WERQ: Keira Knightley in Roksanda Ilincic

Posted on October 26, 2011

We gasped when we saw these shots of Keira.

Keira Knightley in Roksanda IlincicKeira Knightley attends the premiere of “A Dangerous Method” in London in a Roksanda Ilincic dress.

Roksanda Ilincic Resort 2012 CollectionRoksanda Ilincic Resort 2012 Collection

Keira Knightley in Roksanda Ilincic

Keira Knightley in Roksanda Ilincic

Roksanda Ilincic seems to be having something of a red carpet moment as more and more of her wares keep showing up on the backs of starlets. We like this one for its stark simplicity. It’s head-turning without being fussy, sexy without being showy about it. The proportions and colors remind us a bit of old undergarments but without being literal about it. Keira’s looks are perfect for the dress. Hair and makeup look great and we like the relative lack of jewelry here. We even like her peep-toe ankle-strap shoes; they’re the exact right pairing for this dress.

Keira Knightley in Roksanda Ilincic

But then we started seeing an awful lot of wrinkles on this thing and we briefly wondered if we should shatter her world by withdrawing our “WERQ!”

Keira Knightley in Roksanda Ilincic

And then we saw that she showed up in a coat because it was chilly and all was forgiven as we shouted “You WERQ that Florence Nightingale shit, girl! Fierce snaps!”


[Photo Credit: Landmark/PR Photos, style.com]


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  • Wow, seriously? I think she looks awful…. There is not one thing I like about any of this look. 

  • Guys, I don’t think that’s a cape — it looks like a jacket that she’s just wearing like a cape.  I’m also not super fond of the hair from head on, though it’s great at an angle.  But I LOVE the dress.  Is the top a dark navy like the waist detail or is it black? ‘Cause it looks black on my monitor but it’s so hard to tell.

    • Anonymous

      I think the top is black, because the navy waist detail does contrast with the top.

      • Anonymous

        I agree, and I LOVE that.

  • Guys, I think that’s a jacket that she just hasn’t put her arms through, not a cape. It’s an OK look but I cannot get behind the length of the dress.

  • Looks like an overcoat rather than a cape but a fantastic look.

  • Anonymous

    The styling of the Lookbook photograph is phenomenal! It looks good on Keira too. The pulling in the back is because of her butt. The designer should have put deeper darts at the back waist to account for the 3-D qualities of the human body.

  • the top is totally unflattering on a woman with a flat chest. It looks weird and bulky. The skirt is too long, the hair and make-up are too severe and totally unflattering on her. The wrinkled back looks ugly.

    I guess I like the ring, though, and the shoes aren’t bad….. 

  • The fit is bad on the dress. The dress is interesting, but not right for her. That isn’t a cape, it’s a jacket. You can see the sleeves. The hair is too severe.

  • Anonymous

    The fit of the back and the very awkward length on her, make this one a WERQless for me. She looks like she might have borrowed Daniel Craig’s duster. 

  • Christ, she makes me insane.  I wish she’d stop doing that thing with her mouth, so as to willfully make herself appear more intense (in her own mind).  But yes, she does look lovely, and is, indeed, werqing that shit. *bitter grumbling*

    • I so agree! all I could think is “christ is she sucking on a lemon or what”?!?

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry the length with the shoes aren’t my fave combo.  And while I don’t mind the look, it doesn’t make me say “Wow!” so I can’t give it a Werq for that alone.

    • Anonymous

      This isn’t working for me, either. The only part of the dress that I find attractive is the back.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know where all the “it’s not a cape” comments are coming from, you guys clearly said “coat”.  I agree, WERQ!  She is so incredibly striking normally and this sort of really, tailored, almost severe look works well with her bone structure.  LOVE IT!!

    • King Dex

      I kept wondering about all the “cape talk” too. It’s a trench, people. She looks striking to me….

    • I think it’s because of the Florence Nightingale reference, but you’re right they definitely said “coat.”

    • I swear they originally said “cape.” Maybe they edited it or maybe I’m going crazy.

  • Anonymous

    very pretty.  makeup is perfect.  lovely shoulders.  ignoring wrinkles.

    totally deserves the werq.

  • I love it until I get to the hem length.  then I hate it.  Then I love it again when we get to her shoes. I want that skirt about 2 inches shorter, or one inch longer.

    • Anonymous

      EXACTLY. She has gorgeous legs and she should at least show off a bit of her calves. 

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks marvelous, which is not a word I often use in conjunction with her name. WERQ!

  • Renee Bender

    The guys definitely said in the post, “showed up in a coat,” so they know it’s not a cape.  I saw these photos elsewhere and wondered if she would get a WERQ or an In or Out.  I agree 100% – love this look! 

  • Sharon Zakhour

    This looks awful.  The proportions are wrong and the top is too baggy.  I hate it.

  • Anonymous

    I think I would hate this dress on just about anyone else.  But it really works for her-I think partly b/c she’s not busty.

  • k_skenes

    I like it, but those shoes look tortured.  The heels appear to be bending at odd angles, like they’re ready to snap when she runs for a cab. 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    She looks fantastic, Glamour-tastic!

  • Anonymous

    Very striking dress, sexy without overdoing it (ahem, Heidi). Why no mention of the hair travesty happening?

  • It is definitely striking, which is (almost) always good, but I think the skirt is too long and the color makes it just look like a dingy white.  Funny, even though I don’t particularly like it, if this was an In/Out post I would give her an IN just because it is striking and not the norm. Can’t muster a WERQ for her though.  Somehow I think she would value TLo’s WERQ more than mine anyway.

  • Kyle Crawford


  • Anonymous

    The skirt on this dress reminds me of the big aprons that waiters wear in French and French-type restaurants – big swath of white in the front and black in the back.  Not werq-ing for me.

  • Mary McClelland

    I am not loving the very straight skirt at that length with those shoes. too much going and it makes her look like a tube. Particularly with the very tight hair. Yeah, although she herself looks very beautiful I am not seeing the WERQ. 

  • Anonymous

    No werq here.  No likey…

  • Anonymous

    I like everything about her dress but the length….the tea-length looks a bit awkward.  I think it should have been full length or slightly above the knee.  Like Keira’s choice of shoes much better than the clunky ones on the model.

  • Don’t like the dress, don’t like her severe hair, don’t like the heavy eyeliner.

    Like the coat and the shoes.  Out.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently, she has very stumpy legs.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    Really sleek and beautiful. Right pairing for Keira. I’m not much of a fan of Ilincic’s work (only based on what little I’ve seen) but I LOVE THIS.

  • Snaps up for fierce face.  The length is not doing it for me.  

  • Anonymous

    She looks great (even with the wrinkles).

  • Anonymous

    She looks good. It looks like the girl has put a little weight on recently, which is great. She was looking positively emaciated for a while there.

    • Anonymous

      I noticed that too, she looks wonderful. Not that it should matter, but she was looking unhealthy before, now she looks healthy and glowing and beautiful. And I like the outfit. I’ve always been a sucker for a D’Orsay pump.

  • Anonymous

    I love it! Agree that is could be tweaked (ironed, a tiny bit shorter), but this a great example of the right woman in the right dress.

  • I agree. Perfect.

  • Anonymous

    I am not a big fan of KN and her pout, but I actually like this a lot.  Perhaps because it’s hard to recognize her with this hair and makeup 

  • Anonymous

    It’s a great dress except for the length, which looks awkward to me. Whenever you guys hate ankle straps I like them but in this case I don’t like them.  

  • Anonymous

    Ewh – I think the dress is terrible. MAYBE a 6-foot tall model could pull it off, though the model here looks ridiculous with those shoes and the turban thing and sunglasses. The length of the dress is criminal.

  • I am more disturbed by the fact that the wind apparently blew while she was making that facial expression and froze it that way forever.

    Great dress, though.

  • A COMPLETE WERQ. She looks amazing.

  • I don’t like the back of the dress, it makes her look like she has a saggy bum, and I’m pretty sure Kiera doesn’t have enough flesh on her bum to do any sagging.

  • Alloy Jane

    Lets face it, it’s difficult to not get all wrinkled when you’re wearing an overcoat and sitting in a car on your way to something.  So it’s a werq for me.  Not all caps, she’d need to take that hem up about an inch for it to really WERQ but as is, excellent. 

    Bit of a tanget:  I love that she’s a beautiful woman but would also make a hot waify dude.  In Bend It Like Beckham, she’s way hotter than JRM, and he’s pretty smoking.

  • It looks different, but she looks stunning. WERQ it!

  • Anonymous

    I like the bodice of the dress but the skirt is just too long and I don’t like the back being all black.  Shoes are awesome and I love her with dark hair.  The coat – you rock it, gf!  But the pouty lips – honey, you need a new expression!  Close to werq but not quite there.

    I actually like the navy/cream version on the model better than the black/cream K has on.

  • It’s so plain and almost androgynous looking. Where’s the colour? I mean even some lipstick might be nice. It’s a pretty sharp look, but not my cup of tea. 

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE it! I wonder if it would look even better 2 inches shorter, but I still love it.

  • Anonymous

    SUper WERQ. That dress is great on her, she has a natural face for “WERQ” (always puckered and looking down) and really, that cape takes it to another level. 
    I love how you guys can see when the ankle strap works sometimes. (ps I like ankle straps, but you’ve schooled me in when it just looks bad. Thanks uncles!)
    That Flo Nightingale comment sent me!

  • Anonymous

    I love the coat, I like the front of the dress, the back is too wrinkly, and I hate her stupid little pout. Can’t she find another look, I don’t know, maybe a smile that shows her teeth?

  • Anonymous

    So very sharp.  I love this outfit on her.  True WERQ. 

  • Anonymous

    Love the little hint of blue at the waist. I do feel like it’s missing something, though. I think the styling on the model is doing a lot of the heavy lifting. I love the shoes on the model especially. I think KK’s shoe choice is kind of a yawn here.

  • Anonymous

    Keira Knightly is gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    Great styling for the dress, even if I don’t really love the dress, so great look overall.  I’ll agree with your WERQ!

  • Anonymous

    I love it from the waist up. The top frames her face beautifully and her makeup is perfect… but I’m a little bit bored by the slick look of her hair. It’s time for something new. The way the skirt fits on her bum is really sad. 

  • I don’t know if I’d give it a werq, an IN for sure though.  From the waist up, it’s definitely a WERQ moment, but the skirt seems awkward to me and I do not agree with the ankle strap.

  • Anonymous

    I like the coat and the dress, but the shoes just look painful to me. Still, Ms. Knightely is working it.

  • Anonymous

    Meh. It’s a striking look but it doesn’t actually fit her all that well.

  • Anonymous

    I like the dress well enough–it shows off her gorgeous face.  The dress with the coat in incredible.  She WERQed it out, no doubt.

  • Anonymous

    I think I like more the top half than the bottom half. Not a lot of women could pull off the top half, but I have a feeling none of them could pull off the bottom. Not even Knightley.

    I also join other bitter kittens in here by saying that the blue fish steel face she puts on everytime she does a formal affair annoys the ever living crap out of me.

  • Anonymous

    I like this a lot.  She also seems to be a more healthy weight, now.  I mean she’s still über-skinny – but she’s not looking like she’s starving herself or forsaking carbs ALL the time.

  • Anonymous

    This suits her to a T. I just wish she’d learn how to stand. It’s third position, darling, not turned in. You’re not a six-year-old.

  • Anonymous

    I gasped, too. Because it’s so HIDEOUS!

  • She looks like a non-over-the-top drag queen. 

  • Anna Maria Diamanti

    No. This is one of those rare red carpet looks where being too thin is a disadvantage. You need curves for this dress to work. She’s completely flat in every direction and that ruins the effect.

  • Wrenaria

    Love her. She’s gorgeous.

  • Wow, harsh comments today.  I second the WERQ, even while I wish the hem were a bit shorter. She’s not my favorite, but she looks great here.

  • Anonymous

    She looks pretty great, but I am just having a really hard time embracing the midi-length.  On anyone.  Ever.

  • I think she looks amazing! I totally want that coat!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like her anyway…and she’s showing exactly why.  It’s the squinted-eyes-pursed-lips-sucked-in-cheeks look that she ALWAYS has.  That’s her one face.  Bleh.

    Anyway, the dress is a cute idea but it just shows how shapeless she is.  I don’t mind the shoes but the dress is too long in proportion to the visual weight of the shoes, if that makes any sense.

  • Anonymous

    Love it! But a look this sleek and stark on a celebrity cries out for jewelry. Lots and lots of sparkly goodness. Why, celebrities, must I constantly harp on this subject with you? Is it really that hard for an international star to get a couple million dollars worth of gems on loan for a night? I refuse to believe that it is. C’mon people, your audience demands glitz and glamour! How can we be star-struck if there is nothing striking about the star???

  • MilaXX

    I’m not  100% on board with the hair, but the rest of the look is great.

  • Lisa Utter

    It works better on the model because they changed the proportions for Keira Knightley.  Notice on the model that their is a high empire waist — on Keira’s version it merely looks high waisted, instead of starting just under the bust.  It throws the proportions off on someone who already has a differently proportioned body.  I think it would’ve looked better had they kept it like it was on the model…………though I still think the hem is a bit too long for it to flatter her.

    And the back skirt isn’t flattering at all.  Not a fan of this one, the way those chose to show it.

  • Anonymous

    The first two pictures look nothing like Kiera Knightly.  Hate the hair, hate the length, hate the wrinkles in the back, but otherwise it’s fine.

  • Anonymous

    That hair is really awful. I think the skirt is sort of too long but she’s gorgeous and the shoes are amazing.

  • Aki

    I’m not loving this look at all.  Makes her butt look like it’s down at her knees and it’s doing her legs no favors at all.  Not to mention Keira and I both share the tragedy that is IBTC syndrome and that dress doesn’t really give the chest area any oomph at all.  The only thing I like about the dress is the peep-hole for her abdomen, that’s cute.  Make up and hair is nice though, if not a little bit severe.

  • Anonymous

    Man, I was all ready to love this until I saw the length of the dress. The top of it is so made for her though.

  • Feeling validated by the comments…severe styling, dress does nothing for her figure, wrinkled to high heaven. Out!

  • Anonymous

    Take a couple of inches of the length and it’d be better. As it stands it gets a lowercase werq.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I love it. The top part is perfect for her figure.

  • I love Keira Knightley, and I always love when she gets recognition. I’m not crazy about the hem, but I think the color combination and the top of the dress are stunning. The coat is a little bulky, but you do what you need to keep warm, girl! She has such a gorgeous face, doesn’t she? She has also admitted that she employs a stylist, who seems to know what she’s doing!

  • Anonymous

    Love it from head to toe!

  • Anonymous

    I think Madonna would have looked fabulous in this instead of the l’wren Scott dress

  • Eh. I don’t like it.

  • I like the hair and makeup a lot. Not sure about the cut out at the stomach.

  • Oh yes! I am seeing it. Original, chic, very flattering. I see that others didn’t like the top on a flatter lady but I think large boobs would have ruined the line of the dress (now I sound like Oliver). I love this. She looks impeccable.
    But again with the black peep-toes? It’s like an invasion.

  • L.

    Love the outfit.  Don’t love the pale soles and yarmulke hair-do!

  • Love that dress–it is *perfect* for her.

    Hate the hair–way too harsh for her sharp features.
    I think a softer updo or her old pixie cut would have been a better call.

  • Anonymous

    love this. Cold hard chic!

  • Tatiana Luján

    I hate the lenght of that dress, it makes her legs look short. Love the top.