In or Out: Joely Richardson in Mulberry

Posted on October 31, 2011

After her literal FLAME-SHOOTING appearance on the red carpet the other day had us shrieking “WERQ it!” we were all set to start shrieking once again when these pictures floated in front of us this morning.

But a closer look revealed a far sadder tale. Observe.


Joely Richardson in MulberryJoely Richardson attends the premiere of “Anonymus” in Berlin in a Mulberry gown.

Mulberry Fall 2011 CollectionMulberry Fall 2011 Collection/Model: Ella Kandyba

Joely Richardson in Mulberry

Joely Richardson in Mulberry

We are all about the gold pleated metallic gown here at T Lo Style Ministries Worldwide. But it’s a tricky mistress, that pleated gold metallic gown, and if you don’t style yourself just right, why, it all goes so very wrong. Let’s speak bluntly, yes?

What this needed was something with just a little edge and a little modernity to it. Something a little fresher with the hair and maybe some sort of jacket to wear over it. Lose the belt and the witchy shoes and it could really be a head-turner. And a little tailoring in the bodice would have helped a lot here. So close, Joely. The lesson here is: the gold metallic pleated dress is the plutonium of evening wear. It must be handled very gently. You can go from Joan Crawford to Adult Video Awards just by choosing the wrong shoe.


Vote Now!
IN! She’s a golden goddess, picky bitches!

OUT! Drag queen at an Oscar party!

Voting on Jessica Biel’s “Just touch my cheek before you leave me” dress is still wide open, dolls. As Madge used to say, “Express yourself.”

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  • Vaniljekjeks

    In.  Not flame-shooting, but the girl still looks fantastic. 

    • Anonymous

      Agreed.  Not the best, but still solidly IN.

  • Praggya R. Barretto

    In. (Joely – If you ever see this, lay off the Botox, please!!)

    • Anonymous

      I was just about to comment – was she always this blonde and pneumatic?

  • Anonymous

    Can I mix my metaphors and vote “IN! Drag queen at an Oscar party!”?

    •ía-Gavello/1253586868 Lucía Gavello

      LOL I think the actual Oscars need more drag queens… 
      She looks great btw, you guys make good points but I still think she’s somewhat rocking that dress.

  • Molly Maguire

    IMHO it’s a WERQ lite.

    • Anonymous

      I agree.  Like the simple hair with the attention-grabbing gold.

    • ali meowmeow

      That’s really the best way to put it. I don’t see anything really wrong with it, it’s just not making me stand up and applaud the way it might have with some different styling choices. Still an in.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, this is my thinking, too.  I don’t think every look has to be a stand-up-and-cheer moment.  It’s still IN.

  • Vera

    Good points, but she’s working the golden girl look well.

  • Anonymous

    I’m calling it an IN.  Not perfect in the fit, and I don’t care for the shoes, but striking and interesting nonetheless.

  • { edi } ilovetrash

    gorgeous & very well made dress, styled totally wrong.
    it needs the coat or some other thing w/ just the same amount of edge– the runway styling is pretty perfect*.
    take away all but the gowny attributes & what you’ve got is, you know, a gown.
    on top of it, headwise somehow she manages to look like both elder brady girls enmashed, so, you know, theres also that.

    *thats an amazing bag the model’s got there too, at least from this angle.

  • Anonymous

    Why is she wearing Cate Blanchett’s dress? OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks like a goddess, in.

  • kbeeaker

    IN! I think she looks amazing and luminous.

  • Anonymous

    You bitches are so hard to please. She looks fabulous!

  • Sobaika Mirza

    IN. She looks fabulous and is elegant enough to prevent it from turning tacky.

  • Paige Hinson

    In. She looks amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Your are so wise. 
    Metallic pleated gown: handle with caution. 

    Poor girl is OUT

  • Emily Wilkerson

    In. I love this.

  • Anonymous

    IN! She IS a golden goddess, picky bitches.
    Witchy shoes?? You must be on craque today fellas.

  • Turtle Emily

    Not flames, but the inkblot that looks like it’s coming out of her ass in the first pic make me laugh pretty damn hard.

  • Jahna Peloquin

    IN. The shoes are wrong and the hair and makeup could be better, but it’s a pretty fabulous dress.

  • Anonymous

    IN. The not-quite-right belt isn’t enough to lower her golden goddess factor.

  • Anonymous

    INNNN. Hair, makeup, and accessories are understated and elegant and let the dress take the spotlight perfectly.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll vote In. I agree it could be better, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t look great. As it is, she’s wearing that dress better than most other women would. She was smart to go with a darker, bronze-y metallic. Works better with her coloring than I would have imagined.

  • Sorana Tarmu

    OUT. Drag queen factor too increased.

  • Erin Nice

    I say she’s in. Not a total home run, but definitely far from out. 

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t perfect but it’s easily IN.

  • Ruth Gottesman

    With someone like her, I’m not even sure it’s about the dress. She’s got the presence and the carriage that even if the gown was made of pink fleece, she’d still look right. IN, for fierceness. I like the dress too.

  • Anonymous

    IN. I hear your words, but the overall effect is striking and beautiful.

  • Joyce VG

    IN. She looks great!  Like a female Oscar.

  • Anna Maria Diamanti

    She needs the eye makeup from the other day. Seriously, whoever did the makeup for her that night just needs to follow her around 24/7. And me too, for that matter.

    This dress is gorge, full stop.

  • Katie Sypher

    That gold is the stuff of bad Cleopatra costumes. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    IN.  Seriously.  

  • AWStevens

    IN.  She looks fabush like Barbie’s mature half sister…

  • marlie

    Love it. She gets an IN from me.

  • Grace Ritt

    I think the toned down accessories work really well. It tones down the edginess of the dress, which works because she is a classy lady. IN.

  • Ass Kicking Adviser

    With the exception of the bodice, which I admit needs to be taken in a skosh, I think she is working this though not werqing it. That is a tag reserved for something far superior to just looking good. But she does look good. I am not sure about the face detractors. Maybe it’s botox but let’s be honest, that’s a face that has been allowed to age at least semi-graciously. She certainly doens’t look pulled to both east and west. I think she looks nice. I would like to look that good when I am her age. Which is soon.

  • Santa

    In, she looks great!

  • Ally Monge

    IN… I think she looks great.

  • Anonymous

    well, um, gee, you know gold metallic pleated dress should be an in but since she’s not floating my boat, she’s OUT.  And it’s really rather random.  Closest I can come up with is that if you’re wearing a gold metallic pleated dress and I don’t give you an automatic WERQ it’s gotta be OUT.

  • MilaXX

    IN, It’s not as stunning as her last appearance, but it’s not bad.

  • Anonymous

    In. She looks like a proper English lady!

  • Anonymous

    Goddess, or award statue? I can’t decide…

  • Anonymous

    In, because it reminds me of Golden Dreams Barbie.  She had wirey hair that you could curl (or rather bend) into a glamorous 1980 swooshie hairstyle. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m just a shrug on this one, but LOL’d at the reference to Angel of the Morning. I hang my head in shame. Though I was a few years younger, yeah baby.

  • Sara__B

    In, even though the shoes are all wrong. She could have styled it better, but she still looks very good.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Out… on account of the boring hair and lack of color. Not that every outfit needs to be Skittles colored but if she laid down on a beach, the only way you’d find her is if your flashlight glinted off the dress.

    Although if she was stranded on said beach, she could use her dress to signal passing aircraft.

  • Mary Elizabeth Poytinger Baume

    IN, you  two are too picky! :)

  • Paige Boerman

    In. She still looks great. Would’ve preferred different styling, but let’s not split hairs.

  • Anonymous


    she looks fine.

  • accidental housewife

    She’s wearing too much blush, but that’s the only thing keeping this from being perfect. IN

  • Anonymous

    Is that the German spelling, or a giant wall of spelling errors behind her? I like the dress.

  • Greg Polansky


  • Sara Munoz


  • Anonymous

    In.  I think that the shininess of it distracts from the lack of styling.

  • Anonymous

    I like this. She looks pretty good, and mostly realized thta her shoe choice was bad so did her best to hide them under the dress. IN.

  • Anonymous

    Out. The belt calls attention to her hips and shows them off in an unflattering manner. The clutch is a dark neutral. The shoes are a little too golden-brown matchy-matchy. Her limp hair and soft make-up seem totally washed-out, which only makes the dress that much more overpowering. This dress catches the eye and holds it captive since there’s, unfortunately, not much else to look at.

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t look rich, which right there is a condemnation. It’s not lamé, it’s just lame. It seems counter-intuitive that a golden gown wouldn’t just speak for itself, but all shiny things need a setting to display them in. The lack of accessorizing, limp hair, and tired makeup really say, “I pulled on the shiniest thing in my closet and am depending on its intrinsic drama to get me through.”

    She wasted a perfectly beautiful gown. For that I must vote OUT.

  • JillK

    I have no idea what you guys are on about. The belt is the only thing that breaks up a solid wall of gold and lends some visual interest without being overdone or tacky. And a jacket over that dress? OMG that would be hideous. Nothing would lay properly against the pleats on the bodice without fighting with them. No. Bad idea. Her hair is sleek and elegant. Anything more fru-fru would have fought with the dress for attention. And the shoes are fine. What did you want her to pair with that dress, silly putty pumps or platforms? About the only thing I’d have recommended she do differently would be to put a cuff on one arm.

    I think she looks fantastic. IN!

  • Anonymous

    Purely in an attempt to be even-handed, I’ll give it a lackluster in.

    I have to admit I’ve called worse looks in so why not this one? Though it does NOTHING for me. It is as unexciting as Miss Brooks’ grey shirtwaist, which is quite a condemnation for shiny gold full-length pleating.

  • Catherine Rhodes


  • Anonymous

    IN!  A gold metallic pleated gown needs the soft hair, make-up and jewerly.  She looks lovely.

  • Anonymous

    In, I guess I’m grading on a curve because I think she is very hit or miss. I would put this thisclose to a hit.

  • Anonymous

    She should’ve just gone full out Cleopatra drag queen with it.

  • Anonymous

    I was getting more of a (young) Joan Crawford off the dress that Jessica Biel was wearing. This is more of a Marilyn Monroe or even Liz Taylor, Its Halloween so I’m giving her a big drag queen at the Oscar party In.

  • Sammi M

    I think she looks nice. Not breath-taking, but not offensive, either. IN for not searing my eyeballs with ugly. =D

  • MandyM

    Bleh. Makes her look OLD. Out!

  • Mike Benedetto

    It’s a little on the Dynasty side but she still looks phenomenal. IN.

  • Anonymous

    Boring but fine. IN.

  • Anonymous

    In. Just a bit boring, but she looks fine.

  • Anonymous

    Oh please, she’s fine! The dress is so attention-getting a shoe’s best strategy is to just go with the flow. A high-heeled sandal would have enhanced the statue-of-a-godess vibe the dress gives of, but she’s still In.

  • Liz H.

    Fickle bitches! I think its a great look on her.  I’ll give you points on the shoe comment. Just not the right choice. 

  • LocMama

    She’s not setting my world on fire, but I say IN.  Michael Kors would call me a magpie.

    Off topic:  Did anyone else notice how trashy Molly Sims looked on PA?  Too much blush, too much leopard, dare I say too much accessorizing.  I always mix her up with Rebecca Romijn anyway.

  • Gaby Ripoll

    Out! Pointy-toed shoes, now there’s something I generally dislike and so much less practical than Mary Janes. Plus, the pointy part always ends up bent and battered. Bleh. 

    • Anonymous

      Depends on your feet though. I love pointy shoes because I have pointy feet. Round toed shoes hurt like hell or I have to go a size up then I slip out the back.

      • Gaby Ripoll

        Huh, I never realized some people actually have pointy feet. I have pretty blunted length toes (probably a mix of genetics and ballet) so pointy shoes just seem funny to me.
        Unless they’re pointy toed slippers that curl up in the front like an oriental fantasy. Those, I love. Because I’m a weirdo. 

        • Anonymous

          Yup, you could draw about a 60 degree angle from the tip of my big toe to the tip of my little one. I don’t think I could every have done ballet on those LOL!

  • murt

    IN!! Don’t see the need for tailoring in the bodice – but agree with you about the belt.

  • Anonymous

    She looks like an Oscar.

  • Anonymous

    IN. The styling isn’t great, but I think the bigger problem is that she looks a little bored or skeptical. Maybe she needs some motivational snaps up.

  • Anonymous

    In but the details are off.

  • Anonymous

    Love, love, love! And I would like to see Anonymous, any opinions of the movie?

  • Anonymous

    In.  She kept it simple.  Could have done better, but still looks great.

  • Cheree Winston

    In. Agree about the styling, but still IN.

  • Celia

    You guys are so right ON. The styling is what ruins it. It’s a damn spangly dress with a strong vintage look, but from the belt to the boring hair, Martha-Stewart-goes-formal shoes and “meh” jewelry (pearl earrings?!? REALLY?!?!), she ends up looking too much of the tacky ’80s.

    Might I suggest: sleek, pulled-back hair, coral or bright red lips, an edgier belt (maybe something thicker with a major buckle in the same leather finish?) and some fetish shoes?

  • Anonymous

    IN.  She looks lovely.

  • Andrea Lane

    Giving it an IN. She looks pretty fabulous, although I agree about the hair.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  JLo stagewear, not worn by JLo on a stage.  If it were shorter, less dramatic, something, it might work; the gold is flattering, but theres so. much. of. it.

  • Anonymous

    In, simply because it’s a classy look.  I actually think the placement of the belt is making her waist/hips look bulky, but hey, that just makes her look like a human female person.

  • Anonymous

    More like Oscar’s  date.

  • Anonymous

    In. She looks fabulous. Love the hair. Shoes could’ve used work, but they’re ok. Overall, love the glam. In in in.

  • Merneith


  • Hildy910

    I would have to say IN;  Half stop.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks swell!!

  • Anonymous

    IN!  I think she looks great.

  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    IN.  I don’t love the shoes, but overall she looks stunning.

  • Barbara Lee Woodruff

    Out. Old and hard is not a good look.

  • Magical Realist

    The flat hair is all wrong. Not just for the dress, but for her. Fix that, and I’d have no complaints.

  • ecallaw

    She looks SO fierce.  IN.

  • Anonymous

    I agree it could’ve been styled a bit better, although only minor tweaks! 
    I disgree on tailoring. It has quite a relaxed cut, it’s fitting her fine and as intended.

  • Anonymous

    OUT – that hair is WAH WAHH.

  • Jessica

    In. Not a fan of the shoes, but overall she looks great.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. It’s very Halloween costume.

  • Anonymous

    IN. She looks like a tall, blonde drink of golden water.

    …although I’m finding the hair more distracting than the witchy shoe choice…

  • Jessica Goldstein

    IN. I don’t like the shoes with this, but I love everything else, including the fit, hair, and belt. What a beautiful lady.

  • Anonymous

    IN, you picky bitches!

    She looks fantastic, and I love the “witchy” shoes.  What–they have a pointed toe so they’re witchy?  Come on, now!

    I like the edgy way the model is wearing it, but I like Joely’s take on it too.

    And my God, she looks more like her mother every day!  Can’t hurt.

  • Anonymous

    In. Not a WERQ, but still in.

  • Rachel Lee

    It’s a pretty enough look, a bit dated but still well put together. When put next to her previous dress, this one far pales in comparison. But there’s nothing actually to complain about, for me. So, a somewhat unenthusiastic In. 

  • Anonymous

    IN! Love the dress, but also still miss her sister.

  • Kathleen Gillies

    Dress is wearing her.  Hair needs some softer waves and look more Hollywood starlet (look “done”) rather than coffee shop/boutique day with the girlfiriends. Makeup looks very day at the office.  Agree about the shoes.  Dress should be shorter.  A nice jacket/wrap.  If you are going to do Hollywood glamour, do it up right.  Long red nails, lips, diamond earrings… the limit.

  • Anonymous

    Not the best thing since sliced bread, but still In.

  • Liana Brooks

    IN – Shiny!

  • Anonymous

    IN! Sure she’s not walking into the wind with great dramatic lighting, like the runway model was, but she still looks great. The shoes could be better but so what?

  • Anonymous

    not perfect, but close enough.. IN (plus i always think of her sister when i see her, so its an automatic sympathy vote)

  • Anonymous

    The plutonium of evening wear—ha!  I have to say IN, however. My untrained eyes think she looks fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    IN- though like you, I’m not a fan of the shoe.  The dress is so shiny, that I can ignore everything else.

  • Anonymous

    I likes it, though it could be improved.  In

  • Dixie Murphy Ross

    In-ish? I don’t feel like it’s an out, but it’s not stunning.

  • Cathy S

    In. She might look better in a jacket, but I think she looks great as is.

  • Anonymous

    I must disagree, I think she looks fab.  IN.

  • Anonymous

    Ho-hum.  Out.

  • Anonymous


  • rynerman

    In – I have some quibbles, but still think she looks good.

  • Anonymous

    marginal in.  

  • Pat Biswanger

    IN, barely.

  • Anonymous

    I think you are being a little too picky because you CAN.  The belt looks perfect to me and the shoes are OK.  Her hair looked better in the Marchesa but a girl wants a change now and then.  IN

  • Anplica Fiore

    Very pretty – In

  • JaneM

    You lost me. What’s not modern about her hair?  Her shoes don’t look witchy and without a belt she’d just be a gold pillar.  IN

  • Anonymous

    I do like the gown, but I REALLY love that green coat that the runway model is wearing.

  • Anonymous

    In. I love it, whatever.

  • nicole seligman

    in, but i don’t like it. it looked much better on the model’s coloring. though, i didn’t like it on the model either.

  • Anonymous

    I disagree.  IN … ok well “in” – because I hate everything metallic unless you are Norma Shearer in the finale scene of the movie from 1933, “The Women.”  But I digress.  This woman looks as elegant in her face and hair and posture and so on, as anyone would want.  I like the “Witchy” shoes.   

  • Anonymous

    I’m missing something here.  I don’t get the love.  This does nothing for her.  She looks flat on top and thick in the waist.  It just doesn’t do anything for her.  She’s out for me.

  • Anonymous

    Not feeling the love. This dress does nothing for her. She looks flat on top and thick below the belt.  And I have no idea what’s up with that shoe peaking out.  I need a close-up but from afar it doesn’t work. 

  • skadi1

    I might not have gone with the gold shoes, but they’re okay. I think she looks great, and for once, you guys are crayzay.

  • Anonymous

    IN, but could have been more fun with aforementioned accessorizing…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I’m not seeing anything terribly wrong with the dress, but not lovin the hair at all. I think she needs less blonde and more… Something else. She’s looking a little bleached out.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a little lackluster for something so gold and shiny. OUT!

  • kvlm

    In.  Not totally sold on the dress but the styling and her build make it totally work for her.  I love love love that she looks more and more like her mother as she gets older.  Lucky girl.