In or Out: Elizabeth Olsen in Preen & Helmut Lang

Posted on October 20, 2011

We’ve secretly replaced your regular Olsen with the new Elizabeth Olsen with flavor crystals! Let’s see if anyone notices.

Elizabeth Olsen in Preen and Helmut LangElizabeth Olsen attends screening of “Martha Marcy May Marlene” during 34th Annual Mill Valley Film Festival in top and skirt by Preen, Jacket by Helmut Lang, and shoes by Chloe.

Elizabeth Olsen in Preen and Helmut LangPreen Print Funnel Skirt, Helmut Lang Eon Wool Leather Sleeve Jacket

Elizabeth Olsen in Preen and Helmut Lang

Elizabeth Olsen in Preen and Helmut Lang

Look at that sporty little Olsen! Look at that Olsen mixing and matching pieces to great effect! Look at those Olsen feet sporting those cute little oxfords! In case you can’t tell, we think she looks great. Mostly. Love the jacket, skirt and shoes. We’re thinking that high-collared blouse is just a bit too high-collared, an effect only worsened by the heavy necklace. But that’s not the worst mistake in the world. Judging by the background folks, it was a chilly night in Mill Valley. And besides, the overall effect is so cute, youthful, and put-together that we can’t really spend much time focusing on the one weak point. Love this look.


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IN! I didn’t know an Olsen could be so perky!

OUT! I like my Olsens looking like 80-year-old socialites, thank you very much.


The minions argued the merits of Jessica Alba’s droopy boob shirt, but ultimately the vote came down to OUT. No such arguing when it came to Madeleine Stowe lingerie look. The Victoria Grayson fans rose up as one and shouted I AM GOING TO DESTROY YOU!” to anyone who dared to even think of voting her out, leaving the final tally a firm IN.

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  • I think the proportions are weird, so it’s an out for me.

    • Allyson Wells

      I agree about the proportions… I think it would be better if that jacket was a tad shorter on her. Overall very cute though! IN

      • Ya completely agree – the proportions are weird and make her look older than she is. That’s been the case with everything she’s been wearing.

    • That neckline is choking me.

      Same thing with the last time TLo featured her: is she hiding a goiter?

      It also makes her head appear to be floating over her outfit like a balloon.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe the Olsens are genetically programmed to hide their necks.

      • Anonymous

        haha! i thought the same thing. 

  • Anonymous

    IN!!!! love the shoes and the skirt, i agree with everything you said 🙂

  • Anonymous

    adorable (minus the high collar as you said)

  • I love the shoes! Why does this girl insist on wearing outfits that do weird things to her neck?

  • Anonymous

    While I vastly prefer the Olson 2.0 model I think this look needs a more tailored jacket. Also the shirt is a bit bulky fo my taste.

    • Cathy S

      Yeah, that shirt is hanging in weird folds and I don’t like that jacket with it. Almost, but Out.

  • Anonymous

    IN. Not in love with it but there’s more good than bad. And she doesn’t look forty!

  • OMG, could it be? An Olsen sister dressing her age?!

  • Anonymous

    IN!  She’s cute and her makeup (while a little heavy) looks beautiful in the profile picture.  

  • Anonymous

    Oh, you guys are just too funny. Whenever I feel bad about being older than the average Bitter Kitten, you throw out a cultural reference that actually makes me feel hip!

    I raise my glass of morning coffee to you (sans Taster’s Choice flavor crystals, thank goodness)!

    The Olsen child is cute and age-appropriate and best of all, not a twin.

    • ps. i bet you arent older than the average kittenminion. dont feel so bad.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t worry; you are not alone. There are a few of us here who have left the Kitten years behind and are firmly Bitter Cats.
      I still remember that series of cheesy Taster’s Choice “relationship” commercials with Anthony Head…

      • To think there was a time when Anthony Head annoyed me.

        Another Bitter Cat right here, although “bitter kitten” sounds so much cuter.

        • Anonymous

          Maybe we should be Bitter Kats. At least we would sound more Kool.

          • Or like Kardashians.

        • Anonymous

          Bitter Cat! Party of One!

          I had forgotten that series of commercials with Anthony Head! I guess it turned out OK because he ended up with Buffy.

          I am so impressed with the knowledge in the commentariat. Yes, Folger’s it was, not Taster’s Choice.

          Thank you to all of the Cats out there. Meow. Spit. Spit. Hiss. Purr…

    • it was Folgers crystals but those TC commericals were great

      • Anonymous

        I still die laughing over the SNL spoof of the Folgers commercials, where they secretly replaced blood and IV fluid in a hospital with Folgers crystals. I will say that I vaguely remember being way too young to be allowed to watch the show or stay up that late.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, the coffee switch was Folger’s Crystals, which makes it even more delicious since Folger’s once had a figurehead named Mrs. Olsen.

      • Anonymous

        Wow, I had forgotten about Mrs. Olsen but your reference brought her, and her Heidi-esque braid on top of the head hairstyle, right back.  Thanks, MoHub!

      • Anonymous

        Nice catch MoHub!

    • Anonymous

      The many of us who remember waaay earlier coffee ads than the ‘flavor crystals’ series probably make you at least a Bitter Teen Kitten. (I remember Mrs. Olsen saving marriages by the score by hooking young wives up with Folger’s)

  • Anonymous

    No no no no no no no no.  Boxy jacket over ugly shirt over too long skirt with mismatched shoes.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah. What Miss Fern said. OUT!

      • Mostly agree. I like the individual pieces, but they’re not working together. And I don’t like the color of the shoes. But at least she dresses like a young woman instead of a dowager. The slightest of OUTs.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not crazy about the skirt or the top, but I love the jacket. What the heck, it’s an IN just because it’s nice to see an Olsen who does not look like a homeless person.

  • Hate the shoes. Like the skirt. Ambivalent on the top. It’s a better look than Olsons usually pull together but it still feels slightly old, especially with the funky Christmas tree tinsel necklace/scarf thing.  Overall, an improvement but still an OUT.

  • Anonymous

    i am sorry but i have to say OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I feel claustrophobic for her neck, but those cute little shoes outweigh that. IN.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    IN, but the neck is an issue. Especially because this is the second time in a row she’s done that to herself, remember her in that Alexander McQueen?

  • the jacket’s great, the necklace for some reason looks like she took a glitter pen & wrote in great, bold strikes all around her neck. the skirt should never have been made, i had almost identical shoes c1980. i do prefer my olsons looking like eighty year old socialites cos then they look like nobody else but one another & when they look like that, they look like theyve developed a secret twin language that no one can decipher but themselves. & maybe they have. i’m always all for creativity, sometimes especially in the face of perkiness.

  • Anonymous

    The proportions look weird to me pretty much all ’round, but they’re all good pieces and she looks pulled-together.  In.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    In.  She looks really lovely.  Love the colors.

  • What are you talking about? This is ugly, ugly, ugly. Not only is it pure 80’s but half came out of my closet, and half out of my mom’s. Not working for me at all. OUT!!

  • Sorry, guys, not with you on this one. Hate the Oxfords, and think all of the pieces don’t match to great effect. Great pieces, though, that I agree with. And that collar and necklace – so not working. Out.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but I don’t see youthful. She still looks 35 to me, which isn’t old but is 15+ years more than her actual age. She also looks like she’s on her way to work at the library or as a file clerk.

    Still, that makes her look stunning compared to her sisters, Bag Lady and Crazy Cat Lady Olsen.

    • I was wondering if I was the only one who felt that way! I mean, she doesn’t look 80, but to me she looks 40. OUT.

      • Anonymous

        You’re not the only one (or two) who thinks this is kind of a mess.  Most of the parts are fine, but the sum of those parts is kind of a mess.  I hate hate hate that blouse and it’s strangling collar, and that necklace just makes her look old, and not in a good way.  I give her points for not looking insane like her sisters, but that doesn’t add up to something I want to validate.  OUT!

        • suz72350

          OUT. The parts work, but put together it’s a hot mess.

    • Anonymous

      I agree.  I feel like a lot of the time, she actually looks OLDER than the Olsen twins.  Which is kind of ridiculous.  I feel like the twins dress like they’re 80 but they don’t actually look old.  Whereas, I feel like Elizabeth Olsen’s face always looks older… maybe it’s her make up?  I’m not even sure…

  • Anonymous

    OK, let’s stop messing around. This healthy-looking, smiling, upbeat sort of person is not an Olsen, is she?  It doesn’t seem possible.

    I second the TLo reservation about the bulky collar and necklace, and other than that?  She looks terrific. I especially love the skirt and shoes.

    Big smiley IN!

  • Anonymous

    In!  I think she is one who can get away with almost anything.

  • OUT.   I don’t like a single piece of this outfit separately and it’s even worse all together.

  • Anonymous

    IN! So cute and perky who could resist? Not me.

  • I will give her a slight in.  The jacket is a trifle too big in the shoulders and clearly too long in the sleeve.  Other than that. I’m on board.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    It is rather mismatched, but I’ll give her an in for dressing closer to her age.

  • Anonymous

    It’s all about grading on a curve here: We have to give her an IN simply for not looking like her Children Of The Corn sisters, don’t we?
    And she’s even smiling. Who know the Olsen’s had teeth!


  • Anonymous

    I like all the pieces individually and collectively they’re working well enough. With this many moving parts it’d be tough to pull off perfectly. IN

  • She is pretty cute but I agree about the high collar.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, shouldn’t she be shilling for her sisters’ Elizabeth and James line at these events? They did name it after her (and their brother, who does not seem to be photographed ever).  

  • In – although I really don’t like the jacket here.

  • She looks great! High collar isn’t my favorite, but she still gets an IN! Now go give your sisters some lessons!

  • She looks like a well-dressed mortal.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm, maybe not, but she sure is cute.

  • Alyssa Stanfield

    In…she’s showing the most personality of an Olson since the twins stopped acting! And that can make an outfit work!

  • Anonymous

    It is certainly a vast improvment over her allegedly “stylish designer” sisters.  She looks very nice for this event, the necklace is a bit heavy for my taste but over all, looks good.  I still think she looks like MK&A’s older sister but still prettier.

  • In-ish? I think she looks quite pretty and I like the pieces separately…but together it’s a lotta look, to quote Mr. Gunn.

  • Love the shoes.  Like the skirt.  Don’t much care for the ensemble.

  • Anonymous

    IN! It’s cute and I love the black and blue combination. Her sisters could take a lesson or two from her. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m really sad that this gorgeous woman has such terrible style. It really makes me weep.


  • Onika K Morris-Alleyne

    That skirt is tragique. OUT.

  • MilaXX

    IN, she looks young and cute

  • spooki C

    That skirt needs to be burned, a simple burial just won’t suffice here. That uneven hem is probably intentional but it just looks awful and poorly made… like something you’d get kicked off PR for!

  • Judy_J

    I can’t get behind this.  That high collar combined with the heavy jewelry make her look like she has no neck. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care for the skirt at all, but I think she’s more put together than her sisters.  So, in.

    • Anonymous

      True enough, but that’s setting the bar mighty low 🙂

  • IN. She looks like a real live person here. She even seems to be enjoying herself.

  • Sigrid Harris

    In. That skirt is fabulous, and she looks adorable.

  • Anonymous

    She’s adorable! IN.

  • I don’t like the skirt but I agree with you that she looks cute and put-together, in a very youthful and “normal” way. Though I think that most girls could put that outfit together a lot cheaper…. IN

  • Anonymous

    I was going to say IN as I think she looks really cute … but then I noticed it’s a damn Frankenstein skirt! And on the model the mismatched pieces aren’t even the same length!!!! Didn’t TLo do a post not too long ago begging for the identity crisis dresses to stop? Oh well, I will still give her an IN because I do like the look on her.

    This is the third post in two weeks of the baby Olsen and I wonder if she has issues exposing skin on her chest or something because all of the outfits have had high or higher necklines. Also, her boobs look a little droopy, I think she needs a better bra. Of course it’s refreshing to see an Olsen who actually needs a bra in the first place.

  • She’s so cute.  It’s weird to see that the Addam’s family twins have such a perky sibling.  

  • Joanna Schuth


  • Anonymous

    IN, love seeing an Olsen that takes risks in fashion. She needs to give her sisters a lesson or two.

  • Anonymous

    In, in, in. Not wild about the skirt but the rest is just adorable–age appropriate as well. I often chastise myself for ridiculing the twins so badly–something really awful must have happened to them early in their lives to make them such sad, aged little two-ones. Those that have commented previously–yes she should become her sisters’ stylist.

  • Oooooh, I may just have too little fashion forwardness (I think Viktor and Bert are perfect), but I really hate every single piece of this outfit, separate or together. The jacket is OKAY, MAYBE. OUT.

  • Anonymous


    I like the jacket, I wish she had zipped it up and ditched the high collar.

  • Anonymous

     So sorry, but Out. (Props for being the peppy Olson… But it’s that collar and necklace. I’m suffocating just looking at it.)

  • IN. Definitely in. It wouldn’t probably be in on anybody else, but the Olsons need positive reinforcement, and considering that everything she is wearing fits her and doesn’t make her look like a tiny homeless 80-year-old Rachel Zoe… IN.

  • Overall, I love this look.  I hate those shoes, not because it’s her or the color, just in general.  They terrify me; they give me this creepy, institutional, Nurse Ratched kind of vibe.  But my own personal psychoses aside Ms. Olsen looks fresh, perky, age appropriate, and 75% of her body weight isn’t coming from eye make-up.  So what’s not to love?  IN!

  • Anonymous

    all good, to me. i even like the tinsel necklace and high collar, because it surprised me. Love the blue palette & her makeup. In.

  • Love it. Love – and admire – the mixing and matching when it’s done well. Certainly not something the bulk of the starlets seem to be able to pull off. Or rather they never even try. IN

  • Josefina Madariaga

    Hate the Frankenskirt, but the whole look is lovely. IN.

  • ….TLo…She looks like a mom in a boxy jacket and a turtle neck. OUT OUT OUT

    • M M

      brings back memories of my career mother in the late 80s :o|

  • Anonymous

    I remember this episode of House of Style from years ago where some girl suggested cutting up mens boxers and making a skirt out of them. Apparently Elizabeth Olson found the skirt. 

  • Anonymous

    Out.  The high neck, terrible necklace and overly complex jacket outweigh the cute skirt and the color.  This is definitely a case where she should have taken off one item (or two) before leaving the house.   Jacket and skirt are fighting by both being complex, and you add the top and it’s too much.

  • Anonymous

    IN!. Look at that Olsen smiling! I’ve never seen an Olsen girl smiling before.

  • The high collar/necklace combo are also giving me the chokes, but otherwise, EO looks adorable! No homeless grandma Dickensian wraith like the sisters. 

  • M M

    OUT! I’m sure she has raided my mother’s closet.

  • Anonymous

    Fine if she’s running errands.  Not so fine on a red carpet.


    • M M

      Red carpet?? I hadn’t even realized! Oh no. Just no.

      • Alisa Rivera

        It’s a casual red carpet. Look at the folks behind her.

  • Gotta say, I’m not seeing it either – Out, says this voter.

  • bookish

    I think she is so adorable and really love the smile. IN

  • Anonymous

    Out, but barely. I like all the pieces but not together.

    The high-neck blouse with the noose of a necklace is giving me a panic attack just looking at it. That was what sent it into Out territory.

    I LOVE the shoes.

  • Anonymous

    I wish she weren’t wearing a Christmas decoration around her neck, but otherwise it’s terrific.  IN!

  • Sara__B

    In, despite the no-neck look.

  • OUT… because she does look like her sisters.  I’m not seeing anything youthful here except the length of her skirt.

  • Anonymous

    Just to support the improvement over last time: IN

  • Anonymous


    I was originally going to pass on this, first thought was MEH, but it just looks so haphazard for the RC, that I was swayed to the side of OUT after further review.  I hate the schizophrenic skirt.  The collar and necklace does look too high and choking…makes me uncomfortable.  Speaking of uncomfortable…those shoes with no socks/stockings/tights …eww & no.  Her hair and makeup are disasters.  I also really dislike the pairing of the jacket with the outfit, although I kind of like the jacket.  yep…OUT.

  • Anonymous

    She, personally, is cute.
    The jacket is cute.
    The shoes are cute.
    The skirt is maybe, kind of cute.
    Makeup fun.
    Necklace fun.
    Hair perfectly o.k. for the event, adds to her innate cute.

    The shirt.
    The shirt is unflattering and doesn’t look as if it fits right. So rumply. So bulky. So awkward looking.


    I am calling her in only because I can’t in good conscience call so many items of cute, cumulatively, out, at a casual event.

    But ya know, I want to.


  • Anonymous

    It looks as if she got dressed by picking up stray items off the floor of her closet.  Out.

  • Anonymous

    i’m on the fence here .  that jacket is SLAMMIN’ and paired with that skirt it’s appropriate for the mill valley red carpet, which is pretty casual.  but the high neck area looks like someone is strangling her from behind, and the necklace itself is hideous- ripped from an aluminum christmas tree at woolworth’s.  and i am NOT loving those shoes.  the color is just pukey, especially next to the blue.  just barely an in, cause she is rockin that jacket like a norcal girl.

  • aimee_parrott

    Hm… I don’t love the blouse, the skirt’s only so-so.  But I love the jacket, love the hair and makeup, and overall she looks so fresh and pretty that I’m giving her an IN.

  • Aly Light


  • Anonymous

    I prefer this Olsen, she doesn’t look like Cousin It.  

  • Anonymous

    Rachel Zoe also looks like Cousin It–  YUCK. 

  • I keep getting excited and thinking it’s going to be Elizabeth Moss because of Peggy Olson.

  • How refreshing.  A young actress without  her boobs and/or hoohaw shouting “check this out!”  IN.

  • IN. I’m so glad she’s not Amish.

  • I think she is just too cute for words. IN. and love those shoes!

  • Anonymous

    IN–AND she’s left a little fat in her face, unlike her very gaunt sisters!

  • agreed, proportions are weird. but i have to say, ive never been a fan of the olsens because they look like older versions of RZ..but this girl is def becoming a breath of fresh air for the olsen name.

  • Anonymous

    It’s hard not to notice. This Olsen is actually capable of smiling.
    She’s cute, but I don’t love the outfit. It has a dressed-in-the-dark vibe about it to me. Sloppy and thrown together in an unflattering way.

  • Anonymous

    What? No. OUT. Haphazard and busy, and kind of aging. Looks like somebody’s idea of a quirky, free-thinking 80s business-woman.

  • Anonymous

    It is the time of year were it gets chilly in the evenings in the Bay Area. So, a pass for covering up.  It just looks a little too much like she raided her sister’s closets. I’m seeing a little color on this one. So I have hope she finds her own style. The heavy neck is driving me crazy. OUT

  • Agree with you on the neckline, and a better hairstyle (any hairstyle, really) would have pushed this up to fabulous. Still, a solid IN.

  • CQAussie

    The only thing going well for me in this outfit is the jacket.  Every other element hurts my eyes.  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    She’s adorable!

  • Anonymous

    in.  i think she looks super cute.  i am not in love with those shoes.  in fact the more i look at them the more i actively dislike them.  and i am wondering about her propensity to wear stuff around her neck that makes her look oddly proportioned, but aside from the ugly shoes and odd necklace i think she looks great.

  • Anonymous

    UGH. NO. Really?? I might like any of the pieces separately, but together it’s such a wreck, I can’t even break anything down. 80-yo socialite has nothing to do with it.

    • Anonymous

      totally agree, this outfit is simply not cute in any way.  And her hair is a mess.  That’s how I wear my hair on days that I am running late and don’t have time to dry it.  I would think she would have made some time to look nice.  The skirt is ugly, the blouse is ugly, the shoes are UGLY, and the jacket looks like a letterman’s jacket without the letter. 

  • Anonymous

    Overall, IN. That blouse, however, OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful skirt. Cool shoes. I almost like the jacket but it looks several sizes too large for her, judging from the length of the sleeves. The blouse is a problem. 

  • Anonymous

    I must disagree. There’s too much incongruity going on here. That high collar could only be mumsier if she wore a cameo pin instead of that heavy choker. That business is fugly all by itself, but contrasting with the cute skirt just makes it worse.

    We can’t see much of the blouse under the jacket, but what my imagination is filling in, based on the funny way it’s tucked into the skirt, is not attractive.

    I love the jacket, but not with that top. The skirt is adorable, and would work with either the top or the jacket, but not both.

    I like the idea of gray shoes with this, but that’s the wrong gray. This needs a cool gray, not a warm gray, and definitely not shiny gray.

    But for me it all boils down to that fug going on around her neck. That alone forces me to give her an OUT.

  • Out from me. Don’t care for the cut of that jacket….

  • The more I look at this, the more I think the super-high collar was a smart choice.  She doesn’t look like a starlet, and she certainly doesn’t look like her sisters.  She looks like Faye Dunaway.

  • Anonymous

    Shallow comment: she is so much prettier than her sisters! However, I’m not sure she’s aware that she has a short neck. If she were, she wouldn’t wear that collar.

    Nevertheless, an IN for me because she looks so interesting and cool.

  • Anonymous

    It looks much better up close than from afar, and it’s true she looks so perky! An IN, because even though she does not pull off the high collar, everything else is great.

  • that shirt is three kinds of fug and the jacket looks like it’s two sizes big for her. But I vote IN, since she does look young and inexperienced, especially compared to her crazy relatives.

  • Anonymous

    After years of looking at her sisters’ weird facial expressions, this gal is a breath of fresh air. I also think the outfit is cuter than hell. IN.

  • Mariah J

    I think its really cute and interesting. IN

  • Nicole Merrill

    IN; I love it 😀

  • Anonymous

    The silly high neck on this look and the one you highlighted earlier this week makes me think that she’s trying to hide a hickey.  I would suggest she try a scarf next time – out.

    Although I must add that based on early reviews of her movie, we’ll be able to tell her apart from her sisters with relative ease since it apprears she can actually act.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. She looks like she rolled out of bed and put whatever was at hand on.

  • Out. Proportions are weird, the high collar is unflattering and too much, the jacket doesn’t work with the outfit, and the shirt looks all mussed and wonky underneath it. Plus the skirt is sort of droopy. I’m surprised by you, TLo, usually you are so right on.

  • Anonymous

    OUT! Gee who not pull that skirt right up over your boobs Erkel!?

  • Anonymous

    There’s more than two Olsens?

  • Anonymous

    I like it!  I really like lady oxfords….  IN.

  • Anonymous

    Really? You really think she looks great in here? Because to me, she’s full-on fug. OUT.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Lord save us from Olsen red carpet duck face. The pieces are cute except for the high-collared shirt which is so aggressively non-cute it ruins the skirt, shoes, and jacket for me. OUT.

  • IN.  She still looks really cute, and great in that blue — but I think it’s a little busy for me.  But she’s still dressing better than the twins any day.

  • Kate Pearce

    Um, actually my first thought was a youthful, very youthful Hilary Clinton, But overall I like it. IN

  • Bits and pieces could have been improved, but overall this is definitely an IN. (Hey, we grade on a curve sometimes, yes?)

  • Anonymous

    She looks cute, and her makeup actually doesn’t age her.  I showed my husband the picture of her a few days ago where she looked *so* old and asked him how old he thought she was, and he guessed a woman in her 40s trying — and failing — to look younger.  Eek!  So it’s nice to see her actually look like she’s 21, and wearing clothes that a 21-year-old can get away with on a chilly evening.  A provisional IN, although as has been pointed out, there is still plenty of room for improvement.

  • Anonymous

    The last dress you covered for her also had a super high neckline–I wonder what’s going on there??

  • IN!  I love her for this!

  • I think you’re grading on a curve, a terrible Olson taste curve. She is totally OUT, hate the bipolar skirt and THAT COLLAR! ugh.

  • Anonymous

    She looks 10 years younger.  I guess 30 is the new 20!

    Seriously, the girl is OUT.  Out to lunch…out to dry…out of left field…whatever.  She’s 20 years old and should not be dressing like SpinsterCatLady goes out on a date.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  I just did the family genome and the Olsens are lacking the ‘Fashion discernment” gene.  So tragic.

  • Anonymous

    …You’re kidding, right? She looks a half-century older than she is and the proportions are messed up.

  • OUT

  • No no no!! Someone is playing a trick on us and she’s actually 35, right? HATE everything on the top half of her body. OUT!!!

  • p. clementine

    Is it just me, or do all of her choices look too big for her?

  • In a Dolly Parton voice: LOOK y’all!  It’s the skirt of many colors! 

    REALLY TLo?  This outfit is vintage all the WRONG years.  The shoes look 1983, the skirt looks 1973 (think “Love Story”), the shirt is just wealthy dowager NASTY, and the leather jacket is back to 1983…  OOOOOOOUUUT!

  • Alloy Jane

    She’s totally dressed like an age-ed socialite.  That turtleneck with that jacket AND grandma’s comforter set turned skirt AAAAAND those oxfords?  She’s like a Mel Brooks character or something.  Honestly, I don’t think I could ever get behind that skirt or top.  The oxfords and jacket in a different context–but not together–would be much more youthful, I think.

  • Anonymous

    I like all the pieces individually but I’m not so sure I like them together.
    Still, she doesn’t look like an 80 year old socialite so for an Olsen that’s an IN.

  • Anonymous

    I’m tired of grading on a curve. Out.

  • She’s cute and looks put together, waaaay more so than her big sisters ever did, so that’s an automatic IN from me!

  • Hate the schizophrenic skirt.  Pick either material & go with it.

  • In. She looks good although I hate that skirt taken on its own. The oxfords are super cute.

  • I would have liked it if the color scheme wasn’t so bla. And the collar and necklace still makes her look like a 80 year old socialite.So it’s OUT, sorry.

  • Anonymous

    The neckline is definitely too high.  Makes it look like she has no neck.  But the overall effect is quite cute, so she gets an IN.

  • Anonymous

    IN.  She looks natural and interesting at the same time.  IN.

  • Lisa

    SO CUTE!!! Not a whiff of over-sized bag lady clothes on her!

  • Adorable. Even love the hair and makeup — IN!

  • Anonymous

    The jacket with the skirt looks boxy to me, and everything happening around her neck kills whatever positives there were in the individual pieces.  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I kind of hate the shirt, but I want the rest of it. And she is adorably perky. And she has a great figure. IN.

  • Anonymous

    T Lo hates on the franken-dresses but no hate for the franken-skirt? The collar is a bit high, but I like the shoes and jacket. HATE the skirt.

    Sorry, cutest-of-the-Olsens… OUT.

  • I think it’s an IN. I love that the Olsen women are always covered up–though it’s probably more to hide track marks than it is due to modesty, I still like it.

  • Anonymous

    In! Cute as a button, I don’t even mind the high collar. She looks young and happy to be so!

  • In, she looks very chic to me

  • Out. The shirt, the tinsel necklace, and the skirt are inoffensively ugly. Cool jacket and cute shoes, though!

  • Anonymous

    OUT. I think this look is a little aging, especially with the high collar. Not as bad as her sisters mind you, but she doesn’t look her age.

  • I hate it. The proportions look weird, she looks way older than she is – and my grandma has a blouse just like that. OUT.

  • Caitlin Gozdecki

    The blouse looks a size too big and that collar is way too high. a slim fitting v- or scoop neck and it woud have been an in. As is, OUT- sorry Sporty Olson

  • Alisa Rivera

    Hate the necklace but otherwise it’s adorable. She’s willing to take risks but she doesn’t look like a freak, like her sisters, or like a ho, like so many other starlets. In!

  • there is nothing I like about this. TLo is obviously smoking crack on this one. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    It’s like she’s wearing 4 different outfits and it makes my eyes hurt. OUT

  • Anonymous

    Waist up, high five.  Waist down, thumbs down.  

  • Out for the outfit, but I’ll say “in” because compared to her sisters, she looks happy and healthy