Kickass Boots for Fall 2011

Posted on October 20, 2011

BOOTS, darlings! The weather’s chilly so let’s talk boots. Boots with chunky heels or stilettos or even wedges; pointy toed or boxy toed or yes, even open-toed. Boots with buckles or laces or fringe; boots of leather or suede or python or fur; boots in classic blacks and browns or not-so classic greens, purples, reds and blues. We can’t go so far as to say boots of any shape or size, because for fall 2011, the trend was definitely for knee-high (or higher) boots, most of which have a kickass heel.

Fall 2011 BootsGio Diev

We couldn’t possibly pick our favorite among the following boots (although the one above may just be the most gasp-worthy of them all), but that’s what YOU’RE here for. Which ones do you covet most, darlings?

Fall 2011 BootsAlexander Wang, Alexandre Birman, Aperlaï, Balmain

Fall 2011 Boots(1) (2) Diane von Furstenberg, Donna Karan, Emilio Pucci

Fall 2011 BootsJerome C. Rousseau, Jill Stuart, Jimmy Choo, Loeffler Randall

Fall 2011 BootsLouis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta, Pierre Hardy

Fall 2011 BootsPollini, Prada, (3) (4) Ralph Lauren

Fall 2011 BootsRaphael Young, René Caovilla, Sergio Rossi, Sigerson Morrison

Fall 2011 BootsValentino, Versace, Viktor & Rolf, Yves Saint Laurent


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  • I LUST after that Gio Diev pair of boots…especially if you take off the crap above the knee.

    Am SO not feeling the fringed, feathered boots. 

    ETA: May I please profess my undying love for the Louis Vuittons? *gasp*

    • Anonymous

      especially if you take off the crap above the knee.

      That’s the best part! It’s the only thing that goes with my chainmail!

      • Aly Light

        Yeah, I’m pretty sure those are knee greaves, or something like that?

        • Anonymous

          Right, greaves! I was thinking of poleyns but you are correct. Must-haves for this winter in any case.

        • Anonymous

          “These things I treat the same;
          I quite forget their name.
          They turn one’s legs to cribbage pegs.
          Their aid I thus disclaim.”

    • sadly, i am really short and can never wear high boots. not that i could wear these heels, but i nice pair of high boots would be awesome for fall/spring. but i LOVE the LVs. very steampunk. 

      • Anonymous

        WHAT? Because you are short???? ummm…that kinda makes zero sense. Get you in a pair of killer boots girl! 

  • I hate that tall spiky heels have become synonymous with sexy.   Great colors and designs from the ankle up, but I hate hate the heels.  Those aren’t for real people, but for objects.

    • Anonymous

      SO TRUE.  I am so eager for the day when these ridiculously high heels fade a bit.  You can get a fab illusion with a very wearable 3 inch heel.  Much higher than that, and the shoes are simply not wearable in the vast majority of the real world.  I’d love many of those boots, but wouldn’t try on one of them because of the heel heights.  

      • Anonymous

        I chuckle (actually, I chortle) when passing the Bebe store at the mall and all of the displays of ridiculously high heels, including boots.  I just think, “ah, just wait a few decades girly, and you’ll rue the day…”  Then I go to one of the comfort shoe stores, sigh, and buy something cushiony. 

        • Anonymous

          I’m still young and fit enough to go for high(ish) heels, and I’m taking full advantage of it. The boots I own now range from 3.5 inches to, I think, 5, and if I can get my hands on some taller ones I’d love to. Of course I know that sooner or later I’ll age out of the super high heels and actually be reasonable with my boots, but you’re only young once and all that. Plus, I’m destined to be decrepit anyway, so going about in tall shoes won’t make it that much worse. ~grins~

          • Anonymous

            I could have written that, buildmeatower, 25 years ago!  Enjoy.

        • Anonymous

          Ditto — I am in LOVE with a pair of MM boots (grey felt ankle height) but as I have said for the past 10 or so years — I would need a hammer and a quart of vodka to get my right foot to bend that far.

          I don’t know whether to blame the pointe shoes, long years in high heels or just being 47.

    • i love the sexy sharp heels. i think the boots shown have a variety of heel heights and types, and most of them are still pretty sexy.

    • sincerely LOVE your statement…

    • BuffaloBarbara

      A little late, but amen.  I tried wearing heels to work for a week, and spent so much time kicking my shoes off in order to get things done that needed to be done… no way.  Give us some sexy flats.  Which are also a lot more useful for winter… who wants to be in heels on the ice?

  • Anonymous

    I have full calves and stubby feet. If I could find a boot that fit, THAT is the one I would love.

    • Word.  I’ve taken to buying booties, if I want that look with pants, but knee high to wear with a skirt?  I’m so screwed.  I have the additional joy of wide feet to go with stubby & the calves, and they rarely do high fashion boots in wide widths.

      • Anonymous

        I hate listening to women complain about body parts, but seriously, my feet are 5 to 5-1/2 in length and 6-1/2 in width (this is one thing I can totally blame on my father, lol), I think I have a right to complain! When pants are too long or blouses are too full, I can hem and make darts . . . shoes are not really tailor-able.  As you can imagine, I’m happy to live in Seattle where no-one cares if I am wearing clunky looking shoes (I refuse to do Moos), but, I do yearn for delicate pretty shoes and I covet boots.

      • They’re pricey, but has a variety of widths and calf sizes. But they’re very pricey, especially when you factor in shipping from England. My pair is wonderful though. My mom gave them to me for a birthday gift. 

        • Anonymous

          Kaitlyn – just returned from Duoboots website and I have to say, you are an evil woman!


          First, I’m pleased my calves were not the top number, although my shoe size is the smallest size (I’m a bit scared that the boots don’t have a wide foot option like is offered with the shoes — have you ordered from them before?). If my cats hadn’t just had expensive surgery, I’d have placed an order tonight. But I will have to wait for my cmas bonus from work. I’m VERY excited! Thank you.

    • muzan-e

      I have thin calves and enormous feet.  Which puts me in the very same position, and it wars constantly with my passionate love for tall, laced boots. The pain, it burns…   *g*

  • Nicole Weissman

    It brings a tear to my eye to know I’ll never own any of you.

  • Anonymous

    DROOLING over the Rene Caovilla.
    Also love the Alexandre Birman, the Pucci, the brown Prada and the Viktor & Rolf.

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes already being 5’11” is a curse. These Gio Diev are a revelation.
    I would be the tallest cyberhooker in shining armour there ever lived. Sigh.

    • I hear ya. I’m 6’0″. Most heels make me tower over lesser mortals. Might as well tower in style, though, right?

      • Anonymous

        Would that I could, but alas, I’m also trapped in a town paved with cobblestones. Perilous paths, indeed.

        But I fully support your commitment and shall be smiling up to you.

  • J’adore the Go Diev ones and the brown pair with the feathers!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always been a sucker for suede fringe.

    But I’ve been on an endless search for a new pair of boots for myself and cannot find what I’m looking for ANYWHERE! Everything is either too high or too flat – nothing in-between.


    • Anonymous


      I have tried on more boots than anything else in my life (including jeans, which I think is saying something). And I have bought one pair that fit. ONE. They were obnoxiously expensive for me at the time (although I wish I’d have bought 5 pairs) And I wore them out, had them resoled several times, but literally they fell to pieces.  

      • Anonymous

        That is exactly what happened with my favorite boots – had them re-heeled and re-soled a bunch of times but then the uppers wore out and there was nothing else to be done. I LOVE skirts with boots for fall/winter but can’t find boots I like. I’ve taken to stopping women on the street, who are wearing boots I like, and asking them where they got them. Just about every one says they’re vintage – but I don’t want to buy someone’s used boots. I’m afraid of getting vintage plantars warts.


        • Anonymous

          I didn’t think anything could sound ickier than plantars warts until you added vintage . . . ick. I wear vintage clothes (well, I buy the vintage clothes and then alter them), but I agree on the shoes —- can’t seem to bring myself to do it.

          I too have stopped women with great boots on the street and actually folllowed up on them before, but my feet never fit. The only plastic surgery I’ve ever really wanted is on my feet to make them a standard size. ANY tandard size, but preferably around 7 or so. It seems like when I look for shoes, they always have 7’s in stock. And while I have bought 6 or 6-1/2 for my 5-1/2 sized foot, going to seven is a bit much.

          • Anonymous

            I hear you on the 5 1/2 pain.  I can get away with a 6 for boots, but for anything else I’m screwed.

    • Anonymous

      Yes – what is up with that? I love the look of high heels, but anything over 3 1/2 inches is just not walkable for me. 3 1/2 inches is even pushing it.

      • Anonymous

        Yep, I’m thinking these are all designed for women who are carried around.

        But it IS funny when you see women actually trying to walk in them (usually idiot girls who come into the city thinking they’ll be Carrie Bradshaw for a night) teetering around on their too-high heels.


        • Anonymous

          There is little worse than seeing a woman in Manhattan wearing some stilettos that are so off that she his walking on the side of the heel.

    • Anonymous

      The awesome boot is a wonderful thing, a thing I’ve been known to pay a month’s rent for when I was unemployed.

      But they are elusive, and either everyone’s showing a version of “The Boot,” or there are hundreds of boots out there that Are Not Worthy.

    • Lila Sadkin

      Yes. I have narrow calves and can’t wear more than a 2.5 inch heel comfortably. There are no boots for me. ):

      • Anonymous

        I have, let me say, calves more on the sturdy side. I know the grass is always greener, but with narrow calves, can’t you wear socks or tights to help out in that area? Or take them to a leather worker who could take them in?

        • Anonymous

          I could probably get them taken in if they’re not very detailed (a 15 inch circumference seems standard, and I’d have to go down to 12 or 13 (I am a tiny person)). But for now I have no money so I have to settle for swooning over pictures.

  • Anonymous

    Rossi checkerboard…bet they FLY out of the store!

  • Anonymous

    Loeffler Randall boots always get my vote.

  • Can I have them all?  It’s cold in Chicago in the winter….

  • The Emilio Pucci boot is by far my favourite. Pity that I’m hopeless in stilettos.

  • Mariah J

    I don’t really care for any except almost the Sergio Rossi…until I saw those weird fins attached.

  • Kyle Crawford

    winners : Viktor and Rolf, Pucci and YSL  ( Caovilla and Wang runners up )
    losers : Ralph Lauren ( so over done ), Jimmy Choo ( unless you ARE dating Greg Allman)…. M.Kors seems to have too many ideas, but they are pretty….

  • Anonymous

    So much pretty here! I don’t even want to think about whether I could wear any of them for more than 30 minutes, but I love the Alexandre Birman boot, as well as the Aperlai, the stunning Pierre Hardy and the Rene Caovilla. Yum.

  • Anonymous

    The jill stewart and the donna karan (if it wasn’t in white).  I also love the go diev, if the silver stopped at the white.  And the alexandre birman.


  • Anonymous

    Oh, god, I have been searching high and low for lace-up Victorian/Edwardian-style boots and now you show me ones that I can’t afford!  (Except for the Viktor & Rolf.  Open-toed boots for a Chicago winter?  I don’t think so!)

    I absolutely love and adore the two-toned Aperlaï.  Gorgeous.

    • If you haven’t tried it yet, try for Victorian/Edwardian boots. They usually have some really nice styles for not too much. I adore those Louis Vuittons, but they probably cost more than I make in a month.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, my god.  The exact boots I want are there!  “Out of stock for Hallowe’en”, but I can wait.

        Thank you, thank you, thank you!

        • You’re quite welcome. If I could afford it, I would buy about half the things on that site.

  • Sophie Brunet

    Mmm love the Pierre Hardy one and the Viktor & Rolf

  • Ohhhh, sorry about your lunch, kids. Mommy needs more boots.

  • maria foulquie garcia

    Louis Vuitton, Prada, Victor & Rolf!

  • the pierre hardy boots are stunning

  • Anonymous

    Love the Loeffler Randall and the Oscar de la Renta. I would actually be able to walk in them. And I love the green!

  • Perhaps my taste in boots is too pedestrian (haHA!), but most of these are not doing it for me, except the Gio Dievs, which are amahzing (although, since I am 5’2″ the articulated knee on that boot would probably hit me mid-thigh). The open-toed boot trend? I just can’t with that nonsense.

  • YSL, DVF (both), Prada, Alexander Wang, and obvi Gio Diev <3

  • Anonymous

    Lovely to look at, but I’m a straightforward flat-soled riding boot kind of gal.

  • Anonymous

    Santa baby, just slip the Gio Diev, Alexander Wang and Louis Vuitton boots under the tree for me.
    Been an awful good girl, Santa baby.
    Think of all the fun I’ve missed.
    Think of all the fellas that I haven’t kissed.
    Next year I could be just as good… if you check off my Christmas list. 🙂

  • Louis Vuitton, please and thank you.

  • Nicole Merrill

    Stuck between the Vuitton and the Kors…

    • Me too! Those are the kinds of boots that I’ve been dreaming of- no way could I pick just one (not that even picking one is an option at all).

  • Anonymous

    Bring on the Victorian fetish boots! I always feel like wearing them around Halloween, in a dear-lord-I-watched-way-too-many-witch-movies-as-a-child way.

  • Anonymous

    Love the Donna Karan and Raphael Young.  Most of these don’t appeal to me at all, though – the majority of the shafts are way too straight.  If you’ve got any calf at all, shafts that straight will be too tight around the wide point of the calf and too baggy at the ankle (and that’s making the generous assumption you can get it on over your calf in the first place).  

    I’ve got very muscular calves, and have an absolute bear of a time finding knee-high boots that fit me right.  (Any suggestions for brands that are good about providing for that?)

  • I love that second pair of DVF. I would wear those puppies out, even if they didn’t go with anything I own…

  • Anonymous

    Oooooo Micheal Kors and Jill Suart!

  • Anonymous

    oo ooo oooo!  I tend to go for simply striking:  Birman, Aperlai, Jill Stuart, M Kors, Oscar de la Renta, the Western Ralph Lauren, the Caovilla.  And I want them NOW.

  • Those brown Puccis with all the buckles or the Ralph Lauren riding boot. 

  • The Louis Vuitton and Balmain are CALLING MY NAME. Especially the Vuittons…

  • Anonymous

    By default the Raphael Young as they’d be the only ones that would possibly not have my feet screaming at me.

  • So Jealous that mens boots aren’t this awesome…. And even more jealous that they do not make any of the above in my size! 

  • Jacqui


  • How are the boots correlated to the designer’s name? Starting at upper left = 1st name. After that, I am lost.

  • Anonymous

    Kors, Caovilla, Birman, Hardy.  Of course, they would be just works of art because these folks don’t make a size that fits my chubby calves.

    • Anonymous

      I hear you, girl! I’ve always coveted beautiful boots and admire them on others–for me, not so much–my boots are always simply for slogging through snow cuz I too have (what I’ve always called) football player calves (and shoulders). 🙁

  • I NEED the Louis Vuitton’s! LOVE the round toe oxford look. Sexy/sassy.

  • MilaXX

    I like most of these. The only ones I dislike are the blue diamond patterned pair and the open toes boots. All the others given the right outfit and occasion I would wear. However, given my budget I’m probably only buying one pair this year and I’m looking for a wedge boot. The pair TLo highlighted have JLo’s name written all over them.


  • Anonymous

    None of these are My Boot. I want something black, with the perfect heel (not stiletto, no no no! One should be able to *stride* in one’s boots), some subdued decorative something in/of the same leather on the shaft, not too snug in the ankle, a line that I know when I see it from the calf down through the heel . . .

    Possibly I want the boots I bought in 1986, when between jobs, and have had re-soled twice but which can no longer hold their own with a dress coat.

    Really, none of these are the right balance of features for me. The Aperlai, the Pucci, the furry Ralph Lauren, the Yves St. Laurent – even the Kors –  are worthy members of the boot universe, but they don’t get my heart rate up.

  • Anonymous

    Boots for women who don’t need boots.

  • Those Puccis are encroyable. Pierre Hardy a close second. 

  • Anonymous

    These are so fun. The first ones are so David Bowie circa Aladdin Sane, I can’t stand it.

    As for coveting and wearing in my real life? Hmm…the two-tone Aperlai, black Loeffler Randall, olive Oscar De La Renta, brown Prada are all pretty amazing. Those red Raphael Young ones are incredibly fun.

    ETA: I loathe open-toed boots. I’ve never seen anyone in them who didn’t look like a fashion victim.

  • Oh my god, they’re beautiful. I’ll take any/all of them.

  • Susan Crawford

    They are gorgeous, but as I think ahead to winter in the Hudson Valley, where I hail from, I fear none of them will help me negotiate the ice and snow. Alas.

    But the amazingness of the DVF’s? To die for!

  • Suitcase Gnome

    The DvFs and the Jimmy Choos are my favorites. I like the Louis Vuittons very much, but I don’t think I’d be able to walk in them. 🙁

  • I love almost all of these.

    But open-toed boots make me weep. Unattractive AND irrational? Worst of both worlds.

  • Anonymous

    None of them. I live in Maine.

  • Anonymous

    Argyle with wings…for the win.

  • Allison Woods

    Pick ONE? That’s just mean.

  • Absolutely covet the Balmain and Louis Vuitton boots. I love the old fashioned look.

  • CQAussie

    I love the following: Alexandre Birman, Aperlaï, Donna Karan, Emilio Pucci, Louis Vuitton, Oscar de la Renta, furry Ralph Lauren and the René Caovilla.
    Fave = the 2 tone Aperlai boot.  Just gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    Those Gio Diev’s are fierce! I’m also digging the white Balmains and the funky Louis Vuittons. Call me crazy but the Sergio Rossi pair looks cool too. I’d never be able to wear them (oh, the pain!) but it’s a moot point anyway since I don’t have a $ tree growing in my back yard.

  • Anonymous

    Perfect–the 1st one even has a built-in knee brace for my aging knees!  (Actually “knee,” since the 1 knee is just 1 year old, having been replaced last year).

  • Anonymous

    And now we have the reason I love Fall but cringe every time it comes around.  I have not found a pair of boots I will wear, much less adore, in at least twenty years.  I don’t know why, but I honestly think I hate boots. : (

  • Emily Myers

    Oh my god, I love boots, and this post just made my week!  Gorgeous, every single pair!!!!!

  • Those Gio Diev boots are sickening! (I mean that in only the best way) What I wouldn’t give to be a woman and have a couple thousand dollars just to be able to wear those boots! They make my heart zing!

    I am also in love with the boxy Alexander Wang boots. <3

  • Why would you do this to me knowing perfectly well (as you obviously would about a perfect, random stranger) that I have a near lethal boot fetish and an empty wallet??

  • Anonymous

    Give me the Rene Caovilla. Now, please.

  • Anonymous

    Boots and jackets are like fashion crack to me. Excuse me while I recover.

  • Anonymous

    Birman, Aperlai, Pollini……….the ones that set my lust-meter twitching.  Yes, my feet/knees/hips would hurt; no, I wouldn’t want to walk very far in them; but OH, they are amazing creations.  And remember: some things are made to be taken off, rather than put on…..

  • Wow those are all so ugly and would be horrible for my feet…. Geez! Would never wear any of those even if I got them for free – only exceptions are the YSL and the Loeffler Randall, which at least look manageable.  I will stick w/ my sensible vintage ferragamos.

  • I LOVE boots, not that I could ever afford any of these, nor would I have any reason to wear them being a boy in a temperate country but these are the ones i like: Alexandre Birman, Balmain,  Emilio Pucci, Jimmy Choo, Ralph Lauren and my fave is the René Caovilla

  • Anonymous

    The two toned Alexander Wang boot is mine.  Mine I tell you.

  • omg, the louis vuitton and the viktor & rolf…I DIE!

  • I’m sorry, but I hate them all, except for the one in the top/right corner of this image. I think it’s the René Caovilla — brown leather & suede with the belt around the ankle.

  • Anonymous

    none of them for as usual, short fat people never get anything they can wear that also looks good

  • Anonymous

    I love the cream/black Aperlaï (?) pair, and also the red and black Viktor and Rolf.  Unfortunately, they probably wouldn’t fit over my giant calves.  >:-(

  • Anonymous

    Oh my god I want those Aperlaï boots with the fire of a thousand suns!  Also, the Pucci in the second set, the Prada’s in the fifth set and the René Caovilla’s in the sixth set all need to get on my feet immediately. 

    *runs off to attach couture magnets to her feet*

  • Anonymous

    I have such a deep and undying love for boots.  It’s times like these I really wish I were filthy rich.  I love how that first pair is made to look like armor; it’s a perfect combination of two of my favorite things.

  • Anonymous

    Loooooove the René Caovilla

  • Anonymous

    I want the animal print wedge. Please?

  • Anonymous

    Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren. I’m a classic kind of gal.

  • What is this? Sophie’s Choice???

    • Anonymous


  • Noooooo, stop feeding my shoe obsession I’m already too poor to buy more boots!

  • Anonymous

    Oh Louis, the things you do to me. *Swoon*

  • akprincess72

    I’m not a boot person, but I can see the appeal of them.   Those open toe boots though are REALLY wrong.   Ugh… 
    (Though I do love my ugly bunny boots, but then I do live in the sub-arctic…)

  • Anonymous

    Sorry.  They’re all ugly.

    With the exception of the Oscar de la Renta the rest are just clunky, trashy or over designed. 

    The Prada is the worst offender.

    • Alisa Rivera

      Yeah, I love boots but 99 percent of these left me completely cold. 

  • Anonymous

    Being from the North I LOVE boots. Indian summer is finally over her in Wisconsin and I am happy to be able to wear all my boots.
    The Gio Diev are my fantasy boots that I will never have occasion to wear but are gorgeous. If I had the $$ and a bigger closet the Alexander Bierman, Emilio Pucci, Pierre Hardy, Prada #$ (the cordovan with hardware)  and Viktor and Rolf would be mine. I’d have all my base covered,  black, neutral, dressy, casual and holiday.

    • akprincess72

      Wisconsin winters?  Ha!  =D

  • Anonymous

    I’m crazy for boots but not all of these. I love the Valentino – the shape is great and the heel looks possible to really *stride.*. The Rene Caovilla are fierce for city wear, and may be worth the pain. But the Versace are a very bad joke. Re the Rousseau – if I see another mammal print on a shoe or boot, I will puke. Reptile is fine, not mammal, which just looks silly and cheap, whether they come from Payless or couture..

  • Anonymous

    I don’t wear boots, my legs are too fat.

    Anyway…I LOVE the harlequin ones, and the brown with all the buckles are awesome too.  I definitely dislike open-toe boots, but that is the ONLY thing I can find wrong with the purple lace-ups!

  • Anonymous

    And my love for Viktor & Rolf continues. Those are beautiful and I’m a sucker for a good black and red combo.
    As for the others, I’d like the Versace with a closed toe, the Raphael Young is fabulous, and the Michael Kors are nice but don’t go with a single thing in my wardrobe, even if we assume that I have a fantasy wardrobe of the same quality as these boots.
    Of course I’m also the lucky owner of rather athletic calves, so knee-boots don’t tend to fit me. Guess it’s a good thing I can’t afford any, because finding the perfect pair of shoes only to find that they don’t fit you is awful. ~cue melodramatic sigh~

  • Although I’m more than 5.8 I love to wear shoes as high as I can walk in. And since I had ballett classes in my youth I’m not walking like a giraffe in the zoo. Well at least I hope.

    I prefer the Aperla!

  • i like the top one, the second & third red ones, the black & red one, the vuitton. i like even better than all but the top one, the neon pink polka dotted ones emma watson wore a couple of weeks ago. & probably even better than those the red rubber vuittons that keep showing up in editorials. also, surprisingly, the pollini, even though i think that heel’s on the way out.

  • I want Aperlaï, Louis Vuitton, Réne Caovilla and Viktor & Rolf… please?

  • Anonymous

    Hi, my name is lobsterlen and  I am boot slut. Really pick? All of those boots could have me.

  • Oh, I pretty much love all of those boots! Too bad my fat calves don’t fit into knee-high boots!!!

  • One of each in a size 11.  I’ll decide later….

  • Anonymous

    OMG!  I’m a guy – that’s me in drag in the photo, well not actually – and think there’s nothing hotter than a woman (or a man for that matter) who knows how to rock a pair of boots – no matter what their shape may be. 

    I remember this one time back in 2003 in San Francisco when Neiman’s was having a huge winter sale to move merch and I dragged my stunning co-worker who could make a burlap sack look good to the sale.  She spotted a viciously sexy pair of knee high Gaultier boots with sliver safety pins up the back of the leg and I told her “…oh c’mon, try ’em!”  She put them on, stood up, walked them a bit – I swear, every woman in that feeding frenzy just stopped in shock and awe – looked at me with that “I am SO going to work these” and bought them on the spot.

    The sales person asked if she wanted to wear them and she smiled at him and said “…what do you think darling?”

    Hell, my 90 year old Grandmother still loved to walk around in a pair of well worn riding boots because she could so fear not the boot, conquer it and WERQ!

  • I could choose so many! But top three: DVF’s blue diamond boots, Oscar de la Renta’s teal ones, and Ralph Lauren’s leather riders (needed a little tradition in there). LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  • And four, if I may, Rene Caovilla’s. Love the mix of the gray suede and tan leather.

  • Hot, but what’s up with the cankle-wear? Did that become a fetish since I stopped working at the sex shop?

  • Oh, oh, oh, the Louis Vuitton lace up old-fashioned looking things….. Fluevog has something similar that I’m also lusting after but at $500, it’s a little out of my price range.


    Except the stupid open-toed boots. 

  • Anonymous

    Scratch the red thigh highs and the snakeskins from my order.  Have them delivered in time for the first frost please.  

  • Anonymous

    That Gio Diev! The V&R’s at the bottom also swoonable but damn Prada makes some ugly as boots.

  • Emilio Pucci!