Yea or Nay: The Return of the Turtleneck

Posted on October 10, 2011

GQ tells us, in its typically breathless prose:

“The turtleneck went through some dark years there, back when its patron saint was Joey from Friends. But as DJ god Diplo shows, the turtleneck—trimmed down and ultraluxe—has its mojo back.”

We remain unconvinced.

Turtleneck, $495 by Burberry London. Trench coat, $1,295 and jeans, $195 by Burberry Brit. Belt by Giorgio Armani. Sunglasses by Persol.

Turtleneck, $895, vest, $595, and pants, $450, by Dolce & Gabbana. Watch by Pulsar.

Turtleneck, $325, and pants, $365, by Emporio Armani. Cardigan, $350 by Band of Outsiders. Loafers, $1,160 by Tom Ford.

Turtleneck, $400, by Salvatore Ferragamo. Jacket, $2,195, by Dolce & Gabbana. Chinos, $295 by Versace Collection. Loafers, $1,290 by Tom Ford. Belt by Bottega Veneta.

Turtleneck, $640 and suit, $2,055 by Gucci. Belt by Tom Ford. Shoes, $570 Salvatore by Ferragamo. Sunglasses by Persol.

Turtleneck, $500 by Calvin Klein Collection. Jeans, $178 by Levi’s. Loafers, $1,300 by Tom Ford. Belt by Dsquared2. Sunglasses by Salt Optics.

Sure, it’s “back,” if you’re young, thin and can rock skinny jeans and a pseudo-McQueen look, but we’ll never not associate it with sexless Christmas sweater styles. If you’re a guy with broad shoulders or a barrel chest or a thick neck or a gut, you can pretty much forget it. He looks great, no argument from us, but we’ve never really liked the turtleneck and one well-shot editorial isn’t going to change our minds.

What do you think?

Turtlenecks for Guys: YEA or NAY?


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  • Jessica Ballinger

    Nay.  ANYTHING looks good on the young and thin, that’s one of the perks.  Looking nice on that body has nothing to do with being in for the rest of the world.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly.  I loved turtlenecks when I was young and thin.  And wore them well.

  • Anonymous

    i have to say NAY

  • Anonymous

    My husband could pull it off, but I really don’t want him too.

  • Joe Buck

    I wasn’t aware that the turtleneck ever went out of fashion!!!

    • Taylor Hooks

      I can only hope you were wearing a turtleneck sweater as your were typing this and a wave of shock and shame simultaneously washed over your face as you read that in fact turtlenecks have not been in fashion. In reaction to this news you rush over to your closet, filled with 10 – 15 turtlenecks in assorted colors, patterns and fabrics and one word is said…”FUCK!”

      • Ally Monge

        hilarious. =)

    • accidental housewife

      I know, right? It’s like saying “coats are back in this winter.”

  • Lauren St. Martin


  • L

    I am pro-turtleneck, as long as it’s styled more beatnik and less yuppie.

    • Anonymous

      yes!  With a cardigan or vest it reads Simon and Garfunkel, in a good way.  We need to progress nerd chic beyond heavy-rimmed glasses.

  • Anonymous

    Welcome back! (It’s about time!)

  • Anonymous

    I can’t go so far as yea or nay. I’ve never personally liked how they felt, but I have a short neck. They can look good, even on my husband who is a *larger* guy. I thought they were a staple, if not a classic.

  • Nate Pu

    I wasn’t even aware GQ deigned to consider us common folk with our non-runway bodies.

  • Rita

    The only man living who looked “right” in a turtleneck was Steve McQueen.

    • Lattis

      Illya Kuryakin looked pretty cool!

      • Anonymous

         Sally Draper would certainly agree!

    • Loren S

      Thank you for mentioning Steve McQueen!  I was really confused when TLo said “McQueen,” and thought, “What do these looks have to do with Alexander McQueen?!”

  • marlie

    Like you said, with some pretty strict caveats (young, thin, hipster-ish), it would work, but the general population, I don’t think so.

  • Anonymous

    Turtlenecks! I will never outgrow my love for David McCallum—then or now! Although now it’s bowties.

  • Fashion Autopsy

    Anything would look good on that model.  Turtlenecks have the potential to be quite terrifying on men so ‘NAY’. 

  • Teddy Partridge


    Although he’s adorable, it’s not the turtleneck.

  • Clydette Wantland

    Shoot me now.

  • Maria Alcantara

    Haha…that photoshoot is hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    Steve Jobs made it work, but I don’t particularly care for turtlenecks.  As Mitch Hedberg said, wearing a turtleneck feels like you’re being strangled all day by a really weak guy.

    • Psy_Chick

      That is the exact reason I can’t wear them. I can’t stand that feeling of something touching my neck all day. I can barely even wear scarves. Nay I say, nay.

  • ali meowmeow

    If you need to style your whole shoot to look retro, you cannot convince me that whatever you’re pedaling is “back” or “modern.”

    • Anonymous

      Excellent point.

  • Anonymous

    I once bought a navy cashmere turtleneck by Thom Browne. I wore it exactly once. It’s somewhere in the depths of my closet.

  • Erin

    Nay…unless you’re Steve McQueen.

    • Anonymous

      That’s exactly who I was picturing when pronouncing my unequivocal approval! Manly, sexy, too cool. LOVE. 

  • Jennifer Szczublewski

    Better a full turtleneck than the pathetic mock-turtleneck which is just one step above a dickie.

    • Anonymous

      which is exactly what Steve Jobs was…a dick…

      • Rand Ortega

        Aww… really? What made him a dick? I always respected his work ethic, passion for design & technology. Jobs turned something as esoteric as the computer into a user friendly tool that helps all of humanity connect, learn, express, etc. Think about how the music industry & how it almost died from piracy before iTunes. Or how clunky & unwieldy computers became before the iPhone & iPad. I consider him the Edison of our generation.

        • Anonymous

          Talk to anyone at Apple (or their vendor partners) who had to deal with him directly and you’ll get a totally different opinion

        • Anonymous

          He was the reason that Apple doesn’t donate a dime to charity. andddd it took him years to acknowledge his oldest daughter and support her. But sure do love my iPods!

      • Anonymous

        that’s an awfully random thing to say in the comments of a post about men’s turtlenecks.

      • MilaXX

        Yes but he’s dead now and like Micheal Jackson people have conveniently forgotten all the questionable things he did in life.

      • Anonymous

        while I don’t disagree, this is a completely random, pointless comment

        • Aaron Frey

          Actually, not that random, considering that Steve Jobs wore a black turtleneck as his uniform and since his death, black turtleneck sales have risen considerably. Turtlenecks are back.

          • Anonymous

            And the black turtleneck he is famous for wearing has sold out  (in black) at whatever store he got it from. They had a run on them in the past week. 

      • Sara Munoz

        So he was a dick. In a turtleneck. Uhhhh….. I’ll just.. I’ll just stop typing now.

  • Anonymous

    EWWWW turtleneck under cardigan

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, no, he looks amazing, but it’s because he is one hundred percent pulling off the McQueen look. I, like most people, look like death in a turtleneck.

  • Anonymous

    Nay, for men or women because I dislike the constricting feeling around my neck

  • Anonymous

    I can see a turtleneck under a ski sweater when you’re actually skiing but otherwise…TOTAL NAY!  Especially for $500+ dollars for fucking cotton that’s sewn in the same factory that Old Navy’s version is…puhleez…

  • Anonymous

    I love a good mock turtleneck on me, as it helps keep me warm, but on guys, no.

  • Mary Elizabeth Poytinger Baume

    turtlenecks belong only on turtles.

  • Anonymous

    For the right guy, it can definitely work. It’s just not a look everyone can rock — for example, even the model looks horrible with that red turtle neck on (and the shoes, while very nice on their own, don’t help the look). HOWEVER, what is far more important in that photo spread is the Burberry Brit trench coat — I need that in my wardrobe NOW!

  • Alexander Peterhans

    I’m sorry, but that model looks like kind of a dick in those photo’s, if you’ll pardon my French. And it is in no little part because of the horrible turtleneck.

    Long way round to saying: oh god NAY.

  • KatyMightHave

    One of the few occasions on which I disagree with TLo ENTIRELY. Turtlenecks are totally sexy, and allow even non-model-type guys to look suave and seductive. It’s that whole Irish-fisherman-coming-home-after-weeks-at-sea-wearing-Old-Spice thing, I guess… (don’t judge – you have your fantasies, I have mine…)

  • cheesepuff74

    NAY! they suffocate you and it shows!

  • Catherine Katz

    Yea, please.  And I must disagree with our esteemed TLo and say for broad shouldered, narrow waisted men, I ADORE turtlenecks.  And this model is adorable.   

  • Meghan Young

    I love them – on exactly the body type you describe. Everyone else looks a little bit ‘dated-college-professor’ or ‘Ned Flanders’ or ‘office-holiday-party’ in them. 

  • Anonymous

    My husband is a tall, thin guy; maybe it’s because he never wore one before he met me, but he looks hot in a black turtleneck and dark jeans. YAY!

  • Kimberly S-W

    YEA!  Hot, hot, hot.  Love it with a jacket.  

  • Rachel M

    I disagree with turtlenecks because they disagree with me.

  • Aly Marti

    UGH, not if your chest is anything but perfectly flat. even muscly dudes look weird rocking pecs and a turtleneck.

  • Anonymous

    I like turtlenecks in general — in deep colors, preferable. Dorky, bright colors are date-able, and well, dorky.

  • Anonymous

    My god, I hate turtlenecks.  On men. On women. On me. On you. On everyone.  They are ok if you are skiing or hiking Mount Everest, but that. is. it. 

  • Anonymous

    Gosh. He looks like a giant juicebox. NAY.

  • Lamia Sixtyeight

    turtlenecks are a winter staple that never goes out of style as long as you stay away from chunky knits and prints.

  • Catherine Rhodes

    Just because some guys can’t wear turtlenecks, doesn’t mean we should throw the babe out with the bathwater.

    I vote Yea. I think Diplo looks adorable.

  • Anonymous

    Major Nay

    As you say, this fellow looks great and can pull off the Steve McQueen coolness. He’s looks uber sexy in those Chinos in the 4th shot down. But he’s got the body and neck for it

  • Anonymous

    I prefer the Steve McQueen turtleneck look to the Ron Burgundy look.

    I really like turtlenecks, though. My husband wears them pretty well. He looks kind of Nordic in them, so it works.

  • Aileen Bartels

    My 70 year old father has a short sleeved turtleneck that he always seems to wear with ray ban sunglasses.  He looks like a TOOL.  No turtlenecks for men.

  • Heather Waddell

    Nay. Uncomfortable and unflattering on both sexes. 

  • Kara Keenan

    Nay. Nay. Nay. Nevermore. Ick. Auf Wiedersehen.

  • ember beasley

    nay, i remain unconvinced that a man in a turtleneck will ever be attractive to be.

  • Anonymous

    YEA, so long as the turtleneck is on Michael Fassbender. X Men: First Class. Yowza.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Black turtleneck (not too high, or mock) with a leather bomber, jeans, black boots, and a good haircut will always work for me.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    All right you guys – send me your turtlenecks! I love them and wear them all through the fall and winter, especially layered under jackets and blazers. I probably have 20+ at the moment.

    So, um, yea from this part of the world.  

  • Kate Andrews

    Pair it with a medallion necklace, and it’s great. Kidding.

  • Anonymous

    I think it looks kind of cute with the vest, but I am not a fan of turtlenecks (or vests for that matter) in everyday life.  So a yea for a very specific subset of people in a specific set of circumstances including and limited to: models in editorials, winter outdoor sports enthusiasts, and those working in strenuous occupations in inclement weather where a coat is a hindrance (that’s for you and your Irish fisherman returning home from sea KatyMightHave).  Otherwise, nay.

  • Joyce VG


  • Amye

    Eh… I think it depends on the guy. 

    If you have a short, thick neck it will never work.  I don’t think the shoulders really play too much into it.  But my husband looks good in turtlenecks.  He has a long torso and average-length neck.

    BTW, Christmas sweaters aren’t in turtleneck, they’re in scoop necks.

  • Anonymous

    Nay – I just think guys – whatever their size – look kind of douchy with turtlenecks – unless they’re on the ski slopes.  

  • Anonymous

    I go weak in the  knees when my husband wears his black ribbed, turtleneck with jeans… But he is a slender fella…

  • Judy_J

    I like turtlenecks on guys, but then I grew up in the ’60s.  Steve McQueen will always be the quintessential turtleneck kinda guy.

  • Shannon Stewart

    I love a turtleneck on a woman with a long thin neck (which I have always had, even at my most overweight) but on a man?  No… sorry but it just doesn’t work. 

  • Aaminah Khan

    YEA, but only because I really miss turtlenecks.

  • Merneith

    Yea. I agree that only a limited segment of the population looks good them but that’s true of pretty much every fashion out there, isn’t it? That said, I’ve always hated wearing turtlenecks – just a personal taste thing.

  • Ali King

    Ugh, Diplo is one of the biggest douchebags around, so this editorial totally turns me off. Nay.

  • Anonymous

     *sigh*  So, so many things to say here. First, I hate turtlenecks.  They look stupid on men, somehow emasculating and stifling.  They make me think of priests instead of hot manflesh.  On women I think they could be attractive, but I can’t get over how it feels to wear one to find them attractive.  All I can think about is that claustrophobic, strangling feeling they cause whenever I’ve tried to put one on.  I can’t get out of them fast enough, I want to rip them from my body.  It’s hard to find good feelings for them given that.  Clothing claustrophobia is a terrible thing.

    Second, the cheapest turtleneck shown here is $325.  $325 for something that emasculates and strangles.  No, just….no.

  • Anonymous

    I have no logic to this, but I don’t like them for guys, but love them on women.  Especially for women of a certain age (moi), whose neck is giving in to gravity.  Think Katherine Hepburn (I should be so lucky.)

  • Anonymous

    Yea.  Trends in colors, cut, weight, texture and fit may come and go but turtleneck are always in.  I have had a cashmere black turtleneck for over a decade and it always look current depending on what I pair with it.  It’s like asking if jeans are out or in.  

  • Kiltdntiltd

    Not for me they aren’t.  I have a wide neck and it just makes me look like a turtle.  T-necks are for men and women with long skinny necks.  The rest of us?, not so much.

  • Sarah Winningham

    Not sexy.

  • Taylor Hooks


  • Anonymous

    My boyfriend wore a turtleneck sweater once out of desperation (he had nothing else to wear and it was cold outside).  I’ve been begging him to wear it again, without any success.  There’s something about a tall, bald guy with great shoulders wearing a turtleneck. 

  • Jeff


  • Anonymous

    YES.  But I live in the Rockies where you have to wear one or your neck is snow filled.  Turtle necks are associated with going skiing and then sitting in a hot tub afterward.  I love them on men.  I myself can’t wear them.  I feel like I’m slowly being strangled to death by someone with really weak hands.

  • Grace Ritt

    Nay. Nay nay nay.

  • Nicole Merrill

    YEA! I loves me some turtlenecks 😀

  • Marco Saavedra

    I had a turtleneck on just this past week at work and got a number of compliments.  Had no idea it was a trend.  I’ve always liked them but will concede that they aren’t for everyone.  Who would pay almost $900 on one?  The “trend” of paying outrageous prices for a basic clothing staple is pathetic.

  • Anonymous


    Love me some turtlenecks, in case you couldn’t tell.

  • MilaXX

    YEA just not for me. As you mentioned on the young and/or thin it’s a great look. The rest of us mere mortals? No way. Other guys I think will looks good; Ne-yo, Lenny in that retro photo shoot you recently posted and Ryan Gosling.

  • Sorana Tarmu

    Hell YEA!

  • bailey debruynkops

    i get turtlenecks for my boyfriend from the vintage store i work at. his favorite one is deadstock blue colorblocked, and he calls himself a blue power ranger in it. YEAY.

  • Anonymous


  • e jerry powell

    I may be speaking for myself, but I never stopped wearing them.  It’s a classic piece that’s especially good for those taller-statured among us.

  • Anonymous

    I have to say I am shocked at all the nays and negative comments! Turtlenecks and even mocks are sexy as hell! Granted you have to get the right cut, nothing too loose or old-fashioned-looking, but a nicely-fitted turtle is instant sex appeal. I thought this was common knowledge.

  • Anonymous

    tactical turtleneck ONLY.

  • MandyJane

    My neck starts sweating when I think about turtlenecks.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I’m of the opinion that turtlenecks work better on women than men in general. Unless you’re Michael Fassbender.

  • Elana Bryan

    Turtlenecks for men….hmmm, for skiing only, maybe…and come on…$900 for a turtleneck?  Seriously?

  • Joshua

    Yea! I love turtlenecks, though I admit I would never wear one without another layer.

  • Anonymous

    I happen to think a nice black turtleneck on a guy is…well…. super sexy. Yeah, I said it. 

  • Anonymous

    This is like the “Occupy Wall Street” movement: turtlenecks are great for 1% of the male population, but for the other 99%, not so much.  I have to say NAY.

  • Anonymous

    I like the look.  I’m shocked that people feel so strongly about them though.  Never figured.  

  • Renee Alexander

    Nay, I’ve never liked turtlenecks on ANYONE.

  • Anonymous

    He’s a grown man who calls himself “DJ Diplo”, who gives a shit what he wears?

  • Anonymous

    Yea for T, Nay for Lo.

  • Megan Patterson

    You know what? I like it with everything but the vest. But I agree that this look will probably not work as well on mortal men, just as it does for mortal women.

  • Anonymous

    Hate turtlenecks, always have. They FEEL terrible to me, why would anyone want to experience that?

    Far more important: I had no idea Diplo was hot. This is excellent news!

  • Linda Merrill

    Love ’em!

  • Felicitas Strautman

    turtlenecks are never okay. 

  • Lisa

    You’re right, it really does only work for skinny bitches.  And still – he still comes across as “Come to my casting couch, kitten!”

  • Anonymous

    But boys! Have you forgotten that one of the most stylish men on earth rocks a turtleneck?

    • M M

      aaack, he looks like a floating bobble-head!

  • Eugenia Joyuen

    You can only rock it if you are Tim Gunn

  • M M

    very retro chic. it’s a difficult look to pull off, but with proper attention to styling, it can happen, and I believe even so for the less physically blessed.

  • { edi } ilovetrash

    i just remember my previous spouse getting drunk at club tee yee & barfing in the alley.
    i wasnt there but i heard about it.

  • Anonymous

    YEA – for those who can pull it off, I love the look.  Yum.  

  • Elena

    I’m going to have to go YEA on this one.

  • Ally Monge

    NAY. I don’t even think it looks good on HIM, so not much luck for rest of mankind.

  • Anonymous

    Steve Jobs rocked a turtleneck. And doesn’t michael Kors have a turtleneck as his uniform and he is not young or thin

  • Anonymous

    “but we’ll never not associate it with sexless Christmas sweater styles”

    Plaid flannel shirts in the LL Bean catalog.  I like ’em, but I can’t call ’em fashionable.

  • Anonymous

    Great point about it not working for certain body types even though I love the way this model looks… NAY!

  • Anonymous

    According to these pics, you have to keep your arms up and be either running or leaning forward all the time, or else you look like Dean Martin getting shitfaced. It seems tiring. NAY.

  • Kayjee

    YAY. Or yea, whatever. Michael Fassbender rocked the hell out of turtlenecks in the latest X-Men film and completely won me over. Also I just bought a turtleneck sweater yesterday, so… I am ready for a turtleneck renaissance. 

  • scottyf

    Since I have one on in my avatar, I guess I would have to say: YEA.

    However, they can keep their $895.00 version. My $25.00 model from the Gap has served me quite well.

    • Alloy Jane

      SRSLY!  I want to meet the clown who pays that much for a turtleneck.  It’s not like that’s even a performance garment, it’s just a freakin’ regular old turtleneck!  Insanity…

      But I like a dude in a turtleneck.  Especially a mock turtleneck, because they remind me of wetsuits.  Stuff a big burly guy in a turtleneck and you put me in the mind of a CIA operative, or something else that involves a secret life, firearms, a silencer, and a fabulous six pack.  Put a skinny guy in a turtleneck and I think of Woody Allen.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I’m confused by the turtleneck that costs half as much as the entire expensive suit that goes with it.

      • Anonymous

        It was hand knit by Belgian nuns and rinsed in the tears of orphans. (Actually it was probably made by child labor in Vietnam.)

    • Anonymous

      Normally I never do this (because therein down the road of “what things cost” in these posts lies madness), but these 6 turtlenecks cost in total $3,255.00 or an average of $542.50 per.  I…just..can’t

  • Anonymous

    Dammit! I have been obsessed with turtlenecks since seeing X-Men First Class. Now I’m seeing all these comments saying Nay? It’s not that I’d let the bitter kittens decide my wardrobe for me (although that could have some fun results), but I’m worried that my broad shoulders and real guy body would weigh against the fact that I think I’m younger than that DJ/model. The problem is that you raise valid concerns, and I’m not stick-skinny. So I guess my vote is maybe?

  • Anonymous

    Yay. Good enough for Steve Jobs.

  • Sara McDarby

    Nay!!!!  I hate turtlenecks especially on men! They look affected.

  • Anonymous

    Yay. I’ve always liked turtle necks with blazers.They look good shown under coats, but don’t like them with a sweater or vest. It looks too retro (or something) and agree the wearer would really have have a great bod and a lot of attitude to pull it off.

  • Summer Born

    No. (I had to swallow back some laughing maniacally to get that out, but it’s definitely a No.)

  • Anonymous

    nay, I left them in my childhood and they don’t need to come back, unless you are talking about a black mock turtleneck, Levi’s, and sneakers. Oh yes I drank the Kool Aide

  • Jessica O’Connell

    YEA. Firstly, I never realized it was gone in the first place… is that the case for women too, because then my winter wardrobe has been a serious problem. Secondly, I’ve ALWAYS loved a man in a turtleneck. Usually I go more for turtleneck sweaters than just straight turtlenecks, but they look hot and I’m all for it.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t work up enough enthusiam for a yay or nay.  Fine for cold weather.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a double edge sword.  It’s a YEA with a caveat:

    YEA if you’re under 25 and thin as a twig.

    NAY if you’re older than 25 and thicker than a tree trunk — unless you still have the body, looks, and self confidence of someone under 25.

    Overall, I like turtlenecks.  I used to rock the mocks and a skinny blazer with Keith Haring pins on the lapel, a pair of plaid or black shorts, and my 14 eye blue Doc Martens.   However, it was during the ’80s and I was in my late teens, had a 27 inch waist and all of my friends dressed similarily.

  • Sarah Adams

    Douchey, dumpy, or prissy – those are your options with turtlenecks. I don’t care how young and cute you are, or what gender. OUT!

  • Christopher Brathwaite

    YEA! I love a good mock turtleneck in a bright color, which I rocked all through high school. Then again, I’m under 25, though not skinny, and the rules might be a bit different for those older.

  • ShawnH

    Not timeless, just retro. It’s another Mad Men photo spread.

    • Charlotte Horseman

      Agreed – thought this whole shoot was just dated.

  • Anonymous

    I like a turtleneck, and I am, uh, ample in the middle. I also have a giant head on a really, really long neck, and a turtleneck helps frame my face when a spread collar seems oh so far away. A t-shirt is out of the question.

  • Aiste Griciute

    Nay, both on women and men.

  • Suzie Vazquez


  • Anonymous

    Just say NAY to the turtleneck. 

  • mllesatine

    Yay for practical reasons. I’m not a big fan myself but if it’s cold and the windy I’ll wear one. And in my defence, I’m German and we think that the draft can kill you.

  • Carlijn Kruidhof

    Michael Fassbender to me is the only guy who can really pull off a turtleneck. It looks really good on him. 

  • Jody Lee

    Well, they looked good on Patrick McGoohan back in the 60’s, but he was an exception to all the rules.

  • Anonymous

    He looks good, and does look like a young McQueen double, but I agree, even the tiniest muffin top will not look good in a turtleneck. But then again, you could say that for 99% of what high fashion offers.

  • Anonymous

    I like Turlenecks with a nice tweedy blazer on a fall weekend a la aging college prof, ( which I am)…I am also ample around the middle now days..will I EVER pay 5-700.00 dollars for one?? I thinks it’s insane….

  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    NAY.  I say nay as a general term.  There may be a handful of gorgeous men that can pull them off, but for the general population, pass.  

  • Anonymous

    I actually don’t like it on this model. Not sure how I’d feel on other guys. If they want to convince us it’s back, shouldn’t they give us more guys wearing the turtleneck? Anyway, until other “evidence” crops up, I remain unconvinced. Nay.

  • korilian

    Yea! (but only on Magneto)

  • Anonymous

    It looks good on this guy, who’s slim and long-necked, and can get away with skin-tight shirts.  On most people, it’s going to look horrible.  So, I guess yea on men who look like this and nay on everyone else.

  • Robyn Morelli

    Nay – all of these looks would be more appealing with a crewneck…

  • Anonymous

    I swear you guys saw this coming from miles away. Months ago, even. Was I hallucinating?

    I personally refuse to wear them, but they look really good on skinny bitches.

    EDIT: Yes you did!

    • M M

      aaack, he looks like a floating bobble-head!

  • Anonymous

    Well, I was going to give it a Yea, mostly because I think my husband looks good in turtlenecks, but I see your larger point about most men (and no, my husband isn’t a model, he’s just quite thin, though not so young). Can I give it a metzo-metzo?

  • ecallaw


  • Anonymous

    Uh, no and not even at a more reasonable $25.00 from Target.

  • Deborah Halpern

    I’m mostly just in shock that a turtleneck could cost $600.  I bought a car for $600 once…..

  • Anonymous

    The only thing DJ god Diplo is showing me, is that people who wear turtle necks look like douches. NAY!

  • sweetlilvoice

    Turtlenecks always make me think of the Man From U.N.C.L.E. which then makes me think of Mad Men. (Fans will know why.)

  • Anonymous

    NAY! They’re so uncomfortable. I hate anything high on the neck like that.
    Comfort aside, I just don’t think it’s a sexy look for a man, mainly because I find the neck area very sexy and sensual so why cover it up?
    Some women manage to look great in a turtleneck, but she needs to be lean and tall-ish and have a long neck. Short necks disappear when dressed in a turtleneck.

  • Anonymous

    YAY.  i’ve had a ladyboner for men in turtlenecks ever since bowie in the “i’m afraid of americans” video.

  • Addicted2Glamour

    Oh HELL NO.

  • Anonymous

    YEA!  My bf happens to look great in them….he’s about 5’11” and a 39R.  Not modelesque and not exceptionally broad…just lean.  I think they are über sexy, especially a chunky one that fits well in the winter with slim jeans and boots.  Love.

  • MerridithK

    Oh hell yes!!!

  • rynerman

    Seriously, if you’re not Steve McQueen or his doppleganger, turtlenecks just look silly.

  • Hannah Penfield


  • Anonymous

    YEA, if you can pull it off. NAY, if you can’t. That simple. The model looks smoking hot, although I wonder if he is a bit shorter than other models or if shortening is some curse of the turtleneck that I was previously unaware of.

  • Anonymous

    Thin and slight men like our model here can certainly pull off turtlenecks.  I, however, could never look good in a turtleneck, even if I did get down to my ideal weight, simply because I have a larger frame and a muscular neck.  But it doesn’t really matter, since I live in Texas, where it’s never cold enough to wear a turtleneck anyway.

    YEA for the lucky few who have the right build, but NAY to the majority of us.

  • Andrea Weymouth

    is this in honor of Steve Jobs?

  • Anonymous

    The turtleneck will always have its place.  Under a ski sweater, on a ski hill, while skiing.  The purpose of the uncomfortable, strangly turtleneck is to keep one’s neck warm.  If you’re not doing vigorous outdoor activity in cold weather, forget it.

  • Anonymous

    My 54-year old gorgeous hubby rocks turtlenecks, so I have to go with YEA, even for the not-so-young-but-still-thin.

  • Anonymous

    who would pay that much for a freakin’ turtleneck?!

  • Anonymous

    Dorky as pictured here. 

  • Anonymous

    It really does depend on the man and his age and build but, yes, I have a bit of a thing for the turtleneck on a hot guy. Ditto argyle, so maybe it’s a preppy thing….too scary to contemplate….

    HOWEVER, as for the mock turtleneck, it is one of The Devil’s Own Garments and should therefore NEVER be worn again by anyone.

  • Eric Whitney

    Yea! I love turtlenecks, and think they look great on the right guy. I think they look good on most guys, unless (as others have said) you don’t have a neck, in which case you’re probably challenged by most fashion. I believe, too, that quality needs to be there. Almost everyone looks dopey in cheap one from Gap, LL Bean, or some other generic clothier. Merino wool is my favorite, because they’re easy to care for, and retain their elasticity (unlike cotton or cashmere) so they don’t look stretched out or get droopy around the neck. If you don’t like things around your neck, don’t wear them, but that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t look great on you or that they’re uncool because you don’t like them. Incidentally, it’s really only in the US where they have “come back.” In Europe and Asia, which are arguably much more stylish, and style conscious, than in guys in the US, they’ve never gone out. They have been a consistent part of almost every menswear designer, every year, for over 40 years. I have always worn them because I love them, ever since I was in high school. True, they’re not for everyone, and that’s OK. I look ridiculous in a rugby shirt and/or jeans other than Levi’s. I always get compliments, though, when wearing dark khaki’s, a black turtleneck, and a dark wash jean jacket. Easy outfit, comfortable, and depending on the shoes/boots, can go retro as easy as modern.