In or Out: Zoe Saldana in Reed Krakoff

Posted on October 26, 2011

We fear this dress might be a bit of a Monet, darlings.


Zoe Saldana in Reed KrakoffZoe Saldana at Glamour Reel Moments 2011 held at the Directors Guild of America in Los Angeles, California in a Reed Krakoff dress.

Reed Krakoff Resort 2012 CollectionReed Krakoff Resort 2012 Collection/Model: Melissa Tammerijn

Zoe Saldana in Reed Krakoff

Zoe Saldana in Reed Krakoff

Or maybe it’s just Zoe’s innate sense of how to wear something to its best effect, but this doesn’t look as good close up as it does far away. From more than a few feet away, it’s got a soignée sort of half-dressed feel to it, but up close it just looks like a lot of stuff hanging off her. A little too layered-looking when you get up close, but kind of elegant and floaty from across the room. Weird. That first shot almost had us shouting “WERQ!” but now we’re putting it up to a vote.


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IN! Chic, bitches!

OUT! Schmatta, bitches!

Voting on SJP’s oversized freshman dance dress is still open. How long has it been since you’ve expressed an opinion, darling? Too long.


[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images,]

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  • Anonymous

    Out. Messy. And strangely unflattering. 

    • Anonymous

      Out, ditto.

    • Totally agree, Out.

      It’s an ugly dress, guys. Zoe seems to have realized this somewhere past the point of no return, or else she just wanted a challenge, and is trying super hard to work it, but it’s an ugly dress. There’s just no way around that.

      A lesser woman might have caught sight of herself in a mirror, and gone “Oh god, this dress… and I paired it with THESE shoes? What the hell was I thinking?!” and called it a night, but not Zoe. Zoe is doing what she can to teach the world that Zoe does not make fashion blunders; there is just something wrong with your taste. And judging from some of the “IN”s below, it’s working.

  • IN – She looks fabulous!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like the dress at all, and she gets points deducted for the ugly shoes.  OUT!

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Out

  • Alyson Lamble

    I love Monets.  I think they are beautiful from any distance.  That said, I don’t love this dress, because it looks unfinished.  Tepid IN, because she’s so pretty.

  • Vaniljekjeks


  • Anonymous

    Out.  It looks sloppy from far away or up close.

  • Anonymous

    Schmatta fore sure.  A rare misfire from Ms. Zaldana.

  • Anonymous

    Out, because it just doesn’t make it as an in.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going with an IN.  IMO, most dresses, especially embellished or layered dresses, look better from a little distance.  The overall effect of this is gorgeous and I’ll bet upclose, in person, without flashbulbs & blitzkrieg spotlights, it looks pretty.  LOVE the shoes on the model, BTW.

  • I see what you mean, but I still think it works. IN.

  • Anonymous

    It is strange, isn’t it?  I don’t think I like it.

  • Anonymous

    IN.  A huge IN from a few feet away, a tepid IN from up close.  

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for my late afternoon Clueless reference.  On anyone else, it’s an out.  But that is the power of the Zoe.  In.

  • It’s the stringy things that make it awkward. However, I like it, and her hair, make-up and jewelry are awesome. IN

  • Anonymous

    It probably looks better moving than standing still but its still interesting and pretty.

  • Anonymous

    Love the dress, hate the shoes.  She looks tired.  Just over the line for an “in.”

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Out! Disco Sucks! Oh, sorry. Just had a dress-induced a 70s flashback.

  • I give her points for trying, because due to the texture, the dress is not boring (though her hair kind of is). 

    But this is OUT, because it’s way under-accessorized considering the simplicity of the silhouette. And just because she can do so, so much better.

  • Mariah J

    I agree that it looks better from far away…I guess when you look at the layers up close they look to be just hanging there. I don’t know but it still has a lot of appeal, I give it an IN

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    IN.  Not sure if I love the dress (other than the colors) but  when my first thought is “she looks great” – I try to stick with it.

  • Anonymous

    Both dress and shoes not deserving of an in. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    In. Not at all something I would usually like but she works it, and makes the color sing. Also, I love her eye makeup here.

  • IN- but only if she’s moving. I think the thing about those layers is that they look good if they’re swinging, if they’re moving with her. If she’s standing still and they’re just hanging there, then they look too flat and messy.

    Solution: Carry a giant fan everywhere to constantly have the hair and dress moving! Eh, maybe that makes this an OUT after all.

  • Anonymous

    IN. But for heaven’s sake, why do people keep choosing these tired-ass shoes when there are so many other options? I’m not a fan of recreating the runway look head to toe but the shoes on the model are like a frillion times better.

    • Anonymous

      frillion — that’s funny 

  • Anonymous

    IN?  She looks divine in the far shot, and that’s pretty much what it’s about for magazines.  Yes, up close it’s a little wretched, but she’s still working it ten times harder than the model.  

  • Love the use of  “Monet” – reminds me of “Clueless” 🙂 🙂 I agree, too messed up at close range to get an in. She is OUT.

  • Out

  • Anonymous

    I don’t love the dress, but I really wish she’d worn the shoes that the model is wearing. Those are so cool, I would be distracted from the frippery on the dress.

    So, in short, out. 

  • It makes her look disheveled and uneven. Hides her shape, too. OUT.

  • Sara__B

    Something is out of balance in the universe when the extraordinary  Ms. Saldana is OUT, but even the shoes are wrong.

  • IN. Zoe can wear anything and WERQ.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  Even though I love the colors of the dress, it just looks like something a Project Runway designer couldn’t quite finish before he sent it out onto the runway.

  • In. She is working it. Monet looks good from any distance too, btw. Now Seurat is another story. 

  • Heather Kaplin

    She looks better than the model, but I”m afraid that’s not saying much…

    (Totally agree about Monet…. <3 Clueless…)

  • Anonymous

    You mean I have to decide? Dang!
    I went back and looked again and what looked adorable at a distance became a mess close up. Monet, indeed.
    I can’t decide! I won’t! You can’t make me! (But she looks better than the model)

  • Anonymous

    OUT, but I am so excited abut her eye makeup (MUST TRY AT HOME) that I’m not mad at it.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe without the cobalt hideousness in the under-layer.  OUT.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    I see what you mean but it’s still lovely to look at. IN because Zoe can’t be anything other than lovely.

  • Anonymous

    Nowhere near a WERQ, but I think it looks good enough. IN.

  •  Out, but not atrocious.

  • Anonymous

    Despite the fact that she is werqing the hell out of it, it’s an out. And hate the shoes.

    I had wanted a pair of “nude” pumps and TLo talked me out of the “silly putty” shoes!

  • Anonymous

    Too much going on.  I see color blocking, random strings and ties, mesh, chiffon.   Out.

  • Anonymous

    Out. And I don’t like that limp hair she’s sporting, either.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Way too much going on.  Strings, chiffon, color blocking, mesh, metal.  Wtf.

  • The way it limply hangs on her, definite Schmatta.

  • Anonymous

    OUT because that dress relies on standing the perfect way at a certain distance in order to look okay.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  Anything that only looks good from far away can not be in.  Also, the shoes are ugly.

  • MilaXX

    IN. I think Zoe’s personality is doing all the heavy lifting here. Also her hair looks great.

  • Anonymous

    It’s…not great. I love the color palette (and fabrics!) but the end result feels half-baked. Sadly, this is an OUT.

  • Barbara Potter

    Just no.  Out!

  • Joyce VG

    IN! Lovely.

  • I think she looks great and I like the dress, surprisingly enough since I kind of typically do not like that range of blue. IN, especially for that kickass make-up.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s more of an in than that Keira Knightley outfit.

  • OUT for the shoes. Beige platform pumps — really? There are thousands of excellent shoe choices out there and style icon Zoe Saldana picked these?!  Also, the dress is a mess.

  • Out, but I suspect I might vote differently if I could see the dress moving.

  • Ann

    In! I agree that it doesn’t look great on close inspection, but that first picture is fabulous. Of course, she could werq a potato sack!

  • Anonymous

    It’s not without it’s problems, but still, IN

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    How can that be in with those shoes on her feet?  I was on the bubble, but the shoes pushed me over the edge.  Out.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah,not good. Out. If she can’t pull it off, no mere mortal can.

  • Anonymous

    In.  I like it.  It looks like is really needs to be in motion tho.

  • IN! On a lesser mortal, it would be undoubtedly out, but Zoe is working that thing so well it makes me want to buy it right away!

    No amount of working it can save those shoes, though.  Whatever, she’s still in.

  • Anonymous

    It is a bit of a Monet, but she’s working the shit out of it. Plus, shiny hair, pretty makeup. IN. Exceedingly UGLY shoes, though!

  • No. Out. The shoes alone drag this look over the line.

  • I like it but her flat hair is not helping the flat dress. Still voting IN though.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks fabulous, updated flapper style.
    Those shoes, however….

  • Kristy Whaley

    In.  I love the weirdness of it.

  • Anonymous

    In. She’s fucking ZOE SALDANA and she looks it.

  • OUT

  • Isy

    My feet hurt just looking at hers. Good lord.

    Out. She still looks beautiful though!

  • Jessica O’Connell

    It’s confusing because it’s Zoe Saldana…but it’s an OUT… What’s happening?

  • Admitting up front that I am truly truly biased when it comes to Ms Saldana. Unless I completely hate something, I just can’t give her an out. So she is In!

  • Out, and this Jewish girl appreciates your use of the word schmatta. <3

  • Anonymous

    It’s like she’s wearing five dresses all at once, and it’s just so messy. OUT

  • the dress is pretty, the shoes are hiddy, and her face is looking worse and worse

  • Anonymous

    In. I think it’s one of those dresses that come alive with motion, not so much in a still photo.

  • Joy

    Out, just too messy.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a bit of an odd dress, and on a lesser mortal it would probably look disastrous, but Miss Zoe is making that shit work.  Also love the hair and makeup.  IN.

  • Anonymous

    I see what you’re saying about the zoom in deterioration.

    But it looks so good at a distance it’s still IN.

    Somewhat worse than fantastic is still fairly o.k. & it averages to IN.

  • Anonymous

    IN. Once again, better than the runway model. Even with the shoes. Perfect hair, makeup, and accessories “light.”

  • Anonymous

    I like the first picture of the dress, but that last picture is heinous. OUT, for wearing a dress that you need to stand a certain way to make look good.

  • Adrienn Keszei

    IN. The dress definitely looks weird up close…but even then, somehow she manages to look amazing (for me).

  • Anonymous

    Good, Lord! She needs to eat something. It looks like somebody sawed a skeleton in half across the waist, put the halves together askew, and hung some cloth on it. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    In. Even with the dreaded nude pumps.  Zoe can wear a nude pump if she damn well pleases.

  • Scross the room in a half lit cocktail lounge this would look beautiful- but in full light it’s pretty bad.

  • Anonymous

    Those shoes, with that dress?

    I still have to give her an IN, though. The dress is interesting.

  • Samantha Irene

    I agree with T Lo – it’s good from afar – but far from good… I can’t call her out, because in reality I’d probably never be close enough to see anything other than the good angles

  • Anonymous

    For Zoe to get anything less than a Werq! is already a come-down for her.  But it doesn’t work.  We have found her fashion kryptonite.

  • OUT.  Shapeless and it looks unfinished.  No bueno.

  • Anonymous

    I get what you’re trying to say, but I really like the dress. I think the layers are interesting and provide some texture and depth to the dress. Also, I LOVE the colors. IN!

  • Jessica Rowe

    I think it’s the tie. I like it, IN.  But maybe not the best look ever.

  • Anonymous

    That is a great call – it is a total Monet dress. I like it from afar, but not up close, so I have to give it an OUT, which pains me greatly because I think Zoe is beautiful and very stylish.

  • Anonymous

    What you said, TLo.

  • Zubair Ghumro

    IN IN IN IN IN – FABULOSITY DARLINGS!! Bow down weaklings

  • Anonymous

    Zoe is always in but the dress is OUT

  • She’s just insanely gorgeous.  I would have said out on almost anyone else, but that girl can WERQ some clothes.  IN.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  I do not like this dress, on her or on the model.  Yeah, Zoe is working it and making that dress look better than it should, but it still doesn’t look that good.

  • IN. She makes the dress look good. Even in the closeups I like the colors and textures on her–maybe not on someone else. But she is so thin it scares me.

  • Anonymous

    There’s something very odd going on in the waist region of that dress. 

  • CQAussie

    I like this dress but those shoes are messing with me.  Ruins it for me.  And her hair seems depressed.  OUT.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Yuck, OUT

  • That is, indeed, a schmatta.  OUT!

  • Toto Maya

    I honestly really love it. IN.

  • Out.  Just have to say out for the “schmatta”

  • Nicole Merrill

    OUT. I don’t like all the flappy bits on the front, or the ties holding them together.

  • Francesca Blom

    Don’t love it, but don’t hate it enough to call it out. Love the Clueless reference either way though. IN by default, I guess. 

  • Total Monet.  From afar, it looked interesting and pretty.  Up close, bizarre and patched together. 

  • Allison Woods

    I think it’s really cool. IN.

  • Mary McClelland

    In but the shoes are ick. 

  • IN!!!

  • In..I think she looks GREAT !!!

  • This rarely happens but I have to say that this dress might look better on someone not quite so waifish. Let’s face it, most things look better on the skinny pencil thin Zoe’s and SJP’s, but I am thinking that this is a hippie/chic look that is crying out for a Julia Roberts. And god knows she’s crying out for something new. If I were the stylist……

  • Schmatta. It should look great from far and close.OUT.

  • Cathy S

    That’s an ugly dress. Sorry Zoe. Out.

  • Out. Lots of handkerchiefs.

  • I love it – IN – except for the shoes.

  • that dress is ugly from every distance. the sad thing is that it probably cost more than my mortgage. and TLo, you were really going to give a WERQ when she’s wearing those shoes? OUT.

  • oohsparkley!