Kristen Stewart for UK GQ

Posted on October 06, 2011

Kristen Stewart for GQ Magazine
Kristen Stewart for the November 2011 issue of British GQ photographed by Norman Jean Roy.

These pictures got a lot of press, but we’re just not feeling them. Let’s face it: the girl is not a girly-girl. You can slap on the eyeliner and lacquer the hair and she can give soundbites about how she “feels like a woman,” but we just don’t buy it. If we were styling her for a shoot, we’d be much more inclined to go the jeans, natural makeup, and blown out hair look with her, but everyone seems to want to dress her up like an old Hollywood star. Don’t get us wrong; she looks very pretty in all of these shots. She just doesn’t look like herself.

Kristen Stewart for GQ Magazine

Kristen Stewart for GQ Magazine

Kristen Stewart for GQ Magazine

Kristen Stewart for GQ Magazine

EDITED TO ADD: For the legions of angry KStew fangurls on twitter: We’re not saying we don’t buy that she’s a woman and we’re not saying that one has to be a girly-girl to be a woman. We’re saying that we don’t buy it when she says dressing up like this makes her feel like a woman.

[Photo Credit: Norman Jean Roy for]

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  • Anonymous

    Now c’mon here, she is WERQ ing it and giving serious face in that last shot. You go on with your Bettie Page self, girl!

    • Anonymous

      I think the photoshopper is WERQing it in that last shot, not sure about her.

  • Jahna Peloquin

    She is totally working it, especially in those last three shots.

  • Lauren St. Martin

    I think the point is to not make her look like herself. Because honestly? Kristen Stewart is horrible. Horrible.

    • Kim Score

      I couldn’t agree more!  The one thing that has always bothered me about little miss mouth breather is that she looks either catatonic or bored in all of her pictures.  It doesn’t matter if she dressed up or down, on a cover shoot, red carpet or out on the street.  It’s like she sleep walks 24/7

    • Anonymous


    • Ana Cedillo

      yeah i completely agree as well, i think the point is to not look like herself cause she is wayyyy too bleh. and yeah always looks mad or bored or like she hates her career and for once she looks good.

    • Becca Robson

      Snark much?

      • Lauren St. Martin

        And your point? I’m saying for once she looks decent. And that that is accomplished by her not looking remotely like herself.

  • MilaXX

    The only shot I like is the last one. The rest? “Meh”

    • muzan-e

      Amen. The last one is a porcelain veneer for a hidden sneer. I could drink down her disdain all. day. long.  *g*

  • Sara__B

    Not only is she not a “girly girl”, but she has no visible muscle in that slim body of hers. I suspect they were going for languid, but all I get is a total lack of energy. Notable exception — the underwater shot. I like that one!

    • Sara Cougill

      I agree! She looks so uncomfortable in every single shot except for the underwater one. The last one is a close second. She just always looks uncomfortable whenever you put her in a dress, to my eyes. I bet they just lucked out with the last shot.

  • Taija HU!

    I think she looks awkward in the cover.. Her eyes are dead there, but she is definitely WERQing it in the other photos. 

    • Anonymous

      I think the most awkward thing about the cover is the strangely super-high-waisted bathing suit!

  • Sobaika Mirza

    She looks SO awkward in the bathing suit/sunglasses shot and the final beauty shot.

  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    The last one is lovely.  I like them, even if it’s not her style.

  • Anonymous

    She really has no sex appeal, no matter how much paint you plaster on her face or how sexy you dress her.  She always has a vacant look about her.  Everything works with the pics except there is no spark from her, although she does look very pretty. 

    Typically I’m no fan of a red lip, but if you must go red, that’s the perfect shade.

    • Anonymous

      Kristin Stewart oooozed sexuality in “Into the Wild.” I think one of the characters in the movie said at one point, “That girl’s about to straddle a fencepost if you don’t pay her some attention!” or something – which was pretty hilarious.

      She also did a great job of emoting that brooding, obsessive teenage girl longing in the first two Twilight movies. 

      I like that she seems more comfortable showing sex appeal or sexiness in an acting role than she is in real life trying to promote herself or her movies. I mean, that’s good acting.

  • Jasmine

    She has that exact same blank look on her face in every single shot.  Does her expression ever change?  In the last shot her mouth is up slightly at the corners, I guess that’s her version of a smile?

  • bookish

    I really love those last two photos.

  • Anonymous

    The word “whatevs” comes immediately to mind.

  • sweetlilvoice

    Are these supposed to be sexy? Because she looks like a scrawny girl to me with little sex appeal. Maybe I’m just in grandpa mood…

  • Lemon_Charlotte

    Much better shots in (UK) Glamour magazine this week

  • Anonymous

    T&Lo–If you want jeans, au natural makeup and a blow out, you must see her Glamour spread. The fashion is a bit pedestrian, to me, but she “looks like herself”, as you say.

    I like this spread, too, because it *is* something different. I appreciate that KStew is trying out new looks. And she can wear a bikini without being all, “Look at my T&A”, which I appreciate.I think she’s trying more grown up looks and while she hasn’t yet found “the one”, I like the fashion show she’s putting on. It’s not like she’s going around like this in her daily life. Also, good on Glamour and GQ for not airbrushing her to hell and gone, like W did. My only real complaint is with her hair. It looks like someone drew it on with MS Paint.

  • Anonymous

    I like the last one but in the rest she looks like a scrawny teenager who borrowed her mother’s lipstick.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe this is her look 10 years in the future, but not today.

    • Anonymous

      Well said. She’s young and hasn’t grown into herself at all. Which is refreshing compared with so many other starlets who are just trying so desperately hard to grow up.

  • Anonymous

    You’re right that she doesn’t look like herself, but give the girl points for trying something new.

  • Erica Niemiec

    The “scrawny” comments here are a little disconcerting. Like her or not, her body type is her body type. This look might not be the best for it.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you. I am long and lanky with wee little boobs, so I hate when it is described as being a bad thing, or god forbid, somehow not womanly. I know the whole “real women have curves” mantra is a backlash against the fashion industry promoting overly thin girls as the ideal, but thin girls can be sensual and womanly as well. I know no one said Kristen isn’t a woman for being thin, but I am feeling bitchy, thus a rant seemed necessary.

      • accidental housewife

        Honey, you’re being kind. I’m a woman with a bit of meat on her bones and an hourglass figure, and I hate that whole “real women have curves” backlash. I’m feeling offended for you and your long, lanky sisters.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    She’s done up nicely, but you can tell all she wants is an old tee shirt, dirty jeans, and shit-kicker boots.  

  • { edi } ilovetrash

    it’s cos it’s trendy to go all old moviestar at the moment, whether it’s appropriate or not.
    or not here. if they chose audrey hepburn instead of generic bettie page it mightve worked better cos, as pointed out above or below, she is not scrawny, it is just her body type–but it isnt a pin-up girl body type. come to think of it, if she were styled like the other hepburn it also mightve worked better–but,again, thats not precisely the ghastly “on trend” right now so they wouldnt.

    sign me,
    ex pin-up girl w/worsening keyboard problems.

    ps. she does look pretty in the red.

    • Anonymous

      I’d rather see her styled as Katherine Hepburn, if I were to pick a Hepburn.

  • Anonymous

    The last shot is nice. The rest are a snoozefest. They’re not horrible but she can’t pull off the glamour/sexy vibe.

    • Anonymous

      I agree.  It’s like the movie Black Dahlia.  Hillary Swank was the sex kitten and it just made you scratch your head and think ‘whose idea was this?’  Same here.  She’s pretty, but this is not her thing.

  • Anonymous

    Very pretty and glamorous.

  • Anonymous

    She’s waaay too thin for this kind of a shoot. This styling is best saved for a curvier woman who has a more mature affect. I think KStew is actually quite pretty, but this is NOT her best set of looks.

  • Anonymous

    She is lovely (but uninteresting) and the last shot reminds me of something that has bothered me for some time.  Her eyebrows are totally uneven and misshapen!  This is something a proper esthetician should be able to fix, or a good makeup artist should be able to “fix”.  They are different shapes and one seems higher than the other all the time.  They also seem too short lengthwise, especially the one over her left eye/right side of these photos, which is exaggerated by the eyemakeup for this photoshoot.  Elle pointed it out over two years ago, so it’s not just me (although I’m a bit brow-obsessed)

    • Anonymous

       I am not saying that this is the situation in her case… but my brows are generally pretty thin especially toward the outside of my eyes.  The Right one  is “broken”  I have a very slight chicken pox scar and the hair does not grow there ( a few on the higher side) and then starts a bit again. 

      I know a few other people who have similar issues.  And my mother’s are very pale and sparse. 

      Question for you, since my eye liner constantly runs and smears off and my eye makeup in general fades and smears quickly, how good is eye brow makeup?  (I sweat from my forehead – again oddly not under my arms – so I can’t imagine dealing with smudgy, running eyebrows??)

  • Anonymous

    Does this mean that TLounge has been suspended?  I wouldn’t blame you guys for giving up.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see the appeal.  I’m not saying she’s not pretty, but from what I’ve seen of her, she has no personality.  Vacant stare, open mouth, attitude of boredom.  I’ve never seen the Twilight movies, but from what I’ve seen of the TV trailers, she’s not that great of an actress.  The last pic at least she seems to be focusing and she looks so much better.

    I will say she looks good in this style of two-piece.  Like Taylor Swift, she has no curves, she’s just long and slim.  This style suit is flattering on that shape.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve never seen Twilight either, but what I gather from the trailers is that her acting abilities consist of biting her lower lip and looking prettily forlorn. Now that’s range.

    • tw125

       In all fairness, she generally gets much better reviews from movies in which there’s a real character to play.  I haven’t seen the movies either but I’ve attempted to read the books and Bella is so devoid of personality that it would be tough for anyone to do well in that role.

  • Laura Schultz

    That third one where she’s touching her sunglasses is the most natural. The rest are weird..

  • Ilana Frome

    Tyra would be very upset with her consistent lack of ‘smizing’

  • Anonymous

    I’m buying the last shot a little bit, but the rest … she looks so uncomfortable. 

  • Anonymous

    She looks really beautiful in that last shot. But, yeah, she isn’t naturally glamorous, nor is she much of a model.

    I can see why it would be interesting for a magazine to want her play against type in an editorial. It certainly pique’s one’s interest. Also, won’t she have to go all super-naturally gorgeous for the last movie?

  • Anonymous

    I like her and I find her very sexy. She’s experimenting here and that is OK.  The worst thing, really, is that this famously un-girly-girl would get the headline MAN UP! next to her “glamour” shots. Way to undermine your covergirl, GQ.

  • Claudia Berry

    she just seems so bleh.  boring.  bland.  

  • Anne Slovin

    That last picture is gorgeous, but I agree with you–she never looks comfortable when she’s all dolled up.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with your agreement.

  • Anonymous

    They’re trying so hard, SO HARD, to make her look like the über-feminine starlet with the appropriate career, but her eyes are totally dead.

  • katie conroy

    I don’t think the problem is that she can’t pull off old hollywood. It’s that she’s too young looking for the more mature old hollywood look. Those pieces were meant for Ava Gardner at 34, not some youthful looking girl like Kristen who’s biggest strengths are that she looks 18 still and is all limbs.

    Now if you want retro, put her in a pinup girl garb. Kristen in some of those pinup shorts with high heels showing off those legs with that smile in the last picture? Would be hot, cause her legs take up about 75% of her body. It would be similar hair and makeup, but a more youthful, flirty take that would work in her favor body and youth wise. Cause she really is beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    That last shot is really pretty. 

  • Lauren Maier

    She looks the most comfortable – and lovely (dare I use such a word for Kristen Stewart?!?!) – in the second to last shot.  Natural and happy.  

    The rest of them?  An emaciated, vampire-bitten pin-up (note: not a compliment).  No matter what she does, she will always be Bella.  

  • Julie Mazziotta

    For some reason she looks like Madonna to me in the polka dot bathing suit shot. I’m not saying she looks good, but she weirdly looks like Madonna to me. Anyone else?

  • Geno Boggiatto

    I’m not a fan of hers normally, but idk I’m really feeling these!

  • Lisa

    I really think she looks glam and fabulous!  I know it’s not a look that suits her, and she’s not fooling anyone, but man, does she look great!

  • Anonymous

    I think with all the dark eye makeup and red lips and extra pale skin they’re trying to work the “Bella becomes a vampire in the next movie, you guys!” thing.

    I suppose there are other ways of making her look “vampy” but short of making her up all gothic, I’m not sure how else it would work. Hence: old glamour movie star, when dark eyes and red red lips and hasn’t seen the sun in months skin looks its best.

    That last picture looks effing amazing.

  • Suitcase Gnome

    She looks a lot like Evan Rachel Wood in these photos, especially the third – I was reminded immediately of her role in True Blood.

  • Sara Parker

    She’s beautiful of course, but she reminds me of my best friend’s sister– she NEVER wore makeup, except on her wedding day when she tried to wear lipstick. She was afraid to move her face and make normal expressions, and so she had this odd, frozen face look in all the pictures that Kristen is sporting in all of these. Not a great look for her.

  • narita_rayna

    she looks uncomfortable in every shot.

  • accidental housewife

    I’ve always thought she just doesn’t do typical Hollywood glamour well. When she puts on a couture gown, she looks like she borrowed it (which I’m sure she did). It’s not her thing.
    I think she’d look a gazillion times better in a fabulous pants suit;
    e.g., as Edi mentioned upthread, Katherine Hepburn’s style would work well on her.

    She looks really beautiful here, but these looks don’t suit her. Leave it to a cheesy (formerly good) men’s magazine to go with a cliche because they don’t have a clue what to do with her.

    Also, the make-up in that last photo is so stunning that it’s almost bringing tears of jealousy to my eyes. The lipstick is beyond fantastic.

  • Anonymous

    She looks amazing, the overall color scheme of the shoot and cover is divine. Girl is giving great face (for her, which really just means any face at all), and I have actually never seen photos of her looking so comfortable and non-awkward. Sometimes a girl just wants to play dress-up (no matter how utilitarian her normal wardrobe).

  • Anonymous

    She’s almost making an expression in that last one, so good work there.

  • fafafab

    she has the potential to be the next Evan Rachel Wood

    • Anonymous

      hahaha in what what way?? there’s more to ERW’s look than her cheekbone structure. first and foremost, ERW loves fashion and being photographed, and Kristen HATES being famous and has (loathesomely) compared being photographed in public to being raped.

      • Anonymous

        sounds she & Johnny Depp would be bffs. That twit compared publicity shoots to being raped. Ughhhhhhh

  • elzatelzabelz

    The last shot is great; largely because she DOESN’T look like herself. Not that she’s ugly, she’s just so rarely shows any emotion. Like a pod person…

  • Anonymous

    She looks better than Ms. Moss did in the last post.  Just sayin’…..

  • Anonymous

    Shes a side of meat plopped in a pool.

  • Anonymous

    of course she doesn’t look like herself. she’s been photoshopped to hell & back

  • Catherine Rhodes

    I think she looks fabulous. And maybe she’s not a girlie-girl, so the appeal is playing her against type.

    If memory serves, you loved her in that fierce Proenza Schoeler spread.

  • Anonymous

    i like the last shot a lot, tho.

  • Jen Hovelsen

    I blame the lame styling more than Kristen for the end product. After the W magazine cover, I think the girl can pull off va-va-voom if you work with what her mama gave her.

    But the styling here is lame. The hair looks like it’s only halfway done. The makeup is overwhelming on her face, and the wardrobe didn’t take Kristen’s body shape into account at all. The red dress is something for her nana, and a high waisted bikini with a chest flattening top for a girl who is that short and petite? Ridiculous. And why is she sitting, hiding her killer legs? Or standing, yet her legs are cut off? Girlfriend should have been standing in mile high heels showing off the gams.

  • Esz

    Does this girl ever shut her mouth???

  • Anonymous

    I LIKE that she doesn’t look like herself though. Don’t get me wrong; she’s very pretty, but most of the time when she’s photographed, she looks incredibly uncomfortable, and a little stoned, too. Here she looks like she isn’t saying, “Duh, where’s the pretzels?” as soon as the shoot ends.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks great, and I LOVE the pale skin! As a fellow pasty-face (and body), I love when a celeb embraces their natural skin color and shuns tanning, whether by sun, bed, or spray.

  • Anonymous

    The whole thing makes me think of “men-ups”:

    Let’s get Ryan Gosling to pose like this and see if we like better!

  • Anonymous

    Oh please. She’s shapeless, unappealing, unsexy, wooden. What a poseur. The last closeup in nice because it doesn’t even look like her – the nasty little smirk is missing.

  • Anonymous

    man she is a gorgeous creature.

  • Manon Eileen

    She looks nice. But her mouth is always hanging open and it annoys me.

  • RzYoung

    Bless her, she’s so obviously uncomfortable here, she’s better off in that sort of late 50s Marilyn big woolie jumper and tights look, non? That flick eyeliner REALLY suits her eyes tho, sometimes people wear the flick ahem (Ginnifer Goodwin) and it really doesn’t work on their eye, but on Kirsten it looks like a lovely continuation of the lashes

  • Anonymous

    That last shot is beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    I agree that these shots aren’t the best, if only because she is definitely not the “pin-up” kind of gal.  I do find Kristen quite pretty when she’s dressed in jeans, tees and sneakers, because that’s clearly the uniform that makes her most comfortable.  What  I don’t get are the comments about her weight.  Someone even referred to her as “emaciated?”  She’s anything but!  I don’t get how women who don’t have large breasts and rear ends are automatically considered too thin.  Kristen looks like a healthy 21 year old woman – just wait, she’ll have kids one day and the curves will appear then. :)

    • Jessica Goldstein

      Or not. I’m still waiting for my curves to come! :) I do agree with you that calling her emaciated is ridiculous. She looks healthy to me.

  • ecallaw

    I used to not think she looked kind of boring, but she’s really growing on me.  There’s something a little bit unique about her that I like.

  • Jessica Ballinger

    I don’t even think she looks that pretty.  That hair makes her face look really long, narrow, and bland.  She needs some angles to look interesting.  And her feet really bug me on the cover.  Just not feeling it.  The W shoot was much, much better if they want to try to make her look vampy sexy.

  • Anonymous

    She looks beautiful, particularly in that last shot (LOVE that last one), but it’s true; she’s not a glamor girl and she doesn’t look comfortable trying to be one.

  • Anonymous

    She looks really gorgeous in the last shot.

  • Anonymous

    i find her very not interesting.  wake me when it’s over.

  • Anonymous

    too bad she outgrew her joan jett phase.  it so suited her.

  • Anonymous

    You know how sometimes it isn’t the right dress for the girl…well this just isn’t the right shoot for the girl.  Also, kind of lifeless eyes.  And the one with the red dress…where’d her arm go???  That would have gotten a harsh critique from the panel on ANTM!  The last pic is pretty, looks like Milla Jovovich.

  • who me

    oh, she can do girly girl. Her recent glamour and W covers attest to that, as well as being a bombshell when styled properly. It’s just taking into consideration that she’s a short, small framed girl with a little peanut head. 

    You don’t put her in outfits made for amazons like Katy Perry which make her look like she’s playing dress-up in mama’s clothes. Conversely, you don’t put Katy Perry in some of those teeny tiny miniskirts/dresses Kristen wears on the red carpet, cause it would make Katy look like silly. This isn’t rocket science, you just work with the girls features and body type and play them up appropriately.

  • Smith Roberts

    SHE didn’t say dressing up like this made her feel like a woman. Maybe you should read the entire article and not just the sound bytes . 

  • Jacquelina La Bomba


    Love the underwater shot tho.. not least b/c that bathing suit is to die for!

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t really understand what the big deal was with these photos.  I remember seeing them on Yahoo! listed as risque and I looked at them and thought, “Really?”

  • Mary McClelland

    You know, I think she looks beautiful. Sure – it’s not really a standard for her, but she tried something different and it has an interesting effect. She is a stunningly beautiful woman and yeah, I don’t think she has the body nor the va-va-voom for old school hollywood glamour to be done convincingly, but overall I like the photos. Especially the one with the sungalsses on her head – that actually does seem like a natural KStew moment. She’s a little bit of a clutzy confused mess but still cute! 

  • Anonymous

    I really wish her top and bottom lip would meet sometime.

  • Rachel Council

    Kristen is lovely and has her own brand of sexy, but this isn’t it. She just looks mostly uncomfortable. 

  • Susan Grisham

    She does not have the curves for those suits. 

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t wanna fall foul of the Twilight brigade. Sounds like they mustered up enough energy between them to throw a tantrum.

  • Samuel Joesph Donovan

    What the hell is happening to her body in that cover shot?!

  • Olechka Milashka

    love the makeup in the last shot!
    but yes, this is not her look

  • Mallory

    You know what I am a total Kstew fan but I agree with you..this shoot isnt her style.
    My one agrument would be what fashion shoot is someones style? None of them are!
    They are supposed to be overdone and crazy, thats the point of fashion. Any actress
    out there has done fashion shoots that dont reflect their personality or what theyNORMALLY wear out but its still fun and fresh and really nice to see them out of their
    regular clothes. I love Kristens outfits on a daily basis but I wouldn’t want to see her in a 
    photoshoot with them because she does those at ComicCon or Sundance..this is a magazine
    I love the extravagant pictures and makeup and sets. 
    Just sayin’