In or Out: Chloe Moretz in Dolce & Gabbana

Posted on October 17, 2011

We are SO OVER lace at this point. You’d think that designers have done everything there is to do with lace in the last couple of years, but trust Dolce & Gabbana to pull one more trick out of their sleeves.

Chloe Moretz in Dolce & GabbanaChloe Moretz attends the Spike TV’s “SCREAM 2011” awards held at Universal Studios in a Dolce & Gabbana dress.

Chloe Moretz in Dolce & GabbanaDolce & Gabbana Lace Dress

Chloe Moretz in Dolce & Gabbana

Chloe Moretz in Dolce & Gabbana

Chloe Moretz in Dolce & Gabbana

Black lace with a white underlay, a black underlay, and no underlay — ALL IN THE SAME DRESS. Bad enough that it’s two different lace patterns, but she has to look like she’s got mismatched undergarments on as well. No, we’re just not inclined to like this look very much. Too much going on, which is only compounded by the fact that she’s got one busy-as-hell, focus-pulling belt on with it. The shoes are kind of cute, makeup’s pretty, and she’s got one gorgeous mane of hair, but she did that one-shoulder mermaid look that irritates us. We say OUT, but minions are free to disagree; encouraged, even.


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IN! You can NEVER have too much lace on!

OUT! Dueling doilies!


The minions voted Taylor Swift’s slightly more grownup version of twee IN and Elizabeth Olsen’s WAY too grownup look OUT.

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  • Sobaika Mirza

    Ugh, Out. And this is coming from someone who adores lace. I’m not sure what her people were thinking with this dress – she’s FOURTEEN.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah that is what I was thinking. White lining bad! 

    • Anonymous

      I know, I like lace too, and I feel like I could like the top with something else, or the pattern on the bottom with something else… It pains me to give her an OUT, because I like her, and I would seriously commit all kinds of atrocities for that gorgeous mane of hair she’s got, but alas, OUT it is.

    • Anonymous

      I know. this is insane. She is 14 not 64

    • Anonymous

      I looked her up on imdb because I have no idea who she is. She was born in 1997! I have shoes older than her. That dress is for 20-something starlets. Far too mature. And the attempted sexyface and come hither hair are just upsetting. Someone get this poor child a princess gown, STAT!

      Besides that, the dress is ugly. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    OUT – I’m with you on lace. Unless it’s delicate and expensive lace in distinctive patterns, lace can look chip so, so quickly. I like the skirt, but it needed something else on top.

  • Dana WhatTheFrock

    Not only is it a bad dress, but it’s way too old for her. OUT.

  • Maggie

    I’ve been disagreeing with you a lot lately but not this time. I hate that dress. OUT.

  • Liana Brooks

    OUT – She looks so washed out and faded. That’s going-to-confession makeup, not RC fierce. Of course, now she needs to go to confession because I’m pretty sure wearing something that ugly is a sin.

  • Anonymous

    I like it.  IN. I don’t like the belt – the dress didn’t need it, as shown in the original version.  It fusses it up too much, but still overall it’s pretty.  I have no aversion to lace.  (except when it is itchy!).  

  • Kiltdntiltd

    Mostly because that blingy belt skews the dress proportions, making her waist looks like its just under her armpits.

    • Anonymous

      I say OUT for the exact same reason!  People with short torsos should just stay away from thick belts, period.  They make them even shorter-waisted.

  • Mike M.

    This whole look is too mature for a 14 year old.  OUT

  • Anonymous

    I, uh, actually really like this, though I’ll be in the minority this time around. I would simply remove the belt (maybe replace it with a thin leather one in a contrasting color) and yell at her to stand up tall. Oh, and add a red lip. Everything else, I really dig. So, tentative IN…

  • Verena Hafner

    OUT! Couldn’t be outter.

  • Anonymous

    Why?  Why?  Why the belt???

    Also, I don’t like the shoes with the ankle strap.

    Plus the hair and the make-up are off.  She needed a darker lip with that dress, and the hair all pulled over one shoulder in cascading curls is too busy for an already busy dress.   


    • MilaXX

      She’s 14, a darker lip would be too grown on her.

  • Kathryn

    Oo, I actually very much like this. The belt blends in with the lower lace pattern, I think, so much so that I didn’t even realize it was a belt at first. It’s pretty and not too matronly – IN!

  • Cassie

    Out. And did I catch a duckface in there? Make that double out.

    • Jennifer McClory

      Yep.  The duck face sealed the deal for me.  Out.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t even see the belt until you guys mentioned it. Waste of a perfectly good eye-catcher.

  • Laura Schultz

    Agreed. WAY out. The belt is barely visible with all the rest that’s going on with that dress, and yeah, REALLY hate the side hair. 

  • Anonymous

    I like lace and how its combined here (I dislike that belt). But I think this is too mature a look for a 14-year old, so she gets an OUT. 

  • Lexie

    Out. Ditch the belt, and hack off the long-sleeves! Cap sleeve would be much cuter/youthful.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Out. And what’s with the duck face?

    • Anonymous

      I just googled her and it looks like she loves to do the duck face and smouldering eyes thing for the cameras. It’s kind of hilarious, since she’s barely out of diapers and here she is puckering up and squinting for every picture like she’s Marilyn Monroe or something. Girl needs to give it a rest.

      • Anonymous

        Seriously! She looks ridiculous.

      • Anonymous

        Honestly, when I see her lately, I just want to yell WHERE IS HER MOTHER?

      • Anonymous

        Every kid that age takes pics making the duck face.  I don’t get it.  It’s not cute!  Well, I guess it’s cute to other kids that age.  Like the Bieber hair.

        • Anonymous

          My little brother is 13. He even said she is trying way too hard.

        • Anonymous

          My little brother is 13. He even said she is trying way too hard.

        • Anonymous

          There is a website devoted to stupid duckface photos:

  • Anonymous

    I’m not hating the idea of the belt? It’s somehow slightly less awful with it than without it. But then it creates a look that is FAR, FAR too old for her. Isn’t she a teen? OUT on account of really being too young to fug like that.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  The dress is ugly, the belt is ugly, but the worst aspect of the look is her duckface (which she seems to think is the perfect sexy couture accessory…

    Chloe, child, just relax and smile.  You’ll be getting laid soon enough, I promise  :-)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind the dress, and the shoes are cute but OUT for the mermaid hair and fish lips pout!

  • Cheree Winston

    OUT. I don’t mind the lace, but the proportions are off.. and matronly.

  • Fifi LaRoux

    I don’t think it’s working. OUT!

  • Anonymous

    OUT. I like lace, and when it is styled well it can be gorgeous, but this is not the way. 

  • Anonymous

    Whoa…….that is terrible.  OUT.

  • MilaXX

    OUT! who put this young girl in this of all dresses? You know how people say the dress looks like something mother of the bride would wear? This is grandma’s dress. Granny would wear this along with a Queen Elisabeth pocketbook. This is not even close to something a young girl should be wearing.

  • Mariah J

    OUT never mix lace patterns, ugh

  • Anonymous

    One, hate girls giving duck lips in photos. Two, this is a lot of look for such a petite girl and a little mature.

  • Joyce VG

    I like it! IN.

  • Jessica Ballinger

    Out. For every single reason you said, plus I’m cranky.  

  • C.

    Um, the duckface has to go.  Just saying.  Out.

  • Elena


  • Anonymous

    What’s to disagree with? She looks like horrible in that dress. And that pouty thing with the lips? FAIL.

  • Anonymous

    The dress/belt combo is busy as hell and that trying-too-hard-to-be-sexy pout is really annoying me.

  • Anonymous

    OUT, – the dress is making me dizzy just looking at it, not to mention the duck mouth.  BTW, who is this girl anyway?

  • Christina Diaz

    OUT.  the “i’m taking my own picture to post on facebook!” duck lips sealed the deal, though the chip looking dress pretty much had it as an ‘out’ in my book anyway.  no no no.

    • Anonymous

      Duck lips! LOL! Thanks for that.

  • Democracy Diva

    IN! Sure, it’s a bit much, but she’s working the hell out of it.

  • Merneith

    In. I don’t even get the question. I like the mix of lace patterns and underlays. I especially like the belt with this outfit – I doubt I’d like that belt anywhere else. It’s lace but it’s not particularly reveling or formfitting so I don’t think it’s inappropriate even though she’s just an infant. She looks really put together and I think the whole thing is lovely.

  • Sarah Winningham

    Dislike the bodice/sleeves but the skirt is cute and I like mermaid/Veronica Lake hair when it is composed of healthy-looking actual hair and not ratty extensions. In.

  • Anonymous


    So much going on & in the lace patterns, it just makes her look massive. It makes me think of Extremely well-upholstered aunts.

    (O.k., I admit most of that is just in my mind. Still out.)

  • Anonymous

    Oy.  She’s a beautiful child dressed in two of grandma’s favorite tablecloths with the replacement crystals from grandma’s table lamp strung into a belt.  She’s making that little pouty face I’ve seen my own 14 year old granddaughters practicing in the mirror so they can ruin every picture I take of them (they think it’s sexy and makes them look waaaay older, you know.)  This is so out its gone around the world, come back through the in door and gone out again.  OUT!

  • Natalie

    In. Her hair is great and she looks adorable

  • Terence Ng


  • Rand Ortega

    She’s such an adorable girl! Can I give her an IN w/ contingencies?

  • Cathy S

    No. Her hair’s gorgeous, but the two different colored underlays are just bad. It looks like mismatched underwear. Out.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. I don’t like the changes she made to the dress. The runway dress is better, but there is still too much going on with the dress. The top doesn’t fit her quite right. I agree hair and shoes are good. 

  • Jessica Rowe

    too old for her. OUT

  • Anonymous

    She must have gone to the same posing school as Amy Adams.

    As for the dress – ix-nay. Her face is so young and the dress is so not young.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a fan of this dress on her.  Only the Olsen twins can pull off that 18 going on 80 look!

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  It just looks weird.  I LOVE the skirt portion, but HATE the bodice and sleeves.  And this is pretty ‘cougar’ looking for someone this young.  It just kind of makes me feel icky.

  • Anonymous

    There’s just…something off about this young woman.  Very Lolita-esque.  I’ve seen it in other pics of her, she’s very aware of her burgeoning sexuality.  It makes me uncomfortable.  And no no no on that dress.

  • Lori

    OUT. And I like it on the model.

  • Jaspreet Sanghera

    I love lace! IN!

  • Anonymous

    I believe this girl is 14, 15 maybe? Someone is giving her pop tart lessons and I don’t like it.

    OUT for the shoes, the dress, the poses, the duck lips, the whole package. And someone give her Hailee Steinfeld’s number.

  • Stefanos Mantyla

    I like this dress on the model, but on her it is an OUT. Just another case of “This is not your dress,” I think. And the belt is pretty gaudy.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  I think I would like the skirt with a different top and belt.  I like lace and I’m getting sick of seeing it.

  • Bitsy Carver

    IN! I like it!

  • CQAussie

    OUT – ugly dress, disastrous pouting that makes me stabby plus I hate the shoes.  

  • k_skenes

    Out, and mostly because of that pucker-pout.  Ick!

  • Rocío Vázquez

    Whats up with the duck face?

  • Anonymous

    Out, and I even like lace. All of it is just too much: the dress, the belt, the stupid mermaid hair, an otherwise cute girl making the duckface. Ugh.

    I find this all so irritating.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. WTF is up with that belt!!

  • Anonymous

    In.  Very 60’s look on a lace dress.  Get over it guys, girls like lace.

  • Anplica Fiore

    Love the skirt – hate the top.  OUT

  • MandyJane

    OUT.  I do love the skirt, but the top is too much.

  • Anonymous

    OUT!  ugly dress and just not right for a young woman.

  • Addicted2Glamour

    The ONLY thing working here is her makeup. I’ve seen better looking lace frocks at Halloween Drag Parties. O-to-the-UT.

  • Anonymous

    I have the most trouble with the length and the shoes on someone her age. The lace is a secondary matter here.

  • Tara Benchina Calise

    Out! What a horrible mishmash of a dress. Totally hideous.

  • Anonymous

    Out. Cannot stand all the different underlays – my eye can’t rest anywhere on this garment.

  • Anonymous

    Too mature looking for her
    And it looks like she went to the Olsen Twins school of pouting and posing, and of course dressing yourself 20 or 30 years older.

  • Heron

    Bleagh.  O.U.T.

  • Anonymous

    I’m feeling an OUT.

  • Chloe Stabler

    My only thought when looking at these was, “Ew.”  OUT.

  • Vickie Lord

    It’s too old for her, but it is pretty.  At least this is a young girl covering up her lady parts, non-orange, with maintained lovely blondeness!

  • Wrenaria

    Out. So ugly.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. I do think the skirt of it is really pretty but there’s just too much going on. And the weird pouty face thing? I know sometimes the camera just catches people at the wrong time but … yeah. Not a fan.

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear lord…OUT

  • Kerry McCombs

    I wish she would stop pouting and stick with the smile. And OUT. Yucky lace, too busy, too much, too OLD.

  • Anonymous

    In. I don’t know why, but I just liked it on her.

    • Anonymous

      OK, just read she’s only 14?? I won’t say OUT to a 14 year old, but she looks way too grown up.

    • Anonymous

      cuz she’s WERQin’ that ish!!

  • Anonymous

    methinks the problem lies in the fact that both prints are roughly the same size….if one were much tinier it would work better. so, yes. OUT. face – SO in.

  • Anonymous

    Aw, she’s just 14.  And gorgeous.  IN.  

  • Anonymous

    She’s 14?  God no!  I would have given it an out for the mismatched underclothes but the fact that she’s 14 makes it a travesty. What 14 year old wears that?

    • Anonymous

      Agree!  It was an out because the dress is, indeed, “dueling doilies” with mismatched underthings.

      But for a 14-year-old girl???  Appalling!  This look is much too old for her.  As is that pout.  Which is totally creepy on a child.

  • Alexandria N

    ick and double ick. this is just an ugly dress. and whoever picked that belt was on crack

  • Alexandria N

    oh i forgot to mention – OUT!

  • Marlene

    IN from the neck up. The dress is so OUT!

  • Anonymous

    Much too much and awkward for this young’un.  And the duckface, boooo!

  • Eclectic Mayhem


    Her waistline appears to be MIA.

  • BerlinerNYC

    I don’t loveitloveit, but I’ll give it a non-capitalized “in,” since it’s certainly interesting, not hoochified in any way (bonus points!), and I love the added interest of the shoe. We should be so lucky to have more teenaged starlets covering up too much and “dressing too old” (oooh, I start to see red every time the commentariat comes out like vultures to announce someone is dressing too old—give it a rest!).

    • accidental housewife

      I’ve always thought that lace works better on young girls than grown women, although I do love lace. I don’t think it’s inappropriate in and of itself. But she’s trying too hard to sex herself up, and I’m not crazy about that.  Also, the dress doesn’t fit her properly. It’s bordering on an empire on her, which it’s not supposed to be.

      My god, I hate mermaid hair, but it’s not going away any time soon. She gets an IN because she’s just a kid. Whoever is suppose to be keeping an eye on her gets an OUT. I suspect it’s Dena Lohan.

  • Trevor Burroughs

    In. I rather like it!

  • Anonymous

    She looks lost and the belt is hiddy. I like lace, but don’t like the bottom of the dress at all. Say No to the dress, honey!

    She is a pretty girl, but the dress is out. I’ll give her face an in, though, because she looks fresh faced and not overly made up.

  • Catherine Rhodes

    OUT. The original was just passable, but the addition of the belt pushed it over the edge.

  • suz72350

    OUT. Too busy. Too mature for a 14 year old. Just awful.

  • Anonymous

    Haha I can’t believe she’s making duckface! 
    She has gorgeous hair and I like her subtle makeup. I think the skirt of the dress is beautiful, but the top makes the whole dress look cheap. It’s just not a dress for a 14 year old anyway. Bleh.

  • flamants

    The dress is enh, but I hope she looks at these pictures and realizes how much better she looks when she just smiles (i.e., 2nd picture) than making that ridiculous wannabe-model duck face. You’re 14 and wearing an expensive dress at an awards show, you’re allowed to look excited!

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    OUT!  That belt just kills whatever cuteness that dress may have had (which isn’t much).  Hair is gorge and makeup is fine; shoes are meh.  Out out out. Plus – she’s only 14??? Good god, what were her parents/handlers thinking??

  • Anonymous

    what I do like:
    – the lace of the skirt – especially the hem
    – the black and white underlay

    – what I don’t like: everthing else, especially
    – the lace of the top
    – the sleeves
    – the belt (ugh)
    – her trying to give Snookie-face. Noone should do that, not even Snookie

  • Anonymous

    In.  She looks pretty and stylish.  Love it.

  • Kate Musgrove

    I hate the dress so much I can’t even take the hair/shoes into account. Out, out, out. 

  • Anonymous

    OUT.   I like lace but this is kind of an overkill.  Reminds me of the busy 80’s outfits but this is not as fun. And it wasn’t intended to look fun either, I’m guessing, but maybe that is what she was going for?   I agree with comments below that this whole look is way too grown up for a girl of 14, bordering on creepy.   

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Good heavens, that’s a matronly dress.

  • Anonymous


  • Jessica O’Connell

    I’d be ok with it if it was just the skirt with the lace and white overlay, but I don’t like the pattern in the top part at all. Her hair and makeup do look fabulous, so I feel bad but…. OUT.

  • Alexandria

    Out, I don’t mind the dress but it looks weird on her little pre-pubescent body.


    OUT! That dress is hideous, and would be hideous whether it was on someone else or the floor. Her hair is killer though, love it. 

  • Anonymous

    OUT. I happen to like a lot of the lace dresses that are out this season. I think they look very feminine and I’m kind of sick of the solid colored, shiny satin dresses that have been hitting the RC lately. However, this dress isn’t working at all. Black lace with black on top, black lace with white on the bottom is just plain hiddy, and while many of the lacy dresses look age appropriate on young girls, she’s way too young for that particular style and color combinations.

  • Barbara Guttman

    It’s a horrible dress which, coupled with that hair and not helped by her posing, obliterated this poor girl’s neck.  She had a bobble-head that is sagging down on it’s string, bobbling forward and down in shame.  The belt gives her an oddly thick, matronly waist too…there are no positive optical illusions performed by this garment.

  • Barbara Guttman

    It’s a horrible dress which, coupled with that hair and not helped by her posing, obliterated this poor girl’s neck.  She had a bobble-head that is sagging down on it’s string, bobbling forward and down in shame.  The belt gives her an oddly thick, matronly waist too…there are no positive optical illusions performed by this garment.

  • Anonymous

    I like the mermaid thing more than cocker spaniel hair.

  • Cheri Lee


  • Aniela Marie Perry

    Out. Weird proportions and young ladies, stop with the duck lips. It looks stupid no matter what you’re wearing.

  • Anonymous

    I think the bottom is actually very pretty, and could look great if it weren’t part of a black lace dress — make it a skirt and pair it with a different top and I think it’d be a great look. It’s way too mature for her, though.

  • Anonymous



    1. Totes agree on the lace thing. So tired of it, and this dress is not fresh or interesting.

    2. She’s fourteen. FOURTEEN. I don’t know if it’s the dress, the hair, or the posture, but she looks at least a decade older than that. She wouldn’t get carded in a bar. This is the little foulmouthed girl from Kickass?

    I don’t require that every young star dress like a kid, but if she keeps aging at this rate, she’ll be starring in a remake of Cocoon by the time she’s thirty.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t have a clue who she is and therefore was quite shocked to find out she is only fourteen!  In this outfit she looks like she has been around the block more than just a few times.  In fact, my fourteen year old niece was just by to visit and I can’t imagine her in this get-up!  OUT!!!

  • Anonymous

    OUT! let’s just say i hate the way dolce and gabbana use lace. 

  • Brittany Bathie

    I actually like the dress, but I agree it’s too mature for her.  But IN for that hair.  Her entourage sure knows how to do extensions right.

  • Suitcase Gnome

    I like lace, and pattern-mixing, so I like the dress. It strikes me as something intended for a woman, not a 14-year-old, but if I was 14 years old and had a chance to wear a fancy dress like that, I know I’d jump on it. IN for realism.

  • Anonymous

    OUT but is that really her fault?  She bought a rather mature dress – and the dress is doing all of the “auf-ing” for me.  If you put anyone in that dress, they would be out I think.   I like mermaid hair if it’s clean and brushed and natural.  Better than cocker spaniel hair.

  • Anonymous

    OUT, the whole thing is giving me a migraine…

  • Anonymous

    This is a very bad dress.

  • Emily Rose

    Bad proportions, too much lace, and she does not yet have the curves to wear such a form-fitting dress. Love you, honey, but OUT.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    OUT. She’s gorgeous, but this dress wants someone older and curvier.

  • Anonymous

    That is not her dress.  Or anyone’s dress for that matter.  That dress belongs to a cheap dining table.

  • Sara__B

    Dueling doilies at the swinging seniors dinner dance. Much too matronly for a 14-year-old. OUT!

  • Anonymous

    Out.  There is way too much going on in that dress and the belt just makes it worse.

  • Ellen Behm

    For a very expensive dress, it sure is ugly. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Hideous and OUT

  • Anonymous

    Out. Terrible Ugh.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind the dress but the come hither posing is definitely out.  Isn’t she like 12?

  •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

    Oh child, that is not your dress. You’re a beautiful girl, so tell your handlers you need a do-over and please do stop making that wretched duck face.


  • Anonymous

    OUT. Ugly dress on a cute girl doesn’t warrant an “in” that’s for sure. Hate the dress and what’s with the different lining?

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Bleh. 

  • Anonymous

    OUT. She looks like two funeral doilies cross-stitched together.

  • Sorana Tarmu

    Oh no, she looks like she’s wearing traditional art towels, table cloths and blankets. From different families! OUT!

  • Anonymous


    her hair is gorgeous and her makeup is cute but I can barely see them over all the OUT

  • Anonymous

    Out. Maybe if the top part had been something solid?  Pretty girl, bad dress.

  • Geno Boggiatto

    I don’t hate it!!! I think the belt is a little much, but otherwise I think she looks great!

  • Anonymous

    Out.  Way too old a look for her.

  • Anonymous

    out. out. out.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  Restating the obvious – too old for her, cheap-looking lace, then she adds a bedazzled belt.  ick.  And stop making duck faces at the cameras, darling, you’re not in Cameron Diaz territory and you should be really happy about that.

  • Ann

    OUT! She looks like lace threw up all over her.

  • Sara Munoz

    Wow, that dress is SO UGLY. OUTTTTTTTTTTTTT.

  • Anonymous

    Fugly – Fugly- Fugly  The dress is tri-fugly for anyone at any age

  • Sammi M

    Oh man. Great hair and makeup, but the dress is just terrible. OUT. What a bummer.

  • Sammi M

    Oh man. Great hair and makeup, but the dress is just terrible. OUT. What a bummer.

  • Anonymous

    I really hate the top half. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  This might have been interesting with color blocking to make the different sections look more intentional, but as is it just looks like she’s wearing the wrong bra.  The scale of the lace seems really large and loses the delicacy.  However, the proportions are very nice, I wish more red carpet walkers would go this demure route instead of sequined gyno gowns.

  • Anonymous

    I like lace but this is horrid.

  • Anonymous


  • Mary Gallagher

    Out for the duckface alone. 

    And even as somebody that’s a sucker for black lace, I think this is too much.

  • nicole seligman

    definitely IN.

  • Renee Alexander

    Out… The belt makes the whole thing look even heavier. 

    VERY pretty girl though.

  • Nicole Merrill

    Ehn. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    ugh … OUT
    Why would anyone think that was pretty? I want the lace trend to be over.

  • Anonymous

    OUT, bad dress, on her and the model.

  • Tiger Gray

    OUT. Even a young fresh faced virgin stereotype can’t save this one from looking not just mature (because god love a mature, stylish lady) but frumpy and badly fitted. (the way it is cutting her body is INSANE)

  • Anonymous

    Ick. Out.

  • Praggya R. Barretto

    I don’t like saying this since I’m a fan of lace, but Out.

  • Anonymous

    Above the neck and below the knee, IN.

    But everything between, OUT. So.. many… *sniffle* doilies were sacrificed for this look!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not ready to get judgmental on this kid yet, so I’ll just vote on the dress: OUT!

  • rebecca

    One of the most unflattering getups I’ve ever seen. She even looks pissed to be in it.

  • RzYoung

    Out, the whole thing makes me uncomfortable

  • Jessica Charlotte Siewierkiewi

    OUT! D&G disappointed terribly this time.

  • Rachel Lee

    I like the belt, actually, because it covered the break between the two undergarments. I like the length. And that’s about it. The dress is an OUT. 

  • Mary Lauer

    Why is a young teenager doing a centerfold-sexy pout in EVERY picture?!!? Bad guidance from handlers.

  • Anonymous

    Cute shoes, nice make up and pretty hair can’t make up for an ugly dress.   OUT.

  • Dee B

    IN.  I think it’s perfectly adorable and don’t find the belt attention pulling all

  • Brendan Foehr

    Out. The skirt with the white underlay is decent, the hair is good. Everything else? Atrocious. Poor Chloe. Poor rich, famous, beautiful, young, rich again Chloe.

  • Karen

    Out, way too much going on, her hair almost makes up for it though! I really think someone needs to send her to before that pout runs off without her.

  • katie

    I don’t like the belt but I think the dress is interesting. IN. Although someone needs to teach this girl how to pose- she’s always either pulling a Lea Michele or slumping like a sullen teenager.

  • Shawn Hill

    In! She’s the sweetest scream queen ever!