In or Out: Lady Gaga in Viktor & Rolf

Posted on October 04, 2011

Oh, Stef. You make us so sad in so many ways.

Lady Gaga in Viktor & RolfLady Gaga arrives at the Beacon Theatre in New York City in Viktor & Rolf.

Viktor & Rolf Resort 2012 CollectionViktor & Rolf Resort 2012 Collection/Model: Anais Pouliot

Lady Gaga in Viktor & Rolf

Lady Gaga in Viktor & Rolf

Lady Gaga in Viktor & Rolf

First, there’s the fact that your hot ginger handler is nowhere to be seen in these pictures. Did he get fresh with you? Did you decide he wasn’t monster-y enough? We’re asking.

Then there’s the fact that you are RUINING this fabulous suit because those pants are way too long on you and not only can we not see the shoes you’re wearing, which are no doubt made out of something provocative, like guns or babydoll heads or guns held to babydoll heads, but also BECAUSE YOU ARE DRAGGING YOUR PANTS THROUGH THE FILTH OF THE STREETS. Then there’s the pseudo-bouffant and the weird electrical tape bra thingie you’ve got on, both of which are making you look eerily like a blonde Amy Winehouse and that kind of makes us a little sad because Amy Winehouse.

So here’s our advice, kid: lose the bouffant, put on a real bra, get your pants hemmed, and forgive ginger handler for whatever transgressions that caused him to be absent from your life and ours. We’ll let our minions have the final say. You have monsters; we have minions. We should compare notes some time.

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IN! It’s a salute to seventies appliances, bitches!

OUT! It’s a salute to seventies appliances, bitches.

Olivia Palermo’s attempt to recreate the ENTIRE Piperlime accessories wall in one look was voted out by the minions.

[Photo Credit: Devaney/Wireimage,]

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  • OUT.  I can’t bear to see that suit dragged through the mud.  I kind of like the hair, but not enough to save this.  Out.

  • Funny you mention AW, because Gaga with her natural brown hair resembles AW…

    Lack of hem = OUT.  Bra doesn’t bother me.  At least she’s wearing one.

    • That’s why her label made her bleach it- so she would look less like Amy Winehouse. 

      • Sobaika Mirza

        Really? I assumed it was because she was sending a message about Barbie culture and it’s influence on circus disco clothing. 

        I kid. I’m liking Gaga’s latest looks because they’re less convoluted and dumb than her usual fair. But at least attempt them properly and get the pants hemmed. OUT.

  • Ugh. I will always be a monster first and foremost, but this is just boring. Out!

  • sweetlilvoice

    In, the color is fab and she looks happy. Love the shades too.

  • Megan Patterson

    Her pants are also too tight at the waist!

  • OUT – She’s too pink for this color, and hems in the mud… no.

  • Aly Light

    Wow, she looks sloppy here– and while she doesn’t always look good, she usually looks sharp. This is a sad mess. OUT.

    • Anonymous

      My sentiments exactly. 


    • Anonymous

      I think you’ve really hit it. She looks sloppy and like she did not think about what she was wearing or how it fit and presented. For Gaga, that’s an Out.

  • Anonymous

    I really like that suit but wish she would have worn a more substantial bra or bustier underneath. Or even just buttoned it.

    The length doesn’t irk me all that much because it seems to be ‘the thing’ these days, and being short, it’ll be nice to fit in for however long the muddy hem trend lasts. Although, it’s truly not practical for city living, especially where I am currently between handlers.

    So..a reluctant out from me.

  • Judy_J

    And those pants need a belt.  She reminds me of that woman on “Seinfeld” who never wore a bra, but then wore it as a top when Elaine gave her a bra. 

    • Also: the correct ’70s way to wear electrical tape on one’s breast is as an X over the nipples.

      • Anonymous

        Wendy O. Williams would approve, although she was a bit scary.

  • Indeed sad 🙁 Especially about the pants. Out.

  • I too like everything but the hem, but the hem is enough for an OUT.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    It’s a sad day when Gaga is out.  The hem on those pants is totally unforgivable.  It’s a kick-ass suit and I get that on the model it’s long, but that’s impractical for daily life.  Her bra could be cooler too.  

  • Out. That suit is awesome but she ruined it with the styling and lack of shirt.

  • Anonymous

    half in, half out… i like the hair, ribbon accessory, shades, blazer, and the overall color on her. but the pants are WAYYYY too long and the shoes she wore weren’t even streamlined enough to not pull them taut (which is salt in the wound). so i guess my vote doesn’t count today bc i simply cannot choose whether the good outways the bad here.

    although i suppose that technically means she’s out lol. can there be an out on a technicality, like a t.k.o. versua a straight k.o. or something…? 😀

  • jeneria

    Considering I can’t stand this woman, I would like the outfit if the pants were hemmed correctly.

  • Out 🙁 Love the GaGa but that ensemble isn’t great and the hem disaster reminds me of Cheryl Cole’s first day on US X Factor wearing THOSE trousers, all kinds of wrong – but in purple.

  • Addicted2Glamour

    Exactly. Ginger Handler ( my God, what a great porn name that would be! ) was ALWAYS her best accessory. She’s taking this cute and sassy V&R ensemble and dialing it down something terrible, quite literally dragging it through the filth. And the shades look like they were purchased at an Olsen Twins garage sale. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    so sad, killer suit on the model.  I know Gaga doesn’t do looks right off the runway, but this would have been amazing reproduced as is and fit her properly.

    COME BACK, GINGER!  Mayhaps us Minions need our own handler?  Everyone, can we scrounge together some kind of salary for him?

  • Out. 

  • Anonymous

    In. I totally agree with you on the pants, and on almost anyone else, I’d agree on the tacky visible bra – but, you know, this is Lady Gaga and she looks like a pretty human. You can’t take everything ridiculous away from her.

    Gotta admit, I like the hair.

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE the suit, but I don’t love the fit here. 

  • Anonymous

    I would love this if the pants were hemmed. I’m sorry, Gaga … out.

  • Anonymous

    Out on the pant length alone.

  • I could be completely and totally wrong, but to me it seems like she realizes it’s time to tone down the crazy because it no longer shocks people, but want’s to keep her “GaGa” spin on things (which she should) and she just hasn’t quite figured out how to do that yet.  Most of her dressed down* looks recently have been close, but not quite hitting the mark. 

    *dressed down for her mind you……

  • IN. GAGA looks fabulous.

  • Oops!  That is a big ole’ OUT

  • Anonymous

    just needs some tailoring. not used to her in normal clothes where such small details matter. when you’re wearing meat, nobody notices if the pants are too long. also the tie was cuter than the bra. I kind of like her pink face though.

  • Out.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, put on a shirt already.

    I actually kind of like the retro bouffant.

    I have to go with OUT on the pants and the fact that bras are not outerwear.

  • Anonymous

    Out. Get the pants tailored, then we’ll talk. Although I do like the blocky sunglasses–they go will with the strong black piping. 

  • Terence Ng

    I actually think she looks surprisingly decent. She toned down the pretension just enough for me to like the look by virtue of it not being a ridiculous costume, and just some slightly crazy thing she wants to wear. The hem sucks, agreed.

    IN, just because my first instinct with her for once was NOT to roll my eyes.

  • IN. First of all its elfin GAGA! Secondly, the models shoes are not showing either. I love long pants as long as you have 6 inch heels that you can work with! And she does! So stop being so damn picky.

  • I’m going to say IN, even though I completely agree about the pants and the ginger. To be honest, for someone so obsessed with fashion, dragging this beautiful suit through the mud is just darn disrespectful. I like it when she looks weird, yet natural though, and I think this outfit is pretty (in a very gaga way) overall. 

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Ginger Handler is the only accessory, much less outfit, that I’ve ever even found good-looking.

  • Have to disagree, she looks great.

  • Lori

    Sigh.  Paws down, she gets an OUT for the pants hem.  I like her bras, and the hair’s all right.   

    Am I not getting it or is your Amy Winehouse sentence missing something?  Because I never want to miss a word you boys say.

  • Anonymous

    Minion 04 checking in: O to the UT!  I really like this suit and it would look lovely on her if she would listen to your above stated points.  BUT I also need her to either put on a cami or button the jacket.  I’m not into the whole “look at my brahhhhh” look.

  • Anonymous


    Aside from the pants hem (and lack of pics of ginger security guy…;)) I’ve no issue with this look and bra, however it probably would look better with the jacket buttoned (but then the shock factor of tiny bra wouldn’t be seen or talked about…which is what she likes.)  It actually seems conservative for her.  The hair…meh…I like the bow. 

    I’m not a fan because her pop music style is not my thing, but I do have a great deal of respect for her for all she does for gay/human rights…especially since she’s now taken on the anit-bullying campaign.

  • IN.  Ruining the suit aside, I can actually stand to look at her.  I think that’s a good thing.

  • Anonymous

    I’m kind of digging the Superfly suit, but didn’t she realize that they needed to be hemmed? It’s kind of heartless to drag your expensive pants on the street like that when there are so many people in the world who can’t afford designer.
    Call me crazy, but I like the bouffant too, especially with the giant shades. Ginger handler was hot, but the bald blue-eyed handler ain’t bad either. I wouldn’t mind much if she kept him around. I’m giving her an IN.

  • Anonymous

    I see where she’s headed with this look….pantsuit Dynasty…..but it’s a miss.  We know she can do better.  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  Because of the pants, and the J.C. Penny’s strapless bra, which looks like it’s trying to dive south and become a belt.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t even know how to In or Out with Gaga.  She doesn’t really lend herself to this sort of critique.  She seems to be going through some sort of Ironic Socialite phase right now.  So in that respect, yes, she should hem her pants.  And wear a different bra.  But it’s Gaga.


  • Anonymous

    Out. Hate the color, the pants are way too long and whatever she is wearing for a bra is ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    Uugghhh OUT. 

  • Out. As I usually think, you’re correct.

  • Anonymous

    So out. The suit looks so cute on the model, with the oversized tie. Adorable! And she’s dragging those pants through the wet streets. Yuck.

    ETA: the only part I like is the hair. I think the hair looks cool.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  That suit dredges up bad memories – the harvest gold appliances that were in our house when we bought it – the long hems that I nagged my teenagers about. 

  • Anonymous

    Could it be that they don’t let you hem things when you borrow them? To me, it’s funny to see the guy in the background in the 2nd to last picture. He’s got some serious 70’s hair and sideburns which looks perfect as a backdrop for this suit. So extra points for the styling of the guy in the background.


    • Anonymous

      Double stick tape! There’s a fabric version.

      Wouldn’t they be really po’d if you ruined the hem of the pants?

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, you’d think they’d be more annoyed if you got the hem all stained and dirty and covered in crap.  A hem can be taken down in no time!

  • Anonymous

     Hem your pants sister… you look ridiculous!

  • Anonymous

    I ♡ TLo.

  • MilaXX

    Eh minor IN the only thing I really hate is that the pants are too long

  • Anonymous

    Her makeup is great and I like her hair.  It’s Gaga, remember.  The rules for normal people don’t apply.  But the pants and the bra are unforgivable even for her.  She’s so talented, I wonder what her career would have been like if she had chosen a more conservative image and performing style.  

  • Anonymous

    Love the suit, glasses and hair. It’s a tragedy about the hem. We know she’s not going to wear that suit again, and maybe should could donate it to someone shorter, like me, who could cut off the ruined bottom and still make it work. IN

  • So gorgeous I can forgive the hem. IN.

  • Anonymous

    Out; hate the hair and that color is NOT good on her.  

  • Anonymous

    In addition to everything else, the pink lipstick and pink blusher clash really badly with the mustard color of the suit.   Out.

  • Anonymous

    That is a gorgeous suit. It’s criminal what she’s doing to it. Out.

  • Anonymous

    Ew.Ugh. Out.

  • Anonymous

    Out. If it looks normal (and a normal OUT), it’s not Gaga. And then, who cares?

  • Anonymous

    Love the colour and the jacket but those trousers are too messy and too long: OUT!

  • Out. I actually do like the hair and sunglasses. But the color isn’t good, the pants are too long like you say, and the bra? Well, just not really into that even if it IS Gaga. Wear a top, or button the jacket. Something. At a minimum, a better bra. As it is, it just looks like she forgot something.

  • Sexiest Century 21 agent ever. Out.

    • Anonymous

      OMG snorted my coffee when I read this.  

    • Anonymous

      That’s IT! I knew there was some memory this jogged – and not in a good way.

  • OUT.  I wish she would have just hemmed them… it’s almost painful to see them dragging like that

  • Anonymous

    She probably got the suit from the designers and so didn’t pay for it herself – which makes it even more criminal that she ruined it and thus costs the designers the advertising cache they could have gained. The hair to me is fine though. Overall an out.

  • Anonymous

    Except for the hem, she looks great!

  • Anonymous

    as a proud minion i have to say OUT

  • Anonymous

    Out. I love her being as weird as she is, but if she’s going to go designer, then the standards of normal humans have to apply, at least a little. Plus dirty street.

  • Out.  And the makeup’s bad, too.

  • Anonymous

    nope.  i’d rather see her in a meat dress than those sloppy pants.  i am totally serious.

  • Anonymous

    She always looks like Amy Winehouse, blonde or brunette.

  • Phillip Wilde

    As much as this little monster hates to say it, Mother Monster has definitely looked better. This looks neither good nor like herself. OUT

  • OUT.   As worn by Gaga this outfit lives in a weird place between being too tacky for most people and not tacky enough to be interesting on Gaga. 

    That suit looks so cute on the model because of the shirt and exaggerated collar and tie. The model looks youthful and girlish. Like a little girl playing dress up. 

    When you take the shirt and tie away and add a boring barely-there bra the suit doesn’t look interesting or youthful anymore, especially with that horrible hair and other stylings. 

  • Anonymous

    Out, out, out!! The spots on those pants! It’s a crime against fashion and humanity.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure there’s lots of monster/minion crossover out there (here). I can forgive the hem. Love everything else. IN

  • Anonymous

    Out. Close, though. Hem those pants and wear something better under the suit. The bra under suits thing has already been done to death in previous decades.

    At least she has started wearing pants and skirts. I mean, gotta give her props for finally ditching the tiresome body suits.

  • IN, except for the draggin — but the model *is* wearing the  pants at the length that would drag through the mud, if models ever had to walk where mere mortals do.  Her bra looks fine to me (can’t believe I am talking about it like it is outerwear…), very lacy and supportive.

  • IN! Maize and black is never wrong!

  • Margot Brose

    In, since she is finally dressed with an ounce of normality and dignity.

  • Kyle Crawford

    Stone, Patsy Stone.

    • Anonymous

      YES!!!! OMG, dying over this.

  • Wrenaria

    Actually, as far as I can tell, that “weird electrical tape bra” is looking like black lace overlaying nude material with a black ruffle across the top – which makes it a fairly standard bra choice. And with support too!

    I think her hair is kind of adorable, but maybe not paired with this ensemble. I do love the suit color though. I’m wavering too much between in and out to vote. Count me for both. or neither.

  • Anonymous

    In. Even though the pants are being dragged through the “filth of the streets” it’s clear she has on tall shoes AND the length matches that of the model.  I blame Viktor and Rolf, not Gaga.

  • Anonymous

    Eh… OUT.  She usually does things better than this.

  • Anonymous

    Out. And I can’t seem to get on the Gaga train. She supposedly stands for all sorts of radical things politically and fashion-wise but weirdly it’s just a big empty meh and I don’t understand (it seems like I should feel something one way or another).

  • While it’s a crime not to hem the pants, the look itself is great.  Would have preferred a different bra/shirt, but it’s not bad enough to destroy the look.  And I love her hair!  IN.

  • Anonymous

    Yes the pants are long, but they’re long on the model too.  She’s dressed like a human and not an alien, and personally I love the bouffant……a little channeling of “I Love Lucy” to my eyes.  IN.

  • Now, that’s rich!  You two had a go at people writing personal comments about the bodies of people on a few posts a while back yet I have posted more than once that the word “ginger” to describe those with reddish or orange-ish colouring is considered offensive and that you can also tell the calibre of your associates if they use such a word to describe others.   I guess when you two write offensive things, it’s ok.  Whatever.   Try travelling a bit and you’ll find that “ginger” is a very offensive word, indeed.   

    • I’m a ginger. I don’t take offense, but I’m not British.  Of course, Ginger Spice owned her gingerness.
      Said it again. Sorry.

  • I’ll take it as a nod to Amy Winehouse. I can’t believe I give an IN to Gaga, which usually I can’t stand.

  • eh i’m gonna say In.  I actually kind of like that on her but yes she should have taken an inch or more off the pants.

  • Out…poor fit – it makes it look like she borrowed Dick Tracy’s suit and ditched the shirt. 

  • Anonymous

    Out. For exactly the reasons you say, TLo.

  • Her hairstyle looks just like the godawful haristyle of Danielle and Cecilia’s model in the stilt walker challenge.

  • OUT. Anybody, male or female, who’s pants are stupidly long gets an out from me.

    I personally think Lady Gaga’s attention-seeking performance art clothing is getting tiresome. She needs to reinvent herself.

  • Out. Stop dragging your pants in mud, Gaga. Or if you’re going to do it, at least make it look intentional, k?

  • Anonymous

    Out, when you are famous there is not excuse for a poor fit.  These people have access to everything so why not a good tailor?

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I never really recognized the resemblance between LG and AW until now. LG looks like a much cleaner, healthier, and happier version of Amy. Man, do I miss her.

  • Anonymous

    At first when I saw this post, I thought:  how can Gaga be in or out?  She is her own category.  Yet this is an OUT for me.  She doesn’t look ridiculous enough to be in the elevated Gaga state where she transcends all fashion rules.  So I have to judge her as an ordinary starlet insulting a very stylish suit.

  • Anonymous

    I desperately want that suit to replace a pair of cords in the same shade that recently passed on. So fabulous, so perfect, and the way she is wearing it with muck-saturated cuffs and dubious bra? So OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Sloppy. OUT.
    BTW- I love the look on the model.

  • Anonymous

    It pains me to dis my Gaga, but OUT: The color is ghastly, the black accents make it all read “70s Variety Show Special” and not in a good way, and the pants in the mud thing is unspeakably evil, particularly given how expensive this little number probably is, in times like these–why not leave a trail of burning money behind you? Kinda like the hair and the bra, tho.

  • Anonymous

    It pains me to dis my Gaga, but OUT: The color is ghastly, the black accents make it all read “70s Variety Show Special” and not in a good way, and the pants in the mud thing is unspeakably evil, particularly given how expensive this little number probably is, in times like these–why not leave a trail of burning money behind you? Kinda like the hair and the bra, tho.

  • Out. But I’m biased because I severely dislike her.

  • Out. But I’m biased because I severely dislike her.

  • Anonymous

    Out. Too much blush for this otherwise conservative (for her) look. The pants are a mess. The bra has no provocation appeal whatsoever.

  • I actually don’t have a problem with this. The whimsy of Viktor & Rolf seems truly tailor-made for Gaga.

    Favorite outfit ever? Nah. But she looks semi normal, so I’m gonna give her an IN.

  • Anonymous

    I like the suit and how it looks on her although the pants are ridiculously long.  Her makeup combined with the glasses that cover half her face have her looking prettier than I can recall seeing her (I find her very unattractive but in these pictures she is not)

    Odd hair.  so there is that

  • Anonymous

    OUT. It’s a salute to something, but I can’t tell what. I should be able to.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh.  No.  Sorry, mother monster. OUT.

  • aimee_parrott

    I love the color, and the suit itself is gorgeous, but the length of those pants is unforgivable.  OUT.

  • Sara__B

    The suit is too long everywhere — at the waist, crotch, inseam, sleeves — and she does indeed look like a blonde Amy Winehouse. I love the suit, but it’s not working here. Out.

  • Anonymous

    “Don’t go for second best baby

    Put your love to the test

    You know, you know, you’ve got to

    Make him express how he feels

    And maybe then you’ll know your love is real”

    Oh,so sorry.   I saw that and thought of 90’s Madonna.    OUT!

  • Joyce VG

    Oh so close!  OUT. (great color tho)

  • OUT.  I like it when Gaga tries to do edgy without being quite so out there, but when you can see nasty puddle water seeping up the pant legs, that’s an automatic out.

  • Sadly, OUT. I really wish she’d kept the original look’s giant tie and campy business shirt… and that it fit properly, of course. Gutter juice on your hems, ew.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. the suit doesn’t deserve the abuse, and the bra is insane. 

  • Lady Gaga seems to have gotten treatment for the pants allergy she suffered through for the past two years, only to develop a shirt allergy. Poor thing.
    O to the UT!

  • Cheri Lee

    I am going with IN because I think she looks great but I am soooooo bothered by the hem of those pants.  I can’t stand it when pants are too long and get stepped on and dragged through the streets.

  • Anonymous

    I love Gaga and I can’t bear to vote her OUT on anything.  So I will abstain. 😉

  • Anonymous

    I say IN.  But she should have been carried in so she wouldn’t get her hem dirty. 

  • kat schnepp

    i dig the hair, wish the pants were ankle length and pegged

  • Anonymous

    Out.  While some people get graded on a curve, Gaga’s elevated fashion-forward status means she has to meet higher expectations. This looks quite a bit better on the model than with Gaga’s styling choices so OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Shorten the pants AND the sleeves. I hate poorly tailored anything. I like the hair but the bra/blazer look is kinda tired. IMO she should have rocked the blazer and big tie without the white shirt.  And bring back the ginger handler.

  • Anonymous

    Love the look on the model, but the color and the fit certainly doesn’t suit (heh) LG.  OUT for me. But I do like that coral-ish lipstick! Looks quite pretty on her.

  • OUT.

  • Ginger wasn’t tall enough for Gaga and her babydoll shoes and got replaced by baldie.

  • Anonymous

    Blech. I thought that was John Edwards’ bimbo for a moment. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    That ginger handler makes her worth watching – BRING HIM BACK GAGA!

  • tom

    She’s out but the new baldie handler is in. Not to be vulgar but check out his jean front in the 3rd pic.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Beautiful suit that she has just ruined. Hem those pants! I didn’t like the shirt and the big ass tie the model was wearing (too heavy) with the suit, however, this bra is just as bad in the other direction. Something in between? I didn’t mind the hair.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. So close, yet so far. Love the suit, though.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know…I’m giving this an IN because I think she looks kind of fabulous – but I haven’t had coffee, so I may reconsider.

    Also, note the model. Her pants are way too long as well. It seems to be a thing these days. A thing I don’t understand and wish would change because THE FILTH PEOPLE, THE FILTH!!!

  • Anonymous

    I would really like this outfit if the pants were hemmed.  I’m torn. Just barely IN.

  • Samantha Hanson

    The suit is sharp for sure, but there’s too much working against her here. Hair, make-up, pants length. The fact that she’s treating those pants like that when they probably cost more than all my clothes put together gets her an OUT.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Because the gorgeous suit depends on the perfect flared pants. She knows better.

  • I don’t care what type of bra she wears. I just wish she would wear a shirt.

  • Anonymous

    she looks like she’s going to a bad Kill Bill themed sex party

  • Anonymous

    In from me. Yes, the pants need to be shorter, but the color is fabulous on her, and I like the hair.

  • I love everything except the hem dragging in the dirt. IN, because I’ve decided the shoes are indeed made of guns held to babydoll heads. And that trumps everything.

  • in.  I like it, but agree the pants are too long.

  • Anonymous

    in she looks hot

  • Anonymous

    I hate to say it, because I usually love even her craziest looks…but OUT, darling,

    The suit is fabulous but ill-fitting in several ways (and I think the pants are stained at the bottom in that last pic, which makes me has a sad).  I like her hair, but the pink makeup is from the wrong spot on the color wheel for this mustard yellow.  And wear a top, sweetheart.

  • Anonymous

    Give her props for wearing a bra. If Rhianna put on this outfit, we’d be “treated” to blingy pasties underneath. And I really like the Mother Monster bag she’s carrying, so I’ll give her an IN for that.

  • Anonymous

    Thought you might enjoy this duet of “That’s Why the Lady Is a Tramp” between Gaga and Tony Bennet. Girl can sing!

  • Anonymous

    OUT, agree on all points (hair, pant length, bra)

  • I don’t even know where to start… out.

  • yep: nope.

  • Nicole Merrill

    I’m very sad about the bottom of those pants, but still, IN. It’s Gaga.

  • Anonymous

    Lady Gaga can’t afford a tailor?  Out!

  • Love everything but the hem on the pants (or lack thereof). Can’t give her out for that. I just love this suit too frickin’ much and I love her hair. Didn’t make me think of AW at all. “IN”

  • IN. 

  • Gaga looks Gag-ya to me.  The hem is the worst infraction. But from top to bottom: the horrible hair (retro is only cute when it is well-done) and the too-big bow/ribbon soemone wrangled from a thrown away present.  The sunglasses (they are fine on another outfit or tie of day), the melon-colored lipstick is WAY OUT.  Melon-colored lipstick doesn’t go with anything; even melon-colored clothing.  Lose it! the suit’s cut would be fantastic in any color, but this mustard makes a statement.  Unfortunately, not the one we want to hear from Gag-ya.  she really does ruin the whole outfit.  OUTfit.  

  • I like the hair! But it’s an Out for the hem. I’m all about the proper hemming, bitches.

  • Anonymous

    no time to comment now, but DAYUM.  the bald guy is cute.  forget the ginger.  more later.          

  • bailey debruynkops

    its a salute of utter disrespect towards the free designer clothes she is handed. OUUT

  • I don’t even mind the hair and the visible bra, but those filthy cuffs of the pants? Oh, Gaga. No. OUT.

  • OUT.  There’s so much I do like here – the color, the suit itself, the makeup, the sunglasses – but it’s ruined by the hem dragging in the mud and the bad, weird bra.  I could deal with a bouffant if it wasn’t quite such a Winehouse-esque one, but as is, it’s giving me the willies.

  • Grace Ritt

    OUT. This look was supposed to one of her “classy” looks, but it’s not. It’s amateur for Gaga–it looks like something she would have worn when she was just emerging into popular culture. She updates, she doesn’t re-use. Or she used to.

  • Anonymous

    OMG Out I cannot believe she is ruining her clothing like that!!  But I like her new very tall beefier non-ginger bodyguard guy….

  • I’m a monster. I’m a minion.  Wouldn’t you like to be a monster-minion too?!  She looks like something mustardy I poured onto my Dairy Queen hotdog today.  OUT…

  • OUT. I agree about the pants

  • Bert Schnicht from Shock Treatment. Look it up.

  • In, because it’s a fabulous suit, even if she’s doing a great disservice to it.

  • LocMama

    OUT. She’s not bringing the Gaga in this suit & I can’t find my ginger handler anywhere!

  • I love the suit but god that color is not flattering on her. 

  • Anonymous

    Really people?  This or her usual sarah wrap dress with a rotting meat fedora?  I will take the canary yellow bells anyday.  

  • I am a little monster for life and will follow Gaga to the ends of the earth in 7-inch spinal column and lace heels, but this is an EXTREMELY rare misstep. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    What gorgeous blue eyes her new handler has……oh she’s fine…IN.

  • Out. 
    Although I don’t mind the pantsuit with just the bra top. It’s the dragging of the legs and the bad makeup that do it for me. The hair is eh but not the worst.

  • I don’t mind the hair, and the tape bra is not great, but very “meh”.

    However, I can’t forgive the fact that she is dragging those beautiful pants through the dirt. Ugh.

  • Geno Boggiatto

    IN – although she does need to hem the pants.

  • SNM

    She looks like Judith Light!

  • Out! All that and she has muffin top with those high waisty pants. Ew.

    • Anonymous

      The “muffin top” in question is more properly known as a rib cage.

  • I like it.  IN.

  • Patsy, where’s your Edina?  Out.

  • Anonymous

    Sure, I’d love to see a bedazzling shoe, but the rest is darn near perfect. I mean, look at that soft, peachy lip color! The bubble of frosted hair encircled by a neat black ribbon! The matching lapel trim, bra, and Jackie O glasses! She’s never looked half as good, to my way of thinking!


  • IN.  I would rather see pants a little long than too short and I love the color on her!

  • Anonymous

    In.  The hair bow sells it for me.

  • Anonymous

    Not feeling creative, so just OUT.

  • Little out. I like everything except the pants. The length ruins it for me. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Loving the bouffant, but she’s OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Lady, you just look dumb. OUT!

  • Anonymous

    Fix the pants, swap the bra out for a less fussy one, and this is a WERQ for me. It’s a pretty fresh look for her and I personally adore the bouffant.

  • Out
    I wanted it to be in because it combined yellow and an exposed bra (two of my favourite things at the mo) but Lady Gaga, you are a fasion icon AND I’ve read articles  by you where you use a very superior tone when describing how informed you are about fashion so you will not be forgiven for the dragging of your pant’s hem.

  • It’s not Gaga-licious enough.  OUT

  • OUT.  The hem alone would merit an out, but the color is hiddy and the bra leaves me speechless.  And I miss ginger!

  • OUT.  The hem alone would merit an out, but the color is hiddy and the bra leaves me speechless.  And I miss ginger!

  • I want those shades in my life. The end.

  • Mary McClelland

    blech. Out

  • Anonymous

    LOVE! So in.

  • OUT. The whole thing looks bad to me. Both pants and jacket don’t seem to fit right, the hem is getting ruined, the bouffant is ugly, and what’s with that streaky red blush?

  • In, i prefer her latest looks so much more than the silly costumes. Back to original ‘Just Dance’ Gaga.

  • Cristina Escamilla

    Out. Hem the pants. you are lady gaga. 

  • Out.  Too sloppy.