PR: The Heavy Artillerary

Posted on October 18, 2011

We’re not quite sure what Clinique Counter was supposed to be inspired by. Cannons? Stained glass? It was all very vague.

And when you really can’t figure out your own inspirations, the subsequent work is going to be equally as vague and ill thought-out. As far as we can tell, he boiled everything down to “metal.” Say what you will about Laura’s and Kimberly’s collections; they at least looked like collections. This was just another example of Josh throwing everything at a dress form to see what would stick.

We liked Heidi so much better when she mostly stayed out of the judging sessions except to act as a moderator. She LIKED this.

It’s a half-assed idea and a half-assed dress. We realize he wanted the Lurex to look sheer so that the mini-dress underneath showed through, but it just looks like a dress that needs to be lined. And could that drape be any less interesting? A little girl playing “Here Comes the Bride” with a bolt of fabric could come up with roughly the same look.

Maybe we shouldn’t have singled Heidi out for criticism because NINA PRAISED THIS.






Please. Anthony almost got auf’d for making a drum majorette costume earlier this season and that was downright tasteful compared to this.

What makes it doubly embarrassing for the judges is that Josh himself thought this look was awful. This is what we mean about the ridiculous producer intervention this season: they’re so bad at it, to a point that it’s a bit insulting to the viewer. If you want to sell the storyline that the judges loved this look, then edit out the part where the designer with the tackiest taste admitted it was a terrible look. Not that it would have made the judges’ praise any less ridiculous, but at least they wouldn’t have come off looking like they had worse taste THAN JOSH.

They overpraised this one wildly but we have to admit it’s the strongest look in this collection.

Considering his choice of material, it was fairly well executed. Then again, his choice of material looks like something you would use for lawn furniture.

But we have no issues with this look. It’s well fitted, it has a simple design to it, but that’s a point in its favor since Josh tends to over-design things. He was “showing growth.”

Our issue with Josh is pretty much the same as our issue with Anya. We don’t particularly mind that either of them made it to the finals. It was an extremely weak pool of contestants this year and they’re both far from the worst. It’s just that they’ve both been over-praised to an absurd extent this season and, when compared with the critiques these very judges have made in previous seasons, it makes the judges look stupid and the producers look like they don’t give a shit. The fact of the matter is, no matter what Michael Kors (or even Nick Verreos) says, a huge part of this show HAS been “Project Seamstress,” at least in the past when designers routinely got auf’d for consistently poor execution or for having “taste issues” or an “editing problem.” You want to send Anya or Clinique Counter to the finals because it makes for good TV?  Go right ahead, but to anyone who’s paid close attention to the show since the first season, all this praising of weak contestants represents the point at which the judges became irrelevant to the process and people were cast and kept in the competition for reasons that had nothing to do with their output, resulting in probably the weakest pack of finalists the show has ever had.

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  • Anonymous

    Good Lord! Josh and his dumb ass, “Artillerary/Stain-Glass/I Don’t Know What The Hell I’m Talking About” inspiration crap. That boy invented Stupid! How he has remained on PR baffles the mind. That Cheap Silver Bed Sheet Toga Dress/Costume, reeked Fug. But, it was his ugly Drum Majorette sans Baton outfit that went beyond mere Fug and ventured into Kray Fug. Leave it to DramaV to figure out a way, to turn a skinny model into a, Chunky Marching Band Majorette. Strike up the band! And there lies the problem with PR,  this CRAP made it to the finals for Fashion Week. For Shame PR, FOR SHAME!!

    • Anonymous

      “It’s a long way / To Artillerary.”

      • I wanted to have a “love” button for that comment — seriously laughed out loud!

      • Anonymous

        LIKE X100

      • Anonymous

        Whoop I’m from Artillerary!

    • Anonymous

      “Artillerary.”  Heeheehee *snort*.  I’m so glad someone else caught that!

      How did the Duchess not slam the majorette outfit?  It would have been the perfect opportunity for him to blurt out something along the lines of, “I was waiting for someone to strike up the band!” or “I keep looking at her and wondering where her baton is!”

      • Anonymous

        And she actually does look like a disco supermarket cashier majorette!  Oh, the deleted material from the judges’ deliberation must be priceless….

  • Anonymous

    The first look will be coming to a Walgreens or Ocean State Job Lot near you this holiday season as a shiny glitter snuggie. 

    • I read that as “Shitty Glitter Snuggie” 

      I am LOLing at both. 

    • mrspeel2

      Ooooh, I hope so. I LOVE Ocean State Job Lot!!

  • Anonymous

    If CC and Anya were replaced by Anthony Ryan (I picked him as the clear winner before the season started…oops!) & Bert (or Laura even), I think this season wouldn’t have ended on such a WTF note. The producers are going the wrong direction and it’s making it seem like Nina and Heidi don’t know anything about fashion.

    • I know!  The fact that Nina actually praised that hiddy outfit in this hiddy Josh series makes it seems like she’s lost her fashion sense credibility.  She who busts out the “I question your taste level” mantra so often.  I hope she’s looking in a mirror the next time she says that!

  • Anonymous

    Wow. I need to reconsider my stance that either Kimberly or Laura were equally fit for the auf. This is horrendous. The inspiration and the execution of all these looks are awful.

    I like the shoulder detail on the silver dress, but the rest of that dress is stupid.

    I can’t even adequately state my dislike for the second look. I made sputtering noises when I saw THE PLASTIC ON THE SHOULDERS! What the hell? It looks like an old lady’s chair-back slip covers for gods sake!

    The last look is a decent idea, but I think the detailing on the mesh looks extremely clumsy and the fit is bad. I don’t like the gaping around the sides with the tightness across the hips.

    Totally auf-worthy collection in my eyes.

    • Anonymous

      Agree that the fit on the last look ruins whatever merit it may have had otherwise.

    • Anonymous

      I hadn’t even noticed the useless plastic things on the shoulders of the second look until you mentioned it — I was probably blinded by the fug.  Laura and Kimberly may have been equally fit for the auf, but this is much worse than either of them.

    • Anonymous

      I think what bugs me about all of this is that Josh didn’t take this moment to show what a great designer he is with great inspiration. He treated it as an unconventional materials challenge.  He could have had the same effect of body armor / strength / steel, etc. with more high-quality material.  MK was right on the button when he called him a “magpie.”  They collect shiny, sparkly items and don’t pay attention to expense.  Diamond? OK. Coke can lid? even better! SHINY!

    • Does the studded tank top remind anyone else of the Confederate flag?

      • Anonymous

        Totally. She looks like a Confederate majorette. So freakin’ weird.

  • Word. As usual, you guys say everything I want to say, but better.

  • Anonymous

    I sort of can’t even bring myself to care at this point. I don’t even think I’d care (other than a dramatic eye roll) if Josh won the whole thing. This show has turned into a joke.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, that hits the nail right on the tacky head.  The main problem with this season is clearly that the judging has become completely irrelevant this season.  Nothing is based on skill or style, merely on drama quotient.  All of the judges can kiss my ass for going along with this travesty, for all they’ve done is write themselves — and their importance — right out of the show.  

    The funny thing is, this is the season when they added Nina and Michael to the opening credits.  It’s like they think the judges have become such iconic personalities that all they have to do is show up at this point.  But I think most people like them for their collective eye and their critiques as much as their colorful phrases.  All the quips and jokes in the world don’t matter if they phone in the judging portion of their job.

    • I really thought that was cool that they put them in there. But now, it is exactly how you said it. MK might as well say “You’re either in, or you’re a disco pumpkin”.

      • “disco pumpkin” sounds like a great halloween costume.

  • Anonymous

    Well said, TLo. Sadly, I think my biggest problem with the finalists isn’t that I don’t agree with the picks–that’s happened to me plenty of times from Season 1 on. It’s the fact that, honestly, I can’t think of who I feel was particularly cheated. Honestly, I think if any of the also-rans — Laura (assuming I hadn’t seen her beautiful fashion week show), Bert, Anthony Ryan — were picked instead of these three, I’d have the same complaints. Their aesthetics aren’t particularly interesting. Their output on the show was mixed at best. I think the only thing we can really blame the producers for is how weak the designers were across the board. I would blame the loss of cache with the move to Lifetime, but hell, even the drop-off from last season to this was severe.

    • Anonymous

      You’ve state my problem with PR9.  I never really loved any designs; was I ever outraged someone was auffed?  If I was I can’t remember him/her now.  No one this season has wowed me.

      Bert was my favorite from the beginning and that was somewhat because I wanted to root for the underdog.

      • Yep, Bert’s the only one I was really disappointed about when he got auf’ed–at least that I can remember now.

  • Anonymous

    well said!  I couldn’t agree more.  it’s painfully obvious (as you said, to the point of being insulting to us viewers) that the judges are being told how to spin things, and that the winner was (perhaps…we shall see) chosen a long time ago. these “designers” are the weakest group to date and bunim-murray is ruining this show.  

  • Anonymous

    I thought the fit on the white dress was atrocious. The gapping at the back was inexcusable.

    You know, thinking about it a little, this show has always been about keeping drama over sewing (witness Kara getting auf’ed instead of Santino and his glued on jumpsuit in S2), so it really hasn’t changed. But it HAS evolved to the point where it’s self-parody. I’m really close to saying this will be my last season of PR, and I say that with deep sadness, not disgust.

    • scottyf

      I know I’ve become too invested in the show when I feel the same: deep sadness. It has nothing to do with being a cheerleader for Bert–it’s pretty clear he got what he came for. It really is comparing Joshua’s work to even remotely competent contestants of the past. There is a constant cognitive dissonance that makes it impossible for me to have any fun watching. I see what he produces, and I get angry. Really angry. 

      I was shocked and disappointed by Gretchen’s win, but I understood why she made it as far as she did.  This pile of amateurish, inexcusable crap that he puts out just makes me angry. And since I watch this kind of television to relax, I fear too that my days of PR may well be numbered.

      • Rand Ortega


      • Anonymous

        I cringe when I realize I design better garments. Someone was right when they referred to this bunch as Etsy cast-offs.

        • Anonymous

          Etsy cast-offs indeed. But with this bunch that’s quite a dis for Etsy.

      • Anonymous

        Yep, Gretchen could sew and design.  A lot of people didn’t like her work and didn’t like her, but she wasn’t playing at it the way Anya does.  She wasn’t using a glue gun to design.

        I don’t recall anything like this where the majority of contestants going to Fashion Week have serious design/execution issues.  Viktor’s the only one you could see going in an earlier year.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. In past seasons, even when we saw designers move ahead of those more worthy, the show was still entertaining and showed us some “wow” moments of design. Now it is just kind of aggravating. I think I hang on because I still hope for real entertainment. Also, I’d like to laugh WITH the designers more and not AT them as I do currently.

      • Anonymous

        I fear, I find myself in the same boat. It used to be, that Thursday nights was a time a I would pour myself a glass of wine and settle in to bear witness to some talented Designers and be left in total awe. Now, I slump in with something stronger than wine and I’m left in total Disgust/Disbelieve. PR is no longer fun, fulfilling or an outlet that leaves me feeling privilege to see the next up and coming Designer, i.e., Christian Siriano. Because of my unfortunate personality type, I must finish anything I start. Even this Sad BS. Thank God, I have Top Chef, that still remains a show about Talent and not Personalities or Producer Manipulations. So Far…  

        • For me, it’s that hope springs eternal.  Once I start the season, like you, I’m compelled to finish, but with every new season, I go in thinking, “this could be a return to greatness.”  There were other seasons I didn’t like and the next was good, so maybe…

        • Anonymous

          Ugh, I’m down on Top Chef ever since I learned that Tom Colicchio strongarmed Wolfgang Puck into changing his vote so that Mike Isabella went to the finale instead of Antonia.  Producer games–they didn’t want two finalists from the same season..The whole muy macho thing going on with Top Chef–though it may well be a reflection of reality–has kind of worn me down.  

          Antonia deserved her shot.

    • Anonymous

      Right there with you (and apparently lots of other folks). I actually missed this episode because I was getting home from a trip on Thursday night. I didn’t even think “Oh, PR is on!” as I would have in previous seasons. At around 10:15 I sat down and started flipping channels, and decided I may as well at least stick around to see who was auf’ed. And then I stayed up until at least 1am…but I didn’t watch the one-hour rerun version.

      Because I simply didn’t care.

  • he must be the contestant with the worst taste and worst attitude in Project runway history, at least in the past, people with terrible attitude compensated with a great talent for design, but not this, oh no, he has the aesthetic of a gogo dancer

    and would someone please thank Bryce for being mature enough not to fall into Josh’s stupid “let’s talk trash about Anya right in front of her” game? Viktor and Josh took the award but most annoying gay man ever, I would feel ashamed of being a gay man myself if it wasn’t for people like Bert, Bryce and Anthony Ryan, but they got auf’d and the two idiots got to be finalist, that’s reality tv

    • I think Bryce did a great job of staying out of the bullshit, and actively pushing Josh to stay focused instead of gossiping. Bryce had a bad moment or two on the show, and his work wasn’t much, but he really deserves credit for actually trying to keep Josh on target.

      • Anonymous

        Bryce really was a grown-up, wasn’t he?  So different from the impression he left as a contestant. I wonder what Josh would have come up with if he’d been paired with someone else. Like, oh…let’s say Becky, for instance….

        • Kat Chappell

          I think in that case, Josh and Becky would be too busy fighting to pay attention to Anya; same end result, way more painful route getting there.

      • Anonymous

        The way in which Bryce handled Josh was about the only thing that impressed me in this episode. He behaved in a mature and professional way, helped Josh tone down his tackier instincts, and not only stayed out of the nonsense that Josh tried to pull him into but kept him focused on his actual work.

        He definitely had a bad moment earlier, with Fallene, which to his credit he later recognized, but he absolutely deserves credit for how he dealt with Josh in this episode.

    • No, he’s definitely not the one with the worst taste and skill — for one thing, his construction isn’t all that terrible.  And there have been worse — remember Blayne?!?

      • But at least Blayne wasn’t an ass. He was only mildly annoying, and even entertaining once you got past the catchphrases.

        • Granted.  His taste and execution were worse, but he was sorta sweet — a little irritating but he always seemed like a genuinely nice guy who just did self-assess well.

      • Anonymous

        Blayne’s tacky was coming from a specific, tacky aesthetic. He had a basis for his tacky. Moreover, he knew other people considered it pageanty, but he owned it anyway, and did his thing well.

        Josh has invented all-new forms of tacky. Worse, he apparently believes he’s producing avant garde couture.

  • Jeeze guys. You leave me wondering if you sew. You must. How can you know that the lawn chair furniture fabric was well-handled? Again you are so spot on. I feel the sadness in your voice at the decline of a great show. This leaves me eager to see what they do with all-stars, as it’s not light on talent. Will it fly, or will the producers find some way to break it?

    • Anonymous

      A few legit contestants, but waaaay too many Lifetime-era designers and also-rans for my taste.  (Elisa is an All-Star?!  She finished TENTH in that season!)  I fear that it could have the opposite effect and soil our memory of the earlier seasons, like George Lucas constantly tweaking the old Star Wars movies until they became a joke as well.

      • Anonymous

        I have no hope for Project Runway All-Stars; really, how can it work without Tim?

        What’s worse — if it gets good ratings, it lays the groundwork for Lifetime easing him out

        • oohsparkley!

          What?  Tim’s not going to be on it? Boo!

          • Joanna Coles, who spends her spare time thinking of ways to publicly humiliate Nina, and plotting her demise, is the mentor for PR All-Stars. No Tim Gunn hugs for those designers.

          • Hee hee… maybe she’ll tell the designers how it’s important not to make things like what Nina praised this season…

          • Heh. She wouldn’t be wrong.

        • He can do better. 

      • Anonymous

        Do not. mention. George Lucas. to me!

        • Anonymous

          Han shot first! arghhhhhhhhhh

          • LOL!  Love that comment.  My husband actually has the Celebration tee with “Han shot first” on it. 

            For me, it’s the end of Jedi that I just can’t take. And the Clone Wars cartoon with the PACIFIST MANDALORIANS!

          • Anonymous

            Yes, and Anakin could use the magic of the force in ways Obi-Wan and Yoda never mastered to transform from his old man self back to the swashbuckling young man who choked Padme…. Man, Lucas sure knows how to kill his franchise. We were going to get the blu-ray, but we have no desire to spend a small fortune to see movies we’d no longer recognize. Maybe when the prices go down.

          • The full collection does have a ton of bonus material.

            My husband, who is the biggest Star Wars fan ever, explained it to me like this — Yoda and Obi-Wan continued to appear as their older selves because they remained true to themselves throughout their lives, so they had no reason to revert.  Anakin had last truly been himself before falling, and since it’s a Force projection, he assumed his true form.

            Of course, that was all concocted just to make me shut up and agree to continue watching our favorite of the movies:)

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, my husband pulled that one on me as well. The bonus material sounds intriguing.

      • Anonymous

        I’m still cautiously optimistic about it. I would have preferred more early season designers, but at least it has some of the right later season designers (granted, there are a few, from both eras of the show, who I think have little or no business being there).

        As for Elisa, sure, she finished tenth, but Malan finished fourteenth and he’s one of the most successful designers to come out of the show. Of course, Elisa is no Malan, but she did make a couple of things that were fantastic, though she went on to completely ruin one of them.

        No Tim, but different judges, which at this point is a relief.

        • Good Shot

          Wasn’t Malan the one who was invited back the next season?  IIRC, his first season he was auf’d second but he showed enough potential to get another try?

          • Anonymous

            Daniel Franco is the only designer who was ever actually on the show in two different seasons; however, Malan was technically chosen to be on Season 2, but turned them down, and then came back for Season 3.

        • I still remember the dress Malan was auf’ed for. It was lightyears better than this dreck.

          • Anonymous

            Me too. I don’t even think Malan should have been auf’d for it. To me, Jeffrey’s, which was somehow safe, had every single problem that Malan’s had and then some – on top of being just plain ugly.

    • Anonymous

      And we won’t know anytime soon…I just read that Lifetime is delaying All Stars until next year.

      Maybe they’ve already broken it?

      • Maybe at least one of the contestants threw a shit fit about the changes — “What?!?  What the hell is wrong with you people?!?  That was never how any of this worked!!!” and they had to bump it back to accommodate actually doing the show correctly…

  • I don’t understand Clinique’s total obsession with the circle skirt. I am not aware of any store, magazine spread, catalog, runway show, or PERSON on which I have seen a frikkin’ circle skirt in recent memory. It is not flattering to the frame, dammit. It is for fluffiness when clogging/square dancing only. And incidentally, Nina, I could buy that tank at Hot Topic for 12.99. So editorial, right?

    • Anonymous

      That’s immediately what I thought when it walked out, “Josh made ANOTHER circle skirt…why haven’t the judges picked up on this?”  They used to have critiques like, “We’ve seen this design before, show us something else,” but Josh has been turning out circle skirt after circle skirt and they never say anything.

    • Cautiously Pessimistic

      There was a dirndl skirt in a Valentino collection a couple years ago, but I’d agree that it’s generally not that flattering unless you have very little shape below the waist.

      Otherwise, I see circle skirts on little girls under eight a lot.  They also wear tutus.  I’m just saying.

      • Good Shot

        Yes, prepubescents look nice in circle skirts, nobody else.  Perhaps Josh’s calling is childrenswear?

        • Actually, I have a friend who has me make her a lot of circle skirts.  She works a very 50s vibe, though, so it works.

    • scottyf

      I’ll tell you why he constantly creates circle skirts:

      -there is no design involved
      -there is only one pattern piece
      -it takes minimal sewing skills to construct

      It’s one of the fastest and easiest garments to make. The problem–as you pointed out–is that there is nothing fashion forward about it whatsoever.

      • Anonymous

        Exactly.  I can’t sew at all, but even I could make a circle skirt and have it come out looking halfway decent.

      • Anonymous

        Exactly Scotty!  All he has to do is know how to draw a curved line and he has a tool to do that. Bingo.

      • Anonymous

        ooh, thanks for this info. I’m not a very good seamstress and I have even worse confidence, but this sounds like I could crank out a circle skirt that I would at least not be embarrassed to wear in the privacy of my own home. And I have no hopes of ever in my life wearing anything remotely fashion forward, so that’s not a concern at all. scottyf, you’re awesome.

      • Anonymous

        I also think he likes them because they are twirly.  Just like my 5 year old daughter.  Her position on sparkly things is also more is better.  So she and Josh have a lot in common, at least in terms of fashion that is.  She has far fewer tantrums.

      • Anonymous

        Word. And if you use a fabric that doesn’t fray, you don’t even need to sew anything. Just cut a big doughnut shape out of the fabric, pull it up your legs, and slap a belt on top to keep it on.

        Ridiculous. That whole outfit, even if the vest had been better constructed and the top made with better fabrics, would still scream “juniors department in the 1980s!!!”

        • Cautiously Pessimistic

          Have you seen his final collection?   No circle skirts, but pure 1980s juniors’ department.

          • Anonymous

            No, but I’m not a bit surprised to hear it. That’s his aesthetic for sure.

    • Anonymous

      Circle skirts are very popular with the tween crowd.  My daughter has a few from Target and Children’s Place. In addition, I’m making her one for her kitty cat costume for Halloween, but that’s more a result of it being easier than pie to make.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    EW. Is that a plastic belt on the Statue of Liberty dress? Someone PLEASE tell me he doesn’t make the final 3.

    • Anonymous

      It really, really is. WTF indeed.

      • Anonymous


    • I wonder if the plastic pieces were his attempt to minimize.  I imagine his thought process going something like this: “They don’t like it when I put sparkly shit all over my dresses, so I’ll use clear plastic shit.  That’s the opposite, right?”

      • Sobaika Mirza

        Sounds just like his juvenile way of thinking.

      • Anonymous

        This cracked me up because I can totally hear Josh’s voice saying something like this in the workroom to Anya (who, in all likelihood would agree that it would be a smart choice).

  • Anonymous

    Actually with all the talk o Anya Kool-aid, I find the Josh love the true perplexing embarrassment in terms of talent. Anya is kind of raw as a designer but she at least shows potential and has demonstrated real design ideas. Bert may have been instrumental in helping her to actualize the collection but at least Anya had a real concept for this challenge.

    For all that 100,000 dollar education, Josh to me has a long way to go before he can make it as a designer. Can you imagine what this would have looked like if Bryce hadn’t intervened? Based on most of the designers’ feelings towards him, Josh probably is a basically good guy, but he seriously needs to evaluate himself and his career. I just keep thinking back to what he put down the runway at fashion week.

  • Anonymous

    I sincerely didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry when those crackheads started praising Josh’s looks.

  • Leslie Carver

    Drum majorette’s ass looks wider than mine when she is walking away. Trust me, that is VERY, VERY bad.

  • Anonymous

    Four coffee spit-takes in one post!  A new record, and bravo, TLo!

    Plus, what you guys said in the last paragraph?  Nailed it. To the freakin’ Piperlime wall.

    The lurex shmatta.  For any of the judges to have responded to that mess with anything other than hysterical laughter or outraged contempt is incomprehensible. You take a black tank dress and drape a length of shiny crap over it and call it a day.  Really?  The fact that this thing was even discussed–much less that Heidi actually said, out loud, that she liked it–pronounces the obituary for “Project Runway.”

    The mess that Nina liked and actually said, out loud, was “editorial?”  MY DROOPY MIDDLE-AGED WHITE WOMAN ASS, NINA. Really, there is nothing else to say.

    The white dress fit well blah blah blah.  Lawn furniture material.

    The only disagreement I have with what you guys had to say about Psycho-Boy and his parade of hot messes is this: You said that the insane and insulting producer manipulation and co-opting of the “judges” resulted in “probably the weakest pack of finalists the show has ever had.”  No “probably” about it.  The weakest. Period. Also the least entertaining, the least likable, the least humorous.

    • Anonymous

      You are absolutely right: hands down, worst class of designers ever.  I caught the episode from seasons back of the potato sack challenge.  At the time I thought that was a weak year for designers.  What they created that one day was a treat compared to the collective crap that went across my screen this year.  More talent, creativity, design, risk taking (remember Ping’s exposed butt?), successful problem-solving than anything so far.  No probably about it.  And I’m with Scotty – the show has made me angry.  It’s a real loss.  PR was at one time entertaining, educational, inspirational, and communal.  Poop on them all. 

    • Anonymous



      Truly, a calling-out that should ruffle even Ms. Garcia’s NY-fashion-editor-poise.

    • Anonymous

      Really Nina? When did the definition of editorial become “make a negative sized model look like she has a BFA (big fat ass)?

  • Remember S2, when Tim actually gathered the designers together to talk about how troubled he was by their collective output? That was the season with Nick, Andrae, Daniel V., Kara J., Chloe…hell, even Santino was more memorable than any of this lot. Michael and Nina must be making a fortune off the show if it’s worth the damage they’re doing to their professional reputations.

    As for Josh, I imagine the producers learned a valuable lesson at the end of last season and will permit him to get no further than the first elimination in the final episode (the Wendy/Santino/Kenley fuck-you slot for so-so contestants kept around strictly for the drama).

  • Anonymous

    When I saw this collection, I immediately thought ‘he’s going home.’  Then I remembered it’s Josh.  There’s no way they would send him home-if he sent his models down naked, they would praise him for his out of the box thinking and his point of view.  He sent a toga made out of a cheap motel blanket down the runway and is going to the finals!  Seriously. 

    I also agree re: the sewing aspect. The have always beaten down designers for unfinished hems, sloppy sewing. It may be overall a design competition, but part of what the judges have looked for (in the past, certainly not know) is the ability to tailor a garment. If the sewing didn’t matter, everyone would be pinned into a dress and there would be loose strings flying off each garment.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, wait, you mean like Anya’s last design that she couldn’t get on her model because she hadn’t taken into account that she needed an opening? You mean like that? heh.

      • the judges don’t get to see the models change ma’am

  • Rebecca Zmarzly

    As for Josh and the cannon inspiration, I kept waiting for him to mount it and ride it Dr. Strangelove style.

    • That movie came out before he was born, so he would not know the reference.

  • deeTwenty Sapphire

    TLo, I missed you guys and your honest evaluations of the show.  After the third episode this season I said enough was enough and I stopped watching, but I missed your witty criticisms and I’m back to read, only to find the show has jumped down to the crazy edge entirely.  You’re right, the problems with the contestants is that some of the lower tier contestants who were auf’d early on in past seasons would kick these guys asses out the park.  Malan instantly comes to mind.  It’s just such a train wreck I can’t watch it anymore.  Actually, it’s more like five train wrecks, and wrecks 2 through 5 were done because the first one didn’t have enough flames and sprawled body parts.  

    I’ll still read you guys, because you are proving to be more insightful and even more entertaining than the reality tv trash this poor show has become.  So kudos to you, and I hope Burnim/Murray producers don’t suck the life out of a great production like they did to Project Runway.

  • Remember Reco, from the Fashion Show?  YEAH.  But hey, at least he could sew.  Speaking of which, Dear Josh: YOU CANNOT SEW THAT WELL OMG.  I heard him at some point trash Kimberly’s sewing, and it made me compare their collective work, and Kimberly came out MUCH stronger than he did.  None of Josh’s designs ever take the female body into account, especially when it comes to the seaming.  You can’t just lay any old line down–it has to serve some form of purpose into shaping the garment, even if it’s primary purpose is aesthetic.  Josh clearly has no idea at all what he’s doing when it comes to that, proven by the weird lumpiness that his garments consistently have, especially in the mid back area.

    • Anonymous

      Since you mention it, I feel obliged to mention this; I’ve said before, but I swear Project Runway has somehow metamorphosed into a knock off of The Fashion Show:
      A lot of mediocre designs from unlikable designers
      Weirdly, inappropriately diverse design backgrounds
      Way too many team challenges
      Judges in the workroom being deliberately unhelpful
      General atmosphere of meanness
      General atmosphere of overproduction
      Someone who chooses to leave the competition early in the season
      A designer who can’t sew but who has two lines
      A tacky designer who doesn’t know anything about the 70s and repeats the same elements
      A pretentious designer with a London connection who doesn’t think about the customer at all
      And even an Asian woman with a partially shaved head whose name begins with “An-”

      TFS had better judging, though.

  • Anonymous

     I watched the First and Second season again and the difference between the first seasons and this season is mind boggling. Not sure I will watch season 3 and 4 it will be way to sad.
    I used to plan my day so everything was done so  could just sit down and watch the show, but now since the last three years if I miss a show I would try to catch up now I don’t even try or want to try. So sad.


  • Also, Josh’s excuse that he wanted a heavier mesh? BULLSHIT.  He picked the wrong one, and instead of scrapping that and making something that, you know, WAS CLOTHING, he put chicken wire down the runway.

    • I’ve said it before, and I never get tired of saying it, but Josh’s construction is damn near misogynistic.

      • I hope that second girl was wearing a bra. 

  • Anonymous

    I think my favorite moment when was one of the judges (Zoe?) referred to the silver gown as the Statue of Liberty, which is what Tim called Kimberly’s much less referential gown in the work room. I can just hear Michael saying ‘I mean, just give the girl a torch and a crown and parade her around Times Square for $10 photos with tourists!’ At least he would have said it in past seasons…..

    The person in whom I am most disappointed is Nina. I always looked to her to have the most refined taste and tell the truth. In addition to praising the cheerleader outfit, I believe she also said she could work with the silver gown for an editorial shoot. I was unaware that a bolt of cheap lame fabric was considered editorial.

    • Anonymous

      It’s really sad when someone you admired–Nina, I’m talking to you–trades in her skill and viewpoint for a check.

      I hope it’s a really big check, Nina. If you can’t get a 40-room oceanfront property in the Hamptons out of it, you really need to ask yourself: Was it worth it? Because if I will never take anything you say seriously again, imagine how many other people feel that way.

      • Anonymous

        How does this reflect on Nina and Marie Claire when she’s sending designers like this to Fashion Week?

  • I fail to see what is likable about ANY of these looks at all. That silver toga dress is horrendous. It looks like I could have sewn it and I REALLY can’t sew, unlike poseur Anya.  I can’t believe Josh made it to the finals with this, but like others have said, I can’t really think of anyone else on the show who SHOULD have been in the top 3 to 4. I like Bert and all, but he hasn’t really brought it either so….

  • I just can’t hate Josh.  He’s petty and a pain in the ass.  BUT…  I think he has potential.  I think he desperately needs a design partner who can help him edit, but he’s had some interesting work.

    And I love that he can talk about his work.  Yeah, he’s more than a little delusional about the quality of it, but at least he can tell you what he was thinking and where he was going with it.  I think he has real passion for what he does.  As for the tantrums… a lot of people have them.  My family all has a tendency to blow up big when we’re upset and then forget about it within a day; some people are just like that.  He seems like someone who just doesn’t have any control over his emotions — don’t get me wrong, that’s still a mighty big character flaw, I just understand why he does it. 

    • Anonymous

      I think he desperately needs a design partner who can help him edit, but he’s had some interesting work.
      Yes, but the challenge is this: would he listen to them??? I doubt it.

      • I think it would depend on the partner.  It would have to be someone that could handle him — who isn’t the slightest bit intimidated by his tantrums and knows how to get through to him. 

        He has shown that he WANTS to be better.  Examples: he listened to Bryce about editing this week and he has listened to the judges when they say he needs to dial it down.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, but Bryce was very firmly his assistant, and only for one challenge. A mentor would need to be someone of whom he is in awe, I think. And his ego is still pretty big and his maturity (and willingness to truly listen to and process criticism) still pretty small, so finding someone like that might be tricky.

          • I don’t think he needs a mentor, I think he needs a partner — someone that can reign him in and someone that he can push to go further.  There have been a lot of successful design partnerships from people who don’t do their best work alone.  I think a lot of PR designers would do much better in pairs.

            In fact, I’d love to see them do design partnerships next season.  It’s a little different, and would make team challenges difficult, but it could be interesting.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know.  I wonder about his potential as a designer.  He doesn’t seem to have much imagination. Several times I’ve noticed him peering around the workroom, looking for the big idea to hit him.  And I’m thinking of the bird challenge when he made the orange draped dress after Tim commented on the way the fabric was hanging on his dress form.  Maybe I’ve overlooked his passion for his work because of his annoying personality.

  • That drum majorette monstrosity was probably the worst look to come down the PR runway EVER.

    • Anonymous

      Mudflaps. For when the artillerary get going.

    • this outfit was brutally bad but I don’t think anyone can top the deranged serial killer look sent down the runway by Jerry a few seasons ago or almost all of the ridiculous outfits created by Vincent (pillbox hat with chains anyone?) LOL

    • Maria Donaire-Cirsovius

      The clear plastic things are the eppalautes that denote her rank in the Army of Fug.

  • Anonymous

    For me, there was no point in keeping Josh over Laura. Both of them had to go. In previous seasons, this would have been a no brainer : 2 aufed and 3 finalists.
    That season is painfull to watch. I’m still in for Viktor, now and that’s annoy me because, as a person shown on TV, I can’t stand him !
    Good job, producers, with this one.
    As for josh, I had to roll my eyes at him : he constantly raged about Anya “not playing the game” with the finale challenge (as the PR book states, versatility equals : separates, gown, pants and vest… OK, Josh, but only in your mind, darling. That doesn’t work that way in PR) and litteraly ripping him of the 20 000$ he was supposed to win. Because, you know, this is Project Joshua, where the scenario is written in advance and where the good guy is supposed to win. Bryce was very correct to point out that Josh was just mad because, in his mind, he’s supposed to win everything. He’s so perfect, you know.

  • Cautiously Pessimistic

    I am so glad I wasn’t the only one who heard him say “artillerary.”

    • Anonymous

      Reminds me so much of “strategery.”

      • Anonymous

        Joe J and GenXcellent, LOVE YOU BOTH!

    • Joe J

      I hear that’s how they say it in like, such as, “the Iraq”.

    • Anonymous

      Ironically, it was actually pretty appropriate as a portmanteau of “artillery” and “arbitrary.”

  • Anonymous

    Butt ugly. That’s pretty much all I have to say about this junk.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately while all of the above is true, there isn’t a single other designer, with the possible exception of Bert, who ought to have been in the finals instead of this loser.

    Having cast such a weak pool of talent the judges just COULDN’T keep the designers to the high standards of previous seasons otherwise they would have been criticising EVERY. SINGLE. LOOK.  that came down the runway.  There has not been a single wow moment from any of the designers over the whole season.  The well of talent has apparently dried up.

  • The last dress was fitted well? It looked like a pretty awful fit to my [uneducated in fashion] eyes… 🙂

  • If the third look had been for an unconventional materials challenge, I’d have been impressed.  But with the whole of Mood at his disposal?  No.

    I’m still boggling at Anya getting through after sending out jeans that split all the way down the guy’s ass.

  • Anonymous

    The producers really seem to fail to understand that people come to watch Project Runway for two reasons: the interpersonal drama gives emotional immediacy to the show, sure. Hating on “that one bitchy designer who just HAS to go” does give me a reason to want to come back for the next episode and see if he gets slammed. But what keeps me tuning in at the beginning of a *season*, rather than just not bothering, is the belief that the show is going to show me some art, that I’m going to be surprised and amazed by some beautiful designing. I haven’t had that feeling at all this season. I’ll probably tune in for some of the early season next time around, just to see if they’ve improved – hell, maybe they realized early on they’d gotten a really bad crop of designers and this was just their attempts to keep it interesting – but if not… my overall enthusiasm for the show has waned, and I don’t want to invest enough in a bunch of crappy designers who will never show me anything interesting to even get to the point of knowing them well enough that I’m rooting for or against one of them based on personality.

    (I think the producers also fail to realize that it’s fine to create contestants we love to hate; and it’s fine to keep them around perhaps a bit longer than they deserve; but it’s not fine to make them consistent judge favorites. Yes, people will tune in to find out what happens to the guy you love to hate, but after a while if “what happens” is that he ALWAYS GETS PRAISED for producing crap, the frustration sets in. There has to be SOME level of justice done at least part of the time, or people tune out.)

    • Anonymous

      Really well said.

    • You know, maybe that’s the problem — they took entirely the wrong message from S7’s success.  Yes, Emilio was the judges’ pet, and yes, a lot of us disliked him (Don’t be mean to Tim!).  And there was much glee from many quarters when he lost. 

      But that wasn’t why people loved that season.  They loved it because the designers were wonderful and the drama was both real and compelling.  Maya quitting, for instance, was fascinating, because we all knew she didn’t present AT ALL while plenty of other people who were auf’d first did.  She was a great designer and she had an interesting reason for leaving.  Did anyone care in the slightest when Cecilia decided to do the same? No, because no one cared about her and she hadn’t done really interesting work and her reason was that the judges weren’t fawning over her.

      Last season, I think they were going for the same thing with the Micheal C. praise — I think they were trying to make him out to be the villian so when they booted him we’d all be thrilled.  In which case, they probably should hire a couple sane people to work on that show so someone’s around to point out that there’s an annoying, bitchy designer in the room and who it is!

      • Anonymous

        True.  But, last season with Michael C. was odd for a different reason.  Michael was overpraised and won when other designers should have, but he was never shown to be mean, like Josh or catty in any way, like Laura or even (sometimes) Anya.  So he wasn’t really a “villain”.  I know some people didn’t like him, but I think a lot of people just ended up feeling sorry for him.  Instead of drama it was very uncomfortable to watch.  Actually, I didn’t find the “drama” of this season to be fun either.   But then I watch this show for the great clothes and I didn’t see any this year.    

        • I agree completely.  But I could see the producers misreading the situation with Micheal C. and thinking that they could inspire dislike of him with over-praise, especially since Ivy accused him of multiple shenanigans rather than expecting the hate for Ivy and Gretchen.  I mean, it’s not like the producers have ever demonstrated a great grasp of human nature or understanding of their audience:)

    • Amen to everything you’ve said. It’s gotten to the point where I’m embarrassed to admit to anyone that I still watch this show. (The past couple of episodes, I’ve actually fallen asleep during the judging.) 

      If it weren’t for TLo and the Bitter Kittens……..

  • It was soooo bad. Especially the middle one. I find this group of designers profoundly unexciting. Is anyone actually excited to see what any of them produces for a collection?

  • Mariah J

    To be fair, I don’t think any other combination of finalists would have been better than any previous season. Weakest designers ever. Looking at them I can’t believe I ever thought Irina was a weak winner.

    • Lord, you’re right! Irina, for god’s sake, looks pretty good about now, doesn’t she?

    • Anonymous

      Irina is a fucking fashion genius compared to these “designers.” The only one with talent is Viktor and I would bet a year’s salary he won’t win.

    • Anonymous

      I never really thought Irina was a weak winner, but in any case, she regularly shows at NY Fashion Week now. If the same can be said of this season’s winner a few years from now, I will be amazed.

  • Anonymous

    The model in the drum majorette outfit should sue Josh for making her look that bad.

    • Joe J

      Looking at how she’s glaring off to the side in his direction in that fourth picture, I’d say suing Josh is about #427 on her list of punishments she’d like to deal out to him, somewhere after “acid to the face” and “caning”.

  • Anonymous

    After all that, I couldn’t help but picking in the final collections – no surprises there. Piles of shit.

  • Also, the hem on that lurex toga makes me cry. It’s a bedsheet.

  • Anonymous

    Yes. At least in the past when the designers left the show they were hirable if not the next great designer. I can’t see how most of these contestants has a chance of being at all relevant to the fashion world as a trendsetter. I hope one of them breaks out and proves me wrong. 

  • Anonymous

    I felt sorry for the model who had to wear the little circle skirt and vest here.  It was so unflattering and unattractive that she should win a prize for professionalism for her willingness to walk the runway in it.  Josh is deluded, and so are the judges if they think we believe this is a decent collection.  The reason this is a weak group of finalists is that the entire season featured a weak group of designers.

  • Anonymous

    I thought I had a rationale for last season.  While Gretchen’s stuff wasn’t what I liked or thought was the best, I thought her aesthetic fit what Michael and Nina thought was coming next season.  Both Nina and Michael now seem to operate with a fairly short window for where they consider fashion to be going–predicting what will sell in the next season or two.  I could even attribute some of Anya’s success this season to the same logic (not all of course).  But I can give no rationale for Josh’s success this season other than his “appeal” as a reality show contestant.  They can’t possibly think that fashion is going in this direction, not any time soon, not ever.  Plastic epaulets? Burlap necklines with snaps?  Tank tops worn with those metallic disposable blankets that the Red Cross gives out at disaster sites?   

    • I didn’t notice the plastic epaulets when I watched the episode – these screen captures make it all the more horrifying!

      • Anonymous

        I know. These screen shots let the true horror really sink in.

  • mrspeel2

    “Go right ahead, but to anyone who’s paid close attention to the show
    since the first season, all this praising of weak contestants represents
    the point at which the judges became irrelevant to the process and
    people were cast and kept in the competition for reasons that had
    nothing to do with their output, resulting in probably the weakest pack
    of finalists the show has ever had.”

    BRAVO!!! VERY well said, indeed!

  • Anonymous

    If it’s not Project Seamstress, then they should have seamstresses there to actually make the looks so that the execution is equal and the designs are truly the only thing beging judged. 

    • Anonymous

      Yes, like HGTV has painters and builders helping with many of the challenges on Design Star. There is precedent.

    • It’s also a question of how the public will perceive them — if they send badly made stuff down the runway every week, it doesn’t matter that the judges can tell what it would look like perfectly executed.  The general public can’t and won’t respect them or their work as a result.

  • I wore that first dress in college.  To a couple of toga parties. And I made it out of a sheet with a sports bra underneath.  What Josh sent down the runway looks *exactly* the same.  I never knew I was so fashion forward….

    also, this:  “it makes the judges look stupid and the producers look like they don’t give a shit.”  Exactly.

    • Ooh, I get it now. It’s the Animal House challenge: Three looks for Mrs. Wormer. The only thing missing is a load of projectile mashed potatoes. 

  • AMartel

    Also, the scotch tape on the lurex toga bedsheet.

    • I’m pretty sure that I could make something better out of tape and a bedsheet.

    • Anonymous

      I know, what is that? It looks like one of those clear plastic head band like contraptions that you clip on a doll’s waist to hold it on a stand.  

      • Thank you SS – I was trying to figure out what that reminded me of! You nailed it!

      • It reminds me of those tacky “see-through, no-show” bra straps that people wear under tank tops.

        • OMG, don’t you HATE those things?!?  WHY would you wear those when they make strapless bras?!?  They’re even uncomfortable!  (I assume — I’ve never worn them, but I’ve had enough other plastic against skin to know:)

  • Hated Josh’s “collection”.   Shame on the “judges” for not doing their jobs.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Tell it like it is, Tlo!! Scorching. 

  • Anonymous

    To be fair, Nina said that majorette’s shirt was editorial, not the whole outfit.  She must have an eagle eye for fashion, cuz I can barely see the shirt.

  • Anonymous

    YIKES!  I knew there was a reason God prevented me from watching this episode.  I just threw up a little.  That ill-concieved, ill fitting drum majorette uniform from the poorest school in a poor town was just TERRIBLE!!!!  Nina, go stand int he corner of shame.  And I have to disagree with you guys, that white sheath with the screen top is NOT well fitted.  It is gaping and puckering all over the place and the models ametuer posing is not helping.

    • Anonymous

      ” xxx from the poorest school in a poor town”

      I’m stealing this.

  • WOW!!! I did not get very far watching this episode so this is the first I’ve seen of these outfits. My jaw literally (or should I say, literarily?) dropped when I saw these pictures. MAN, THEY ARE SO BAD. His best look was definitely influenced by Bryce. But that second one was PURE JOSH. I don’t know WTF the first one was.

  • Megan Patterson

    Iman would never praise any of this, bless her heart.

    • Anonymous

      I would pay to see Iman shred these contestants to tiny bits… which she could do with just a raised eyebrow.

  • Spikes on the striped top, metallics all around – maybe it really was the “artillerary” (as Clinique so eloquently named it) that rose to the top of the heap as his inspiration.

  • Anonymous

    The white dress was fine, his best look of the mini collection by far, although he should have bound the edges of the plastic with another fabric.
    The circle was just okay. They have loved the previous circle skirts that he did , so I get why he went back to the well. I think the cones of fullness could have been distributed better. And I don’t like the vest obscuring the smallness of the waist.
    The gown is horrid. Auf worthy. A black tank with a piece of rather ugly fabric draped over the shoulder. Plus It totally sticks out as a a no match with the rest of the”collection” worse than Laura’s pillowcase or Kimberly’s coat , in that way.

  • Anonymous


  • Josh, a “jacket” has sleeves, which are used to differentiate it from a vest, which is what you made. Dear lord, I hope that a vest over a striped tank top and a mini circle skirt aren’t going to be all over magazine covers next year. And did you see the look that his model was shooting in Josh’s direction in that 3rd photo? Priceless! “Why did you dress me like Judy Tenuta?”

    I forgot about Josh’s ode to Lady Liberty. I guess there were no torches on the Piperlime wall.

    Third dress is OK, but has been done better a million times already. I didn’t notice that he used plastic window screening for the sheer portion.

    I’m only looking forward to the final runway show to see how over the top he goes. Will the show be inspired by “Can’t Stop the Music”?  Sadly, Josh’s stuff is so “stagewear” in the wrong kind of way, not theatrical, but just overdone gimmicks that can be seen from the cheap seats. 😛

    • Anonymous

      Mad props for the Judy Tenuta reference. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Good god.  I don’t watch the eps any more and had no idea that this was SO FOUL a “collection” that Laura’s circle mess was actually sophisticated compared to this shit.  WTF?  This should have gotten Drama Vortex aufed with no question whatsoever.  God, I hate what this show has become.

  • You hit the nail on the head when you say it makes the judges look stupid.  Sad.  When you hear even Nina praise that garbage, it makes your heart sick, doesn’t it?

  • Anonymous

    I WANT JOSH TO WIN IT ALL..because then I think I will finally be able to quit watching this show and break the spell that it has had on me for so many years.  I was a Project Runway addict and the show no longer has any redeeming value.  There is no creative process left, everyone in my family has stopped watching, except me. They are threatening to stage an intervention for me.  This year I have felt guilty about wasting my time watching the show and yet witnessing the plunge of the show into an irrelevant drama vortex has held a sick fascination for me.  Judges, I am begging you, please give the win to Josh and deal the final death blow to the show so we can all grieve over what once was, and move on with our lives.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, I beg to differ.  That white dress is NOT well fitted.  Yes, he got the lawnchair shoulder part right, but the rest of it pulls and gaps and bunches all over the place.  Even when the model is standing still, there are odd lines going on from the bust to the hips.

  • Anonymous

    If they ever do a musical version of “300” on Glee, we have the costumes. 

  • Anonymous

    With regard to Josh’s first dress, the first thing I thought of was this:

    And she was, of course, auf’d for it – but it was far more interesting and less tacky.

    The less said of the second outfit the better, but the final dress had potential, or would, perhaps, if Josh didn’t have the worst taste in materials.

  • Anonymous

    you don’t even have to have followed closely since season one to know this is a bunch of jiggery-pokery (did I use that term correctly? i really hope so). I didn’t start watching until season 4 (aka right after I found this blog), and figured out an awful lot about judging designs and sewing and fashion – with a lot of help from TLo and astute commenters (sewingsiren, brooklynbomber, gothamtomato, gorgeousthings, etc). I don’t even watch when I have the show on in my computer – I switch back and forth between windows. I can never remember, the next day, who won and lost. This is a bad, bad sign.

  • Anonymous

    you guys are so right! i’ve been watching seasons 1-3 again recently, and things are just so different now…weak contestants, crack-smoking judges, and too much producer interference. Sigh. i hope some power that be takes note of this and makes some changes for next season.

  • Anonymous

    A big (and sad) “Yes, THIS!” to that entire final paragraph. Well said.

  • Anonymous

    We’re not quite sure what Clinique Counter was supposed to be inspired by. Cannons? Stained glass? It was all very vague.
    Chain link fence?

    • Anonymous

      All things military gay….and construction netting…..we have this on the roof of my building so that the construction stuff doesn’t blow off and kill people on Broadway

  • Anonymous

    Sad to agree, but this show has moved from being about clothing design to an overlong, overwrought reality show driven by personalities. Maybe it is time for Nina and Kors to move it. The comments from week to week are not consistant.

  • Just figured out what this show is missing: A laugh track.

  • Cautiously Pessimistic

    It’s also occurred to me that for all his prattling about how range means showing jackets, Josh didn’t make a jacket.

    Of course, I can see why he stayed and Laura went home.  You had to know Laura was out when her inspiration was circles.  She didn’t even go so far as to say “traffic signs painted on the road” or “wrought-iron fences,” either of which would have been a stronger inspiration than circles.  Her inspiration was boring and her interpretation literal.  With Josh’s collection, I can see the military inspiration in two of the pieces, though the Statue of Liberty toga doesn’t work with it.  The interpretation was pretty bad, but what he chose to be inspired by was a lot more interesting than circles.

    (This is not to say that one has to pick a pretty inspiration point to create a worthwhile garment, of course.  One of the most interesting and beautiful garments ever created on this show was inspired by gutter water.  But Laura took circles and got circle fabric and expected that to be enough.)

    • Anonymous

      You are right about Josh going on and on and on about sleeves and jackets.

      This is his range?  A toga?  (Why didn’t the judges say that looked like the Statue of Liberty?)  An ugly vest, a studded tank top and a too short circle skirt (What’s with the circle skirts?  Where’s the growth?)  And a poorly fitted dress. 

      Maybe I’m more worked up about Josh staying than I thought.  : )

    • Anonymous

      Ah, memories of Andrae’s dress inspired by gutter water!  I still think Andrae should have won that challenge. 

  • Anonymous

    now i am sad about the what has happened to our show.  you are so very right TLO.

  • Anonymous

    I am in full agreement with your assessment, Tom and Lorenzo, and I’ve only read the first two comments from AlwaysCoco and dya2637 but expect that I’ll be in accord with most if not all of our Kitten Krew that “poor” is a generous characterization of Josh’s offerings here and the output from the contestants (Designers?? Hah.) this wretched season.

  • Anonymous

    I love when you get the briefs on your perky gay asses in a bunch this season. BM isn’t going to listen to us, but they might listen to you.  Or at least Nina will because she says she reads your blog.  La Chica please!  Step in and stop the madness.  We know you can do it. 

    • Anonymous

      La Chica sold out ages ago. She’s now officially part of the madness.

  • If the first outfit had a torch, it could have been the Statue of Liberty.

  • Great analysis, unfortunately. They could just as well use the button bag to decide who wins and who goes, except it would be more difficult to rig.
     These were remarkably dull, and the cheerleader outfit was, dread word, dowdy. Maybe Josh has grown up . I thought it was interesting though that Josh’s final collection includes those plastic yokes–like he got interested in the idea during this challenge and continued to explore it.

    • Anonymous

      Glad you brought up the button bag.  Does anyone else get the feeling that they are only pretending to read the names from the bag but really just saying whatever the name they want?  Didn’t they used to have the designers pick names from the bag instead of Heidi or poor Tim.  Did they always use the button bag so much?  Is the stupidity of this season driving me crazy and all I can say is “button bag” over and over?

      • Button Bag is rigged. I know there are many who agree. 🙂

        But they do seem to be overusing it. For things that never required it before. Like the phony “this is your teammate/ no actually your opponent” and again for “this is your bird”. When in the past it would have been, “Just go up and pick out a bird/ guess what, the other person who picked it is your opponent.”

      • Anonymous

        No, they used it less this season and last. It used to appear every week in prior seasons, when the designers got to pick their models for each challenge.

  • Anonymous

    I was certain he was a goner when I saw this collection.  It’s the kind of crap that gets you sent home in the second week of the show (or should).

  • Anonymous

    Sing it, brothers!  While I could understand their praise about the white dress, I did a double take when Nina praised that John Phillip Sousa outfit. That’s the only way I can describe it. The damn horns blast in my head every time I see it.

  • Alberto Galarce

    I feel like the designers are getting weaker every season, but I am starting to think this is not just due to producers picking the contestants with the highest drama quotients; I think the decline in quality has scared some potentially great contestants away. Remember Maya Luz from Season 7? I think we saw a hint of that in her.

    I don’t think Project Runway was ever about finding the next great American designer, but I feel like it has given designers who might have otherwise not had their voices heard a platform to take off from (Emmett, Christian Siriano, Korto, Daniel V, Kara J, Leanne, and Irina to name a few). If a designer came into the show with the right attitude, talent, and a sense of self-awareness, chances are they might find an audience or an employer.

    Nowadays I feel that with so much ass on the runway, and drama in the workroom, PR is no longer the opportunity it used to be, but rather, a last resort for the truly desperate. Thoughtful and talented designers might be turned off at the idea of career suicide.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve always wondered what kind of reputation PR had in the fashion industry, and whether or not some houses hold it against a designer if it’s on their resume.

      • I really doubt it.  Because they’re going to be applying for assistant designer spots, so the house doesn’t have to worry about being associated with the show.  As long as the work really fits with their style, it probably doesn’t mean anything either way.

        • Alberto Galarce

          Agreed. But I definitely think someone like Josh has made a case for a house not to hire him, not so much because his work thus far has been repugnant, but because of his lack of ability to work well as part of a team.

          • Yeah.  That’s one of the advantages of doing the show; it gives designers a chance to show skills like teamwork that don’t come out in a portfolio or a resume.

          • Alberto Galarce

            Or gives them a chance to totally embarrass themselves on national television, therefore making themselves unemployable to prospective employers.

          • And that’s one of the disadvantages:)  Lord, how many of these people seem to forget that THEY ARE ON CAMERA — how do act that badly with a teammate ON CAMERA?!?  When you’re trying to get into an industry in which teamwork is REQUIRED? 


    • Anonymous

      I wonder if it’s like the chicken and the egg.  Did the production values (I almost choked just writing that) go into the crapper because of a decline in contestant quality or did contestant quality decline because of the degradation of production values?  I suspect it’s the production values keeping people away because, like American Idol, every year there are going to be people that now may be old enough or have the skill level to try out.   But I don’t know that ‘d want to waste time on something where nobody comes out of it smelling like a rose. 

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t Heidi an executive producer of the show? Don’t Nina and the Duchess have enough juice that they could flat out refuse to play along with the producers, thereby destroying their own credibility in the industry? Or are all three of them just cashing the paychecks by now? 

    • Oh they absolutely could refuse to play along.  Even if their contract says they have to, no they don’t.  The only way to enforce a contract is through court, which would make it all public.  If Nina walked in and said, “I’m not doing this bullshit, these people suck and we all know it,” they couldn’t make her.  They could fire her and get someone else who would, but they couldn’t force her to carry out her contract.  Hell, they probably couldn’t even get the money back from her contract.  To do so would require suing her, and there is NO way they would go into court saying that she was contractually obligated to give the opinions she was told and wouldn’t do so — the show would be over.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad I stopped watching this show.

  • Joyce VG

    I predict Anya will win and CC will give her a half- assed hug and a side eye. If that doesn’t come true…well…I don’t really care.  (I do like Kimberly but she’s fraying around the edges…pun intended.)

  • Anonymous

    Some day, when they write the book about Joshua’s life, pictures of these fugly clothes will be next to his face.

    • And people doing research will think “Why did this dumba** get his own book?

  • Anonymous

    That first look? A 1950’s “classy” bathing suit and cover up. The second? We’re dangerously close to seeing “the good china” as Peach put it. The third? Oh, why even bother.

    The mantra around here used to be “Don’t bore Nina.” We need to revise that to “Don’t bore TLo” because you and your minions (at least this minion) are way  beyond giving a damn about Project Runway.

    Stick a fork in; it’s done.

    • Anonymous

      A Frederick’s of Hollywood bathing suit and cover up.  Which seems to be where he gets many of his ideas.   I can see his whole life story as an illustrated FoH catalog.

  • I don’t think one can be mad at Anya, she’s just playing the game and doing the best she can. Aside from about two moments in the show she could never be described as mean (heck one of her “mean” moments was not giving JOSH fabric). She overall has been a pleasant contestant with a nice personality. And she also has a nice point of view with a good eye for patterns. However, it’s indeed obvious that she shouldn’t have gotten this far because while she has the base potential, she doesn’t have enough experience to allow her to keep up with some of the other contestants. She needs refinement and I hope she’ll look into getting herself further educated after the show. The only person to blame for Anya getting so far are the judges and producers.

    Josh on the other hand has all the problems Anya has except he can’t style a model, has bad taste, and has the single worst attitude I’ve seen on PR. But of course this means he will be kept and then thrown aside finale night.

  • Anonymous

    I am going to borrow from the website Newshounds and say thank you TLo for watching PR so I don’t have to. This show has always been a point of connection between my daughters and me. We all watched and texted each other during the show. This year we have all stopped watching. That is four loyal fans gone. The ONLY good thing left about the hollow farce that PR has become is your blog.

  • AMEN.

  • Anonymous

    They should have just called this the “Find the Ugliest Effing Fabric at Mood” challenge! 

    Seriously…Kimberley KEEPS finding things there that look like the inside of a lunchbox; Laura (ick) found that (admittedly a bit cool but) BIZARRE circle cutout stuff, and Josh found the stuff they make grocery-store potato bags out of.

    I’m beginning to think Mood is way overpricing everything except the chiffon and the weird shit for when the designers come in.  Better than a clearance sale!

    • Ha, that’s kinda funny.  I’d love if they had a challenge where the designers only options for fabric were really ugly ones — not with this bunch, but with good designers.  How would they mitigate the ugly to make it work?

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    You did not just say that!


    About that one outfit? Really disappointed now. Looks like Anthony Ryan’s eliminee outfit but with satanic proportions.

    That toga/dress/whateverthehellitis is NOT design!

    By far that last dress is the best (I think everyone can see that), though it appears to have real fit issues around the back, especially when she is arching her back like that.

    For me, it would have come down to him and Laura, and in the decision between weak vs. bad taste, I am more inclined to put my foot down against bad taste, but that is just me. I can more than understand Laura’s aufing.

    It is bad enough that the producers put words in her mouth, but to show in the broadcast Josh saying it was bad? She was just duped! On national television (which people outside the States also get to see later on)! If she is not part of season 10 because of that, I would be disappointed, but also not be surprised. How could she agree to that in her right mind?

  • Anonymous

    Looking back at Josh’s runway looks for the whole season – man he sent down at least three vests, three circle skirts, and at least two tank tops (not including that horrible band challenge)..  And he’s bitching about Anya’s output! 

  • Fugly.

  • Anonymous

    I had high hopes that The Duchess would go on to shoot down the majorette get-up after he called that thing a rah-rah skirt. It sounded for all the world like an opening salvo.  But alas… I mean, really – how bad has it gotten when a look like that gets off scot-free.  My knock on Iman/Isaac’s “Fashion Show” was that the designers just weren’t very good.  I’d say the playing field has evened out – and not in a good way.

  • Anonymous

    #1. A college drama group with a competent (for the button closure on the shoulder) costumer performs classical drama staged in the sci-fi future.

    #2. Makes no sense, but I wanna say this is from the “Come on Eileen” video Dexys Midnight Runners would have made in the world of Blade Runner.

    #3. Nice, no fireworks.

    • when i saw the second one, for some reason my tired mind said unto me:

      dead punk in the middle of the road

      &, for some reason, i am sticking w/ it.

      {although yr description is mighty fine too.}

  • The first thing that I thought of when I saw that second outfit was Chris March and his insane Wonder Woman costume. 

  • Anonymous

    The show now seems to include cruel producer-manipulated drama (versus just producr-manipulated drama). When the judges couldn’t decide between sending Rami and Chris March to fashion week, they told them upfront they would be competing for a spot in the finals.  I wish they would have just told Josh, Kimberly and Laura they all sucked and would have to compete again for a spot in the finals. It’s still ads plenty of stressful drama, but removes some of the cruelty of what I am sure will be a last minute surprise ‘auf for someone. 

  • Anonymous

    And I just noticed, in the first photo above – Pansy Shorts.
    Pansy. Shorts.
    The boy gives pansies a bad name, so sez my partner.

  • Anonymous

    Agree with all your comments, boys! Wait ’til next year!
    Go Phillies!

  • Addicted2Glamour

    Sadly it seems Bunim/Murray are slowly but surely turning PR into ‘the Real World with Sewing Machines.’ This season has been more “Reality TV” than “Competition” and not even good “Reality TV” ( is THAT an oxymoron or what?) at that. 

  • aimee_parrott

    Agreed with everything you said about the show in general, and these looks in particular.  Heidi praising the lurex?  Eh, whatever.  But NINA praising THAT?  That hurt.

    All that said, the title of this post made my day.  Artillerary.  *snort*

  • Anonymous

    …resulting in probably the weakest pack of finalists the show has ever had.

    –>Certainly the overpraising and producer-manipulated shepherding of weak contestants has resulted in the weakest pack of finalists, but I think this season’s group was overall weaker to start with. There have been seasons with ten or twelve good designers, and the top four or five were freaking outstanding.

    Right now even the best of this group–Victor–has only been shown to be extremely competent, with creativity but not the mad genius of previous seasons’ designers. He’s good, but he’s not actually as good as Mondo. Victor is to Mondo as Anya is to Uli.

    Seriously, even “I made another draped dress” Rami pulled off that Judy Jetson spectacular candy outfit. Previous seasons had many strong candidates. This was a festival of weak sisters.

    I would say maybe it was the format and stupid-ass challenges that killed people, but the final runway collections (and decoys) show that no, these guys suck. Given a chance to do their thing without time pressure and ridiculous constraints, most of the decoy collections ranged from “a few good pieces surrounded by meh” to “total shite.” One of the final four is horrific (Josh), and the others are back to “a few good pieces surrounded by meh.”

  • Anonymous

    Am I mistaken but isn’t Nina Garcia the fashion editor at Marie Claire?  And she called CC’s look “editorial”?  Really?  I can no longer trust her judgment because it is horrendous. The judges have lost all credibility and they should be ashamed of themselves for becoming the whores of Bunim/Murray.

    • Anonymous

      She was Gretchen’s champion last season. I think her cred has been non-existent for a while, maybe since she got the boot from Elle.

    • Anonymous

      While I’ve sometimes wondered about Nina’s opinions, particularly her championing of Gretchen in season 8, I did think she had her sh*t together as a fashion editor, but after this season, I”m left scratching my head.  Is she just bored with the show now, and phoning in whatever the producers want?

  • Geez, this was bad.

  • Anonymous

    Elisa had a problem with ruining a beautiful garment (remember the first thing she made was a spectacular, simple gown that was pooping multicolored fabric). She’s a little crazy, but the girl can sew; and if she’s gotten better at editing, she’s probably making very wearable, but unusual, clothes.

  • Amy

    AMEN to that, TLo.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with everything you said. This is a weak group of designers this year. What puzzles me is that Nina Garcia and Michael Kors would go along with the producer interventions, knowing that THEIR reputations and credibility are on the line every time they praise a piece of crap on the runway.

    • I hope they’re getting paid a boatload of money for their souls.

    • Anonymous

      I think Nina and Kors have “taste issues” at this point. I’m serious.

      • Anonymous

        So true.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t know if it’s taste or contract issues.  If the latter, it would explain why they might need to hit the mini-bar before each episode.  Poor MK has become a cross between Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul.  I swear Nina is going to have a second career as a ventriloquist because she is somehow able to make those words come out between firmly gritted teeth.  And Heidi, well we know what Olivier said about models and their opinions. 

          • Anonymous

            As for Heidi, Heidi has always had questionable taste in clothes-she’s the queen of short, tight and shiny.

  • I agree with everything being said RE: this season and it setting the world record for shark jumping.The real question for me is: WTF — are those floral shorts Josh is wearing? Because Bea Arthur is going to rise from the dead and kick his arse for stealing her underwear. Seriously, we are supposed to believe he spent $100,000 on his fashion education when he insists on parading around in something my grandmother with all her love of sassy florals wouldn’t have been caught dead in? Where exactly does this overly lauded education come from? The guy who sells fake Versace out of the back of his car behind the Quicky Mart in Newark?

    OK, that wasn’t the only question. I’ll be honest, I’m a 37 year-old who wear tutus and loves shiny. I adore clashing patterns and colors. DvF patterns are forever. Betsey Johnson and Vivienne Westwood are goddesses. But along comes this little orange-faced man who dresses like a color-blind Ompah Loompah with his guttersnipe mouth and trashy clothes that — let’s be honest — belong on young boys with no hips NOT WOMEN because he has absolutely no appreciation whatsoever in the female form or history or common freaking decency. Oh, he infuriates me so much I am writing run-on sentences. He swans about criticizing everyone, touting his creds and then he puts out this sort of  — no, there are no words for this crappy toga/majorette/lawn-chair material collection. And the way he behaves as if no one has ever lost a parent. Whereas Kim and Bert clearly have their own losses and even the color-blind gent with one nut (dang, name forgotten due to this season being forgettable) are much more quiet about their own tragedy. Good Lord, if Josh had lost a testicle, you just know he would have ingrained it into his fashion somehow, along with dramatic sad horns, heaved sighs of people just not getting that no one on earth has ever suffered as much as he has suffered EVER people, get it through your heads, because HE WILL NOT TAKE anyone else thinking they are more worthy of praise/adulation/cashoola than he is. Grr. Get over yourself honey.

    And the sad thing is, he really *was* one of the better designers left because this show has fallen so far. I watch this show for the design — and I expect my designers to know how to sew worth a darn. Sorry, I know it isn’t Project Seamstress — Nick and Kayne must be terribly bitter kittens indeed watching this season — but really, the Anya love is pushing Reality Show reality. (And given Jersey Shore — which I expect CC to join any day now — that is hard to push).  I used to love Nina and Kors’ critiques of the fashions on the runway. Now I don’t know why I bother. I stopped reading Marie Claire years ago, but I wouldn’t bother to pick it up after listening to Nina sprout utter rubbish (which I imagine as little dollar signs floating across the screen for every pithy comment she and the Duchess make). Even my love of shiny tutus doesn’t extend to Josh’s little drummer girl outfit. Heavens to Betsey Johnson, that is an ugly skirt. And Zoe, that’s not the Statute of Liberty — that’s her slutty little sister who hangs out in an Atlantic City strip club. The one with the free steaks and the plastic seats? It’s the only place I can think of where plastic and lurex might make a good combination.  Gross. I still can’t believe they auffed Bert to keep this tacky troll and Anya of the split pants and I am left rooting hopelessly for a Victor victorious. (I just can’t get behind Kim’s love of accenting the behind with heavy fabrics that look like elephant skin. I just don’t like her schtick, but at least she has some talent.)

    Whew! That felt good. I’m been holding in the rage for a while now but LUREX is the last straw for me. LUREX, McQueen save me, LUREX, I’m a bitter kitten with freaking claws out and hair standing on end hissing with disgust.

    • Anonymous

      I’m right there with ya on so many things (the Betsy Johnson, too!) — hiss hiss.

      The sad attempt to make the audience sympathize with Josh because of his loss shows how out of touch the producers are with people in the real world. I lost both my mom and my twin sister to ovarian cancer, my twin just a few years ago, in fact, and I have never taken out my rage and grief on anyone and used my loss as a crutch and an excuse. Twin loss is particularly difficult and not something you ever really get over. So every time Josh tries to excuse his attitude by making sure we know how HUGEly significant HIS loss is, that it’s the WORST ever, and the producers give him that platform, I boil with rage. 

      I genuinely think the producers mistakenly believe people will connect more to this flamboyant, theatrical creature by showing how much he’s lost, like any of us who’ve lost a loved one to cancer will just go, “oh, poor woobie, I hope you win all the moneys, you wee ickle thing you.”

      • I am so sorry for your loss, sweetie. I wish you well.

      • Anonymous

        Yes!  And in contrast, my odd affection for Viktor increased when I realized he’s the only finalist left who has yet to be shown crying on camera.  Not that crying is automatically bad (Kim’s was justified!) but they haven’t shown a single clip that I can recall of Viktor talking about any personal struggles, home life, anything.  It’s all clothes and work ethic with him, and it’s a little sad that his sheer competence is a breath of fresh air compared to Drama Vortex and the heavy-handed pro-Anya editing. 

  • Anonymous

    Once again, Josh has no specificity in his designs.  Who are these girls and where are they going?  Until he can answer those questions for himself, he will always be flailing.

    • Anonymous

      If the girls are smart, they’re going to a dressing room to change clothes!

  • Looking at all three of these again, I can live with the shift dress. This one needs a lot of work, but the shift is a classic and can be pretty terrific if it’s done right. I can also live
    with the little skirt and the vest, even though they’re clothes, not fashion; and, if someone put a gun
    to my head, that “editorial” tank top (I’ll be back in a minute, after
    I’m done ROTFLMAO). But holy cats and Great Holy Mary
    Mother of God, what would possess Josh to think that draping a piece of
    shimmery-whatever-the-hell-fabric-that-is over a mini dress is fashion,
    or that it belongs in a mini-collection that qualifies you for Fashion
    Week. (Although I guess he was right, because he made it.) And having just watched a good part of Season 4 last night, I use “draping” lightly. The sparkly toga is more like throwing and snapping.

    I’ve said this in the comments about Laura’s and Kimberly’s collections, so I’ll say it here again. Laura, Kimberly and Josh did not earn the right to show at Fashion Week. Only Laura was booted, when it should have been all of them.

  • As if the pansy pantelones aren’t bad enough, how about the creepy gigolo outfit on the runway? Shirt open to the navel? Where’s the zodiac pendant? 

    I really can’t stand this guy, but the fact that he’s still around lays at the feet of Heidi and her sell out of this show. 

    • Anonymous

      I can’t believe no one here has mentioned this yet: Have you SEEN Josh’s portfolio on the Lifetime Project Runway website? Look at his Before the Runway photos, and, just for kicks, compare with the other designers. Hint: The photos are, for the most part, not of his clothing designs. Or of women, or even men, wearing them. They are photos of HIM. In cheesy, faux Cabaret full-bore wannabe leather-boy gear. Including several of him posing in his UNDERWEAR. He looks like he’s posing for Grindr, The Magazine. That gross tank top with the leopard trim he wore a few weeks ago on the show IS IN THE PORTFOLIO. How can a “designer” submit photos of himself lookin’ all hot ‘n’ hunky and consider that his portfolio? That is his design inspiration? Of himself in the lame, low-rent softcore poses? That’s what he got for his $100k education he loves to tell us about? Seriously, something’s wrong here.

      By comparison, Anya’s Before the Runway photos are all about CLOTHES. And she’s not the one wearing them. So are everyone else’s as I recall.
      However, I must say that up until about Week 4 or so of this season, I found Clinque Counter breezy and refreshing. But that’s only because the doses of him were rather small then. Like, if you bought a lipstick and a tube of mascara, you’d think he was sort of a charmer.

      • the wildest thing about that is that he’s not attractive enough to pose for anything, cosmetic & surgical augmentation notw/standing. my favorite thing about the panties shots are that they would never make it into anything cos they are quite unfilled & unfulfilling, if you will. but not in that fetishy way into which someone of the opposite extreme might venture– theyre just singly unimpressive shots.

        i understand that people thrive by convincing themselves they are their own illusions. it’s just that his reality & his desires are so wide apart.

        • Anonymous

          Well, ilovetrash, you gave this far more thought and analysis than I did. Wow, that “unfilled and unfulfilling” part is pretty deep. I was so skeeved out that I couldn’t look at any of the shots for more than a few seconds. And even MORE skeeved out by the context: They’re on the Lifetime Project Runway site fer crissakes!

          And the part about “reality and his desires.” The sad thing is, on some level he’s a sweet, lost boy. If he could only reclaim that. And he might make a fun, flamboyant friend – I’m sure he can DISH on people. (But not a designer – for that he needs taste.)

  • tom

    “Weak group of designers” is a kind way of putting it.  This whole season has been off the rails and to read the other comments I know that it’s not just me that feels this way.  The so called drama is more tedious and embarassing than attention getting; most of the designs are ones that make you go yuck instead of wonderful or even that’s ok.  I don’t know if the show has just ran its course or needs to be revamped.  The one thing that I am still stuck on is the choice of this group as a whole; certainly there are more talented designers out there.  Until I start reading the comments from you folks next year I will be a no show; you’ll let me know if it’s worth tuning in.

  • Anonymous

    Okay seriously. If not Anya to finals then who? Who showed better season wide design? OTHER than Viktor?

    • Anonymous

      It’s hard to say because they cut so many people that may have had potential early, after keeping them stuck in insane challenges designed around one contestant’s needs, rather than giving the early auf’d people a chance to actually design something. 

      • brillant.

        out of the people they kept:
        bert – viktor – anya
        in that order.
        i dont care if his stuff’s dated. out of this season, he made the best stuff. but you are right, out of the people they kept she was certainly top three. the problem is the people they kept.

        edited to add:
        w/ laura pulling in fourth– but only for her final collection. the stuff she showed on the show was mostly a mess.

  • Josh’s collection is just horrible. The judges should have been shocked — or at least laughing — at the batton twirler costume. Really? My favorites all season have been Viktor and Bert, who both seemed to have real competence as well as good taste. Clinique Counter is a joke.

    • Wasn’t Becky aufed for something similar but better than that baton twirler costume that eliminates his model’s waistline and makes her legs look stocky?

  • For three seasons now, I’ve screamed at the tv: This is my LAST season of Project Runway. But I keep watching. I don’t know why. I love the runway shows because even crap looks good on the runway. 

    • Anonymous

      It’s like the bad car wreck on the other side of the highway; you just can’t keep from looking. 

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to reality TV. It’s always been about the “cast” and rarely about anything else. It just took PR a different network and little more time to catch up.

  • MilaXX

    The fact of the matter is, no matter what Michael
    Kors (or even Nick Verreos) says, a huge part of this show HAS been
    “Project Seamstress,” at least in the past when designers routinely got
    auf’d for consistently poor execution or for having “taste issues” or an
    “editing problem.” You want to send Anya or Clinique Counter to the
    finals because it makes for good TV?  Go right ahead, but to anyone
    who’s paid close attention to the show since the first season, all this
    praising of weak contestants represents the point at which the judges
    became irrelevant to the process and people were cast and kept in the
    competition for reasons that had nothing to do with their output,
    resulting in probably the weakest pack of finalists the show has ever

    That’s what I rmean about them being too obvious. You’ve mentioned that there has always been a certain level of producer intervention to this show, and I agree. It’s just that they are now so ridiculously heavy handed with it that there is no real joy in the show any more. I think both Josh and Anya to a certain degree are talented, but in any other season I dounbt they would have made it past the mid point. This is what happens when you cast for personalities instead of talent.

  • Anonymous

    I may be wrong, but it seemed like a different crew selected this seasons contestants.
    So, that may explain some of the poor quality.
    The real problem though, to me, is the cost vs. reward.
    This is a winner-take-all game.
    Flights to and from NY, food, lodging are all paid.
    Aside from the winner of the season, a contestant walks away with nothing (some Mood bags).

    So really only fresh graduates, or hobbyists can risk the time off.  
    Contacts,… being in front of influential people in the fashion industry, that’s the reward.
    But, in the real fashion industry PR contestants are always viewed with an asterisk.
    I also think one of the reasons for the poor contestants, after 9 seasons few previous contestants are still in the industry.
    The show has done little to support designers, or help them flourish.
    Because of this skewed system, the industry, and fan backlash, plus a faltering economy freezing up available seed money, young capable designers may just take a pass.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    “Tlo said: The fact of the matter is, no matter what Michael Kors (or even Nick Verreos) says, a huge part of this show HAS been “Project Seamstress,” at least in the past when designers routinely got auf’d for consistently poor execution or for having “taste issues” or an “editing problem.” You want to send Anya or Clinique Counter to the finals because it makes for good TV?  Go right ahead, but to anyone who’s paid close attention to the show since the first season, all this praising of weak contestants represents the point at which the judges became irrelevant to the process and people were cast and kept in the competition for reasons that had nothing to do with their output, resulting in probably the weakest pack of finalists the show has ever had.”

    I hope someone at PR is listening. But they probably aren’t. This show, long ago, ceased to be about quality and instead became merely a cash cow used to keep The Weinstein Company and Georgina Chapman’s fashion line afloat. What makes that so disappointing is the fact that this show started out with a great premise: It wasn’t just another trashy Housewives show. Yes, there was always some contestant-induced drama, but underneath it all there was some talent required. Not anymore. And not for a long time. This season is only the worst of the lot, of a show that has been going downhill since season 4.


    • Pennymac

      Sigh. So right, GT. I has a sad.

    • I saw a Tim interview somewhere a couple of weeks ago where he said their ratings were higher than they’ve ever been. If that’s true, then of course PR isn’t going to listen to anyone here. 

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, the season 8 ratings were REALLY high for PR. 

  • Ruth Swanson

    I’m reminded of a Top Chef season where the contestants weren’t performing up to par and Tom Collicio gave them a serious talking to.  Sure, there was a winner and a loser that episode, and since we didn’t taste it we wouldn’t know better.  But instead of producers putting lipstick on the pork and telling us the tomato-peanut butter pasta was really tasty, they told the chefs their offering tasted like salve. 

    • Anonymous

      Reminds me of when Tim said that the quality was getting pretty bad in season 2 when it was the final 6. 

    • Anna Maria Diamanti

      This is another glaring example of the decline of this show: the diminished role of Tim-as-mentor. Why this has happened I cannot fathom since Tim’s role is I think a large part of what made the show so popular in the first place. Seeing the very gentle but firm way he guides the contestants to producing their best work and distilling his critiques into clear and concise suggestions was an important part of the creative process. Now we’re reduced to seeing Tim give Kim a hug if she’s having a bad day. Tim giving these designers a serious talking to and telling them their work is sub-par and they need to step it up would be awesome television AND it would be good for them! Imagine Tim calling Clinique Counter out for his petty bullying and for his questionable taste–it would be even better than the Tim/Kenley showdown (and how awesome was it to see the snitty look on her face on the runway when the judges all but told her she should have listened to him–oh, the good old days). But ultimately what’s missing is any sense that the show gives a crap about the professional development of the contestants (as manufactured as that was to begin with). It’s just devolved into a free-for-all.

      Such a waste. If I could afford to I’d hire Tim to follow me around and give me a gentle verbal smackdown every time I needed one. I’d definitely keep him busy.

      • Anonymous

        I absolutely agree….I miss Tim so much.  He has been so limited/marginalized & under-utilized this season.  I guess the producers felt they didn’t need him…probably b/c they didn’t really care about design and/or helping these designers learn, grow, and stretch, which has always been (imo) what Tim tries to do.
         My guess is he isn’t playing the game to the level the producers want.  So, at what  point will his pride win out to his loyalty to the show/Heidi?  While for me, his leaving the show would be the end of PR, I would rejoice that he left what must be a truly toxic environment.

  • The only way I can accept him getting to the Final 3 is if he weeps and wails and gnashes his teeth and bursts into flames when he is cut out of Final 2.

    • Anonymous

      which is exactly what the producers want…TLO are right, this has nothing to do about talent, just great drama and giving Piperlime and easy product to get out and shill

      • Anonymous

        Except it’s not even great drama.  It’s just irritating drama for drama’s sake.  Wendy Pepper throwing Austin under a bus, now THAT was great drama!  (And great gamesmanship, though I know I’m the only one who doesn’t hate her for doing it.)

        • Anonymous

          I agree with that.  I don’t know if it would even be ‘eh’ drama to a non-Project Runway watcher.  Without the people who watch it for the talent, I cannot imagine it having enough appeal to the general public.  But they didn’t have the brains to quit while they were ahead, so instead of toeing the line into scripted they jumped fully into the fiction pool.  They tweaked many loyal PR fans with last year’s brouhaha, but we somewhat reluctantly gave them the benefit of the doubt, prayed that it was a fluke, and came back this year for an even bigger debacle.  I try not to make the same mistake twice, so Season #10 won’t even merit DVR space. 

  • Anonymous

    The second look appears to have been inspired by the Confederate Flag.

  • Anonymous

    RIP, Project Runway.

  • With each TLO post I am more amazed since I’m only reading the recaps now.   I cannot believe that these 3 offerings by Josh were considered acceptable over Bert’s.  And the one that Nina Garcia praised – I can’t even.  I feel like I’m in an alternate reality where the outcome of this season will be “Congratulations!  You are American’s Next Worst/Least Talented Fashion Designer!”  If only.

    • Anonymous

      I hope Nina is embarrassed because really, saying that look is editorial is unforgivable.

  • What I found hilarious about this episode was that Josh kept going on about Anya not having any range in her collection, saying that she should have a jacket, every collection should have a jacket, blah blah blah… and then he produced 2 dresses and some odd separates which didn’t include a jacket or anything close to it, much the same as Anya. The difference here was that Anya’s looked like an actual collection, whereas Josh’s looked like rejects of previous aufees.

  • Anonymous

    yup, this season is so bad that even if Mondo were in it, he still might not be the winner if the producers don’t like him.

  • Anonymous

    I swear, sometimes I wonder if they cast a bunch of taste/talentless designers just to get Anya the win.  Viktor will give her a run for her money in the finale, but I expect him to crash and burn in confusion over what “pump it up” means.  I do like Anya’s aesthetic, I just wish there had been more designers whom I felt sad to see auf-ed.  Or any.  Holy crap, there weren’t ANY.  If I weren’t so addicted to the show, I would have some self-respect and let it go.  It’s like a bad boyfriend you just can’t quite break up with, because every once in a while he does something cute that you’d like to see again, but then you have to wait months before it happens.  Sucker.

    • Anonymous

      I think it all boils down to is “…which designer is the easiest to manufacture and get out quickly” and we all know who that is….especially for the past few seasons.

  • Bean Bunny

    He really should have been auf’d for making a Statue of Liberty costume and a biker-hooker outfit.

  • margaret meyers

    Yuck.  I’d forgotten how bad these looks were.  That “gown” is just some shiny burlap thrown over a tank top.

  • Anonymous

    Please…someone make the bad sewing man stop.   wtf.

  • Lisa

    Awful stuff.  And you’re right, this season has been the weakest.  When I think of the stuff in the first three seasons, and how lovely it was, this is just beyond a sub-par season.

  • I love Scottyf.  Just sayin…

  • Anonymous

    Late to the table, didn’t see the show. My first reaction is OH MY GAWD.

    The hot pink jacket Josh is wearing is the most entertaining thing on the runway.

    I don’t know where to start, and it doesn’t matter anyway, because nothing I could say comes close to what has been said here by TLO and the Bitter Kittens. Somebody really ought to start a band.

  • Anonymous

    TLo is SO right – this is definitely the worst bunch ever. It’s almost like we’re watching the first semester at a design academy for the simple minded. I mean, everyone’s stuff looks like they simply drape and pin… kinda like I did with sheets back when I was a little kid (and when I put log stockings on my head to pretend I had long hair. Yes, I was a strange child).

    • Anonymous

      Hey!  Whoopie Goldberg made a fortune wearing a white shirt over her head and pretending that she was a black child with long, blonde hair…  You just needed a better agent…

    • After the Royal Wedding with Di and Chuckie, I ran around with a lace dolly on my head and a sheet, proclaiming I was the Princess of Wales.  Of course, I was young enough that I thought that meant “whales” and not Wales, which I thought was kind of cool. I would have held out to be Princess of Tigers, Wolves and Other Pretty Animals With Very Sharp Teeth. (And my Princess outfit was much better than that Lurex THING.)

  • Anonymous

    Agreed, the boys are right. The talent level–or lack thereof–has made this show even more unwatchable than the transparent meddling. I finally give up. 

  • Hear hear!

  • Anonymous

    Like like like

  • Anonymous

    I’d forgotten just how ridiculous Josh’s first look was.  It looks one of my daughter’s made-up doll outfits.  Just ridiculous.  

    Josh, Kimberly and Laura all did truly awful work.  

    I’ve always loved PR, but these last few years have been in spite of itself–every now and then something wonderful got through.  But this season has been cringingly awful.  I don’t know if I can do another season.  

    I can’t suspend my disbelief long enough to believe that any of the finalists are ready to be the “next great fashion designer.”  I suppose  Anya’s most likely to get a QVC deal and Viktor’s ready to work for a designer. 

    Bert was the only one who struck me as having the eye and the knowledge to make great clothing.  His sensibility was dated–but, damn, Bert was sharp enough to *know* that.  

  • So much truth. And some of it comforts me, like the aknowledgement that Nina was possessed by evil producers when she said that Donna the Drum Major was editorial. But some of it is the ugly truth: the finalists are interesting and make for good TV but aren’t particularly strong. The fact that so many of them can’t sew well and fast, well, sigh. I miss the days when someone could be executed for poor execution. But it seems those days are behind us.

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU for affirming my sanity.  When the drum majorette costume came out, I was sure that Josh was a goner.  Silly me.

  • I can’t believe he stole my kids ping pong net to make that last dress!  We’ve been wondering where the hell it went!

  • Anonymous

    I can see it now: Having drained the pool of designers willing to degrade themselves by
    appearing on the soap opera circus that Project Runway has become, PR Season 10
    (a.k.a., the final season) decided to enlist “designers” who have only been
    sewing for a few months. 
    Challenges included sewing a zipper into fabric (vs. laying it on top as
    a trim), hemming a garment and, for the final challenge, actually “setting a
    sleeve into a shirt.”  The judges
    were overwhelmed by the contestants’ ability to perform these tasks, which none
    of them are able to do.


  • Anonymous

    And this isn’t even the worst thing Josh has ever sent down the runway.  (1970s challenge!)   Unbelievable that this is being passed off as final four material.   Whatever else can be said for Viktor and Anya as designers, I’m honestly embarrassed for them being lumped into the same talent bracket as this.

  • Laura Lee Washburn

    “at least they wouldn’t have come off looking like they had worse taste THAN JOSH.”  Perfect!! I so hated that skirt.  Ack ack ack.

  • Anonymous

    I groaned when I saw Josh’s terrible pink jacket avec black boutonniere, but I totally missed his pansy-print shorts! Snort!

  • Anonymous

    Remember when Nina would literally like be offended on the behalf of fashion if something was ugly or badly made? Can you imagine the Nina of Season 2 or 3 judging these three outfits or Anya’s rock star outfit? Back then she looked like she was literally holding herself back from killing designers who put crap on the runway. So what’s the difference? Just Lifetime? Or Lifetime plus Marie Claire?

  • I’m so glad TLo and everyone else heard what I did this past episode… “ARTILLERARY”! Hahahahahahaha. I about died. 

  • You summed up my feelings perfectly in those last few sentences. I don’t think PR’s been the same PR since season 3, and obviously especially after its move to Lifetime, but this season has just felt — as you said — insulting. Don’t make the show, producers, if you’re going to remove the talent and quirkiness (NOT “personality” or “drama”) from the designers, since watching the creation of clothes was originally thrilling, entertaining, and inspiring. Don’t stay on the show, Tim, Nina, and Michael, if you’re going to be dulled down into caricatures of yourselves with none of the intelligent, critical insights that used to be your signature. I know I should have accepted this earlier, but I’m sad to say that this is the first season where I truly feel angry at the show for continuing to exist with the name of what was formerly my favorite show, a show that defied the conventions of reality TV up to that point.

    • Anonymous

      I thought PR’s ‘decline’ started with season 6 in Los Angeles. Season 4 and Season 5 had some REALLY talented designers with some really memorable pieces, which S6-S9 have for the most part lacked. 

  • Anne Jiao

    None of them stand a sliver of a chance against MONDOOOOO or gretchen for that matter..

  • Anonymous

    that black and white dress wasn’t so bad, but when you look at the top in detail, it looks like the hardware store challenge. also, is the second model a little zaftig or is the getup just that unflattering?

  • I wholeheartedly agree with the last paragraph; and the last sentence in particular.  This season has been so insulting to the avid viewer, has barely managed to cater to the casual viewer, and is lusting heavily after the trashy “reality tv” viewer.  We all said we’d stop watching after Mondogate, but PR gave us some time and distance.  I know I thought I’d give it another go after that space, but this has just been bleugh!

  • Damien Washington

    Amen and halle-LOO. Weakest set of finalists, weakest cast, weakest cover-up of pre-season producer storyboarding…just plain weak all around. I have to struggle to remember who won any of the Lifetime seasons (well, except for Gretchen since it pissed me off so), and I imagine this one will also slip into the back of the closet with them.

  • Anonymous

    omg, just noticed the title of this post!  ha!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Well-fitted?! That back is gapping so badly it’s a canyon. 

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    Bravo, Tom and Lorenzo!  Amen, Preach, you tell ’em!  I could kiss you both for saying exactly what most of us have been feeling this entire miserable talentless season.  What a waste of time!  Does anybody care who wins at this point??

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think it’s fair to say that PR is on a downward spiral.  Last season had an awful finale decision but there were some amazing clothes and honestly interesting moments of drama up to that point (like Gretchen shafting her entire team during judging).  As awful as this season’s been, is it as bad as Season 6?
    Bunim/Murray and Lifetime, however, need to stop influencing the judging.  Back when it was on Bravo, I believed Andy Cohen when he said that,  if they had their druthers, they’d have much preferred to keep Alison over Vincent in Season 3.  These days, I wouldn’t believe that statement and that decision – as maddening as it was to me at the time — wouldn’t have happened. 

  • I totally agree – the whole season is the weakest set of contestants EVER!!

  • Scott Hester-Johnson

    OK, I have finally finished watching this ep so I can comment beyond A-List: Dallas.

    This entire season has been nothing but product placement and now we have “Get your inspiration from Governors Island”? Really? I know that NYC Tourism is really going all out to put GI on the map, but what is so inspirational, fashion or otherwise, about an abandoned military base? Feh.

    And Josh should have been sent home for this monstrous drum majorette debacle. And Nina actually found something nice to say about it? WTF. I mean, I get that they decided the finalists WAY back, but make it at least look like it’s still a horse race.

    • Anonymous

      PR’s product placement is annoying but I don’t think Governor’s Island was part of it.  It’s a really cool place to visit and in the Summer has a huge amount of interactive art-collective type installations.  Admission and the ferry ride to it are free so it’s not like NY is making money directly off the visitors.  It’s as honest a place for inspiration as a past season’s trip to the Botanic Gardens.

  • Anonymous

    Looking at these looks makes me incredibly depressed that Anthony Ryan got eliminated, only because if someone going to the finals could produce something this bad… shudder.

  • Now I am The Bee

    This is what we mean about the ridiculous producer intervention this season: they’re so bad at it, to a point that it’s a bit insulting to the viewer. 

    Amen and IN SPADES! 

    That’s all I gotta say about any of this mess.

  • Anonymous

    All three were weak.  Look at his personal jacket.  Taste issue abounds.

  • Anonymous

    Sad to say, your every sentence is right. What a dismal season.  “. . .it makes the judges look stupid and the producers look like they don’t give a shit.” Yes. Leaves me wondering if I can endure another season of my once beloved PR. sigh.

  • ginger drysdale

    We’re not quite sure what Clinique Counter was supposed to be inspired by. Cannons? Stained glass? It was all very vague.

    come on now, the dude said it was the juxtaposition of strength & fragility like two or three times at least. i mean fine, he’s an asshole with taste issues–although if anything Josh doesn’t go far enough imo cause Jeremy Scott, Richie Rich, The Blonds et al put faaaaaaaarrrrrr tackier shit down runways and it works in that ~low-brow is the new high-brow~ kinda way–but he had more of a handle on this shit conceptually than any of the others

  • Anonymous

    I guess they didn’t have a tablet and a torch on the Piperlime accessory wall.

  • vmcdanie

    I hope they are paying Nina and Michael well because I can’t imagine ever putting my faith in their fashion sense again. The next time I see Nina shilling a what to wear book, that tank top above is going to dance before my retinas along with Gretchen’s entire finale collection.

    They are doing everything possible to kill this show.

  • Okay I’m really late to the party here but I just have to say … WTH?!  HOW IS HE STILL HERE?  Let’s see – is it the glitter toga over a leotard?  The confederate high school cheerleader?  Must be the white dress that is moderately inoffensive.   These were ugly, poorly made (was that toga even made at all?), disconnected and… did I mention ugly?  The woman wearing that white dress would never wear the rah rah skirt, tee and vest, and no body would wear that toga.  Sigh.  Really?  Final 4?  I think jumped the shark is too mild – the show has landed in the mouth of the great white, been chewed up and partially digested

  • The drum majorette looked kinda pissed to be wearing that ridiculous, unflattering get-up.

  • Anonymous

    I removed PR from my FB feed last year after the Wretchen win and will not watch it again after this season.  I am done with this show.  It’s ridiculous how awful the designers are – they never would have made it past halfway point in the season in seasons past.  Perhaps only Victor would have made it this far, but I am not even sure about him compared with some previous designers