In our Out: Elizabeth Olsen in Alexander McQueen

Posted on October 14, 2011

Brace yourselves, public. There’s another Olsen being foisted upon us. The good news is, she’s apparently so good in her film debut that there’s actually an Oscar buzz surrounding her, which is prompting all sorts of deliciously dishy reports that her older sisters are seething with jealousy.

Anyone who can get those creepy womb-mates to get angry is welcome here at T Lo International Style headquarters, we say. Now let’s judge her.

Elizabeth Olsen in Alexander McQueenElizabeth Olsen attends the 49th annual New York Film Festival presentation of “Martha Marcy May Marlene” in head-to-toe Alexander McQueen.


Elizabeth Olsen in Alexander McQueen

Elizabeth Olsen in Alexander McQueenAlexander McQueen Embellished Wedge Sandal

Elizabeth Olsen in Alexander McQueen

Well, one thing’s for sure: she’s got the Olsen girl predilection for dressing up and looking much, much older than her actual age.  Reminder: she’s all of 21 years old. That’s a hairstyle and makeup for a lady a good 10 to 15 years older than her.

As for the getup, there’s a lot to like here. In fact, we like all of the pieces, from the dress, to the shoes, and even the clutch, belt, and bracelet. We just don’t like them all together. We’ve always felt that showy pieces are fine, but that you should mitigate them with less showy pieces so as not to look like Edina Monsoon. A showy belt OR showy shoes, but not both at the same time. And while we like a put-together look, there is such a thing as being too put together, such as when you decide to dress yourself head to toe in pieces from the same designer. We love a black and gold combo, but just a hint of another color here would have gone a long way in preventing her from looking like a New Year’s Eve decoration.

Minions? It is now your turn to judge.


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IN! Sparkly and sophisticated! She’s a Holiday Barbie!

OUT! Way too matchy-match! She’s a Holiday Barbie!


Emma Stone’s half-assed look squeaked by with an OUT, although quite a few minions loved it just for the Giorgio Armani dress.

[Photo Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images,]

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  • Kit Taylor

    this dress does strange things to her torso…

    • Anonymous

      That, plus the neck ruffle combine to make her look like she’s in traction.  I think I have to say OUT.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah – it has made her neck look thick and makes her looks sort of bulky through the upper arms and bust.  Too bad – it’s a good idea for a look.  This just isn’t the right dress.

        • judy brown

          I assumed she was hiding a neck goiter, and other weird lumps around the hips.
          21? No way, 40-year older sister.

      • Anonymous

        Yup, like she cannot breathe. Or like a stuffed turkey.

      • Anonymous

        You put your finger on the problem I was finding hard to articulate.  That, and I don’t like the peek-a-boo section at the knees.  So out.

    • Anonymous

      Looks as if the dress is eating her alive.

  • Anonymous

    the way her head appears to have been extruded from the high turtleneck reminds me of Zippy the Pinhead. 

    • Anonymous

      So true!  Now that you’ve said it, that’s all I see.

  • Anonymous

    not doing it for me.  OUT

  • Anonymous

    I literally thought, “oh, that must be their mother.”

  • Anonymous

    OUT. But I will give her props for not looking like a hobo like her sisters.

    • Anonymous

      Word. Out.

  • Joyce VG

    OUT.  Way too old a look for her. 

  • Anonymous

    It’s a bit much.


  • Vienna Marriott

    Walmart bun.

  • Marissa

    I think it’s fine in theory, but she looks really uncomfortable and too severe. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    My first thought; that can’t be Elizabeth Olsen she’s not that old.


  • Anonymous

    The dress would look better on Kate Middleton.

    • Taija HU!

      Even though it is black, I don’t think she would wear something so *daring*.

  • Taija HU!

    I WANT THOSE SHOES, stat. I was drooling at the thought of them, but unfortunately I’m cursed with serious case of child-foot and will never find a pair small enough. It’s a cruel life..

    This would look fab on a 40-something actress.. It’s an OUT purely because, despite how amazing the pieces are, they are NOT FOR HER. 

  • Anonymous

    I’ll vote In. I agree that the outfit is a little too matchy, but I think the dress is pretty cool. The bun doesn’t bug me too much. Lots of messy buns and messy updos with the hipster set these days.

    ETA: I would have never had known she is related to the Olsen twins. She looks so…what’s the word I’m looking for here…normal.

  • Anonymous

    Oh no no no no no hell no. I can’t get past the fact that she looks like she has no neck to even consider the shoes. Horrible. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    IN. this is a bitch to watch ~ accessories glamazon.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    A bit too much all over – a lower hairstyle or different shoes and she’d be In.

  • Anonymous

    I saw this dress on someone else on Fashion Police, and didn’t like the bottom.  However, I will give her an IN since she doesn’t look like a hobo and she’s making an effort.

  • Lori

    Nothing’s working for me, not the dress, the shoes, the hair or the makeup. 

  • iCouture

    The hair/makeup are wrong, but the rest of the outfit works for me.  IN.

    I also love the fact that she doesn’t go out in a big vintage sheet, and mammoth sunglasses/bag everywhere!  Unlike..umm…some people….

  • Anonymous

    I think In, precisely because–as you say–she is a Holiday Barbie. Although I would ditch the gold death bracelet (as too much with the belt and shoes) in favor of a different bracelet.

  • Jill Tracy

    OUT! she looks about 35.

  • Anonymous

    I’m giving an ‘in’ because she certainly is getting my attention, but girlfriend?  take it down a notch next time!

  • Anonymous

    I think I would like it more if it didn’t have the sheer piece-it’s so distracting I almost didn’t notice the belt.  And I’m worried that neck piece might actually be choking her.  As for the shoes, though, TO DIE!  The hair and make-up are a bit mature, but it’s still pretty.

    I think it’s a bit much, but I don’t hate it.  And it’s her first movie premiere (as in her own movie).  And the shoes are really hypnotizing me.  In.

  • Dana WhatTheFrock

    Neck ruffle – BAD
    Shoes – SO GOOD
    Everything else – FINE

    I can’t decide. She’s teetering RIGHT on the edge of IN vs. OUT. 

    Eh. I want to like her. She seems interesting. She just gets an IN.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe she’s only 21.  She looks late 30s.  Sheesh.  I’d have thought she was the womb-mates’ OLDER sibling, not younger.

    OUT simply for deliberately heading down Modern Maturity Way…and I’m not crazy about EITHER the shoes or the dress.  They’re just too-too…

  • Anonymous

    Never having heard of her til now I was surprised to find out she’s the younger sister. Could live with the overaccessoriztion because I like everything she has on, but the hair and makeup is the proverbial straw. A regretful Out.

  • Gaby Ripoll

    OUT. Also, something about the shape of her nose makes me a little concerned she had plastic surgery to look more like her more famous sisters. But that’s neither here nor there. It’s just not a good luck.
    Also, she looks about 40 on the cover of the latest Nylon. So I was already aware of this third Olsen’s similar predilection for looking twice her age. 

  • Rocío Vázquez

    It’s not bad… but not good either… can we just give it a meh?

  • Anonymous

    I adore the shoe, but the dress looks really strange on her.  Plus her hair and lipstick are too severe.  I’m thinking OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Is there something in the olsen genes that says ‘I’ll dress my age + 30″?  What’s weird about it to me is that her pose and posture looks like an older woman who is trying to say “I’ve still got it, bitches.”  Strange. 
    Digging the shoes at any age.

  • Anonymous

    OUT for the bathmatty skirt. But at least she doesn’t appear anorexic.

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was too much until you brought up Edina Monsoon.   Now it has positive associations and I love it.   If she got drunk and pitched down a flight of stairs, lighting her hair afire with a clove cigarette?    I’d give her a WERQ.

    My AbFab love is so strong.

  • Anonymous

    OUT–looks so much older than 21 (would have thought late 30’s!)

    • Anonymous

      Not that there is anything out about looking like you’re in your late 30’s if you actually are)

  • Laura

    The neckline is too sporty to go well with all the bling.  The shoes are clod-hoppy. The makeup is corpse-like.  OUT.

  • Cathy S

    I hate those shoes and I’m not crazy about the belt–it’s making her look wide when she doesn’t appear to be. A thinner gold belt would be nice I think. I have to give her an out.

  • CQAussie

    Hi Elizabeth – If you can’t say anything nice about your twin sibs, come sit by me, dear!  But bad news first….your outfit is in OUT.  Too much, too matchy.  But good effort though!  

  • Anonymous

     Despite the fact that she does look older than her age, I have to call this one an IN.  I mean….she’s…have you SEEN how her sisters dress?  God bless the girl for just wearing something that didn’t make her look like a bag lady.

  • MandyM

    She looks great even though she appears 10 years older than her bobble-head sisters who have less than zero style on the red carpet most of the time. Compared to them, no question–she’s IN!

  • Anonymous

    Edina Monsoon captures it perfectly.  Out.

  • Dennis Coyle

    IN, but I think the belt is the real mistake here.  It draws attention for the wrong reasons.  It’s flashy with a very basic shape whereas it should have been less flashy but on a larger scale with a more interesting shape.  That would have allowed the shoes to be the flash while at the same time doing more than making her look like she’s taped herself back together after an accident in the magician’s box. The 3/4 profile also shows that the belt is in a rather odd position, it’s too high for a waist and too low to accent her bust.

  • Anonymous

    Burn those shoes (and I’m a sucker for sparkles)!

  • Anonymous

    IN  Those shoes put the fab in fabulous.  LUV them!  The shape of the hair, dress, shoes are overall interesting, yet understated enough to avoid looking tacky.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  The look is way too old for her.  The neckline and hem area are just too much, too fussy.  If those areas were simpler, and the showy belt and shoes were the main focus, it would be a better look overall, even though is would still be too old looking.

  • Sara__B

    She’s not just Holiday Barbie, she’s middle-aged Holiday Barbie. It’s not awful, but it’s still OUT. (Maybe dressing twice one’s age is in the Olsen genes.)

  • marianna

    Don’t love the skirt, but those shoes are killer. In.

  • Lena Bea

    Out. The TurtleNeck collar is just…. no.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    If she had left the belt at home it would have been a home-run for me, but with it.. OUT.

    Nice try, though.

  • Elana Bryan

    I love the killer shoes, but honestly I was shocked to read she’s only 21.  When I first saw the photo, I thought I was looking at a 40 year old.

  • MilaXX

    Sorry, as nice as it is to see a non creepy Olsen, this look is an OUT. That is not the dress for her. I hate the hair and the makeup is too harsh. I could see the shoes and the bracelet with a simple black dress, but this outfit as a whole is a “NO”

  • nicole seligman

    i really like her and i think she usually dresses so well. this dress makes her look like she’s shaped really oddly. also, i prefer her hair down. sorry, liz olsen; OUT.

  • Lauren Dorsee Dillon

    OUT. Too much bling plus ageing attire.

  • Anonymous


    One too many competing items in the look, with the dress ruffle, collar, belt, & shoes.  I think I’d have given her an IN without the belt…it’s not needed and ruins the proportions of it.  Without the belt…the dress and shoes work perfectly.

    I can understand why she wore her hair up with that collar…but what she did is old spinster-ish.  The makeup is too severe.

  • Anonymous

    Out. I kind of like it from the waist up, but from the waist down it is reminding me of a tacky poodle.

  • Isabel

    IN – for looking healthier than her sisters and for putting on a good show.

    I’ll be harsher in the future, though.

  • Anonymous

    The neckline is horrific on her.  The dress is borderline tacky.  I don’t care McWhoever it is.

  • Anonymous

    That collar is awful.  No good.  Out.

  • Julie Fountain

    This was kinda scrolldown fug, I think, it kept getting worse and worse.  Out.

  • Danielle West

    With simpler shoes, she would have been totally in.  Too much sparkle, so OUT.

  • Dee B


  • Vaniljekjeks

    In.  It’s a bit much, but the girl is working it. 

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    Not very flattering, and too much bling. I think the belt and the collar, combined, anyway, make her OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE THOSE SHOES. Sorry. But I want.

  • Anonymous

    IN and you guys are being extremely nitpicking. Just sayin’.

  • Anonymous

    I’m gonna give her an in. I think she looks pretty hot, and since this is not only the first time I’ve ever seen a picture of her, let alone heard mention of her, I think it is a good start.

  • Anonymous

    I give her major points for being able to walk in those shoes (assuming she was able to walk and didn’t have to be helped down the red carpet by bodyguards or canes). And her face looks pretty.

    But I’m with TLo on the overdone score. It’s just too much, and a little restraint in accessories would have made such a big difference.

    Not a loud or unqualified choice, but a lower-case out.

  • Charlotte Horseman

    I don’t love the dress – but I love the shoes…

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  From the belt and up, it’s OK.  But….as Madeline Kahn said…..”everything below the waist….is KAPUT!!!”

  • Anonymous

    I agree with all your points, yet I still think she looks a helluva lot better than her sisters. At least there’s some sex appeal here.
    Those shoes are hideous, but I’m giving her an IN because I already like her better than M-K and A. 

  • Ally Monge

    I love it all except the top bodice of the dress. The shoes are so fab, and I think I like her hair and make-up. At least she doesn’t look like a bag-lady like her older sisters so often do. IN

  • Anonymous

    Out.  I’m not categorically against high necks, but this one has volume where no one needs more volume!  The belt is cool, but it’s so thick (in depth, not width) that it bulks her up.

    Ditto on the comment that at least she’s not anorexic.

  • Liana Brooks

    OUT – Holiday Barbie on drugs.

  • Hannah Penfield

    This dress really makes her head look like it’s attached to a block. Love the shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Wait – who is she? God I’m getting old. Looks like that bun is tight enough to keep her from blinking. Other than the bun, it looks pretty fierce – IN.

  • Aly Light

    For a second, I misread “minions” and thought you were calling us “mimosas”. Or ordering us mimosas. I’m fine with either.
    I say IN, if only for those awesome shoes.

  • Anonymous

    This dress is doing her no favors from the waist up and the hair doesn’t help. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. That’s a lotta look! But, I seriously love those shoes. And that last hand-on-hip pose shows more personality and presence than I thought that family could muster.

  • Robert Sanchez

    Out. As you said, it’s too aging for her, but the style of the dress itself lends itself too much to a “clown at a funeral” vibe, what the ruff at the neck and at the skirt hem. And one must have an especially swan-like neck to pull that off; otherwise one has become what Tyra’s Miss Jay lovingly describes as “a no-neck monster.” And I really hate the shoes, too.

  • Anonymous

    She does look older than she is, but she still looks fabulous.  IN, but she should try something a bit more youthful in the future.

  • Shawn Hill

    OUT! Just … ugh! Fugh!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think that dress looks odd on her; can’t quite figure out what’s wrong, but something doesn’t look right. Agree about the belt and shoes, although I can see how with such fabulous pieces, one might be tempted to go all out. 

  • Anonymous

    I give her a pass, if for nothing else than that she doesn’t seem to have her sisters’ propensity for duckface. IN.

  • Manon Eileen

    In, I think she looks rather fierce, even if I don’t *love* the dress. Those shoes are formidable.

  • Anonymous

    Hideous.  I can’t tell if her boobs are oddly low or if it’s an optical illusion created by that uncomfortable-looking neckline.  I don’t like anything about the dress.  She looks like a very attractive 40 year old woman.

  • narita_rayna

    holy christmas! i will never understand why these young, pretty, rich girls always go for the park avenue madame look…  

  • beatricks

    Out. It’s just not her dress.

  • Anonymous

    it kinda looks like she cant breath… makes me feel a little suffocated. I hope to see better looks from this one! I didnt even know there was a third Olsen 😛

    • Anonymous

      o ps, out

  • Jessica O’Connell

    I don’t like the shoes, the bottom of the dress, or the hair.. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    OUT…with a slice of ‘in’.  She may look 3 times her age, but she does not look like a bag lady.  There is hope for the Olsen name.

  • Merneith

    Out – but I’d like to see the separate pieces on a different person.

  • Anonymous

    OUT!  It’s “I Dream of Jeannie” in a bedazzled black halter dress. Yikes.

  • tom markiewicz


  • Anonymous

    The neckline is what ruins it for me, it doesn’t suit her. Plus, the armholes are too big. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I weirdly like her hair and lipstick.  I like the high neck of this dress.  I hate the rest of it.  Makes my eyes go all wonky trying to keep up with it all.  OUT.

  • Heather

    It’s odd, but I kinda like it… I say IN, but I really have no explanation as to why :)

    • Alisa Rivera

      I feel the same way. It shouldn’t work but it kinda does. It helps that she’s very pretty and not anorexic, unlike her fucked-in-the-head-by-child-stardom sisters.

  • Jessica Ballinger

    I want to say in just because, while she DOES look like an older lady, at least she doesn’t look like an older BAG LADY.  Unlike other family members I could name…

  • Anonymous

    Oh my, she looks like an ornament.  Out.

  • Anonymous

    out way to much going on plus it make her look twice her age. never a good thing

  • Anonymous

    the shoes are the only thing I can focus on, which is a good thing, but still the dress is hiddy. OUT

  • Anonymous

    Love the shoes and belt; love the hair and make up; burn the dress. Sometimes good accessories make a bad outfit look good, sometimes the clothes are so bad it makes everything look awful. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    She’s not quite taking styling lessons from her sisters….but its not really good either.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. She’s 21? Are you kidding me? I seriously thought she was the much older sister. I like the individual pieces but as TLo said they’re all too much to be worn at the same time. And the dress isn’t very flattering on her, but I am happy to see someone wearing fierce shoes. 

  • Sorana Tarmu

    New Year’s Eve decked Edina Monsoon indeed! OUT with this Olsen, too!

  • Emily

    Miles ahead of her sisters, but still out.

  • Anonymous

    IN!!! Sparkly and sophisticated just like my collection of Holiday Barbies!!! And I covet those shoes with a passion.

  • { edi } ilovetrash

    all gorgeous crap, but too much of it. if there were less of it, nobody would ever refer to it as crap, cos all of it, except maybe the belt, is pretty wonderful. but she’s just 21, she’ll learn.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t love the outfit but she is adorb!

  • Anonymous

    that collar looks like a sophisticated neck brace. Her posing doesn’t help

  • Anonymous

    way OUT.

  • JillK


  • Anonymous

    Out….too much crap going on…also, her head looks weirdly small when paired with the ruffled neckline….I can’t even say I like the shoes! The world must be ending since I am a serious case of shoe addict

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure if I love those shoes or hate them.

  • Anonymous

    She’s trying, but OUT.  Something about the combination of the fat gold belt and the fat black neck ruffle is kind of nauseating.  The sheer stripe and hem frou-frou are weird.  And though these photos make it a little hard to tell, my impression is that she’s too busty to wear a clingy dress with a halter neck and no support for the girls. 

    The thought of MK & A “seething with jealousy” is just delicious.  I’ve never, ever gotten the appeal of those two, even when they were practically infants.

  • Natasha Ann

    Ugh…. OUT. 

  • Mary McClelland

    Out. But I love the shoes. And I love A & MK. The Row clothes are impeccable. :-)

  • Anonymous

    Oh, honey, no. I understand you probably don’t always want to wear your sisters’ clothes but you look really cute when you do. OUT!

  • Anonymous

    Out. Those shoes are heinous. I don’t care who made them.

  • Meira Niibori

    OUT.  Too much… well, just too much.  And too old.  The dress is nice, except for the neck ruffle and the peekaboo strip.  And the shoes are awful – they look like kiddie dress up shoes, with the plastic pasted-on fake gems….. just tacky. I don’t mind the hair, but not with that makeup or outfit.  I do like the overall shape of the dress, and the belt.

  • Anonymous

    Is that belt part of the outfit? Seriously, it looks like some kind of superhero belt it’s so high up. Or else a “fanny pack” (sorry Brit friends! don’t know another name for it) without the pouch. Too serious, too old, too accessorized. out.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to have to give her an **IN** on the mere fact that she looks a thousand times better here than her older twin sisters ever have.

  • Anonymous

    Out. Less than the sum of its parts. I like the shoes and her from the waist up. Eliminating the belt (or replacing it with a plainer one) wouldn’t have saved it.  It’s a great dress but somehow the skirt just doesn’t work here for me.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to give her an IN…a few technical issues, but overall I like.

    Plus, she is MUCH prettier than her sisters, who look like bag-lady Bratz dolls.

  • Anonymous

    She looks 10 years older than she should.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  Her head looks like it’s being squeezed out of a tube.  And I don’t really like any element of the outfit.  The only good thing I can say about it is that she doesn’t look sloppy.

  • Anonymous

    i first have to admit that i find the twins strangely intriguing in a guilty pleasure kind of way.  and while she is more conventionally attractive than her older sisters, and her sense of style seems much more sane, i still find them more attractive.  so, lock me up.  i never said i was normal.  anyway, on to the clothes.

    i HATE that extra little peek-a-boo netting and ruffles at the hemline.  it makes the dress appear too long in addition to just looking odd
    and serving no purpose.  the shoes and belt look like she stole them from a gypsy fortune teller. AND THE HAIR…that is not a style for a woman fifteen years older, it’s for a woman forty years older.  i’m a couple of years beyond that and i wear my hair that way much of the time.  ok, mine usually has a plastic butterfly clip holding it up.  but that is definitely some crazy old lady hair.

    that all being said, i give her a little bitty in just for putting herself out there.  it’ll be good to have another olsen to kick around.    

  • Anonymous

    Out.  It’s not working for her.

  • Anonymous

    Those shoes are almost enough to warrant an “IN” by themselves.  Cut the dress off right above the peek a boo, give her a deep vibrant purple or red belt and she’d have made it.  But, she missed.  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Cheers, Eddie!

  • Anonymous

    i am thinking you need a long neck to pull that off, and i am guessing a teeny tiny Olson sister is not in possession of one…OUT

  • Amye

    I might be late, but I have to give her an IN.

    She looks so pretty, but yes she does look older.  Alot of that can be blamed on her wanting to be taken seriously.  Esp considering her family tree.

    And I don’t think there’s too much bling.  Those shoes are KILLER!

  • Catherine Rhodes

    OUT. When I saw her name and photo, I assumed she was the twins’ mother!

  • Matthew Dinda

    IN! If only because I think it’s a really interesting look and I want to promote this sort of breakthrough actress style. No short, tight, and shiny cocktail dresses with a Marchesa ruffle! Although I think it does weird things to her torso, but I think it’s kind of fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    Out! Way too much going on and that dress is not flattering.

  • Fifi LaRoux

    Just enough is wrong for me to call this one OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  The dress is horribly unflattering, and the shoes are just plain ugly.

  • Tara

    Not looking like a hobo does not an “In” make. This is not her dress…I think it would work better on someone taller. OUT!!

  • Pat Biswanger


  • Anne Rinaldi

    I agree with you – I would have had no idea Miss Olsen is 21.  The belt is awfully chunky, and makes her look the same way.  I think it would look great with a fuller skirt. 

  • Anonymous

    Sweet Mother of God, this is a train wreck. Sorry gentlemen, but that dress is hiddy, even without the awful accessorizing. Maybe it looked better on whatever 6′ stick figure with a 12″-long neck walked it down a runway, but it sure isn’t Miss Lizzy’s dress. A big OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t even say in or out, I’m just too dumbstruck by the fact that she looks like an Olsen TRIPLET, not just a regular sister. 

  • Polarity

    IN for me, even though the dress troubles me. I wish it either didn’t have the ruffle at the top, or had less ruffle at the bottom. Both together look a bit too much like a poodle.  But I think she looks fierce, if it makes her look a bit older, I fail to see why that’s such a bad thing. Too much obsession with youth in this culture. If she wants to play with age perceptions, I think that’s just fine.

  • Ass Kicking Adviser

    She looks like a dress up doll. Is there a really expensive American Girl store for teens and twenty-somethings that I didn’t know about? Where you buy the whole outfit in one box with instructions for the hairdo AND you get an outfit for your doll to match? Seriously, this is a ridiculous look. Couture Garanamals. Waste of a stunning dress.

  • Rachel Lee

    Nnnnnnyeh. Out. 

  • Addicted2Glamour

     This is all a  bit desperate, don’t you think? ( And TLO’s reference to Eddie Monsoon is SPOT ON.) This screams one of two things: “I’m wealthy enough to drape myself head-to-toe in high-end designer fashions” OR “I’m important and/or famous enough to be loaned said fashions.” One piece at a time, dear. One piece at a time. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    it all looks like something Sophia Loren should be wearing (with a cleavage window of course). I don’ like it at all. OUT

  • Emily

    Out.  Too poodle-y.

  • Samantha Ritchie


  • Anonymous

    I can live with an Olsen that studies at Tisch.  Hate the shoes, though.

  • Anonymous

    Love the Shoes!

  • Janie R

    It’s like she bought a bag of Halloween candy and ate it all at once a week before.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. This dress is weirdly shaped, and I can’t helpo wanting to rip it off her neck. She looks like she’s choking.

  • Anonymous

    much too much
    (sharon stone called – she wants her hair back)

  • Anplica Fiore

    When I read “older sisters are seething with jealousy.” I was amazed.  You mean she’s NOT an older sister?  She looks pretty, but VERY much older than 21.  Too much matchy-ness as well.  Out.

  • Alexandria N

    IN she looks chic and sophisticated and urbane. don’t love the makeup but all around IN.

  • Jessica

    Out! I thought she was at least 30. I don’t think the cut of the dress is doing her any favors.

  • oohsparkley!

    IN, in spite of the thick neck that dress gives her.

  • katie

    that dress looks uncomfortable and changes her shape, but definitely not in a good way. And that hairstyle is too much. OUT.

  • Karen

    She normally looks fab but the high neck on this makes it one for the OUT pile.