Versace for H&M: Menswear

Posted on October 24, 2011

Okay, boys. Let’s do some shopping.

Admittedly, we’re not really the customer for the Versace for H&M line because it’s all a bit too loud and young for us. We doubt either of us could pull off a palm tree shirt, but that black-and-white geometric button-down, that’s got possibilities, if you wear it under something to tone it down considerably. And Lorenzo wonders if he can make that pink sports coat work. We just point and laugh at the underwear. The pleather pants are out for us, bien sur, as is most of the rest of the Jersey Shore stylings, but we wouldn’t mind one of those knit caps or the scarf for Christmas, Santa. Just sayin’.

But it’s mostly for a far more attention-seeking sort of guy than either of us.

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  • Anonymous

    Who wears thius stuff? And when?

    • this girl would were the shit out of any of the black and white stuff 😀

    • PostsYouCanDanceTo

      Who: me
      When: whenever the fuck i want

    • I got the distinct impression of early 2000’s Queer as Folk. 

      • Anonymous

        You say that like it’s a bad thing. 😉 It does look like something Emmett would have had in his closet.

    •  I’ll be honest, I’d rock the shit out of the graphic black and white T-shirt (along with most of the other T’s) by pairing it  with bright colored suspenders, black jeans and boots. Then again, I’m young gay who loves 80’s neon, so it’s kind of made for me.

    • Someone who is not you going to a place you wouldn’t go to.

      • Anonymous

        No need to be snitty. It’s a serious question, asked in a friendly manner. How can Versace create – and market – a line of this high quality to what must be a tiny demographic, and still make money? I’m a gay man myself and I guess I do most of the things that gay 25 year olds do in London – but I couldn’t wear these clothes and neither could most of the guys I know;

        Now, I get that “just because I don’t” doesn’t mean “others don’t”. All I’m asking is, *who* does? It’s a simple question and I thought I would get a proper answer without being told I’m a cunt for asking. Hope that explains things.

        • And who told you you were a cunt for asking?

          Yes, you’re asking “Who does?” and the answer is still “People other than you.” Berating people once they’ve answered your question isn’t going to change that.

          Who wears these clothes? People who like to wear these types of clothes. That’s the answer, no matter how many times you rephrase it. Pretending that there isn’t a group of people who like to wear these types of clothes is pointless because there have always been people who like to wear loud, tacky clothes. Go to a nightclub, gay or straight; you’ll see young men wearing these types of clothes.

          • Anonymous

            Dude, if I misinterpreted what you said or your tone, then I apologise. However, I was just asking the same question you ask very often in your PR write-ups: ‘Who would wear these clothes?’. If the answer is always ‘someone other than you’ then what’s the point of having the judging panel?

            If you are angry because you think I’m fishing for an answer like – I infer from your post – “a theatrical femme”, then it’s still not quite the answer to the question which is basically “How can a high end designer make money creating a line like this for such a tiny demographic?”

            And yeah, I go to clubs – straight and gay – in London and  I’m pretty sure “we get fashion two years before it even gets to Toiletseat, NJ” (which is a pretty good quote from Christian Siriano).

          • I don’t know why you’re getting so defensive about this. You asked a question and it got answered many times over. Obviously the market for these types of clothes isn’t as tiny as you’re assuming, since Versace’s been serving that market for decades.

          • Anonymous

            Well, I’ll try and rein back the defensiveness. Aaaagh, no, I can’t do it. I’m sorry but “Someone who’s not you, stupid” is a comeback, not an answer. However, this is your board and it would be impolite for me to press the point if you think you have answered it fully, for which I thank you.

          • Just as you were not called a cunt, neither were you called stupid. Your defensiveness is out of control at this point. “Someone who is not you” was as simplistic and truthful an answer as I could come up with, since you really seemed to be struggling with the idea that anyone, anywhere would ever wear these clothes, even after you got several responses from people proving otherwise.

          • Anonymous

            Whoa, I’m not trying to get into a fight here. There’s a a difference between a ‘response’ and an ‘answer’. And a note of friendly caution: ‘simplistic’ doesn’t mean what you seem to think it does. Can’t we just drop this? ;0)

          • Actually, this is the very first time you said anything like “You’re right. I’m wrong.”

            Not that I think you’re required to say, or even think such a thing, but you have a tendency to tell me I’m saying things I didn’t while also claiming that you said things you didn’t. That may be part of the reason why this has gone on so long and why you think we’re fighting, when I can assure you, we’re not.

          • Anonymous

            You’re right, and I’m wrong. There. Happy, Josh?

          • As I said, you’re not required to say it or even think it.

          • Anonymous

            See? You literally cannot take ‘You’re right’ for an answer.

          • If I felt it was anything other than a begrudging response, sure. “Happy now?” kind of belies that. It wasn’t my goal to get you to say such a thing in this conversation. You asked a question and I answered it for you. Everything else was just drama because you didn’t like the way I answered it.

          • Anonymous

            You’re right.

        • Anonymous

          You’re not a cunt any more than i’m a dick. We don’t have to resort to gender-centric insults.

          • Anonymous

            That’s what *I* said.

  • i’d wear the first shirt but my tatas are definitely not in their target market.

    • Neither are mine… but I think I’ll just have to get it anyway! 😛

  • My husband would love the hat and scarf. Glad I can knit him up one.

  • My first thought was “Adam Lambert will LOVE those!” but he probably wears the real deal Versace

  • Koray Caner Öztürk

    I love this loud man! Bold, interesting and carrying the Versage heritage. However, as you stated above, a little bit loud for some folks.

  • Anonymous

    The underwear is laughable.   I do like the blue button down shirt.. the collar is interesting. The black and white shirt looks like something out of an 80’s video..or old episodes of Dancin’ on Air.  The pink jacket just screams summer dinner party.. with wonderful sipping drinks.

  • Anonymous

    This is Versace for H&M… or Versace for The International Male catalog?

  • Anonymous

    If I were a young hip slim gay man with a fun outlook on life instead of an old fat bitchy woman, I would totally rock those zebra skivvies

    • scottyf


    • Anonymous

      Which is exactly why you need to be wearing the zebra skivvies.  

  • Anonymous

    If I were a young hip slim gay man with a fun outlook on life instead of an old fat bitchy woman, I would totally rock those zebra skivvies


    • Anonymous

      OMG, you called it.

    • Anonymous

      Now * that * makes sense! But how many of him are there?

      • More than you’d think, is my first instinct. They just may not all be 25 year old gay men – some of us are mid-30s ladies!

        • Anonymous

          I agree.  Early 30’s lady, and I would wear those pink pants.

      • Anonymous

        lol you’re STILL debating that there are people who would wear this stuff? 

  • Anonymous

    Love that black/white print (don’t I always?), but only for one’s upper half LOL.

    And I’m amused to see the fabric from the “my vagina is an island paradise” skirt show up again on the Jersey Shore jacket and cap.

    I do like the Greek key scarf and hat.

    • “…island paradise” is perfection. When I saw that skirt, which image is seared onto the inside of my forehead, words failed me.

  • Anonymous

    After viewing this I just want to crank up the Haddaway. WHAT IS LOVE? 

    • THANKS for the earworm *bops head*

      • Anonymous

        Head bop required.

    • Anonymous

      …baby don’t hurt me…

  • Anonymous

    Oh my!  Give me Daniel Craig and his gray beard over some man in any of this shit ANY DAY!!!  This will show up on the local meth head rent boys very soon.  Keep that in mind folks…..

  • i like the marijuanasparagus shirt. actually, i like a lot of this. not all of it, mind, & the underpants are for josh [when he gets bored w/ modeling his own, of course]. the bottom shoes are vivienne westwood c1981.

  • Would buy some of these clothes if they were made for women.  Honestly, boys get all the best clothes:  cleaner lines, good tailoring, higher quality for the same price, etc.  Too bad I’m just too small to fit in any guy lines (though I found a few brands I could fit into in China…but it’s pretty much impossible for me in the West). Hate all the prints, though.  But would my boyfriend ever wear any of these clothes?  Probably not.

    • Anonymous

      Here is a bit of advice: if your boyfriend does wear any of this, run!  Because HIS boyfriend is probably wearing it too…..LOL!

  • Anonymous

    Is their target audience a male of color? Because I see these as challenging pieces for pale skinned folks. They would look drop dead amazing on my cinnamon-toned, stick-thin, hipless older teenage son. However, he would, I imagine, declare them SO not his look. He’s been turning up his nose at H&M lately, whereas it used to be his go-to store. I don’t think this collection is going to pull him back in.

  • WTF?

  • Wow, I know where Josh should go for a job now… so tacky!

  • Allison Woods

    Cute, but too gay!

  • Anonymous

    I like the button front shirts, even the one that will make me want to assassinate the prime minister of Malaysia if I stare at it too long.

    Being a gal with big feet, I could snag a pair of those pink oxfords in a men’s 8 and be pretty happy.

    • Anonymous

      Hah!  Actually some of these made me think Zoolander.

  • Anonymous

    You sure this wasn’t designed by Josh M?   Love the slim pants and patterns.  Whoever said ‘leave the black shorts’ should be fired.  

  • The funky black and white print for the pants is something I’ve seen in 

  • That white/black geometric print (only as the pants though) is something I think I’ve seen Tripp NYC do almost to the T before. Seriously. Trash and Vaudeville (love that store conceptually at least) has pretty much the same pants.

  • Anonymous

    These all look like stuff Scott Disick from the Kardashian show (kill me I’ve watched it a few times!) would wear.  Way too OTT for what I like men to wear.

  • Just say No to fugly.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so getting the black and white geo trunks. Obsessed. That pattern on anything larger than a pair of underwear is just too much for me. 

  • Ledasmom

    The black and white shirts look as if, if you twisted them in just the right way, they would transform into each other and maybe into the pants as well. I had a book of fold-your-own kaleidocycles based on Escher designs when I was young, which these are reminding me of rather strongly.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    That is some seriously hideous men’s fashion.

  • Anonymous

    It is not saying much that I found more pieces I liked in this than in the women’s collection.  This is, in a word, hideous.

  • These make me feel old.

  • Joshua

    Oh, but if you can’t even have bright underwear, what’s the point of living?

  • oh jesus christ, no.  maybe that knit hat and scarf, maybe. but other than that, just no.

  • Anonymous

    The b&w print makes my eyeballs go crazy. How’d you like to wake up to that optical illusion after a night of clubbing? Quick, where’s your bathr….hurl.

  • J Dreesen

    “The pleather pants are out for us…”
    i immediately imagined 50-foot tall pleather pants descending upon two non-suspecting men out for an afternoon stroll.  shit got all Michael Bay in my head real quick.  then i realized you meant “out.”  for “us.”

  • I pointed and laughed at everything. I couldn’t look at those graphic black and white prints for more than a few seconds, though. They were making my head hurt…

  • Andreas Plaianu

    Where are the freaking shorts with the zipper on the side from the ads! They are the only classy piece I would have happily purchased! DAMN YOU H&M WITH YOUR MALE STRIPPERWEAR!

  • Would love for my rock n roll son to wear the black pants and black jacket with those killer boots. I know, too much black, but I love those looks. 

  • I want all of this. Just all of it. Now. *Drool*

    Except…where is the leather jacket from the last preview post? That was the one piece I was actually prepared to do anything for. 

  • MilaXX

    The pink jacket miiight work with jeans. And the hat/scarf is good for anyone. Sadly most of this stuff is for the Josh M’s of this world.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly what I was thinking. He even wore a jacket that was just about that exact same color pink a couple episodes ago.

  • The tux jacket, yes. The geometric l/s crewneck might be a nice pop underneath a cardigan. The rest…well, I have a feeling we’ll being seeing it paraded through the streets of Center City this winter. By both the young and the not-so-young but clueless.

  • Anonymous

    Enh, not exactly all to my liking. I do like the crazy black/white geometric T-shirts, I love stuff like that. That pants though, a bit much. I like the underwear in that print as well. I second the poster below, where is that leather jacket with the studs on the front?? That was great, and I’d love that jacket. The leather pants, unlike that jacket that WAS in the teaser, are ruined by the studding. The pink jacket/pants are okay, but I most likely wouldn’t wear them. Other than that, indeed Josh M would eat this all up, tacky sunset prints and all. That bomber jacket is just hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    I could see a nice young guy really wearing these pieces well. Not all together, but individually. Except the zebra pants and skivvies. And the shorts. Love the blue shirt and the pink jacket.

  • vomit

  • Anonymous

    Please make all of this go away. 

  • Terence Ng

    One of these things is not like the others! One of these things just doesn’t belong!

    • John Manson

      do you mean the black tux jacket? it makes sense though in terms of palette with the other black pieces and then in terms of pairability with the solid colour pants and shirts and even some of the printed tops and pants. 

      • Terence Ng

        Nope. Not that one. Try again! 😀

        • Anonymous

          I was thinking that blue button down shirt. Versace for Old Navy, snuck into H&M.

          • Terence Ng

            Bingo! 😀

            I guess it could match, technically, because it’s a sharp neon blue, but I initially thought it was a regular powder blue shirt where the flash caused its color to bleed out.

          • John Manson

            I saw photos of this collection on another website and it had at least 3 button downs in a row, with the powder blue, the pink and the printed black and white one (and maybe one more?) so it makes more sense with that. Colour wise it relates to the palm print, no? 

  • Anonymous

    Confession: I tend to collect shirts like some women collect shoes.  So I must say:  I covet both black/white longsleeves.  Covet.

  • Anonymous

    boot please and tux jacket.

  • that scarf and knit hat <3

  • Laura Evans

    So basically they should sign Darren Criss up for the editorial now…

  • John Manson

    Does anyone know the price point for pieces in a line like this? I shop at H&M a lot but I’ve never purchased an item from their collections done by major designers/design houses. I live for the longsleeve geometric T, the blue button up, the black suit jacket, the black shorts, the scarf and the black shoe with buckles. 

  • debbie hazeleger

    The entire versace does HM line, or vice versa, looks like it was inspired directly by LMFAO productions xD.

  • Melvis Velour

    So that’s who hired Clinique Counter!  And you bitter kittens didn’t think he’d ever get anywhere…

    • You’re so right–I think he and Versace have the same taste level.

  • Anonymous

    The jackets are fab and so is the turquoise button down.  Those shorts?  Hiddy.

    • margaret meyers

      The shorts are really bad.

  • Candice Richardson

    This has Joshua from Project Runway written all over it!

  • Anonymous

    I really like the black and white print. 

    Now I need to find someone to put it on.

  • Anonymous

    And i would wear that underwear if it were fashioned for women. I would never wear those prints outside, but I’d love them inside!

  • Anonymous

    Oy vey, this stuff is making my eyes hurt. Yah, the underwear is hilarious. I don’t think I’d be able to keep a straight face if I were in the throes of passion with a guy and he pulled off his pants to reveal that.

  • Cathy S

    I think Lorenzo should run right out and get that pink sports coat. It’s the only thing I can stand. Although the black and white stuff is interesting but kind of vertigo-inducing.

  • I don’t care what anyone thinks, I’m buying the pink suit and shoes and calling it a day. Pink and brown go fabulously together 🙂

  • Some of this stuff reads very International Male catalog.

  • I don’t care that it’s menswear. I know the perfect place to wear the black and white geometric top.

    Heck, anyone could wear the whole outfit of that pattern.. for Halloween. When people ask what you are dressed as, you answer, “As your acid trip!”

  • I am digging the scarf.  And maybe the black jacket, but it’s probably not broad enough for me. Most of H&M’s menswear are designed for twinks, not us full-figured men.

  • I already own that black and white geometric button down, only it’s polyester and my brother bought it at Kmart in 1995.  I know that sounds like I’m just trying to snark, but I honestly still own and love that shirt.

  • Anonymous

    I hate that baseball jacket.  It looks creepily 80’s to me.

  • Anonymous

    I vote HECK YES for TLo in the pink sport coat!

  • Anonymous

    I want the geometric shirt and the geometric underwear.  But when it comes to pleated, bedazzled shorts, JUST SAY NO.

  • sang le

    All of you guys can laugh about it now, but guess what, this versage collection which is available in H&M is all SOLD OUT!
    And I bet in the next five years, every guy would be wearing this, to all you haters, I hope someone punches you in the face when you start to wear this or buy it for your boyfriend.