PR: The Shouldabin

Posted on October 01, 2011

Viktor’s slowly inching up the ladder to become our favorite of the season. Whether through editing or through self-awareness, we’re no longer getting the lame attempts at a catchphrase (“Oh my Lord of the Rings” was never as clever as he seemed to think), but he clearly knows what he’s supposed to provide the viewers in order to stand out: a (mostly) low level bitchiness, regular accusations of cheating (which, hilariously, never go anywhere), good strong work, and the understanding that he’s not here to make friends without busting out the “I’m not here to make friends” line. It’s nice that other designers all gathered around the flailing Anya to help her out but that’s not why we watch the show and to be honest, we thought they were kind of dumb to be showing that kind of soft-heartedness at this point in the competition. We can guarantee they all regretted it when she was given the win.

Plus, there’s that delicious (and not wholly unwarranted) paranoia that everyone’s gunning for him. He was never the bitch on wheels he keeps saying he is, but we’re really hoping for a Josh vs. Viktor throwdown, complete with hair-pulling and scratches. The only other designer who seems to understand how to play that game is Laura, who also provides many bitchy sound bites without stepping over the line in to Josh-level screechiness. She hasn’t been able to back her smack talk up with solid work the way Viktor has, though.

From where we’re sitting, Viktor’s the only one who really gave the judges what they were asking for.

Because this really is a modern version of the sophisticated seventies; specifically the safari pantsuit, which was practically a uniform for working women of the decade.

Wide-legged, high-waisted pants and a jacket with big lapels, a prominent belt, and emphasized pockets – that’s all pure seventies.

But a snakeskin print t-shirt and an all-grey color scheme is what takes it into the 21st Century.

And the frayed edges on the pockets were a chic little touch.


But he should have known there was no way a look like this would win, since the manufacturing costs for 3 separate pieces would have been more than Piperlime would have been willing to spend.

Which is why making an updated wrap dress was such a smart idea.

We think the ombre effect was very striking, but we find ourselves wishing the sash wasn’t black. Either a pop of color or a contrasting shade of grey would have looked better here.

The darkened lower half tends to bring the look down a bit. There’s nothing wrong with a grey and black dress, but this one looks a little depressing.

And we’re not a fan of the asymetrical hem, although it does make the basic wrap dress look more modern.

But you put these looks side by side and, to our eyes, they’re head and shoulders above everything else on that runway. Thought out, modern, chic, well-tailored, and referential to the seventies without looking like a rehash of the decade. Nobody else really came close. We understand why Anya’s jumpsuit won, but there’s no way it was the best garment of the lot. That’s kind of the problem with these types of challenges. The best design doesn’t always win. It’s Jay McCarroll’s Chrysler dress all over again. He made the attempt with the second look to give them something simple, but it didn’t set the judges on fire as much as Anya’s jumpsuit and Bert’s tennis dress. We can kind of agree on the latter, but we’re still pouting over the former. For our money, he’s the strongest competitor left. It’s really down to him and Bert, and Viktor’s better at producing more modern looks.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/ – Screencaps:]

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  • Anonymous

    I honestly didn’t like the safari suit. The jacket looked heavy to me. Combining that with the T-shirt, the model just looked hot as in “100 degrees outside” hot. I must be partial to Bert because I think he was the “shouldabin” this time around.

    • Amanda B

      Maybe it makes more sense as a suit if you work in an office where the air conditioning is always blasting. ūüôā

      • Anonymous

        At my internship (sadly, I am apparently not classy or qualified to work in a office as a real world job) they had the AC blasting in January. So heavy clothes made sense! Plus it seems like half the women in the office change from street clothes to work clothes anyway, so they could easily bring lighter pants to wear on the metro home.

    • fragileindustries

      I would wear that suit to the office without a doubt. ¬†Maybe with a solid T or shell for meeting clients, but that’s the beauty of the look. ¬†And yes, a lot of offices are chilly. ¬†But I loved Bert’s dress, too, another 70’s classic shape.

  • Anonymous

    Amen T Lo! Both of Viktor’s looks were fantastic from a design standpoint and a construction one. I would wear all those pieces all the time, in fact. I think the light¬† lining on the dress, which shows b/c of the asymmetrical hem, adds some visual interest and lightness to the bottom of the dress. I can see where Anya’s jumpsuit might be more “Piperlime,” but that second dress of Viktor’s was just gorgeous.

    So many of the second looks were better than the initial designs. I wonder if it is b/c the designer do better when they don’t overthink things.

    At least Kimberly is backing up Viktor’s suspicions of Josh copying him. She seems to have little interest in stirring up shit, so I would think that if Kimberly agrees, then maybe he is right.

    Viktor is my pick for the winner. Also, he has the BEST designer name of the lot: Viktor Luna. I mean, come on! It is label-ready!

    • Anonymous

      Anathema_Device, you are now my new TLo best friend ūüėČ

      • Anonymous

        Aww, thanks. I love your screen name. I, too, am a Sirius lover. Did you see that the dog who played Padfoot/Sirius in the movies is up for adoption in the UK??!! I would SO own dog Sirius if I could:

        • Anonymous

          thanks! And no, I didn’t see that. I wish I could own him, too. I could always pretend he is Sirius. hahaha.

          • I thought you just loved satellite radio, not Harry Potter.

          • Anonymous

            OK, that’s pretty funny. I do love satellite radio (esp. the 80s station), but not enough to continue paying for it or to make it my screen name!

        • Basil Von Broccoli

          And he comes with a best friend whose name is Porridge! I would adopt those dogs so fast if I were able. ūüôā

          • Anonymous

            Those two dogs are ridiculously adorable.

          • Anonymous

            Holy crap. Is that a yellow-sided green-cheeked conure in your photo??!!! We have one, too! He goes absolutely insane when Heidi talks. Can’t figure out whether he wants to kill her or mate with her.

        • SAD. ¬†In the US + five cats = no doggies for my house. ¬†They look very cheerful though, despite being displaced. ¬†Humans are so frustrating sometimes…

      • +1 to you, Anathema_Device. Couldn’t agree more (down to the name!)

    • Anonymous

      The ever-so-subtle look of suspicion Kimberly gave Josh as he was leaving Viktor’s work area was priceless.

      • She’s mastering that side-eye.

      • Anonymous

        It didn’t hurt that they played that creepy music every time Josh came over. Stalker music.

        • Anonymous

          you know I didn’t notice that. I’ll have to pay attention when I watch the re-run.

    • Totally agree. The suit has real style, and look at how the pants fit her butt. We just don’t see a well made pair of pants often enough on this show.

      I also really love the dress he made. It’s feminine but not girly, and it’s very dramatic. I like the asymetrical hem. It’s not so severe that it looks like a mullet dress. And while handkerchief hems were probably more common than this type of hem, the dress still has a 70s feel to it.

      I believe that Viktor is a good enough designer that he could have easily competed in PR’s earlier seasons, and he would have done well. I can’t say that he would have won, but I don’t see him as runway fodder either. He’s a real talent. And he absolutely deserves to win this season. I’ll be greatly disappointed if he doesn’t, which I suppose means I should prepare myself to be disappointed.

      • you are right.

        i didnt like him most of this season but this episode turned my head. i would buy the dress he made. & the pantssuit is perfect for the challenge.

        until this episode i would never in a million years have put him in the same overall category as, say, chris march. oh heavens no. for innovation i still wouldnt. but he is competent, & possibly better than that, & he could have competed against the rest of the high end competitors on PR.

        it’s possible, i think, that due to last season’s fury there will be an upset & he will win instead of anya– if only to keep people watching the show. then again, anya has a 44% want-to-win rating on the lifetime site & viktor has something like a 2% rating, so maybe they think giving the win to anya will be a fan favorite.

        who knows.

        • I’ve been thinking that they might give the win to Viktor after what happened last year, but I’m concerned about Anya’s high fan favorite numbers. Although it’s not supposed to work that way, I could see them giving it to her because of those numbers. I can’t remember if they’re even giving a Fan Favorite award anymore, but that’s what she should win.

          She’s made several things that I’ve really liked, but I love long, flowy dresses. That’s just a personal preference, and has everything to do with style and nothing to do with her specific abilities. I don’t think she’s proven herself to be good enough to win this competition. She just doesn’t deserve it. Viktor does, and I think he’s the only one who deserves it.

          • the weird thing about that is i’m pretty sure anya’s numbers are inflated. not by those nebulous “producers” again but by her own publicity machine. i think theres a constant flow from her social media sites, facebook, twitter, etc & ect, lots & lots of reminders to vote for her, stuff like that. i dont actually know if there are prizes–perhaps just the virtual ability to touch her hair {in the manner of gretchen & top girls this world over}. but i doubt any of the other competitors have anything like it, i doubt many if any of them even have agents & anya has completely floored them all in this particular way.

          • Anonymous

            I completely agree. There used to be a $10,000 prize for Fan Favorite. I’m not sure they do that anymore. But you gotta know that Anya has a “management team” from her beauty queen days who are getting out the vote. I think we’ve even seen a few of their minions showing up here¬†as new posters the last few days.

          • “just the virtual ability to touch her hair”

            Ha! That’s the truth. Although I wish she would get rid of that damn faux-hawk. It’s not cool, and she’s be even prettier without it.

            I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Anya has an organized push for votes. I don’t really have an issue with that. I think anyone who votes for her because of the push would vote for her anyway, as long as they know where they can vote. What’s interesting is that, as of yesterday, Anthony Ryan was only one percentage point behind her. I definitely would be surprised to learn that he has the kind of organized effort Anya possibly has. However, he’s so adorable that he probably has a ton of friends who could have organized an effort to get him to win.

            Man, I have put way too much thought into this. I need a job or something. ūüôā

          • Anonymous

            You know, if you are taking care of small children, old people, or someone who’s really sick/frail, putting thought into TLo may be saving your sanity! (It did mine in my mom’s last year, I have to say. & I wasn’t on the front line of care-giving, either)

            If that’s not the case, well, at least you have company. If it makes you feel any better, I have a job, am working on a dissertation, have a kid at home & until today had a rat in my kitchen (yay! rat traps) and I STILL put way too much thought into this.

          • That does make me feel better. I’m not able to work anymore, which drives me crazy. I have three cats and a self-cleaning husband, so there aren’t too many demands on my time (although our old kitty can be a handful).

            When someone has the kind of schedule you have, I imagine that putting some time into PR or something similar is a welcome respite.

          • Anonymous

            Well with 3 kitties, I bet *you* don’t have rodents about. Or not for very long.¬† And bummer on not being able to work – there’s such a huge gulf between choosing something and having the decision forced upon one.

        • Anonymous

          But haven’t they already decided?¬† Don’t they pick the winner immediately after they show at Fashion Week? I know the vote counter had been up already, but only a few episodes had played at that point.¬†

    • Anonymous

      Viktor Luna is indeed label-ready, and I really like what he designed for this challenge.¬† I can understand that Viktor’s suit would be more expensive to produce for Piperlame than Anya’s POS, but he’s definitely far better than as a designer than Ms. Beauty Queen.

  • Amanda B

    It may have made the two pieces look less cohesive but that dress would have looked amazing with a pink sash. If it did, i would have bought both of those outfits in a heartbeat. All the pieces from the suit weren’t just fantastic but they could have been recombined with other tops and bottoms. I wish they could have chosen this for the win and then decided to just make one of the pieces from the suit to save on costs.

    • Or maybe a chartreus sash.

      At both the judges’ choice of winner and loser I¬†screamed, “WHAT???!!”

  • kjunkemail

    Unfashionable fly-over country hick that I am, I would buy both looks. I could easily wear the suit to work and not look like a fool. And the dress is a cute date-night dress.

  • The fit on those pants is just beautiful. ¬† I just hope the judges don’t repeat last year’s mistake and give the win to someone else when he’s obviously the best, like they did with Mondo. ¬†Two years in a row would just break my heart.

    • Anonymous

      I suspect that’s what’s going to happen — Anya and Viktor will make it to fashion week, and he’ll lose out (to Anya or whoever else makes it), and we’ll all say he was robbed, blah blah blah.¬†

      • Anonymous

        ¬†Unless he performs really poorly (I’ve already mostly forgotten the final collections, though I did look at them) and someone else really well, there is no one else he could lose to but Anya. I favor Bert because I have a personal preference for his style, but he really has seemed to be farther away from what the judges want in terms of being on trend than has Viktor.

  • Anonymous

    The producers cannot let Viktor win every challenge. That would not help the “drama” that has turned this season of Project Runway into the steamingest pile of shit on cable TV. I almost feel bad for Viktor having to be in the same room with these untalented, vision-free hacks, and the fact that he has to lose to them must be even more humiliating for him.

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU, thank you, thank you!!!!!!
    OMG, I felt like I was on a one-woman crusade last night to salvage Viktor, and I’m sure some people thought I was a Viktor mole trolling the site (and no, I’m not!). I have liked him since the previews, liked his work all season (even with the horrible understanding of Victorian / Elizabethan history!), and these garments were awesome! I didn’t notice until your screencaps how he took the much talked about pleat on the back of the jacket and applied it to the oversized pockets. And the dress looks lined. ¬†It’s those kinds of attentions to details that mark him as a serious contender.

    And people keep talking about how bitchy and whiny he is. ¬†Mostly we see it in the confessional, and I have to say, isn’t it called a confessional for a reason? I loved his response to AR in the extra video that the confessional is his private time to vent and let off some steam, just like everyone else.

    I hope his little bow-tied self wins the whole shebang (though that may be a pipe dream).

    • ana

      you’re not alone! I have no access to the confessional videos because I don’t live in the US, but you’re absolutely right about everything you said regarding is skills as a designer!

    • I’m so with you! I think I’ve been Team Viktor since he first started “hissing” about Anya getting help from Laura for her jumpsuit in one of the earlier episodes; you know, the point where everyone was saying “Anya’s not a pet! She deserves the praise she gets!”

      I was so with him and the hissing to begin with: Andy South getting some extra hands to tack on
      ribbon to his dress for a challenge is one thing, Anya stepping back and
      literally letting Laura do the work for her is another.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah well the people who call him bitchy and whiny don’t think anyone should have an opinion. ¬†I don’t think he’s bitchy and whiny but rather just a design competitor. ¬†The producers in the confessionals always ask the designers what they think about wha’s going on…i.e., other designers’ designs, etc., and their jobs are to create storylines so they can even be somewhat leading. ¬†I think Viktor has done a fine job of having an opinion without being bitchy. ¬†I’m sure he’s got an ego, but usually the most successful fashion designers do. ¬†After all, if a designer doesn’t have an opinion, isn’t he/she effectively just a wet noodle? ¬†

      • I don’t see where “bitchy and whiny” is coming from either. I think, if anything, he’s something of a fussbudget, which is why I’ve said in the past that he looks like he irons his jeans. But other than his very bad behavior when he was teamed up with Bert, he’s mostly stayed out of the bullshit drama. He must get frustrated with some of the antics going on. Can you imagine what it must be like to work with Josh in the room? So the confessional is the perfect place to vent about all the crap that goes on. In the workroom, he’s all business. and there’s nothing wrong with that.

        • Anonymous

          “fussbudget”….perfect! ¬†he does seem very “type A”.

          • Anonymous

            hahaha! I bet he irons his jeans. I can totally see that!

    • Helen C

      Yeah he’s not whiny at all. ¬†Except the earlier conflict with Bert, which frankly, was Bert’s fault, and he handled Bert much better than Laura/Anthony did. ¬†Later when he was in a team, he listens to Olivier and takes in his suggestions. ¬†

  • Anonymous

    Yes it is a pity. This clearly the best set of looks. The problem really is the jacket. It’s terrific but as Kors said in the extended clip, he should have ditched it-even though it was the best made piece. Without the coat, the tshirt really pops and plays against the slacks. And he would have won and that combo would have been selling online

    Someone said it best yesterday. Viktor created the best outfits but he failed the brief and Tim was very clear about the needs of the challenge. That’s why ultimately Bert got his dress selected and it sold out.

    • I call bullshit on Kors.

      The judges could have dropped the jacket and given Victor the win.

      • Damn that overly ambitious Viktor! He’s throwing off the curve!!

        • ¬†I know! How dare he make four impeccable pieces when the other designers only made two or three mediocre ones! The others were going to pout and sulk if he didn’t get scolded for SOMETHING.

    • Cautiously Pessimistic

      Yep.¬† He also failed the brief in the create-a-print challenge – his dress may have been the best in that one, but not using a print created by the sponsor’s tools was the kiss of death there.

      I would also argue that the jacket really doesn’t look as hot to me as many say it does.¬† It’s a good jacket, but not great.¬† It looks stiff, and the sleeves look to be different lengths.¬† It also looks to be a smidge too small for the model.¬† Makes the pleat look more dramatic, but makes the front look constricting.

      • i think it looks stiff cos of the monetary constraints. it’s amazing he made an outfit that good on that little money.

        & i dont even particularly like him! but credit where it’s due.

      • When you really start examining the tailoring on that jacket, it’s not nearly as “impeccable” as some purport it to be. That fabric taping on all the edges with the stitch in the middle and funky corners? Uneven widths on elements all over? I know, they’re in a hurry and his clearly is the winner, but this isn’t a a jacket that anyone would really buy as is. (I know, I know, it’s a concept piece, not for sale. Probably being a nitpicker.)

      • The sleeves aren’t different lengths; the model is clearly in a position in which one shoulder is higher than the other. Notice how everything on her (our left) side is higher than that on the right: the lapels, her shoulder, and her wrist. You can see that the distance between the end of the sleeve and the model’s wrists are the same. The “one side is shorter than the other” is only an illusion.

        • Fabric choices, concept, colors, design: A+

          Execution: B-

          That is all. (seriously, look closely at those pockets, folks.)

  • Barbara Woodruff

    I really didn’t care for the safari suit. There was just something off about it – the fit, the stiffness of the lower half, the 3/4 sleeves… I don’t know, it just didn’t work for me. The dress wasn’t really working, either. I agree, it would have been better with a pop of color in the belt, but it still didn’t really say “70’s” to me. A good effort, but really not a winner. And definitely not the “wow moment” that Jay’s Chrylser dress was. Not even close.

    • Unfortunately for the hard-core design fans, this season NOTHING has had the “wow” moment of Jay’s Chrysler dress.

      • There’s very little from the entire run of PR that has the WOW factor that Jay’s dress had. It was a stunning dress, and not much can stand up to it.

        I finally got to watch season 1 about a year ago. I had heard so much at that dress that I was actually expecting to be disappointed because of the build-up. But it’s totally gay-gasp worthy.

    • Anonymous

      i flet that way about the jacket, too. ¬†it just looked uncomfortable. ¬†i kept thinking it was too short or too small. ¬†maybe it’s the sleeve length. ¬†being tall and formerly skinny, i never liked to wear 3/4 length sleeves, they make me feel like i’ve grown out of my clothes.

      • Anonymous

        I have a jacket/blouse (I don’t know what to call it) that’s three quarter sleeves and it’s actually quite comfortable. And there’s something about the cut that works. Sometimes it can work. I get where you’re coming from about the feeling as if you grew out of clothes, though.

    • Pam Winters

      The safari suit was never a style I cared for (I was around in the ’70s), and I still don’t care for it, but I can appreciate the craft and workmanship of Viktor’s suit. And the dress–so simple, so stylish–maybe not as strikingly original, but it’s really nice and I’d totally wear one if I didn’t have such a thing about showing my upper arms.

      I enjoy Viktor’s contradictions: the talented designer who’s kind of annoying. I adore Kimberly (and she’s a local girl), but I don’t know that she’s got what it takes to make it to the win.

    • I have never thought of the Safari Look as a 70’s look… I thought that was influenced by the movie Out of Africa which was released in 1985…. that’s when the safari stuff I remember was popular…..

      • Anonymous

        YSL popularized the safari suit for women. I think it first hit the runway in the very late 60s and then went mainstream into the 70s. I think that was the inspiration Viktor was drawing on. I thought he did an amazing job updating it in the ways TLO pointed out.

      • no no no a thousand times no. YSL.

    • i like his dress, i would wear his dress. not to parties, necessarily, but certainly to the market. but you are also right about the chrysler building dress &, i will sadly add, the talent level differential between viktor & jay mccarroll. still, other than bert, viktor is the best designer of the season. & he is less dated than bert, i’ll give him.

  • ana

    Go Viktor! I didn’t expect him to win with the 3-pieces-outfit, but I thought maybe the judges would fall for his one-piece look. Oh well, there’s so much you can do against producer manipulation…. I hope he takes the whole thing in the end, he’s the best of the bunch by miles *fingers crossed*

  • Viktor is too talented to win Bunim/Murray’s vision of Project Runway

    • Very well said.¬† I agree.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed– and not enough of a “character”, like Anya or Josh. ¬†Bunim-Murray want parodies of fashion designers, not real ones, to exemplify the winner.¬†

    • Anonymous

      The end of this season is feeling like last year with Mondo and Gretchen and we all remember how last season ended. 

  • Elaine Reichard

    It blows my mind that he produced those two looks in the allotted time. And then the give the win to Anya, who probably couldn’t put sleeves on anything even if she had all the time in the world.

    • Anonymous

      she can put ONE sleeve on! Maybe that’s why that outfit had one sleeve, so the poor fitting at the shoulder could be hidden… Catty, I know.

      • OH that’s right!¬† That one sleeved outfit she made!¬† I laughed out loud when it came down the runway and then the judges praised it, wut?

  • Viktor is head and shoulders above the rest. And I haven’t forgiven the judges yet. They auf-ed my favorite boy and looked past the clear winner.¬†

    My teenage son is madly in love with Olivia Palermo, btw. He’s been gazing at her internet shots and reading her bio.

  • I don’t care what anyone says, I want that wrap dress.¬† I want it exactly as it is, and I would treasure it and love it and show it off at all the parties.¬†

  • Anonymous

    I wish he hadn’t gone for an asymmetrical hem on the T-shirt — especially with the way it peeks out from under the jacket.¬† Looks like her top is half untucked.¬† Distracting with or without the jacket — either sloppy or extraneous.¬† Otherwise, like his looks.¬† I think that dress is super-cute (but I’m still a little bothered by the asymmetrical hem – less so than on the top, though).

    • yeah, what was the deal with that? It looked very sloppy and out of place.¬†

  • Also, Bert is the strongest one left (besides Victor)?¬† Really?¬† There’s not been one item that I would think of as modern or interesting.¬† My final three are Victor, Anya (because it is obvious), and Kimberly.¬† Bert, to me, is a matter of time.¬†

    • Kimberly has been very weak, IMO. Not sure how she skated by the last two episodes…

  • Anonymous

    He really is the best. I understand why they’re keeping around the drama queens, but I really hope Viktor wins.¬†

  • Susan Crawford

    Viktor definitely has the design and execution chops to take him a long way in the fashion business. What amused me most about this episode was how much flurry and scurry there was with designers scrambling to finish their garments, wailing that they didn’t have enough ti-i-i-me, while Viktos just went to work and produced FOUR finished pieces, including a complex jacket, beautifully fitted troushers, the amazing tee-shirt AND a cute, highly wearable little dress that clearly referenced ’70’s wrap styles. See, when you actually know how to sew under some pressure AND you also understand as Viktor does that, hey, this is a competition, you tend to use your time pretty wisely.

    Probably some viewers found his decision to avoid the rush to help Anya out pretty bitchy and cold – but so what? Sure it was sweet of the others to pitch in and give her what support they could (though Miss Clinique really could have given her some waterproof mascara if he truly wanted to be generous.) But look what happened. I’ll bet the Atlas was filled that night with the sound of gnashing teeth.

    I also think that the only reason Viktor didn’t get the win was that he didn’t think through the assignment. If a design is going to be (a) mass produced at a fairly low price point and (b) photographed for an online site, you really can’t get too complicated and detailed. Anya’s standard jumpsuit (basically the same garment she has been turning out all season) and Bert’s almost non-existent dress fit the brief perfectly, and even then, both designs ended up being tweaked by PiperLime. In my heart, though, Viktor was the clear winner, and I look forward to the countdown when I hope for more confrontations with Miss Clinique, who really needs – a major take-down.

    • ana

      Your water-proof mascara remark made me laugh uncontrollably. Guess I need one now aswell :p

    • “But look what happened.”

      They all rushed to help her and she didn’t use any of the donated fabrics…Viktor didn’t rush over (probably saw through the game she was playing), got to work and was portrayed as bitchy and cold.

      Anya is good at playing her drama to manipulate others whereas Miss Clinique hasn’t learned how to “edit” her drama, yet, to get the desired outcome.

      I completely agree with your assessment that Viktor is the one with the chops to go far in the business.

    • Yes, I’m kind of bemused by those defending Anya by praising how cunning and shrewd she is about playing the game yet also rush to point out how bitchy and cold Viktor is in some scenes such as when he refuses to pitch in and help her, which, um, may not be cunning and shrewd because of being conspicuously competitive but it is nonetheless still “playing the game” to win.¬† At least Viktor’s not peppering his screen time with a¬† “poor poor pitiful me” shtick, which is Anya’s real talent.

      • Anonymous

        You know what I find interesting about people defending Anya? The number of them who had never left a comment before.

        But every first comment has to be about something.

        • CONSPIRACY!

          • Anonymous

            Not so much.

          • nah– not conspiracy.

            cos i read tLo every day, year round & have for a long time, i’ve noticed people who are never here elsewise show up every year to yak & argue about PR. the later into the season it gets, the more people arrive. then they go away & then again it’s almost always happy, if but w/ an edge.

  • Viktor’s been my pick to win for weeks. If there were any style goddesses to pray to, it should be Kimberly, Bert and Viktor in the finals but I hate to say, it will likely be Josh, Anya and whoever sucks the least on the last challenge.

    • I thought it would be Josh until they lit into him this week.¬† Especially the “That’s who I am/I know and that’s scary,” exchange with Heidi.¬† That’s finally crossing the tasteless rubicon for the judges.¬† I agree with TLo that the final three are most likely Viktor, Anya and Bert.

      • Bert over Kimberly? Really? See, I agree with Citric that Josh is gonna go down in the penultimate challenge, and Laura will go down next week. So either Kim or Bert has to go down the week after, and I have to say, Bert has made way more offensive stuff in the past than Kim has. I think it’s Kimberly, Anya, and Viktor in the finals.

        • Based upon how the season has gone, Bert’s gotten much more respect from the judges.¬† Kimberly’s been middling except when she makes a 1973 Burger King uniform and calls it rock & roll.

        • Anonymous

          But Kimberly has only been in the top three once (?) and bottom three once (?) — she’s always solidly in the middle. I think the judges would rather have someone who’s turned out highs and lows than middles.

          • Anonymous

            Kimberly was the second top look in the stilts challenge.  They loved her slacks.  I know we like to block that episode from our memory!

          • Anonymous

            Kimberly and Becky.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, Kimberly and Becky. Thank you for the clarification. My point wasn’t to exclude Becky, my point was to respond to when Kimberly had been in the top before.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think Josh is going to get there. He’ll probably reach the penultimate episode but the words “taste issues” have been uttered, and Nina is clearly pissed that she’s being forced to keep his sweaty spray tanned ass around by the producers, so I suspect he won’t see the actual finale.

      • Anonymous

        Really? It seems to me that Nina is the only one who stands up for Josh — I thought she was the reason he’s still around (well, besides the producers, that is). ¬†This week she stood up for his risk-taking. (Yep, that was a risk, all right. I couldn’t help but think of Mondo’s plaid pants last season and how he made that risk work and Josh didn’t.)

        • Anonymous

          You must have been watching a different Nina than I was. The risk taking line reeked of producer manipulation – she said it so sheepishly, but was basically livid the rest of the time – and the rest of the time she said he can’t pick fabric, can’t fit things, and she was basically shouting in anger during the judges discussion. ¬†

          • It felt to me like she said that about the risk-taking just to have at least the one nice thing to say. Your work sucks, but at least you take risks! Or another way, your work sucks, but at least you’re not boring!¬†

            Boring really is the PR kiss of death, both in terms of personality and output. There are a lot of people in the world who wear boring clothes, there’s a market for… oh, I’ve forgotten her name, the blond one that Josh liked to pick on for being dowdy, standard but dull clothing like hers. It’s 90% of what I see people wearing where I live, but that’s not going to win Project Runway. (Or get featured in any magazine.)

          • Anonymous

            Well, when the producers demand you say something nice, you’ve got to come up with something. “Your work sucks, but I can’t get rid of you, and apparently we need something for the edit to justify keeping you here. You take risks?”

          • No I think the “you take risks” was a lot like she used to say to Santino — she frequently found his clothes offensively ugly, but because he was willing to take those risks she could see some talent hidden in there.¬† I think that’s part of what drives Nina up the wall with those people — they could be good, if they would just LISTEN!

    • Anonymous

      Kimberley, Viktor and Bert would also be my choices for Final Three. But I predict Anya, Viktor and Bert. The Drama Vortex has an expiration date on his forhead at this point. And Kimberley has spent too much time in the middle of the pack in recent weeks while lacking both a dramatic personality and a good back story. If AR had been willing to keep churning his cancer survivor back story, I bet he wouldn’t have gone home before Blenley.

  • Anonymous

    Completely agree these were the best looks on the runway by far (with Bert’s little dress up there, too), even though I don’t love them. But now I’m seeing he lined the dress in a contrasting color, which impresses me even more.¬†
    As for his quips, I did like “Drive yourself, Miss Daisy.”

    • Anonymous

      I forgot about that comment! I laughed out loud and had to explain it to my son.

      • I liked that too, but I am a big fan of “Oh my Lord of the Rings”, probably because I’m married to a geek and have geekish tendencies myself. Also, I’m easily amused.

  • Completely agree.¬† I’m amazed he’s been so often overlooked by the judges, to be honest.¬† I loved how Michael pointed out the matching snakeskin shorts he was wearing on the runway.¬†

    I’m not sure why all the other designers were falling over themselves to help Anya, but as far as I could see, she didn’t use any of the cast off fabrics, only the stuff she bought with Anthony Ryan’s spare cash.

    • It wasn’t Anthony Ryan’s” spare cash.” In a clip on the Lifetime site, it’s pointed out that Anthony Ryan actually put back some notions at the Mood check-out counter so that he would have money to give to Anya. She didn’t learn that until later.

  • Anonymous

    Not only did I feel his work was on a whole ‘nother level than the others, I LOVE that he didn’t fall prey to The Manipulator. You’re absolutely right the others were probably kicking themselves after she won. Good.

    • I wouldn’t have been.¬† Yeah, she won… so what?¬† “The winning look will be sold on Piperlime!”¬† Really, you mean something I designed is going to be sold to people who already have seen my look because they watch the show?¬† Oooo… the exposure.¬† And I don’t see a dime from my work because PR owns the rights to it?¬† Great, because I can’t WAIT to make more money for the Weinsteins as an indentured servant….

      I really don’t see that this prize means that much.¬† How many people do you REALLY think bought that piece (or even really looked at it) who weren’t already familiar with her work because of the show?¬†

      From a practical standpoint, once they get past the immunity, it doesn’t mean anything to win a challenge as long as you aren’t¬† auf’ed.¬†

      And I could have still looked at myself in the mirror and know I didn’t ignore someone who need a bit of help.¬†

      (And the only one whose help really ended up mattering was Anthony Ryan because that was what she used to get the fabric, while all of the other help, she didn’t use.)

  • Nice mention of his paranoia – when he started talking like that, it just made me laugh. Same with the stuff about not giving Anya any help – Viktor tries to sound all mean and scheming, but it’s never really convincing, it just comes off as kind of dorky and strangely adorable.

    (Although I do think he had good reason to deny Anya any help – I have never seen anyone on PR get as much help and handouts as her. Good on her, I say, but don’t be surprised when people finally wise up.)

  • Anonymous

    Heidi and MK’s comments that¬†Viktor’s suit lacked sex appeal and was “career mantronly”¬†were absolute bullshit. This suit is so modern and sophisticated¬†and it gives a definite a fresh take on the seventies. I love the fabric selection, detailing and silhouette and the tee is awesome.Want. Need. Covet. Yet again, the boy was robbed.

  • Viktor kind of reminds me of Daniel Vosovic from season 2, except the judges don’t like him quite as much.¬† They both turned out consistently strong work and understood how to make clothes, and they both adapted to the constraints of the challenges well (even though Viktor has significantly worse challenges), but there isn’t a very strong sense of “point of view.”

  • Anonymous

    The thing that bugged me about the judges was their complaining about the pairing of the jacket with that shirt. Seriously, they can be paired with other things! The shirt would look great with all sorts of jackets, or on its own. The jacket would look great with a wide variety of shirts. It’s about trying to sell it on a clothing website, shouldn’t you put pieces on there that can be worn with a big variety of other pieces, in order to encourage buying more in an order?¬†

    A shame that Piperlime was too cheap to make it. It looks like the jacket would scale between sizes really well – I know a few women in larger sizes who would look great in it – and it was easily the best pair of looks on the runway.

  • Anonymous

    I thought a wrap dress was an obvious choice for this part of the challenge and was surprised no one else made one.

    Viktor mad a mini collection and it was a winner.

  • MilaXX

    The first thing I thought when I saw this was if this had been a Macy’s or Banana Republic challenge there was no way that Viktor couldn’t have won. But we’re with Piperlime now and this was far too complicated for them, Even if they had decided to do the wrap dress they would have changed it much like they changed Bert’s dress. For my money this is the best look we’ve seen all season.

    • Anonymous

      I thought that too! 

  • scottyf

    Soul Brothers T&Lo said…
    “It‚Äôs really down to him and Bert, and Viktor‚Äôs better at producing more modern looks.”

    Viktor’s craftsmanship really is impressive. Not only to design and execute a well-tailored jacket in less than two days, but to add a flirty dress as well. Those pleated pockets and back vent are impeccable. From the way it hangs, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he lined it as well. ¬†From the sleeve caps to the rolled collar it reeks of a master. In terms of the story line, I also don’t blame him for cutting off of Anthony Ryan. If the video shorts are correct, it looks as if A.R. really did seem as thick as thieves with Joshua M. I wouldn’t put it past A.R. to share some of his late night talks with Viktor during kee kee sessions with Josh. I also get your point about Viktor’s ability to find the modern elements in his designs, and how that really makes him a fashion forward designer.

    That said: I don’t like him. As portrayed through the show edit, I find him pedantic and juvenile.

    But as Joy Behar would say, “So what? Who cares?”

    It really doesn’t matter in terms of us becoming friends, but I think his personality translates into his clothes. He reminds me a little of what I thought of Meryl Streep in her early career: technically brilliant, but emotionally distant in her work. Viktor’s garments are beautiful to look at, but I don’t feel the passion in them. I feel like he is desperate to show how good he is in his work, but fails to show the joy in his garments. If he can begin to feel comfortable in his own skin, and not give a fuck about competing with anything other than his own aesthetic, I think he’ll be a force to be reckoned.

    As far as Bert is concerned, I’ve always been a fan of his aesthetic–in addition to having a TV crush. I am PRAYING that timeless elegance and sophistication wins out over modern trends and genius-level game playing.

    • Anonymous

      Silver Snuggles?¬† I just died…you hear me, I JUST DIED!

      Thanks Scottyf, you made my month!¬† Wait, it’s only 1 day old, you made my last month!

    • Anonymous

      I get where you’re coming from here – I’ll admit to having a “hag crush” on Bert…Silver Snuggles indeed!

      But I think that Victor is a bit more fashion forward than Bert.¬† Honestly, I don’t think anyone in this cast can be described as a cutting-edge designer, but I can see that potential in Victor more than I can in Bert.¬† Still, Bert’s simple sophistication and clean lines impress me and as you say, have a certain timeless elegance that never really goes out of style.¬† I’d be happy with either of them winning, but deep down I believe that Anya’s been the hand picked winner by the producers from day one and they’re just going through the motions until they can hand her the crown.

      • scottyf

        In looking over both of their collections again, I just realized the difference between the two of them for me:

        If I were a woman, wearing Viktor’s designs would make me feel stylish. Wearing Bert’s would make me feel beautiful.

        I’d rather feel beautiful.

        • Anonymous

          I looked over their collections again too and I agree with you.¬† I could picture some of Bert’s dresses being worn by Grace Kelly.¬† Fashion is fleeting but beauty is timeless!

        • Anonymous

          As I get older (and supposedly wiser), I’ll take that timeless elegance any day.¬† So sad that young women, including those lucky enough to be on the red carpets of the world, seem to be lured towards the frou-frou and bling, as opposed to clothes that make them look and feel truly feminine and beautiful–timeless, indeed.

          • Anonymous

            Oh, to each stage in life it’s own pleasures!¬† Those who are drawn to the elegant & timeless when young can go there, but really so much of the more trendy, or complicated, or just silly & fun in fashion doesn’t flatter as one matures but is the natural playground of a younger person.


        • Anonymous

          Oh, you took the thoughts right out of m head. ¬†I am a woman (honest) and I would feel incredibly beautiful ¬†Bert’s designs. ¬†His final collection is stunning and yes, timeless. ¬†I admire Viktor’s technical skills, but I thought his final collection was–what’s the word?–soulless. ¬†I am Team Bert and proud of it. ¬†

        • Anonymous

          And as a woman, I can tell you that you’re dead-on. ¬†I don’t like all of Bert’s final collection, but his best pieces just have an elegance and flow to them that just work. ¬†You’d look great without having to think about it. ¬†

          As well as the obvious Halston influence, Bert’s work is actually closer to Kors’ own than most of the designers.

          • I agree with you about Kors and Bert. I’ve actually thought that Michael might hire Bert when this is all over.

          • Anonymous

            I had thought that Bert might have settled down to the less cranky version of himself because he’s realized he’s been on the show long enough to show anyone who’s watching what he can do – and can do head & shoulders above most of this crop – and while who wouldn’t want thousands of dollars – getting enough recognition to give him entree with those hiring for what he wants to do is maybe enough.

            He may not *want* the kind of constant-hustle-PR merry-go-round Siriano is engaged in, but maybe he doesn’t want to go back to where he came from and just beef up his current business, as Chloe did. ¬† Getting a crack at a good job with a “name” design house might be all he needs to be satisfied with the game show.

          • Did they post Bert’s final collection? ¬†How did I miss that?

        • Anonymous

          Yes. Bert’s best have that bit of polish that makes everything look effortless.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you about Viktor. Although I thought he’s been robbed a time or two, particularly in the last episode, I don’t particularly like him much. And as much as I enjoyed¬†Viktor schooling Joshua on his lack of¬†fashion history knowledge, the hypocrisy¬†of¬†his doing so after¬†the stilt walker¬†team challenge with Bert just pissed me off! Wonder what Bert thought about that little exchange. You are also right in that there doesn’t seem to be any real passion¬†in Viktor’s work. Occasionally, though, he comes up with surprising sophistication in his garments, as he did this week.

      • But you see, Viktor slipping on his terms and Josh using his lack of fashion history as an excuse are two different things. Viktor did not know what to call his stilt walker garment when he was explaining it to his client, and Bert calling him out on it was trivial at best. And even then, the stilt walker challenge was pretty free for all. THIS challenge was specific to the 70s. Viktor didn’t run around saying “I don’t know how to make Victorian-Elizabethan-Whatever so I don’t know how to do this challenge!” as an excuse for his terrible product. Josh, on the other hand, did.

        • scottyf

          I disagree. Victor’s point (as rephrased by Kimberley) was, “It’s just a part of being a fashion designer to know fashion history.”

          In the stilt walker challenge Viktor was referencing the wrong design element because he didn’t know the era. He didn’t know his fashion history. And then, in a fit of egoic defensiveness he tried to play it off by making it trivial.

          It was the very fact that he understood the design elements of the 70’s which gave him the information needed to create ¬†well-designed pieces that were referential, but not literal.¬†It was hypocrisy on his part. Plain and simple.

          • ibid.
            {& i thank you for being the person who said it [instead of me] & for putting it so beautifully.}

          • But Josh solely blamed his shortcomings on his misunderstandings, tooth and nail. Viktor did not, and even then, his slip-up did not effect the outcome of the product, terrible as it was for a terrible challenge. This is why I considered it so trivial, and why Viktor did too. He had bigger problems than not knowing what was Victorian, and he understood that.

            Although everyone was aware of Josh’s struggle, I’m sure had Josh not been so vocal about it, nobody would’ve said a thing, and he tried to make it seem like the 70s were soooo long ago too. There would have been a far different reaction from the other contestants had he said “Okay, maybe I have some taste issues.”

          • scottyf


            I know I should let this go. But my ego is getting in the way, and all my Saturday plans went belly-up, so I’m going to try this one last time.

            With all due respect: we can discuss your contention that Josh was the bigger jerk in his confrontation with Viktor (although you won’t get much argument from me on that front); we can debate whether the knowledge of Victorian vs Elizabethan had any impact on the outcome of the challenge. We can EVEN discuss how you know for sure what Viktor was thinking during the stilt challenge, and not making an assumption about what he thought based on your own beliefs.

            What I CAN’T do is discuss them all at once. These are separate points that, in my opinion, have nothing to do with Peeve’s original assertion: that Viktor was being hypocritical when he told Joshua that knowing fashion history was important whether you lived through the period or not. He said one thing, and did another.

          • Hmmm, it would be one thing if he had slammed Josh and then made the same mistake of not knowing fashion history, but it was the other way. Obviously Viktor has grown a little from the encounter with Bert and has a new awareness of the importance of understanding fashion history. In which case, it’s not hypocritical, it’s more like trying to pass on the lesson that Viktor had so renctly learned. Or whatevs.

          • No, Victor didn’t blame his shortcomings on misunderstandings — he blamed them solely on Bert.¬†

            And it very well could have effected the final garment since Victor refused to sketch his ideas and lacked the vocabulary to describe them.  Maybe if Bert had known what it was Victor REALLY wanted, he could have been more help and they could have come up with something not horrifyingly bad.

          • Hoofa. Sorry I wasn’t clear. I don’t think Viktor’s point was simply needing to know your history as a designer. Of course that’s absolutely true, but mileage will vary for designers and their needed history. His point was, said by himself, that Josh couldn’t use it as an excuse for his bad design.

          • And his attitude about it was every bit as annoying as Josh’s (though on a much less frequently repeated basis).¬† “Oh, you obviously got what I meant enough to correct me, so it doesn’t matter…”¬† Um… EXCUSE ME?!?¬† Doesn’t matter?!?¬† You aren’t doing the sketching, (because you said your partner was better at it)¬† being able to DESCRIBE your vision accurately is sorta CRITICAL at that point.

            For me, that was the issue, not his problem with terminology. 

            In a related note:¬† WHY are some of these people so damn short-sighted?¬† Call me crazy, but when you have a man in the room who has been around fashion for more than 30 years, why would you not try to make nice with him immediately?¬† Bert would have been the FIRST person I tried to get in my corner.¬† If he’s been around that long, you can bet he has an immense knowledge base of both fashion and construction to draw from, and it’d be handy to have his friendship and advice.¬† That may sound manipulative and callous, but so what?¬†

    • Anonymous

      Dear god I’m going to have to remember “Silver Snuggles” for the future! (It fits the guys in my dating pool but they’re not old enough to accept it appreciatively yet.)

    • I agree.¬† Victor’s clothes look nameless to me;¬† like the work of an excellent seamstress or tailor, but without the extra that makes a name.¬† All of his stuff is… nice.¬†¬† It’s stuff you could easily build a wardrobe with.¬† But it’s not something that can be identified just by looking at it.¬†

      And he doesn’t seem to really have a POV.¬† Well-made is NOT a POV, you cannot base a career on it.¬† If you look at Victor’s stuff from each challenge together, you don’t find a lot of themes running through it.¬† There’s no signature there.¬†

  • ana

    And btw, can someone accurately clarify what’s going on with this confessional videos for those who are not living in the US? I’d really like to know what this fuss is all about. Thanks! ūüôā

    • Anonymous

      Hi Ana, ¬†we actually see the confessional videos on the show. That’s when the designer is by him/herself with the white backdrop responding to some question / comment from production crew. ¬†However, there are sometimes extra clips of that or other scenes available on the website. ¬†I believe, too, that some of these have made their way to youtube but I haven’t found the particular clip I referenced earlier (the falling out between Viktor and Anthony Ryan).

      The clip I referenced was titled Anthony and Viktor and detailed their falling out. ¬†It had AR in the confessional saying he would never trust Viktor again because Viktor won’t talk to him anymore. And it has Viktor in the confessional saying why he’s not really talking anymore. Apparently, he and AR had some heart to hearts (they were roomies), and somehow some content of that information made its way to Josh and Josh made some kinds of comments about it. As a consequence, Viktor said he was going to keep his mouth shut. ¬†AR took that as turning his back on him and just thinking about how to compete.

      Then, there was some kind of confrontation backstage (and Laura looked very uncomfortable, like a kid stuck between her parents in the middle of a heated argument) where AR accused Viktor of talking about everyone behind their back and being mean, and Viktor said he wasn’t and AR mentioned the confessionals. Viktor then said that what he says in the confessionals is private and not said in front of the other contestants.

      • ana

        oh, thanks! those were the missing pieces because i spotted nothing unusual on the normal, broadcasted confessionals… guess they do keep lots of the things on the cutting room floor, then.

      • Anonymous

        Are you talking about 3 grown men or middle school girls?¬† “Nancy Kate won’t talk to me anymore, she like Mary Beth better now, sob”.¬† For crying out loud, these guys expect to compete in a grown up world!

        • Lol… I do think there’s a little bit of difference for these guys vs. a normal environment, in that they are living and working and socializing together.¬† It’s a bit awkward when you were forming a friendship with someone and then they won’t talk to you other than small talk anymore, especially when they don’t explain why.

  • Anonymous

    Viktor and Bert are the only designers on par with the level of work we have seen from previous seasons. I really think Viktor should have won this and should win this season. But do I think he will……After last season, not so much.¬†

    I hope people will go vote for Anthony Ryan for fan favorite. He is the only one giving Anya a run for her money and I think he is the type of contestant the audience should reward. 

  • Anonymous

    yes! ¬†a catfight with victor and miss clinique. ¬†trouble is, neither have much hair to pull. ¬†and missy c.’s is probably slippery with all the product.

    i’m warming up to victor slowly. ¬†his personality is a bit off putting, but he is very talented in both design and technique. ¬†what i’m not feeling from him is a strong point of view. ¬†you can pick out his looks in a crowd because otheir excellent detailing and tailoring. ¬†but what is it that really says ” this is victor’s signature look?”

    • Anonymous

      That’s true of all the designers except Anya, I think. And we know why Anya’s stand out–because they’re all essentially the same look. (A good look, I think).

      • scottyf

        Wow. Really?

        For me, I feel I could pick out each of the remaining designers garments quite easily–except as sleah_in_norcal astutely implies, for Viktor. Kimberly has a very clear aesthetic: with her elements of “bling” and “ghetto fabulousness.” ¬†Joshua and Laura for their over the top embellishment (and if I saw what I think I saw in next week’s preview, circle skirts) and frilly girly elements, respectively. And Bert for his clean lines and minimalist chic construction. As I said in a post above, I think Viktor’s creations are beautiful, but I don’t see a personality in them. I may not like a lot of the other designer’s aesthetics, but I can definitely see their points of view.

        • I can go one better — I can give you the girl each designer is working for.

          Kimberly:¬† Herself.¬† (Example:¬† Last week she wore a skirt to judging that is the same pattern she’s sent down the runway 3 separate times)

          Anya: Herself — the island/beach/resort thing.¬†

          Laura: Trophy wife Barbie.  Someone who wants to look chic enough to warrant her social status, but flashy enough to show why her husband married her.

          Joshua: Fruit flies and female drag queens (Since I consider myself a drag queen trapped in a woman’s body, I know of what I speak on that one:) His stuff is AGGRESSIVELY over the top and drag-fabulous.

          Bert: Understated chic.  His client is someone a bit older and quite a bit more conservative in her choices than any of the other designers. 

    • Anonymous

      i don’t know if I could pick it out of a crowd, but Viktor has made a number of extremely cute jackets: the motorcycle-inspired jacket from the NewBalance challenge, the winning jacket for those poor Sheepdogs chaps, this safari jacket

  • Sara__B

    Yep. Not suitable for Piperlime, but the clear winner. (His matching bow tie was a nice touch, too.) Since I graduated from high school in 1970 and got married in 1980, I know the 70s and still love the look of high-waisted, tight, wide-legged pants. Viktor captured the era without being too literal. Good work!

    • Anonymous

      Ah, those were the days, my friend (and all the rest of that song!).¬† Graduated h.s. in early 70s,¬† married mid-70s (and still together these many, many years later).¬† Still love that kind of pants, and I got transported back to the era when Bert referenced Charlie and Shelley Hack in his looks–remember it well!

      • Was there anyone in the 70s more stylish than Shelley Hack in the Charlie commercials? Although, I tend to forget it was Shelley Hack in those commercials. I always think it was Lauren Hutton.

      • Sad confession: I used to run around trying to imitate Shelly Hack in those Charlie commercials (even wore the cologne…thought it would help me be sophisticated).¬† I was recently wondering if they even still made the stuff!

        • Anonymous

          OMG, you are bringing my youthful disasters back to me. For several too many years, if I had a signature scent it would have been Emeraude (remember that cheap, poison green stuff?).

          And let me tell you there could NOT POSSIBLY have been a worse mismatch between the style I affected (tried to affect) and that awful scent.  Which I inexplicably loved for at least 4 years.

          • I loved the YSL Rive Gauche in the blue, black and silver spray can. ¬†I was a kid, and that perfume seemed to me to be all the glamorous. ¬†My father’s girlfriend worked for YSL cosmetics and she wore it and gave me some for Christmas. Much better than the Jean Nate. ¬† She looked like Raquel Welch. ¬†I graduated H.S. in 1983.

          • Anonymous

            Wow, I wore all of those:  Charlie, Emeraude and Rive Gauche, plus a bunch of other inexpensive colognes that I hoped would transport me out of my small town.  I thought I was hot stuff!

        • Anonymous

          The big thing I remember about the Charlie commercials was that they hid her gap teeth. In the Middle Ages, gap teeth were considered sexy.

  • wow. looks like i was right in not finishing this episode- i would’ve raged entirely too hard at victor not getting the win.¬†

  • Anonymous

    Once again, Viktor has produced one of the best looks this season (and did not win). It was too complicated for the challenge at hand – if the show had one of its earlier sponsors, I think this would have been a clear winner. As it stands, it was just not right for Piperlime, which is a shame. On that note, Bert really should have been the winner – which he sort of was.

    Personality-wise, I can’t say I’ve been a big fan of Viktor, but he doesn’t bother me – I don’t find him obnoxious so much as roll my eyes at him. It’s all a little silly and probably more than a bit of a fa√ßade.¬†And given his lack of understanding of the difference between Victorian and Elizabethan (or rather, Victorian and Renaissance Faire), I’m pleasantly surprised by his specific reference to YSL’s safari look. At least he seems to have some clue about 20th century fashion.

    • Anonymous

      Viktor’s been robbed time and again this season, but judging by the final runways, I’m convinced he’s in the final 3–and in my eyes, should take home the big prize. He talked a bit of smack earlier in the season, but lately he’s just been quietly producing good work. I agree with TLo that a Josh v. Viktor knock-down drag-out is in order.

  • PR is so very predictable.

  • I suppose I should wait until you get to Josh, but since you brought up his screeching….I think he’s mentally ill. Viktor’s quiet comments about knowing fashion history (and they were given a portfolio of 70’s looks) and Josh’s “You’re attacking me!” response was kind of scary.¬† And he opened the show yammering about how at this point in the competition it’s lame to be making excuses for anything. How would he not have noticed that quite a few people in the room with him are his age?

    Mentally ill. that’s how.

    • Anonymous

      He’s not mentally ill – he just a prick who was in over his head this week.

    • Anonymous

      Have you seen the extended video on the Lifetime site? Josh not only cries as if he’s the only gay man who had to hide in the closet and play sports‚ÄĒwhich he claims made old movies unavailable to him‚ÄĒbut he did this in front of Bert, who grew up in a time that was far less tolerant of gay men. And Bert very calmly schooled Josh about knowing not only the styles of the past, but having an eye on the future. He basically said if you’re stuck in the here and now, you’ll be left behind in no time.

      None of which Josh wanted to hear, of course.

  • Anonymous

    These were undoubtedly the best garments on the runway, but I think Viktor missed the brief in two ways. Firstly, as has been discussed, they were too complex for Piperlime to produce and secondly he’s made the 70s¬†silhouettes so sophisticated and contemporary that they no longer¬†fit in with people’s ideas of the 70s.

    Yes, the shapes are great examples of 70s influence, but when people (particularly unknowledgeable people such as Anthony Ryan and Josh and presumably most of the Piperlime audience) think of the 70s they think mostly of bright colours and clashing prints and patterns.¬† They were asked to produce something that read as 70s influenced to the Piperlime audience and Viktor didn’t.

    I don’t have any problem with these sorts of challenges.¬† There are plenty of other opportunities to show what the designers would do if producing their own couture collections.¬†¬†But let’s face it, most of these designers are going to end up as jobbing designers working for other brands, as Bert was. And even¬†‘name’ designers increasingly need to address the needs (bith in terms of mass-market production and mass market aesthetic) of the non-couture audience ie. Missoni for Target or Christian Siriano for Payless. ¬†

  • Anonymous

    To me, his jacket looks small. ¬†It’s not only the 3/4 length sleeves but it looks shortwaisted by at least an inch or two. ¬†Guess he needed a shorter model!

    • Anonymous

      I agree; the jacket is illl=proportioned.  However, still so much more impressive than the other garments on the runway.  It just looks like so much more work (because it is!) than the others.

  • Gary Cox

    I don’t understand his appeal. He comes off as bitchy to me.

    • Anonymous

      For me, liking the designs is different than liking the person.   I didn’t like Irina and did like Carol Hannah, but Irina was the better designer and I had no problem with her winning.  

      I think Viktor’s personality is actually holding him back.   If he were more charming and more ingratiating with the judges, he might have more wins under his belt.  

  • Anonymous

    I think you nailed the biggest reason why Viktor didn’t win – Piperlime was looking for something that they could market as “It won on Project Runway!” but could knock out as quickly and cheaply as possible.¬† Hence the jump suit for $200 and the tennis dress for $100.¬† They would have had to charge way more for Viktor’s look AND make multiple pieces with more than 6 seams.¬† Remember that the winning looks came from the $50 part of the challenge, where they were told to make a *single* garment.¬† (It’s my secret belief that the twist was thrown in there not to save Anya, but to make things more simple for Piperline’s profit margin.)

    The probem with Viktor’s first look wasn’t the jacket (which I didn’t care for, but can respect) or the pants (which were fine).¬† It was the T-shirt.¬† If I recall correctly, the judges hated the T-shirt as a garment for under the jacket, but when the jacket was removed, they loved it.¬† If he had cut a scoop neck on the T-shirt, he would have hit the money right.¬† It would give it that “dressed up/a little sexy/not really a t-shirt” look under the jacket¬†which would¬†still be just fine for most offices if the jacket was taken off.¬†

    • I think the shirt itself was better with the crew neck, though.

  • Him and Bert, indeed. Everybody else? Meh.

  • Anonymous

    I guess it depends on what Viktor wanted out of this challenge.¬† Did he want to have Piperlime produce his look or did he want to impress the judges?¬† Because if it was the latter, he did it in spades.¬† And that’s going to bode well for him in future challenges.

    • Anonymous

      That’s a really good point. He did remain true to who he sees himself as a designer and made quite the impact on Nina and MK for sure.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, excellent point. He may not have won it, but he certainly did impress.

    • Anonymous

      My thinking exactly.

  • You had to know when they started with the saga of Anya’s missing money and her fellow designers “rallied” around her, she was going to have a dramatic come from behind win. ¬†I mean, come on PR on Lifetime has been nothing but manufactured, Real World type bs drama. ¬†I called those shenanigans from the moment her fellow designers “stepped up”. ¬†Viktor’s been getting screwed with no lube on the runway time and time again since this season started. For him to construct four garments of that quality in that time frame for only $150 bucks is nothing short of amazing. ¬†I guess the judges are still high from whatever they were on last season that allowed Gretchen to come away with the win.

    And Viktor was absolutely right. ¬†This is a competition and you don’t help one of your STRONGEST competitors who had a horrific week the week before stay in the game. ¬†Bet you cash money Christian Sirriano would have patted her on the back and told her how sad it was she lost her money and kept his change in his pocket LOL.¬†

    It SHOULD come down to Viktor and Bert but it won’t. ¬†Bert has the experience and ability to design and construct a line on his own, without whining every ten seconds about “never have done ____” or it being his first time ____. ¬†But this is Lifetime’s version of PR so it’s going to come down to Viktor and Anya and Anya’s going to win because her story of “only been sewing for four months” is more “tv friendly” than the fact that Victor has real talent.

    • Anonymous

      Very well said…and I couldn’t agree more: Lifetime had already decided Anya would win because it’s a “story”, she’s a beauty queen, and she has a sex tape. ¬†That is what the winner (in their minds) is all about….good TV, not talent.

    • I am not disagreeing with you at all, but, man, “she’s only sewn for 4 months” is about the most weak-assed underdog story I’ve ever heard. Jeez, it’s not like she – oh, I don’t know , survived cancer. Or was orphaned at a young age and had to raise her 10 younger siblings alone, or was hit by a bus and is now blind and in a wheelchair, or lost an arm in a dog-sledding competition so let’s see if she can get through the competition with only one arm! No, Anya’s back story is that she’s only learned to sew 4 months ago. It’s so amazingly not compelling that, if I think about it for too long, all I can do is laugh. Lifetime is the “Women in Peril” network, and that’s the best they can do? Come on, Lifetime. I want a story that’s worthy of Valerie Bertinelli.

      • Anonymous

        I am definitely now just *waiting* to use “a story that’s worthy of Valerie Bertinelli!”

        Biggest hurdle is being in a group that will admit to knowing the reference.

      • So I should start working on a better underdog story for if I audition for next season? ūüôā¬† I could probably come up with an awfully good sob story — my other artistic outlet is writing.¬† And my life’s been fairly dramatic, so it could even be accurate from a certain point of view…

        • Yes! I want something that will tear my heart out, make me rend my garments and weep at the unfairness of it all. Or at least something more interesting than “learned to sew 4 months ago”.

          I wish you lots of luck should you decide to audition. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. Am I correct in thinking you have little young’un at home? At least¬† you’ll be used to not getting any sleep.

          • I have THREE under the age of 8!¬† As well as the mental energy of a ferret on crack and chronic insomnia which has prepared me well…

            My biggest concern is working with models, actually. I take a very strange approach to design: I start with asking what a woman likes about her body and what she hates and go from there. With a model, I don’t have that starting point. Plus I rarely work from measurements — I do a 2D model on muslin of the body and cut all patterns off that. It’s a very strange system, but since I normally do full wardrobes, it’s worthwhile.

            Man, I got start working on that story:)¬† It’ll give me something to distract me while doing the same monotonous practice seams…

          • Anonymous

            Just remember to ask yourself “Is this worthy of Valerie Bertinelli?”

  • Anonymous

    He may have slightly missed the mark on the brief, but Viktor’s garments were by far the best things on the runway.¬† He probably should have won at least five challenges by now.¬† It’s rather sad to see them cut to him on the runway after some other hack has won and see how surprised he is, knowing that he should have been the winner.¬† I think he could hold his own in any season of PR.¬† It’s clear that he’s working at a completely different level than the other designers and he really should win the whole thing.¬† But he’s not cute and adorable or a memorable character and so the judges often seem to overlook him.¬† If he doesn’t win the whole thing then I may really be through with this show.

    I do think Bert will (and should) be in the final three.¬†¬†And of course Anya’s going to be there.¬† I guess I’m okay with that since none of the other three have done anything to deserve it.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sort of fearing the Lifetime has a built-in movie of the week with Anya and wants the right to it (the beauty queen with a porno scandal who also started learning to design during that time and then went on to win Project Runway with only four weeks of sewing and manipulation of the hissing real Viktor.)

    • I think he is a character, though. With his silly sayings, and his paranoia that everyone’s stealing from him (not an entirely unfounded concern), and those bow ties, and how he’s just so serious most of the time. He seems like he has a lot of quirks. If he were already a famous designer, he’d be considered eccentric. I don’t know. I guess there are a lot of people who would disagree with me, but I find him endlessly fascinating.

      I agree that it’s sad that he’s been passed over so many times when it’s so clear he should be winning challenges left and right. If he’d been awarded as often as he’s deserved to be, he would have already set a record. PR is supposed to be about talent and merit. I’m not fooling myself into believing that this is the first season it’s failed at that, but it does seem like they’re way more concerned than they used to be with spreading out the wins so no one is left out. (Well, except Bryce, I think)

      • Anonymous

        me too! I think Viktor is cute and adorable and memorable.

  • I don’t think this did fit the brief — it doesn’t read 70s.¬† Yes, there a plenty of 70s details, but none of them are really confined to the 70s, like the safari details which have been done plenty of times outside of that decade.¬† The wrap dress has never really gone away (because it looks good on damn near everyone).¬† I think Piperlime wanted something more identifiably 70s inspired; 20-somethings don’t look at this and think it’ll fill the 70s trend for their wardrobe.¬† They look at it and see fairly classic pieces.¬†

    If you didn’t know they were supposed to be referencing the 70s, I don’t think those details would have read as 70s.¬† I think this challenge was rightfully Anya’s.¬† (Unlike a lot of the challenges where she’s been in the top — like the 1st challenge with the terrible crotch on those pants.)¬†

    I liked Victor’s pieces a lot;¬† I would have considered buying any of them.¬† But I think Anya deserved the win, not only for her designs, but for the fact that they fit the sellable bill as well — though I don’t know how much of that was because she thought about it and how much was because she can’t construct anything that’s too difficult to manufacture.

    • Anonymous

      That is such a great point about Anya.¬† She CAN’T construct anything that complicated to manufacture.¬† She was a shoo-in for the win for this challenge.

    • “Yes, there a plenty of 70s details, but none of them are really confined
      to the 70s, like the safari details which have been done plenty of
      times outside of that decade.”

      But the brief wasn’t “replicate elements only found in the ’70s.” The safari suit is an iconic ’70s look. Just because safari-inspired looks are found in other decades doesn’t negate that. Bell-bottoms aren’t restricted solely to the ’70s either, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re considered quintessentially ’70s. The same could be said for earth tones, wild prints, wrap dresses, A-line skirts, and big collars, all of which can be found in other decades.

      • Anonymous

        Ah, wrap dresses.¬† I owned my first (and only) DVF dress in the 70s (thanks, Mom and Dad), a gorgeous navy and white wrap.¬† Wish I had it still…

      • Yes, all of those design elements can be found in other decades — decades that came after the ’70s. They are quintessentially ’70s because that is when most of them were introduced.

        All I know is that I was thrilled when the ’70s were over. I remember saying that the clothes we wore then were the ugliest ever and I was glad to empty my closet of them.¬†

        • But anyone under the age of 35 doesn’t remember seeing them in the 70s — they remember them in the 80s or¬† 90s.¬† So to them, it’s not a 70s thing, unless they really care about fashion and fashion history.

          It’s fairly safe to assume that (like most major retailers, which may not be right or fair, but is the reality) Piperlime is shooting for the under-35 crowd, and their stuff isn’t really good enough to pull in the fashion buffs.¬†

          • “But anyone under the age of 35 doesn’t remember seeing them in the 70s
            — they remember them in the 80s or¬† 90s.¬† So to them, it’s not a 70s
            thing, unless they really care about fashion and fashion history.”

            So? You’re applying your own personal set of criteria, which is fine, but it has nothing to do with this challenge. It was “make an updated ’70s sophisticated look,” Not “make a look that people under 35 will think is an updated ”70s inspired look.”

          • Granted, but I wonder how much PIPERLIME customers can see those things — from the marketing perspective, I think Victor’s garment is a tougher sell if (as I assumed, perhaps incorrectly) they were looking to fill the current 70s inspired trend niche.

            I absolutely agree that Victor’s look was by far the best look on the runway overall. And I think he probably did the best job of taking the 70s pieces and modernizing them. I just don’t think that it worked because of the Piperlime element. Other retailers, absolutely.

      • But how many Piperlime customers (particularly at the age range that’s going to be buying these looks) are even going to know about the YSL safari suit?¬† And I said the same about the wrap dress of Victor’s.¬† The customers they’re marketing to aren’t old enough to remember the 70s and probably aren’t well-versed enough in fashion to know the elements.¬† For that market, sticking to the cliches is a much better an option.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, but how many people are going to look at this and be like, “NOT INSPIRED BY THE 70s, THEREFORE I WON’T BUY THIS CUTE OUTFIT!” You assume that the customers CARE about the brief.

          • The Piperlime exec said that their customer is strongly influenced by trends.¬† If a customer is looking for something to fill that 70s spot in their wardrobe, that is an issue.¬† If they’re just looking for clothes in general, then it doesn’t matter regardless of the brief.¬†

      • Anonymous

        I had bell-bottoms and wrap dresses in the sixties.

  • Anonymous

    I LUV the dress Viktor made for this challenge.¬† It’s so unfortunate it wasn’t chosen by Piperlime.¬† I would LUV to have had the opportunity to own it.¬† The jacket was cool, but definitely cost prohibitive for Piperlime.¬† Pants and t-shirt are great…would have been great to have the opportunity to own both of those pieces too.¬† Viktor’s dress trumps Bert’s for me, but I really LUV both dresses…simple and stylish.

  • Anonymous

    Unless I missed something huge, the assigned task WASN’T “design something Piperlime can produce cheaply.” It was “design sophisticated 70s” and the winner would get their garment sold on Piperlime. So cost of production SHOULDN’T have been part of the assessment process. I know it was, and I know WHY, but I think it’s pretty crappy to reward crap work because it’s cheap/easy to mass-produce. If they WANTED to do a mass-production challenge, go back to the SJP/Bitten challenge from whenever that was: make a garment with $15 so we can produce & sell it for cheap.
    Anya’s garments were better than one would expect from a person working with nothing but muslin and some lucky scraps, but they were NOT winning looks. Viktor’s safari suit is ADORABLE, and it’s a bit different (because really? a patterned maxi dress is about the easiest thing on earth to buy at TJMaxx. not so much safari jackets).
    I couldn’t even watch the very end of this episode. Once they gave the win to Anya, I groaned and tuned out. What utter crap.

    • MilaXX

      Of course production cost would be a part of the decision making process, that’s part and parcel of knowing your client. Part of what Joe Zee helps the people he’s working with is how to make their garments at a price point they can sell to buyers. The buyer in this case was Pieprlime. So if the task is to make something that Piperlime will sell, then you have to make it at a price point/manufacturing level they can handle. If this was Macy’s or Banana Republic this would be a completely different story. I’m not saying his outfit wasn’t great, it was was. The problem is he failed to take into account who he was selling to.

  • Anonymous

    Clearly Viktor shoulda had this. Even with the whole “needs to be easy and cheap for Piperlime to produce” bit. They could have just picked his t-shirt – which all of the judges fawned over – and they would have sold it out and considering a second run of production right now.

    But honestly, there is such a lack of talent this season I am just speechless. I just reviewed all of the final collections, as T Lo posted them during Fashion Week, and there is a whole lot of ass on those runways. Plus, I have never seen so many derivative looks – all of the designers are copying each other – zipper pleats, weird hip insets on skirts, exact same plunging v-neckline gown treatments, etc., there is so much sameness to it all. And the models! As I’ve mentioned in earlier comments, these are the worst models ever on this show. You need good models to sell it when the clothes are lacking, and these girls are just not bringin’ it.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I haven’t mentioned it both because I question my ability to judge & because I don’t know how close it comes to the line of ‘not what we are supposedly talking about,’ but not only have there seemed to be few really desirable & coveted models this season, there’s been a lot of sloppiness – girls who just don’t have the polish of other seasons (which may well be the fault of the hair & makeup folks) – more than once I’ve been sure I’ve seen girls on the runway with bruises or something not covered by body makeup. (Or maybe tatoos that *were* covered by body makeup, but not sufficiently.)

    • It’s much harder to award the win to a look and then only make one piece available, though.¬† They could have produced his tee the same way they did Bert’s, though — more of an extra.

  • Anonymous

    I have become rather fond of Viktor as the season has progressed, and he definitely belongs in the final three in terms of design talent and technical skills. 
    His hissing and bitchy little comments are pretty amusing. I realized today that he reminds me of Black Adder.

    • Anonymous

      But which of the Blackadder family? I’d go for the Third.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, the Third sounds perfect! Do we cast Hugh Laurie as Josh M or Anthony Ryan? Josh has the required ego and intellectual density but way too much ferocity. AR looks the part better but lacks vanity.

        • Anonymous

          Hugh Laurie as Josh M. and Tony Robinson as Anthony Ryan.

  • Anonymous

    Viktor has this kind of MIzrahi-ish menschy neuroticism to him that is funny yet irritating at the same time. It’s actually not a bad trait to have as a designer since it often includes an obsession with details.¬†

  • Anonymous

    Viktor’s sewing skills have been in evidence from the very first ‘pajama’ episode when he made the black and white dress with the buttons down the front. I just get the impression that he tries too hard to show off his skills and puts one too many elements into his designs so they look a little forced. I also wish he’d broken away from the safe neutrals a little more during these challenges. A pop of color would have made me more excited about his designs.¬†

  • I could tell Nina is a firm fan of Viktor now.¬† I think it killed her not to be able to give him the win.¬†¬† It reallt was all up to piperlime.

  • Anonymous

    odd probably, but I don’t think Viktor was helped by his pant suit model. I know models generally don’t look very happy but she look seemed bored to disliking what she was wearing – in short, anything but selling the look. Probably wouldn’t have made a difference in the long run, but…

    I actually thought though, that that little twist of Anya, you’re the winner and Bert, Piperlime is selling one of your garments was going to include, ‘and Viktor, this is the look of your’s that Piperlime is selling.” But, not so.

    Still, Viktor remains the only one with talent worth watching.

    • Viktor’s model ALWAYS looks angry or bored — I think that’s just her runway persona. ¬†I did notice her actually smiling when she arrived in the workroom for the fitting — she even gave Viktor a hug. ¬†She should smile more, she’s even more beautiful when she doesn’t look crabby.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that Viktor’s entry was beautiful, and it also was too complicated for Piperlime to produce (at their desired price point).¬† Based on what I see on Piperlime and that blasted wall, the outfit also failed to “pop”….Viktor’s outfit would look too sedate next to Piperlime’s definition of the 70s trend.¬† In other words he went for Ali and they wanted Marcia Marcia Marcia.

  • To be honest, I have no sympathy for a contestant of this show so many seasons in who is told from the get-go that the winning garment is going to be mass manufactured and then proceeds to make a garment that is not easily manufacturable. ¬†Anytime “the winning look will be sold by X” is uttered by Tim, the contestants should immediately translate it as “MAKE SOMETHING CHIC FOR CHEAP!!!!” and adjust their look accordingly. ¬†

    Viktor completely missed the mark on that, and in my eyes his look, as much as I objectively like it (though completely agree that the high collar t-shirt under the suit turns the sexy factor down big time), were off the mark in the same way that some of the looks weren’t really 70’s inspired. ¬†Sucks for him, but he should know better.


    P.S.–as Bert’s dress ended up on Piperlime too, I’m a bit surprised they didn’t do a version of Viktor’s snakeskin t-shirt either considering how much the judges fawned over it.¬†

    • Anonymous

      As of last night, Bert’s had sold out and Anya’s hadn’t. ¬†What I’m still trying to figure out is why Anya’s $50 look was close to $200, while Bert’s $50 look was half that.

      • More fabric and pockets.

      • They made Anya’s out of silk. ¬†She used polyester chiffon. Then they made Bert’s out of poly/nylon. ¬†He used silk. ¬†Odd.

    • I thought the dress seemed easy enough to manufacture. ¬†I would have snapped that up quickly. ¬†I believe it would have sold out quickly as Bert’s has.

      • Yeah, I’m planning to knock it off for myself — I don’t like the fabric or the changes they made to the sale version.

  • Anonymous

    I remember thinking during this episode that his clothes were the only ones that really seemed at home on a runway.  The others looked more like department store window fodder.  I am on board with a Viktor win at this point, although I have to say I can barely muster any enthusiasm for the finale.

    Isn’t it funny how Pauperlime picked two “extra look” dresses to manufacture? ¬†If not for the requirement to keep things “chip”, Viktor should have won.

    • Anonymous

      My guess is that Piperlime decided from square one that it would manufacture and sell one of the second looks. After all, those were required to be one-piece garments, so they’d be much easier to make and market than the separates required for the first looks.

  • Basil Von Broccoli

    I don’t really LIKE Viktor, but he definitely produces my favorite designs of the bunch, and I don’t actively dislike him, which already puts him a step above some of the other remaining contestants.

    In previous seasons, my choice for the win was usually someone who I all-around enjoyed watching (with the notable exception of Jeffrey Sebelia), but it’s been a while since I felt really invested in this show, so Viktor is good enough.

  • Anonymous

    I read an interview with Tim Gunn in which he said his least favorite designer of the season was Bert.  Anyone else see that?

  • RyzandShyn

    I’m with you, it’s down to Bert and Viktor. Too bad Viktor wasn’t thinking about the online appeal/look of his outfits.

    I was really dismayed¬†that Josh wasn’t auffed. He hasn’t really developed any self-editing skills. The only time he did¬†edit was when the husband and wife were monitoring him. I had the feeling that Heidi and Tim were openly disappointed too and showed it by their comments.

  • Anonymous

    Well, having survived the 70s, I actually don’t get that vibe from either of Viktor’s pieces, though I like both of them. ¬†It’s partly the color–gray and black were surprisingly absent during that period. ¬†The neutrals were more in the beiges and khaki. ¬†

    The snakeskin print tee-shirt I like a lot, but it’s very, very reminiscent of stuff done recently by Helmut Lang.¬†

    The dress is better, though only the length is 70’s–you never saw that kind of structured higher waist line, which is little more Mad Men than anything from the 70s. ¬†Your quintessential 70s dress was Diane von Furstenburg’s wrap dress. ¬†There was always something loose–even between designers as radically different as Calvin Klein and Yves St. Laurent. ¬† ¬†. ¬†

    While I’d have been fine with Viktor winning, I don’t think it’s an obvious winner, not with Bert’s stuff around. ¬†Bert, of course, had a major advantage having been there, but he got the key 70s elements that made me go “oh, yeah.” ¬†Viktor’s didn’t. ¬†

    It really, really should have been Bert’s win except for those ridiculous hot pants.

    • Anonymous

      I loved it that Hissy’s look ¬†– the safari suit – which we all wore, was done in new colors. ¬†I only remember wearing tan and navy and orange and brown in the 1970s. ¬†

      • Anonymous

        I like Viktor’s look, but if I looked at his two outfits with no context, I just wouldn’t see a 70s vibe. ¬†I see a lot of 80s and 90s and, with the dress, even a bit of the late 50s. ¬†but not the 70s. ¬†

        Snakeskin print–current–and I almost bought an off-season Helmut Lang tee that was similar (lower neckline, though).

        Jacket detailing–3/4 sleeve–current and early 60s. ¬†the frayed edging–you start getting that deconstruction in the 80s. ¬†I will give Viktor the pants though–those referenced without copying beautifully. ¬†

        The palette–black/gray re-emerge in the 80s after about a 20-year nap.

        I don’t think the 70s elements stood out among the various references–I think other references stood out more so that the 70s references were pretty buried. ¬†

        That said, I’d preferred his dress to Anya’s jumpsuit. ¬†I *liked* the actual clothes, though he should have known that he had to keep it simple to win a mass-manufacturing challenge. ¬†They *always* have them and the easily manufactured wins–thus, the weepy lingerie designer’s simple denim dress beat out Christian Siriano truly innovative sleeve pants in the Levi’s challenge and Victorya’s simple racer back dress with vest beat Elisa’s really innovative unusually seamed dress with cape.

        But he’s won two challenges and is going strong–I think he’ll go to the finale as will the much, much less-deserving Anya. ¬†

        I think Kimberly’s on her way out of the disappearing middle. Possibly next week. ¬†I’ll throw things at my TV is Josh makes it to the finale.

    • (Not fashion knowledgeable here, or anywhere, please bear with me.)

      If Viktor Luna’s shirt was “very, very reminiscent of stuff done recently by Helmut Lang,” then wouldn’t that alone be reason enough to NOT win?¬† I mean, just ask Maya Luz.

      I hated typing that, because Maya Luz is one of my favorite past contestants.

      Gianni Rubino

      • Anonymous

        Given how basic tee shirts are, I think it probably just wasn’t a big deal. ¬†Though Lang’s are cut looser. ¬†Though that sort of thing may be part of the reason that Viktor doesn’t get the judge love people think he might. ¬†He may be making nice well-made clothing that’s a little too student-y–i.e. modeled too much after other designers. ¬†But I honestly haven’t focused on it and other designers to know. ¬†I caught the Helmut Lang because I came very, very close to buying the Lang version.

        I also don’t think it helps Viktor to be working in as dark and minimalist a palette–there seems to be a general move away from that on the runways, particularly for Spring.

  • In some ways Viktor reminds me a bit of Mondo. Not in a literal way, but they were/are both the most creative of the bunch – but whilst Mondo was “only” robbed at the end, Victor is robbed constantly. Anya however is kind of Gretchen, but without the obvious bitchiness & arrogance. But she is praised for beeing hip and on time. It was the same with Gretchen, who also made clothes, that SHE would wear, which impressed the judges. My last and only hope is PR is going to learn from last season`s mistake and pass the win to the person deserving it the most. You should reward good craftmansship and creativity – not beauty and a sense of style with bleh-skills.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t actually see that other that Mondo and Viktor are short, gay and Hispanic. ¬†Mondo’s work was flamboyant and when he slipped up it was toward something unsophisticated. ¬†Viktor’s work is subdued, consistently tasteful, but also not as inspired as Mondo’s. Both do have mad skillz, so there’s that.

      Gretchen also had mad skillz, Anya clearly does not.  Gretchen was socially inept and socially clueless.  Anya is a master of getting along with people.

      Yes, both Gretchen and Anya make clothes they would wear. So have 90 percent if not a 100 percent of the female designers on the show.  So did and do Coco Chanel, Diane von Furstenburg, Betsy Johnson, Donna Karan, Norma Kamali and Leanne Marshall. 

  • Anonymous

    I find these pieces blah. And dull. And not easily reproduceable, as you’ve pointed out. The question is, who made pieces that most girls want to wear and that will sell well? That is Anya. And Bert. When judges are drooling for a piece, you know you’ve got a win on your hands. I also disagree about the screen time given to the contestants helping Anya out. Collaboration and good spirit are important things to give screen time to. I know you two don’t watch Top Chef, which you should, but it is a major part of what makes Top Chef Masters the excellent show it is, one that keeps getting better over time while this show plummets into snark, unprofessionalism, and bitchery. The chefs there want to win not because someone else didn’t have the ingredients or tools necessary to winning, but because–with the same tools–they produced the best dish. Viktor’s lack of desire to help Anya is a gross representation of the human spirit, even if this is a competition.

    • what if viktor realized she intended to lose the money?

      • Anonymous

        Oh, come on.  She did not intend to lose the money.

    • So if a football player doesn’t help the other team score a touchdown it’s a gross representation of the human spirit?

      Give me a break. It’s a competition.

      • To me that is a good analogy … just adding that one team is professional, and one is pre-pre-Pop Warner.¬† I don’t care how beautiful Anya is, her skills just do NOT compare to the others.¬†¬†¬† I prefer a world where the strong help the weak.¬† I’m trying to type the next sentence, but now all I can think of is Anya winning the whole thing, when the finale should be Bert, Kimberly and Viktor.

        I don’t know, I think I’m more eager for All-Stars S2, and Accessories, instead of the finale for S9.¬† I sure wish Korto was on Accessories.

        Gianni Rubino

        • I don’t hold it against him that he wouldn’t help her, though I did think it would have been nice if he had done so.¬†

          And maybe he would have done so once he was done with his fabric if she had truly not had enough materials to construct anything — I was very confused when all of the designers were pulling stuff straight from the bags and giving it to her.¬† WHY would you give away fabric BEFORE YOU CUT?!?¬† What if you screw up a piece in cutting and need to fix it?¬† If she was going to use it, she would have already cut it and now you’re screwed because you were trying to be nice.

  • Anonymous

    “It‚Äôs really down to him and Bert, and Viktor‚Äôs better at producing more modern looks.”

    I totally agree, TLo.¬† I went back and looked @ each of the finale collections again, and I was surprised at the fact that I responded so negatively towards Viktor’s and so positively towards Bert’s.¬† In the competition part of the show, I have always liked Viktor’s work better.¬† I think my opinions are moot, since I’m near convinced that Anya will most certainly win.¬† But we shall see……

  • With you darling men 100%. Isn’t this the third or fourth challenge where Viktor should have won but didn’t because his stuff was almost too good. I am thinking of the ‘dress a regular gal’ challenge where they had to work with the men. I am also thinking of the Season 4 Levi’s challenge when Christian S. made this amazing outfit complete with innovative jeans that had the button fly at the ankle. And who won? Sweet P. Because she made a really pretty, strapless dress (and it was indeed lovely) and there was no way that Levi’s was going to try to manufacture Christian’s outfit.

    • ana

      actually Ricky won that challenge,but your point about Siriano’s outfit remains 100% correct ūüôā

  • Anonymous

    Good old Hissy. ¬† It’s nice to see that SOMEONE on the damn show knows how to make clothes at least a little bit. ¬†

  • Lori

    More than usual I¬†wish we could see the dossiers they were given.¬† Wouldn’t it be interesting to see what Piperline chose to show them representing the 70s.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that Victor is the best craftsman of the bunch, and certainly had the best output this week, but I really don’t like these pieces wholeheartedly. I would have liked the jacket much better if it was a bit longer and paired with something else, probably black. All that grey just looks washed out to me.

  • this is the first time i’ve agreed w/ you about viktor.

  • Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner! Love Viktor. He stretched his $100 further than Anya stretched her $11, IMO. Three great separates that can be worn together or separately. And, yes, the second look was *almost there*. It’s a shame the ombre “disappeared” at the waist line. A splash of color for the sash would have done a lot. But I feel these are quibbles about nicely designed pieces completed in a short amount of time on a small budget. You know, given more time, these pieces would have been perfect.

    My hopes are for a Viktor-Bert-Kimberly finale, though I’m sure that Maxi-Anya will replace one of my faves. I shudder to think that Josh may squeak in.

  • Anonymous

    I agree on virtually everything, T Lo. I thought the t-shirt looked great with the suit, and couldn’t understand why the judges didn’t. ¬†And the dress was great too. ¬†He is the strongest designer, and it really should be down to Viktor and Bert in terms of talent. That probably means Anya wins because that’s just the way PR goes these days.

  • Anonymous

    If anything, it might be that the producers intended her to lose it. But I still don’t care. It would be like accepting a win on the tennis court because my opponent forgot her racket. I’d loan her a racket with the hope of defeating her through skill, not vice.

    • If this were a one time thing, you’d have a point, but like several comments have pointed out her fellow designers have stepped in and helped Anya out on MULTIPLE occasions. ¬†I clearly remember once she WON a challenge with a garment she wouldn’t have even FINISHED if it weren’t for one of the girls stepping in and sewing her garment for her (I believe it was Kimberly but I’m not sure) and when she was on the runway getting heaps of praise she NEVER mentioned that she got help. ¬†I clearly remember in that episode Viktor kept looking at her like he was waiting for her to acknowledge she got help on the design and when she didn’t you could SEE the lightbulb go off over his head and from that point on he was less likely to offer her advice/help. Before that, he was just like everyone else quick to help her out or free with helpful advice. ¬†After that runway show, he cooled quite a bit. ¬†Viktor saw through and recognized her game for what it is.¬†

      I don’t really blame Anya for accepting help when it comes her way. ¬†In her place most people would. ¬† Her construction skills are lacking (that’s not a slam that’s just the reality of her not really having sewn for a long time/having little experience) and she knows it and on more than one occasion has had her bacon saved by the other designers.¬†

      The thing is though this IS a competition and should be won on the designers own merits. ¬†Do you think its fair that everyone else has to do their own work while she’s continuously bailed out? ¬† How many times would you lend your competitor a racket? ¬†Once, twice, ten? ¬†Anya’s a master at being manipulative without being overtly evil. ¬†Go back and watch the debacle that occurred when she, Josh and Becky were teamed together. ¬†She and Josh were thisclose and she was right there with him on every decision he made, every criticism of Becky and her skill and aesthetic he made, every cutting comment he made yet when the ish hit the fan, she ducked and covered and played both sides of the fence and left Josh holding the bag looking like the ONLY one who was talking down to/discounting Becky. ¬†I like Anya, I think she has a cool aesthetic and I’m not hating on her for playing the game, but make no mistake she’s playing it like a MVP.Viktor’s not being a bad sport, he’s just the only one in that sewing room that recognizes game when he sees it…hence his catching onto Josh.¬†

      • Anonymous

        We only see a fragment of the critiques and of what is going on in the design room, so I don’t think claims can be made regarding what was and wasn’t said. It is just as likely that the editors/producers cut out material that showed Anya giving Viktor credit in order to make you think about Anya just as you are now. This is an edited show, and time and time again, former contestants of many reality shows go on record saying that things were not as they were portrayed on camera. If you see a good vibe between contestants, there is probably a reason for that, and not just an individual’s beauty. Each season, I am amazed at how invested the commenters get in trash-talking various contestants. The only things I use as evidence are things I clearly see, such as Viktor outright saying he would prefer not to help Anya since this is a competition. I do agree, however, that no one should have helped Anya sew, unless they were finished and feeling generous. Giving left over money or fabric is a different circumstance.¬†

        • We all know reality tv is edited to tell a story and the people are made into “characters” hence there always being a “villain”. ¬†That being said, with Project Runway ¬†USUALLY when there’s something that goes down on the runway that people go bananas over (like Anya winning and not copping to receiving help) and its a case of something being edited out or cut, they are quick to give out that explanation. ¬†Case in point: when Oliver won the pet shop challenge and the internet EXPLODED because people thought Josh should have won for his birdseed dress, Nina Garcia in particular was quick to take to her Twitter and explain that Josh didn’t win primarily b/c they felt his dress too closely¬†resembled¬†an Alexander McQueen design and that she was disappointed that explanation had been cut out/edited by producers. ¬†Unless they’re saving it for the reunion show, no one’s said Anya gave credit where credit was due out on the runway. ¬†It’s possible she did, but they¬†certainly¬†didn’t show her doing so and that WAS the moment when Viktor cooled towards her, or at least that’s how its been portrayed on the show (of course it probably didn’t help that he was in the top and her look was picked as the winner lol)¬†

          I never said a word about Anya’s looks so I’m not sure where your comment about beauty comes from. I think people genuinely like her and I think she’s used that to her advantage on more than one¬†occasion. I don’t fault her for that, I’m just not going to pretend that because I’m a fan I don’t see her do it. LIke I said, I don’t blame her for taking whatever help she can get. ¬†Construction is not her strong suit…she doesn’t have a lot of experience and the time constraints they have to work under only highlight her shortcoming in that area. I like Anya…I just think she’s playing the game in terms of doing what she needs to do to advance in the competition, the same way Viktor is. ¬†That’s not an indictment of either of them as a person…that’s just my¬†assessment¬†of how they’ve been portrayed on the show.¬†

          Personally, I don’t think anyone should get help sewing because PR is as much about construction skills as it is design skills and if someone else sews it for you…then you didn’t construct it. ¬†And so many designers have been sent home in previous seasons b/c they could design but not sew…just as they’ve sent people home for being great at construction but not great at design.¬†

          ¬†I ¬†don’t really think any of the designers this season are all that bad tbh. ¬†Yeah, some of them have had catty moments, but there hasn’t been a Kenley Collins or Ivy Higa…no one imo is the “villain”. ¬†I think Josh is supposed to be but he’s not that bad to me…he’s had bratty moments but meh…almost all of them have. There’s no one whose tv persona I actively dislike this year thankfully so its easier to just focus on the fashion.

          • Anonymous

            The beauty comment wasn’t directed at you. TLo have intimated–as have many commenters–that her beauty is the reason why people are responding to her as they are. But as we saw with Kenley, beauty cannot overcome a wicked interior. ¬†Of the work we’ve seen, hers consistently has the most of that special something that the judges are looking for. And, let’s face it, they are also always picking the right personality for the win, the person who will be a good front person for the PR brand, take the money the show awards, and show up to all of their events. For this reason, I don’t see either Viktor or Bert winning the whole deal, though I could be surprised.

          • Ah Kenley….I’ll always wonder how much of her loss was due to her personality and how much was due to her being called out four separate times for referencing other designers work….even her final collection had a suspect garment in it, lol. ¬†I know reality tv tends to exaggerate people’s personalities but she really did come off as quite unpleasant. ¬†Shame too, because she was talented enough to not need to be so catty with everyone.

            I honestly wonder after all the negative press and fan reaction to last year’s winner how much personality is going to matter. I suspect it will carry quite a bit of weight and Anya is doing very well in the fan vote (it’s pretty much a two man race between her and Anthony R for fan favorite) so that could work in her favor. I’ve had her pegged for final three since the beginning, I’m just not sure if she’ll win the entire thing. ¬†Anya is very inexperienced and when it comes time to create and construct an entire collection on her own that inexperience could come back to bite her. I think that’s where Bert actually has a leg up on the competition…making a cohesive collection should be easier for him than most. ¬†Viktor I think free from the PR crazy would do well too. ¬† I think Viktor, Anya and Bert will make the finale (maybe Kimberly will sneak in). ¬†If Laura or Josh do I’ll be SHOCKED lol…personally I was surprised neither of them was sent packing last show.

          • I am wondering if Kenley Collins will have a personality turn-around like Top Chef contestant Tiffani Faison did when she returned to do the All-Star season.

            No, I’m sure she’s still throwing cats.

            Gianni Rubino

        • I agree with what you are saying re the editing and that not all is portrayed on camera.¬† However, Anya was careless and stupid enough to misplace her money and I wouldn’t have thought it unsportsmanlike for all the rest to refuse to help her since they could have capitalized on that bit of unfortunate luck.¬† The fact that the others did help her is more of a testament to their generosity and sympathy as opposed to Anya being really popular and deserving.¬† But we really don’t know for sure because we can only presume by what is shown in the episode.¬† I agree with others that have commented that Viktor is onto Anya’s game and I applaud him for taking a hard line about helping her coast by on the kindness and sometimes skill of others.

          • Anonymous

            I am more agreement with you than not. I don’t think anyone should have underspent in order to help her, and they didn’t. In fact, all of her money, all $11, came from Anthony Ryan, right? Viktor’s comments centered on the fact that he did not give her fabric because “this is a competition.” I disagree with his logic fundamentally, as I’ve already said. The parameters of a competition do not stipulate that a person should not help others. If he won this week because his greatest competition did not have money to buy fabric, what a shallow victory that would be. I think it interesting that Tim complimented Anya for helping others and giving away fabric the episode prior (much of which the editors did not show us). Clearly, she both takes and gives.

          • Actually, Anthony Ryan did put some notions back so he’d have some change for her.

        • If nobody had helped Anya sew, then she would have been eliminated long ago, and we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

      • I think it’s completely fair for her to get help while others don’t.¬† Because no one is making them help her.¬† If people want to do so, knowing that they’ll have to deal with her as a competitor later, then I don’t see how it’s unfair.¬† Stupid, perhaps, but not unfair.

    • but she’s been doing this stuff all along. from her introduction as a hampered & almost-virgin seamstress thru getting everyone else to do her work for her thru this, which seems all of a piece & very staged, at least to me.

      {as an aside, i dont think the nebulous “producers” staged it, no more than i think they staged her [very late in the day for this] sex tape revelations. i think she, herself, chose the character “plucky” & doesnt know how to do anything else. & why should she? it keeps working.}

      & he is obsessed w/ cheating, for some reason. or maybe he’s just being edited that way. but this time, maybe, he’s right.

      the first few times i can understand helping her. after a million of them, after you’ve figured out that she is using playing the victim of circumstance? maybe not.

    • You really can’t loan a racket. Pros go through those things like water. You’d have to give her a racket, and why would you do that? Rackets aren’t cheap. And what are the odds that you would have the same brand (and contractual obligations) as your opponent. Or that you would even like the same type- weight, grip, strings, etc.
      So basically, not a great analogy.

  • Anonymous

    BPR:  Did your favorite designer win?

    TG:   No.

    BPR:  Who was your least favorite designer this season?

    TG:   Bert.

    From the Blogging Project Runway interview after fashion week.

    I’m thinking this means that Viktor did not win.

    • Anonymous

      Or that he wanted Anya to win.

    • Anonymous

      I think his favorite is Kimberley! There were some extra clips about it on Lifetime’s website. He does seem to care for her, personally, more than the others.¬†

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, in those clips, Kimberly said that Tim would never say it, but that she is his favorite.

    • Anonymous

      He also mentioned, I think, that he did 4 home visits. I wonder if that means that there were 4 finalists or was there another one-to-one elimination match-up?

    • Anonymous

      Has Tim shown any particular fondness for Viktor’s work? ¬†He seems to have really liked Anthony–near tears on the good-bye.

      It’s just me, Viktor’s finale collection, while good, is not my favorite. ¬†I actually prefer Laura’s to his, though Laura and Joshua both merited aufs this week.

      • I think he was in tears because he knew Josh should have gone home but the producers wouldn’t allow it.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, I thought Josh’s was the worst, but Laura’s was also seriously terrible. ¬†Either one of them should have gone home over Anthony. ¬†

          Tim says in the same interview, though that his favorite designer is in the finals. ¬†Well, we know that’s not Bert. ¬†

    • Anonymous

      Oh, what fascinates me, here, is why Bert is his least favorite. I mean, there’s a wide swathe of negative personality traits and professional deficits covered this season . . .¬†

      (Edited for grammar.)

      • Anonymous

        Maybe it’s because Bert brushed off Tim’s advice in consultations.    I don’t’ know.  It seems there are plenty to choose from. But, he didn’t’ hesitate in his answer!  lol   Maybe their being about the same age had something to do with it.   Maybe it was because he really loved Anthony Ryan and AR and Bert didn’t get along.   I guess we could speculate forever.

  • Anonymous

    Not a fan of the safari look in general, but, yes, this is hands down the best and most thoughtful look of the challenge.  My only real complaint is the asymmetrical lay of the belt on the dress.  It made the bodice a bit too loose, and thus her left breast seemed on the verge of flopping out.

  • Anonymous

    I loved it.¬†¬† Shocked that he didn’t win!¬†

  • Anonymous

    I really liked it, he is the best designer on the show…or at least he is showing why he got on the show in the first place.¬† I wish the pantsuit had a pop of color….Loved the t-shirt but it really reminded me of the Tshirt dress that Anya did earlier and won with.

  • Once again, Viktor misread the challenge. **BUT** he focused on his work, instead of his own drama and did well for himself.

    I think what is going to help Viktor in the long run is getting his name out there and earning the reputation of a hard worker and talented designer. As far as the first point, I think he has, like Bert, become more self-aware.

  • And HOLY COW! How long are his model’s legs??? I have never noticed before…

  • Lisa

    This is an interesting post – I never thought much of Viktor as a personality, yet I increasingly find myself defending his designs week after week. And it always, ALWAYS looks like they’re going to give him the win, and then they hand it to their favorite girl of the season – the judges are turning into Lucy Van Pelt with the football on Viktor every week, and it’s unfair.

  • Someone else may have noted this–in the Tim Gunn’s Workroom segment on Viktor, Viktor’s plan was to show the jacket with the dress and the slacks with the T-shirt. Apparently he missed out on the “one piece only” part of the second challenge, and Tim asked him if the jacket could be made to go with the slacks. So he was planning to show the jacket with the dark skirt and sexier dress neckline, and he was planning to feature the T-shirt with the slacks, which the judges liked on the runway.
    He totally missed the concept of something that did not require a lot of detailed workmanship, but that’s because he always does put in a lot of detailed workmanship. I think he is the best of a poor crop.

    • Anonymous

      I haven’t seen the Tim Gunn Workroom segment, but in the show that aired I could swear the jacket was the very first thing Viktor made before they even had the second challenge thrown in. Could be wrong. (I used to watch these more than once but my enthusiasm has been tamped down.)

      • Sorry-I was not clear. He made the jacket and dress first, for the first challenge. Then he was going to make the pants for the second challenge, and I guess throw in the t-shirt. But in the end he had to put the separates into a single look. Tim was asking if the pants would go well with the jacket, which was already almost done.

        • Interesting. I might have to check that out.
          ETA- just scrolled up and that top picture shows exactly what you were talking about. Thank you, I would have never noticed otherwise.

  • Anonymous

    I think Victor may have the same issue Mondo did.¬† The judges have already decided where they think fashion is going–not long term–but the next season or two.¬† So they tend to see any designer who fits the aesthetic they are already banking on (literally) as prescient and right on trend.¬† I guess they think that fashion is going in a tank, maxi-dress direction and not a tailored one.¬†

  • Anonymous

     the manufacturing costs for 3 separate pieces would have been more than Piperlime would have been willing to spend.

    Piperlime sells $700 shoes. They could easily sell that suit.

    • “more than Piperlime WOULD HAVE BEEN WILLING to spend.”

      They weren’t going to lay out the money for an untested designer. This has always been the case with PR, whether the design is for Macy’s, Banana Republic, or Piperlime.

    • also: they didnt have to sell the suit. they couldve sold the dress. & if they had, that dress would be sold out right about now. actually, come to think of it, long before now.

      • Yep. That’s a really great dress. It’s modern and stylish but also, I think, echoes the 70s. I can’t imagine it would be that difficult to produce. And, if they were dead set on Anya winning, they should have given it to her for her first design. That second piece is a monstrosity.

      • Anonymous

        I would have bought Viktors dress. Had the credit card in hand on the off chance that the judging went my way.

  • Anonymous

    Victor’s suit was so much better than all the rest that it threw me firmly into the “whatever” camp on the rest of the season when they didn’t give him the win. His look reminded me of a Charlie ad (like this one:

    • Now I am The Bee

      Thanks for the link, GT.¬† I still wear Charlie fragrance–The Hubs loves it!¬†

  • Judy Raddue

    The best part? ¬†His near-smackdown with Josh in the green room. ¬†Viktor proved that Josh may have some tailoring skills but has no sense of fashion history. ¬†Even worse, Josh displays zero curiosity in educating himself on it. ¬†Viktor, on the other hand, proved that Bert wasn’t the only designer there with a true sense of 70s fashion. ¬†

    Viktor for the win!

    • I love that the other designers jumped in as well. Although it has to be said– Viktor himself is not 100% on his fashion history either. Remember, he confused Queens Elizabeth & Victoria in the stilt walker challenge.

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree that he is the best designer left and that both these looks were way ahead of the pack AND that it’s really down to him and Bert.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like Viktor, but couldn’t deny that this was fabulous. I already thought it wouldn’t win because of the manufacturing costs, but it was the best by far.

    Now let’s get to Blenley and her shit on a stick outfit.

  • Anonymous

    Yup, they should give it to Victor and end this debacle of a season. Bert second place. Anya – send her home. She can’t sew, her sewing on her looks was messy. They have never given it to a messy sewer before, I can’t see them giving it to her.¬†

  • I loved loved the jacket and was bummed it didn’t win even though I knew it wasn’t. For once, I wish they would award something well designed the prize in the face of cheap and commercial. My bet would be it would sell more for higher making the profits better anyways. At least Viktor’s got my vote for best designer in the competition, sadly everyone else is two tiers below him. Not much talent this season sadly. Maybe that’s why the judges have been smoking the crack pipe more often?

  • Im still allowed to be bitter about this bullshit judging right? He was the clear winner by a landslide. Plus that jacket is beautiful.

  • Helen C

    I can’t agree more. ¬†Viktor and Bert are the only ones who can design and make clothes. ¬†And Viktor is more chic.¬†
    Bert’s dress is sold out. ¬†Anya’s jump suit looks good on TV and on her (pageant queen) and the model, but it’s really not for “real women”, where as Bert’s and Viktor’s designs are much more wearable.¬†

  • I do not like where that jacket hits on the hips; very unflattering on non-models! ¬†The hemline should not go through the hoo-ha.

  • Stephen Trask

    Why didn’t one of the judges suggest that he should have asked his model to take off the jacket at the end of the runway and walk back with it slung over one shoulder? ¬†Then he could have gotten both looks. Nina would have done her little fashion sigh.

  • “It‚Äôs really down to him and Bert, and Viktor‚Äôs better at producing more modern looks”.

    As a Bert fan from the very beginning (as in casting show), I still feel worried for Bert. However, watching Bert of late gives me a feeling that he’s having a lot of fun on the show and is happy with how far he’s gotten. I don’t see him as a contestant who is “hungry” for the win as the others are. I think he’ll do fine even if he doesn’t end up in the final three.

    • I agree. I think that’s why it’s fun to watch him at this point–he knows how good he is but he is actually enjoying the ride. He is setting his own goals.

      • Anonymous

        I did like his comment to Heidi in the first meeting this week when he said he was surprised to still be there! A nice dose of humility is good.

    • Anonymous

      I, too, have noticed that he seems far more relaxed in the last couple of episodes than he was earlier. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, but if they’re charging 200 bucks for Anya’s POS jumpsuit, Piperlime could have manufactured either of Viktor’s looks for an appropriate retail price.

    • No they couldn’t.¬† To make that jacket without free labor (as on the show) and do it WELL would be very pricey.¬† That’s a complicated piece to construct.

      And there’s no way to EVER make a piece that relies on tailoring as much as Victor’s jacket does for mass market and have it look as good — the fit is far too important, and most women don’t precisely meet the mass market proportions.¬†

      • Anonymous

        I should clarify.¬† What I meant is that the jumpsuit is $200, so they¬†do¬†not seem to be concerned about keeping the items at a lower price point.¬† So, why not sell the jacket for $600?¬† And of course, they’d simplify the design elements for production as well.

        • I see.¬†

          Though I don’t know that it would sell at that higher price.¬† PR fans are the most likely to buy it, and if they dumb it down, we’ve already seen what it SHOULD be, so it’ll be unfairly compared.¬† And the jumpsuit is at least a full outfit.¬† All you have to do is accessorize.¬† That’s a big thing for me — dresses pack more value (I would think the same would be true of jumpsuits; I don’t wear them)

  • Anonymous

    That suit is fab-u-lous. It has an updated Emily Hartley vibe to it. He was robbed…again. Just like we, as viewers, are robbed of authentic judging amymore. It is all so fake now.

  • Why dont they just crown Anya “Miss Project Runway”, give her a crown, sash, cape, septre and flowers and be done with it. That way, the other designers have a chance to win. It looks like she will win, even tho her point of view is narrow and sewing skills lacking, because she is so pretty and sweet.¬†

  • Adella Thompson

    Well win-lose-whatever, Viktor has succeeded in making a future customer out of me. I hope he has the marketing savvy of Christian etc., because I would like to see his lines in the future!

    • Anonymous


  • Now I am The Bee

    Absolute spot-on analysis, gentlemen!¬† I agree with every word.¬† Also–it’s nice to see that second dress up close.¬† It’s stunning!¬† The dresses of the 70s were all flow and drape, so this is a perfect interpretation–with a modern bent.¬† Well done!¬†

  • sarah jacobs

    I love how Bert’s experience allows him to make smart decisions undertanding how a simple garment is inexpensive to produce. Unlike the others he isn’t designing in an “I am an artiste”¬†bubble but with a real understanding of what the client needs.

    I also love that Halston-esque garment that has that naked yet dressed quality. I also loved the glimmery garmet he made that with the chiffo ad the sequins could have looked trashy…but didn’t.

    • Naked yet dressed–well said. I was feeling that my daughter would like it and now I know why.

    • Anonymous

      If you go to the Piperlime site, there is a very instructive video of Bert discussing the look with the Piperlime rep:  A great deal of thought went into that very simple garment. 

    • That’s one of my favorite things about Bert, actually;¬† he’s so realistic about the industry.

  • Anonymous

    What y’all said.

  • Anonymous

     Grey was not big but there were plenty of blues, greens & burgundys, depending on the year. I had a pair of high-waisted wide-legged pants of which I was extremely fond- they swished so beautifully as I strode along in my cork-soled platforms. (till I tripped on my platforms and ripped out one of the knees on the sidewalk) that were a green & spring green plaid against an off-white background.

    Worn with one of those short-sleeved, skin tight v-neck sweater sets.

    • Anonymous

      This was the go-to dress-up outfit in my high school (mid-70s) – for when we wanted to look like grown-ups. Usually in jewel tones blue green and burgundy exactly as you say!

      Being a hippie, I had a thrift shop white cashmere sweater from the 50s with blue and silver embroidery at the yoke  *sigh*

      • Anonymous

        *sigh* indeed!

        Thrifting was more of an adventure before the Internet – more struggle & times of drought, but oh the thrill when you find a prize!

        And I know how old lady I sound when I say it, but I miss the days when it wasn’t that hard to find a dress from the 40’s or even the 30’s in good condition. (Without going to a dealer, that is, and paying the well-deserved mark up for all the time & knowledge they have invested.)¬† When I think of the 30’s lingerie I passed up in my 20’s because I “didn’t really need it” or worse, it seemed too expensive, I could just spit!

        Yeah, I do sound old.

  • AND he cut a two piece sleeve!

    • Anonymous

      hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! (breath) hahahahahahaha!

    • Anonymous

      You know, that *that* is enough to confer a little distinction on him says all one needs to say about this season.

  • Anonymous

    I bought a safari suit 3 years ago and haven’t had the courage to wear it once.¬† Viktor’s I think I could pull off.

  • Anonymous

    Like I said before, I don’t think Viktor ¬†wanted to help Anya is because the last time he didi (HP) she won his challenge. Viktor is very talented and has a skill level that is undeniable , Vik has put in a lot of hard work over his life time that is impossible to fake ,I respect that.

  • Anonymous

    “It’s down to Bert and him…” ¬† Sad words indeed. ¬†I’m remembering Mila vs. Seth Aaron vs. Jay– I liked all three and there were more good’ns besides… ¬†

  • Anonymous

    When I saw Mond– I mean Victor, appear on the runway in a little snakeskin bowtie , well, I just know we have this year’s first runner-up!

  • Anonymous

    EDIT: Sorry, this was meant to be a reply re: the Tim Gunn interview. Not sure why it didn’t attach to the thread.

    Wow. ¬†The most interesting thing to me about this interview is how different it is from Tim’s old interviews. ¬†Very monosyllabic answers. ¬†“No.” ¬†“Bert.” ¬†“Yes!” ¬†And it’s almost comical how he refuses to say anything bad about the show any more. ¬†“I love this season! ¬†The next episode is great!” ¬†

    Talk about holding to the party line! ¬†Remember the good old days when he would go on and on about things that baffled him about the show? ¬†I’m thinking those vitriolic vlogs last year were the last straw, and he’s either been paid off or bitchslapped into place. ¬†Probably a combination of both!

    • Anonymous

      Can’t disagree.¬† I’ve begun to wonder if Tim maybe doesn’t have but 2-3 more seasons in him as on-screen mentor.¬† (should this show have 3 more seasons, but then those Housewives and the children over on the Jersey Shore killing time till they all settle down and breed continue, so . . . )¬† I mean, he IS a grown up with lots of irons in the fire & he spent a lot of years really teaching & apparently liked it. (ETA: implying that the work room advisor role may not be that satisfying any more).

      I flip-flop between thinking his new producer credit is a sweetener to keep him on board for a few more seasons or that it’s a negotiated way for them to keep him available for guest appearances & for him to keep a financial stake once he’s left the workroom.

    • I have felt this all season–that Tim is getting a “short edit” so to speak, being shown saying his catchphrases (which originally were not catchphrases but things he actually meant), looking puzzled, and chasing the dog at Mood. Or he is telling Laura to watch out for Nina, thus developing the drama in all kinds of ways. They are treating him like a mascot, a verbal and more important version of Swatch, instead of as a protagonist whose opinions count.
      I didn’t realize he had a producer credit now. I feel that he is on his way out and they are trying to make him seem less essential as they convert the show from watching people make stuff to watching people under pressure behave badly.

    • Anonymous

      you know, I went over to BPR last night just to read the interview and I noticed the exact same thing. It’s like unless he was talking about something non-PR (his book), his answers were often one word. Very sad, considering that Tim’s intellectual approach has always been one of the highlights of the show for me. I remember when he used to have podcasts. I would download them and listen as I drove into work every day.

    • Good point. ¬†Didn’t TLo also get interviews with the offed designers too?

  • This guy is the only current contestant who could have been a serious competitor in previous seasons.¬† Stunning clothes.

  • Anonymous

    I adored that second look of Viktor’s.¬† There were two items on the runway that would send me to¬† This was one, Bert’s dress was the other (sadly, it was sold out by the time I got there – that’s what happens when you spend a couple of days away from TV and the internet!).

  • Anonymous

    Now that I’ve seen the show, I will repeat my original statement regarding Anya’s win—What? No, how? Viktor clearly won this challenge with both looks, and I thought the Piperlime portion of the challenge was only for the second look–the one piece so if that were true then he still should have won. I’m with the majority that say this is totally producer driven at this point–drama, pretty, NOT skill or talent at all. Sorry Viktor, but if you don’t win it all just do a Mondo and prove everyone on the PR production team how wrong they are.¬†

  • I’m sorry, but the jacket is too high waisted, too short and the teeshirt is hideous… ¬†I do like the dress though.

    • It looks like she’s wearing something from the petites department, is what I’m trying to say.

  • Anonymous

    Is anyone else frustrated by the Disqus comments section?

    I enjoy reading everyone’s comments but Disqus makes it so hard, especially if there are many pages to go through in a post!

    Is it at all possible to configure it so that:

    1) All the page numbers are displayed at the bottom, and

    2) If you right-click on a page number and open it in a new tab, it opens to that page number instead of back to page 1?

    Anyway, I totally agree that Viktor should have won. He should have at least four challenge wins by now by my estimation, but for some reason he’s not the producers’ favorite. Bah.

    Just waiting for All-Stars and the return of Mondo and co.

    • Agreed! Not being able to click on each page # makes it hard to go through the comments. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Disqus formatted differently, although TLo get such a huge volume of comments maybe this is the way it has to be.

    • Anonymous

      Agree. I put up with it (and the ads; god, I hate all the ads), because it’s T Lo, but it’s truly frustrating.¬†

    • Anonymous

      #2 is what really bugs me, because if I clink on a link (like the link earlier to the Charlie ad), then come back here (since the link doesn’t open in a new tab), I go back to page one, then have to scroll through each page to get back where I was. I don’t think this is a TLo thing, however, as I am on other Disqus pages that do the same thing.

      • In Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 7 and up (and probably Google Chrome too), hit the control button when you click the link and it will open in a new tab.¬† Love that feature, because it preserves the page you were on.

        • Anonymous

          Thank you! Very useful tip.

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised how much I DON’T like how the suit photographs. To my eyes anyway it looks a tad frumpy, and the jacket just came out of mothballs. The Tee an pants are striking without the jacket. I think he did too much this week, as well crafted as the jacket is, somehow I think it kills the look. But I LOVE the dress, love the asymmetrical hem and the colors and sash. Terrific all around on that one.

  • Anonymous

    What do you mean about Viktor? He’s Grey, Lite Grey and Dark Grey!

    He’s lot less sense of color than Mila from Season 7 – or the late, unlamented Olivier from this season….

    • I don’t mind the colors. He took sophisticated 70’s elements and updated their color ¬†and design story. ¬†He peppered in new trends like snakeskin look, sheers as well. ¬†I like what he did with the suit/jacket, pants and tshirt–separates were so big in the 70’s and he capitalized on them. ¬†The dress looks like he took a sheer scarf and wrapped & tied it around the waist. ¬†I wonder if the belt tie is separate and if the black sheer/ombre is sewn into the waistline. ¬†His collection is interesting and most ¬†importantly, finished.

  • Anonymous

    Viktor was robbed, full stop.

  • Am I the only person who thought Bert’s dress was boring? I don’t get the excitement at all. Maybe it’s just not the kind of thing that I would/could wear (it seems more suited to a model shape, or at least someone without a lot of curves). I preferred Viktor’s dress and thought he should win, but I have to say the jacket photographs way better than it moved. It was so stiff.

    • Anonymous

      I think Bert’s dress won over Viktor’s because it gave an easy, breezy feeling. Yes, nothing to get excited about, but it was a simple and chic dress that any girl would wish and would feel able to wear.
      Viktor’s was also very chic but maybe not that easy to wear. I don’t think I would be as confident to wear Viktor’s dress than I would Bert’s.
      And to speak of curves, I’m quite curvy and have some difficulty to dress my upper body (big breast, small back) so I kind of favor Bert’s line of dress that would somehow camouflage a little the curves and make me appear more lean than I am, while Viktors would generously put my chest on show.
      Maybe it’s a question of taste ?

      • See, when I look at a dress like Bert’s I think of how it would hang off my upper body like a tent, and look very weird cinched in at the waist. I need something with more tailoring than that…

        • Anonymous

          Hmm, I understand. It’s a question of point of view, I guess.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe I’m alone, but I don’t like PR strife and found it very satisfying when the designers helped Anya out. I think she deserved the win this week because her designs fit the challenge–make something 70s-ish **that can be mass produced and sold online.** I agree that Victor’s ensemble was the higher accomplishment–and that he is the best designer standing by a long shot–but this week, I think the right person won. Overall, I find the judging this season vastly better and more satisfying than in previous years. I don’t always agree with the win, but I usually understand what they’re getting at (except that win early on by Olivier). For that reason, I think I am enjoying this season more than any since Austin Scarlett strutted his fabulous stuff–although, as I recall, the judging was pretty crackerdog back then.

    • The thing with Anya is, how are these “sophisticated 70’s designs” any different from what she puts out in every other challenge? Girl has no range. Whereas Viktor certainly not only demonstrates range (and taste) but works fast and shows technical competence.

      • Anonymous

        Agree, Kathleen (I am also a Kathleen!). I don’t think Anya’s anywhere near as talented as Viktor, who is my own favorite, but I think she most closely fulfilled the challenge this week–creating a look that both captured the 70s and could be efficiently mass-produced and sold online. I don’t think she would have won it if she hadn’t lost her money and had to “make it work,” however, but I thought she deserved the boost for indeed making it work. VIktor is my pick for winning the whole shebang. Can’t wait to see his final collection.

        • margaret meyers

          The one garment Anya makes well fit this challenge well.¬† Her clothes rely on a good choice of fabric (she does pick great prints), a lot of fabric and the simplest sewing possible.¬† She doesn’t pin and cut patterns, she drapes and cuts and then recuts, and then cuts some more until the garment fits.¬† All she makes is loose, flowing garments; she never sets a sleeve; she couldn’t fit the crotch on a pair of pants; others are always helping her with her sewing.¬†

          Did you see the way she “finished” the top edge of the paperbag-waisted pants for this challenge?¬† She cut them down to size with scissors — and the judges praised them.¬† The top edge was not calculated and sewn at all.¬† No wonder Viktor and Bert are rolling their eyes.

          • Anonymous

            I do think it’s not especially classy for one contestant to roll his or her eyes at the work of another contestant’s during the judging. Bert, in particular, is guilty of showing his disdain. So not cool. Agree completely, though, about Anya. Maybe she really did learn to sew four months ago? It never occurred to me before that it might really be true!

  • Anonymous

    I went back and looked at the Fashion Week runway shows’ posts and it was easy to see who’s now going to be in the top three.¬† I’m not a fan of Vic’s pissy attitude, but he’s confident about his work and knows what he’s doing.

  • Anonymous

    I am so hoping we are being set up to see a revolt by the designers against helping Anya so her sewing skills are truly revealed to the judges over the next few weeks (but know this is just wishful thinking on my part).  Via producer manipulation, I now reallly care that Vicktor wins. 

    • I thought kinda the same thing.¬† Maybe they’re helping her so that in the last few challenges they can stop and they’ll have one person that’s easy to get rid of.

  • Anonymous

    He was robbed I tell ya…robbed!

  • Yeah, I don’t have a problem with the judges making cheap production on Piperlime the main criteria, since that was explained at the beginning of the challenge. But I think Anya’s jumpsuit is selling for $200. That’s not exactly cheap. H&M could produce and sell Viktor’s look for $100.

    • Anonymous

      I agree.
      I would also buy it.

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t get the win, especially when it’s the second look, which we could almost call “look for less” if we didn’t want to go to the word “cheap”, that got the win in the two cases : they had less time and less money to do the second look, yet it’s those ones that won a commercial production. So, why not give the win to Viktor and manufacture the wrap dress instead of the suit ?
    And, Anya’s jumpsuit is really ugly in term of print…¬†

    • fragileindustries

      I hated that print.  It manages to have a horizontal widening effect plus extensive gathering!  Even Frau Seal looks a tad hipalicious, if you saw her in it.

      • Adella Thompson

        Agreed! I am the biggest fan of loud prints in sophisticated outfits, but this one gives me seizures and does *not* do nice things for – as you say – even Heidi!

  • Anonymous

    absolutely the best design coming down the runway -until you consider the client then Anya is the clear winner. I love Viktor, Isid it weeks ago – Viktor for the win and I stand by it.

  • Anonymous

    Head and shoulders.  

  • I didn’t really enjoy the jacket. It looked too stuffy to me. I did like the combo of just the tee shirt and pants. Very nice. The dress? Ehhh.

  • Honestly, I was completely underwhelmed by Viktor’s dress and I didn’t see the 70s at all when looking at it…

  • Anonymous

    You’re making me remember one of my favorite outfits: ¬†A forest green turtle neck, brown/orange/green knit vest-and-sweater set, worn with brown wide-legged jeans (that I made myself, thanks) and high-heeled saddle shoes… ¬†Sigh. ¬†Hadn’t thought of that outfit in years. ¬†

  • fragileindustries

    Word. ¬†God, I love you boys. ¬†No one can say you’ve been co-opted. ¬†I keep joking, episode after episode, Viktor wuz robbed, or producer manipulation, what can you do. ¬†I ain’t joking any more. ¬†I know it’s a game show, but it’s one of the very few shows in memory that even attempts to show visually creative people being creative. ¬†If it’s judged, I have this silly expectation that quality will be rewarded. ¬†I would wear this suit tomorrow if I still had an office job. ¬†I like that he focused on the emergence of the working woman in the 70’s. ¬†

  • Anonymous

    Viktor’s model has terrible posture. It always looks like her head is on crooked.

  • margaret meyers

    I don’t like the proportions on the suit.¬† The 3/4 sleeves, the¬†way the front flaps just meet but don’t overlap,¬†the high waist and the short length make it look like a tall girl is wearing someone’s petite jacket.¬†

    I do think Viktor should have won, and the updated von Furstenberg wrap dress was a great idea.  Sometimes what he delivers is a little boring.

    • Anonymous

      Wow РI loved his suit and despite the fact that I generally hate 3/4 length sleeves, I never ever noticed that the sleeves were 3/4.   I have liked him since the first challenge and  picked him to be top 3 at least- his work has been consistently good and he is not getting the credit from the judges that he is due.

  • Anonymous

    The frayed pockets are actually the selvage.¬†¬†Tailors and seamstresses out¬†there know how smart this was.¬† Utilizing that already finished off edge meant he didn’t have to hem the pocket.¬† It also is a fun reference to Chanel.¬†¬†I wonde if¬†he considered using that else where like sleeve hems. ¬†

  • TEAM VIKTOR! He’s the only one who seems to be able to sew a garmet! (multiple garmets at that!)

  • Anonymous

    Viktor has been my “favorite” since the first challenge, when he made that sassy little white dress that was completely ignored by the judges, who continued to ignore a lot of great work from him until recently. (I put “favorite” in quotation marks because choosing one of these designers as “best” is kind of like saying that that I prefer the pain of arthritis to a toothache.) Still, “head and shoulders above everything else on the runway” is absolutely right and should count for something. And yes, his level of bitchiness–since he and Bert made up–is just right.

  • Jay’s Chrysler dress is the best garment made on the show. Ever. The fact that it didn’t win reminds us that¬†it not all about the best designs or designers. However, at least he won the season. Still–a shame that dress didn’t get the recognition it deserved.

  • M Carlson

    I’d wear that suit in a heartbeat. A charcoal grey would have been to die for.

  • Anonymous

    He really did do a spectacular job of updating two classic 70s looks. I can’t believe the amount of work and the quality of work he put out in such a short amount of time.

  • Great big morning cup of hell yes. I had that pantsuit in khaki tan; wore the living shit out of it.

  • Anonymous

    Shouldabin, maybe, but only if the construction couldabin. The design is nice, but the workmanship is embarrasingly crappy. The trim work is shoddy, and Viktor has apparently never heard of interfacing. Everything sags and droops. The collar is “sad” (there’s that word again!), and the droopy belt is downright painfull. I was doing better work in 8th grade. He was right to be passed over, just not for Anya. Her dress looks like the dress she interviewed in. In fact, when I first saw it, I thought it was the dress she interviewed in. So unimpressive. Sometimes I wish I could take my job as unseriously as these judges and contestants do. But I’d get fired.

  • Viktor is the best designer on this season…which means he doesn’t have a prayer of winning.¬† Hack Anya will get that prize.
    Maybe we can see him on a future season of “Who Should Have Won”.

  • When will Laura admit that Bert knows more than her about fashion in almost every way? I’m tired of her ageism, and thus pleased as punch to see Anthony get the auf.

    • Anonymous

      Agree with your first sentence.¬† I don’t understand the second.¬† Why should being tired of Laura’s attitude make you pleased that Anthony, rather than Joshua, was auf’ed?

  • JM Z

    I completely disagree about Viktor’s attitude regarding the other designers’ willingness to help Anya. I understand the basis for it, (would probably even act the same way if I were to be totally honest) but I don’t think he was in the right. Tiffany Derry¬†from Top Chef said, and I’ll never forget this, that she wanted an even playing field. She wanted each competitor to have equal opportunity to be on their A game. Otherwise she would have been winning by default, and¬†what’s the value in that?¬†Besides,¬†Anya didn’t end up using any of the gifted fabrics, Anthony Ryan, though, I feel kind of horrible for. I hope he hasn’t been kicking himself too hard over bankrolling her first outfit.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad his bryant park show was so average (to these eyes).

  • I loved Victors outfits and really wished that the safari one won the challenge — I would have bought it! Maybe Viktor will sell it in his private collection. Hope so