PR: Ripping the Collections – Anthony Ryan

Posted on October 06, 2011

At the time, we were hoping Anthony Ryan was a finalist because he had one of the stronger collections shown that day. Pitched as a sort of love letter to his hometown of New Orleans (with the still-visible water marks from the Katrina flooding referenced in the blue makeup on the models’ arms), it was a collection with a lot of great separates that were, unfortunately, badly served by some very poor styling decisions.


This struck us as a very odd look with which to open the show, since it’s probably the least interesting of all of them. We like the jacket/top – those hip cutouts will be a repeating motif for the rest of the collection – but pairing it with an equally washed out skirt didn’t show it off well.

A very cute skirt and a somewhat cute top, both rendered in great prints, neither of which should have been paired with the other.

This is one of only two looks in the entire collection where two pieces were paired effectively. We love both pieces and we love the way the skirt references the way many of the tops are cut out along the hip. That one sleeve up/one sleeve down styling choice is a pretty good indicator of how student-y he can get with his styling. Although not as much as the horrendous wigs, too-heavy makeup, and ugly glasses did.

Jesus. What was he thinking with those wigs and glasses? Horrible.

As per usual, it’s a cute pair of shorts and a kind of cute (if underdesigned) top, both of which never should have been paired with the other.

Easily the worst look in the collection. The shoulders are too broad and if he wanted to use an accent print, he should have stuck with one.

She looks like she wants to cry. You can bet this look is never going in her book.

Really great skirt; half-assed top. This is kind of a theme with him. He can’t seem to pair pieces effectively and he tends to put more work and thought into the bottom than the top.

Also, the cheesecake on her head looks ridiculous and came out of left field.

Two great pieces that actually look like they’re supposed to go together. The butterfly almost ruins it, though.

Sorry, Anthony. No matter how much you may love your southern heritage, overalls simply can’t be made to look chic.

Dumb hat.

Too many elements in both pieces. The strips of yellow are distracting and the skirt might have worked if it had a straight hem.

That is a super-kickass jacket, we have to say. Paired with jeans or a contrasting pencil skirt and it would have made for a showstopper of a look. Paired with matching pants just brings it all down to “Enh.”

He had, as we said, some surprisingly strong pieces. Had he been a finalist he would have had the benefit of Tim’s guidance and most likely, more input from the hair and makeup people. He definitely needed someone to tell him where he was going wrong. Edit some of the pieces – and ALL of the looks – and put the girls in more conventionally pretty hair and makeup, and we’d all be saying he was robbed. As it is, his instincts betrayed him and he presented his work in a manner that simply didn’t show it off to its best effect.


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  • Anonymous

    But why the Romulan hair?

  • D Devious

    Oh my. She has a marshmallow on her head and is wearing a skirt made out of my son’s tie-dyed pillowcase from summer camp!

    • First thing I thought was, “Why is she wearing a toddler’s training potty on her head?” 

  • Mariah J

    This collection is pretty bad. The final jacket is great and some of the skirts are cute but not good enough for top 3. The styling is a joke.

  • Anonymous

    HATE what you called the Hip Cutouts  – they look like bodysuits that were too short in the crotch and popped open.
    I know Leanne did one – but I thought someone else did that at well –
    couldn’t stand it then and still can’t

    the granny-pant shorts with the orange trim are hiddy are well..

    • Anonymous

      Good call on the unsnapped body suits. This guys taste and design does NOTHING for me.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, there are some really nice pieces here, but agree completely with your assessment – bad styling and bad pairings. He’s such a sweetie, I wish him much luck and success.

    • Anonymous

      Anthony Ryan does have some nice pieces, but he needs guidance on styling and editing, bigtime.  Good luck to him.

  • The ghost of VInce Libretti past veered it’s cuckoo head with that cheesecake hat.

    • That would be a very sweet hat if the Queen Mum were wearing it in 1963

    • Anonymous

      i know! my thoughts exactly; a unexpected dash of libretti out of left field. only, instead of ‘cheese cake’, i thought ‘chamber pot’.

  • Anonymous

    The one with that hat you called “cheesecake” made me think she had a lego head.  This was an OK collection, I liked some of the skirts, but some of the other pieces were just not very good.

  • Patti Lever

    The 7th photograph: You can see the zipper on the back of the skirt through the models legs!  This collection is not worthy of Fashion Week. It’s plain odd and ugly.  What a hack bunch of contestants this time around.

    • Janie Rainwater

      Amen sistah!!

    • Anonymous

      Yes!  That damn zipper drives me nuts.  And what’s the point of the zipper going in that direction, anyway?

      • Anonymous

        To adjust the amount of a slit.  But I noticed that too and thought it was odd showing through her legs

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, that was the first thing I noticed in the pic. Killed the skirt for me.

    • Now I can’t un-see it!

  • Anthony’s a good weirdo. There are several elements in this collection I can see becoming part of the main stream in a few years: in particular, I’m attracted to the blue watermark wrists, I wish he had pushed that aesthetic, I can see that being the henna of the next decade. I also dig those overalls, they are very chic and tailored, again it might take a few years for that enter the fashion 

  • Ugh… dont’ like anything about this collection.  Too bad – SO likeable, I was rooting for him.  But I guess he was properly Auf’d afterall.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think better styling would have improved this collection for me. I also hated those hip cutouts; I think they are insanely unflattering. I liked some of his prints, but as you say, they are not really combining well. The third look was my favorite.  I think this young man has talent, but I don’t think he showed it well here.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Can’t wait to buy it! A collection dedicated to showing off my love-handles!

  • Oh Anthony Ryan! There are a few pieces I would LOVE to have, but some are seriously baaaaaad. I mean, really bad. Like bad-bad. What`s up with the wigs? Didn`t he say that he is imagining his market as girls as Anya? This styling choices look nowhere like Anya. I may not like her designs, because they are repetitive, but the chick has got style and an eye for hot looks. Anyway, I hope he`ll get a foot in the industry because he is passionate and has a point of view – even through those horrible glasses.

  • Yeah, you really have to squint to recognize the quality of some of the individual pieces amid the almost combative ugliness of the presentation.  Getting past the horrendous styling, I dislike nearly every print he used, and categorically dislike the color story.  And that third look that you single out for praise actually made me recoil–the shape of the print on the dress made me think of diapers that have a print on them, and what a sad, saggy diaper at that!

  • Lori

     Anthony Ryan seems like a nice guy, one of the few likeable contestants this season, but sadly there is nothing Tim or anyone could have done to make me like a single piece of this collection. 

  • Love, love, love the last jacket…but not much else. Some interesting elements that could be drawn out of this and reinterpreted, perhaps. Perhaps. 

    And as for the awful wigs and the totally 80s glasses, poor Anthony Ryan can barely get himself dressed, let alone style a model. It looks like he is wearing tights and tiny knapsack at his runway show…

  • MilaXX

    Honestly this was my favorite of all the finale collections. I loved the colors, esp how the blue on the arm is repeated in the eye makeup and shoes. I even liked most o the mixed print except the first one. Hated the orange dress and I think he should have either did the glasses or the wigs but not both and that silly cheesecake hat is a “No”. 

  • I sincerely love those overalls.  I’m still gonna say he was robbed, horrific styling decisions aside.

  • Also, my boyfriend and I have decided that that last jacket is the best thing out of all nine shows.

  • Anonymous

    i dont get it any of it especially the bad wigs. 

    to bakerlooline:  romualan hair?  LMFAO!

  • Anonymous

    I love hearing TLo say he COULD have been robbed… potentially. 😀 I agree, the styling was horrendous. Even if he wanted to make the girls look like him with the glasses… that could’ve been enough without the wigs. I think it’s a good sign, though, that the styling needed more work rather than the designs themselves. If he had been edited juuuuust a little… he would’ve been amazeballs. He needed Tim. Yeah, I’m a homer, whatever. He’s probably the most unpretentious contestant in the history of Project Runway and I kind of love that, even if he did learn way too late in the game that his looks are way too student-y, as you say.

  • Anonymous

    There may be some really ugly pieces and he may have made really silly styling choices, but I still want to have his babies.

  • Anonymous

    yikes, that was one of the strongest collections?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t view the collections pre-auffing, and so I have to say…if this is one of the stronger collections, that does not bode well for Project Runway. This is overall unimpressive – and I’m talking clothes, not styling.

  • Anonymous

    Except for the butterfly look (which is poorly fitted) and the last jacket… none of this is fashion. But my biggest issue is with the prints. It’s like every one of this cast saw Mondo’s collection and abilities last year and thought “This is how I get attention.” But dear God, none of them come close.

  • Anonymous

    I thought that he was going for an Eqyptian theme in the styling and in some of the prints he chose (mainly the white and orange geometric print).  If so, the cheese cake hat was somewhat tied in to that look.  

    And it would make sense to associate Eqypt with Lousiana, since they are both deltas.  Now that I know what the blue coloring means, I find that very touching.

  • This was clearly a decoy collection from the get-go. Disappointed, because I did think he produced a couple of interesting pieces during the competition itself. But everything you guys said was right, he has a real problem getting an entire look together, and his styling leave a lot to be desired.

  • Anonymous

    He should have been a finalist.  He has made some questionable looks — including the one that got him auf’d — but in a season of nothing but boring-to-baffling designs, he wasn’t even close to the worst.  Not even middle-of-the-pack, actually.  At the very least, this actually looks like a runway collection rather than a flyer from Ross.   Plus he was entertaining without being an unwatchable asshole.  Good show, AR.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really drawn to all of the skirts and would buy them all except the first and last one.  Everything else is not my taste.  I will say the hip cut out tops and jacket could only work on someone with minimal hips.  I think they would make a woman with a more “curvy” figure a lot more “curvy” and not in a good way.

  • oohsparkley!

    Bye Anthony, I was rooting for you.  Good luck and keep studying.  He had some decent pieces and some WTF styling.  The glasses in the close up picture for the shorts, cracked me up.  The bad eye makeup and wigs!!!  I love the jacket he made.

  • I too assumed he made it to the finals and since he didn’t I applaud what he accomplished. With all the qualifications you enumerate. Except that I actually liked the red dress. And the final jacket, our school colors, it would sell well in my town.

  • sweetlilvoice

    Last jacket great, all the rest crap. What a weak season it’s been!

  • Anonymous

    Did the horribly mismatched prints start with the Sheepdogs look and move onto the 70s challenge, or did it start sooner and I just didn’t notice?

    Some of these are pretty egregious.  Do love the final jacket, though.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE the cobalt cuff makeup.  But that’s IT.  So weird and disjointed.

  • Anonymous

    I really liked the hip cutout idea, IF the top of the cutout actually hit the hip.  As it is, they’re too high, and it looks like the jacket is just too short.  I love the last jacket with that exception, though.  I also REALLY liked the prints he chose…just not the combinations he used them in.  (well, okay, I’m not crazy about the 80s flamestitch upholstery fabric.)

  • Anonymous

    Glad to finally have the blue wrists explained. Nice touch tho’ a bit odd out of context. Wasn’t enamored of any of the looks–that third(?) skirt with the requisite ginormous zipper–WHO would want to, would even be able to sit in that for any length of time. When will tose zippers go away?

  • Anonymous

    You hit it on the head-he made some great pieces with some albeit studenty/indulgent design elements and choose to pair and style them extremely poorly.   Nevertheless, he’s one of the few that actually managed to MAKE some great pieces, so I consider it a tragedy that he wasn’t able to get to the finish line. 

  • Anonymous

    What is WITH the crappy plastic Hallowe’en wigs? Did he get a good deal on them (bargain basket at the local Dollar General?)? I would have preferred if they all wore cheesecakes on their heads. Oh…wait…

    I like the top in the fourth and the idea behind (but not the finished) fifth looks. Nothing else really, but it’s made nicely.

  • Kate Pearce

    sigh, I’m sorry I don’t like anything about this. The hip cut outs would make anyone with real ‘hips’ feel exposed and the way the skirts are cut with the panels emphasizes ones curves as well. So, not for me at all, and very difficult for most women to wear I suspect.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, no. There are a few pieces I like, but if this is one of the strongest collections, that doesn’t bode well for the finals.

  • Yikes. Once again, evidence that this season is really devoid of talent if this was one of the best collections of the bunch. Some of the prints are good but I like none of the styling or cuts. 

  • Anonymous

    It’s too bad Anthony Ryan [corrected thanks to David] made so many terrible styling decisions, because he actually had some well thought out and designed separates here. The workmanship is quite good. He has a good eye for graphic prints. Breaking down the looks:

    1. Unflattering colors. This reminds me of Olivier in more than one aspect. But the pop of red at the shoulders is a nice touch. Doesn’t have a cohesiveness with anything else, but nice touch.
    2. Unlike Tom and Lorenzo, I think these two prints do work together. Has a Doonan/Adler decor vibe, if you’ve ever seen any photos of their apartment. The top is very well designed, and super cute.
    3. I’ll forgive him the wonky sleeves as this is an attractive cohesive look. Jewelry is way too heavy. The wig looks like it got its own haircut with pinking shears. Actually all the wigs do.
    4. Cringe. Reminds me of bandannas, although I like the prints separately.
    5. Shudder. Great belt though. Did he create this print with dye/bleach?
    6. Great Dane water bowl on her head does not scream fashion. I like the skirt, though it’s very simple and the print is doing all the work. Gal needed a bra. Oh hell, none of them are wearing bras are they. Who knew little bitty titties could droop so much.
    7. Super cute. I don’t mind the butterfly, but again, it’s a one-off element and a little artyfarty.
    8. As overalls go, this is cute, but all she’s missing is the straw between her teeth.
    9. Jarring. Good ideas gone wrong.
    10. Exactly what TLo said, jacket could have been a showstopper, paired with the right lower element. The jacket is probably my favorite piece. I assume he created this fabric also.

    In summary, he has a vision, but it is unfocused and poorly edited. Excellent eye for prints, creative tops and jackets, good workmanship. He needs to start over at square one in styling. He needs a mentor, perhaps to work in a couture house for a while. With a lot of work, he can find a successful niche for himself.

    • You mean Anthony Ryan.

      • Anonymous

        Oh %$#@! How did I do that! Thanks, will try to correct.

  • Anonymous

    Really liked Anthony, but the collection doesn’t quite do it for me.  I lived through the mega-shoulder pads in the 80s and don’t want to go back.  Made me feel like a linebacker in a skirt.

    What I noticed when I first looked at it and have noticed since is how AR essentially uses pattern play to compensate for his lack of color vision.  It’s interesting, but he is hurt by not having, literally, a great eye for color.  He’s someone who could really use a partner.

    I’m gonna miss him on the show, he did NOT deserve his auf.  What BM doesn’t get is that some of us would prefer a funny, charming guy to a crazy asshole like Josh.  I loved listening to Anthony.

  • Anonymous

    When I saw pics of this collection during Fashion Week I thought it was almost shockingly bad with horrendous styling.  A second, more careful viewing has me thinking that a lot of this is actually really very good.  I agree that if he had had Tim’s guidance and some input on the styling this could have been a really strong collection.  I love the overalls (sorry, TLo), many of the prints, and that last jacket and pants are killer.  He’s got talent but it definitely needs refining.  I wish him much success since he seems like a really sweet person.  Plus he overcame cancer!  And he has one ball!  And he’s colorblind!  Oh well, at least he got to go home early to his child bride. 

  • Anonymous

    In stills, Anthony’s collection isn’t very impressive.  He doesn’t have a way with mixing prints or separates, his silhouettes aren’t particularly flattering, and as you said, the styling was off-putting. Most of his prints seem like they should be in a quilting store, and not the beautiful kind of quilting Jay did in his PR collection.  He had a couple of interesting design ideas, but they were surrounded by a whole lot of terrible.

  • Anonymous

    “You can bet this look is never going in her book.” – I literally LOL’ed in the office. Thank you for making my afternoon. Overall I thought it was a pretty heinous collection. Jack Mackenroth said on FB that this was his favorite collection of the designers – either Jack has a taste issue or all the other collections must look pretty hiddie.

    • Maybe he’s a sucker for a Southern accent.

    • Or maybe it’s because he’s not a woman. How …how could anyone think that those cutouts could be flattering???

  • Anonymous

    He’d be great as a junior designer somewhere. He needs someone to guide him, and teach him how to separate the good ideas (last jacket) from the really bad ones (everything he did to the poor models’ heads).

  • The hair looks just like the girl from Transporter 3. Some of the collection is a bit interesting, but there is not a single piece that I would want to wear even if it was given to me free.  That’s pretty bad.

  • Anonymous

    Butterfly girl’s eyes in the first pic – appear to be rolling back into her head

  • There’s something about the color and prints of his garments that tells me he is, in fact, colorblind (which we know from an early episode of PR). But it seems terribly obvious in a rather unattractive way here. :-/

  • Jenny Hansell

    How depressing that this is “one of the stronger collections.” Worse season ever, design-wise.

  • jeneria

    I really liked Anthony, but it was clear to me that he had seriously bad instincts most of the time.  Perhaps with more time and guidance he could have pulled something really great off.

  • Anonymous

    The zipper pull in the third look hangs in a very unfortunate way…..

  • Anonymous

    I struggle to find anything good here. I like the idea of the jackets, but the execution makes them look like they all shrunk in the wash. Horrible styling. 

    If this is one of the best collections, PR is in trouble.

  • I hate the hair, and a lot of the styling isn’t great, but I still think he was a total spitfire of a contestant, and there are a lot of pieces in this collection that could have really been robbed. Having seen all of the finalists collections, I really can’t believe that JOSH (whom my sister and I actually call Clinique Counter when we’re watching the show) is still a contender and AR isn’t. I do think he was robbed. Not of the title or the money, but definitely of the experience.

    At least he got sent home after Precious Moments.

  • Anonymous

    Marshmallow? Cheesecake? I was thinking dog bowl.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t usually pay as much attention to styling as I probably should, but wow, it’s glaringly obvious in this collection that he has no idea what he’s doing in the styling department. Even I can see how horrid his choices were.
    I LOVE that ink-spill-looking jacket. With jeans. WANT.

  • Anonymous

    The disastrous wigs, the glasses, the eyeliner and the silly round hat all pale in comparison to the blue crap on their arms.  What is up with that?

    • Anonymous

      It was in honor of New Orleans…  Did you actually read TLo’s commentary?  They wrote: “Pitched as a sort of love letter to his hometown of New Orleans (with the still-visible water marks from the Katrina flooding referenced in the blue makeup on the models’ arms), it was a collection with a lot of great separates that were, unfortunately, badly served by some very poor styling decisions.”

      • Anonymous

        I have to say, when I first looked at this collection posted right after the showing, I was a little confused by the blue arms. Now that I have an explanation, it makes some sense and is kind of intriguing! I agree with you about strong separates – weak styling. The boy has talent!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think that even good hair and makeup could have saved this. I really disliked almost every piece he showed, with the one exception of the jacket that looked like it had paint splattered down one side. His prints give me a headache and when he combines them, it sends me into migraine territory. It’s a very strange collection of garments that don’t really talk to each other.

    Anthony Ryan seems like a sweet guy, but I think he needs a lot more experience, training, and guidance.

  • A couple of those looks were giving me flashbacks to Raymundo’s “Appalachian Barbie.”

  • Anonymous

    I really like him.  

  • Anonymous

    Did Vincent Libretti design the “cheesecake” hat?

  • Anonymous

    am i the only one who assumed that his inspiration was ‘ancient egypt’?

    not a fan of this collection, despite individual good pieces and looks. very little cohesion, and it just doesnt have the ‘fab!’-factor.

  • Anonymous

    He needs a few more years out of design school.

  • I have wondered about the blue paint on the models’ arms ever since I first saw this collection.  “Still visible water marks”.  Okay.  First of all, water marks would be a crappy greenish yellow mold color, not a lovely blue.  And second, I really hope the paint used in this was not carcinogenic.

  • Anonymous

    For a decoy collection it’s okay.  I don’t remember whether I pegged him as a finalist based on the preview.  There’s a whole lot going on in this group of looks and the wigs were a huge mistake.  But there are some great pieces.

  • I really hate the blue arms. I respond very strongly to bold colors and it kept pulling me away from everything else, since it was what stood out the most for me by far. (sometimes detail work is lost on me) 

  • All in all, a fun show of a lot a very very wearable pieces….but why am I seeing a shoulder pad poking out of that kick-ass jacket? It is indeed a kickass jacket. Who cares if he paired it with plain pants? Anyone who has any style can pair it with something cool.

  • Anonymous

    I must say, I really loved the prints he used. Those are some really strong pieces, wearable by lots of actual humans. He is woefully lacking in the styling department though and some Tim Gunn love would’ve fixed that right quick. All in all, it was a very effective decoy showing he should be proud of.

  • Yes, the last jacket was the only piece I remotely liked.  Who would wear this stuff?  It’s bizarre.

  • It’s really hard for me to be objective about Anthony because he’s so damn adorable. It actually hurts a little to read the negative comments about his collection, even though I know many of them are right.

    I like a lot of the individual pieces. Not everything is paired up as well as it should be, but I don’t think he totally missed the mark with how he combined prints. The second design, IMO, has more an issue of clashing textures than patterns. I don’t know what kind of fabric he used on the skirt, but it looks a lot heavier than the top. I see some cohesion between the patterns.

    I agree with To that the third look works the best re: pattern mixing. There’s that little problem with zipper hanging down though. I like the next to last look a lot, although pairing an asymmetrically-hemmed skirt with that top was a mistake. But I think the colors work well together.

    Fashion gods help me, I love overalls, even though they’re not much more practical than jumpsuits when you have to pee. I just think overalls are way sexier than jumpsuits. (“Come On Eileen”!)

    I hate the orange dress.

    The final look is probably his best. I really like the pants. They’re a great length for flats or boots. TLo are right that the jacket would have been shown to better affect with dark jeans, or with dark cigarette pants, but I don’t have an issue with it being shown as a suit.

    I make no excuses for the wigs, because they awful. I think the heavy eye make-up works better with some looks than others.

    He’s a baby designer, and his styling skills need a lot of improvement. But I was afraid this collection was going to be a disaster, and I can happily say it isn’t. Since I haven’t seen the other collections, other than the one’s TLo have already ripped, I can’t say this is or isn’t obviously a decoy. I think he shows a lot of promise, though. I hope he does well.

  • The bad wigs and bad hat are giving me an Amber from Clueless vibe:

    A few decent pieces in there.

  • I was about to stand up for the overalls look, but then I realized I was looking at it from a theater standpoint not a fashion one. I do love the hat though. 

  • sooooooooo baddddddddddddd

  • Addicted2Glamour

    One or two interesting pieces (the jacket with the splatter effect is a highlight) but most is this is just atrocious. 

  • If this is one of the stronger collections this season, I am sad.  He had some interesting elements, but overall, it’s just meh.  I agree with many of the other posters, he needs someone else to help him with the colors and prints.  

  • Anonymous

    My favorite piece is the paint-dripping down half jacket.

    My real favorites are some of the jewelry – that first huge cuff, the apparently matching neckpiece, and the 2nd of the something (watch?) embedded in lucite bracelets, the one that is worn with the above jacket.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, so *that’s* what the blue arms were about!

    “Great” is not a word I would use for any part of this collection. To me, the whole thing looks like student work.  High-school student. Sure, there’s an occasional piece thata isn’t bad, but collections with pieces that aren’t bad usually don’t end up on New York runways. I didn’t like his work during the show, and I sure don’t like this.  The styling, like Olivier’s, makes me embarrassed for him.

    • Jordan Adair Stephens

      oh, come on. i have a feeling you haven’t been to a high school in awhile if you think a high-schooler could put together this show!!

      • Anonymous

        While I used “high-school student” as an exaggeration, in fact, I went to a high school fashion show last year. And while some of the designs were just what you’d expect, others were really creative and beautifully done. And better than Anthony’s collection.

  • this collection grows on a person.
    i like it a lot better in order & dissected.
    in fact, each time i see it i like it better than the time previous.
    i like the prints. did he design them?

    i would have more to say but that this keyboard is still really bad. to work the spacebar is like typing through quicksand. so i will say it later. still–you are right. one of the stronger collections. would that only the entire collection-field were stronger.

    edited to add:
    i’m almost ashamed to admit i really like the orange dress you loathed. change out the styling {in this case especially–boy do those blue arms detract. & the wig! & the eyeshadow!} & i think it presents a whole lot better.

  • Anonymous

    i’m sorry. i just…i can’t. it’s bad. this is BAD.

  • ellen kirkendall

    If he meant this as an homage to New Orleans why did he choose to use only white models?

  • Anonymous

    His pairing really point out the fact that he’s colorblind.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t like the sweeny todd jacket.  Some good pieces. I was sorry to see him go.  🙁

  • Anonymous

    6th from the bottom – the stupid hat photo – why am I seeing the Oompa Loompas from the 1971s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? 

    Now *there* is a 70s fashion reference.

  • Anonymous

    Man, those were some weird ass hats and ugly wigs.  Why?  Jeffrey, Season 3 wanted to use wigs and Tim stopped him from using them.  No wigs!  Oh, and I wondered if the blue right wrist tattoo was because Anthony has a tattoo on his right wrist.    

    • I just watched that episode the other day. It’s not that Tim stopped him, it was that he went over budget and he chose to rescind the use of the wigs to remain within the rules…

      • Anonymous

        Mea Culpa.  Thanks Alex.  

  • Anonymous

    The white hat reminds me of a flower pot I used to have.

    • Anonymous

      I think he got the hat from that creepy guy a few seasons ago… what was that guy’s name again?  All I remember is that he was reallly creeeeepy.

      • mc90

        Vince Libretti!

  • Anonymous

    How can he show a collection? Can anyone show a collection? I am so cunfused…..
    Anyway if your color blind you should probably stay away from mixing prints. He is no Mondo that is for sure.

    • NY Fashion Week happens before the finale of the show. So to keep the winner/runners up under wraps, this is a decoy collection. They’re given the same amount of money as the actual finalists of $10k (I suppose to keep things less obvious who won/who didn’t and also fair).

  • I really can’t get past that shit on their arms…its so distracting it took me 3 look-throughs to really focus on the clothing.

  • That orange dress?  Krystle called and wants it back Right Now.

  • michelle shields

    Just ew

  • Anonymous

    Every time I think I am making progress in my fashion education here at TLo University, I am reminded I apparently don’t have “the eye” for it.  The only things in this collection I didn’t hate were the yellow print fabric in looks two and three (though I did hate what he did with them) and the shape of that last jacket (but why did he ruin it with Silly String?)  I read the comments, scroll back up to look closer, then shake my head.  I don’t get it.

  • “…he tends to put more work and thought into the bottom than the top.”

  • Anonymous

    Velma gets on the runway with all of her depressed cousins from Louisiana.  NO NO NO.

  • Hideous. Hated every piece.

  • narita_rayna

    oh those wigs…  girl those wigs…

  • mc90

    Remember Vince Libretti, Season 3, first challenge? He put a basket on his model’s head. The cheesecake hat reminded me.

  • If this is one of the best, I’m afraid to see the others. This looks half-A’d at best. Some decent pieces, but most of them are just throw away. And yes the styling totally ruins any good thing they had going. When I first read post-Hurricane New Orleans I thought using water stains as a pattern/dying which sounded interesting. I wish they would stop putting out so many decoys! I don’t see how it helps the eliminated designers if they are going to put out such low budget crapola. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m really fond of Anthony Ryan, and I like quite a few of the pieces, and love the last look, but I’m pretty sure the paint-splattered suit is another McQueen pastiche.

  • Anonymous

    What? Look 4 – the one with the red print top and the black shorts – it’s the exact, and I mean EXACT, same look that Mondo launched his collection with last year. It’s stitch for stitch the same.

  • Toto Maya

    I think that almost all of the pieces are ugly as sin. Really disappointing.

  • Anonymous

    There’s nothing to be said here than can’t be said of all the contestants this season–amateurish at best, needs lots and lots of seasoning, editing, experience and frankly ass-kicking. I think AR was one of the best of a lousy bunch and wish him well but he is deluded (as they all are) if they think the’re ready for the Big Show.

  • Laura Lee Washburn

    I liked the overalls.  I think the hair and glasses make them all look like dolls or mannequins, and I think that’s okay b/c fashion models don’t look like people anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Scooby Do’s Velma is NOT a styling inspiration. Idont care for this collection AT all. I really think the only cute thing he made so far (Not glue gunned and cute) was the bubble skirt for the group collection, the one with the Bob Evan’s hostess tie bow thingie. I don;t get all the love for him OR the dislike for Anya up in here. I think he’s a little trailer park and gives me a sneak vibe 

  • Anonymous

    Man … this is dreadful. The zipper hanging between the legs of the 3rd model was the beginning of the end for me. The styling is distractingly awful. Bad. Bad bad. Fitting for this season if this was one of the best collections.

  • Anonymous

    Jillian (I think) from S4 made some great overalls. I like the last jacket if it was cut right, other then that thumbs down. Looking back at the collections, the only one that seemed to be any good was Blendly’s. DX

  • Anonymous

    Is it me or does this collection sort of remind you of Gwetchen – many of the prints and looks – with a half-assed attempt to grab some Mondo inspiration?  I’ve been to New Orleans many times and that’s the LAST place this collection reminds me of.  More like Clovis, NM

    • Anonymous

      Exactly! There is nothing New Orleans about it.

  • Cathy S

    The final jacket’s great EXCEPT for the cutouts, which I hate.The only other pieces I like are the second skirt and the blue and white skirt. The rest is meh.

  • Anonymous

    There is so little I like, and the styling doesn’t help. I was surprised, I figured he’d have a stronger collection that would give the judges the middle finger for aufing him.

    But if that’s one of the stronger collections that day… ouch.

  • Terri M

    I loved the butterflies with the bargello shorts. But then, I love butterflies and bargello.

  • Not feeling it. Any of it. At all.

  • Anonymous

    The styling ruins this entire collection.  Those wigs are horrendous.

  • vmcdanie

    As you say, there are separates I like. Almost never together. I did like the butterfly choker thing though. The styling is so weird that it distracts from the clothes, which is not good.

  • vmcdanie

    As you say, there are separates I like. Almost never together. I did like the butterfly choker thing though. The styling is so weird that it distracts from the clothes, which is not good.

  • Helen C

    When he’s not copying directly from established labels, his works are purely uninspiring and still, surprise surprise, unoriginal.  Not wearable and pretty like Bert’s, not at least having a POV like Olivier’s.  Even worse than Bryce’s collection.  No amount of Southern accent and “cute personality” will save him.  

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry but I hate it.  I like a few of the prints but overall feels mismatched and schizophrenic in a not so cool way.  

  • I love the paint splatter jacket, the rest is meh.

  • really don’t like it…the only thing I sorta like is the top with the yellow trim

  • I thought the hair and the idiotic hat, the cutouts shapes, the prints, were supposed to be Egyptian, not that that makes it look any better.  The sad model in the too-red dress looks like Kathy Griffin!

  • M M

    wow, glad to see I’m not the only one who disagrees with TLo here. I did not get or like any of it. The cut of the paint drip jacket looks like those bodysuits that fasten at the crotch, but that obviously somehow got unfastened. It all just looks insane….like literally.