Hollywood Film Awards Red Carpet

Posted on October 25, 2011

Kittens, it was the 15th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala presented by Starz at The Beverly Hilton Hotel! Because Hollywood can’t go 20 minutes without giving someone an award!

Let’s see how our celebrities did.


Amber Heard in Roksanda Ilincic

We love the colors here, but that top is a bit too droopy and sad-looking for our tastes.


Andrea Riseborough in Vionnet

Pretty dress. No complaints.


Anne Hathaway in Erdem

Also a pretty dress; also no complaints (except maybe that the shoes are boring).


Anton Yelchin in Balenciaga

You WERQ that Rumspringa shit, boy!

Or maybe not. Amish Pee-Wee is SO not a hot look.


Bryce Dallas Howard

Hasn’t she been pregnant for like a year and a half now? We don’t love red lacey looks, but props to her for even getting out the door.


Carey Mulligan in Bottega Veneta

Chic and adorable. Her hair looks great. But AGAIN with the black peep-toes?


Deena Dill

This kind of looks like something you’d see on Project Runway. It’s simple and striking, but it sure is pulling all over the place.


Elle Fanning in Valentino

We’re all for very young starlets working a fresh-faced look, but with the rather colorless dress, she’s looking way too washed out. At least some powder or something to matte out all that shininess, dear. We’re not sold on the Heidi of the Swiss Alps hair, but we suspect many will declare it adorable.


Emma Stone in Jonathan Saunders

Hair, makeup, and earrings are all great. We might have forgiven the droopy, colorless dress if she hadn’t punctuated it with those TOTALLY WRONG shoes.


Felicity Jones in Valentino

Jesus, is everyone depressed in Hollywood right now? Pretty, but it’s another colorless look, head to toe.


Frances Fisher

Ah, there we go. Trust an older broad to bring the sass and the personality. The hair’s just a skosh on the big side, but we like the dress. We would have recommended a different shoe, though. You can hate us for hating ankle straps, but we stand firm that a black stocking PLUS an ankle strap is too visually bottom-heavy.

Genevieve Farrell

We hate to ding a gal who also brought color but this is a bit too “Christmas Extravaganza” and the hair is way too prom. Cute dress, but simpler hair and more modern shoes were called for. Love the bag.

Glenn Close

Expect Glenn to really bring it to the red carpets in the coming months, because there’s talk of an Oscar nomination and we can’t imagine the gal isn’t going to claw her way through the crowd to get that trophy. She’s waited long enough. Anyway, this is a chic look. You can’t go wrong with a tuxedo jacket over a long skirt. She looks great. A little more color on the face next time, dear.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Very few men can pull off the shiny suit. JGL can.


Julliane Hough in Naeem Khan

She looks like a local news anchor. What is it with this girl and her need to look 20 years older? Seacrest’s team is doing you wrong, girl.


Michelle Williams in Nina Ricci



Missi Pyle

As standard as standard gets. A nightgown.


Octavia Spencer

Aw, girl! Last time your dress didn’t look so hot but your accessories were fabulous; this time your dress looks great and you dropped the ball on the accessories! Focus! This would have looked so great with some more interesting shoes and a showy bag. Love the hair, though.

Rachel Boston

Another nightgown. Some of these ladies really didn’t feel like trying, did they?


Ray Liotta

He looks good, but it looks like that jacket’s a bit too tight.


Rene Ashton

Everything’s looking great – and very coordinated – but those shoes are hooker.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Emilio Pucci

Certainly an interesting shape – and we love the shoes paired with it – but we’re thinking the tight hair wasn’t the way to go here.


Sara Rue in David Meister

Total bridesmaid.


Stacy Kleiber in Maria Lucia Hohan

Man, she’s only got one type of dress, doesn’t she? Still, no complaints here.


Tom Felton

Very cute.


Viola Davis in David Meister

You can always count on Viola to make a statement. We’re not sure we like this color on her all that much. It’s a bit harsh. Love the clutch, though.

[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • Anonymous

    Carey Mulligan for the win!

    On a side note: I’ve never heard of ‘Deena Dill’ but I’m thinking that sounds like porn star name, amiright?–GothamTomato

    • I was thinking she looks a lot like Donna Mills.

    • Anonymous

      I think her hair color totally washes her out.

    • Anonymous

      I know. It’s unfortunate.

  • Anonymous

    Roksanda is getting a lot of red carpet love lately, and I’m liking very little of it. What is it with the crazy amount of black peep-toes? I count 5.  That’s crazy.  Stylists, get a little creativity.  Bryce’s red lace drapes is probably my least fave on the page.  My fave has to be Michelle Williams.  Interesting and perfect for her.

    • Maybe black peep toes are the new nude pumps.
      Here’s a novel idea, instead of being trendy wear the correct shoes for the outfit.  Nah, that will never catch on 😉

      • Anonymous

        Too much work to catch on.  Instead of looking at the outfit and finding a shoe that works with it, people just say “X is on trend, so X it is.” Infuriating.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, please don’t ask stylists to get creative with shoes!  That “creativity” was what brought us cinder-block shoes, Clydesdale shoes, gigantic mandal-type gladiator shoes, boots without toes, and Bandaid batter platforms.  Why don’t the celebs just go out and buy shoes they love and wear them?  Aren’t they capable of that?  *All* women are capable of that!  I don’t trust a stylist anywhere near a heel or a sole any more!

  • Anonymous

    I feel slightly less like a creeper when I look at Tom Felton and think he’s hot, as he’s a fair bit older than the rest of the Potter-ites.

    I need to get my boyfriend into that exact suit, NOW.

    Also, that is a truly terrible picture of Elle Fanning. I dislike the hair, dislike the dress, dislike the unfortunate facial expression capture… photographers, we need a retake. 

    • Anonymous

      If that makes you feel better, marzirocks, go with it… 😉 I just commented on how I feel pervy for thinking he looks so damn hot.

      And I forgot about Elle’s hair. HORR-EN-DOUS

    • well, if 24 is a “a fair bit older” – he’s only 11 months older than Rupert Grint, not quite 2 years older than Matthew Lewis.  Yes I did go look them up – does amaze me that Mathew Lewis and Daniel Radcliffe are the same age, I’d have thought Matthew was the oldest but he’s just the tallest

      • Anonymous

        I knew Rupert Grint was older than Radcliffe and Watson, but I meant the HOT Potter-ites. 😉 (I kid. Rupert Grint is adorable.) But Tom Felton is the same age as my boyfriend so that makes it ok, lol. Yes, I am a cradle robber. In the 2 year range. Don’t judge me, minions!

  • Anonymous

    Elle Fanning looks atrocious. That sad, colorless, frumpy dress plus the awful, messy braid crown only serves to make her look like a desperate 70-year-old trying way too hard to look young agian.

    • Anonymous

      I saw that picture and “ew” actually escaped my lips.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, I saw that dress and knew it would show up on TLo and it’s obviously so wretched it couldn’t even work as an in or out, it is so CLEARLY out, looks likes she was auditioning for the latest sister wives drama.

        Elle, fire that stylist. NOW. S/he is clearly not your friend.


  • Anonymous

    I’d say Carey in a landslide. Not only is Elle wearing my mother’s old polyester tablecloth, but all she needs is a pail and she’s ready to milk the cows. Not a good look for that cutie.

    • Anonymous

      Yes. You took the tablecloth reference right out of my mouth.

  • Anonymous

    Julliane Hough looks like a local news anchor in that plunging neckline?  What local news is TLo watching?? 🙂

    • Anonymous


      • I think I saw one of the “reporters” wearing that on KTLA one time…

    • Anonymous

      The local FOX affiliate her in St. Louis features some incredibly slutty looking women on the news as well.  Too, too tacky.  I stick with NPR for my news, I can’t get distracted judging the outfits on radio.

  • Anonymous

    Rachel Boston’s feet look like the result of surgery gone wrong after a bad accident with a large piece of farming equipment.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, God!  She’s doing the crossed -leg pose beneath her skirt!!!!

      I think her breasts look like surgery gone wrong–either that or she bought one of Madonna’s 25-year-old bras on eBay and instead of encasing it in lucite, she decided to wear it.  Those points!  Such a bad look!

  • Aly Light

    Elle Fanning’s hair, adorable? More like hilarious. This looks like a picture of a child raised on a commune in the ’70s– you know, the one her parents are always trying to show to her boyfriends and that she secretly wants to burn.

  • Anonymous

    Tom Felton looks really, really good. I feel a bit pervy, having watched him grow up on HP, but man, he’s hot (so is JGL for that matter, but I prefer Tom’s look on this carpet).

    • Anonymous

      Being younger than the Potter kids by a couple years, I can lust after them without guilt. Which, given that basically all the main kids are, as they say, among the genetically gifted, is definitely not a bad thing.

      Though I’m not too fond of the facial hair on Tom.

  • Anonymous

    I might be insane – but there’s something about the droopy top that Amber Heard is sporting that I like a lot. With a different bottom — or maybe even pants or jeans? — I feel like it might look nice.

    ….maybe I just like wearing clothes that look like pajamas, though.

    • Anonymous

      I like the top as well, it’s the color of the skirt with the top that is off for me.  And does her hair look like it has a weird color tint to it as well?  Kind of a reddish?

  • Holy crap! For 2 seconds I saw Rene Ashton and though, “When did Demi Moore chop her hair off?”

    I have no idea even who Rene Ashton is. But it annoys me that 1. She confused me for a second and 2. She spells her name wrong.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Tom Felton – please ditch the child molester mustache.  Thank you.

  • of all things & all people, i really like emma stone’s outfit till you get to the shoes. i cant even fathom why anyone picked them to go w/ the rest of it.

    also really the vionnet.

    i do know who about half these people are, which is almost amazing for me.
    if i didnt read yr website, i would probably have a vague idea of, say, two of them.

  • Anonymous

    Who are most of these people?!

    Carey Mulligan wins best overall. I love the color Viola Davis chose and she looks like she’s actually enjoying herself (unlike Octavia who looks like she over the awards cattle call already) so she wins 2nd place.

    On the other hand, Ellie Fanning’s photo makes me sad. Is she starring in a Casper the friendly ghost reboot or something? And Renee Ashton, whoever she is, made me laugh out loud… all that daytime soap opera award realness finished off with shoes tailor made for the adult video awards.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    Amber Heard is everywhere, and her show was cancelled. Anyone know why?
    We need to learn from the Brits how to dress our young men, Tom Felton looks adorable.
    I loved the Pucci on the runway, but it’s a bit arm-heavy here. And something tells me Rosie doesn’t hold much weight in her arms…

    • She’s in The Rum Diary (Diaries?) with Johnny Depp. 

      • Sobaika Mirza

        That explains it. That’s a big bump up from the Playboy Club!

  • Overall a pretty good showing, I’d say.

  • So we’ve gone from nude peep toes to nude dresses.  And black peep toes.  seriously, this is getting way too confusing!

  • Terence Ng

    So does anyone know Joseph Gordon Levitt? And theoretically, how would one go about getting a lock of his hair to use in a hypothetical love spell to make him fall desperately and passionately in love with another equally hypothetical person?

    • I’ll even take a spell that shrinks him so I can keep him in my pocket. So cute!

    • Anonymous

      I would love to know him.  Personally, I disapprove of such things but a “friend” told me if you google his name with the word “bulge” you can get QUITE an eyeful.  Again, I would never do such a thing but this friend swears it is true….  🙂

  • I really dislike Elle Fanning’s look. At first glance the dress is gorgeous, but the girl cannot wear such a pale color with her own coloring. I can barely make out the features on her face because she is so washed out! The hair is eh. 

    • She really looks like she has such beautiful skin, but when I glance at her when she is wearing one of these non-colors I always get the impression she has rosacea.  It just doesn’t flatter her at all.  She looks SO cute in color!

  • The fit on Amber Heard’s dress is so bad… I love the color and I really want to like the look more but no.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry.  That neckline on the Amber Heard dress is reminiscent of the neckline that Danielle was auf’d for on PR.  They all look like ‘B’ list celebrities and are dressed as such.

  • Anonymous

    Really tired of the dresses that match the wearer’s skintone. Carey Mulligan looks great. Genevieve Farrell is Mira Sorvino-ing in that outfit.

  • anton! sweetheart! don’t ever look like that again! you look like a million years old!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know who Rene Ashton is, but she has that cougar-y vibe which seems to be saying, “Get your ass over here, young man, and lotion up my leg! Now!”

    I love her haircut, though.

    • Anonymous

      My thought was, “The shoes are hooker?  What about the dress??”

      • Anonymous

        It may be a small difference, but I think the dress is more golddigger. 

    • I agree on the cougar vibe.  I tried to find out how old she is, but it doesn’t say on IDMB.

  • Anonymous

    That was fun. Nothing fantastic, but the dose of glamour woke me up. The dearth of jewels and blah neutral dresses is a BORING trend. But then I look at the screamin’ holiday reds and greens and those don’t do it for me either. 

  • I regret to say this about a little girl… but Elle Fanning looked pretty bad up there. The hair’s not cute and, while she shouldn’t be wearing TOO much makeup, camera lights are unforgiving. 
    I’m also wondering why everyone looks depressed… It’s not even like they have winter blues. 

  • Anonymous

    The Heidi hair = not cute, but obnoxious when done this way

    JGL on the other hand is such a bucketful of shiny adorable, dear lord, I’m getting cavities here.

    • Anonymous

      What a great description of Joseph Gordon-Leavitt, a big fave of mine!  He looks so good–and so does Ray Liotta, although yes, the jacket *is* a little tight.

      Frances Fisher, way to go, lady!  Love the dress and jewelry!  And would be OK with the black hose without the ankle straps.  Why do women wear ankle straps?  They make any leg in the world look shorter and stumpier. 

      Do not love Sara Rue’s dress but *do* love what Weight Watchers has done for her body, which looks toned and fit.

      LOVE Rene Ashton’s dress!  Hate the shoes.

      Totally agree that Rosie’s slick pinhead ruins an otherwise interesting look.

      There’s a lot of meh up there, and way too many bland neutrals.  There are neutrals and then there is blah and yawn.  These are the latter.

  • Genevieve Farrell seems to be channeling Tonya Harding. Knock 12 inches off the length and she’s wearing an ice skating costume.

  • Josefina Madariaga

    Amber Heard always gives the fiercest faces on the red carpet, I wish she could dress to match her attitude all the time.

    • Anonymous

      I wish she’d go back to a darker hair color — she’s really stunning as a brunette.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE the dress that Andrea Riseborough is wearing. I’m a sucker for the black/cream combo when done well.

  • Anonymous

    I like two you didn’t like: Elle Fanning and Emma Stone. And one that you did: Octavia Spencer. Those are the stand outs for me anyway.

  • Idairis Torres

    Wow, the Clooney team is working hard to glamourize Ms. Keibler! Extensions and everything!

  • Anonymous

    Michelle Williams for the win.  And Carey and I are in league on the hair growing out front.  Always a fun moment when you commit to letting it grown out again.  Except that I could be her grandmother. George’s new gal pal is bumming me out.  I feel so bad for her already and am starting not to like him anymore.

  • I love that color on Viola, but not the cut of the dress.  Also, I love Julianne Hough’s look here. Carey Mulligan looks just perfect here, but I agree, she could have worn some more interesting shoes. Rosie’s hair is a mess.

  • Anonymous

    After looking at this lineup of celebrities and clothing and then thinking back to pictures of Evan Rachel Wood posted during the past week, she knocks them all out of the park not necessarily because of the clothes but because the girl knows how to STAND.  Posture, people.  It works wonders.  I mean, look a poor Emma Stone: she’s so pretty and charming, but it seems all her red carpet looks have been disasters or near-misses because she’s usually looking awkward and uncomfortable.  

    In the other spectrum of things– T Lo: how would you recommend wearing nightgown-looking dresses.  Is there any way to tone them down?  Or is the simple answer just “don’t?”

  • Anonymous

    Dear Female Hollywood Film Awards Attendees:
    Please let us know in which type of attire you will be attending the show. You have four choices:

    A) Tacky.
    B) Dorky.
    C) Slutty.
    D. Amish.

    The Management

    • Anonymous

      I popped out with a loud chuckle at your post, PrunellaV!  It seems your choices could probably apply to any of the red carpet events lately!

  • Anonymous

    T-Lo, you neglected to criticize Michelle Williams’ black peep-toes. Not that I thought they needed it – I like black peep toes. But everyone elses’ were ripped.

  • Anonymous

    Totally guffawed at Stacy “Kleiber” – don’t know why but that is just crackin’ me up.

  • Anonymous

    Amber Heard looks like Mrs. Aquaman.  And I don’t mean that as an insult! 

  • Anonymous

    Mmmm…I would like to put JGL in my pocket, take him home, and rob that cradle all night long.  He looks delicious.

    (weird, for once I’d say it looks like the boys put forth more effort than the girls for this event!)

  • Anonymous

    I so rarely disagree with you guys, but a couple of minor points: Anne Hathaway’s busy dress might not survive a showy shoe, whereas Emma Stone’s shoes bring the CRAZY FUN to what otherwise might be a bland, if pretty, look.

    Elle Fanning looks like hell, which I would not have thought possible. Frances Fisher is wearing Joan Holloway’s party dress. JGL is a shiny god. Octavia Spencer is wearing a loofah.

    That is all.

  • Anonymous

    Ray Liotta can bust out of that suit into my arms any day, I have always had a huge thing for him
    Elle Fanning in that Valentino dress just bugs me.  Maybe with softer, down hair and a little more color on the face?  Maybe…
    Andrea Riseborough looks like a younger meryl Streep here, “French Lt. Womans” era.  That’s a compliment, BTW.
    Carey Mulligan looks great, love that dress.
    Gordon-Levitt takes a risk in that shiny suit.  I like it but considering his well known large “appendage”, shiny will show that thing off maybe a lttle too much

    • Now I am The Bee

      Ditto on Mr. Liotta.  Yum-mee. 

  • Anonymous

    I love Anne Hathaway but I don’t like her here…that hair looks sad and she looks so “pedestrian”.Genevieve Farrell looks like she is wearing a costume from the ballet…Coppelia or the Nutcracker maybe.
    I really want Octavia Spencer’s dress.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. I LOVE that Pucci dress. That’s one of the few times I’ve ever seen a dress on a red carpet that looked like something I could and would wear. If I were rich, had places to go where that would be appropriate, and lost 20 pounds.

  • I wish I could say one of the ladies did the best job this evening, but I have to give the win to Joseph Gordon-Levitt hands down.  The kid’s dreamy, what can I say.

  • Anonymous

    JGL is looking good.  I love Rosie’s dress, but I agree that the hair was a mistake.  I’m mostly unimpressed.

  • I LOL’d at Missi Pyle, I have that exact nightgown.

  • oohsparkley!

    Carey M. has never looked better.  Poor Elle looks like she’s in her sister-wife wedding dress.  She must have been pardoned though – she looks way too happy to be marrying some 50-80 year old creep.

  • Anonymous

    JGL: Please get rid of that smirk and stop being a Francophilic hipster douchebag so I can adore you again.

  • Now I am The Bee

    Again–I don’t know who a lot of these people are, but I have to say that Glenn Close looks great.  I want to be her when I grow up. 

  • More Jo Gordon-Levitt!


  • Anonymous

    Farrell’s dress and especially her bag (WANT!!!) are great. I totally agree about the hair and shoes, though. 

  • Anonymous

    What is it with the Hollywood-Amish connection anyway? Elle Fanning looks like she’s ready for Rumspringa…. in the year 1906.

  • Love the Pucci dress.  Hate the hair.  

    Kinda like the Christmas Extravaganza dress.  Hate the hair.

    J’adore the colors on the Roksanda Ilincic dress, but I’d need to see it from a couple of different angles to judge the shape.  Love the hair.

    And finally, there must have been a sale on boring shoes, because zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • Love Carey Mulligan 🙂

  • Anonymous

    When I saw Elle Fanning, I immediately thought “Liv Ullman circa 1978.”  My hunch is that wasn’t what she was going for.  And I’m pissed at myself for even commenting on someone under 18 is wearing.

  • Anonymous

    Carey Mulligan always looks fantastic.  I love how she’s always looks comfortable in her clothes – well tailored and strategically modest.  Since he’s already wrapped in pretty shiny stuff, can please have JGL in my stocking?  Sara Rue’s dress is a bit boring, but it fits her well – she seems to be avoiding that trap many who have dropped weight fall into of wearing Saran Wrap to show off the new bod.  (See Hudson, Jennifer)

  • Anonymous

    I’m just happy Octavia Spenser is wearing a bra..

    Carey Mulligan wins it for me

  • Anonymous

    Love the Rumspringa reference and no he’s not werqing it.

    Carey Mulligan IS werqing it.

    JGL looks verrry sharp.

    Genevieve F’s hair and makeup are so harsh and aging. How can prom hair make you look old?

    Elle Fanning WTH?

    Sara Rue and Stacey Keibler are bridesmaids at the same wedding. Ugh. 

  • Anonymous

    Elle Fanning in Valentino. How… expected. And no, the Heidi hair is not adorable. It’s a freaking mess.

  • Anonymous

    Carey Mulligan is an absolute WERQ if I ever saw one. I’ve never seen her look better and she absolutely blows everyone else out of the water!

  • Anonymous

    tom felton wins. LUH that suit.

  • Anonymous

    other than ray – who the hell are these peeps ? 

  • Mary McClelland

    Julianne has an old face. You know those people who just never really look fresh-faced and in the flush of youth. Of course her totally aging hair does her no favors. Carey Mulligan looks amazing – maybe the cutest I’ve ever seen her look. And JGL = fantastic!

  • Frances Fisher has that all-important ineffable something: style.

  • Anonymous

    Amber Heard is SO Vanna White in that picture. I don’t know if it’s the face, hair or pose, but I’m wondering if she’s gonna reveal a vowel during the show or something.

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt can pull off a shiny suit, and I hope that he’ll take off that shiny suit where I can see him too 🙂

  • shorty j

    dear TLO, thank you for posting this awesome photo of Michelle Williams’ hair so I can take it to my hairdresser tonight, stat. 

  • Completely disagree with you about Amber Heard – I think she looks great! You both have some kind of prejudice against more loose fitting tops haha…

  • LocMama

    I would like to put JGL in my pocket & save him for a midnight snack.  Yummy!