Pairs Division: Williams and Redmayne

Posted on October 10, 2011

Early reviews are in on “My Week With Marilyn,” and despite what the Bitter Kittens have said about her unsuitability for the role, the buzz is that Michelle Williams does an astonishing job with it. We smell Oscar.

But enough of that. Let’s judge how she and her co-star did on the red carpet.

Michelle Williams and Eddie Redmayne Michelle Williams and Eddie Redmayne attend the 49th annual New York Film Festival presentation of “My Week With Marilyn” in New York City. Michelle Williams wears Christian Dior.

Michelle Williams and Eddie Redmayne

Michelle Williams and Eddie Redmayne

Christian Dior Spring 2012 CollectionChristian Dior Spring 2012 Collection/Model: Aymeline Valade (WOMEN)

Michelle Williams and Eddie Redmayne

Michelle Williams and Eddie Redmayne

Michelle Williams and Eddie Redmayne

Michelle Williams and Eddie Redmayne

HE: Seriously needs some posing lessons. And is it us or is he all over her in a way in which she doesn’t prefer? Doesn’t her body language say pretty loudly “Get your sweaty paws off of me?” He should button his jacket so we all don’t see that he tucked his tie into his pants. And if you’re going to wear a velvet jacket, don’t pair it with non-velvet pants in the exact same color as well as a tie that matches it pretty closely. Basically, he’s a mess. Adorable, but a mess. Score: 5/10.

SHE: On the other hand, is sublime. We kept looking and looking for something to criticize because she’s a bit washed out and played down here, but the look is very cool and sophisticated and suits her very well. More jewelry or stronger makeup wouldn’t have helped it. We hesitate to give her a perfect score because we don’t think she’s necessarily gasp-inducing here, but she does look very, very pretty. Score: 9.5/10.

Combined Score: 7.25/10. Betcha she’s all “Bad enough you couldn’t keep your hands off me, you sweaty geek. Look how you skewed our scores on T Lo! I’m not thanking you in my Oscar speech!”


[Photo by Marc Stamas/Getty Images, Janet Mayer/PR Photos]

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  • Sobaika Mirza

    She looks very pretty, but 9.5 is a bit much.

  • Laura Schultz

    I think she looks very pretty here but I always get the feeling that she is really uncomfortable in clothes like this. She needs something to do with her hands, like holding a nice clutch in such a way that it’s perfectly visible to the camera. 

    • Terri

      I think she had plenty to do with her hands removing his hands from her waist!

  • Anonymous

    There’s too much chest showing here, that top is really bugging me.

    Also, you’re totally right about him and his hands. I didn’t notice it until I read what you said and now all I can see is ickyness.

  • Jenna Chapman

    … Does anyone else think he looks drunk off his ass here?

    • Anonymous

      I thought he looked like someone was stepping on his foot!

  • Anonymous

    Poor Michelle! She’s all “the hand stays HERE!” the entire time. She looks absolutely lovely. He looks like the type for whom douchiness is not just a phase. And thank you, Lorenzo and Tom (why doesTom get top billing all the time? It’s not even alphabetical), Because of you two, at the start of every week I hit the ground judging. What a great life!

  • Vickie Lord

    that dress FITS her so well.  It looks like a nightgown on the model, but here it looks fierce

  • Eclectic Mayhem

    In some of the shots she looks like a blonde Leslie Caron – very gamine.  I think maybe she’s too generously proportioned – breastwise – to totally rock that neckline.

  • Anonymous

    I would have given her the 10.  Luv. Huh.

  • Anonymous

    I think her score is a little high. I’d like to have seen a bracelet and/or some earrings, even small ones, to add a little oomph or polish to her look. Agree with you on the guy.

    • Celia

      She looks great here, but I do wish she had some major diamond studs on.

  • Anonymous

    He’s always given me the willies and these pictures aren’t helping. Sweaty paws indeed. She, on the other hand is quite cute – I just want to hoist that bodice up…maybe an inch…and it would be perfect. Not being a seamstress of any kind, I’m not sure ‘hoisting the bodice’ is the appropriate term here, I just mean to say it’s so low, it almost looks a bid droopy and/or uncomfortable to me. Love the color and her hair/makeup!

  • Anonymous

    Ooooh, I disagree TLo, That dress is a little too  “night gowny”. It’s missing a little something-something. But, she is a very pretty girl.

  • Basil Von Broccoli

    The only thing I really dislike about her outfit is that the belt is very high-contrast compared to her coloration and that of the rest of the dress. I think a darker-colored clutch might have helped to offset the belt as a focal point (and given her something to do with her hands). Otherwise she looks fantastic!

    He? Well he’s good-looking, but his facial expressions and posing and sartorial choices all combine to send the message of “someday I will be Gary Busey.” It should go without saying that that is not a good thing.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    She’s a total vision.  That dress flatters her in every way. 

  • Jessie Melcher Brown

    I am so glad she had the dress lined.  Legs or boobs, pick one or you look tacky 😉

    I thought she would do a nice job as Marilyn, they both have a little girl lost quality about them.

  • Leonardo Alves

    9.5? No, no, no! I give her a 7!
    Wouldn’t give him a 5 either… What about a 3? Ok, he’s cute… 4!

  • narita_rayna

    a small earring or a sparkly bangle would have earned her a perfect 10.  

  • Chloe Stabler

    I love the slight either light blue or light mint green (I can’t tell which) in the dress.  Really makes it stand out more in such a subtle way.

  • Anonymous

    He looks skeevy. Every picture of them together is super awkward (especially that last one).

    • Mari Rose

      Skeevy. That is exactly the word I thought of when I saw those pictures. 

  • Anonymous

    I think the fit across her bust is strange — like it’s simultaneously too snug and too loose.

  • Joseph Lamour

    One more bitter kitten comment: Why wasn’t Christina Hendricks even considered?

    She (and her outfit) – pretty. IN, He looks cute in the first picture, but like he had a George Costanza Grapefruit incident in the rest of them. Also the velvet jacket is great, but you cant tell cause he’s standing like a puppet with his strings cut.

  • Anonymous

    Did Michelle buy those breasts? They are stunning. OK, now I can go back and look at what she’s wearing.

    • Anonymous

      My reaction to the pictures is that they look like they’re at the prom, and M’s not particularly happy she got stuck with her older brother’s loser friend. As far as her dress, I think she looks stunning. I’ll agree that it might not be a total 9.5 but the dress is a balanced contrast to her very short hair, light and airy and the color suits her beautifully.

      No comment on the Loser. 

  • Anonymous

    he definitely is showing octopus tendancies and she looks like she is hissing through her teeth at him to “KEEP YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF ME ASSHAT” while maintaining a smile for the paparazzi.  she looks great, i really wish there was some jewelry though.  that much skin showing and no necklace or earrings or anything makes it look too plain.  it didnt need to be showy, just something to break it up a bit.

  • Anonymous

    i’m not loving either of them.  it may be that these are just bad photos- she looks over exposed and both look like they’re squinting in the glare.  the dress might have been better if the lining had a little more contrast, like a warm skin tone, to show off the details such as the chevrons at the waist.  as is, it just looks drab and the black belt relates to nothing.  and she does seem to be trying to peel his fingers off her waist. 

  • Anonymous

    She should have changed the belt. That colour works on the model because she has dark hair and a much more contrast with her skintones. .  A copper or soft coral belt for Michelle would have kept the look on the side of ‘soft’ rather than ‘washed out’.  And yes she needs a clutch desperately..

  • Wrenaria

    She looks gorgeous. I love her dress and makeup and her chest is just plain amazing.

  • Anonymous

    She looks like a modern Marilyn. He just looks really nervous.

  • Anonymous

    I do not like that color on her. 

    I am also seeing a disconnect between her gamine look (more Leslie Caron than Marilyn!), and the sheer, plunging neckline, “sex goddess” gown.  It doesn’t work for me.  (And I’m not sure it works for her; she looks uncomfortable.  Or is it Eddie Haskell there who’s making her feel that way?)

    • Anonymous

      Ha!  Edie Haskell – perfect!

    • Anonymous

      I agree, both on the color and on the gamine/sex bomb disconnect.

    • jabes

      Speaking for myself, as someone who has had a “pixie cut” for 10+ years, I really enjoy the contrast between the short, boyish hair and a sexy gown; plus, there is nothing to get in the way of getting a view of the whole dress.

  • Anonymous

    Look, I realize this is mean, but it’s Monday and it’s raining.  Michelle frequently looks away from the camera and purses her lips like a teenager who doesn’t like to have her picture taken.  I would be sympathetic to that, except that it makes her look addled.  More power to her if she’s a good Marilyn, she’s got the disconnected quality down already.

    I don’t who creepy dude is, but…creepy.

    Stupid Monday.

  • Anonymous

    Haha, she totally looks like she’s trying to peel him off of herself, while still keeping a smile for the cameras. Poor girl.
    She does look beautiful, though.
    He kind of looks like a 5-year old who dressed himself. 

  • Anonymous

    Best she’s ever looked..9.5 is right.

    lol about the tucked in tie!  I don’t think he’s as bad as a 5…the fit of the jacket is good and the pants look properly hemmed.  Bump it up to a 5.5.  😉   No really, I kind of like his clothes and think the jacket appears a few shades darker than the pants and tie…so I ‘m fine with the pairing.   I’d like a bit of color and/or pattern in the tie and a belt.  He’s just so smarmy and douchy looking though…

  • tom

    I like the dress but the color seems to wash her out.  I really don’t like his looks so what he wears is immaterial.

  • Anonymous

    Eddie is acting creepy and she does not look comfortable with his hands on her.  You can see she is not holding his hand at all.  It looks like it’s all she can do to keep from making a scene and pushing his hand off her.

    She looks really cool in that dress, and she can rock the short hair.

    He seems like a cute (looking) guy but the weird facial expressions and any guy who tucks in a tie gives me the creeps.

  • Anonymous

    Where is Eddie’s red mane?  

  • Anonymous

    He looks great in the trailers for this movie but wow does he look creepy here. His creepiness might even overshadow how great she looks.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, ugh, he is creeping on her REALLY HARD here and I don’t understand how dudes can a) do this when the lady is clearly trying to get your hands off her and b) do so IN FRONT OF A MILLION CAMERAS. I think she deserves extra points for keeping such a radiant smile on while also doing battle with The Thing.

    I kind of hate him for life now. I can’t think about anything but how much he’s making my skin crawl with his behavior in these pictures.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, PS, what is happening with his face? In my experience, not being able to keep both eyes open to the same degree usually means he’s high as a kite, in which case I could maybe excuse the handsiness somewhat.

  • MilaXX

    He looks a bit sloppy and awkward for all the reasons you’ve cited. 5/10
    She looks good. I think this is less twee than what she usually wears. My only quibble is I think  diamond stud earrings are needed, but then again I am a gal that never leaves the house without a pair of earrings. I even keep a spare pair in my emergency stash at work. However, I think 9.5 is a bit generous. 8.75/10


  • Anonymous

    J’adore Michelle but I think something is lacking here. just a little in the accessory department (necklace, or earrings, something!) and slightly different lipstick would make it look like she finished getting dressed for a premier of her big movie, for god’s sake. 

    And I hope the movie is great because that trailer looked so bad to me. “An icon meets a regular boy. Both hearts break for different reasons. Cue falling leaves and gray clouds, and play the strings loudly.”

  • Anonymous

    She’s lovely but that dress shows a hint of nipple when it’s not washing her complexion out. An 8 at best.

  • Anonymous

    In that last photo, she looks like she is seriously elbowing him. Next stop, a good knee in the balls. What icky vibes he’s giving off.

    Oh, she’ll do, considering she is wearing essentially a nightgown. But I think I am adding her to the list of people I am tired of hearing about.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks lovely and glowy, especially in the 3/4 one by herself — so proud of the film and so happy to be there. I rarely like how she presents on the RC, always just a little too sturdy and uncomfortable in couture. Sometimes so obviously just enduring it that she seems dour. But not here, for some reason! The mint green shade is delicate rather than washed out and the belt is an excellent underlining effect. Better no accessories than too much, but a clutch and a delicate pair of earrings would added some polish. And her makeup is awesome!

  • Anonymous

    She looks A-Mazing! The look is effortless and erethral, she looks fresh and youthful.. everything a young starlet should be.

  • Anonymous

    With earrings, she’d get a 10. DIVINE! Glamorous doesn’t have to be overdone.

    Their body language is a bit odd, though.

  • Anonymous

    You boys are too kind

    • Anonymous

      I think so too.

      But maybe because the model is so striking that anyone else (literally) pales compared to her.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure she acts the hell out of the Marilyn role, but who she really needs to portray is Jean Seberg!

  • Anonymous

    Ugh. So pretty. Love.

  • Anonymous

    She’s giving “Mia Farrow Realness”.  Very pretty!

  • Linda

    She’s too shiny. I was also thinking Mia Farrow, but not in a good way. Though the dress really does look wonderful on her..

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    The poor girl looks so uncomfortable, and it is hard to figure out – is it the guy or the red carpet experience or both?  The guy looks like a leech – you can see her practically pulling his hand away from her in every shot.  Gives me the heeby-jeebies.  On her own, she looks beautiful.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    The poor girl looks so uncomfortable, and it is hard to figure out – is it the guy or the red carpet experience or both?  The guy looks like a leech – you can see her practically pulling his hand away from her in every shot.  Gives me the heeby-jeebies.  On her own, she looks beautiful.

  • Shannon Stewart

    WTF?  Why is he holding her waist like that?  That’s not a co-star pose, jackass!  And she’s clearly not okay with it, since every time you look at her hand on his, it’s holding his back from her by just a smidge…

  • Rachel Weiser

    In the last picture Michelle’s all like “Bitch I’ma key your car in the parking lot later if you don’t step the fuck off.”

    Bless her heart. I love that woman, I can’t help myself. THAT’S grace under fire, bitches!

    Eddie needs to stop making myspace face. I’ve never seen the guy, but he gives me the willies.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind a deep plunge but I think this neckline is cut too wide for her frame. Really don’t like the black belt with the mint – less contrast would flatter more. I give a 7.

  • Anonymous

    She’s just adorable, and the dress is beautiful, but girlfriend could use a bra.

  • Anonymous

    She’s lovely and I hate mint green.  9/10  He is creepy.

  • Anonymous

    I think the dress is too low cut

  • Anonymous

    Wow, she looks pretty and maybe a bit overly boobsy, and he looks smarmy. Especially in that last picture.  If I hadn’t seen that one he might have a had a chance. 

  • Anonymous

    3 He, not adorable, at all. 
    6.5 She, sweet, no hint of Marilyn here, too much like a negligee for my taste. But from the neck up, quite adorable.

    Total: 4.75

  • Anonymous

    She never actually smiles, just does that lemon-sucking thing like Carey Mulligan, so I am inclined to give her a 10+ here.  She looks really pretty.  He looks sort of icky.

  • Amye

    She’s definitely smiling much more comfortably when she’s standing alone without sweaty paws all over her.  I think you got it just right.  9.5 because she needs a tad more bling.  Love that she had a lining put in the dress.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like the neck line on her dress. I don’t know, it just doesn’t look very flattering to me. It looks like her boobs are flopping around all over the place. I’m sure they weren’t, but I just get that feeling from looking at it. 

  • Anonymous

    SHe looks nice here – but those first three pics look totally like someone cut and pasted a picture of her face on her body

  • Vera

    Michelle is quite lovely, but she looks a bit washed out with the pale dress–more color please. That guy seems to be creeping her out with the hands.

  • Karenlibrarian

    LOVE her, but I agree, the shade is a bit pale, and I hate the black belt, which cuts her in half.  And did they add an extra under-skirt layer or is it just the lighting?  It looks better on her than the model.  Not loving the original look with the see-through skirt.

    And he seems pretty skeevy.

  • Anonymous

    Oh thank God. I was peering at my screen “is that VELVET?” “Is it o.k. now to pair a velvet jacket with pants like that?” “wait, are they maybe tuxedo pants?, is that color matched exactly or almost-but-not-quite? What makes that look OK?”

    Thank god that look is NOT o.k. (Though the tucked-in tie made me laugh.)

    But he is very cute. Sometimes I like a touch of the weasel in a man’s looks.   6/10. 

    I am in awe of how well she looks in that dress, even though it’s all a bit washed out. But, I am old and cranky, if she wants that deep a neckline it should not be so wide, if she wants it so wide, it should be at least an inch, maybe two, less deep.

    I admit her breasts are shown to advantage, but my FIRST thought should be how lovely she looks, not how her breasts are presented.  8.5/10.

    Combined score comes out the same: 7.25.

  • Anonymous

    I’d give her an 8.  Too much sternum is showing, and she needs jewelry, or a bag, or SOMETHING to pull the look together.  I would have given her a 7 but she got an extra point for wearing a slip under the dress.  I will applaud, loudly, that great, to-be-wished-for day when designers stop with the sheer skirts.

    He looks to be under the influence of something, and needs a stern lecture along with those posing lessons.

  • Joshua

    “HE: Seriously needs some posing lessons.”

    LOL! You would think he’d have picked some up along the way. But I do love an adorable mess. <3

  • Lisa

    She looks much better – and that’s actually not because of what she’s wearing – it’s because SHE just looks better.  Her hair color is a little softer, and her skin doesn’t look so chalky and dry the way it always does.  I suspect that’s more from the makeup and the lighting, but still, it’s a really distracting thing about her.

  • Anonymous

    She looks lovely, and I’m sure she’s great in the movie, but the whole MM thing is making me think of what Mindy Kaling said:

    ” I could live my life and never see another actress or singer do a photo shoot that’s an homage to Marilyn Monroe.”

  • Anonymous

    She looks quite lovely — a trifle pale, but basically very beautiful.  He, however, looks totally skeevy, especially with his handsiness all over her.  Yuck.  I’d have given him a *much* lower score except it would have skewed her justifiably high score even farther downward, which she certainly doesn’t deserve. 

    But he really needs to learn when to keep his hands to himself; he’s lucky she was willing to continue smiling instead of kneeing him where it counts. 

  • Anonymous

    she does not appeal to me what-so-ever

  • Ass Kicking Adviser

    He’s drunk.
    She looks cute but could have done a little more posing.  She did Vogue, she knows what posing is.

  • Anonymous

    I get the smarmy and douchey remarks about Eddie Redmayne.  Clearly Michelle feels the same.  I find him incredibly hot from his lopsided smile, wonky eyes, freckled face and ginger genes.  Rarely do I swoon but damn this is one hot man.

    Oh and I hate the dress on Michelle. It’s too pale and fades into her skin; shows too much cleavage in an unflattering way; and it makes her look like she has a bobble head.

  • { edi } ilovetrash

    i think she looks really pretty, he looks really annoying, but i still think it’s unprofessional of her to look like she cant stand to be w/in two miles of him when they are compelled to stand beside one another, unfortunately touching, for the camera. i can agree w/ her about the unfortunately component to the touching business, but still. she can certainly ditch him later.

  • Anonymous

    I love Eddie and I’ve never gotten the impression that he’s creepy, just kind of awkward sometimes. His costars usually love him. So the comments here make me sad but given what the commenters have to go on, I guess they’re understandable.

  • Anonymous

    She looks fresh and creamy and really, really beautiful.  I would give her a 10.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks lovely and even thought it’s a simple look I don’t find it missing anything. Simple and pretty. He needs some posing lessons AND also needs a big lesson on personal space. Awkward!

  • tom markiewicz

    i think she is absolutely stunning, and i think you just gave him a low score because you get a sleazy vibe off of him. i think he was at least a 7.5, he looks chic, everything fits him, and the jacket is soooooo not the same colour as his pants! it’s just the light hitting it oddly in certain pictures.

  • Anonymous

    He: If your’e going to wear pants with belt loops, wear a belt……OR keep your jacket buttoned…..

  • Anonymous

    He’s so fun on screen and has such lovely bones … too bad the photos didn’t work out for him.  That is one gorgeous, timeless, sexy dress.  She looks so happy and pretty and smiling.  Nice to see.  Maybe E’s hands weren’t really such a problem for her after all. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care for this after dinner mint green we’re seeing everywhere, but she wears it well.  The dress itself is gorgeous.  Wish she had ditched the black belt.

    Did these two have sex scenes together?  Maybe he, you know, got the wrong idea.

  • MandyM

    He is in no way adorable. Bleh. She looks lovely however!