh, if YOU don’t know… 

    • Anonymous

      Hint: they’re not IN ANY WAY part of the country music scene.

      I think the CMAs are now just part of the celebrity circuit.

  • oh Tlo, you understand so well my irrational hatred towards Taylor Swifts. Bless this post!

  • WHAT has Kellie Pickler done to herself – work work everywhere.  I don’t mean WERQ, I mean eye work, face work, boob work.  How is she sucking in her neck like that… crazy. 

  • I think that Karen Fairchild’s dress widens her in a way that’s so obviously an optical illusion it winds up not making her actually look wider, if that makes sense. Love it.

    Jennifer Nettles looks an awful lot like Ellen Pompeo in that picture. GREAT dress.

    • Oh, I’d also like to borrow Cherill Green’s dress. I have a more appropriate occasion to wear it to, and I think it’s pretty.

      • Yep. That is a great dress. I’d wear a longer version of it if I still had the body for it. Alas, those days are gone.

  • God, I love Reba. She reminds me of my mom in her best moments (as opposed to the moments when my mom is driving me crazy).

  • iCouture

    Wow, alot of personal attacks on appearances here, I didn’t think that was very TLo…

    Jennifer Nettles looks amazing, and Picklers dress really does fit like a glove

    • J Dreesen

      agreed.  but i have to admit i was surprised that was Kellie Pickler; the last time i saw her televised or otherwise – until just now when this post prompted me to do an image search – was when she was on American Idol though, so i may have missed some growing up going on.  maybe it’s just a makeup choice/photography/light situation.  some pictures of her look far more like *her* than this one does.

  • Anonymous

    i don’t know 2/3 of the people here, but it cracked me up that one lady’s first name is “Matraca” which in Spanish means rattle…. hahahahaha

  • Anonymous

    Jennifer Nettles – gorgeous, as is Karen Fairchild. Kellie Pickler – I think the dress is too tight, her boobs are pushing up out of it!! Why is it so hard for women who have a lot of money and access to gorgeous clothing to dress themselves beautifully??? I could do better than most of these women with $250. Is good taste that rare????

  • kathleen morgan

    When I see LeAnn, all I can see is a shuffling snail…

    • Anonymous

      That’s just so wrong. So accurate, but yet so wrong 🙂

  • Taylor Swift looks awesome. Can’t say I like any of the rest at all… 

  • Anonymous

    Judith Light, BWAH!

  • Anonymous

    Holy cow, is that a really, really bad picture of Kellie Pickler, or did she mysteriously age 1,000 years and invest in Joan Rivers look-alike surgery?

    • I was wondering the same thing! Kellie’s face looks horrible, but everyone takes a bad picture sometimes.

  • Anonymous

    The dress Jennifer Nettles is wearing is GORGEOUS! Love, love, love it.

    I did not recognize Kelly Pickler. Wow. She has gone way too far with the plastic surgery. And she was so cute to start with!

    • Anonymous

      Just looked in the mirror, and I think I look younger than Pickler. And I just turned 60 and have had no work done whatsoever—not even hair dye.

  • Sorry. Not liking the tit harness on Lauren Alaina. 

  • Mariah J

    THATS Kellie Pickler!?! What the hell happened from the neck up

    • Anonymous

      Aren’t you curious about what happened between the neck and the waist too?…  ;>)

  • Anonymous

    Kellie Pickler = Judith Light: spot on!

    There was a whole lot of 80s going on.

    I would also add that Lauren Alaina = Tina Yothers and Meghan Linsey ~= Cindy Lauper

  • Anonymous

    I really hate the duct tape “X” on the floor.  Really, can’t the organizers come up with a better “stand here” indicator?  Reba: awful.  Natasha: secretarial.  Meghan: laughable.  LeAnn: reminds me of a fish.  Hillary: hope you weren’t seated next to Carrie Underwood.  Jennifer: YESSSSSS!

    • Thank you! The big X always bugs me. 

  • Anonymous

    What happened to Kellie Pickler? It doesn’t even look like her. Was she sucking in her cheeks? Did she get work done? Yikes.

    • Anonymous

      I just said the same thing, she looks like she is 60 with a botched plastic surgery or something.  Terrifying.

      • Anonymous

        Horrible, even more so than normal.

    • Anonymous

      I thought the photo was incorrectly captioned. She is totally unrecognizable.

  • Anonymous

    Wellllll …. is this the right forum for asking where is the Country in all of this?  Except for a few instances of big haar I’m not seeing much of what made Country Country, y’all.

  • Anna Maria Diamanti

    I have no idea who Jennifer Nettles is, but she is wearing a damn beautiful dress.

    And I can’t believe you had no comment about the hair on Meghan Linsey (another person I don’t know)!

    • Anonymous

      Jennifer Nettles is the female half of the duo Sugarland.  I’m not a country music fan but I did go to a Sugarland concert as a guest of a friend and I can say they were one of the best concerts I have ever been to, she is a great live entertainer.  I have since come to enjoy more of their music.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for that info!  I have actually heard some of Sugarland’s music and liked it!  Had no idea she was part of that duo.

      • Anna Maria Diamanti

        I despise country music. Or, I should say I despise the modern vaguely pop incarnation of it. But if that dress is any indication of her sense of taste and quality, I just may check out her music.

        • Anonymous

          Well… I will confess that most of the previous pics I have seen of her weren’t not up to this level.  At all.  I suspect the employment of a stylist with the super fat cash they have been making.  I suspect their music would fall inot the pop/country incarnation you refer to but give it a try sometime.  She is delightful in person and her music partner, Kristen Bush, is a very generous and delightful person as well.  Heir to the Bush bean fortune.

      • I have a soft spot for Sugarland because they appear on kids shows and CLEARLY enjoy themselves. The guy got a giant smooch from Elmo and practically blushed. It was sweet.

        Also, my hubby says they do a pretty kickass cover of REM’s “Nightswimming”, but I have yet to hear it. Stipe is not an easy vocalist to cover.

  • Anonymous

    Will someone please give this girl a tiara and a big sash that says “VIRGIN” and get it over with?

    NO. She WANTS to walk around like a squinty, sparkly toilet paper roll, OKAY?

  • Banner change! It looks good. Sleek 

    • Anonymous

      OH, look at that! Yes, looks good.

  • Anonymous

    I actually think that Reba’s dress is very in line with her “feisty lady with a tough edge” image.  And I can’t STAND to hear Jennifer Nettles sing, but she can feel free to stand there looking this fabulous.

    Plus, I think Hillary looks beautiful.  Show off those curves, girl!

  • oohsparkley!

    Jennifer Nettles for the win.  I think Emily Van Camp’s dress is a fabulous color and she looks great even if I don’t really like those dresses that look like old fashioned foundation garment with a skirt sewn on.  Taylor Swift always looks classy and gorgeous.  I don’t understand all the dislike – she is still so young.  I think it’s great she shows class instead of skanking it up.  I love the color combo on Matraca (whoever she is).  I love Reba and her dress would look much nicer just changing the color of the white straps to green or something.  And Kellie might have too much high-lighter on her face or surgery – not sure.

    • My dislike of Taylor Swift is based on the fact that she sings juvenile songs in a dull monotone that makes me crazy. The fact that this untalented girl gets all those country awards when her songs are not even country adds to it. She is becoming fabulously wealthy while others way more talented than she can’t get a break.

  • Kate Pearce

    What is it with all the wild hair, unbrushed hair or mermaid over one shoulder hair? What about a nice bun? LOL

  • Anonymous

    When I saw the Kellie Pickler I thought that that dress was just too revealing for a woman of her age (a mutton dressed as lamb thing).  Then I realized she’s a lamb done up like mutton. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a fan of country music, but I love Reba so much I can overlook those shoulder things, that her beautiful hair has looked better, and that she’s wearing too much eye makeup. Just look at her face – a natural smile, happy to be there!

    Jennifer Nettles in particular, Kellie Pickler, Karen Fairchild, and Matraca Berg look much more chic than the usual CM floozies.

    If Hillary Scott’s dress were one tone deeper and the clutch were dark and interesting, her look would have been gorgeous. The dress is really very pretty on her and falls beautifully.

    Meghan Linsey’s dress is cute and fun, but nothing about her cheap platinum blonde horse hairdo? Nothing at all???

    LeAnn Rimes is beyond redemption. I gag when I see her. CM floozie.

    Taylor Swift’s gown is not my usual taste, but I think it’s beautiful. Totally over-the-top and too much for this event, where gentlemen show up with cowboy hats, jeans, and no ties, and women have to find something that falls between red carpet and hot Saturday night hoedown. I’ve read some opinions that call this dress “bridal.” But if it were in a bridal collection it would be considered too “red carpet.”  T-Lo: you might have said more about it, one way or the other, rather than just call her a virgin.

  • MilaXX

    I need a little dissing to take my mine of Penn State.
    Cherill Green – Too tight, hate the hair, shoes cut her legs off.
    Deborah Allen – Safe & Boring
    Emily VanCamp – Pretty color, but not your dress.
    Hillary Scott – Pretty but bland and this hair sweep to the side thing is boring.
    Jana Kramer – Did she buy this on clearance? The dress looks like it needs to be fitted. It’s too shapeless
    Jennifer Nettles – The only chic person there
    Kellie Pickler – What happened to that cute little country gal from AI? Between the fake boobs, the bronzer abuse, ten pounds of makeup and over teased hair. She barely looks like herself. Cute dress though.
    Karen Fairchild – Yet another one who got the chic memo
    Lauren Alaina – Interesting dress, hate the hair & the shoes
    .LeAnn Rimes – Beach, All I see are squinty eyes and frills.
    Matraca Berg – Not a bad effort. Love the color combo
    Meghan Linsey – I could forgive the bag or the shoes, but not both
    Natasha Bedingfield – Office wear and silly putty shoes.
    Reba McEntire – Gal can sing, but she cannot dress
    Taylor Swift – Bridal, hate her

  • Anonymous

    That Naeem Khan gown is GORGEOUS!

  • Wow, either that’s a terribly unflattering picture of Kellie Pickler, or she’s aged 20 years.

  • Anonymous

    So, Kelli Pickler was on a live shot from the CMA’s on Ellen today, i just watched it.  She didn’t look anywhere near as horrific live as she did in the shot we see here.  Still not youthful or dewey fresh but not haggard and hacked.

  • Who are these people? I listen to country music almost exclusively and most of these people are strangers to me.

  • Anonymous

    I like the purple dress with the green wrap. 

    What has happened to Kellie Pickler’s face? Isn’t she supposed to be young? She looks like that character in that movie…blanking here…ack…still can’t think of it…anyway, she gets so many plastic surgeries that she turns into liquid and runs out of her coffin. 

    What IS that movie? Dammit. I’d look it up, but I can’t think of any of the actors’s names in it. I think one of the guys from Monty Python was in it. Futuristic movie…now I’m going to be up all night. 

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Reba’s boobs!  She looks amazing!  Seriously thought Kellie Pickler was in her 50s.

  • Anonymous

    How did Kelli Pickler age 50 years within the past 4 years?!

  • Anonymous

    Holy CRAP!  What on earth happened to Kelli Pickler???  She looks like she’s aged 40 years since she was on Idol.  Been rode hard and put away wet.  And done a mountain of coke.  Last week!  Without the caption, I would not have recognized her.  And not in a good way!

    I’m becoming a big fan of Naeem Khan. That is a beautiful dress and Ms. Nettles, whoever she is, is wearing it well. Also like Karen Fairchild’s look and would have liked Jana Kramer if the dress had not been a size too big for her.  Hillary Scott (I have no clue as to who any of these ladies are!) looks good, except for matchy clutch and hair.  The dress fits her well.

    Did Natasha Whoever-she-is get the wrong memo and think she was going to work in an office?  Totally befuddling.  And honey, take those stupid shoes off and burn them!  After you uncross your legs. 

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me, or does Reba ALWAYS look high?

    Also, I know LeAnn used to be able to open her eyes. What happened to her?

  • BerlinerNYC

    Reba’s shrug detail looks more like a shoulder holster like the cops wear on TV under their jackets. It was the CMAs, so I am ready to believe she was packing.

    I was going to say Lauren Alaina was on her way to some high school hootenany, but that hair looks more like after-the-fun, if you know what I mean.

    Is Meghan Linsey in drag as Ongina?
    Kellie Pickler is serving up drunk Joan Van Ark realness.

  • Jennifer Nettles never disappoints. Love her!

  • aimee_parrott

    The REALLY sad thing is that Kellie Pickler looks the same age as Judith Light, too.  Good god, but that girl needs help.  Aren’t there any country gays?  Or, barring that, gays who could be convinced to help out a desperately needy country-type girl. 

  • Now I am The Bee

    Wow–what happened to Kelly Pickler?  Didn’t she used to be cute and fresh like Carrie Underwood?  Yikes.  I admit i know nothing about country music, so I only know who 2 of these women are (oh–three) but no one in this bunch was outstanding.  Except maybe Reba because she looks like she’s actually having  good time. 
    The gal in the red blouse and the black skirt looks like she stopped by on her way to her secretarial job. 
    And Taylor Swift is always overdressed, no?  it’s a beautiful dress, but way too fancy, it seems.

  • Kellie Pickler is only 25 years old.
    Why she look 40?

  • Anonymous

    Re: Taylor Swift: Srsly. I dunno how Jake Gyllenhaal–that hot, hot, talented man–put up with a) her saccharine nature and b) her indubitable unwillingness to put out.

  • Did Kellie Pickler get a bad botox job or something? OMG she looks HORRIBLE!

    • Anonymous

      ps. how was she born in 1986? it’s 1966, right?

      pss. i love the way people can be of all sizes right now, nevermind all colors & sexual persuasions. it’s time to include ages, too, whenever this particular person was born.

      • margaret meyers

        She looks really OLD here.

  • Anonymous

    I will kick in for that sash for Taylor.  I’m sure we can find someone on Etsy to make it.  Actually, what we really need is a teeny tiny sash for the Taylor Swift doll:


  • Anonymous

    For once I agree with you on Taylor. It’s too virginal bridal. The dress is gorgeous…would love her to wear some color. 


    The unfortunate shot of Kellie Pickler makes her look just a cigarette and a half-naked baby in a saggy diaper away from being trailer* trash. (*no offense to anyone living in a trailer)

    Hillary Scott looks great. Embrace those curves, girl!!

  • Anonymous

    LeAnn, that dress should be burned. Kellie Pickler, your dress is fine but please stop messing with your face. Jennifer Nettles looking good. 

    You can always count on the CMA’s to serve up plenty of crack. 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    my inner five year old always likes dresses like that worn by leann rimes cos she looks like a dragon.
    if it were blue or green, say, it would only be better cos she would look like a sea monster.

  • Susan Crawford

    Seems to me the last time I saw her, Kellie Pickler was still a relatively young gal. Now she looks like someone I went to college with back in the late Jurassic Era. (It was tough back then: fighting off velociraptors on the way to class; putting on the freshman fifteen by living on T-Rex burgers and greasy Pterodactyl fries . . . but good times.) Seriously, Kellie, whatever your dermatologit managed to talk you into . . . stop it right now, girl! You’re really scaring me.

    • Heh. I think we went to school together. Was Wilma Flintstone  your valedictorian?

      • Susan Crawford

        There was a substantial write-in for Mrs. Rubble, but the fix was in after Bam-Bam threatened to sic Dino on us. All things considered, graduation went well except for the moment when our Wooly Mammoth campus mascot got loose and tromped the dais to bits. As I said . . . good times, eh?

  • I haven’t heard of the majority represented here, and shuddered at most of the clothing, however, I wouldn’t miss your commentary for the world!

  • That side pony is to the 2010’s like the bouffant was to the 70’s – pure country and western hair.

  • margaret meyers

    Somebody get that dog off Taylor swifts leg!  Bad Komomdor, BAD!

  • Anonymous

    How is it possibly THAT many women look THAT bad at one event?  I mean, statistically, is this even possible?  Tom and Lorenzo must have made all this up.

  • Ali

    Oh my god, Pickler’s FACE. I haven’t seen her since Idol. What the hell happened? Did she visit Priscilla Presley’s surgeon???

  • When did Kelly Pickler turn fifty?

  • Anonymous

    Kelli!  WTH – the dress and bod look great but I thought it was Judith Light with too much plastic surgery. 

    Lauren Alaina – her hair totally fits what some girls her age are doing.  My neice’s hair is more extreme but similar and she is 17.

  • Anonymous

    Pickler looks like she’s pickled.

  • Jennifer Nettles, I don’t know who you are, but thank you. Thank you.
    And stop picking on Taylor, you know she looks better than most of the other hoochies. Seriously. Do these women NOT use a stylist as a point of pride? Faith Hill made it ok to use a stylist in Nashville. It’s ok girls. Really.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure who was taking these pictures, but they seem to have a knack for catching really unflattering facial expressions.

  • Too many rhinestones gah!

    • Anonymous

      “Too many rhinestones” is just not possible at a big deal red carpet country music event.

      You may say I am not moving with the times and that country music has gotten all mainstream and tastefully clothed, but I will defend the right of country divas (don’t know about all these generic celebs who show up) to look just like a life-size cake topper attacked by a team of monkeys armed with bedazzlers.

  • Oh good grief! Kellie, Leann! What the hell were you two thinking?! Kellie looks strung out. Leann, terrible hair, terrible makeup, terrible dress. :S

  • Anonymous

    damnit. WHAT did Pickler do to her face. DAMNIT!

  • Anonymous

    Jennifer Nettles for the win. If it’d just been chic, it’d have been all wrong,but it was chic AND sparkly. That’s what the CMA red carpet requires. (ETA: Well, deep down, I don’t really think the CMA red carpet requires chic. But it’s nice to see a little bit of it, just so long as it’s not too subdued.)

    And while I don’t love (or even much like) her gown, I LOVE the way Reba Mcentire always tends to look like she’s about to sling her shoes under the coffee table and offer you a beer.

  • Anonymous

    Is Taylor Swift wearing a wedding gown?  It’s not just that it’s white, it totally looks like a wedding gown, actually one of the more beautiful gowns I’ve seen this season, but, A Wedding Gown??

    Most of this stuff is just plain ugly,  the best I’ve ever seen Nettles looking, but that’s not saying much.

    My most ugly dress award goes to Rimes.  Where would that dress be appropriate?  It looks like a costume.

  • Grace Armstrong

    Taylor Swift really does need that “VIRGIN” sash. I would actually be surprised if she doesn’t already have one.

  • Anonymous

    Lauren Alaina appears to be wearing some sort of rigging for her tits and that’s CUTE?

  • Anonymous

    Some of this dreck almost make you wish for the old rhinestone cowboy days!….hair to Jesus and lots of boots and glitter…..at least that was funny!

  • Anonymous

    Reba can do no wrong in my eyes. If she wants to wear a bejeweled backpack, so be it.

  • Anonymous

    Something about Kellie Pickler’s look seemed to channel Dolly Parton. Where the heck was she??

    On a side-note: of COURSE all the hair will be large and Cracker-Barrel-chic: these are the COUNTRY MUSIC Awards! That fact ought to have been a given.

    • Kellie Pickler wishes she could channel Dolly Parton. That girl isn’t fit to carry Dolly’s luggage.

  • Anonymous

    was there a light right in their eyes? why is everyone but taylor swift making an awful face?

  • Anonymous

    What in the plastic-surgery-gone-wrong hell happened to Kellie Pickler’s FACE?!?!?

    • Anonymous

      She looks like Joan Van Arc, and if she’s not careful, she’ll end UP looking like her! (Her most recent pics look like Michael Jackson.)

  • Anonymous

    Meghan Linsey—you forgot to say, “really hate the hair” ….ok just kidding, maybe it’s only me.

    But could someone explain to me wtf happens to LeAnn Rimes eyes when she smiles? Where do they go?

  • Anonymous

    Lauren Alaina is CUTE?!? How is that cute?

  • Anonymous

    Natasha Bedingfield is totally baffling. Did she drop by after her temp job as an office administrator somewhere? And she’s working that cross-legged pee pee pose so hard it looks like she’s about to fall over. Kellie Pickler is a cautionary tale against plastic surgery. Horrifying. Jennifer Nettles, whoever she is, looks stunning.

  • I so agree with your assessments. It’s the sequin superbowl, can we turn it up a notch, Natasha? 

  • That Nettles girl looks amazing.

  • Anonymous

    What has happened to Kellie Pickler?  She looks like she IS pickled.  Someone should tell her to lay off the plastic surgery —- she is not that old and this look adds about 20 or 30 years to her…..

  • WTF happened to cute little Kellie Pickler? She looks like Joan Rivers!