MF: Night of a Thousand Gowns

Posted on October 12, 2011

There’s a part of us that simply doesn’t want to criticize anything about this show because it’s refreshing to see a reality TV series that’s mostly all about the creative process and the people involved have a lot of personality, but mainly spend their time joking and laughing instead of shrieking and fighting.

Because come on, this was hilarious.

But there seems to be quite a bit of filler in the “Will this work? I don’t think this will work” vein and so far, it never goes anywhere.

And there seems to be a reliance on the client to provide all kinds of scene-stealing difficulties, but so far, they’ve all been game. Which is fine and makes sense, because if you’re going to Chris March for a dress, you’d look like an idiot if you complained it was too over the top or hard to wear. But that just means they shouldn’t attempt to wring drama out of a drama-free situation. There was an awful lot of time devoted to the question of how difficult Dina was going to be and the answer was… not at all.

But the biggest problem with the format is that you only get to see the final product for a few seconds. We all watch the show to see what crazy thing Chris and his team are going to come up with. This is the money shot, people. Let’s spend a little more time oohing and aahing over it, okay? It seems to us that all of these problems come down to simple editing and we hope the show will tighten up its format going forward. It always takes a new show a little time to find its footing.

As for the dress…

It really was a sight to see. And Dina was quite right to point out the problems that needed fixing, like the flare at the bottom looking tacked on and the lack of support for her boobs. The final product looks spectacular and we think that bow made from a vintage dress really made the look.

But you know what really kills us? They didn’t include THIS in the episode:

Maybe there was some sort of copyright issue or something, but THAT is truly spectacular.

Unfortunately, the Bravo site doesn’t have many pictures of Empress Pepper’s head dress and again, we only saw it for a split second, but it looked pretty fabulous from what we could tell.

[Photo Credit: Andrei Jackamets/]

  • Cindi Williams

    Can you get this show from Bravo’s site? I keep forgetting to DVR it, and it’s not onDemand currently.

    • Elizabeth O’Malley

      They replay it a lot, so you should be able to find a rerun no problem. It’s showing when I DVR two other shows, so I always set it for a 1am airing.

      • Cindi Williams

        Thanks! I tried to find it, but I’ll look again.

        I understand your DVR woes. Tonight, for example, I want to record Modern Family, American Horror Story, Work of Art, Inside the NFL, and Penn & Teller Tell A Lie. Thank goodness Storage Wars doesn’t have current episodes.

    • Anonymous

      Ugh, I want to kick myself for forgetting that this show was on again.
      Love Chris March.

      • Anonymous

        Possibly another option; Bravo repeated the previous show at 6:00 PM yesterday, a couple of hours before the new episode. They may do the same next week (assuming you can watch at that time of day or set a DVR.) 

  • Patrick Cleary

    I’m glad you posted the photo, because on TV, the “ultimate sparkle” material just looked like ordinary bedazzled-type fabric, and I knew it must be spectacular in real life, but it just wasn’t on the screen. In those still photos, I get an idea of what they were all impressed with on that fabric.

    I do wish we’d see an over-the-top drag queen as the “main” client in at least one show. I know having recognizable clients is part of the show’s hook, but Chris’ costumes for queens are so much more interesting.

    • Sara Frankart Finn

      I’m not at all watching this for the clients, but for the outfits – hope they realize that and don’t try to force it too much by setting up fake clients but just let Chris shine at what he does

      • Shannon Stewart

        I hope the show does well enough that we get to see him to another gown for Meryl Streep.  I love her and she’s so laidback and relaxed, I bet it would be awesome to watch him work for her.

  • Kiltdntiltd

    I adore Chris March. Viva la Mermaid Dress!
    She looks awesomely hot and he is just, well, gasp worthy in his spectaluarosity.

  • Anonymous

    I wish there was a better profile shot of Dina’s dress. I don’t get Bravo, so all I get are your screen caps, TLo. I can’t see the bow, and it looks interesting. From the front, I was trying to figure out if it was an enormous bag or clutch she was carrying! Thanks for the recap, though; looks like a fun show!

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking the bow was large enough to double as a satchel — just add a zipper, and she can keep her cab money and lipstick in there!

  • Anonymous

    Your critiques of this show are on the money, TLo. And I also wanted to see more shots of the event itself–and now, seeing the photos you posted, I really wanted to see more!

    Still, I love this happy little half-hour, even with its faults. No psychos spewing their drama all over everything. No delusional little spoiled brats. No judges smoking crack. Just a small band of happy, talented, and hilarious people at work, doing what they do best.  And clients.  The re-enactment of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” scene was pure prime time gold–and I never saw the original! 

    So love Chris March! 

    • Heather Waddell

      Their reenactment gives you all the highlights. I saw the original once while flipping through channels, and I figured I just HAD to see what all the fuss was about. It was a super uncomfortable thing to sit through, not half as entertaining as Chris and Co.

  • Anonymous

    its nice to spend a 1/2 hour with sissy bear.  the show is great fun & TLO you made some great points.  after looking at the photos a few times i finally realized sissy bear was the black swan.  LOL

  • Anonymous

    LOVE! The dress is very Solo In the Spotlight. And I do so want to go to the party with Chris March as the Black Swan, and I’ll be the White Swan (even thou the Black Swan’s more fun- I’ll bite it ).

    • accidental housewife

      The swan on top of his head is hilarious. Oh, how I love that man.

    • Margaret Carlson Nikoleit

      Ah yes, one of the first Barbie dresses! Thanks for putting a name my memory. Although I do prefer what Chris did with the neckline/sleeve caps.

  • thedogsmother

    Thanks for recapping! Really helps get more from the show than the half hour format and editing allow.

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t they show drag-queens? They’d be far more entertaining than these “celebrities”

  • Anonymous

    My roomie was wondering how much lining that dress had. you would think if it was properly lined she wouldn’t have to worry about any abrasions. Just worrying about wounding any one around her

    • Anonymous

      They did line the dress. The abrasions were from handling the outside of the dress while putting it on and from Dina’s bare arms touching it when she moved. That’s why she wore the long gloves in the end. At the beginning of the episode she told Chris  she wouldn’t wear gloves, I bet Sissy Bear was thinking we’ll just see about that sister, muwahahahaha! And then made a dress that  required opera length gloves to prevent injury.

      • Anonymous

        But she’s clearly injurious to others, which I imagine she enjoyed very much.

  • Anonymous

    I missed the first episode, and it doesn’t seem to be online anywhere, or available through my cable company’s “On Demand”. 

    But I caught last night’s show, and I will watch this when I can, if for no other reason than to hear Chris March laugh. 

    On the other hand, that kid who won’t wash his hand because some rich nobody from New Jersey with store-bought boobs touched it needs to get a life. 

    • Judy S

      Oh, damn! it is available on Amazon but for $3. Last week it was free…. Got to put this one on my viewing schedule. These photos are VERY intriguing and I did love the show last week.

  • Anonymous

    I loved the dress and thought that the bow really made the look. I’m a big Dina fan and thought she looked amazing and incredibly sexy in an old Hollywood kind of way. My favorite part of the episode were the shots of her closet. It was indeed fabulous. Her collection of shoes/boots alone was unbelievable. Not the most exciting episode, but it was fun.

  • Terence Ng

    Wow, I actually laughed at the Black Swan. Love the movie, love busty drag re-creations of the look. Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Lord!

  • Anonymous

    Agree 1000% – “…it’s refreshing to see a reality TV series that’s mostly all about the creative process and the people involved have a lot of personality, but mainly spend their time joking and laughing instead of shrieking and fighting.”

    And Chris’ gown was a howl! Thanks for sharing that.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, the fabric is probably too expensive for a Project Ennui challenge, but compare Chris’ gown to the Anya’s winning look. Beyond sad.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, the fabric is probably too expensive for a Project Ennui challenge, but compare Chris’ gown to the Anya’s winning look. Beyond sad.

    • Anonymous

      Project Ennui!  *SNORT*  Good one, Stubenville!

  • Andra

    Refreshing, indeed!  It’s a great little half hour of easy, watchable joy.  And the Housewives scene they did was high-larious.

  • Sara Frankart Finn

    Agreed. Was hoping to see more of the event.  I know the focus is on the dress that they made, but i think they really missed an opportunity to show us some true fabulosity

  • Mary Bleakmore

    My Barbie had this dress in 1964.  Loved it then, love it now.

    • Anonymous

      I have that Barbie gown, too! The fabric actually feels very coarse and scratchy. Now I can understand how Dina must have felt.

    • Anonymous

      So do I! It was “Solo in the Spotlight” or something like that. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw that dress! The dress came with a stand microphone as an accessory too.

  • Anonymous

    Absofuckinglutely fabulous!  Dina looks great.  If I ever get to go to the Oscars or Grammys or some other red carpet, Chris March is doing my dress. 

    This “costume” looks better than half the shit I see on red carpets.

  • Anonymous

    Chris March as the Black Swan! Thanks for showing that, made my morning! I’m enjoying this show and officially made it a ‘record this series’ on my DVR last night.

  • Vickie Lord

    Love Chris March!! He is so great.

  • MilaXX

    I love this show because it seems for the most part to be light and fun as opposed to the usual mean spirited dreck. LOVED the RHNJ spoof and in the end Dina looked fab.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with your assessments. 

    Glad to see Chris in his gown – I was worried he didn’t get to go to the ball (a la Cinderella)

  • MandyJane

    I really enjoy this show, I love hearing Chris cackle! I agree that they need to work out the kinks, and show us more of the creation at the end.

  • Anonymous

    My new favorite show!  Love Chris March, love his creative process and love his staff, even like annoying young girl.  I am so grateful for the Black Swan pictures and your comments, TLo.

  • Dwight Lake

    TLo could you include a bit of a recap on this show for those of us who can’t watch it? Who is that chick and what was that event? I don’t have bravo and I can’t find it online so I’m depending on you guys.

  • Anonymous

    I have to find this show. The final shot of drag with a mustache is priceless!

  • Anonymous

    Loved the dress! Wish they had shown more of the eve- Well bless my heart! Is that Miss Manila Luzon I see showing off her bad self? Why I do declare it is!

  • Anonymous

    Loved the dress! Wish they had shown more of the eve- Well bless my heart! Is that Miss Manila Luzon I see showing off her bad self? Why I do declare it is!

    • Rebecca Zmarzly

      I rewound the DVR to double check, but yes, that was Ms. Luzon in one of the pictures when Chris was describing the event at the top of the show.

  • Alloy Jane

    This is totally gonna go on the DVR.  SO MUCH LOVE for all the madness I’m seeing in these pics.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s how much I liked the first episode:

    I am willing to pay Amazon to see the second.

    (You have to realize how broke/cheap I am these days to fully appreciate.)

    • Shannon Stewart

      That was how I felt about Joe Zee’s show!

  • Now I am The Bee

    I loved the final dress.  It was the perfect outfit for that particular event.  Glettered sandpaper–I love it!  I’m wondering, though, why they had to show Chris and his crew watching the event on his laptop, when, indeed, most of those folks were there at the event.  Is that the copyright thing you mentioned–that they didn’t allow Chris’ cameras into the event?  Too bad–looks like great fun. 
    And–I want to know how to get an invitation to the next one! 

  • Anonymous

    Bravo just doesn’t have the guts to deal with what could be the best parts of the show. It’s a crime we didn’t get to see more of Peppers costume or any of Chris’s.  We need the show to live up to it’s title.  More fashion and way more mad (as in fabulously over the top).  What we don’t need is manufactured Housewife drama and bitchery. There’s too much of that already.  

    In other words:  This isn’t the Hallmark channel, Bravo. We can take all the drag queen fabulousness you can throw at us!  

  • Anonymous

    I liked this episode so much better than his (to my mind) failed Bond girl fiasco. This piece is great, Dina look fantastic. I love her hair. My only fault – maybe the necklace would be better in deep red, like the brooch at her waist.

  • Anonymous


  • Suzie Vazquez

    they hurt a vintage dress? please say they didn’t hurt a vintage dress.  

  • Jyl Ayres

    I think the dress ended up looking like Solo In The Spotlight Barbie.  You can’t tell me Chris wasn’t subconsciously thinking of that when he designed this.  I loves me some Sissybear, and I completely agree with the editing issue.  I wish they showed a little more of what the parts were and how they go together.  Almost like “How It’s Made” on Discovery.  I don’t want to see drama, I want to see Chris March make magical things!  That’s probably too much to hope for though.  Still thrilled for Chris!

  • Anonymous

    oh Chris March, let me move into your home. I promise I won’t take up much space–I’m fat, but short and flexible. I can live on a shelf in your closet when you’re not making fabulous things for yourself! (and I can help with the more boring parts of the sewing!)

  • TFLS

    I wish they’d shown more scenes from the actual event as well.  I was able to find pictures of Chris and Pepper online though.  It looked like a wonderful evening.  And Dina’s dress was truly divine.