PR: Judging The Judges

Posted on October 14, 2011

Hit it, ladies:

You can tell both Heidi and Nina stepped up their games this week, knowing they’d be sitting next to someone who’s well known for being stylish and fabulous. We’ll give her a lot of credit for wearing something that’s at least interesting and not just another uterus skirt. But to be honest, we think this is kind of ugly and her hair’s a mess. Score: 5/10.

Michael Kors Fall 2011 CollectionMichael Kors Fall 2011 Collection/Model: Bette Franke

We’re of two minds here. Yes, this is really fabulous and suits her to a T. But we’re getting a little tired of so many guest judges showing up in a borrowed outfit from the Duchess’ fall line. It’s a bit too easy, no? And isn’t there already too damn much cross-promotion going on in this season of Product Runway?

But dammit, she looks amazing. Score: 9/10.

Barbara Bui Fall 2011 CollectionBarbara Bui Fall 2011 Collection/Model: Maud Welzen (ELITE)

It’s fabulous; it’s a bejeweled tank top; it’s simple black pants. Darlings, we can’t believe it, but we may have hit the wall on Nina’s choices this season. This is just a bit too expected and too similar to too many past looks. Heidi’s got the gyno skirts and Nina’s got the bedazzled tank tops. We like it a lot, but we’re going to have to take points off because we think she may be in a bit of a style rut. Score: 7/10.


But come on, she really does look incredible in that shade of red.

[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for,]


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  • Mike Winget

    Has Nina been using Clinique Counter’s Bedazzler when he wasn’t looking?   

  • Zoe deserves a 10. Come on, you know she does.

  • K

    But Zoe’s hair is a craptastic mess! At least she was smart enough to lose the red muppet.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed.  It looks better in these pics, but when she came out from behind the white screen — whoa!  Send her back to the Garnier Fructis Hair Salon, stat!

      • Anonymous

        But wasn’t it mentioned a few weeks ago that horrible hair is in?

    • Anonymous

      Wasn’t all muppet — just muppet hides.  There was an artist several years ago who decapitated a bunch of those annoying tickle-me-elmo dolls — mounted the heads on plaques — and took the hides and made a coat.

      I only know this bc my sister owns three of the Elmo heads….yeah — it’s a little creepy.

  • Heidi’s dress looks like something Josh M. would make!

    • Anonymous

      When I saw that dress I thought how can you criticze him for hid bedazzling and editing issues when you are wearing that????? Geez I can’t even count how many kinds of trim were slapped on there!

    • Anonymous

      LOL That is why I thought too! That outfit is just plain hiddy I fiind a baffling that people who are supposed to be “judges” about fashion and style have so little style themselves.

      Michael Kors wears a uniform

      Niina is in a style rut and can’t ever seem to do anything with her hair but wear it cocker spaniel style

      Heidi – wears short, shiny and ugly outfits, most often in the shade of black.

      I guess I thought since they were “judges” they would practice what they preach. I don’t even watch the show anymore, I just ready the TLO recap – which is a lot more interesting than the show

      • Anonymous

        I’m only reading the recaps, too.  I realized last week I just can’t bear it any more.  Anya is lovely to look at and has potential, but she’s not the best designer PR has ever seen.  She’s not even the best designer this season, and the talent level is at an all-time low.  I just… ugh.

  • Anonymous

    who is the designer for Heidi’s dress? and could you also “review” Heidi’s outfit at the beginning of the show? I’m always intrigued at what she might be wearing…..
    and wow! Zoe matched her outfit perfectly with her lipstick and the Project Runway judge card! 

    • I thought Heidi’s outfit at the beginning was way better than her gyno dress at the end!

      • Anonymous

        yes! I agree! 

      • Anonymous

        I think I usually like her first outfit better than her second.  Probably because her second is the expected; tight, short & shiny.

        (I might be wrong, but that’s how I remember it!)

    • Carla Williams

      According to Red Carpet Fashion Awards, it’s Christian Siriano:

      • Anonymous

        Yep, it was Christian Siriano.

  • Anonymous

    Was I mistaken or was Kors wearing WHITE pants? Either that, or there was a shot of him with a tablecloth on his lap. And I would have sworn that both Heidi and Nina had worn their two outfits before … especially Heidi. She was a lot more fun to look at in previous seasons, with a variety of silhouettes, colors, styles. Saldana’s jumper looks super on her, but it’s pure 70s rehash. I’ll bet you could find Jaclyn Smith in that exact color, cut, belt, etc. on an old “Charlie’s Angels.”

    • OMG – YES re: Heidi’s past “looks”.  This season I’ve just been stunned at how she looks – kind of bedraggled and dark, dark, dark.  I think that last baby pushed her over the EDGE!  

  • Anonymous

    That top for Nina is absolutely amazingly perfect for being filmed in a chair on TV.  All that beading would be uncomfortable on the back and lower half, but it’s just where it would be seen if you’re sitting down.  How fabulously brilliant is that?

  • Anonymous

    Agree with the scoring except I’d knock a point off for Zoe’s hair. She still gets the win, and I’m not even all that fond of jumpsuits. But, damn, she is making a believer out of me in that red one. The fit and color are perfect.

  • Anonymous

    Product Runway?  Lolz.  Seriously.

    • Anonymous

      I know … some genius some moons ago came up with that one.  So clever and true.

  • Is it only PR contestants, or has “jumper” become the accepted term for jumpsuits?

    • Anonymous

      Thank you.  Jumpsuits and jumpers are two entirely different things.

      • Anonymous

        That was bugging the hell out of me! 

    • Anonymous

      Its driving me nuts! Piperlime even called Anya’s winning jumpsuit a jumper when they sold it online.

    • Anonymous

      I agree! In the US a jumper is an over dress thing, meant to be worn with some sort of blouse or underpinning. In the UK a jumper is a sweater, right? Why not jumpsuit? For some reason, it really bugs me.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, it’d be one thing if it was a US/UK difference, but it’s wrong for both!

    • Anonymous

      It seems to be a thing, but I am not sure.

      The other day, I was overcome with a bizarre desire to rewatch S1 of TFS (don’t ask me why) and I seem to recall people using jumper to mean jumpsuit in it, too.

      • Is there some sort of stigma to jumpsuit now?  I’m seeing “romper” a lot too in online stores and catalogues.  Romper?  Seriously?  

  • MilaXX

    As soon as I saw her last night, I knew Zoe had it hands down. That red amidst all that black was an easy home run. The fact that she held her own against the judges sold it for me.

  • Anonymous

    Surprise, surprise. Heidi comes out in another iteration of short, black, tight and shiny. Zoe looks good, I wouldn’t go so far as amazing. She’s worn much more interesting stuff. I have hated almost every bejeweled top Nina has sported this season. I’m beginning to think she has serious taste issues too. And I am tired of her never-varying, center-parted, semi-Spaniel hair.

  • Anonymous

    Zoe’s hair is what cost her a 10.

  • Anonymous

    When Heidi appeared last night, I was stunned at how bad her hair looked.  I thought Seal had been visiting her dressing room right before the taping!

  • Zoe Saldana clearly wins, and it has nothing to do with my current J.J. Abrams/Star Trek obsession. But, boy! Chris Pine knows how to take a punch.

    Nina and Heidi, to imitate Don Cornelius, were “SNOOOOOORE TRAAAIN!”

  • Anonymous

    IMHO The problem with Heidi’s dress is that she looks flat chested in it and therefore she looks wide in the hips/but.  She is not flat chested in the least so I don’t get why she looks awful in this dress.  A gal with a bigger rack could look great in this dress without looking vulgar.

  • Anonymous

    Product Runway indeed!  But I just can’t get over that shade of red – perfection!  I’d give Zoe a 10.  It’s not her fault that L’Orange might have insisted she wear something off his racks.  Or the producers, who have all the subtlety of Rush Limbaugh.

    Nina needs to stop with the bedazzled tanks and black pants and Heidi, honey, you need to face the fact that you’re not 25 anymore, no matter how fabulous you look.

  • Anonymous

    No points off for the Guest Judge’s messy hair?   Just Heidi?

    tsk tsk, TLo

  • Anonymous

    Heidi simply will not surrender her credit card at Skanks R Us.  That dress is pictured next to the dictionary definition of sleazy.

    Nina is becoming predictable and boring, and her tank top is too much like Heidi’s dress–overdone and, in Nina’s case, borderline vulgar.

    The fabulous Zoe is the clear winner. And given that it’s BM, I imagine the only choice she had was which Michael Kors to wear. Either that or a tee shirt that said HP or a jacket with over the left breast.  These people are not subtle. So, good for her for making the best of it. She looks amazing in that shade of red. I also appreciated her willingness to disagree with the “judges” several times in the critiques.  Particularly when, after Heidi had gone all damp over Clinique’s ridiculous lurex/leotard mess, she said she just didn’t like it.  Hooray for you, Zoe!

  • I see VPL in those first two pictures. For shame, Zoe.

  • Anonymous

    Do they usually have the guest judge up on the runway (modeling a dress for a permanent judge) ? 

  • Anonymous

    She was a good judge, too.

  • Anonymous

    I have to agree with you regarding Nina & Heidi’s style choices this season. As much as I adore a chic black look, I am bored to tears with them both. I’d love to see them both in a bit of color every now and again.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, I was just impressed that Heidi’s hem came all the way down to the tips of her fingers.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so sick of the Kors-bots this season. Yes, she looks fabulous, but it actually doesn’t really suit her style, and she’s capable of pulling off an outfit of such greater interest. But she still beats Heidi and Nina. 

  • Zoe’s top looks like she slung a scarf around her neck and stuffed the endings in her pants. Like the one contestant who couldn’t finish a shirt and let the male model walk the runway with a piece of fabric wrapped around his neck.

  • Heidi’s outfit at the beginning was SO much better. This dress looks home-crafty to me. Nina is a yawn. This is nothing special or different and it’s not even interesting since she covers it up with her main of hair. Zoe is a knockout!I don’t care if she is schmoozing MK. It looks FAB on her!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Zoe looked terrific (although I am somewhat confused by the overall lovefest for her), but the hair is an issue. 

    However, I would like to come to Nina’s defense. Every week, she is required to sit with a woman, usually two, who is/are ‘professionally beautiful’, i.e. they are primarily famous because of their looks (please don’t tell me Zoe is famous because of her acting). Whatever else you think about her, Nina did not get where she is primarily because she’s attractive. Yet, she routinely is by far the best put-together person on the panel.

    Does Nina wear a version of this outfit too much? Probably, but I don’t think it’s so much of a rut as it is what she defines as her ‘look’  – it’s a classic one, suits her, and serves her well in any number of ways. I think we all would like to see her in some color or something different – but I just don’t think that’s going to happen.

    I would like to recommend 1/2 point deduction for Ms. Saldana’s hair, and a full point upgrade for Ms. Garcia. That’s still a Zoe win – but only by a nudge. I’m trying to figure out a way to get a tie or win for Nina…..but can’t get there. Oh well….she may have lost this battle but she has surely won the war.

    Notice that I’ve totally discounted Heidi in this discussion. Auf.

    • I think you’re right on about Nina (but I’m think she could get by on her looks if she’d wanted to).  She seldom takes a misstep, although I do recall one during fashion week, when I thought she looked like hell, something I didn’t believe I would ever have to say. That’s it, though. She knows what works for her and she sticks with it. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. And I’m sure she can and does pull out the stops when it’s called for.

      If I ever figure out the lovefest for Zoe, I’ll let you know, because I’m at a loss too.

  • Anonymous

    Heidi is wearing her Medieval Barbie look. All she needs is a bejeweled war-hammer and a leather cape.

  • Anonymous

    Ooh, that dress Heidi has on is really ugly. Saldana looks great, of course, but I thought the looks was a little boring. Something was missing, though I’m not sure what. Big piece of jewelry? I dunno.

    • Anonymous

      maybe excitement knowing the show has lost a bit of steam?

  • Susan Crawford

    T & Lo, you were very generous to give Heidi a score of 5! I mean, let’s face it: she was rocking stringy, unbrushed hair, a truly fugly dress with cheap-looking, ill-fitting sleeves, and huge, clunky black platform heels. Not to mention yet more of her tarnished-looking “jewelry line.” Puh-leeze! Zoe looked great, admittedly, but I am SO TIRED of seeing bland, unadventurous, middle-of-the-road styles from Michael Kors on guest judges that I could scream. (And obvs, Zoe’s hairstylist went missing, since her hair, too, could have used some attention.) But NinahGahcia? She looked so polished and chic, as always. She DOES tend to wear the slim pants/pencil skirt and embellished tank a lot, though.

  • Anonymous

    Heidi’s dress looks like it belongs on a 17-year old who is going out clubbing.

    Nina’s outfit is great, but I agree. I have been saying for a while that she bores me. Part of this is also me being mean, because you would think a person who sits there yawning during the PR runway shows would ALWAYS. BRING. IT. But she always looks the same. Nina, for God’s sake, do something different with your hair and make-up. It won’t kill you.

    Zoe wins this shit hands down. She looks incredible and she was a really good judge too!

    • Anonymous

      The hair drives me bonkers for some reason, after 40 that middle part and below-the-shoulder style just doesn’t work.

  • Anonymous

    Another point off for Zoe’s hair, which looks like a hairdo that didn’t turn out quite as intended.  Her looks aside, I thought she was a good judge.

  • Anonymous

    And why shouldn’t the Duchess get his share of product placement? Hmph! Seriously, I agree with what you said. Product Runway is the correct title and it’s just one more thing I have against the program at this point.

  • Anonymous

    Zoe looks fabulous sitting down, even though her hair’s a mess. Standing up, her hair’s still a mess, and her pants are too long. And that’s about all that I can find wrong with it. Heidi and Nina — ehh. I’m really tired of Nina’s hair being part of her shoulder wardrobe.

  • Presumptuous Insect

    Good lawd, Zoe makes Heidi look kinda big.

  • Nina and Heidi’s hair showed the summer frizzies!  Zoe looked great, but too thin. Have to say it, she’s scary skinny.

  • I don’t care where that outfit came from, Zoe looks like a 10.

  • Rebecca Zmarzly

    To me, there was really no contest this week. As soon as Ms. Saldana walked out, I thought she had knocked it out of the park.

  • tom

    I know that it’s Miss Kors collection but she does look great.

  • Cathy S

    Both this week and last Heidi’s first outfits were fantastic. I’d love to hear more about them. The judging outfits were not even close.

    • Totally agree! Why on earth couldn’t she have switched them?

  • Now I am The Bee

    Yes–Zoe looks fab.  Heidi looks scary.  Nina, who usually chooses wisely, choose poorly this time around. 
    But–whatevs.  Everyone should turn on the Style Network RIGHT NOW and watch real designers on PR Season ONE!  Right now!! 

  • Heidi’s was a Siriano, right? I think that’s what that one behind the scenes article said…

  • Anonymous

    I actually think Zoe is up there with Cate Blanchett and Queen of Fuckinfantastica Hellen Mirren in terms of goddess-worthy style. Love her.

    Also, I just saw Heidi’s photo shoot for H&M on the side of a bus this morning on the way to work. I was completely unimpressed with her photos, and her hair was just as disheveled as it was last night.

  • cheesepuff74

    Hair isn’t as easy to manipulate as I feel like you two think it is.

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    I agree with everything you have to say here! I might actually knock off a point for Heidi, since the dress is so ugly. Interesting, but ugly.

    I do not see anything wrong with Saldana’s hair. Isn’t it supposed to be a messy-in-a-neat-way bob? In other words, a JBF bob? Heidi’s hair, on the other hand, is a mess.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t condone a jumpsuit. Even if it’s Zoe Saldana in a Michael Kors jumpsuit.

    As for Nina, give her some credit. This is nowhere near Wintour style-rut territory. She deserves a higher score.

  • It might be borrowed, but at least they hemmed it for her.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like the look on Zoe – although the color is good.   I think it makes her look totally shapeless like a boy

  • Anonymous

    Zoe Saldana takes it this week, but she didn’t have a lot of competition. I liked the jumpsuit, it looks like something my boy Bert would make. although not in that color. 

    What I found odd was the ‘Ta Da’ introduction Zoe got. She’s an okay actress of recent vintage with a good stylist.  She is not a fashion legend.  If Diane ‘Fucking Fabulous’ Von Furstenberg doesn’t get that kind of intro, Zoe Saldana certainly doesn’t deserve one.  

  • Anonymous

    What?  I looked at Nina and thought “She looks amazing!”  I looked at Zoe and thought, “Eh.”  Nina for the win!

  • Jenny Hansell

    I often think ZS doesn’t wear enough makeup and looks washed out – but she looked PERFECT here.

  • Anonymous

    I would probably be doing exactly what Nina’s doing (and Kors, for that matter) – sticking with a look that suits her. She can walk into her closet, pick out a plain pant and a cool top, and not think about it again, knowing she looks good. Also, those two work in the industry, behind the scenes (well, you know, except for the national TV show) – glamming up is not a job requirement.

  • Anonymous

    Nina looks great in that outfit, every week.  Heidi’s dress has too much bulk and texture.  The Great Saldana can do no wrong.

  • If I was Christina Ricci, or one of the numerous other actresses that have guest judged on PR, I would be uber-pissed about the fanfare and fawning they did for Ms. Saldana. What was up with her coming out from behind the scrim like she was the second coming? And the gasps of amazement from the contestants? All the other past guest judges were already seated when Heidi introduced them, n’est-ce pas? And then the contestants would clap politely and maybe give a talking head about how much they have always liked blah blah.  I mean, she definitely has a great style, but I don’t think she was deserving of the collective orgasms.

  • Anonymous

    And her comments were among the most lucid and on-point of any of the guest judges this season.

    Another thing I love about Zoe Saldana – her posture. Look at her standing beautifully erect next to Heidi. She makes Frau Seal’s pigeon toed stance look as schlumpy as, well, as it is.

    • Anonymous

      I read your pigeon toe comment after I posted my bitchy aside. Glad I am not the only one who is bugged by this.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. She was so blunt! But not mean. I really liked her as a judge.

  • Zoe Saldana is amazingly beautiful and smart.  I thought that when I saw her in “Crossroads” with Britney Spears and whenever I see her today.  She just gets better and better.

  • Anonymous

    Why does Heidi always pose pigeon toed? Does she think after 20 kids it makes her look young and coquettish? Honey that train left the station a loooong time ago.

    • Anonymous

      I know … Unless she truly is pted, it’s just so affected and annoying and it ruins her look.  Give us a bit of the ballerina at first position.

  • Anonymous

    Wait a minute … Didn’t Heidi wear a Micheal Kors jumper a while back that her look stumpy? Should we do a who wear it better?

  • Anonymous

    The jumpsuit pants are way too long.  A girl needs to show some ankles and heels when doing the jumpsuit thing otherwise it’s Gumpy all the way.  And she is beautiful.  Her hair was a mess too but not as fried as Heidi’s. 

  • Anonymous

    FUCK HEIDI.  FUCK NINA.  FUCK THEM ALL.  I don’t even care about this show anymore.  And Heidi looks like a streetwalker like she ALWAYS DOES.  

    Am getting an aspirin now.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, may I suggest some yoga – maybe go for a run.  That was a pretty intense reaction over clothes!

  • Anonymous

    Every time Heidi says “I would wear that”, I think “I would never wear that”.

  • Logo Girl

    I say Zoe replace Nina, if Nina is as tired of this mess as she seems.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, guess I’m all alone in my love for Heidi’s dress! I think it’s sexy and edgy, with a rock & roll vibe I’m totally digging. Love the hair and makeup too. I’d give her a solid 8, but I can see how this look wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste. Nina’s top is cool, but I’m also getting bored with the sameness. 7/10. Zoe looks great in red, but the look is a bit boring and slightly awkward otherwise. 7/10. Heidi wins on my scorecard.

    • Lisa

      No, you’re not alone – I really love Heidi’s dress.  I think Nina and Zoe look amazing, but Heidi’s dress is great!

    • I also love Heidi’s dress. Her hair actually shocked me a little when she first came out on stage, because it’s not usually that messy, but it works with the dress.

  • Anonymous

    Zoe looks amazing in something others would not yet again because she is so thin. It is actually getting scary. And who could ever wear that jumpsuit?! 

  • Nora Achrati

    here’s what I don’t understand: they had two days to do the challenge, no? but Zoe comes back in the exact same look for the judging? I am in a PR timewarp…

  • Anonymous

    Heidi was a mess.  That dress is not flattering at all.  When she first came out I thought, Stand up straight.  When you’re thinking that about Klum, ooooh, that’s bad.

  • i think everyone is so fed up w/ the judges on this show that anything they do is gonna look less than, regardless.

    barbara bui always has the most amazing footwear on the runway, then if you can afford to get anywhere near buying it, it all tumbles down in retail.

  • Anonymous

    Ms Saldana looked amazing in that red jumper but the shoes….  Why o why?   

  • Anonymous

    Zoe is stunning, seriously.  Did Heidi run thru a rain storm before filming??

  • Anonymous

    Zoe left me speechless.  I forgot it was a Kors.

  • Meh.  Nina’s always had a “uniform” or at least a set range of looks that she wears on this show.  Armor-esque tops, bedazzled tops, chic understated tops with statement necklaces, often in neutral colors (black, white, beige/tan, metallics) paired with simple pants/skirts and usually kickass shoes.  There’s a bit more variety, but it’s as clearly defined as Kors’ uniform is, so I see no point in dinging her now for sticking with it.  In the rest of her life, her clothing choices seem to me to be much more interesting & varied, but not when she’s in the PR judge’s chair.

    If she hadn’t been wearing a version of that dress for several seasons now, I’d like Heidi’s outfit – got some interest to it without looking stupid, not TOO short, not TOO shiny, not TOO tight.  Hair’s looking a bit rough, but at least the makeup’s nice, not clownlike at all, and the jewelry’s not overwhelming.

    Zoe looks great.  That jumpsuit (it’s NOT a jumper, in any sense of the word!) suits her tall, slender frame very well, and as everyone is mentioning it’s a perfect shade of red for her.  The hair’s not great, but at least she doesn’t look like she ran straight from the gym to the set.  My only quibble, and it’s a minor one, is that she really could have used a bracelet or something for a finishing touch.  I concur wholeheartedly with her 9.0 score & her win.

  • Anonymous

    Zoe looked amazing. Except for the hair.

  • As far as jumpsuits go, I guess this looks great, but I’m pretty meh on this get-up  on Zoe, as I am about her in general. The color is perfect, and I love, love, love her lipstick. I like her hair. It works well with the jumpsuit.

    I think Heidi’s dress is really cool. It could be an inch or two longer, but it’s not gyno-style.

    Love Nina’s top, and my goodness, it looks a thousand times better on her than it does on the model, who is not doing even one thing for it. And dammit, as much as I go on about hair below the shoulders not being a good idea for women over 35 or so, I love her hair. I wouldn’t object to a side part, or it being a couple inches shorter, but it is really beautiful.

    I’m not sure any of them look smashing enough to win this week, but I’d give it to Nina.

  • Anonymous

    Nina wins on the hair.  Zoe came in 3rd on hair.  It looks terrible.

  • Well we know how Mr. Kors likes to go on about knowing how to dress a woman’s body.  He does do that.  If she’s a size zero, anyway.

  • Anonymous

    heidi:  it’s hard for a little all-black minidress to look gaudy, yet here it is.  are those sleeves part of the dress or is she wearing a baggy leotard underneath.  i like the hair and makeup, but still…a five is generous.

    nina:  i too am tired of her signature dazzled top with dark pants, and especially in the black and charcoal monotone colorway.  i mean she looks fine, but she needed more than fine to get any attention on this panel.  i mean, for godsakes the duchess of cantaloup wore white pants! these times call for desperate measures.

    zoe:  could she look any more fabulous?  i don’t think so, no matter who designed that jumpsuit.  and her hair is just adorable.  the only way she could have looked any better was if she had worn the red chubby (from the runway look), walked out from backstage and took it off and slung it over the back of her chair.

    • Anonymous

      Ha.  Your comment makes me think of Bette Davis in… was it All About Eve?  When she drags her fur coat on the floor. Imagine MK’s face if Zoe had done that.

  • Anonymous

    I must say, I thought Heidi looked lovely at the beginning of the show, when she came out to talk to the remaining designers.  Was hoping that meant she’d stepped it up.  Alas, she didn’t.

  • Anonymous

    Heidi looks amazing and I loved her hair and makeup this week.  Yes, she’s in a black glittery minidress, but she looks fabulous in it.  And this is Heidi, mini dresses are her thing. Who can blame her?  

  • Wait, you think Heidi’s hair is a mess but not Zoe’s?  When she walked out I couldn’t believe her hair looked so ratty.
    It’s all I saw.

    • Anonymous

      Seriously.  It looks like she took the rollers out and forgot to brush it out.

      • Anonymous

        Have you looked at the news anchors?  This look is in (for some reason)…

  • Anonymous

    Love the halston jumpsuit courtesy of Ms kors. 

  • Anonymous

    Zoe: 10/10, when does she not look fabulous.
    Heidi: 8/10, I actually like this, and don’t mind the messy hair.
    Nina: 7/10, She’s been wearing bedazzled clothes this season, which could possibly explain why she defends Josh so vehemently. Plus, I think THAT top is kind of ugly.

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear, bored with Nina? Not me, but then I am not a fabulous & knowledgable fashion blogger.

    I would tie Nina & Zoe. I do not like the orange jumpsuit look, it is a great color for her and the top is nice and of course she looks great. But the silhouette is only two hairs short of unflattering, kind of like a B-team Charlies’ Angel.  So 8/10 for each of them

    I’d allow Ms. Heidi 6.5 out of 10. It’s not fabulous, and her hair is not up to the standards of her co-judges, but there’s nothing hideously wrong about it, either, just a lacklustre version of her usual fare.

  • Zoe looked awesome and I never get tired of seeing Michael’s stuff.
    Was Michael wearing jeans?
    I don’t mind Heidi’s dress but her hair! OMG – what a mess!
    Now the important stuff: Nina is a 10. She has a uniform for PR. It’s comfy, it looks good and she shows off new designers and/or combinations of designers which I really appreciate. I hate this trend of people wearing outfits straight from the runway – why have a stylist at all if you are going to just copy the runway? Nina is busy, she knows what works, she doesn’t want to sit on that stool for 6 hours wearing a dress that keeps hitching up. Personally, I think she is trying to send a message to the designers that ‘there’s more to fashion than dresses, some of us ladies wear pants dammit!!!’

  • Anonymous

    again. Nina bores the crap out of me.

  • I thought Kim’s red fabric was too bright, but it really was similar to Zoe’s outfit

  • Anonymous

    This is the first time I am on board the Zoe train. This is very flattering on her,she looks very chic and tall. She has some style, but I am not among the Kool-Aid drinkers that she is the end all be all mecca of style.

  • Miss Saldana looks fab here (and I loved how she said she was a science fiction fan), but she’s adorable in the I Love NY Water campaign without benefit of styling, which means, I think, that she’s has an unfair advantage. Perhaps there should be a handicap based on the materials with which the contestants judges have to work?