In or Out: Fergie in Georges Chakra

Posted on October 18, 2011

Oh, Fergie. It’s always interesting when you try and do the grown up and elegant thing. Not because of any effort on your part, but because “grown up and elegant” aren’t really words that spring to mind when we think of you.  We want to like this dress on you, but there are a couple of issues here.


Fergie in Georges ChakraFergie attends The Clinton Foundation’s ‘A Decade Of Difference’ Gala at The Hollywood Palladium in a Georges Chakra couture dress.

Georges Chakra Spring 2011 Couture CollectionGeorges Chakra Spring 2011 Couture Collection

Fergie in Georges Chakra

Fergie in Georges Chakra

For one, you’re not Alexis Carrington. Or Paula Abdul at the ’89 Grammys. For another, the pinhead look does not suit you.


Vote Now!
IN! EVERY woman has a little Alexis inside her!

OUT! Wake me when the ’80s are over for the second time.


The minion opinion on Chloe Moretz’s lacey lace-lace getup was that she’s far too young both for the dress and the duck faces, which means she’s OUT.


[Photo Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images,]

    • Anonymous

      That hem looks sloppy.

      • Megan

        Agreed, that dress is just crazypants. I don’t know who could pull it off.

        • Anonymous

          Sofia Vergara.

          • Megan

            Ok yea, she could wear that.

    • Judy S

      Hmmm… is “and drew” an infinitive construction in English?
      From a non-Fergie-watcher pov, I would give her an IN. She seems to be enjoying the Alexis vibe.

      • Anonymous

        In from me also. Every woman should get her Alexis on once in a while!

        • Opera Sickness

          Agreed. IN!

    • Dana WhatTheFrock

      Out. The topknot is a topNOT. And the ruffle is bad. If it was strapless and she had a different ‘do, it might be okay.

      • Anonymous

        Agree, exceptit also needs to be hemmed.

      • Meira Niibori

        OUT. Ditto what Dana said.

      • Anonymous

        Out. Ditto what dana said But even a different do would not have helped it

    • gray keller

      IN IN IN, She looks fabulous!! Nailed it 

    • Anonymous

      I don’t get the ice cube motif…does she have a frosty ‘area’?  Did she finally freeze out her husband for the infidelity?  And then it’s all tsunami on top.  At least she didn’t wear it to a disaster relief event.  

      • Anonymous

        I’m actually sort of mesmerized by the dress because of the ice cube motif.  It reminds me of Lake Michigan in winter during a storm, where the crashing waves hurl ice chunks at you as the snow is whipping into your face like tiny frozen bullets.  The dress is beautiful in a sculptural way and should be viewed as a piece of art.  But it shouldn’t touch a body unless that body is plastic and in a display case.

        As to the hair, I think she’s showing off what appears to be a new hair line.  Her hair used to come down much lower on her forehead and there was a widow’s peak.  So she’s just showing us the hard work of her electrolysist.  Unattractive?  You betcha, but showing off that hard work is important, I suppose.

        Out.  Intriguingly out.

    • Emily

      Ha ha!  In!  I love the 80’s.  She does look really fresh and pretty.  The navy in the dress is a great color for her.

    • Vaniljekjeks

      Maybe it’s because I am a chef, but the first thing I thought of when I saw this was “red cabbage”.  And not in a good way.  Out.

    • Kathrine Marlow

      Take off the ruffle at the neckline, change the hair and it’s a totally different more “Fergie” look.  As is? OUT

    • Sara Munoz

      I hate the hair, but the dress and clutch (and shoes?) are appropriately Fergie-blingy. 
      But I abstain from voting. She is just not an “IN or OUT” kind of gal. Fergie… just is.

      • Cathy S

        I agree with everything you said, including not being able to give her In or Out. The only think I don’t really think works is the hair.

    • { edi } ilovetrash

      i like the escher’s tetris effect. i do not like the ruffle. i am not sure i like any of it on her. i do not like what music has become. the 80s should never have existed the first time. i do not understand why we have to replay them until the end of time. i am gonna go to sleep now. have fun.

    • Claudia Gilbert

      Is the super poofy shoulder thingy messing with her proportions and making her look…neckless?  Or is that the angle?  Or just me?  I like the rest of the dress, to be fair.  And I’m feeling the “clean” makeup look.  I don’t like the hair or the shoes.  Its an OUT for me.

    • Anplica Fiore

      Love the dress and shoes, but shoulders and up are very blah.  In.

    • Anonymous

      That is one very busy dress and quite ugly to boot.  And I have always hated that hairstyle, it flatters so very few women and Fergie is not one of them.  OUT, OUT, OUT!

    • Ina Partosa

      There’s something wrong about the proportions of her dress but I can’t seem to figure it out. :| 

      She looks matronly. OUT. 

      • Anonymous

        I agree and have been trying to fix the proportions in my head. I know that Fergie is a bit on the petite side, so that very well may have something to do with it. I dunno. This is not her dress and she looks hippy and matronly. OUT!

    • Anonymous

      IN.  She finally wore something that fit!

    • Anonymous

      She’s rocking the Croydon facelift, at least.

      • Addicted2Glamour

        I was thinking the same thing!

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Out. And I adore you, TLo, for your comment here about Chloe Moretz.

    • Anonymous

      She would look better in a short version

    • Sobaika Mirza

      Hmm… I like the dress on her (just tacky enough) but I wish she’d gone with a lower bun. Small detail, but makes all the difference. OUT.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not particularly wonderful, but then again, it’s not particularly awful.  It’s better than she usually looks, in my opinion.  This is really one of those “fence sitter” times: I hate to give her an IN because it really isn’t, but then again she really isn’t OUT, either.  Can you add another category?  In, Out, or At Least S/He’s Trying?

    • Anonymous

      Oh dear – put a bone in that bun and she’d look like Pebbles Flintstone going to the prom.

    • Anonymous

      Out.  I like the skirt, but the bodice is a disaster.  Hair is out, too.

    • Anonymous

      OUT. Hem slightly too long, where it falls now makes this short gal look shorter but it is the tight top bun that is the real problem, not lovin’ it at all…I like that Mrs. Duhamel is always willing to take a fashion risk…still she is OUT

    • Brittany


    • Anonymous

      This is like 2 dresses in one.  The bottom does not match the top.  I might like the crazy top without the white bottom.  And while the hair is not my favorite, her hair is not down!  In her face!  And her face!  Is not puffy!  She has eyes!

      But I gotta go with Out.  That dress is bad.

    • Kayley Maybe

      I’m not sure who would look good in this dress!  OUT.

    • Anonymous

      The dress is interesting and fitted well, and the accessories don’t clash.  I hate, HATE HATE HATE that hair on her, but if we’re grading on a curve (as is often mentioned), I’d have to give her an IN.  

    • Anonymous

      In. She can pull it off.

    • Anonymous


      I like the dress on the model, but on Fergie it makes her look huge on top…wide & unbalanced.  The puff and pinhead accentuates this further. This dress is for a taller & less curvacious woman….shortening the hem threw off the proportions of the dress (and a horrible hemming job it is at that!) 

      Her makeup is very soft and pretty though. 

    • k_skenes

      I also don’t like the pinhead look, but I have to call this IN, since she looks presentable, at least.

    • Anonymous

      She tried. This dress sucks. Out.

    • Carrie

      Out. Hate the dress. Hate the shoes. Hate the fact that she looks uncomfortable.

    • Addicted2Glamour

      Where’s the Moldavian Massacre when you need it? OUT.

    • Anonymous

      Nice try, but not quite there.  Out.

    • ecallaw

      So unflattering–she looks like a stump, which she is obviously not. OUT OUT OUT.

    • Anonymous

      Fergie’s hair is not styled like a cocker spaniel for a change.  I like the blues in the dress.

      That bun has been everywhere lately and it hasn’t looked good yet.


    • Laura Schultz

      Yeah, that’s pretty hideous. OUT.  She makes it look cheap. And I hate the hair. 

    • Kate Musgrove

      Out. But I pretty much never like her, so I’m biased. 

    • Anonymous

      I’m going to grade on a curve here–IN.

    • Jessica Ballinger


    • Anonymous

      I really like this dress, and I like it on her. Love the shoes and clutch.  The hair? Not so much.

      Still, it’s an IN from me.

    • Liana Brooks

      The navy is a good color on her… um … that’s the nicest thing I can say here. Everything else is a disaster. OUT

    • Deb B-Rocker

      While that hair style is supposed to be labeled “top knot”, I can’t help but favor my hubby’s label: knob top. 

    • emily mcginnis

      for Fergie, she looks good. this look is leaps and bounds what she normally wears. 

    • AWStevens

      Wow, it’s an Oreo Cookie Popsicle.  OUT

    • Kyle Crawford

      Then Blake pushed Stephens lover he fell into the fireplace and DIED! 

    • Anonymous

      A cupcake with a cherry on top.  Out.

    • Elana Bryan

      I like this dress, but Fergie’s too short to pull it off. 

    • EdwinG

      Make the hem a few inches shorter and the dress is perfect for Katy Perry.

    • Anonymous

      I’m going to say in. I like the dress color and think it looks great on her. The overall style is okay, but I don’t like the poofy shoulder. That could go. The hair should have been done differently, but overall not bad.

    • MilaXX

      I’m going to give this a minor IN. The hair is a very bad move.  I’m not crazy about the side poof, but the dress fits her properly, she accessorized it correctly and the makeup is really good. I also like her choice of shoe. If we ever hope to see non skanky Fergie we must encourage baby steps.

    • Anonymous

      She never manages to look great, does she? Honestly, I think there’s a bit of a “taste issue” with her.
      Come on, Fergs! You’re a pretty girl and you can afford to hire some people with good taste to help you out! What’s the problem??

    • Pinup Ghoul

      Wow, Miss Alexis Matteo looks great here as a blonde! I never would’ve figured! It’s nice to see that she’s wearing a more natural-looking set of Boobs for queens, too.

    • Anonymous

      She looks so uncomfortable. That alone makes it an OUT for me. Do you have to suffer to be beautiful? Maybe… but the shoes looking uncomfortable, the dress looking impossible to sit down in and her hair looking like it’s giving her a migraine, that’s a lot of suffering for a single outfit.

      Her makeup looks great though, especially for a dress that attention-grabbing.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      out. hate the hair. the dress looks like some polyester / vinyl type of cloth. 

    • Anonymous

      That dress is terrible. It’s like two different dresses that got sewn together. I don’t know whether to look at the sea monster shoulder or the skirt.  The proportions are awful (a floor length skirt might be able to handle that ridiculous shoulder). And pulling the hair back (Fergie topknot or model pony tail) isn’t making things any better.


    • Anonymous

      Out.  Too Alexis Carrington, indeed.

    • Anonymous

      its all wrong through the bust for her, lefty looks like it’s making a run from the ruffle…OUT

    • Anonymous

      I sort of like the dress and the shoes are good, but I hat her hair and make-up. OUT, I think.

    • Anonymous

      Oh no.

    • CQAussie

      OUT.  Geez louise.  Fug.

    • Goldie

      Except for the tumor on her shoulder, I think she looks cute.  I like the silver shoes she paired with it way better than the ones the runway model are wearing.  I say IN.

    • Anonymous

      I know I sound like a hater, but I just can’t stand her. Am I the only one who thinks she tries too hard and kind of resembles a bulldog?

      I probably wouldn’t have such a strong opinion about her if it wasn’t for a first impression.  Years ago, when the Black Eyed Peas were just starting to get famous, they were on Saturday Night live.  I don’t remember the song they were preforming, but she sang all of ten words in that performance, but she was dancing around the stage and getting in the way of everyone else who was singing, and it just drove me nuts. I just kept thinking “Who is this self-important nutbag”. I still can’t stand her years later. 

    • Susan Bullard Mayer

      IN!  Fergie… tends to not pull off elegant, but I think she’s doing a fabulous job here!

    • accidental housewife

      This dress is just crazy enough to be Fergie’s idea of elegant. She gets an IN, because she can only be graded against herself.

    • Anonymous

      You know, I think Fergie is one of those grade-on-a-curve celebs because she doesn’t do this very often. So, having said that, I give her an IN. I don’t like the dress at all – on Fergs or the model – but I do like her hair, makeup and understated jewelry. LOVE the shoes.

    • Katie Ly

      She looks like the Wave Off Kanagawa.

    • Anonymous

      She looks better than she usually does, but I still have to say out.  It just makes her look older and its not that flattering overall between dress, weird shoulder ruffle, and hair.

    • Anonymous

      OUT, the squares and the swirls are too much for one dress, the hair and makeup looks like college dorm laundry day, wish it worked but it doesn’t.

    • Jessica O’Connell

      Don’t like the bun and hate the top of the dress. Also, not a fan of Fergie. OUT.

    • Susan Collier

      Eeek! How old is she, 62?

    • Anonymous

      in.  there is something whack-a-doodle about the dress that i like, cant explain why.  the hair however is just sad. 

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s just kind of boring.  It doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t WOW me.  What’s a ‘meh’?  Out?  In?  Which is the default?

    • Joyce VG

      She’s not even sure herself! OUT.  (mostly because of the pinhead look.)

    • Wendy Kaufman

      She looks top-heavy in this dress–even with the “pin head.” Her hips look narrower than her bust. Not a proportion I personally like. Other than that, and a too-severe hairstyle, it’s really not a horrible look at all.

    • Anonymous

      I think this looks fabulous on her. Even the hair works. It is a bit out there, but that is why it is so great on her. A big gigantic IN from me.

    • Anonymous

      OUT, primarily due to the hair. I don’t love the dress, but it was salvageable until she let someone do that to her hair.

    • Aly Light

      Ha. Haha. Ho. Heehee.

      • Aly Light

        That’s an OUT.

    • Jennifer Barnes

      IN! she looks well put together and actually not all that uncomfortable.  this could be a great step towards more “grown up and elegant” looks.

    • Anonymous

      everything boob down is fantastic… but i dont this the clutch and shoes match.
      i like the makeup but her hair is not working here.
      i feel bad but im giving her an OUT on this :(

    • Anonymous

      OUT, but for some reason I really like the dress on the runway model. Without the shoulder piece, it could be made into a cute wearable look.

    • Anonymous

      Heinous dress.  Should not be worn ever, by anyone (ok, maybe Alexis could pull it off).

    • Robert Sanchez

      Out. Nothing about that look suits her at all, and has made her look particularly bottom-heavy.

    • Anonymous

      im gonna say IN just for the hell of it.

    • oohsparkley!

      IN.  It isn’t perfect, but she does look nice. 

    • Pat Biswanger


    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      Barely IN.  I hate that she does those severe buns and pony tails that pull her face tight, she needs to go softer with the shape of her face.  But, at least this dress looks classy and funky at the same time, which she rarely is able to pull off.

    • Anonymous

      Almost.  So nice to see her looking not trashy.  I like the bottom half of the dress, I just don’t like the top (not on her, not on the model).  That is not the hairdo for her, though. 

    • Mariah J

      It’s a gorgeous dress but somehow Fergie managed to ruin it…The hair, the makeup, the everything. OUT

    • Sara__B

      The topknot is awful. Add the shoulder poof and there are too many poofs.  The hem is badly done, and I don’t like the shoes. Even so, the dress suits her and fits well, and her face is looking fresh and pretty. I’m torn. OUT, I guess, but mostly because that topknot is so wrong.

    • Anonymous

      She looks clean. At least there’s that.

    • Heather

      Girl, that’s not your dress…

    • Anonymous

      IN. Mainly because I have never seen her face look so lovely. And I prefer giant shoulder ruffles to spandex and glitter any day.

    • Anonymous

      IN. I think it’s pretty and dramatic. Yeah, it’s a little over-the-top 80s, but hey, it’s Fergie.

    • Donna Lee

      I don’t hate the dress although I very much would like to see it without the ruffle but the hair is DREADFUL.  OUT.

    • Anonymous

      Oh guys, I’m giving her an ‘in.’  I don’t like the dress and the silver accessories, but I have to admit that they look good and that the hair styling was the way to go.  

    • Anonymous

      Fergie’s Home of the Whopper hair do has GOT to stop. I can’t even see the dress because I hate her hair so much.

    • Anonymous

      IN.  I like this dress and the 80’s retro glammy look on her.  Viva Alexis on Fergie.  

      My issue is with the hair.  I agree with the updo but something less severe and yoga looking was needed.  And what’s up with her makeup?  I like it fine but I think this is where Fergie could have upped the ante.  She can rock some really daring makeup and I think it would have finished the look. 

    • Anonymous

      That hair is tragic. OUT

    • Anonymous

      OUT. The dress would be okay without the shoulder tumor but the pinhead is a serious mistake.

    • Stefanos Mantyla

      For me, she makes anything look cheap, and this is no exception. Hair looks like she did it herself. And matching shoes and bag I would say are a no. I say OUT. Her face looks pretty decent, though, this time.

    • Anonymous

      The hair is severe and generally unattractive but I *love* this dress on her. IN.

    • Jill Tracy


    • heartbot

      The dress might bother me less if she didn’t have gym hair and worked-late-at-the-office, end-of-the-day make-up. Makes the dress look all the more out there.

    • Anonymous

      It’s horrible and it doesn’t flatter her figure at all. She looks weirdly dumpy and wide. Ick. OUT.

    • Jenny Martin

      I think the dress almost works but my initial thought was that her skin (and makeup) looks really great–You see a lot of internet hate on Fergie for looking “old in the face” or “harsh” but I don’t think the haters have any room to talk here. Even though the dress is a bit crazy, her makeup looks great and her face looks fresh and healthy which makes me say Go Fergie! You rock that.

    • Anonymous

      So. Maybe my conclusion will come to me as I type:

      That dress is a circus, & if Fergie needs to either be or wear a circus, I prefer wear. Like the color & really, without the huge shoulder thing, it might even be a pretty, balanced, dress. But I kind of like the dress as an assemblage of color, pattern & texture, if not so much as a garment.

      So, shoes, good; clutch, overkill with the silver sparkle.

      Make-up, fine, not impressive. Maybe a little (subdued!) more lip color?

      Hair: Oh no, no, no. Good thought to keep it up and away from that ruffle, but THIS is the time to go for a hairpiece & make it look like an actual professional was involved. 

      Overall, an out for anyone but Fergie, for her, you gotta allow for her circus needs. Just barely IN, by a milliimeter.

    • Samantha Buchalter

      I love the dress on the model but her boobs are too big (I can say that because mine would be too). But her actual face looks better than I’ve ever seen her… wonder who her new surgeon is.

    • Alexander Peterhans


    • Julianne Mullikin

      ewwww out

    • Kevin VanOrd

      Close. I would have liked the dress without the shoulder treatment and ruffly neckline, but it’s all I see when I look at it. Furthermore, the hair knot looks all the more bizarre next to the big shoulder. Everything from the boobs down; everything above them I hate. 


    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      Really?  I think she looks great!  I LOVE that dress!  Makeup is good, hair – how else to wear it with that dress?  Hate the shoes, of course.  Mostly really love the dress, particularly from the waist down.  IN, in my book,.

    • Merneith

      Out, but I blame the dress designer (although the hair is pretty bad, too.)

    • Anonymous

      Hate the hair, love the dress, IN.

    • Anonymous

      yeah sadly this isn’t great. matching shoulder and hair pouffes?

    • Anonymous

      Oh, hells no. Tight hair is not a good botox/facelift substitute, either. OUT.

    • Molly OBM

      Be blunt you say? OUT!

    • Anonymous

      OUT. Definitely Paula Abdul at the ’89 Grammys. And that ain’t good.

    • Jen R

      The hemline is too long on her – it makes her ankles look big, for crying out loud. And not enough definition at the waist to distinguish between it and the fluff that is strangling her. This dress makes her look bigger than she is. Sorry.

    • Tiger Gray

      I think I would love it if it weren’t for that huge shoulder detail. I am going to have to go with OUT on this one. Not convinced that hairstyle flatters anyone, either. 

    • Anonymous

      That uber severe bun is so OUT!   Oh, and the shoes don’t work either.  

    • Adella Thompson

      Something I would buy for Halloween before applying the zombie makeup for some sort of 80’s prom motif. Horrid and OUT

    • Praggya R. Barretto

      Out. It looks like the boob on the right is trying to make a run for it.

    • Sorana Tarmu

      This is very Fergie. So busy. So OUT.

    • Lauren Dorsee Dillon

      She seems more unbalanced than usual. And that’s saying something. Upper case OUT.

    • Brendan Foehr

      Oh Fergie. You look awful, but that is not why I hate you. Your music is execrable, but that is not why I hate you. No, I hate you for that nightmarish Dr. Pepper commercial where you pour an entire can of soda down your gullet in one, agonizingly prolonged shot. And your dress is ugly, and that hair. THAT HAIR, honey. That hair (once more for clarification). That is all.

    • tom markiewicz

      OUT! that’s too much dress for any woman to work.

    • Lisa

      Oh, OUT.  I’m waiting for Joan Collins to show up and toss her down a flight of stairs!

    • Anonymous

      Hair: out.  Look as a whole?: in

    • MandyM

      I don’t mind the dress as much as the hair. I’m sad because I love her but this is an out.

    • Mary McClelland

      Out. She is a perpetual out to me. It’s her face – the pulled too tight severe plastic surgery. And she has no natural style. 

    • Kirsten Kirsten

      OUT. I love the dress but its not a good look on her. Unflattering hem length, shoulders and bust look chunky, matchy-matchy clutch and shoes.

    • Anonymous

      Grading on a curve, I’m going to have to say IN if only because she finally did something about those godforsaken eyebrows. This is really pretty good for her. Terrible on most people. But good for her.

    • Ass Kicking Adviser

      So very out. Dress if for Alexis. Hairstyle is for Olympic ice skater. Or worse. Whatever that might be.

    • Anonymous

      Out – but I like the earrings and the makeup is really flattering.

    • Anonymous

      The issue is that horrible dress.  Ugh.

    • Anonymous

      That’s how I do my hair when I don’t want it to get wet in the bath..also, that shoulder ruffle is stealing her thunder….so OUT

    • Kary McGonigal Barrie

      OUT. Hate the dress, hate the hair, and HATE the talon-like nails. 

    • Anonymous

      Bitch looks amazing! IN.

    • Anonymous

      IN.  If for no other reason than this is the first time in memory that she hasn’t looked like a complete, tragic mess.  Everything actually fits, flatters, and suits her except the hair, and it’s not bad enough to merit an out.

      • Anonymous

        You have a point. I was going to giver her an out simply because of the dress. But you have persuaded me to vote her IN!

    • Anonymous

      the dress is interesting that it can sit in a museum or something, but when it is on people it is an OUT. While I love top-knots this is much too tight

    • Lauren Maier

      IN.  I actually like it, even with her hair pulled back so tight.  Her make-up needs some help, though.  

    • Anna Elizabeth

      The bodice looks like the cross-section of a cabbage. OUT.

    • Anonymous

      i’ll take the bag and the shoes, ATHANKYOU. also OUT.

    • Anonymous

      Fergie, I love you.  We are sooooo not worthy.  But this is not your dress.  And what’s up with the hair?  OUT

    • Anonymous

      Am I the only one who quite likes this? IN!!

    • Shawn Hill

      IN! But not even the model makes that skirt work.

    • Anonymous

      The dress itself doesn’t bother me, but Fergie honey, that is not your dress.  Plus that crazy little bun doesn’t look good on anyone.  This gets a resounding OUT from me.

    • amanda crow

      I like it. IN

    • M M

      Vegas showgirl and Ice Skater meets Vanna White. OUT. OUT. OUT.