In or Out: Emma Stone in Luca Luca

Posted on October 07, 2011

We’re a little torn over Emma Stone’s dress, you guys.

Emma Stone in Luca LucaEmma Stone attends the UK premiere of “The Help” in London, England in a Luca Luca dress paired with Brian Atwood shoes.

Luca Luca Spring 2012 CollectionLuca Luca Spring 2012 Collection

Emma Stone in Luca Luca

Emma Stone in Luca Luca

Emma Stone in Luca Luca

Emma Stone in Luca Luca

It’s undoubtedly dramatic and head-turning, right? But also way too Cruelle de Vil at the prom, right? And aren’t there one or two too many design elements, especially up top? Did we need the split sleeves, plus the drapey criss-crossing over what looks like a bustier? We have so many questions and it’s up to you to answer them for us.


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IN! Gorgeous, unique, and eye-catching!


Alexander Skarsgård’s poorly fitted YSL suit got a near-unanimous IN because the Bitter Kittens vote with their crotches. Tsk.

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  • NoNeinNyet


  • Anonymous

    I think that the problem is that she is wearing the split on the sleeve in the wrong place.  I think that it works better on the model because with the split showing the shoulders (as opposed to her upper arms), the rest of the bodice seems to have less separate elements.  and then the dress works way better.  Out as she is wearing it.

    • Bridget Smith

      It doesn’t help that she’s kind of hunched forward: adds to the illusion of there being lots of elements, plus gives her massive shoulders that she obviously doesn’t have. Rearrange the slits and roll her shoulders back, and I think it’d work a whole lot better.

      • Leslie Streeter

        Crazily hunched over, like she’s method-prepping for “Quasimodo: A Love Story.” Out.

        • Meira Niibori

          I think that’s partly because she’s working so hard to keep her hair over her shoulder.  It’s too short for that hairstyle, so it probably won’t stay without some care on her part.  She should have either pulled it back or just left it loose like the model – it’s a really stupid hair style anyway.  =)

      • Anonymous

        Completely agree. With the awful shoulder hunching going on it ruins the entire upper part of the dress. Esp. the arm slits.

    • ecallaw

      Exactly.  If it fell in the right place on her shoulders it would look way better.

    • Sara Frankart Finn

      I think it might be that it’s too big for her – doesn’t look like she’s as tall/long waisted as the model so there’s too much fabric up top and she’s swimming in it.  In on the model, Out on poor Emma

      • Anonymous

        Yes! It’s too big…as was her last RC dress, as I recall.  She is such a gorgeous actress (and talented too), so I can’t hold it against her.  Better than the problem that so many have-wearing a dress that is too small.  Lookin’ at you…well, almost everyone! :-)

    • Kate Gorton

      Looks like the skirt’s split is in the wrong place too.

      • accidental housewife

        Right. It looks as if she has the dress on sideways, if that’s possible.

  • Anplica Fiore

    Out – I’m surprised you 2 didn’t talk about the bugs on this dress like you did a few In Or Outs ago…

  • Liana Brooks

    Oh! What lovely red mermaid hair you have… Now what the [redacted] are you wearing? You’re a foot to short for that dress and it doesn’t suit you at all. OUT

  • Anonymous

    This would have been a total IN if it wasn’t for the sleeves. But I’m too distracted and my ADD has kicked in. Out. 

  • Anonymous

    No, no, no.  She looks uncomfortable, and so would I if I were forced to wear this.  OUT.

  • Urban Gypsy aka Tess

    It needs to be stripped of that upper portion and just have the simple white V necked blouse without all those distracting elements. Then it would be in. Now, striking though it may be, it’s out.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, what Tess said. Take the shrug with the odd shoulders off and it would be great. A nice black necklace or something emerald, perhaps?
      As it stands, OUT.

  • CQAussie

    YIPES.  Out.  Too much going on and it’s too long as well.  

  • vmcdanie

    IN. Just cause, I dunno. It might be just because I like Emma Stone and the polka dots are confusing me.

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this blog, it’s that some looks don’t translate off of the runway besides the obvious haute couture ones. This looked fine on the runway but it’s not totally working on that carpet. I will say to be as pale as she is, she looks surprisingly good in white.

  • Anonymous

    She looks really uncomfortable.

  • Anonymous

    The top of the dress lays right on the model, but on an actual human it just looks puffy and weird. A shame, too, because it has potential to be totally adorable. Have to give her an OUT. But I like where she was going with it. 

  • Anonymous

    Do you mean the Bitter Kittens gave Mr. Skarsgard an IN? It looked like that to me.

    • Tom and Lorenzo

      Yep. Fixed.

    • Tom and Lorenzo

      Yep. Fixed.

    • Cindi Williams

      I’ll give him more than an “IN”.

    • Cindi Williams

      I’ll give him more than an “IN”.

  • Anonymous

    I think this is a pretty great dress, but she’s just too small for it. OUT

  • Chloe Stabler

    I feel like it would’ve been so much better without the sleeves, or very minimal sleeves.  But in this case, it just adds awkward volume to her arms and shoulders.  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Out. SAVE THE PUPPIES!  The skirt is okay but the top is a hot mess.

  • Anna Maria Diamanti

    Too busy with design elements up top. The nonuniform black on white polka dots already give your eyes a workout, adding the holes and slits and crisscross just makes for a headache.

  • sweetlilvoice

    In, I like it! And least it’s interesting and not crotch length and shiny.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  It’s not her dress.

  • Joanna Schuth

    Would have been better with thirties-style flutter sleeves.

  • Cassie

    I’ll allow it, but I want to rip those sleeves right off.

  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    Oh how pretty this would have been without the sleeves.  

  • Anonymous

    First of all, I love that she’s back to being a redhead. Second, I love the dress on the model, but is it just me, or does the top just seem to fit strangely on Emma?

  • Anonymous

    it’s not the most flattering, and she’s not even really working it, but it’s fun and different.

  • Anonymous

    I think you guys had a bit of wishful thinking going on in the last line – I’m pretty sure Alexander Skarsgard was IN. :)

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I was going to say the same thing… that voting with our lady crotches let us to declare that twelve foot tall slab of Swedish manmeat a definite IN.

      As for Emma… well, the dress looks weirdly bulky on her up top, though I think that must be because she’s wearing it incorrectly… It doesn’t look that way on the model. I say IN because it’s different and if you just tugged the sleeves off her shoulders to where they were supposed to be, it would be perfectly flattering.

  • Cindi Williams

    Total Cruella-Cruella-de-Vil-if-she-doesn’t-scare-you-no-evil-thing-will Moment. Too bad, because I adore Emma Stone.

  • Judy S

    OUT–that is one ugly dress, and not her dress on top of it.

  • Anonymous

    I think you mean “got a near-unanimous in,” unless somewhere after I stopped reading the comments people began to find Skarsgard heinously unattractive.

    In other news, this dress is a mess. Head-turning, yes, but it only needed the gorgeous detailing with the dots; the business of the cut is way too much. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I hate the sleeves.  But she looks as pretty as anyone could possibly look in this dress.  I say IN.

  • Super Red

    I’m not so much in love with this dress on her. I like it on the model a heckuva lot better, which leads me to think that this just isn’t her dress. It’s a lot of dress, and it looks like it’s wearing her. So, I have to say OUT.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Too much going on from the belt up. That busy busy fabric screams out for a fairly streamlined design.

  • Anonymous

    O to the U to the T, OUT!

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Too much bunching up around the shoulders/neck. It could have been cute with less frou frou.

  • Anonymous

    I should love this… mad about black and white polka dots… but there is just too much going on up top…. just imagine that with a much simpler top and I think you’d have a winner!

  • Erin Nice

    I want to like it because I like Emma Stone so much, but it’s just not her dress. I don’t think it helps that she appears to be slouching a bit – the busy detailing on top screams for impeccable posture. It is, however, the model’s dress. I think it’s fabulous on the model. 

  • Anonymous

    Out. There’s something very wrong with the top–too much going on, too busy, and the sleeves are ick-worthy. Hate the mermaid hair. Another trend I’d like to see done away with.

    I hope she’s wearing red stilettos with this, and not black shoes. Which would be a capital offense.

  • Anonymous

    Out. Too much, and it’s a bad color for her. Sorry dear.

  • Anonymous

    Meh. I don’t like it, but overall she looks good, so I will give a reluctant IN.

  • Anonymous

    I really want to like this but it’s a little too much. A weak out.

  • Anonymous

    Out. There’s something very wrong with the top–too much going on, too busy, and the sleeves are ick-worthy. Also hate the mermaid hair. Another trend I’d like to see done away with.

    I hope she’s wearing red stilettos with that dress, because if she’s wearing black shoes, that’s a capital offense.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  She looks linebackerish with all the shoulder and upper embellishments.  Plus she’s super washed out and not in a fab, icy kind of way.  Just ghostlike. 

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE IT.  IN.

  • Laura Schultz

    Sigh. I want to like this and I do from the waist down, but the top is such a confusing mess. It seems to work on the model but maybe it’s because she’s as skinny as a clothes hangar and not a normal human, and she’s limiting her arm movement. OUT. 

  • MilaXX

    OUT! It’s too long, the white washes her out, the top is too busy and the makeup looks overdone.

  • Anonymous

    OUT, as much as it pains me. Too many elements and too much slouching.

  • Anonymous

    But for those sleeves, it would be a unanimous IN.  I’m not gonna kick her to the curb for one failed element.  She’s in. 

  • Anonymous

    I just think she’s too pale for this look. The model has, I don’t know, pinker skin? and that makes all the little slits and openings more interesting. On Emma they don’t look as intentional, and as a result the dress looks a little like it’s coming apart at the seams.

    All in all, I love the dress, and Emma’s hair and makeup are lovely, but this is an OUT.

  • Joyce VG

    OUT. This dress is a mess.

  • Anonymous

    She looks ridiculous. (I’m sorry Emma, I still wuv you)

  • bookish

    Can I give it an OUT for just personally disliking it? I think it’s silly looking…

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Looks like a shower curtain.

    Emma Stone is gorgeous, but I always think she looks better when she’s less made-up and less formally dressed.

  • Veronika Kaufmann

    If the dress were knee-length, there’d be less of it so better. As is, not so great.

  • Anonymous

    I like the bottom not the top.  Out.

  • narita_rayna

    OUT. i dont know how she manages to look so much older than she actually is.  shes too young & pretty to be dressing like a grande dame 😛

  • Anonymous

    Out. Maybe could have worked if it fit properly. As it is, it swallows her. And that lipstick is too harsh for her. 

  • Anonymous

    She looks as if she’s drowning in that dress!   

    Also, she’s slumping or hunching her shoulders forward or something distressing.  That dress needs to be worn with the shoulders back and the head high.     It’s just too much dress for her.   

    Also, hate the hair.  Hate.

  • oohsparkley!

    OUT.  Something about the shoulders, makes her look like she’s got a hunch-back or her shoulders are hunched up. I like it on the runway model. Maybe it’s just too big for her.

  • Anonymous

    I think if the right woman were *selling* this outfit, it could be alright. But on miss Emma here, it’s an OUT.

  • Kate Gorton

    I’d like to give her haircolor and the pattern an IN (so glad the blonde is over), and the weird sleeves and oddly-placed slit an OUT. In that last picture, the dress looks prettiest because you can’t see the weird slit, I think. Definitely eye-catching.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  The fabric is killah,,,but the shoulders are jacked up.  No shoe photos??  I wonder what she wore with this.  She looks beautiful though.  Definitely looks like a very happy, confident young woman.

  • Anonymous


  • Sara__B

    Lovely lady in the wrong dress. I’m not sure if it’s her posture, or if the jacket is simply pulled too far forward, but I don’t like the fit through her shoulders and chest. She looks hunched over and sloppy. I’d like to see her without the jacket, but until then, OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I think a neat and clean up-do would have finished the look. What’s with the natural granola girl hair?  That dress begs for a clean edge.

  • Anonymous

    I’m gonna stay neutral on this one, guys.  I love b/w fashion, and I really like the *idea* of this dress…just not sure about the execution.  I think  a fuller  skirt and a little less tortured bodice would have been better.

  • Anonymous

    Too much Dalmation, not enough Cruella.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  This seems like one of those “great on the runway for 5 minutes and awful in real life” dresses.

  • Alison McAfee

    yuck. outoutoutoutoutoutOUT.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet fancy Moses, what’s going on there?


  • Eric Scheirer Stott

    Liked those candy dots on paper if they came in liquorice.

  • Melanie S.

    Out.  And I also think it looks way better on the pristine white runway than on a busy red carpet.

  • Anonymous

    IN!  But not based on the pics in the post.  Here’s a better one to judge it by:

  • Anonymous


    too many cut outs to keep it flattering for her. it’d have been much more head-turning if the thigh slit were the only one.

  • AWStevens

    I need one of those to line my dog’s crate.  OUT!

  • Hellene Jakinovich

    OUT.  Looks like a spotty bedsheet.  And she’s too pale-skinned to rock that white.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    In.  I don’t love it, but she looks beautiful and it’s an improvement. 

  • Anonymous


  • Elena

    In. The top is a bit too strange but I think overall it works pretty well.

  • Anonymous

    As often happens, she’s adorable, not loving the dress.

  • Anonymous

    Wierd shoulder OUT.

  • Aly Light


  •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

    Weird.  Maybe it’s her height?  Somehow it doesn’t look quite so busy on the model.  I want to like it, but no. OUT.

  • Sorana Tarmu

    OUT, you fussy Cruella De Vill!

  • Anonymous

    It worked better on the model. It’s hella unflattering on Stone. OUT.

  • Megan Patterson

    Oh I didn’t realize there was a slit. I like it much, much better without the slit, which is in an awkward spot on her. But otherwise I like it.

  • Anonymous

    Go. For. A. Fitting.

    Pretty dress.  Somebody should have had the stones to get it altered to fit the wee pretty thing.  OUT.

  • Anonymous


    Maybe it’s an interesting dress, but it’s awful on her.

  • RMJ12345

    FIt looks poor to me, and the makeup isn’t right for her coloring. Out.

  • Manon Eileen

    Oof no, too much!

  • Anonymous

    OUT – Too long.

  • Anonymous

    She looks great. Her dress does not. OUT.

  • Vickie Lord

    IN! Gorgeous, unique, and eye-catching!

  • Christy Cricow

    She looks like a lump. Not an easy dress to wear, I imagine. Out.

  • Wrenaria

    I like her from the waist down, and the neck up. I just don’t get the torso. Out.

  • Anonymous

    She looks terrific – like a dazzling young Joan Crawford.

  • Anonymous

    Too much Disney in this look…with the dalmatian dress AND the mermaid hair.  I also hate the color of her lip.  OUT!

  • JaneM

    I love the dress. I don’t love it on her.

  • Jennifer Coleman

    No, no, no. Not a dress for anyone without a swan neck, bony shoulders, long torso and 6′ frame. Those sleeves make her look hunchbacked and the least they could’ve done is hem the dang thing. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    The dress seems to hang funny on her arms and chest.  I think she is lovely, but this is an OUT.

  • Grace Ritt

    IN. I love it.

  • Robert Sanchez

    Too dalmation-y. If there were fewer spots and they were concentrated closer to the upper part of the skirt instead of spilling haphazardly down the skirt, it might look better. Out for me.

  • Anonymous

    It’s just not her dress. I love it on the model, but it just doesn’t work on Emma.
    She’s not a heavy girl by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s making her look a little heavy. I think you have to be model thin/tall to wear this dress.

  • Lisa

    I thought it was very Cruella DeVille, ha ha!  But I do think she looks good – IN!

  • Anonymous

    Honey, this is not your dress. Out.

  • nancy

    OUT, that’s a whole lotta look there. And the spots are hurting my eyes! 

  • Anonymous

    IN.  Repeat, IN

  • Leslie Streeter


  • Anonymous

    OUT, for sure.

  • Rachelle Neame

    I am not impressed with the hair. Dearest Emma, why would you attempt the mermaid over-shoulder hair with an already top-fussy gown? AND when your hair is too short for it?

    But, DAMN, I do quite think she’s lovely. So I abstain?

    Nah- I can’t do that. Sorry Emma, but you are out.

  • Summer Born

    OUT – the poor, poor puppies.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to swim against the current here and declare this look IN.

    It would work better as a dress cut above the knee though.

  • aimee_parrott

    Ooh… no, honey.  It’s not doing a thing for her.  OUT.

  • Claudia Fernandes

    how do you know it is brian atwood shoes?? anyaway, out!

  • Mary McClelland

    She wears faaar too much heavy make-up for her complexion and age. Very distracting. Also, the hair is ridiculous. I think it’s an out. White washes her out and it looks ill-fitted. I love it on the model. It just doesn’t work on Emma. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t really hate it, but I’m not loving it either. She needs to push her damn hair back off her shoulder for one thing. Seeing the runway pic makes me vote Out for Emma. I just doesn’t work on her. Like the dress, though.

  • Natasha Ann

    Eh. OUT I guess but the dress doesn’t really look as over designed on the model as it does on her.

  • Isana Leshchinskaya

    ininin. screw it, total WERQ

  • Merneith

    Out. The drapey, criss-crossy, thingy of a bodice is making her look kinda hunchbacked and slightly bloated.

  • Anonymous

    I want to like this dress. I love a crispy black and white frock, but I don’t. I feel like somebody needs to get behind her and yank the top down a bit – it looks displaced and rumpled around the shoulder area. Sorry…OUT. I think the make-up and hair (even though I don’t usually like the swept-to-one-side look) are really pretty.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t like it. Out.

  • Nicole Walraven

    classic case of a dress wearing a girl. outs.

  • R. L.

    Out, definitely out.  All I notice is the dress and she’s a beautiful woman.

  • Anonymous

    It’s WAY too long; it bunches unflatteringly. But the biggest problem is that the dress is wearing her. She’s not owning it. I, OTOH, could WERQ that shit.


  • Maria McGarry


  • Maria McGarry


  • Elizabeth Rust

    OUT.  I don’t care for the dress in general (not wild about polka dots), but on her, especially when she’s slumping, it looks as though she’s been wrapped in toilet paper and decorated with Magic Marker. [If she were posing as if she adored the look, it might not seem so bad, but as it is…]


  • Jen Freeman

    Love the dress. Hate it on her.  Too pale and washed out.  The light in the pics look over exposed, and I  think its because the color of the dress is just so WHITE against her porcelain skin.  And its way too long.


  • Anonymous

    I’m already tired of split sleeves. If the dots were arranged better, I’d probably give her an In, but as is the dress doesn’t really work and she doesn’t seem all that confident about wearing it. Nice try, Emma, but ya gotta commit to the outfit.

  • Anonymous


  • { edi } ilovetrash

    but had it just one or two fewer design elements {exeunt les spots, for example} it woulda looked a whole hella lotta better than the other one.

  • Karen Stephens Bassett

    Definitely Dalmatianish.

  • Celia

    Haaaaaate it on her. That dress needs a woman with major height to pull off all that draping and slits everywhere.

  • Catherine Rhodes

    The dress is eating her alive. OUT.

    As for voting for Alexander Skarsgard with our crotches — is there any other way? How the hell do you two make decisions?

  • Ass Kicking Adviser

    I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it. Why are the sleeves so much poofier on Emma? Too much dress for such a young pretty gal. OUT

  • Marissa

    OUT. On the model it makes so much sense, but there’s something majorly off about the dress on Emma.

  • Anonymous

    I love the girl so this is an unfortunate OUT. Way too unflattering up top and the make up isn’t great either.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Out. I think she has just run out of Red Carpet Mojo!! She needs a break until Oscar time.

  • Jessica Ballinger

    Out.  All that you said, plus the white REALLY washes her out.

  • Anonymous

    OUT……who spit watermelon seeds all over her dress?

  • Sara Munoz

    OMG that is just realllllly ugly. OUT! But I love that she went back to red hair.

  • Alexander Peterhans

    Yes, instant first thought is “One Hundred And One Dalmatians”. Which is a personal childhood favourite, but it does make this an OUT.

  • Anonymous

    OUT, it doesn’t fit her.  She really needs to lay off the white too.  

  • Leonardo Alves

    SO OUT

  • Anonymous

    I did NOT vote with my crotch!… Oh, alright, maybe I did. But considering how sloppy and half arsed so many men look on the red carpet, I still think Alexander looked excellent by comparison.

    Moving on to Emma. This girl needs an intervention, I think. She obviously likes unusual dresses but they rarely work for her. This dress is eye catching for all the wrong reasons. It’s ugly and it fits her badly. OUT! Get a gay, Stone.

  • Anonymous

    Out. Love her, but the dress looks a lot bulkier in the shoulders on her than it does on the model, and bulky shoulders is not a good thing. Mostly she looks uncomfortable and clunky. Don’t hide your light under an overly complicated ocelot dress, Emma Stone!

  • accidental housewife

    That’s a cool-ass dress, but she’s not exhibiting the attitude to pull it off. Plus, mermaid hair. OUT

  • tom markiewicz


  • Anonymous

    In on the model. Out on her

  • akprincess72

    That is NOT her dress…

  • Anonymous

    Nooooooooo, no, no.  Everything about it looks weird.  The slits in the sleeves, the slit in the skirt, the awkward and unflattering draping all over the torso… a strong OUT.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. A million times better on the model but still not wild about it. Poor puppies.

  • Anonymous

    Out, perhaps she should use that serum you see in commericals with the dalmin puppy

  • UltimaEsperenza

    She put it on incorrectly.
      Hence, the out….

  • Anonymous

    Dramatic & head turning are not always good things.  OUT.

  • Charlotte Horseman

    Out.  Bad posture… and she doesn’t look very comfortable or confident in this dress (look at her hands)

    Agree with others – on the model/posing – this dress is really fun, but she didn’t pull it off.

  • Christopher

    out,  how many puppies died for that dress?

  • Addicted2Glamour

    This dress is crying out for some editing. Less is more, Luca Luca. Less is more. OUT.

  • Jillian Liszewski

    The split sleeves are the only thing keeping this from being in.  Shame, cause it is both out there and fun; killing small animals makes you a jerk for sure, but Cruella’s look was pretty fierce otherwise.  

  • Kaylise Algrim

    Super in

  • Anonymous

    The split sleeves really ruin this dress.  And the print is making me think of large black bugs swarming all over her…….ugh.  OUT.

  • Vera

    Way too much going on. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Out…reminds me of refrigerator mold.

  • Anonymous

    Out – its wearing her. Looks like a couple of bags on some bad posture.

  • Anonymous

    Love Emma, I’m almost on the fence. But ‘how many puppies died for this, you bitch?’ took me over the line. Howling! OUT.

  • Kathleen Gillies

    This needs a hemming. And lose the sleeves.

  • Aaron

    Out.  I agree that there are far too many style elements on the top.  The ombré effect of the dots could be really stunning if it wasn’t competing with so many other things.  

  • elzatelzabelz

    In because she has the most gorgeous hair evah. I can pretty much forgive the polka dottiness because her gorgeous hair is so distracting.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a runway dress. Looks dopey on the red carpet.

  • Lipton

    It’s riding the line of being too much for her to handle, but I love Emma Stone so much and she’s posing so fiercely that she has to be IN.

  • Anonymous

    Runway dress. Looks good in motion but sort of drippy-spotty just standing there. Not really her fault, though. Maybe she made a terrific entrance!

  • Rachel Lee

    Nnnnnnooooooooo. I’ll tell you what’s the problem with this. I’m studying microbiology now, that is bacteria and all that jazz. I took one look at this and thought COCCI (pronounced cock-eye). Anything that makes me think ‘bacteria’, and worse, ‘cock’ is an immediate OUT. 

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t like *bad* but yes, way too Cruelle de Vil at the prom. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Almost an in–the sleeves are the last straw, though.  I do like the dress otherwise–almost, but not quite, cruella–I do think she’s wearing too much makeup, though–distracting.

  • Jessica Kyler

    In. I think she works it well, and despite the odd slits in odd places, I think they don’t detract from how stunning she looks in that dress. Slightly edgy, just like her.

  • ShawnH

    Out, sorry Emma! Busy in all the wrong ways, despite your favorite colors of black and white.

  • Anonymous

    The top of that thing is a friggin mess. OUT!