In or Out: Taylor Swift in Tracy Reese

Posted on October 14, 2011

We’ve always been really hard on Taylor. There’s a good reason for that. We can’t stand her.

Oh, alright. We’re bitter meanies; the kind of people that make celebrities cry. But her brand of virginal, sickly-sweet tweeness just rubs us the wrong way. And besides, we blame her entirely for causing us to utter the words, “Y’know…Kanye was kind of right…” We ask you, is there any better reason to dislike her?

Anyway, I’ma let you finish, but first, we’re gonna do her a solid.

Taylor Swift in Tracy ReeseTaylor Swift launches her new fragrance ‘Wonderstruck’ at Macy’s in NYC in a Tracy Reese dress.

Taylor Swift in Tracy Reese

Taylor Swift in Tracy Reese

We really like this look on her. Yes, it’s typically Swiftian in its sacchariney sweetness, but it has a bit of a kick to it; a chic, city kind of feel that suits her surprisingly well. But man, sometimes we just want to force her into leather hotpants, ripped fishnets and fuck-me pumps just to see her head explode. We’re horrible people, we know.


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    • Anonymous

      Hair sucks, but IN!

      • Katie Morton

        Compared to the cocker spaniel hair we’ve seen all over, this hair is awesome.

    • tom

      In, this time if for no other reason that it’s not that Sarah Jessica Parker water buffalo.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not a fan of hers but I love this dress and she looks great in it.  In.

    • Vienna Marriott

      Those are fuck me pumps if ever there were fuck me pumps.

      • Anonymous

        They’re only fuck me pumps if they are paired with something fuckable.  Which that dress is not.  Out.

        • Anonymous

          It’s the exactly the juxtaposition that makes it work.

          • Anonymous

            Agreed.  Taylor Swift is much more fuckable playing up her peek-a-boo innocence than if she were in an outfit that screamed “fuck me!”.  Anyhow, IN.  She looks pretty adorable.

    • Anonymous

      In.  I don’t particularly care for her music but that’s not a reason to call her out. (that’s a lie) But this look suits her and it’s cute.

    • Hannah Penfield

      IN IN IN IN IN IN. I love how she always looks so retro! LEAVE TAYLOR ALONE!!!!!!!!!?!#%^$&$

    • Liana Brooks

      IN – At least she has a style and can get dressed unlike some of the people running loose who think sweat pants work on the RC.

      • Anonymous

        She knows her demographic, and she has her ingenue image (beautiful, gentle, sweet, virginal) down solid. She (well, her stylist anyway) almost never puts herself in front of the cameras without both those things in mind.  And she usually gets it right.  I can recognize that and admire it, even if I’m far from the demographic and don’t particularly care for the image she is marketing.  And it is marketing.  I can think of several other starlets who could take lessons.

    • DH

      It’s cute, but it also looks like a holiday dress to me. 

    • Anonymous

      With Taylor Swift, my default is OUT unless proven otherwise. Cute dress, so I give her an IN but she really just gives me hives.

      • Anonymous

        I hear ya! My default is OUT as well. 

      • Anonymous

        Right…Taylor SWIFT. *headesk*

        I was confused as to how anything Jonathan Swift-y could be described as ‘saccarinely sweet’.

    • Melissa Della

      In, but yeah I just kind of hate Taylor Swift for inexplicable reasons.

      • Alloy Jane

        I don’t think the reasons are inexplicable.  There’s just something that feels so… unjust about unwarranted fame.  Here, we have an innocuous, blonde-haired, blue-eyed young chippie who’s about as bland as plain flour and is being touted as a famous singer.  Except she can’t sing.  And whereas minimal talent can be supplemented by skill development, that doesn’t seem to be happening with her.  

        So she magically became famous because she fits a formula, and that senseless fame tends to be offensive to people who expect overexposed celebrities to have something to back up their rep.  Especially when there are so many more capable performers out there struggling for visibility.

        I don’t have a problem with her because I’ve given up pop culture as a bad job and am BLISSFULLY unaware of many of the new characters acting as human hangers for our fashion-opining amusement.  And I can’t believe anyone would date John Mayer, not just because his music is about as interesting as the sound of the washing machine, but because a guy who talks about his dick like it’s a member of the KKK needs to be disintegrated, Marvin the Martian style.

      • tom

        For the same inexplicable reasons I hate Sarah Jessica Parker. 

    • Anonymous

      I can’t stand her!  So happy to see someone else admit it.  I think she is only a mediocre talent, I can’t stand that godawful red lipstick and like TLo… I hate all of that innocent-sweet-crap.  No one who dated John Mayer could be sweet.  

      BUT I like this dress.

    • Anonymous

      IN. The dress could actually inspire a new PR challenge using curtains and venetian blinds.

    • Cathy S

      She looks adorable in that. In!

    • Robert Sanchez

      Can’t stand her either, but I’ll give her an “in,” She looks good here. (If only they would stop airing her makeup commercials, she’s so awkward in them! It’s like she can’t talk and walk at the same time.)

    • myblackfriendsays

      OUT. I don’t need a reason.

    • MilaXX

      I find her boring and wish she would go away, but I completely agrre with everything you said about her, including Kanye’s words. Still she’s IN.
      BTW did anyone think Laura horrible pink dress looked like something Taylor would wear?

      • Anonymous

        Maybe if she was trying to look VERY edgy, or if she was on crack.  But to your point, yeah, I do think that would be something she would gravitate toward for a “less twee” image makeover.

    • Super Red

      In. She looks really great here, and while I’m not a huge Taylor Swift fan, I defnitely enjoy some of her music and appreciate her style. It’s refreshing to see someone’s name plastered on 11 year old girl binders who ISN’T Miley Cyrus, or a similiar young star who thinks “skank” is a good role model.

      Seriously though- her dress is lovely.

    • Anonymous

      She’s basically the polar opposite of that other teenage Taylor: Momsen.

      I’d love to see this girls in a room together. I don’t know what would happen, but it would be interesting. 

    • Anonymous

      IN  There are enough young ladies dressing like whores that Taylor doesn’t have to. This is perfect retro-inspired but modern chic.

      • Anonymous

        i would hit like a billion times to this comment.  

        • Anonymous

          Thank you. I should add “. . . and their mothers.” 

    • Anonymous

      I was just about to embark on a grand love affair with the overlay dress, but noooooo. Taylor came simpering along, smiling saccharinely and stole my new object of affection away. Bitch! And I still have to vote her In because she looks perfect here. Okay Taylor, I’ve just burst into tears and am blindly bumping into wall trying to run out of the room. Happy now?

      ETA: “Y’know…. Kanye was kinda right.” AAHAHAHHA! T Lo, you are healing balm to my crushed, broken heart!

    • Meredith Blixt

      IN, but I’d also love to see her in the corset and FMPs. Have to keep it reasonable, though; we already have a Taylor Momsen.

    • Rebecca Johnson

      MAN is she boring. I’m glad she’s not running around with her thong hanging out, but there has got to be a happy medium between skank and wax dummy.

      • Alloy Jane

        Lets face it.  This girl could be running around sporting a black eye and exposing her crotch and she’d STILL be boring.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      It boggles my mind that she is 21, not 15.

    • Joyce VG

      IN. *yawn*

    • Aly Light

      Oh, IN, mostly because there’s a whole two colors to her outfit for a change, and one of them isn’t white. It isn’t just that she dresses young; it’s that her outfits run the gamut from white, virginal goddess gowns to off-white, virginal goddess gowns.

    • Claudia Berry

      She annoys the fillings off my teeth but she looks good here.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not a fan, but she looks adorable and she is not a skank. She gets a bazillion points for that.

      Kanye wasn’t right and he is a horrible, tasteless designer on top of it. So there.

    • Ashley B

      I love this

    • Anonymous

      IN. Simpering lightweight that she is, it’s a cute look. I don’t understand why she’s famous. I’ve heard a couple of her songs – not willingly, but I’ve heard them – and her voice is pretty ordinary and her lyrics are just dumb. What’s the big deal?  Seriously…somebody ‘splain this to me.

      • Jessica Ballinger

        She has people.

      • Anonymous

        She’s pretty-ish, well-packaged, established a loyal tween fan base that’s followed her & grown as she’s grown older & she reputedly works her ass off.

        It’s been a lot of years since a great voice or terribly unique artistic POV was necessary for pop success. If it ever was. 

      • Toto Maya

        Yeah, her songs are annoying as hell but I’d kill to look that adorable. Well, maybe not kill, but I wish I did. Note that I did not claim that looking adorable was any sort of talent or something worthy of fame.

    • Jill Tracy

      IN even tho she annoys the crap out of me.

    • Sara__B

      I like the dress, but I’d like it more with a belt. IN, even though I truly dislike her mask-like makeup and those tendrils hanging down the side of her face.

    • marlie

      This is about as “edgy” as Taylor is going to get, and it’s a cute look, so IN!

    • Anonymous

      Great dress, you horrible, nasty men.

    • Anonymous

      IN.  I actually like it.

    • Anonymous

      That dress is just so, so pretty, and fits her perfectly. And the shoes are cute, too. IN!

    • MandyJane

      In, she looks adorable. I can’t hate her, I think she might be  genuinely sweet.

    • Samuel Joesph Donovan

      In.  I was actually thinking of sending this into you guys because it was such a breath of fresh air for her.

    • Anonymous

      IN.  Sweet, but fun!

    • Danielle West

      Eh, same dress and silhouette she always wears, but not bad enough for an out.  IN.

    • MandyM

      IN! (and as the mom of a tween, I like her MUCH better than that tart Miley! Don’t hate!)

    • Anonymous

      I think she looks great and I like the hair up.
      Like her or not it is nice not to see boobs, the good china and dirty hair.
      cheers,  parsnip

    • Grace Ritt

      Out. I would say she’s a dull as a brick, but that’s an insult to bricks.

    • Anonymous

      She looks like the original 1959 Barbie, and I mean that in the best possible way. IN

      And yes, Beyoncé did have one of the best videos of all time.  That’s why she won Video of the Year.  Kanye made a complete ass of himself freaking out about TSwift winning Best Female Video.

    • Rachel Weiser

      Taylor Swift is such a frustrating waste of good genetics. She has a beautiful face, and I think she could totally rock the high fashion looks if she wanted to but she’s just so boring! I know that’s her image, seeing as that 90% of her fanbase consists of females between the ages of 12 and 17, but my god. If I looked like her, you better believe I’d be demanding my McQueen and Versace.

      Oh and IN, because this is the riskiest she has gotten in a long time (which I suppose is sort of sad.)

    • Anonymous

      Cute. IN.

      Just as an aside… if nothing else out of the Kayne fiasco, I think both girls handled it with grace and class. (Especially Bey.)

      ALSO: I like her music for what is it, peppy country-pop (being from the SouthWest and all. We can’t help it.) but homegirl can’t sing about sneaking out of her parents house forever. She needs a mature update to her song material.

    • Mari Rose

       It’s a failed attempt to urbanize Zooey Deschanel’s twee territory. OUT.

    • Stefanos Mantyla

      Definitely safe, but I cannot quite say it warrants an OUT. She has time to grow out of this phase, so I would have to say IN.

    • Anonymous

      In. As in inoffensive. But still in.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know why, exactly, but I’ve seen a lot of stars on the red carpet promoting perfume and she is the first one who made me think she should be standing in the Macy’s cosmetics department spraying it on people. But, she looks cute. IN.

    • Anonymous

      IN!  I think she’s a doll.  I probably would have hated her in high school but I’m pushing 40 now and she’s freekin adorable.

    • Anonymous

      This dress is perfect for her.  I sort of respect her.  She’s very young, even for her age, and she has found an image that consistently works for her.  She has a pretty annoying singing voice, but she has developed and cultivated a persona that has made her rich and famous without hurting anyone.  No drugs, no public displays of self-indulgence, no DUIs, no police record.  What more could we hope for from a young celebrity?

    • Anonymous

      I would like to wash all that crap off her face, and then possibly push her off a cliff (her music is just so relentlessly paint-by-numbers manipulative, which I would blame on the execs if she didn’t seem to make it a life philosophy). In general, though, I guess she’s an IN. Fashion-wise.

    • Anonymous

      In. I love that dress and she looks great on her. Let’s not turn her into that other Taylor (Momsen).

      My daughter loves Taylor Swift to death, and at first I was appalled, but now I’ve softened my stance. She isn’t the worst star I could hope for my daughter to idolize.

    • Anonymous

      IN. She still loooks like Taylor, this dress is right in her wheelhouse, but it’s also a dress that a young adult woman wears (not a sixteen year old playing pretty pretty princess). The teensiest bit of edge. She looks great. I appreciate Taylor’s virginal “nice girl” persona because I was one myself, just my natural inclination, and a girl takes a lot of shit for that in today’s society. It’s nice to have a variety of women represented in entertainment.

      • thatgirl


    • Anonymous

      She’s in, though I’m not a huge fan of country music. And I refuse to buy some celebrity’s perfume.

    • Anonymous

      LOVE this look on her. Easy IN! 

    • Jessica O’Connell

      Like you, I’m not a fan, but I have to admit she looks good in this. Not a big fan of her hair nor am I of her constant red lipstick, but still, IN.

    • Anonymous

      IN! I can totally relate to your frustrations with her, but she does look very nice here. 

    • Anonymous

      Bey-bey WAS robbed, but overall its a good look on Taylor, so…IN.

    • nicole seligman

      IN, of course!

    • Anonymous

      I like her. I think she dresses appropriately to appeal to her audience, which is adolescent and young teen girls. If she was slutting it up like Miley Cyrus you’d be bitching about that too, so really, the poor girl can’t win with you guys. I say she’s in.

    • Merneith

      IN. That dress elevates the wearer. Also, in re fishnets and fuck me pumps – the world already has all the Taylor Momsen it requires, thanks.

    • Deitra S.

      I wish to hell those two wisps of hair were shoved back in where they belong, forcibly if necessary.  But she does look quite lovely…in a 1950s housewife, martini at the door, dinner at 7:00 & mandatory oral sex at 8:30 kind of way.  I still hate her.

      • Anonymous

        Had they invented oral sex in the 1950s? :)

        • Deitra S.

          Yeah, I’m pretty sure that was a finishing school requirement :)

    • Anonymous

      I desperately want this as my holiday cocktail party hostess dress!

    • Anonymous

      IN. pretty dress and shoes, nice look. I don’t like the kabuki makeup — it ages her (seems to be a theme here today — starlets looking years older than they ought to)

    • Anonymous

      Nooo, I don’t think it’s the dress.  I think it’s the look on her face, as if she’s suddenly discovered the dark side of adulthood.

      You know, if someone mixed Taylor with Paz de la Huert-me, the result might be a ‘normal’ person.  Just sayin’.

      Vote:  abstaining this round.

    • Kevin VanOrd

      I’ve actually never understood the dislike. She looks “princess” for sure, but she always does it immaculately, and is usually in lovely clothing that is nice to look at and photographs well. I often feel that the same look on other women would get praised as “classic,” or “glamorous.” Of course, I know next to nothing about her music or public persona, so perhaps it’s a matter of oversaturated sweetness. I always thinks she looks pretty, in a very non-threatening and perfectly pleasant way. 

      In. She looks cute and sweet.

    • Anonymous

      She looks great. Still hate her.

    • Anonymous

      Something about Taylor reminds of that twilight guy. Not the main one. The one who is the wolf or something. Isn’t his name Taylor too?
      They have all the parts to be really pretty people but something is just off or odd.

      I am giving her an In but totally understand abstaining.

      • Alyson Lamble

        Taylor Lautner.  She might remind you of him because they were dating for a while.

    • Sweeney Agonistes

      Hm. In, but she looks like the original Barbie.

    • Anonymous

      Oh she’d play Sandy in a Grease remake in a heartbeat, please don’t encourage her.

    • Erika

      If the crowds of mewling, bawling, hair-tugging tween girls who lined up outside Macy’s overnight is any indication, it’s her fan base who would explode at the hotpants (not to mention their parents, who are bankrolling the Swiftlove). She knows her audience. IN.

      (Not kidding about the bawling. As I walked past yesterday evening, a girl was choking back sobs into her phone, carrying her photo-op picture, telling whoever was on the other end how NICE she was, and how she just!can’t!believe!it!!!)

    • tom markiewicz


    • Anonymous

      Clothes: IN.  Face: Blank.

    • Anonymous

      Big IN, she looks beautiful!

    • Anonymous

      I finally figured out why she annoys me. She always seems to be trying to do sexyface while looking twee. Choose one, Taylor. You can’t carry off both.

      Still, In. The outfit is cute if you can wipe that stupid look off her face.

    • Anonymous

      In. She looks great. Your idea of the ripped fishnets and suchlike sounds like Olivia Newton-John at the end of “Grease.” Which really wasn’t convincing. I have the feeling it wouldn’t work on Miss Twift, either.

    •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      I like this dress more than her usual middle-school prom look, but that sharpie eyeliner has got to go before she’ll ever get an in from me.

    • Jamie

      IN – great dress

    • Anonymous

      IN. She should rock these retro-inspired looks all the time.

    • Anonymous

      IN. She’s lovely. 

    • Anonymous

      Taylor Swift is kind of made for that particular Tracy Reese “sweet dress” style.  I wouldn’t wear it but it looks good on her.  She still gets on my nerves though.

    • Anonymous

      I am not a fan either but she actually looks nice here.  Especially from the next down.  

    • Heather

      Super cute, IN

    • Anonymous

      It is cute, and I give an IN.  Also, Kanye was kind of right.

    • Mary Elizabeth Poytinger Baume


    • Anonymous

      IN!  Leave her alone.  She knows she’s a role model to MANY younger girls.  While she may not be comfortable in the role, she takes it seriously, showing them that they don’t have to go all Lindsay Lohan to be happy.  There are great messages in her songs that young girls need to hear.  And she’s genuine, she’s worked really hard to get where she is, and she’s a good person.  No, she may not be your cup of tea (or your cup of gin or vermouth), but she’s the type of person young girls need to see.

    • Jessica Ballinger

      You know, if there were never another celebrity endorsed fragrance I would be okay with that.  I’m tired of singers/heiresses using the perfume counter as their personal ATM.

      Oh, um, the look.  In, I suppose.

      • Anonymous

        What you said. 

    • Jessica Goldstein

      I have to view this through the niece prism. As in: Would I want my 11 and 13-year-old nieces taking style cues from her? Given many of the other options, I have to say “Yes.” Also, she looks great. So not my look and not my cup of tea music-wise, but a solid IN from me.

    • iCouture

      Well, so the majority say she is out because people cant stand her, or she is in, and people still cant stand her??
      Hmmm, seems strange to me.  Not really sure she has done anything wrong, and I think thats the problem, is she doesnt do anything wrong.  People like celebrities for drama, and to give them a reason to talk or bitch about them.  She seems like a genuinely sweet girl to me, she just doesnt take risk, and thats her.
      I will say IN.

    • Anonymous

      IN – nice to see a young girl look ladylike, yet edgy instead of slutty.

    • Anonymous

      LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE! Although ms. swift here is an IN. She looks less saccharine here and I think it still works with her look. 

    • Maria Smith

      You are indeed horrible people. And that is why we read your blog everyday!!! xoxo

    • Jen McElroy

      In. She looks great! Swifty sells with her sugary sweet persona – can you blame a girl for making a buck?

    • Lisa

      IN.  It’s sweet with a bit of “Vintage 50’s Barbie” to it.  

      (And no, Kanye wasn’t right – he was an out-and-out douchebag to a 19 year old kid because he knew he could get away with it.  I’d like to have seen him try that with someone like P!nk – he’d have been picking his fucking teeth up off the stage.)

      • Anonymous

        Kanye is an ass.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, thank you for that image!  The fabulous Pink sending Kanye to the floor. And the dentist. It makes me happy!

        • Lisa

          Happy to do it!  That’s why I have her as my avatar – the woman is fabulous! I remember reading the articles – P!nk *did* want to beat him up after he did that – I say they should have let her, LOL!

    • Anonymous

      I can’t stand the sweetness either but  she consistently looks perfectly put-together. IN

    • Anonymous

      I’m tempted to give her an OUT just for naming her smelly water “Wonderstruck”….but she looks good.

    • Vickie Lord

      IN.  I don’t like her, but there’s no denying she’s gorgeous, damm her~

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely in. I think she looks fab head to toe.

    • narita_rayna

      i totally get what makes her annoying. i personally would never bother to listen to her music or anything.  but, as far as role models for young girls these days, i dont mind her in the least.  shes one of the few whos not flashing her cooch, or wearing a lobster on her head, or releasing a sex tape, or grinding in her panties on tv, or any of the other hopelessly desperate, deeply degrading things young girls have to do today just to get attention for their creative work.

      as for this dress, its perfect.  suits her image & nicely transitions her image from ‘virginal’ to ‘romantic’.  IN

    • Sorana Tarmu

      Hunh. Still, kind of tinsel Barbie. She should get way out of her way for me to give her an IN. Just for the Kanye thing. OUT, I say.

    • Anonymous

      In.  Its a good look for her and a little less boring than some of her other looks.

    • Anonymous

      In.  Its a good look for her and a little less boring than some of her other looks.

    • Anonymous

      IN. Looks good and for her its almost edgy.

    • Anonymous

      I completely get being annoyed by Taylor Swift’s image/music, but a story I heard about her today, how she’s donated 6,000 books to an impoverished library near her hometown in Pennsylvania, and will be doing the same for two other libraries as well–well, let’s just say that for today, she gets a pass. (However, I still reserve the right to roll my eyes the next time I see that ridiculous commercial for her perfume, or listen to yet another song where she complains about the girlfriend of whatever boy she’s into.)

      As for the look, I dig it. It fits with her general image and yet manages to be interesting and chic.  

    • { edi } ilovetrash

      she looks fine. were it a real vintage dress it wouldve been way too short for her, so i guess it’s good she had one made for her contemporaneously. as an aside, she irritates me way less than does gaga– cos she has nothing to do w/ my life. theres always been a world of taylor swifts. 

    • Anonymous

      She looks fab, gotta say IN!

    • elzatelzabelz

      In- age appropriate, cute, fun.

    • Anonymous

      Sweet dress! IN

    • Lulu Lafurge

      Don’t worry, TLo: Taylor will start dressing like a slut as soon as her fame starts to flag.

    • Julia

      She’s so fucking whatever. OUT. 

    • JillK

      I don’t have a personal opinion about her one way or another. On appearances here alone, there’s not a single element she got wrong. It’s utter perfection from head to toe. Hair, makeup, jewelry, shoes, skirt length—spot on.


    • Anonymous

      grudging in

    • kim i

      belt!  belt her!

    • Elaine Wiles

      Didn’t think I could love you guys more…  but I do!

    • M M

      IN. But, still, I would love to see her head explode under said circumstances.

    • Anonymous

      Unenthusiastic IN.  She looks fine but it’s so hard for me to get past that ever-present smirk which is supposed to pass for a smile.  I bet the perfume is one of those sickly flowery messes, too.

    • Suzie Vazquez

      You’re not exactly her market. So I forgive you not liking her.  I am.. so I’ll happily name her an IN! 

    • Anonymous

      In. She’s lovely. Leave her alone.

    • Natasha Ann

      IN! Most certainly an IN! I must agree with you that she tends to dress rather blandly on the RC but her day to day outfits are usually super cute.

    • Mary McClelland

      I’m gonna give it an Imeh. It’s an In, but still sort of meh. 

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Cute. Dammit.  IN.

    • Lynsey M.

      It should probably be IN because she does look good but I’m so tired of her wearing the same thing all the time that I’m going to say OUT because she really needs to mix it up.

    • Laura


    • Anonymous

      Automatic OUT!

    • Anonymous

      Kanye WAS right, though it pains me to say it. And it also pains me to say that she’s IN!


    • Anonymous

      In, but I’d love to see a belt on the dress.

    • Anonymous

      Nothing’s really wrong, so, in. But girl, get that guitar out your butt and have fun a little!! You’re young for chrissake!!

    • Meira Niibori

      IN.  Ditto what y’all said about both Taylor Swift & this look.

    • Susan Crawford

      I’m not gonna be happy until she and Justin Bieber steal a Maybach and go on a five-state crime spree, shootin’ out windows, blowin’ up mailboxes, and tossin’ empty Thunderbird bottles out the window at pursuing cop cars. Then, I’mma be happy! 

    • Anonymous

      Finally … she looks fashion forward!  My daughter loves her, so I am glad to finally see her do something unique!  IN

    • Anonymous

      In. She looks like a pretty girl her own age & for her this is a very sophisticated look.

      • Anonymous

        but hasn’t she been this age for a very long time? 

    • Anonymous

      In.  She looks great.  I know nothing about her music or anything about her, but what that jerk Kanye said at some music awards, and I think she has a lot of class for the way she handled that unbelievable low life and continued with the show.

    • Anonymous

      IN!  She’s beautiful and talented, and that dress suits her to a T.  Very nice.

      And did you guys see her episode of CSI?  I was pleasantly surprised by her acting ability, and it was a really good episode too.

      • Lisa

        Actually, if you saw when she hosted SNL, she was really funny!

        • Anonymous

          Not only funny, but resilient. Handled the Kanye jokes with grace and humor. She’s a clever young woman.

          • Lisa

            It was the perfect “Twilight” spoof that won me over.  For a young woman who appeals to the exact same audience, and was dating Taylor Lautner at the time, it was wonderful. Her Kristen Stewart was spot on.

    • Anonymous

      You’ve been WAY too hard on this girl, T-Lo. She’s a BRAND, for chrissakes, and she represents and protects it well.
      Frankly, I’m delighted to see a young woman in the entertainment business not look like a ho. She sometimes gets it wrong, but EVERYTHING here is right, just perfect. I adore that dress and she’s rockin’ it (as much as she can). She does have talent, she’s pretty, she’s young, why the hate? She’s not all that offensive, even for cynical bitter kittens, is she?

    • theneva

      Out out out out and out. Ugh.

    • Vaniljekjeks

      In.  Her eyes are kind of disappearing under all that black eyeshadow, but otherwise it’s a lovely look. 

    • Anonymous

      Hate the hair and makeup, as per usual, but love the dress. Maybe best she’s looked. And TLo I’m totally with you. She bugs. Bad.
      Grudgingly giving her an “in”. 

    • Natalie

      In. It’s adorable and classic. Also whether or not Kanye was right doesn’t warrant his rude and unclassy behavior 

    • Anonymous

      *sigh* She’s IN, but it doesn’t make me hate her any less.

    • Anonymous

      Can’t stand the bitch.  But the dress is awesome. 

    • Anonymous

      She looks nice, good outfit. Don’t know much about her, I’m aware of her and have heard some singles but other than that I don’t pay much heed to her.

      I don’t get why people get so irrationally irritated by celebrities! Just don’t pay attention to the ones that don’t interest you :/ (unless you’re a fashion blogger of course). Getting your knickers in a twist over people who have nothing to do with you is a total waste of energy.

      And Kanye is a serial arsehole and should never be excused. Not that I pay a lot of heed to him either :b

    • Anonymous

      “Wonderstruck”?  Who the fuck came up with that?  All I could think of was “Schvangstucker”

      • Anonymous

        “wonderfucked”.  now there’s a name for your perfume.

    • Anonymous

      I really..well..yes Taylor Swift gets on my everlasting nerve, but I dare anybody who signed her say they would’ve if she looked ANY different than she does. Just sayin’. She has about an ounce of talent and there’s no depth or reality to her, there’s no sense of anything behind those eyes, there’s…nothing. NOTHING. Ugh. I don’t know why anybody would sign her. Duill. As. Dishwater.
      Oh..yeah. The dress. In.

    • Dee B

      In…and I gotta say, I adore that as cutesy as she dresses and acts, she’s never been afraid of a red lip.

    • Ronica Skarphol Brownson

      Why why why why WHY does she spackle on the foundation with a trowel? She’s what, 12 years old? (Love the dress. And the shoes. And the lipstick. And even the hair, though highlights wouldn’t kill her.)

    • Anonymous

      I think she looks gorgeous–love the dress, the shoes with the dress, and her beautiful red lip.

      But honestly? If I see one more female “brand” standing in front of some ugly commercial backdrop with her legs crossed and a bottle of “her” perfume in her hand, I may go postal.  Does anyone actually buy scent because it has some celebrity name on the bottle? All this branding and cross-promotion makes me vaguely ill.

      But back to the issue at hand.  I think she’s lovely and has much better style than many country artists. I don’t like country music much so can’t speak to her musical talent. But I don’t understand all the venom that is always spit her way.


      • Anonymous

        I refuse point blank to have any perfume with any celebrity on it, even if I really like them.  I’d feel like a 12 year old fangirl! :)

    • Micaela Cannon

      I love this get up. But really? Kanye was right…not only was he right, I don’t see how her video was even nominated…and I can’t forgive her letting kanye be right about something.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t like her much, either, but damn, she looks great.  IN.

    • Anonymous

      IN She looks great.  That dress is “pretty cool”…wait, I think that’s Miley, but whatever.

    • Lauren Dorsee Dillon

      IN, but don’t leave Taylor alone! Xtina was virginal once. A very, very long time ago.

    • Anonymous

      Besides the fact that she looks cute as a button. I admire her for being the kind of young woman that it isn’t embarrassing to point out to my kids as one who sticks to her standards. IN

    • Catherine Rhodes

      Love it.

      And honestly guys, in the age of Lindsay and Brittany and their rehabs and fake boobs and court appearances — isn’t Taylor just a little refreshing?

      • Anonymous


        • Catherine Rhodes

          Haha, you’re right. The truth is that Lindsay and Taylor aren’t the only choices — there’s a whole lot of ground between trainwreck and virgin princess.

    • Alexander Rich-Shea

      I know you didn’t really mean it this way, but it was kind of scary to read the sentence  “sometimes we just want to force her into leather hotpants, ripped
      fishnets and fuck-me pumps just to see her head explode. We’re horrible
      people, we know.” It has this ring of “She thinks she’s so great well lets see what happens when we violently humiliate her with uncomfortable, tight, and painful clothing”

      Which is really fucked up.

      • Tom and Lorenzo

        Yes, your imaginary scenario really is fucked up.

        • Anonymous

          i have those thoughts too.

        • Alexander Rich-Shea

          I guess you actually think rape culture is awesome. It makes sense. You are fashion bloggers after all.

          • Tom and Lorenzo

            Why do you only show up in the comments section to berate people? Why don’t you just stop coming here if this place offends you so much?

            • Alexander Rich-Shea

              Most places offend me. I only bother to say something in the ones that I actually like. Otherwise, as you point out, I would just stop going there.

            • Tom and Lorenzo

              But you’ve already accused us of being racist and loving “rape culture.” We can’t imagine anyone would want to stay in a place like that, unless they themselves were racist and loved rape culture.

              Or, put more accurately, anyone who says “most places offend me” strikes us someone who just enjoys being offended.

            • Alexander Rich-Shea

              or in racist and patriarchal society, all spaces are racist and patriarchal? Some a lot less so than others.

            • Tom and Lorenzo

              Whatever you say, dear.

      • Anonymous

        Totally fucked up. Way beyond MEAN QUEEN. I would say bordering on pathological. It’s not even clever.

      • Anonymous

        Which is pretty much based on your linking of leather hotpants, ripped fishnets and fuck-me pumps as being uncomfortable, tight and painful clothing! LOL! 

        Really, you ought to rethink where you buy your clothes and check you’re buying the right size! ;D

    • Terence Ng


    • Michelle Cruz

      I love Taylor and I agree her style needs to change. I have to say there is more to her than just the Kanye incident. But I would love her to step up. God she’s 21 already! You’re allowed to spice things up! xD

      • Anonymous

        “spice things up”

        Does that mean she has to look like a whore and be something that she’s not?

        • Anonymous

          It doesn’t even mean that. She can just turn the dial past 1, sometimes. Zoe Saldana, Tilda Swinton, Florence Welsh..these are all women that have a specific flavor. None of which speak “whore”.

        • Anonymous

          Why do people assume that going a bit more interesting means shifting into whoreperspeed?

    • Judy_J

      I’m not a fan, but I give this look an IN.  Love this dress, and she looks great in it.  Nicely done.

    • Anonymous

      She bores me to tears. And even in this pretty great dress that fits her well, she still bores me to tears.

    • Molly Harrington

      She looks adorable, IN. 

    • Alison

      I have a pet conspiracy theory that Ke$ha is secretly Taylor Swift, mostly because I think it’s hilarious.

    • Fifi LaRoux

      I actually really like this dress! She looks amazing.

    • Anonymous

      Taylor Swift will always have a soft spot in my heart but it has nothing to do with her clothing or music, both of which I tend to find  cloying but not overtly horrible.  I look at Selena Gomez who is also young but can dress both nicely, without looking like a whore but not too sweetly.  She still has an edge to her, which I like. 

    • Anonymous

      I just spent the day helping out a friend at a “craft fair” (more like schlock fire sale) where the top prize was 2 tickets to see TS here in Austin and they played her music almost constantly when were weren’t being treated to an Elvis impersonator.  Yes, today was as Felini as any of you are thinking.  It finally dawned on me why I can’t stand her – she has the same squinty, pinched face that Rene Zellweger does and she just gives me the heebie-jeebies for some reason.  Almost as bad as having to watch hundreds of people with Texas hair (frosted helmets) in too much Ed Hardyesque christian inspired clothing…

      • Anonymous

        Being in Houston, I feel your pain.

    • Vera

      IN.  She looks great.  Bonus points for not resorting to trashy.

    • Suitcase Gnome

      Love the dress and hair, but is this girl EVER going to change up her makeup? Liquid-liner cat eyes and red lips, always. Sigh. IN anyway.

    • Christy Gill

      In.  She’s horribly irritated, but Lordy, Tracy Reese does her good.

    • Pat Biswanger


    • Anonymous

      Love the dress. Hate the hair and what’s under it.

    • Anonymous

      IN, simply for the fact that her mouth is closed in at least one of the shots.

    • Anonymous

      In! She looks great!

    • Anonymous

      People relax, she’s not trying for you but for her audience, the majority of white America who buys her music…bet you don’t like her music, hah? didn’t think so… as soon as the way she dresses will please you, she’ll get scolded by all moms and house wives and other good girls. Yeah she annoys me too.

    • Polarity

      Out. I actually don’t dislike her, I just really don’t like that dress. Housewife going to a PTA holiday party. IDK though, if it just had a belt, I might reconsider. But that waist with that skirt, it’s retro and IMO not in a good way at all.

    • Anonymous

      Out. She sends chills up my spine with that goody-goody vibe while trashing people in virtually every song she does and it ruins her whole fake fairy-tale princess facade.

    • Ass Kicking Adviser

      Since we regularly judge ‘celebrities’ on this site that I have never heard of, I feel no compulsion to preface this judgement with a ‘but I don’t like her music.’ Uh, people, I don’t think Ms. Swift is writing music with us in mind (assuming most of us on this site are over the age of 17).
      But she is writing it for my 7-going-on-15 year old daughter so I will say this, ‘thank you Taylor darling for showing the little girls how to dress properly and that you can be a pop star without looking like a skank.’ If my mother had to put up with Debbie Gibson, then I can put up with Taylor.
      She looks terrific. I love that dress on her and the shoes are great.

      • Anonymous

        OOOH Debbie Gibson!  That just made my eyes go all twitchy for a second!  

    • G and G

      I’d say IN though I would have preferred the outfit underneath in a different color other than nude. 

    • Addicted2Glamour

      For absolutely no other reason that for once she isn’t in head-to-toe white, looking like she’s on her way to either her first communion or a virgin sacrifice, I’ll give her an IN.

    • Chrissie

      IN: Taylor Swift is usually an “in” for me though: I can’t remember her wearing anything bad; she just has a very obvious style (which I do favor a lot of things she wears, albeit I prefer more color.)

      Also, as far as Kanye is concerned: I don’t think he was right. Beyonce’s video won “Video of the Year”: isn’t that enough, or was she supposed to win EVERY award that night? I do think he was right in terms of upping MTV’s ratings though.

    • Rachel Lee

      She looks a bit like a Christmas ornament, actually. I hate how her eyes are always so slit-like, but I can never NOT sing along to her songs. I think this time I’ll sidle along towards In. 

    • Anonymous

      IN.  Adorable dress, great shoes, good hair, fantastic makeup.  And just look at that tiny clutch she’s carrying!  J’adore!  It’s like a Zoolander bag.
      I’m not a big fan of her music, but I’m really not her audience.  She seems like a sweet kid who really appreciates her fans, and she’s a very good songwriter (especially for her age.)
      Fashion-wise, she has a standard go-to look, just like many older celebrities.  With that gorgeous, willowy figure, she could definitely rock high fashion looks, but I’m glad she’s sticking with longer hems and classic silhouettes.  Celebrities don’t all have to be naked and self-aggrandizing.
      And Kanye’s an idiot.  Period.

    • Anonymous

      OUT – I cant stand her either. Not one bit.

    • Anonymous

      “IN” Love the dress on her/

    • Emily

      In.  Love the dress and shoes.

    • Anonymous

      Great dress – it does fit her persona but takes it up a notch.

      I’m a little afraid some unimaginative B’Way producer reads your boards and just had a “brilliant” idea for yet another watered down, stunt casted version of Grease.  Maybe Miley can play Rizzo and the dude from Twilight can be Danny.

    • Anonymous

      sometimes you boys are so bitter but i love you anyway.  i am going with IN.

    • Samantha Ritchie


    • Geno Boggiatto

      Taylor Swift is always an out. Always.

    • Sara Munoz

      I don’t like her either, but this look is a definite IN.

    • Kathleen Gillies

      In. She looks pretty.  Agree that she was too heavy with the makeup.  A young thing like her doesn’t need to slather it on.  The dress is pretty, kind of retro.  I don’t listen to her music, don’t know much about her.  She seems to always have the same weird look on her face in any pictures I’ve seen.  Inoffensive unless I’m forced to listen to her music or her fans.

    • Susan Collier

      Wonderstruck. That is all.
      Well, she’s in, but, yeah, annoying for whatever reason.

    • fafafab

      I’ve read a lot of mean things from you guys over the time I’ve been reading this blog/website, but to say “Kanye was kind of right” is by far the worst

    • Kelly

      IN.  I think the dress is awesome.  Plus, I’m pretty sure Beyonce could care less if she won a VMA, as I think it has been at least a decade since winning a VMA had any relevance to anyone or anything.

    • Anonymous

      IN. I agree with T & L on every point they made about her, but she looks great here.

    • Anonymous

      Enh, I’m not a huge fan of hers, but I think Kanye, aside from being a shithead, was wrong. Beyonce’s video really isn’t the work of art she seems to think it is.
      In any case, Taylor looks nice here. Pretty but unexciting, just like her. She’s in.  

    • Anonymous

      (mouth being pried open to admit one word in a shamed and resentful croak): in

    • aimee_parrott

      Well, you don’t have to leave her alone, but she’s still IN on this one.  I do agree that usually she’s just too cutesy for words, but this is a simple, chic look that really suits her.

      But seriously, don’t leave her alone.

    • Anplica Fiore

      She looks great – IN

    • Marissa

      OMG IN! This dress is so sweet and chic and I want it. 

    • Wrenaria

      In. Gorgeous.

    • oohsparkley!

      In.  I love it and she might seem too sweet to some, but she’s very young and lady-like.

    • bpayne

      I realize I am late to the party on this, but does something about this look remind you of the original 50’s Barbie?

    • rebecca

      No fan of hers either – but she looks like she was actually given a personality in this dress.

    • katie

      LOVE that dress- IN.

    • Karen

      In, it has an olivia palermo vibe to it which i like.

    • Anonymous

      Can’t you appreciate that there is at least one good old fashioned girl out there. You’d rather 100% of young women look and dress like tarts. I’m not a fan of Taylor’s music nor do I follow her in any way but I am grateful that there is a young “lady” out there who acts and dresses like one. 

    • Jennifer Swift

      Definitely in!  And also, she’s a genuine and incredible individual, artist and role model.