PA: It’s like Project Runway, with Flavor Crystals!

Posted on October 31, 2011

Hey, remember that show Project Accessory that we swore we were going to blog? No? That’s okay, we forgot about it too. In fact, even though we watched the episode on Thursday night, we had to rewatch the entire thing last night in order to write this post because we couldn’t remember a damn thing about it.

Actually, that’s not true. One thing really stuck out in our minds.


The only way that runway would have made sense is if there was a stripper pole at the end of it or two drag queens calling out bingo numbers.

And why have a runway at all? Why not take the opportunity to shake up the format a little bit? This makes a lovely segue into our main criticism of the show.

It is, note for note…

… a Project Runway episode, except with accessories and staged on a Merv Griffin set. We understand to a certain extent why this was done – because they’re trying to build a franchise here – but we think they dropped the ball in adhering so closely to the PR style.

We’ve seen her in semi-staged candid situations on The Rachel Zoe Project and she always comes off fun, sharp, and bubbly. She couldn’t have been any more stiff and uncomfortable here and it took us two viewings to figure out why: She is quite literally reading Heidi’s lines. Every single thing she said sounded like it was something Heidi was supposed to say. They could have at least shaken up the whole “One of you will be out,” “You can leave the runway” business to be a little more original.

Ariel is fine. He’s perky and cute and he gives concise, on-point critiques. Kenneth was awful. It’s one thing to be the blowhard in the Simon Cowell mode, but he looked like he had gas and wanted to be anywhere but where he was.

We kept laughing at poor Debra Messing, who was doing yeoman’s work trying to keep the energy level up. The problem with the judges right now is that they haven’t really clicked as a panel. Each person spoke in turn as if they had a book report to present to the class. Nina, Michael and Heidi all speak over each other and in a conversational tone, making their judging sessions more entertaining to watch. We barely got the notion that any of these people were even in the same room at the same time.

The mentor lady, she was more than a little off. In fact, she made us a little uncomfortable with her on-camera style. The actual format of the show is fine and this episode put to rest any doubts we had that a PR style show centered around accessories would work. Come on, a PR style show centered around desserts works, doesn’t it?

So it’s congratulations to Rachel Berry (otherwise known as Nina) for wowing the judges with her accessories and wowing T Lo with her predilection for wearing evening gowns to the runway.

We thought she showed smart instincts here. She impressed the judges with her unusual choice of materials and she kept the pieces relatively small and wearable. There were a lot of gigantic, chunky pieces on that runway and that’s going to be the “sleeveless cocktail dress” of this show. That is to say, the easy way out that a lot of designers will wind up taking when they’re stumped.We don’t love the necklace, but we love the belt and the ring.

Let’s see who else impressed the judges.


We didn’t actually love anything here, but we could see why the judges did. Aside from sticking a broom in her hair – which was laughably bad – he demonstrated that he had a full head-to-toe concept rather than just pieces to finish an outfit. Another instance of someone impressing the judges with his material choices. The belt is really unusual and eye-catching. The necklace was an interesting idea that could have used a little finessing.


The thing about Diego’s work is that it’s impeccable. You really would believe these are high-end accessories in an expensive store rather than trash picks. The problem, as we see it, is that his work isn’t that interesting from a design perspective. It’ll be interesting to see where the judges will fall on this question: do you reward impeccably made, tasteful pieces or do you reward the crazy “editorial” stuff?

Now let’s check out who did NOT impress the judges.


Perfect for a night of vampire-hunting, but otherwise pretty silly-looking.


We’re happy that Nicolina got to stay because she was serving up the crazy eyes left and right. Besides, this wasn’t as bad as the judges made it sound and we suspect her rocker girl aesthetic will be well-served in this competition.

And it’s Auf Wiedersehen (or something) to Cotrice, who failed to wow anyone. Poor girl seemed a little out of her depth.

The thing is, if you’re going to trash pick a crystal chandelier to make jewelry, you better do something damn interesting with that chandelier. From a design perspective, those jewelry pieces are no different from anything you’d see a first-time amateur put together from craft store finds. We think the belt was definitely interesting, but we don’t think it had anything to do with the outfit or with the rest of the accessories.

We’ll have the rest of the looks later this week. What did the minions think? We realize you’re probably burnt out from Project Runway, but this show has some potential to it.

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  • J Dreesen

    oh man.  looks like i am going to have to watch this effing thing.

    • Anonymous

      You echo my reaction so closely. Ont he one hand this sounds interesting, and like there was reasoning other than producer manipulation for the decisions, so I am interested. But after the debacles of the last two years of PR I am not sure I really want to start with this. I’m so torn!

      • Conner Emery

        If it makes you feel better, the producers for this show (beside the weinstein company that oversees everything) isn’t Bunim-Murray.

  • Anonymous

    I liked it, but I love accessories. The runway was weird. I thought it might have made more sense to have a photo shoot with the accessories. I disliked Nicolina but thought it was hi-larious how she bashed Brian when she had zero ideas and had a meltdown on what was honestly, a super easy challenge. Make three items, one of your own choosing? Please. Everyone else was looking at her like she was nuts for freaking out. Nina was freaking out too but at least she had ideas. And in the end all Nicolina did was cut a strip from a laundry bag? Please. She seemed like a whiny, attention-seeking PITA. While I didn’t altogether love Brian’s look, I did like that he approached it from the perspective of a fine artist. He had a vision, he was creative and he worked quickly and completely.

    Skinny Val Kilmer (James) – he seems interesting but was he kidding with that flower belt? That looked like a Girl Scout project from Michael’s. 

    Loved the winning pieces. Diego has talent, will be interesting to see if he can be more creative. Thought it was funny how Cotrice ignored the advice of the 25-years-experience mentor and … wound up going home. What was she thinking with that belt? It was way too much. And her necklace was boring.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve made a fair amount of jewelry in my time and, yeah, no excuse for Nicolina’s melt-down except for camera-hogging purposes.  Upcycling in accessories has been around for years.  Necklaces are easy, so are belts–I mean a belt’s a long strip of something flexible that attaches somehow.  And there are umpteen third accessories that are easy and fast–bracelets, earrings, earcuffs, headwear, anklets.

      I was pretty underwhelmed by the talent level on this challenge.  I don’t sew, I don’t have the same sense about what’s involved in making an outfit–but a day-and-a-half to make three things?  And most people couldn’t even produce a total look?  

      The flower belt was awful and why, unless, you’re dressing a bride do three totally white, clunky accessories.  James’ stuff was cryinging out for some sort of contrast.  

      I actually got Kenneth Cole’s reaction–the work as a whole was really underwhelming.  

    • Anonymous

      Well said kcliff,  I completely agree! This show has potential – it had a bit of a raw, unsure feeling about it, with contestants that seemed eager and happy to be there. It reminded me a bit of PR’s heyday, when it was truly a test of talent and creativity. I’m intrigued.

      • Miss World

        i agree about it reminding you of PR’s heyday. they asked the designers about their designs (shocking) and kept the nasty comments about other contestants to a minimum.

  • fafafab

    OMG that brown leather clutch looks PERFECT, I might just watch this episode to see how the heel did he make that thing

    • L

      I thought all three of his pieces were great.

  • EBarney

    You have the wrong ring for the winner – hers was metal with matchsticks that went to the side, matching the necklace and not incorporating any of those big crystal things. 

    – edit: weird – it’s the image they posted on the website, but if you zoom in on the model’s hand, you can see that isn’t what she was wearing.

    • Sarah

      Yeah, that is weird. She definitely didn’t show that ring, but I wonder who DID make it.

      • Anonymous

        Nicolina’s third piece was the cuff, not that bow tie bicep thing.  I like her belt and I think I liked the cuff too… would like to see that up close.

        Diego’s necklace does NOT look high-end or expensive.  It looks like cheap spray-painted cardboard – and the style is fug.

        I want to see a Chandelier Church Hat.

      • Tom and Lorenzo

        Weird. That’s the ring Lifetime had in her portfolio, but we don’t know who it belongs to. We got a screen cap of the right ring.

  • Anonymous

    The music that played during the ENTIRE runway show AND judging was a nightmare. A. Night. Mare.

    Otherwise, it was PR without being PR, and waaaay too copycat. I was irritated. I hate mentorlady. She doesnt’ mentor; she pronounces scripted clichés and has no warmth. Plus, she has no cred: Why should the designers care what she says?

    We give it one more episode and then it’s deleted from the DVR queue.

    • Janelle Hoxie

      The music was a nightmare! I thought it was too copycat as well. 

    • Anonymous

      I also thought the sound was mixed poorly – trying to listen to the judges during the runway was giving me a migraine, that damn music was so loud! I literally don’t know if I’ll be able to make it through this next episode (with the sound on, at least)

    • Nancy Abrams

      I’ve been waiting since Thursday night for this chance to complain about the music. During the final six on the runway, I was screaming at the TV to stop making that noise so I could hear the judging.

      Also, did anyone else notice that Viktor’s necklace on the PR after show was so much like Nina’s winning piece? And was he wearing patterned stockings or did he have stars tatooed all over his legs?

      • Anonymous

        I thought they were tattoos at first, but then I noticed that it was stockings of some sort.  Unless his legs always have the same hue as sheer black stockings.  

    • Anonymous

      I’m glad I wasn’t the only one driven crazy by the music.  It seriously gave me anxiety.  

  • Anonymous

    I love Nina and the Rachel Berry comparison but I really hope they don’t play up her lack of experience because she certainly does come across quite skilled (but she did say when she was stressing out that she had only been doing jewelry full time for a year). I hated the entire bottom three, among others, but I thought that James made the worst pieces; they literally looked like the model wrapped herself in items found on the shelves at Michael’s. Overall, I think the contestants are bringing a lot to the table in terms of talent and personality and I just hope that everyone else involved steps it up. That was definitely a perfect first challenge, however.

    • Shannon Stewart

      You know, though, I don’t mind “full-time” “for a year”.  Definitely beats “only 4 months total”

      • Anonymous


  • Laura Schultz

    I think I’m going to stick to reading your reviews for the time being…. 

  • Sara Munoz

    Did not watch, but the last look is way too chandelier-literal. Ugh, creative much??

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone else think it was kind of odd that they were allowed to dye and cut the T-shirt?  I thought the whole point was to accessorize a “blank canvas” of a look.  Although in the end two of the top three entrants didn’t alter their outfits, so maybe it was a good way to weed out the low performers.

    • Anonymous

      I thought that was odd, too.  Also odd that they didn’t mention that part until the runway show.

      I hope they knock that off.  I agree with the “blank canvas” concept.

  • Anonymous

    Guess my instinct to skip the show and read your recap was a sound choice.  Sounds like I missed absolutely nothing.  But this work at least appears to be interesting.  I’ll keep checking in to see how it goes.  No interest in more Lifetime or more Bunim/Murray productions though.  (I assume they’re doing this too?  If not, maybe it has a shot!)

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think Bunim/Murray are involved, actually. So, perhaps it does have a chance.

    • Anonymous

      The original PR production company, Weistein, is doing the show. I was surprised by the roughness of the first episode based on their experience. Those beaded curtains on the runway need to be torn down, ugh.

  • Anonymous

    The thing that bothered me the most was the music playing during the judging and while the judges were consulting over who should stay and who should go home.  It was really annoying and unnecessary.  I kept wanting to turn it down so I could hear what the judges were saying.  

  • Anonymous

    Oh also, I have to say that as much as Project Runway is struggling, the dream team of Heidi, Michael, Nina and Tim has become a model for how to mentor/judge/host a show like this (despite the fact that they often fall victim to the producers machinations). I really can’t imagine any group of people being better than them and they really should just have a monopoly on the entire PR Franchise (even though that’s logistically impossible, I know). 

  • Anonymous

    It was kind of awkward but still somewhat entertaining.  I thought Diego’s was the best by a mile though Nina’s wasn’t bad.  When Brian was picked I wasn’t sure if it was because he was considered one of the top three or bottom three.

  • Anonymous

    Not gonna watch it.  Done with PR

  • Kate Pearce

    I love that flowery belt thing that James did, but not the shells. I liked all the top two looks. 

  • Robert Sanchez

    Not going to watch the show, but will definitely read your recaps. I suspect, however, that future episodes will feature low level starlets and reality shills guest starring to introduce a challenge to create an accessory to fit into their existing jewelry lines.

  • Ledasmom

    What, no elimination catchphrase? No “auf wiedersehen”, no “pack your knives and go”, not even a “see you later, decorator”? That seems lazy.

  • L

    I thought the winner’s belt looked like a bungee cord.

  • Heather Waddell

    While it was way too much PR-script-following  for me, I did like that they spent a lot of time in the workroom actually showing how the hell they were making this stuff and less on “ooooo! aren’t we just having a catfight at the Clinique counter!”  Maybe that was because we don’t know these people well enough yet, or maybe because the producers feel that viewers know what goes into sewing clothing but not what goes into building accessories. I’m not naive enough to think they’ve realized that we want to see the work behind the pieces because it’s interesting. Whichever it was, if they stick with it they could have something marginally better than what PR has become.

    Anyway, I’ll watch it, but I’ll do it for free on the web during lunch and not waste my DVR space on it.

  • Sarah

    I liked the show, but I wonder if maybe that’s because it’s the beginning and it was just all about the industry of a bunch of folks working on a project, and not bitching at each other. I also like big patchwork textural things, but I hated Brian’s stuff, thought it looked terrible and the necklace in particular was poorly made. Maybe in person it was amazing, but I did not like. TLo is right, too, about that mentor. She’s…no good.

    • Kathryn

      At a distance, I actually thought the model was wearing a tool belt.

  • Anonymous

    I agree totally with what you said about Molly Sims and the mentor. I kept wanting Molly to break out the German accent because everything she said was so Heidi!
    And why have a mentor who has no mentoring experience? Tim Gunn works so well because he has teaching experience and the compassion that comes from that. She was more like a judge in the workroom than a mentor.

  • Dennis Coyle

    Molly Sims has more of a tv career than Klum ever did.  You know something isn’t right considering how awkward she was.

  • Michelle Cruz

    i really liked the show. But they kept it TOO much like project runway, and that mentor does suck. She didn’t give that much guidance…. I still loved the show!

  • Scott Hester-Johnson

    So, we’re really doing this, huh?


  • Jen Alien-Spouse

    Is one of the prizes really a year of runway hair styling? I thought I must have mis-heard, but is that actually something worth winning?

    • Anonymous

      I thought that was hilarious, and a really stupid prize.

  • S. B. Hadley Wilson

    Project Accessory is to Project Runway as The Colbys is to Dynasty.

  • Jennifer Ford

    What I liked most of all was that it felt like an older season of PR — there was a lot more designer personality and real work going on and a lot less made-up-feeling drama/story-telling. I already have a good sense of who’s who and a start on picking my favorites whihc *never happened at all* with this last, wretched season of PR.

    I didn’t expect to like this, but I really did enjoy it.

    • Anonymous

      I think the fact that the designers are, in general, older helps with this. 

    • Nancy Abrams

      I think 30 minutes is perfect for this show. I hope they don’t get tempted to drag it out to an hour.

      • Jennifer Ford

        (It is an hour.)

        • Nancy Abrams

          Really?! I was so wiped out by the PR finale that I must have dozed off for awhile waiting to see the PR after show. I truly thought it was on for just half an hour. 

          I thought I had to watch all three shows on Thursday since TLo would be blogging about all of them on Friday.

  • Anonymous

    I was also flummoxed by the similarity in the script and when she finally blurted “you’re out”, it almost seemed like she was embarrassed to be so derivative. I immediately tried to think of alternatives. “I’m sorry, your earrings just don’t clip on” “When we left our apartment, we took off one thing. And you were it.” “I’m sorry, your purse was Birkin up the wrong tree.”

    • Ledasmom

      “I’m sorry, you don’t go with anything.”

      • Susan Collier

        How about, “I’m sorry, but we’re going to have to burn that accessory because it’s so horrible.” Too harsh?

        • Ledasmom

          No, no, that’s just about perfect. I envision a large metal trash can on the runway, a long pair of tongs and a blowtorch.

    • Anonymous

      Ok those lines are funny, lol!

    • Anonymous

      Having you on is over the top.- so you gotta go.

  • Anonymous

    I felt bad for Molly Sims.  At least Top Chef Just Desserts had the creativity to come up with a new catchphrase and slightly tweak Padma’s lines for Gail.  Magical Elves vs Bunim/Murray (are they even doing this show?  Ugh, I hate them so hard)

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely agree that the show’s biggest problem was that it cleaved to close to Project Runway. A character of its own is definitely called for and I fear that if it doesn’t find its rhythm in that, and a few other ways, it will go nowhere.

    I also realized as I was watching it that I don’t know how to criticize accessories. I can only judge them subjectively, I have little objective or inter-subjective to go by.

    Anyway, I liked Ariel a great deal: I did not care for the rest so much. Molly didn’t work as a host or judge for me, Kenneth didn’t seem like he enjoyed being there, and Eva seemed scripted and not particularly helpful as a mentor.

    The good:
    Nina’s work, with its use of colour and construction of the necklace, made me think of Native American work of the Great Plains in a sense (not in the sense of looking like actual Native American pieces, but in the sense that if she had said that was her inspiration, I would have immediately understood it). This was of course not mentioned by anyone, so it was probably just me. I thought Brian’s was hideous, but I was resigned to him being in the top, even willing to accept it, for the vaunted “point-of-view”. Diego’s was, as you said, impeccable; it was probably the most perfectly executed set of pieces in the show. It looked like something you could buy in a store – which is both its greatest merit and and greatest flaw.

    The bad:
    James’s necklace was a strand of garlic around her neck – but it wasn’t horrible. Nicolina did not impress me so much. In fact, something about her bothered me, though I can’t remember what it was. I knew Cotrice was in trouble when she waived aside concerns about making the belt simple when the necklace wasn’t and lo and behold she was indeed.

    Overall, I am willing to give the show a try for now.

  • Anonymous

    I think Cotrice should have stayed at least another week. James was my choice for the auf. Pearlized shells and silk roses? OMG barf.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but they probably kept him because of the little romance with the girl with the feather earrings (can’t remember names yet). 

      • accidental housewife

        Oh, yes. The connection! I didn’t know this was a dating show. Good God, do people in real life actually talk like that?

        I agree with Tignor. James should have gotten the boot, because the necklace and belt were hideous and stupid.

        • Susan Collier

          Don’t forget the earrings. They were sad as well.

  • Anonymous

    OK, I was so pissed last Thursday that I didn’t watch it. Maybe I’ll give it a go this week. I like watching Kenneth Cole, except if he looks like he has gas.

  • Anonymous

    I only watched about thirty-minutes of the show because my attention was waning and quite frankly, I was a bit bored. Looks like I didn’t miss very much (and I wasn’t exactly lying in bed wondering who would win either!). I may try to catch the epi via On Demand. Good re-cap though.

    • Nancy Abrams

      You saw it all – it’s only a 30-minute show.

  • scottyf

    Okay, first things first:
    I couldn’t really see the show after Adrian was introduced, because I was licking the screen every time the camera landed on him. 

    Daddy would like an order of THAT to go.

    On the format issue:
    I understood why they repeated PR almost shot for shot. It’s something their target audience knows by heart and can relate to. I DO think it’s a little strange that they found not one element that would distinguish PA in any way. But I can live with that too.

    What I cannot understand is why you cast someone with a very clear aesthetic and then condemn them for it. Cotrice was praised for her necklace and basically told that her issue was giving “too much,” Yet Nicolina was trashed and told that her stuff was not enough. Why not admit that you just don’t appreciate the design elements inherent in many aspects of certain cultures and STOP PUTTING THEM ON THE SHOW?

    *watches the episode again on streaming video, pauses it when Adrian appears…drools like Homer Simpson with a doughnut* 

    • Anonymous

      scotty you just kill me! 

      is it me or do you think you need runway models?  i would think you would like to see the work up close??

    • Anonymous

      You are so fickle, scotty.   You’re going to break Bert’s heart.

      • scottyf

        Any time I comment on another guy besides Bert:

        always assume I’m thinking threesome. :-)

        • Anonymous

          Honey, just make sure you wipe that laptop clean before you send it out for servicing!! (wink, wink,…)

  • sweetlilvoice

    Glad you are blogging this! I just watched it last night and I thought it had potential. I really wish it was a bit more different from PR though…..hopefully that will change.

    Loved watching the jewelry process, I love accessories. It was nice to see a drama free PR.

    On another note, I have deleted PR from my DVR. For a second year in a row, I didn’t watch the finale. I’ve watched the show for years now and now feel it has reached the ANTM stage of hilarity/stupidity. Thanks for all the great recaps!

  • nicewilliams

    What do I remember from this episode?  Getting *super* creeper vibes from James.  Ew. 

  • Eric Scheirer Stott

    My favorite thing: seeing Brian-  a guy who looked tough and macho in the promos-  turn into a teddy bear spewing yards of taffeta once he opened his mouth. How many times did he say “Post-Apocalyptic”?

  • gillian holroyd

    I wasn’t surprised by the PR-clone-dialog. I think it’s because I’ve watched so much of PR Australia which is virtually identical, right down to the pregnant pauses.

    The mentor was quite awkward. It will be interesting to see if she is able to improve during the course of the show.

    I doubt I will watch this very often. One reason is the results are too small to come across on my screen. The busy-camerawork and quick edits which are so annoying during the clothing runway show are even more annoying when it comes to tiny accessories. Slow pans, people, we’re not all ADD.

  • Anonymous

    When I saw the full-on photo of James’ stuff, I thought it was made of cotton balls!  Bad either way.

  • Anonymous

    What was the challenge?

    • Anonymous

      Ok, never mind. Found it online so I will just watch it. I do like the fact that this group is older than the last PR bunch–I think that will help reduce all the drama. 

  • Jenna Thomas-McKie

    Was it just me, or did James’ model look like she was wearing a necklace and earrings made from styrofoam peanuts?  That’s what I thought he’d used, until I saw the close ups.  Anyway, not impressed with the first episode.  It’s off the DVR.  Will be keeping up via TLo instead.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not just you, that’s what I thought exactly!

      Nicolina’s crazy eyes were freaking me out big time.  I’m going to keep watching though, I’m intrigued by how much more . . . industrial the workroom is compared to PR.  I might even be able to recruit my husband to watch with me just because of the guy who used to be a diesel mechanic.

  • michelle shields

    Everyone was trying to be too “Project Runway”. Molly Sims IS NOT Heidi Klun although she tried to be exactly like her. Funny I don’t remember the judges. Maybe because they are not memorable to begin with. Molly basically just told the loser to get the fuck off the stage. Train Wreck!

  • Anonymous

    I know we’re all scarred by the PR finale, but this show has potential.  I agree about the hideous Solid Gold stage but I can get used to it.  And I believe the judges will loosen up and gel over time.  As for the mentor, aiy yi yi.  Note to producers, replace her immediately.  That workroom needs a gay and BADLY.  She had nothing of interest to say to annnnyyyyybooooddddyyy.   Otherwise, I am actually very excited about the show.  I saw some really intriguing pieces come down the runway and I loved the first challenge.  

  • Miss World

    the blonde, very smiley contestant looks like gaga. 

    other than that, the only thing redeeming about this show were the amount of laughs it produced for my fiance and i. lord was it ridiculous, stiff, awkward and overblown. we get it! accessories make tons of money in the industry. overstating that fact just made the show look desperate. 

    • Anonymous

      Actually, I liked the fact that they emphasized the fact that this is a real industry. It’s not just a pair of earrings. People always find hard numbers impressive.

      • Miss World

        i can see that. i felt the repetition of the fact in the beginning of the show to be a bit much. 

  • Anonymous

    I love you for talking about the Crazy Eyes. 
    I was like – oooh, this must be the Halloween episode, because that Nicolina is surely possessed. I kept waiting for her head to make a 360º.

    The show has potential if the stiffness abates within the next few episodes. Besides, when you boys are driving, I’m always along for the ride. 😉

  • Kathryn

    It seems odd to me that there aren’t any contestants with the indie background or look.  They all seem to go for what (to me at least) is tacky, overdone starlet stuff.  Is that the only possibility?

  • Anonymous

    I quite enjoyed it. There are some interesting contestants and I really liked watching the creative process during the workroom scenes. Despite the copycat format, it reminded me more of Work of Art than Project Runway.

  • Susan Collier

    I thought James’ three pieces were nightmarish. Giant silk flower belt? Call Blossom. Earrings? Just horrible. Big shell necklace? Awful proportions—too much and a horrible length. Could have been saved if it was a Betty Rubble choker.

  • Anonymous

    T Lo’s observation that it is trying too hard to be PR is well taken.  Also, I hope it doesn’t always keep this “accessorize this outfit” format.  While I get that making a couple of accessories levels the playing field a bit in that everyone may have to presumably make an item that isn’t their specialty, it also seems to be more about styling than making a great item.  In this case, one or even more than one strong accessory might not have been enough–they had to work together on one person and other choices like what to do with the t-shirt mattered too.  I hope they do a one accessory format too where we see it closeup and not on a model, not styled, and not on a runway.  I fear, however, since we have hair and makeup sponsors and a runway we are going to get a great deal of project accessorize this and less focus on the actual accessory. 

  • Anonymous

    i love you guys with all my digital heart, but i’ll only be reading your recaps ~ as a viewer, this franchise is dead to me.

  • MilaXX

    I think she should have toned down at least 2 pieces. If she wanted that necklace then the bracelet and belt should have been less cray cray. If she wanted to showcase that belt (my choice) she should have pulled back on the necklace and bracelet. I liked her and was more interested in rocker lady and her melt downs.

    Kenneth Cole was trying for relaxed and landing on drunken lout and the mentor chick was looking like she wanted to be anything but.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I was surprisingly entertained.  I thought James’s was WAY worse than Cotrice’s, and would have sent him packing, possibly with a mandatory written apology to his model for making her wear that, but other than that?  Yeah.  I’ll stick around.

  • { edi } ilovetrash

    i think i will watch this later today, if it’s available. i suppose it must be.

    from these photos, though, i actually do like the first person’s & the second person’s & the third person’s do, at least, look mighty professional. certainly better than the output from this season’s PR, all of the above.

    dont like the ones the judges also didnt like but, out of all of them, i like the work done by the person they got rid of better than that done by the other two. the real problem, i think, is that i’ve seen the chandelier stuff before. that &, while the belt looks good on the dressform, it doesnt, sadly, look good on the person.

    still, the work you’ve shown here & that in the portfolios lifetime made available is better than most [not all, most] of the work done in the last two years of PR.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it’s on the Lifetime website.

  • JaneM

    I was surprised, too, that they simply cloned PR.  Low budget I guess. Project Accessory!  Jiminy Glick called. He wants his set back.

    That poor lady that got booted.  Sad.  Took some junk and made some junk out of it.

  • Anonymous

    Wait, is James the one who looks like Mery Streep and/or Wayne Gretsky’s son?  He of the garlic string necklace?  I think they kept him in because he had one good idea, albeit done three times, and he said that he had never made jewelry before.  Grading on a curve (and it IS the first show), I think they made the right choice to keep him in. 

    I’m pretty sure Diego will win the whole thing if he can keep looking “expensive” while fulfilling all the crazy requirements of the shows.

    Molly seemed straitjacketed, I can’t decide if Ariel has real hair, or is it an “accessory,” and the mentor comes across like a jailhouse matron or something.  If this is not being produced by the people who ruined PR then it has hope.  The workroom is more Work of Art than Project Runway, and that’s a good thing I think at this point.

  • Anonymous

    Well, that was interesting. Some random thoughts: 

    It was awkward at times, but that was kind of charming–sort of like watching a toddler learn how to walk. Hopefully the judges will gel fairly soon; Debra Messing looked like she was having fun. 

    I liked the designer’s personalities. Loved seeing how the stuff was actually made–I hope they keep the focus on the design and work process. I don’t think that having a runway show works for accessories, though. I thought it was hard to see the pieces and I was able to see them better when they showed them on the stands. The background music was AWFUL.   I was actually a little disturbed by the mentor–she seemed seriously creepy and not very helpful. I found James also disturbing (he reminds me of James Spader). 

    I will be watching. :)

    • BuffaloBarbara

      I think they have the runway show to show how the accessories look on a person in terms of the outfit, rather than in pure idea form.  But they could probably do that by having models standing by the work stations for the judges to examine.  (They’d get a closer view, too.)

  • Anonymous

    I liked it. I need to watch it again though as my enjoyment of it was colored by PR finale moments earlier. Kept getting distracted but I saw enough to know I plan to watch more. I kind of liked the auf necklace but yes, she picked out dangling crystals and made dangling crystals which is the same as on original PR taking cloth table cloths and making a shift dress.

  • Joshua

    Definitely burnt out from the PR and I’m sort of convinced it’s not worth watching since you mentioned how much like PR it is. I’m not interested enough in accessories (especially as crafty as they’re going to be given the time constraints) to suffer through it, but I’ll keep popping in here just in case you guys insist it’s worth watching.

  • Anonymous

    I was charmed, although I didn’t expect to be. I kept seeing new perspectives that were kind of inspiring (as in I dug out some old belts I’d forgotten about, and turned a shoulder bag into a clutch the next day). Also liked the mix of expertise and backgrounds that the contenders revealed. The awkward moments kept it real. Guess I’m a sucker.

  • Anonymous

    The first episode was pretty rough, but I am hopeful for this show. I am way more of an accessories ho than a clothes horse, so there’s that, and I also liked the idea for the first challenge. So much word on Molly reading Heidi’s lines, this show needs some distance from PR. I liked the dark, quasi-violent promos they were doing, they should bring some of that flavor into the show itself. Three stars, would watch again.

    A little worried for Mary Macramé, though.

  • Anonymous

    I was really looking forward to this show…it sucked. Like, really badly. I lasted through about half an hour before I stopped..

  • Anonymous

    When James’ accessories went down the runway I thought he had used styrofoam packing peanuts. After seeing the stills, the accessories are still clunktastick, but the components are pretty objects individually.

    I still don’t  understand how this show is going to have a level playing field unless they keep resorting to the lowest common denominator, e.g.: “glue a bunch of crap to a ________ ” Otherwise they’re comparing apples, oranges and ball bearings.

    • Susan Collier

      “After seeing the stills, the accessories are still clunktastick, but the components are pretty objects individually.”

      Yeah, when I worked at a record company, we marveled at some bands’ demos—taking raw materials worth something and creating something that was worth nothing. James had some good materials to work with, but combined them in a way that looked sad and cheap.

  • Sarah Harris

    I’ve not worked out all the contestants’ names yet (OK, except Rich, I appear to have a leeeetle crush already!) – but that rocker girl, not so keen on what she made for the show but that pyramid studded necklace she was wearing herself on day 1 – WANT!!!!!  in fact, I am soooo going to make me one of those!

  • Megan Patterson

    Aw, they didn’t let her have her own lines? Iman gets her own lines! DEMAND YOUR OWN LINES GIRL!!

  • Linda Castellani

    I was looking forward to this show, because, as a jewelry-maker, I have been wanting to see a competition that included jewelry-making.  And, as a jeweler, I am fascinated by the tools.  I don’t know sewing, so I can’t compare to the tools that the designers bring to Project Runway, but the jewelers are going to be hobbled if they don’t have all of their own tools to use, and they will need a lot of them to realize their visions.  They won’t know in advance if they will be doing wire work – which we saw in the promos – or metal work, like the sawing we saw someone do, or any of a dozen other techniques, each of which requires its own set of tools.  It seems like they will have to have their entire studios there, just in case.  Even a saw is not just a saw – you have to choose the right sawblade, and the saw has to be tightened just right, which only works with your own saw because you never know what’s going to happen with a different one, plus you might need a deep throat saw to make the design work.  It’s really complicated, so I’m curious how they handled that.

    I agree that the mentor was useless.

    Nicolina scared me and I think they sent the wrong designer home.  Cotrice worked her tush off and delivered too much, but Nicolina couldn’t get it together at all, and did practically nothing except throw the crazy eyes around and disturb the other designers.  She just tossed something at the wall and got lucky that the judges thought it stuck.  

    But what puzzles me the most about this show is how they can judge jewelry-makers against handbag-makers against shoe-makers against hat-makers. And why so many jewelry designers?  They started with seven jewelry-makers, two bag-and-jewelry-makers, one hat-maker, one footwear designer, one bag-maker.  If they are judging based on overall look, at least jewelry-makers can make something for hair, ears, neck, wrist, waist, ankle, toes.  But how many hats, bags, or shoes can one person wear at a time?  Will the jewelers have to make hats, the hatmaker have to make shoes, the bag maker make earrings?

  • Anonymous

    I may watch this, if only to see if trashtastic judging is going to be the standard for the “Project” shows from now on.

  • Paul

    Let me guess, at the end a woman (Gretchen/Anya) with less merit will win over men who has better quality work and more consistent performance because Lifetime is a woman’s network after all? Thanks anyway.

    • Anonymous

      Which contestant just took up beading four months ago after buying a beading magazine at Barnes & Noble? 

  • Anonymous

    Kenneth Cole does NOT come across personable at all on television.  Not to say that he isn’t, but it is not reflected at all.  I wish they showed the judges mixing it up a bit more.  Hard to believe four adults didn’t have anything at all interesting or funny to say during the judging. 

    I think this show could be interesting, but agree that the PR format is a little repetitive.  There could be some really cool challenges given the materials these people are used to working.  Hope it doesn’t degenerate into a high school slap fight like PR. 

  • Anonymous

    The thought of watching another PR right now makes me so freaking tired.

  • Anonymous

    Audrey’s passing out candy to the kiddo’s (and then she’ll just pass out) but she asked me to share that she’s not very interested, what with the debacle that is Project Runway and all that. Me neither. But I’ll read TLo on this for a few weeks and then decide if I have any trust left in me for reality fashion shows. Audrey says that unless they make some pretty fine dog collars, she may just sit this show out.

  • tw125

     So they had to get their materials from the trash? I’m confused. Who throws out a crystal chandelier?

  • TN

    That “necklace” Nicolina made look like a pair of mesh fishnet shorts that gay men wear when they’re prepared to go to an orgy party, with the hole cut out and everything….or so I’ve heard. 

    Also, Diego Rocha is hot.

  • Now I am The Bee

    I was able to watch about the last 20 minutes.  I loved seeing the designers using all those different techniques and tools to make their stuff–kind of PR meets WOA.  I don’t know what the challenege actually was, but I loved what the winner did.  Totally agree about the aufing.  I could make that chandelier necklace in my sleep. 
    The most annoying thing was the word-for-word copy of the PR script.  Is there no more imagination at all in that production company??!? 

  • Anonymous

    Can accessories stand on their own? No, they compliment an outfit and that is why this show will fail. Accessories are like maple syrup and pancakes – good together but not a stand alone condiment. Now if they want to kick Project Runway up a notch pair accessory designers with clothing designers (a hybrid show), but of course this won’t happen because there goes the Piperlime Wall of ‘Stuff’ (and major sponsor $$$). 

  • Eugenia Joyuen

    You know? I once thought there could be nothing shallower than a fashion based show… but they found a way to prove it to me, since at least the first seasons of PR had more thoughtful dynamics. Here? I felt just drama queens bitching about working with scraps. And don’t even mention the tacky set, glad I wasn’t the only one thinking about the stripping club.

  • Suzie Vazquez

    James should have gone home. There is no way the gal who went home deserved to. No way. And to put the ‘post apocolyptic’ one in the top? Bizarre and just wrong.

    • Anonymous

      Ditto, Ditto.

  • Anonymous

    I watched ‘Selling New York’ instead because, to me, a fabulous Manhattan apartment is still the most interesting accessory anyone could have. I’ll enjoy the experience through you, T Lo.   

    • Anonymous


      That place in “Dumbo” (what the heck IS that) and/or Brooklyn was fabulous.

  • Damien Washington

    I’m sorry — they can bring in the set from The Lion King and hire Patsy Stone herself to host. I just can’t get myself all worked up over handbags, belts and jewelry. Also, I’m terrified that Gretchen will show up as a guest judge, or even worse, a contestant in season 2. My Thursdays are hereby freed up until All-Stars.

  • e jerry powell

    Cotrice: DRAG QUEEN JEWELRY.  I mean, seriously.  As in, drag queens with those big punchbowl crowns from winning national pageants have pulled them apart and made similar pieces.  Drag queens I know personally have pulled their crowns apart and made similar pieces.

    I feel so disappointed.  Perhaps RuPaul can have a challenge like this for the next season of Drag Race.

  • Marina Wiant

    I dunno, the whole concept seemed a bit like Project Etsy to me…

  • Berna Starling

    Actually, I didn`t find it that bad. I loved how they transformed some of the stuff they have found, and I really really loved Diegos necklace and clutch. Over all I don`t think it is not very innovative, but I did not expect that of a merchaindise show. As for the judges: I found them ok, they certainly haven`t got the chemistry going yet – but I think that will grow over a few episodes.

    And if you feel that Molly Simms seems to be working Heidi`s lines, you should have seen PR Australia`s first season. The host of that actually used EVERY line Heidi has ever dropped. The only thing missing was the “auf Wiedersehen.” That was really funny.

  • Anonymous

    I have first-hand knowledge that Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti (the so-called mentor) is a complete bitch. She treats her employees at Vivre like she’s running a sweatshop. She is a generally horrible person and has no idea how to run a business without her daddy’s money. She’s an expert at only one accessory: Marlboro Reds…which she smokes all day long in her office even though it’s illegal.

  • Anonymous

    Well, watched the first episode and I think I’ll stick with it and see where it goes although Nicolina and her crazy eyes could do me in. I mean, damn! I was squirming with each “Heidi line” that poor Molly had to utter. Awful! I imagine Debra Messing was wondering what the hell she’d got herself into. From what little I’ve seen of Kenneth Cole he comes across as an ass with a huge ego and he certainly was an ass hat here. The runway was freaking crackalicious. Wow. Hopefully it will improve.

  • Anonymous

    I quite enjoyed the show, even if the overpowering similarities with the PR Mothership did put me off a little. I found it so eery.
    And, hearing the music, at first I was thinking “oh no, they didn’t even bother to create new soundtrack”. But,I think it was the only PR music, aired only to make sure we know that we’re watching a spinoff show. Whatever. It wasn’t needed.
    And the female Tim Gunn creeps me out. If I was a contestant, I would be weary of her.
    And what was the point of the challenge ? Was it Project Accessories or Project Styling ? Because, if some designers did create accessories for the basic White T-Shirt/denim pants combo, others felt the need to rethink the whole outift, tweeking the pants, dying the T-shirt… I don’t get it. Let’s see what’s going to happen next week.  

  • mrspeel2

    I didn’t watch the PA premiere. After that gawd-awful finale of PR, I was so upset and drained, I just opted to go to bed. I do plan to catch it when it repeats this Saturday even though I’m not holding out a lot of hope since B/M is producing it. IMHO, they are fast becoming the bane of what used to be entertaining Reality TV, but I’ll see how this goes.

  • Anonymous

    Ariel? I thought that Gage ( Jeff lewis’ latest) had found a new gig

  • Anonymous

    Same as you guys: I watched it, but promptly forgot all about it. I doubt I’ll keep watching, but I’ll probably continue to read your posts about it. It’s partially PR burnout, and partially a lack of excitement over the cast of this new version. Who are these people, and why am I supposed to care?

  • Anonymous

    Brian’s original necklace had a large hook in the front that I thought really made the piece. I was so disappointed that he changed it out. I wonder if someone said it was too dangerous or something stupid like that. You can see it if you watch the workroom segment. I wanted that necklace so badly when it had that giant hook in it! Does anyone else remember it?

  • Toto Maya

    I wear seashell earrings. They are my thing. I have like 20 pairs of them. And that seashell jewelry is super tacky, I wouldn’t wear it in a million years.

  • Anonymous

    The mentor lady reminds me of Tommy Wiseau.

    Make of that what you will.

    • Anonymous

      The Room!  I love you … “Lisa, you are tearing me apart!”  We love Tommy at our house.

  • kriselda jarnsaxa

    I enjoyed the show – even the similarities to PR – glad to see you’re covering it, and I’m looking forward to more of your wonderful snark!  😀

  • Anonymous

    What Cotrice’s belt did to that poor girl’s boobs was atrocious. But the chandelier necklace beat the laundry bag all to hell. I wanted to see more of Cotrice for reasons of both style and personality. I’m not sure if she got screwed because she’s Black, or bacause she’s sane, but she lost to the crazy white girl who hung a laundry bag around somebody’s neck, and that’s a crime.

  • Anonymous

    It’s so odd to see the models totally over-accessorized as they come down the runway.  All the ladies looked silly no matter what the quality of the work:  necklaces, belts, earrings, handbags, cuffs.  Oy vey.