In or Out: Ginnifer Goodwin

Posted on October 25, 2011

Oh darlings, there is so much judging to be done today. Lots of celebrities in outfits that require your opinions, coming down the pipe. So let’s get started, shall we?


Ginnifer Goodwin stops by ‘Good Morning America’ in New York City.

Mulberry Bayswater with Fox Rivets

Okay first: that hair is tragic. She seems to always have hair issues which leads us to believe there’s an evil queen in her orbit who gets a charge out of styling her hair to make her look bad.

And speaking of evil queens, anyone catch the show she’s no doubt here to flog, Once Upon a Time? It wasn’t bad. Took itself way too seriously at times, and of course the concept is a rip-off of the far superior Fables comic book, but it was a fairly entertaining hour.

Anyway, back to her clothes. Admit it, if you saw her on the subway that morning she’d look no different than a thousand other girls heading to the office. And therein lies the problem. Honey, you’re going on Good Morning America to talk about your new TV show. We realize a gown is out of the question here, but could you have maybe shot a little higher than “Editorial Assistant?”

And let us just say, if you WERE an editorial assistant and were wearing this outfit to the office, we’d be the first queens out of our cubicles to say “LOOK HOW CUTE MISS THING LOOKS!” But you are NOT heading to the office and thus, we feel you’ve aimed too low with this one.

Love the purse, though.


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IN! She looks adorable! Sexy librarian (without too much of the sexy)!


OUT! Miss? Can you direct me to the Biographies section?


The minions rose up in defiance and voted Elizabeth Olsen’s Chanel number OUT even though we loved it. Bad minions.

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  • Anonymous

    The skirt is a little too tight at the abdomen . Other than that nice. And sue me, I love the hair.

    • Anonymous

      I also love the hair but I think this is Out by a hair. Chic city daywear is completely appropriate to the venue (seriously, Good Morning America? what do you wear for Good Morning America?). However, the fit on the skirt is off and the shades of navy aren’t quite playing well together. Her accessories are perfect (earrings to shoes), but I just can’t get over that smile across her tummy. It’s like her skirt ate her up yum! and is coming for me next.

      • Now I am The Bee

        All she has to do to get rid of that smile it to take her hands outta the pockets.  

        • Anonymous

          No, it’s the fact that there is a huge horizontal band wrapping around her belly,twice! (one coming from the back of the skirt and one in the front panel).  It’s because the plaids don’t match up.  If I tried a cheaper version this on in Macy’s I wouldn’t buy it for those two exact issues.

      • Anonymous

        I agree something about the fit arounds the hips…I think the stylist brought one shirt and it was the wrong size but since she would be sitting for the interview they thought it would be no big deal….so I will have to say she is OUT because of her lazy stylist.

    • I’d like to copy/paste this answer…

      • Anonymous

        Me too.  I don’t like to see stars too dressed up for the morning shows.  Something semi-normal I think hits the right note with at least this pre-caffeine morning viewer.  I think because it was dark out, and the fabric is so shiny, it’s not photographing well.  If the damn skirt fit her I’d give it an in.  But wow.  That skirt does not fit.  At all.  

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s nice, too.  Close to being darling.  I bet just not having her hands in her pockets would make the skirt fit better.  And I think her hair is darling.  So sue me, too.

    • Anonymous

      I also love the hair but agree that while the outfit is cute, it’s a little ordinary. Stylists should be able to do better than an average person and celebrities should employ stylists. Out.

  • OUT.  As you say, excellent office attire.  That blouse looks like the kind they plug as “day-into-evening” — just throw on a strand of pearls and you can wear it out to dinner!

  • I would like it more if there weren’t major optical illusion issues going on with the pattern +pull of that skirt. It’s a cute pattern but there’s something verrrrrrrrrry weird going on in the crotch area that’s just throwing me off completely.

    OUT, because crotch issues are a serious problem! (But just so you know, I actually like her hair.)

    • Yep. It’s not that the outfit is bad as much as it’s just doing something wrong right about where that one yellow like hits the tummy. 

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  Actually, I think a lot of women heading to the office look better dressed.  

  • The cut of that skirt is not flattering across her hips. At.All. OUT.

  • The pull on the front of the skirt messes with the match of the plaid around the pockets. That makes my eye a little twitchy. 

    ETA: Actually, the plaid just doesn’t match up across those pockets. Fail. That is one thing that drives me nuts about plaid when it’s not cut right.

    • Anonymous

      I agree.  A dashing plaid skirt would be exactly the thing I would think to wear on a chilly fall morning on Good Morning America.  But the mismatched plaid and the unfortunate placement of that wide white white stripe make this outfit a no-go-out-the-door!

      • Good heavens, YES. The poor fit, the non-match of the pattern in the pocket (and do my eyes deceive me, or is that a kangaroo pocket like on the front of a sweatshirt? HIDEOUS!) and the placement of the inverted pleats make everything hit in all the wrong places. This skirt is just flat out tragic.

        • Anonymous

          Indeed the skirt is what throws her whole look over the edge into firm out territory. Bad fit, bad highlighting of the hip/midsection, bad plaid, bad coordination with the top, and a look that suggests shes on her way to a catholic high school in the area rather than gma all make this a tragedy. I say this as a catholic school alum of the ny area: Seriously a plaid skirt??? Bye girl. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I, also, dig the hair. It’s getting less twee, which is always a good thing with pixie cuts. As for the outfit, I’d like it more if the top was less shiny or was in a burnt red instead. But I still like the overall look and would kill a b$tch for that bag. So In. 

  • Out.  The skirt is pulling across the front, and it’s librarian.  Love the hair, though!

    • Anonymous

      And just *what* is wrong with looking like a librarian?????????  LOL, she looks a lot better than 98% of the librarians I see (and I *am* a librarian).  However, librarian-look =/= morning-show look.

    • Marie Drucker

      Librarians are the new cool geek, you know. (and yes, I am one too.)

  • She’s a wee thing, and that skirt gives her the plaid poodge of doooooooom. Instant out. 

  • Out.  The outfit is hiddy on her.  But, I need that bag.  Yes, I said need.  It is necessary.

    • That’s what I thought too. And then I looked it up and that is a £4000 bag. Le sigh

  • and of course the concept is a rip-off of the far superior Fables comic book


    And OUT. The proportions are very weird (the skirt looks huge and the top looks constricting), and the colors feel a bit drab.

    I suspect her hair would look better if it weren’t parted like a curtain.

  • Anonymous

    She looks best in the 2nd photo in which you can’t really see the skirt. The plaid just isn’t working here and it just looks odd to me. I love me some short hair but this isn’t good, which is typical for GG. 
    Skirt and hair are enough for an OUT.

  • I love it, but yeah, it’s probably not the right outfit for an actress. Still, I love it. So, IN?

  • scottyf

    Fairy Godfathers T&Lo said…
    “Took itself way too seriously at times, and of course the concept is a rip-off of the far superior Fables comic book…”

    Actually, if they had really ripped off the original Fables plot, it would have been much better, imho.

    The set up is much too convoluted for me. What’s the fun if the storybook characters don’t know who they are? And it always bugs me when writers don’t recognize the importance of establishing characters before delving right into the main action. It would have been so much more enjoyable for me if they had taken the time to develop the main characters much more slowly. But when I saw the 8pm time slot, I knew the producers wouldn’t be going for subtlety.

    I know we’re here to talk about Ms. Goodwin’s garbs, but I must give her show an OUT instead.

    • Marie Drucker

      Oh, Scottyf, I love you. TLo, I love you too. Why? Because I love Fables. And you mentioned it. Bill Willingham has a children’s book out and I’m so excited (I’m a children’s librarian). 

      • You all just rocked my world. I keep thinking about how Fables is much better (though it’s gotten a little dark and twisty as of late), but I’m a geek for fairy tales, so I’m on the Once Upon a Time bandwagon.

        Regarding GG: She never seems to know how to dress her midsection and always ends up looking like she’s got bigger hips and a bigger stomach than she actually does.

  • Ali

    OUT. I’m sick of grown women channeling schoolgirls and teen girls channeling old women. Ginnifer’s got a great gamine look, but she really sucks at execution. Every single piece of this outfit, individually, is terrible.

  • She looks adorable. In, you meanies.

  • I hate the blouse. Had it been less shiny. Maybe even a bit of some cheeky chiffon, it would have been adorable. But, as it is.. It’s dreadfully drab. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I like the idea behind it, but this outfit just Does Not Work. OUT

  • Anonymous

    Love the shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Love the shoes but hate satiny fabrics and I’m not a big fan of plaids. So this is an OUT for me.

  • You got it right – very cute, but I guess not special… do love the bag.  I just looked it up – over $6000.  Seriously?? 

  • Anonymous

    Out.  There is a fit issue on the skirt.  I’m not entirely convinced the shirt goes with the skirt.  The shoes don’t go.  I do love the bag.  It’s not a horrible look, but it could be much better.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    Ugh, this one. She never gets it right. She either shoots for too edgy and looks ridiculous or ends up looking banal. Like this look right here. Those pockets are not flattering.

  • Anonymous

    I’m feeling so bitter about my”Fables”  being ripped off, that I must give her an automatic O-U-T!
    I do like the Mulberry purse. DAMN! Still an out!

  • Unfortunately, in Cincinnati, if a girl walked in looking like this, people would say “Look at you!  What, you think you’re gonna be on Good Morning America this morning, or something?”  Sigh… New York is another world.

    • Megan Arons Hils

      As someone who lives in Cincinnati, I respectfully disagree.  I think it must depend on your workplace. The girl in the office next to me is actually wearing a very similar outfit to this and no one said a word (beyond telling her she looks cute).  There is a whole lot about Cincinnati that’s yuck, but there are people with personal style and I don’t think they really stick out that much.  It’s not like we’re all walking around in sweat pants.  

  • margaret meyers

    That skirt is either creating a tummy or revealing a tummy, and a skirt that short should not be that wide at the hem.  I do love the shoes, but they aren’t working with the handbag and this day look.

     I was going to cut some slack because this photo was probably taken at 5 am, but nah.  OUT. 

  • Out. Also that show is a rip off of “The Sisters Grimm” about a city where fairytale characters are alive and members of society

  • Anonymous

    OUT. The skirt makes her look like she’s got a pooch.  While the color of the top is fabulous with her coloring, the cut of the top with the skirt makes the outfit look like a teacher.  She should have worn a top in a different color, either red or yellow.  Her hair looks like she just got out of bed.

    On the plus side, her make up is fabulous and I love the shoes.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    The skirt breaks it, even as a secretarial look. That weird bunching is… OUT.

    Also moderately enjoyed OUAT, though the time-skipping is annoying, and I hope they stop it once they get the backstory established.

  • Barbara Potter

    That skirt is so bad! Is she carrying something in there – perhaps a puppy, or a change of clothing? And I really feel that she pulled that blouse out of the back of her mom’s closet, where its been languishing for the past 20 or 30 years.  Ugh!

  • Surya Santhi

    You referenced Fables!!!

    And the Cinderella of Fables will kick this Cinderella’s butt.

  • Anonymous

    this skirt with tucked-in blouse thing is making everyone look dumpy and short-waisted. the shoes and the bag are terrific. 

    • Anonymous

      She does look short-waisted.

  • she has the worst sense of style, or the worst styling team, although I think it must be a little bit of both, OUT

  • iCouture


    The skirt is pulling too much, the shoes are clod hoppers, and really hate the center part on her hair, and it looks a tab bit greasy.  A nice side swept bang would look much better with that length.

  • Anonymous

    Large, wide plaid = (appearance of) large, wide hips!

  • Anonymous

    Love the shoes, the bag is overwhelming, the skirt is terrible the way it gives her gut and fans out unattractively.

  • iCouture

    Sorry, I will add a nice comment or two…..  She does looks great from neck to forehead, and I flove the bag!   So there!

  • Anonymous


    I don’t think I like the skirt. I don’t like the skirt.  I want to like the skirt, but I don’t

    I still have a chance to see her on GMA

  • Now I am The Bee

    Nah–I get that you don’t want to dress up in red carpet garb for every little TV appearance–but this looks like no effort at all;  not in that effortless way–rather in that I-don’t-give-a-darn way.    OUT.  And I thought OUAT was awful.  Way too corny. 

  • That is totally an adorable outfit that I would wear. But I am a librarian, so maybe not quite right for her job? I vote in, but only because I think it is overall too adorable to be out.

  • Anonymous

    She is so troublesome. OUT. That plaid is not doing her any favors. I would like the bag except for the weird rivets that make it look like a goosebumped plucked chicken from afar.

  • Anonymous

    That hair is tragic, the skirt makes her look like she has a kangaroo complex, the blouse is too black for that hair/skirt. And wtf is up with her face? 

  • Anonymous

    She needs a weave that’s been brylcreamed to death into something moderately flattering because the eighth-grade boy hair is tragic.  The skirt is a fine design, but it’s just not for her.  Too many bad decisions-she’s OUT. 

  • In.  I think she looks so cute.

  • Anonymous

    The fabric of the top and the entire skirt is really heinous. Out.

    Also, I quite liked the pilot and if we’re going with the whole rip-off thing, it’s really not just one source and is not the first to do this obviously. It’s a “rip-off” of several different similar past interpretations of fairytales in the real world (Fables (which it may well have the most similarities to), Enchanted, The 10th Kingdom, etc.) But either way I’m looking forward to more.

  • Anonymous

    Cute. It’s a morning show. IN.

  • Anonymous

    Dang.  I wanted to reward that big old smile with an in, but it is not possible.

    What on earth is going on with the cut of that skirt?  I think she’s using the giant bag to cover the side view of her tummy.  And I do not like the dark satin blouse with what looks like a cotton plaid skirt. It’s a jarring combo.

    So, sadly, OUT.  Even for an editorial assistant, I’m afraid. 

  • Such a pretty girl, and that skirt is doing such ugly things to her waistline.  It also seems odd that she is holding that handbag so prominently, unless she is shilling for them. Or maybe she doesn’t usually get many freebies and had to agree to hold it that way. I totally agree that if I saw her on the subway heading to the office (IF I lived in NY instead of Michigan), I would think she looked amazing.

  • Not a bad outfit; she looks cute, but needs to step her game up. It’s national television, not a conference call. OUT

  • Anonymous

    HATE the purse!  It’s as big as her damn skirt.   Clearly, the editorial assistant is planning a hot night, pairing a satin blouse with her school uniform skirt, and carrying her “necessaries” in her overnight bag.  Someone’s not going home tonight!

    She’s going OUT!

  • IN – love the bag and I need those shoes

  • Oh my god, I can’t get past that skirt. Plaid is awful. A poorly fitting skirt in huge plaid is fucking tragic. The blouse is almost as bad. Love the shoes, love the bag, and the hair is OK. But, overall – yikes. OUT

    I really liked OUAT. It was fun. It’s an ABC show at 8PM on Sunday night. I wasn’t expecting anything special from it, so I wasn’t disappointed.

    The Wicked Queen/Mayor of Storybrooke has nothing on Madeline Stowe/Victoria on Revenge. Not just anyone can say “I WILL DESTROY YOU” and get away with it.

  • Anonymous

    Have to admit that she looks better than I did when I was an editorial assistant! I remember I had a pair black suede flats and when the suede part started to wear off (they weren’t real suede, of course), I colored it in with a black Sharpie. At my salary, that’s about all I could afford to do. 

  • Anonymous

    Out.  The blouse is too shiny to go with that skirt (that doesn’t fit well).  And that hair is wrong.

  • Anonymous

    The purse is stealing all the limelight from her, literally. It’s shiny and adorable while she looks washed out and uncomfortable.

  • Your thoughts echo mine exactly – I actually love the ensemble, but it is a little casual compared to what we’re used to seeing on celebs. But sometimes it’s nice to see someone wear something you would actually consider wearing yourself – all too often I think how ridiculous I’d feel if I styled myself even remotely like a celeb does on an average day. Therefore an IN. But tragic hair.

  • Anonymous

    If my assistant came in looking like this I would feel a little sorry for her.  She did the best she could, poor thing, and there’s something kind of sweet about her effort, but I wish I could help her without patronizing her, blah blah blah, you get the idea.

  • I wonder how much the skirt WITH THE MISMATCHED PLAID cost.

  • Anonymous


    hopefully the hair/makeup staff at GMA got their hands on her before she went on camera.  Otherwise…clothes are ok and shoes look fab from the side, but not so much from the front.  I think she looks ok for morning tv…just ok.

    Elizabeth Olsen got an OUT! Thankfully the minions got that one right, but it couldn’t have been by much….had to have been close, which scares me. lol.

  • Anonymous

    Marsupial Skirt.  OUT.

  • Rebecca Zmarzly

    I want to know about her shoes. I need a pair like that for my husband’s Frank N. Furter halloween costume.

    Sadly out. Didn’t like the blouse, and that weird pocket panel in the front is just wrong.

  • Jenna Kuhmann

    I think it is terribly unflattering on her.  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Out. What’s with the fit/drape thing in the front? Is she pregnant? If not, it looks really bizarre and unfortunate.

    The hair could be fixed with a side part.

  • There is some weird phenomenon with the skirt creating a sort of phantom pooch on her that I’m sure doesn’t exist.  And that hair is abysmal, but the purse is fabulous.  Out with a whimper.

  • Anonymous

    As a sexy librarian, I vote OUT!  Just overall not flattering. 

  • Out – as a librarian, I would never be caught dead in such a skirt.

  • Anonymous

    Why does the plaid not match????  Obviously it’s not a mistake, or bad tailoring, because it’s SO far off—it’s a design choice.  It’s one that leaves me twitching, however.  I guess she’s going for some kind of retro look with the big bow blouse and the hair, etc., but she’s failing.  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  Hate everything except the bag, esp. very unflattering plaid skirt.

  • I love everything but the skirt (which is fit poorly and oddly matched). And i too love her hair… it was kind of funny that you hated it so much because before I read that I was thinking oo maybe I’ll get my stylist to look at his photo for my next trim. Bag is too die for, shoes are cute, earrings appropriate, and the blouse pulls off the bow because it is slightly edgy. She gets an IN from me as long as i don’t look at the skirt.

  • MilaXX

    Gah! I like her and it pains me to see her looking a hot mess 90% of the time. Bad hair, the skirt fits a little weird, I don’t like ankle straps with this outfit and the bag is too large. OUT

  • Honestly, this doesn’t even read as editorial assistant.  At the very least, I don’t think I would have liked to have seen this outfit if I were working at a fashion magazine.  This reads bad blouse and a crappy plaid (reminiscent of Spears in Hit Me One More Time) as well as a gimmicky bag that belongs to any number of kids who have too much time and money on their hands.  Feels like she’s trying too hard to look fashionable.

  • Anonymous

    I like the purse, too, but that blouse is too shiny, and that skirt is too plaid. The hair is horrible.


  • Anonymous

    Obviously she doesn’t have her pocket gay in that enormous bag…

    Sorry, honey, out.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  The cut and fit of that skirt is unforgivable.  As are both Grimm and Once upon a Time ripping off Fables!  What would be so wrong with actually, say, filming Fables!  Damnit people, some the comic some love.

    • Anonymous

      And Tom, I know it’s you who read it, so extra love to you, geek brother.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t mind the hair if she parted it to the side (side-swept bangs) instead of right down the middle. And I wouldn’t mind the shirt if it weren’t so shiny.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    OUT. Her hair is really terrible plus that skirt looks like it’s either really weirdly cut or far too tight at the hips. I can’t imagine how bad that skirt looked sitting down. So out.

  • I’m going to vote IN just because I want the sexy librarian look to happen, like now. I would so rock the hell outta that!

  • OUT!  This elicited a “Oh, honey no!”  Catholic school skort on the bottom, shiny pussy bow on top.  I don’t blame her for hiding that outfit behind the purse.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, I just felt a pang of sadness, TLo. My office queen left the job and now I’m stuck here with these two humorless hags. Because of him, I used to look forward to coming to work.
    Anyway, agreed on Ginnifer. If one of my co-workers walked in dressed like this, I’d be all “wow, look at you, hot date after work?”, but she’s a celebrity. She needs to ramp that shit up for appearances. She’s cute as hell, so why isn’t she working with what she has?

  • Anonymous

    Out. That skirt! A short A-line is a good choice for her build, but those inverted pleats and that kangaroo pouch are terrible.

  • Out.  The skirt isn’t even flattering.  She is a tiny little thing and that skirt is showing the opposite.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Only thing I like about this get-up is the shoes…and that ‘like’ is marginal at best. Whenever people tell me how ‘easy’ short hair is, I think of little Ginnifer here…some people just don’t do short hair well and she’s one of them. It’s not that her face doesn’t rock the short hair vibe, it’s that the actual hair always looks really awful. Grow it out, honey! Also, that plaid on that skirt? Makes her look about a thousand feet wide and we all know she’s way wee.

  • Cathy S

    That skirt’s tugging in weird places. And I don’t much like her blouse. The bag’s fantastic though. Out.

  • Anonymous

    Out, the pulling across the tummy is very distracting and doing her no favors. Like the idea though…

    I did watch the show and my first thought was Fables too! It seemed fun, I’ll definitely keep watching. Looking forward to NBC’s Grimm too.

  • Anonymous

    Hate the hair. And the skirt is tragic. Looks like it doesn’t fit, even if that was intentional. Plaid is too big. Love the bag; it would have made a better skirt. She should have worn it. I’m not crazy about the blouse, either, since that’s mostly what will show when she’s sitting down. Too dark, too prim. Out.

  • OMG, you like Fables! I bow down and shall remain so until the stars grow cold.

  • OUT. The hair is tragic, the skirt is totally unflattering, and with those shoes this whole thing is just so 90s I can’t stand it. OUTOUTOUT.

  • Aly Light

    I think she looks super cute. IN.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Terrible hair and the skirt just makes her look a bit blob-ish around her lower mid-section.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I think GG is so cute, but that skirt — THAT SKIRT. How did you guys not mention that skirt? It’s AWFUL. So, alas, I must vote OUT.

  • Anonymous

    the fit of the skirt (or should i say non-fit) is totally unflattering, and Moe Howard hair is never a good look…. OUT

  • i feel bad for her.
    it’s like she has some desperate need to make herself look much worse than she has to at all times.

    edited to add:
    i mean, look at what those pockets do.

  • My first reaction was “I owned that outfit!  In high school in the 70s!”. 
    Actually I probably owned the skirt and borrowed the blouse from my mom.  And my platforms would have been higher.
    Skirt doesn’t fit her so out.

  • My first reaction was “I owned that outfit!  In high school in the 70s!”. 
    Actually I probably owned the skirt and borrowed the blouse from my mom.  And my platforms would have been higher.
    Skirt doesn’t fit her so out.

  • OUT

  • Anonymous

    Love the bag but that skirt is ugly.  Too tight maybe around the abdomen but also that large plaid is cut in just the right way as to make her look quite wide.  Me no likey…

  • IN. Supercute. Also, Once Upon A Time was the best new show of the season. 

  • Anonymous

     I must agree. She looks adorable for a “going to work” look, but not a “I’m famous and going on TV to talk about my new thingie” look.

    OUT for not dressing appropriately… and OUT for the pulling across her tummy. She’s not a big girl by any means and that is giving her a pooch.

    T Lo: any idea who made that skirt?

  • Anonymous

    Oh, honey, that is not your shirt, that is not your skirt, those are not your shoes.  And if any of the items ARE yours?  They shouldn’t be!  You’re too cute to be looking like a frustrated librarian with a bit of a paunch!  OUT!  (But that IS your bag!  Cute points for that!)

  • Anonymous

    Out. Mismatched librarian.

  • The cut of the pockets is incredibly unflattering.  Although tt seems like these pieces should work in theory for someone they are not working together or for her.  Out.

  • Anonymous

    Bag IN, everything else OUT. I usually love the secretary look too, but it’s just not well done here. Yuck, those shoes. And is that a frayed silk scarf around her neck? Sad.

    I just want to say again though, BAG SO IN. Adorable!

  • The fact that y’all mentioned Fables made me SO HAPPY. /comicnerd. Is it worth it for someone who loves fairy tales and comics and the Fables series? And did you notice there’s already another fairytale TV show, Grimm? Can’t decide if I should watch either.

    She’s got Jon Hamm’s off-duty hair, and that’s just tragic. They should get together and look cute with bad hair together. 

    I think she looks adorable, though. IN. 

  • Anonymous

    Nothing fits her right and she’s trying to be Carey Mulligan. Who’d look SO adorable in this, but she’s not pulling it off. OUT.

  • Joyce VG

    She’s such an enigma to me! Cute girl. Apparently a successful actress that gets work.  Don’t get it. This outfit is dowdy to me. OUT. (and I don’t even like the purse! geez.)

  • Anonymous

    Jesus, OUT. WTF is going on with the skirt from hell, which seems explicitly designed to create stomach pooch? It draws the eye in an amazing way.

  • I almost like the outfit but kind of hate the skirt. I hate the way it’s cut and it looks stiff and ill-fitted. I’d probably like the bag better if it wasn’t the size of a carry on. I have to say OUT and no cigar.

  • Anonymous

    OUT because it’s pulling across her tummy, but man, does she look cute! I’d definitely give her a double-take on the street or in the office, but it’s a little too navy-and-gray-plaid for the Today show, IMO.

  • The skirts not super flattering and I’m not sold on combination of the blouse, skirt, and shoes. Cute in the office, but not working on a celebrity. Why can’t they just look pretty so we can bitch at their superficiality? OUT.

    What is with this hatred of Elizabeth Olsen? She’s such a fun little fashionista. 

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    This is an OUT. The bag is nice, but the most important part of it, the blouse and the skirt, just do not look good. I do not like the shape of the skirt, and the top looks a bit cheap.

  • Anonymous

    Out for the fit and the fact that the skirt makes her hips look too wide but I am IN LOVE with that bag.  Mulberry always makes me melt though.

  • Oh gosh you guys read Fables too! Anyway yeah, I’m boycotting the show because of her and Jennifer Morrison and the whole rip off of Fables. And this look is tragic. Her hair itself is so distracting.

  • CQAussie

    1.  I had that hair in the late 90’s.  I’m still recovering from it.  
    2.  That skirt makes her look like she has a pouch near her tummy.  Not the intended effect, I’m sure.
    3.  SHINY shirt.  SHINY SHINY shirt.
    4.  Cute shoes but a bit clunky.
    5.  Enormous (albeit cute-ish) bag that obliterates the ugly pouch skirt.  Also makes her look like she’s not wearing a skirt from the side….

    OUT.  Sorry to disagree but I don’t think this outfit is even cute for mere mortals.  It’s that shirt – it’s rubbing me the wrong way.  Same fabric skirt but without the pouch illusions, maybe a white shirt or a yellow shirt or even a red shirt instead?  To apply the TLo rules of matching….and better shoes.  And a smaller bag.  

  • Anonymous

    It’s too bad.  She’s so pretty and likable.  And funny.  The outfit reminds me of some bad bad choices I made a very long time ago.  And these luxury bags?  I’m sorry … I tend to hate them all.  They are such attention whores.  A purse should be like an elegant man’s briefcase — largely invisible.

  • For me this is tragically out.  The skirt is pulling and the plaid is so large that it’s making her look wide.  I love her and think she is adorable, but the hair is a mess (Parted in the center like that?  Seriously?), and I hate that shiny shirt.

  • Anonymous

    The outfit is cute, but why does she look like Alfalfa from the chin up? IN, I guess.

  • OUT! The blouse is awful! It’s too shiny for that look. The skirt ti a skosh too high waisted for her.

    Love the purse though.

  • Anonymous

    Short, tight, and shiny… but strangely enough not very sexy.  For me it’s the fit on the skirt that kills it, along with the scary hair. OUT

  • Grace Ritt

    No. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    The skirt is just off.  I love a good plaid, but that one just doesn’t work with that skirt. 


  • Anonymous

    OUT.  I love plaid, but that’s bad plaid.  And I dislike the shiny shirt with it.  I’ll take the bag, though.

  • Anonymous

    I like her hair. It’s such an improvement to her usual short bangs look. But that skirt doesn’t fit, so she gets an OUT from me.

  • Anonymous

    Editorial assistant on a serious budget.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE that bag!!!! But everything else is OUT. It makes me sad when I look at her hair. Doesn’t she know that she’s really pretty? Stop doing this to yourself!

    And, yes, the show definitely has promise. I’m excited to see more!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The bag is the only good thing.  Is that really a plaid skirt with a kangaroo pocket or are the seams and the fit just making it look that way?  Have to say OUT.

  • Anonymous

    IN.  I love her hair.  I love her makeup.  I wish it didn’t look like she held that skirt across her tummy with her hand in the pocket.

  • Suitcase Gnome

    Can’t see past that tragic hair! It’s way too dark for her. She does glossy dark brown beautifully, but not full-on black. 🙁

  • Diana Martinez

    I think she looks freaking adorable.  So neener-neener.  LOL

  • It’s like a mismatch collage of mistakes!  The hair looks like she’s walking the Walk Of Shame the morning after a good shag with a stranger.  The blouse looks like something I would have worn in kindergarten.  The skirt is Catholic School Girl in Japan.  And the “fuck me” shoes are just wasted here…  OUT

  • Toto Maya

    I feel like I almost could forgive her if not for that hair.

  • Anonymous

    OUT for the hair and the fit of the skirt. Love the shoes though. They kind of look like something the Evil Queen would wear, don’t they?

  • Anonymous

    I would love the skirt if it fit.  Her hair is growing out – it will be adorable in a few months.

  • I can’t get past the Severus Snape hair. Out. Beyond out.

  • Anyone else think this hair is kinda Jack White?

  • Oh, the hair… It reminds me of past and unfortunate times, when good hairstyle was still a mistery… The hair makes it a clear OUT, more than the understated outfit, which anyway doesn’t suit her! She’s got a short upper body, shirts tucked in high waisted anything are out of the question for her! OUT, Miss Ginny! Go back home and start again! After you fire that evil queen!

  • Anonymous

    I love me some plaid, but that skirt is doing her tummy no favors. Cute outfit otherwise…but the hair is bad. I’m 50/50 on this one.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I like the purse. But that’s about it. Horrible hair. Out.

  • I loved this get-up at first glance: the blouse is great, the shoes are cute and sassy, and the bag is also appropriately sassy. Color choices are a little iffy, but still kinda cute, but the cut of the skirt is killing it for me (easily adds two dress sizes to her hips). Hair isn’t setting me on fire, but won’t kill me, especially with that great makeup. Judging by that skirt, though, I’ll have to give her an ‘OUT’.

    Also, though, she’d look perfect for Good Morning America. I don’t know where you conduct your business, TLo, but I rarely see girls this dressed up.

  • Anonymous

    No one should EVER part his/her hair in the middle.  It is just wrong. (I apologize in advance to all those out there who do indeed part their hair in the middle – TLo’s precious fawns are the only exception to this rule).  So that, coupled with the saddle blanket skirt is a big ole’ OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Out but I do love that purse!

  • The top is fine but the skirt is a miss… At a glance it’s a little too low-key. OUT

  • Anonymous

    She is a great actress, but this is all wrong.  I like all the pieces separately but together they are not doing anything for her.  And I mean nothing.  

  • Anonymous

    OUT because of the hair. Mostly I just want to say I could not be happier about all the fairy-tale-inspired entertainment that’s popping up this fall. I’m super amped for Grimm.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you guys – cute for the office, out for telly promos.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  This finally would have been the time to break out the messier hair; this looks like my Algebra teacher in 1998. Also, this a classic example of liking to loving all the individual pieces but not liking any of them together. 

  • elzatelzabelz

    In-even though it is not “enough” for what she’s doing, I would totally wear every single thing in that outfit. 

  • Anonymous

    The purse is to die for and agree that she could have stepped it up a bit but…I gotta say, I really like her hair.  The long bangy pieces work for me…there you have it.

  • Anonymous

    The skirt is unflattering – OUT.

  • Andrea Weymouth

    that skirt is awful!!

  • Anonymous


    And as two ladies that work in bookstores, we take offense that you think we’d dress that way to show you the Biography section.

  • OUT simply for that awful hair. also the ill-fitting, shiny shirt and awkward skirt.

  • OUT! Needs to be a little more special than that. And I agree on the hair too. Rats! I love her.

  • Anonymous

    I think this had some potential, but it the blouse is puling at her abdomen in an unflattering way. Additionally, that skirt makes her look really wide, and the lines and seaming on it are, again, unflattering. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I physically recoiled at that awful hair. *shudder*

  • What is with that weird panel in the front?

  • I think it’s cute! I also love the hair so I say IN! 

  • Anonymous

    The bag is to die for otherwise this is so OUT. Can’t stand the hair and I really didn’t like anything about the outfit until you guys flipped my perspective and I looked at it from a “normal person” view. It would be cute on a girl at the office but it is not cute here for whatever reason (maybe her colouring?)

  • I think she looks cute.  It’s a nice bag, but in the one picture, it hides her entire skirt, so maybe it’s a bit too big for that outfit? But what do I know.

  • Mary McClelland

    OUT. That skirt doesn’t fit. Big no. 

  • Anonymous


    Many of the thousand other editorial assistants would have looked at themselves in that skirt & asked their shopping buddy “does this skirt make me look fat?”

    And shopping buddy would say: “not fat, exactly, but kind of like you have a kangaroo pouch”

    And would therefore NOT be wearing this to work.

    ETA: but she does have great legs, doesn’t she?

  • vmcdanie

    Out. She’s cute but not digging the outfit.

    Also, couldn’t sit thru the show which bums me out because I do really like her. 

  • Hate her shoes & hair, the top is too shiny and robs her of any shape, and the skirt is too tight across the abdomen. Sorry sweetie, OUT. Love the patter on the skirt, the color of the top, and the bag, though.

  • Anonymous

    To quote Regina George, “That is the ugliest f-ing skirt I have ever seen.”

    The cut and pattern placement are really unflattering. OUT

  • Anonymous

    That skirt is giving her a kangaroo pouch. Very bad. I had to say to myself, aloud, “This girl is skinny, there’s no way she has a paunch!”  Ooh Yew Tee to the OUT. 

  • She looks like she time traveled from sometime in the 90’s.. and her hair is very Tatu

  • Anonymous

    I wish TLo worked in a cubicle next to me. And I don’t even work in a cubicle.

  • Maybe she can hide behind that fabulous bag, otherwise – OUT

  • Anonymous

    Man i HATED the show and she looked like corpse bride while in FairyTale land – but once they got her to modern day I realized it ws her. I kept thinking Damn get Snow back to the casket!!!