Jude Law, Straight Up Dandy

Posted on October 13, 2011

It’s always so encouraging to see a straight man who gets it, don’t you find?

Jude Law at 360 PremiereJude Law attends the European premiere of 360 at the Opening Night Gala of The 55th BFI London Film Festival.

Jude Law at 360 Premiere

Jude Law at 360 Premiere

Jude Law at 360 Premiere

Granted, we could do without the hat, but it’s been well established that the Brits have different – and very fiercely held – ideas about headwear. Still, there’s so much to love here. The shoes are making us drool – and making us regret the similar pair one of us put back on the shelf while shopping this weekend. Lorenzo kept waving them in Tom’s face, but Tom was in a suede sort of mood and left with the gray suede boots he has yet to wear. Shopping regrets, kittens. Is there anything that haunts us more? We’re totally suckers for a brown-and-grey combo and Jude is working this one like gangbusters. Love the skinny tie paired with the slim lapels, one of which is unfortunately flipped. Not as crazy about the hankie. As for the pants, you might think we’d scream at him for a series of breaks that run all the way up to his thighs, but the Euro-cut skinny pant actually works better that way, although we think these pants are just a skosh too full to be a true skinny pant. Flip that lapel, ditch the hankie, and take the pants in slightly and this would be a perfect outfit. As it is, it’s just a really, really good one. Well done, Mr. Law.


[Photo Credit: Dave Hogan]

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  • Anonymous

    I think the hat may have something to do with his hair issues! He looks very sharp. I too dislike the hanky. But those shoes are fab

  • Sobaika Mirza

    There is something really lovely about a well-dressed man, probably because so few dress well to begin with.

    I would have preferred him without the facial hair (he’s not the type to really pull it off) but overall very nice.

  • Anonymous

    adorable!  <3 Jude.

  • Um, unless it’s a royal wedding, we do not have fiercely held rules about headwear. Nobody wears hats. Just sayin’

    As for Mr Law here… hate the hat, hate the beard, like the shoes but not with this outfit, can’t deal with the wrinkly trousers, think he’s almost definitely a completely horrible person. I like the jacket though.

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you – but then I always have much higher standards (completely unfair, I know) for Brits. They have such a long-standing tradition of masculine elegance, and Saville Row, and all that.

  • scottyf

    Get a room boys.

    You have murdered men for fewer infractions.

  • Anonymous

    A) He’s Euro, so the “he’s straight and gets it” point is moot, haha.  B) The hat covers the receding hair, which just means you see his pretty eyes and features, so I approve.

  • Yeahhhhh, he doesn’t need facial hair or a hat! (Or anything else ~ just stand there naked next time, kay?) I liked his airport outfit better, he just looked, I don’t know, more comfortable. Why are all the guys doing hands-in-pockets lately?

  • Is it my imagination or is there something weird going on about the lapel of his jacket?  One side is oddly turned up it seems. Or is that the design itself?

    Help me out here, TLo.  I want to love this something chronic,  but I’m confused.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    He NEVER looks bad in my book, so I’m not going to complain about anything in this look.  Love the tie, the shoes are to die for, and the hat.  But it is the face and those blue eyes that I love the most.

  • Love the hanky, don’t care about the flipped lapel (it’ll fall down when he unbuttons to sit); but I would have shaved that neck fur.

  • Oh, see I like the hankie. Its the beard making him look like Bill Murray that’s throwing me off. 

    • I love Bill Murray like I love beer, but I would never mistake Jude Law for him. 😉

  • Anonymous

    He looks good, hate the facial hair as Sobaika said above. Lo deserves to get those shoes now.

  • Hate the face scruff, but I know a lot of very pretty men do the facial hair thing to lessen their prettiness.  I can live with it.

    The clothes are, as usual, fantastic.  Jude Law is one of the few celebrity men who really put effort into a look.  I wonder if it’s the Brit thing; a lot of British actors are far more stylish than their American counterparts.  I suspect it has something to do with the fact that being well-dressed doesn’t seem to equate to being gay outside the US.  (Seriously, where did that come from?!?  The straight men I know could really care less about what a woman wears when deciding if she’s hot, and I’m assuming that gay men aren’t all that different.  So wouldn’t it make more sense for the men who are trying to appeal to women to care about their clothes than the other way around?  I find that so confusing)

    • Brits dress better to go shopping, ride the train, visit the pub than Americans do, I’ve found. They seem to realize when they’re in public. As to dressing well to appeal to gays; well, this blog is proof of how much we think about it, right?

      • There’s a difference between caring about style (which gay men certainly do more than straight men) and it being a component of attraction.  I mean, my husband hates paisley, but if I’d been wearing paisley when we met, he still would have wanted to sleep with me.  Clothing doesn’t seem to effect whether a man wants to sleep with someone or not.  (That’s the part I assume is similar in both gay and straight me.)

        There’s a certain logical disconnect in this that is really bothering me.

      • Where?? I live in the UK and frankly am yet to see many men who fit your description outside of a few select areas. Same as the US I would say.

    • Anonymous

      It’s other men, mostly.  It’s manly to go out looking like you slept in your clothes.  Manly to not care about your appearance.  And if you do care, then other men will tease you.

      • But where did this come from?  I don’t get it.

        • scottyf

          My guess is that it comes from the same place that many of our cultural beliefs do: the movies. Specifically Westerns. According to the genre, cowboys only care about the cattle drive and their horse. They are dusty, dirty, sleep outside in the wind and the rain–and still get the girl. In fact, they get the girl because of that look and behavior. I have a feeling that this may have embedded itself in the country’s communal psyche.

          • I think you may really be on to something.  Certainly it was no the case in this country prior to the 20th century.  Men, as well as women, were not accounted as being of much consequence unless properly attired. Sure, that sartorial bar was at different levels, depending on ones economics and family status, but the bar existed at all levels of society and class. 

            With the coming of our mass media culture fantasies about life style validity proliferated at an amazing rate.  The humble working man who has rock solid ethics (and happens to be gorgeous even when filthy) is one of them.

          • scottyf

            “The humble working man who has rock solid ethics (and happens to be gorgeous even when filthy) is one of them.”

            I think, in some ways, it is the antithesis of how many Americans view/viewed the British. There may be an unconscious desire to embody those ideals.

            It’s so ironic to me however, that while the gorgeous, dusty, sweaty, rock-hard bodied man appeals to many straight women, it is also a mainstay of the gay male fantasy as well.

          • Quite true. We have, in the US, tended to view the English male as effete and overly cultivated, while at the same time desiring all the prerequisites that go with a public school education and inherited wealth.

            And as for our assumption of the paradigm of male attractiveness. Well, we ARE the product of our culture, whether we like it or not.

          • Anonymous

            I agree. Movies and t.v.  And, a lot of men grow up with that fear of homosexuality that’s perpetuated by movies and tv.  They are afraid of being branded that way, etc.  And what’s a stereotype of a gay man?  He dresses well, he fixes his hair, he cleans his apartment (that has actual furniture in it).  And in movies, you see the frat guy who gets all the women, wearing dirty sweatpants and a football jersey, dirty hair, and his room is full of old pizza boxes and beer cans.

            And women don’t help.  We are happy to look past a dirty apartment and wrinkled baggy shorts b/c he’s a sweet guy, etc.  And we can CHANGE him!  Not that we shouldn’t look at personality, but I bet if women started saying ‘hey, you are great.  And if you didn’t dress like a homeless frat boy, I would date you.  Until then, though, no” it might help some.

          • I think it’s worth it to look past a dirty apartment and wrinkled clothes for a sweet guy. I draw the line if he’s dirty, of course, but I don’t see the point in dating someone if all you want to do is change him. If some guy had ever tried to change the way I dress, I would have been worried about control issues, and worse.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t mean change his style.  Forbid him to wear t-shirts, etc.  I meant more like if you choose to wear cargo shorts, please iron or steam them so they don’t look like they’ve been wadded up in the corner of your room for a week.  We are going out to a club tonight-would you please wear something other than sneakers?  I think there’s a difference between telling a man you can’t wear a t-shirt and telling him you would prefer if he wore a clean, unwrinkled t-shirt.

            While I don’t agree with trying to force your man to become someone else, it’s not like it’s unheard of that we think that way.  Women see things they want to change and just know they can.  My point was more, when you meet a man for the first time, if he looks sloppy and you don’t like it, tell him straight up that you think he’s cute but his clothes are a turn off.

          • Point taken. Although I am appalled at how so many guys dress these days, at the same time I don’t see it as a deal breaker. But if it’s important to someone, then, yes, she or he (because not every gay man is a picture of style and grace) should say something.

            I know there are women who take on men as a project. Man, that just sounds like too  much trouble to me. I am, at the heart of it, too damn lazy.

          • Oh, I never had that problem — I don’t do frat boys.  Alpha males annoy me.

          • Thank you!  I’ve been trying to come up with an reasonable explanation for this ALL DAY!  (I tend to have a random thought occur and then obsess until I have an answer.. doesn’t even have to be the right answer as long as it COULD be:)

            I mean, yeah, I thought Michael Fassbender was hot in 300… but he was even more hot in X-Men (could be explained by my love for Magneto in general, though).  Most women I know are not really into the grungy fell-out-of-bed look, though of course there are exceptions.  (In part because if you fell out of bed looking that awful, how gross are your sheets?!?)  So I find it very strange that to men, it’s somehow more manly to look like a slob. 

            Kurt Cobain is NOT a style icon!  And hasn’t been since 1997!

      • Like Shannon, I just wish I knew where that bizarre idea came from. Here’s the thing. My husband, at the age of 47, still dresses like a combination surfer dude/artist. But he knows what colors he looks good in, wouldn’t be caught dead in a baseball hat, backwards or otherwise, and knows how to dress up when he has to. He likes me to go shopping with him, but he can and does pick out his own clothes, which any grown-ass man should know how to do.

        It’s just a really weird attitude. As a few people mentioned in the Dita von Teese post, it’s just as easy to look good as it is to look like hell.

        • OK, so scotty and kiltd have a good theory, and I had a cowboy or two in my young life (wannabes, of course. Central PA is full of them. One of them wanted me to run off to the Yukon with him). But there’s a difference between ruggedness and douchey sloppiness, e.g. Sam Elliot v. any of those guys from Jackass.

        • Well, the backward cap thing does have some merit.  My brother used to wear them when he was coding because it kept his hair from falling forward into his face while he was hunched over his keyboard without the brim casting a shadow.

    • scottyf

      I respectfully disagree about all American male actors on the red carpet. I would amend that to say many white A-List male actors don’t seem to be as conscious about style (for me, a notable exception is Ryan Gosling). Usually when I go to Getty Images and find AA men on the RC, they tend to dress very closely to what the Soul Brothers often espouse. It’s a running joke among comedians in much of the black community: we may not have a job, but we look good at the Unemployment Office!

      I think a part of the straight male personae (at least among many of my white friends), is that there is something rather macho about not caring how you look. There is a sort of style in having “no style.”

      • Absolutely correct, and I apologize for not noting the race difference in the way men present themselves on the red carpet.  I also find that rarely do you see a young black man who looks uncomfortable in a suit.  Do you think that some of that may be because black men don’t glamorize the blue collar life the way a lot of white men do?  Much in the same way that you find scads of white women in suburbs who love to garden that would be horrified if you suggested they grow some of their own produce? 

        On the flip side though, there are an awful lot of young African-American men that do dress like thugs for their casual wear.  Example: we had a very nice guy that used to stay at the hotel I worked at frequently, that all of my coworkers were positive was a drug dealer because he was young, black, dressed like a thug, and drove a Lexus.  (I grew up in an area where the darkest skin tone was tan.) I said I didn’t care either way as long as he was doing it in my hotel during my shift.  One weekend he stayed an extra day, so he checked out on Monday morning.  In a VERY expensive suit and silk tie.  He was a top engineer for Newell (they own Rubbermaid and are a Fortune 500 company for those who don’t know;  it’s kind of a big deal)

        • scottyf

          No apology necessary! I love the way we piggyback off of each other here. That way many points of view seamlessly coalesce into one idea.

          “Do you think that some of that may be because black men don’t glamorize the blue collar life the way a lot of white men do? “
          Of course I can’t speak for all black men, but I definitely think you have a point. I also think that since so much of AA culture has it’s roots in the Church, where it was traditional to wear your “Sunday Best”, dressing up for special occasions became interwoven into the culture in general. There is a wonderful piece by Ntozake Shange called Spell #7, in which the characters discuss it:

          DAHLIA, LILY, ALEC, NATALIE, & ROSS (in unison): we dress up

          BETTINA, ELI, & LOU (in unison):we dress up

          DAHLIA:cuz we got good manners

          ROSS:cd you really ask dr. funkenstein to come all that way & greethim in the clothes you sweep yr kitchen in?


          BETTINA:cd you say to muhammad ali/ well/ i just didnt have a chance to change/ you see i have a job/ & then i went jogging & well,you know its just madison square garden

          LOU:my dear/ you know that wont do

          NATALIE:we honor our guests/ if it costs us all we got

          As far as AA young men, and the current styles: as much as I am bemused by some of the trends, I still think it’s a very conscious effort on their parts to define themselves, and their masculinity through their clothing. I actually think that’s true with alternative groups in the white community (grunge, punk, rockabilly). I simply think that mainstream Eurocentric America has this fascination with anti-style as a way of defining machismo.

          • Anonymous

            I think there’s a triple strand of determined self-respect in there, and it goes way back. White society may not respect me, but 1) I respect myself & will show it 2) I will visibly demonstrate the markers of those worthy of respect (i.e. to be well-dressed, well-mannered and well-spoken) whether you give me that respect or not  3) I know I must over-perform to be under-recognized, and I absolutely will do so.

            Or, as the first African-American friend I ever had told me one day in 6th grade band class, “My grandmother drives me crazy, she’s always telling me ‘Bussing [we were in the 2nd year of court-ordered public school integration] may be a good thing, but don’t you forget that you can’t be lazy like white people!'”

            Which, since her grandmother was born somewhere between 1900 & 1915, was nothing but solid fact in her experience.

  • Julie Fountain

    Hands! In! Pockets!!

  • Anonymous

    Not lovin’ the handkerchief, but I suppose if he’s going for a complete modern day Beau Brummell look then, why not? I do adore him though.

  • Anonymous

    “Shopping regrets, kittens. Is there anything that haunts us more?”

    Reminds me of a classic exchange in “Clueless”:

    Dionne: Dude, what’s wrong? You suffering from buyers remorse or something?

    Cher: God no, nothing like that.

    Anyway, maybe it’s just my screen, but Jude’s suit looks like it’s made of fleece. Seriously, it looks like a tailored sweatsuit.

    • Anonymous

      I am intrigued by that fabric.  It appears to be a medium-weight, heathered, interlock knit.  Is that really possible?  How could it have been tailored in such a way to look that beautiful?  Is the whole thing fused with interfacing?  Some help here please, sewing experts. . .
      I think the entire look is simply outstanding, with the hat, hanky, scruffy beard and all.  That’s what give it such p ersonality.

      • After looking at the fabric again based on your comments, it looks to me like a very finely woven worsted with a subtle multi colored weave that gives it a heathered appearance.  The softness you’re seeing may be due to the type of fiber in the cloth.  Looking at the wrinkles in various places I’m suspecting its got a fair amount of linen in the content, which would account some of what you are seeing.  I doubt though that the suit is bespoke, otherwise that lapel would not turn up unless deliberately made to do so.

  • MilaXX

    Brown and gray happens to be a favorite color combo of mine as well. Jude didn’t transition from pretty boy to older guy well, but now that he’s here he’s looking pretty good these days.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty fab, but I have a few quibbles. I’ll start from his toes and then work my way up (get your minds out of the gutter!): Love the shoes, but not as crazy about the gray/brown combo (I’d like a cordovan or a deeper brown); not a fan of the way the pants hang; he needs to tidy up the facial hair a little (maybe shave the neck and take down the facial scrub a fraction).

  • Anonymous

    Maybe I’m jealous, but I think he’s a bit too old for this look.

  • Ugh – I think he looks like crap – red, watery eyes, bad complexion and way way way too much scruff.  (Women don’t look at the suit first, sorry guys) – this might be the worst I’ve ever seen him. 

  • With facial hair he looks exactly like Liev Schreiber

  • It’s not an outfit.  It’s a costume.  He’s advertising for his movie by wearing the character.  That is totally Watson.  Still hot and a great look though…

  • Amanda B

    I get the feeling that this ensemble, particularly the hat, is a way to subtly remind viewers to go see him in the new Sherlock Holmes movie.

  • Addicted2Glamour

    For the third or fourth time in a week I’ve seen men here who won’t shave their necks. It just looks so sloppy. Crazy about his shoes, though.

  • Anonymous

    I think the gray suit/brown shoes are great together, but then the shoes look out of place with all that navy blue up top.  Admittedly though, I don’t have much of an eye for menswear.

  • Amanda in Austin

    and clean up the neck scruff.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I’ve known this for a long time, but I’m now prepared to state publicly that I HATE HATE HATE these short-cut, skinny men’s suits that are fashion.With a passion. The jackets are too tight and too short, and so are the pants (now I’m not talking about the guys who wear their pants in a puddle to the ground). It makes men look as though they’re wearing their little brother’s clothes.

    I think some of this stems from the fact I really like taller and/or bigger men (i.e. lead singer of Sheep Dog from PR was OK with me); waify guys (a la Jude) don’t do it for me. Also, my father was very tall and slim and wore beautifully tailored suits from a store called Boyd’s on Philadelphia.  He had strong opinions on length and cut – sleeves (jacket and shirt), jacket, tie and pants, and passed them on to me. Then I was an assistant buyer in men’s retail for a few years (early 80’s) – so I really have this stuff stuck in my head.

    So, ick on the hat, ick on the hankie, double ick on the pants. I’m going to assume that lapel isn’t curled intentionally. If it is – sir, you were not fit to leave the house today. And wipe that smirk off your face.

    • I think our father’s were related. The word most used to describe my father was dapper. He was very conscious of how he looked in public, and I picked up on that at a young age. He used to come from taking my mother to the grocery store grousing about the women who went out with curlers in their hair. There was no bigger offense! 🙂

      I like the skinny men’s suits, but you have to be built like Matt Smith to pull them off. Otherwise, yes, they look like they’re wearing their little brother’s clothes.

      • Anonymous

        I agree on the father thing. He really pushed on how we ALL looked in public. Nothing was ever said about your looks per se  – but you had better be properly dressed and groomed, or you heard about it, but via my mother. I think my parents thought if my father said something to us (my sister and me) it would scar us. On several occasions, I was told my father ‘never wanted to see that outfit again’. Which was OK with me, because they paid for all my clothes.

        And the curlers – we weren’t even allowed to wear them to the dinner table! Even with a scarf on! I got told about THAT too.

        • See?  He knew.  My husband sees no reason for me to throw a fit when he takes the kids to CHURCH in jeans — CHURCH!  In JEANS!

          His reason is that no one at the church cares.  Mine is that they might as well learn now that sometimes comfort comes second.

          • Anonymous

             Be still my heart! We weren’t allowed to wear jeans to the holiday dinner table!

            Well… all I can say is close your eyes and take a deep breath and be happy your children are in church. And that Jesus wore sandals and a toga. And truly – I don’t think Jesus cares what you wear as long as you show up. And I really mean that ….he’d probably be wearing jeans too! 🙂

  • tom

    Very natty looking however the shoes don’t look right to me.  The wrong color and style; a sleeker oxford style would be a better choice.  The pants are too long but a slender type of guy like him can carry them off without looking absurd.

  • “Shopping regrets, kittens.” Always TLo, always.

  • Judy_J

    Mr. Law….if you’re going to grow a beard, that’s fine but PLEASE shave your neck!  That hairy adam’s apple is grossing me out.  Thank you.

  • I love a neatly trimmed beard.  That thing on his face is scruffy.  I refuse to consider him well dress until he trims the beard and shaves his neck!   :-p

  • Anonymous

    The suit fabric almost looks like sweatshirt fabric.  The shoes are great

  • …. and trim the neck part of the beard.  Neck fuzzies don’t look good on anyone,  even the genetically gifted.

  • Sara__B

    Nice suit (Is it a knit?), but I think he looks silly, and older than his 38 years, with the facial hair and hat combo.

  • Tamara Hogan

    Nicely done! I’d prefer that he clean up the neck hair, and go with a black shoe. I like the shoes he’s wearing, just not with this ensemble.

  • Anonymous

    He looks adorable and I’m totally with you on the shoes. I’m still trying to convince my BF that Chuck Taylors are not appropriate footwear for EVERY occasion, but it has been a hard sell. *sigh*

    I’m a lover of the scruffy look, but Jude here is definitiely a man who looks infinitely better when he’s clean shaven. For some reason, his hotness diminishes significantly when he’s sporting the scruff. 

  • Anonymous

    He gets everything but the hands in the pockets rule. Or not in the pockets rule. But I love the shoes.

  • He looks like Watson with a beard. And while I’m not opposed to the beard, I do wish he’d cleaned it up a bit for the red carpet.

  • Anonymous

    I like the hankie! Just a touch of navy to bring out his blue eyes! I have to say that I disagree with Matthew Broderick who said that you should never wear black shoes. These just look like I did when we were in elementary school and had three pairs of shoes, one for church, one for gym (and they stayed at school) and one for everyday, so you wore your brown shoes with everything. (The shoes themselves are great, but I don’t like them with this suit.)

  • Anonymous

    I’d wager half the breaks in those pants are probably due to the shoes being boots, not oxfords.

    As for the face, if Jude Law looks that scraggly-fug, there is no hope for the Taylor Lautners of this world.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm….something is off in my opinion.  I’m all for grey+brown but perhaps he needed to make those boots make more sense with a different tie.  The navy isn’t working with the brown.  Also not the right shoe –and hem– for those trousers.  The leg bunching makes him look short and sloppy.

  • scottyf

    It’s amazing how selective Disqus can be in deleting some of my comments.

  • Anonymous

    What does it say about me that now the first thing I check on the guys’ pictures is the hem on the pants???? I thought for sure you were going to hate his!  but I guess the rest of outfit is so well put that it can be forgiven, and it’s Jude Law…..

  • Am I the only one who thinks he needs to wash his face?  He’s shiny, and that’s bringing out the bags under his eyes.

  • Eleanor McDonald

    When I was an undergrad at Cambridge, pretty much every guy wore one of those daft hankies in his breast pocket – even when wearing a casual everyday jacket or blazer. I’ve found that I don’t even notice them anymore. Maybe Jude can be forgiven for the hankie due to strange British cultural oddities that defy explanation. He can’t be forgiven for the chin rug.

  • Anonymous

    So good and delish! You send me Mr. Law.

  • Anonymous

    The hankie is my favorite thing about this look.  [shrugs]

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm….a leprechaun above the neck. The cut of the jacket’s a little Bavarian. I like the pants, though.

  • Anonymous

    NECK BEARD! God…what is it with the neck beards! Tidy up gentlemen! GUH! Otherwise, sweet. I like the hat.

  • Anonymous

    Do T Lo ever approve of a pocket square? I actually kind of like this one, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen you all comment approvingly. Can they be done well, gentlemen?

  • Anonymous

    I hate the four in hand knot.
    On anybody ever.
    You go through all the trouble of getting a nice tailored suit and then you have some anemic knot listing ofg to one side like you couldn’t be buggered to look in a mirror.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps its the beard, but I really thought this was Liev Schreiber at first glance.

  • Anonymous

    The tie is blue, right? I’m not making that up? Because I LOVE the blue tie with the white shirt and gray suit. Such a natural combo.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE the grey, LOVE the shoes, love him. The hat is a bit silly but yea, it’s that Brit thing. I just wish to that he had visited his barber for a neck shave. I hate those gorilla hairs.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never been on board with Mr. Law. Began to dislike him in The Talented Mr. Ripley and have not changed my mind since.

  • Anonymous

    The pants are TOO LONG!

    TLo.  tsk tsk.  I think the shoes blinded you.

  • Anonymous

    The shoes are fine, the suit is fine, but not together.

  • Anonymous

    The hanky has a humorous “those might be panties” look to it to me!  And I think he’s just about the definition of “dapper” in this look.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if he was date-free last night?  I would have fixed that lapel without even knowing I’d done it. 🙂
    I actually think the hat is sort of adorable.

  • kim i

    i don’t think that’s a hankie.  i think that’s an artfully folded lady’s panty, and perhaps a souvenir.

  • Scott Hester-Johnson

    Picture it. 1985. Canal Street Jeans. A pair of Claude Montana cowhide shoes.

    I picked them up, waffled, walked away for 10 minutes before coming to my senses and running back to get them. Too late, they were gone. 26 years later, their loss still haunts me.

    Lesson? You like it, you buy it, then and there.

    • Anonymous

      We all have one (or more) of those sad stories. It’s the [insert your item of apparel here]-lover’s version of the fisherman’s one-who-got-away tale. 

      And they are, indeed, sad, sad, stories. [30’s oyster heavy silk satin night dress. Not a stain, a fray, looked like it’d just come out of the tissue paper.]

  • Anonymous

    Cute!  A little less scruff and I”m totally on-board.

  • Maria Rosenfire

    That outfit is just crying out for a cravat.

    In other news, can I just take a moment to be thrilled by the scintillating wit of the TLo commentariat? That discussion about men’s sartorial choices was thoroughly thought-provoking.

  • And clean up the facial hair a bit, please.  He doesn’t need to full on shave, but a little trimming would to wonders.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t the tie a bit long if it is hanging down to the middle of the waistband of the pants?  See the 1st and 2nd pix.  Looks a little pointer-ish to me, which is off-putting, as is the neck scruff.  The slacks shouldn’t bunch so, either.  The fabric, though I’m sure it’s not, almost looks like felt in these photos, which would be nertz.  So, props for trying to dress up, but demerits for inattention to the details.

  • Anonymous

    Adore that hankie. That blue, and the white trim, playing off the grey and the brown? Love.

    • Anonymous

      Also, the scruff makes him look like a hip young Ansel Adams to me. I like! Next time switch out the derby for a cowboy hat.

  • Anonymous

    Love the shoes, though I’d prefer a deeper brown or red-brown with the grey. (But I’m notoriously Not Good With Color.)

    Love the skinny guys, on them I have no problem with the skinny cut suits. But not-skinny guys, formerly skinny guys, and guys deeply confused about the difference between skinny-cut and too small wear them as well, and that’s not a good thing.

    He looks good, if, as someone said above, a bit leprechaun-ish.

  • Lisa

    Yes, very nicely done!  And I’m not even that nuts about him.

  • Anonymous

    Most beautiful man ever.  Never tire of telling people I met him and screamed like a little girl.  (After I left and turned the corner, of course.  Even I have SOME class.)

  • Anonymous

    Ahhh dandies… there will never be enough in the world.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


    Anything else is vulgar.

  • Anonymous

    Not digging the suit fabric. Maybe it would be fine in another color, but in gray in the closeups it looks like the entire suit is made of sweatpant material. Not a huge fan of grey/brown combos, but this particular pairing passes muster. I could go on, but in the final analysis the entire look is definitely more than the sum of its parts. He’s such a cutie!

  • Anonymous

    I like grey suit/brown shoe combos.  very british.  but the blue tie and hat?   not so sure about that.  he is a beautiful man regardless of what he is wearing.   

  • Anonymous

    “Flip that lapel, ditch the hankie, and take the pants in slightly and…..” shave your neck.  

  • Anonymous

    Looking sharp. God, those shoes…absolutely love them.