Chloe Moretz & Hailee Steinfeld, Electric Youth

Posted on October 24, 2011

Darlings, there was something called a “Power of Youth” event. Should we be concerned? Are the Youth going to rise up and strike down their elders? Are they organizing now? We blame the internet.

We only have one power of our own to wield against the Power of Youth. We have the Power of Middle-Aged Sarcasm. Let’s judge them.

Chloe Moretz at Variety’s 5th annual Power Of Youth Event in Kenzo.

This kind of comment always sets off a firestorm in the comments section, so here goes: Sometimes we wish she’d dress her age.

Oh, it’s not that she’s too adult in a sexy way. It’s just that she seems so… serious with her clothing choices all the time; dressing as if she’s going somewhere to accept an award or make a PowerPoint presentation. Not that she doesn’t look cute here – and certainly the mega-short skirt reads as young – but she’s just so … on all the time.  We appreciate that she’s a young girl who’s suddenly getting all kinds of opportunities to wear whatever borrowed clothes she likes, but sometimes we wish she’d just relax a little. But hey, it’s a cute skirt and a cute top and we like them together, so there’s that. You’re probably thinking, “T Lo, what are you bitching about? She looks put-together and sharp!” And it’s true, she does.

We suppose Hailee’s more along the lines of what we’re trying to say:


Hailee Steinfeld at Variety’s 5th annual Power Of Youth Event in a top by Jil Sander, jacket and boots by Chanel, and jeans by J Brand.

Because, basically, every young  girl, no matter her generation, should go through a brief “Blossom” period, don’t you think? Experimenting with goofy hats and mismatched pieces, trying on everything at once, and spending the rest of her life getting red-faced and wondering what the hell she was thinking whenever pictures like these surface. No one should get through their teen years without at least a couple dorky getups. That jacket needs pins and buttons all over it, honey. And maybe a pair of suspenders is called for here. Or a big plastic flower. Also, a rainbow. Your gay uncles insist you pile on even more mismatched shit, darling. You’ll thank us some day for taking the focus off what’s going on below your knees there.

[Photo Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images, Andrew Evans/PR Photos]

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  • Oh shush, I think they’re both very cute. I love Thing 1’s outfit, and I love that Thing 2 can grin charmingly and pull hers off anyhow.

    Although, Thing 1’s parted fringe hairdo makes it look as though she’s wearing a wig that’s slipped.

    • Anonymous

      Thing 1 and Thing 2. Says it all.

    • Rand Ortega


    • Anonymous

      Oh my god it’s Hit Girl… show’s over, mother fuckers!

      She looks surprisingly grown up here. I didn’t think Kick Ass was made that long ago.

  • Oh I couldn’t agree more!  There’s such a short time in your life where you can be goofy and get away with.  

  • Anonymous

    Judging by those pics  Chloe Moretz seems to have more of a fashion sense, Good for her. Hailee look silly.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, duckface once again. Sigh.

    • rude. 

      • akprincess72

        True.   She’s a cute girl with a lovely smile, NO ONE needs the duckface.

    • yeah, she needs to stop that, she is too young

  • Anonymous

    “Tlo said: Because, basically, every young  girl, no matter her generation, should go through a brief “Blossom” period, don’t you think?”



    • Anonymous

      And how many of them get to go through it clad in Chanel?  Go Hailee!

    • Anonymous

      Yes, yes!

    • With just a whiff of “Annie Hall”.  Love the hat.

  • Y’know what? I think Hailee looks pretty awesome mostly because she looks so confident and comfortable in her own skin. And considering her age and the low-level, informal sort of event, that outfit’s pretty cute.

    Good for her. 

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you, Jennifer!  She looks like she’s having fun, and had fun getting ready for the event.  We all know Hailee can look elegant when she wants/needs to (the Oscars), so I’m glad she’s having a good time being low-key when it’s called for.

  • I saw Hailee’s outfit on FB from a Glamour post on how to get her look for under $100. I don’t think Chanel entered the mix.

  • Judy_J

    Hailee looks charming and like she dressed herself; Chloe looks like a stylist dressed her.

  • I too vote for Hailee, though Chloe’s clothes look great on her.

  • Sorry guys, I never had a Blossom period.  I tried all the stuff on, but it was very clear that such things didn’t work on me so I took them back off.  And I don’t look back at my clothes with embarrassment, though I would be quite embarrassed to put such things on now — the PTA tends not to appreciate lavender streaks in black hair…

    • To hell with the PTA.  =)  They’re not fond of this chick.

  • Anonymous

    Hailee – were she a guy in the male equivalent of this ensemble, would look like a tool. AND that is some HELLA heavy looking fabric on Chloe – However both these kids are without a doubt adorbs. I think it is going to be so interesting to watch Chloe grow up she has such unusual and lovely features. 

  • “We only have one power of our own to wield against the Power of Youth.
    We have the Power of Middle-Aged Sarcasm. Let’s judge them.”

    <3 you two SO much.  Age and bitchery beat youth and enthusiasm every time, darlings.

  • Anonymous

    Its another “Ironing outfit”…like she put the shorts on while she was ironing the pants, but forgot to put the pants on.

    • Anonymous

      HAHAHA!  Perfect visual.

  • Anonymous

    There should be a “Can Induce Seizures” warning before the images of Chloe’s outfit. I totally wore that outfit back in the day. Except I didn’t have those awesome (and most likely outrageously expensive) shoes. I would have paired the look with a pair of high-top Chuck Taylor’s and bike shorts under the cut-offs.

    • HA!  OMG bike shorts.  Let’s not revisit those, please!

  • Anonymous

    The men’s dress socks & shoes are causing me pains.

  • Anonymous

    Look how cute Chloe looks in photo #2. Then, in #3, she puts on the Brigitte Bardot pout, for which she should be slapped.  And her skirt is too short (although I like the outfit except for that). And the overly sexy shoes…  Ai yi yi!  Where is this girl’s mother???

    Hailee, on the other hand, is demonstrating the Power of Youth with this silly outfit.  She’s a kid–she should be silly now and then!  Good for her!

    “The Power of Middle-aged Sarcasm.”  Please!  i am dying!  So very true, TLo, and thank you for wielding that weapon for us!

  • Mariah J

    Wow there is a whole lot of fug going on. Too bad.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    I miss Blossom.

    • Anonymous

      But I love Mayim Bialik in “The Big Bang Theory”. That show just cracks me up.

  • Anonymous

    Hailee looks like the kid she is. In spite of the demure top, with the trout pout, skirt and shoes, Chloe is rushing to Lolitaville.

  • Anonymous

    I hate Chloe’s hair, the rest is good but I agree with you about dressing her age, and after reading some things about her (wont mention them here since gossip is a no-no) she should try acting her age too. She’s 14, for those of you that didn’t know.

    Hailee makes me happy almost always. Bless her heart.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for letting me know how old Chloe is – I kept looking at her and couldn’t for the life of me figure it out!  Her skirt it too short and that houndstooth-type fabric is making my brain go into epileptic fits. Don’t get me started on the shoes – I’d lock my 14-year-old daughter in her room if she wore those street-walking devices.

      Phew – glad I got that out.  Hailee is cute and looks like a nice girl.

    • fgfg

      • Anonymous

        Oh go away.

        • Oh quit spreading BS.

        • that’s mature of you.

  • Anonymous

    I might could’ve gotten behind Hailee’s outfit if she wasn’t wearing the socks.  Yea, she’s young, so she can get away with more, but knee socks and shorts are a bit much.  Maybe if she’d worn some boots?  Same shoes, no socks? 

    Chloe isn’t bad, I just wish she’d get her hair out of her face and maybe have some more fun.  Maybe Chloe and Hailee should go shopping together to get the right middle ground.

  • Anonymous

    If the “Power of Youth” is aimed at fashion and hairdos, I’d say it’s not that powerful. Then again, that might be just the girls. Unfortunate.

  • Anonymous

    I loved this post so much. I’m not even going to bother to comment on their outfits b/c the other unborn fawns will say it all for me.

    I do need to be a mom and yell at Chloe: “You have such a pretty face, why are you covering it up with your hair?”

  • Anonymous

    Chloe’s got a beautiful pair of legs, and she’s not afraid to show them.

    Hailee, on the other hand, makes me think she stole her brother’s clothes.

    • Anonymous

      She is 15 years old!  She *should* be afraid to show them!

  • Anonymous

    Chloe Moretz’s needs to POSE her own age. Enough with the trying to be sexy with the bedroom eyes and the pouty lips. She looks so much prettier without the duckface.  Anyway, I do love her outfit, but I kind of agree that it’s so serious for such a young girl.

    Hailee looks adorable. Hey, you can’t get away with this kind of thing for very long, so do it while you can.

  • Addicted2Glamour

    Love both of these girls and their outfits are both super cute, But here’s the difference for me. One looks like she’s showing up for an event where she’s either being paid to attend, getting some kind of award or making sure people see her as a professional actress. The other looks like she’s showing up for school on a Monday after a weekend of particularly expensive shopping sprees. 

    • “One looks like she’s showing up for an event where she’s either being paid to attend, getting some kind of award…”

      They WERE getting an award for their charity work. That wasn’t mentioned in the critique.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so sick of the “butt-part” in the hair – I’m over it.  Thing 1’s hair truly does not like being parted there.

  • patitasdeplata

    it is truly difficult to believe that Hailee’s shorts are “by” anyone. . . someone should tell her how to make her own roughed up cut-offs!

  • Anonymous

    I really dislike both their looks, but I do agree that a young is entitled to try some different, goofy styles. 

    The duckface has GOT to stop with Chloe Moretz. And she seems to be so aggressively…something…trying too hard to be sexy, maybe? Honey. Just give it some time. Old grodies are already drooling over you, don’t invite that kind of attention. Wait until you find the hotness you want and deserve.

    • She likes to pose as models do. That simple. Way too much being made about it.

      • Anonymous

        Not making a big deal of it – just my opinion, which is why I’m here!

        • I didn’t necessarily mean you. Just the constant complaints about it.

  • Anonymous

    how old is girl #1?  haille looks adorable & i just love the blossom comment TLO.

  • Funny, I was just thinking how much cuter Chloe Moretz is when she dresses her age (she’s like… 14, right? I think the patterns and the length of the skirt keep her outfit age appropriate unless I’m wrong and she’s 11 or something). And how nice that they managed to get two whole pictures where she’s not making the duckface!

    • she’s going to be 15 soon, people should shut up about her not dressing her age. She is dressing her age. 

      • akprincess72

        No.  At least 14 yr olds shouldn’t be dressing like college students wi/ too old shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Hailee looks like she’s in a sitcom subplot whereby her character goes on some event wearing something everybody strongly advises her not to because of some silly defiance of being told what to do.

  • Anonymous

    Chloe Moritz turning 18 is probably going to make Lindsay Lohan and the Olson twins look well adjusted. BUT it is kinda of a cute outfit, the skirt is pretty short but my teacher friends tell me they send kids her age to the office for skirts like that everyday, so I’m willing to admit she IS dressing her age in this shot.

    • That’s Moretz with an “E”, and she’s notorious for being about the most well-adjusted, down-to-earth kid in Hollywood.

      • Anonymous

        Are you her publicist or something? 

        • Anonymous


          • Yeah, seriously. Nobody should have to be rebutted in their attempt to smear a kid based on nothing. By all means, have at it.

          • nobody here smeared her at all.
            you arent actually doing her a favor by responding to slight criticism as if someone here called her hitler. what you are doing, instead, is making you both look touchy, silly & bothersome. not a good thing for a starlet or her publicist [or family member or no.1 fan or whoever you are].

          • “nobody here smeared her at all.”

            You may want to go back and read AuntieAnonny’s comment on the first page and then reassess that statement. And the above comment comparing her negatively to Lohan is absurd.I have no connection with Moretz. It is interesting how you manage to lump her in with your criticism of me though. So she looks bad because I defended her here? Yeah, quite an impartial group.

          • Oh, lighten the hell up. No one here is trying to be impartial and any complaints regarding impartiality are absurd.

        • I’m tired of seeing nonsense, false rumors and absurd innuendo spread by people who wouldn’t know her if they fell over her. I have just as much right to correct BS as you do in spreading it.

          • TLo, this is what happens when you feature children (or vampires or american idols) on your blog.

            Let’s stick to grown ups.

            Although I did enjoy my Debbie Gibson flashback.

      • akprincess72

        Has she been around long enough to be notorious?  I mean, seriously.

  • Anonymous

    Chloe’s outfit doesn’t fit.  The waist is in the wrong place.  She looks annoying, so I will now google her to find out why.  Hailee from the shorts up is adorable as always.  Those socks and shoes are just bad.

  • BerlinerNYC

    Love Hailee’s look. So good to see someone providing an example of sassy without being slutty. Chloe looks like she’s having fun wearing “fashion” clothes. If I had teenage (or pre-teen, really) daughters, I would be so relieved that these girls are out here doing their thing the way they’re doing it. So much more appropriate than Miley Cyrus working the stripper pole, or that sad string of fameballs a few years ago who managed to give beaver shots while getting out of limousines.

  • Anonymous

    Chloe looks adorable and age appropriate, you boys are tooooooo picky.  As for Haliee, cut offs are and always will be cut offs.  Yuk…..

  • It’s the pucker. There’s something about that duck-face-pucker-thing that Chloe does with her mouth when she poses that comes off as ‘too grown up’ and ‘too full of herself.’

    • akprincess72

      HATE the Duck Face & I support it’s galaxy-wide ban…

  • The Chloe lip pout is annoying.

  • Rand Ortega

    So cute! & for once, Haylee particularly, they look like kids instead of odd preteen mannequins dressed by people twice & thrice their age.

  • MilaXX

    I think it’s the attitude. Much like Lea Michelle’s “pose”, Chloe seems to have this “pose” including the duck face that she think is cute. Haille is not only dressed age appropriately, but she also comes across as more fresh faced and open than Ms. Wanna be Grown Chloe. I like both outfits, but Haille’s attitude makes hers much more appealing. .

  • Terence Ng

    I think they both look adorable, but Hailee more so. It’s a kids event, so look like a kid! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Both of them very cute and age appropriate. Inin.

  • Anonymous

    If the Youth are trying to overthrow their elders, one look at Chloe Moretz brought this middle-ager to her knees the moment she saw this outfit. I’ve had vitreal detachments in both eyes and it’ll take days for me to see correctly after this. Not that I mind non-matched prints. I actually like both pieces separately, but please youngsters –  have mercy on the less visually acute!

    BTW, who is Chloe Moretz?

    ETA: Can’t comment on the other girl’s outfit because I can’t see right now.

    • AIEEEE! The youth have harnessed the power of pattern mis-matching! My middle-aged eyes are burning!

      • Rand Ortega

        Hahahaha! Duck & Cover! It the dawning of another Cold War!

  • Sure they should go through an embarrassing mismatched phase, but not on the Red Carpet. Isn’t that why their handlers employ stylists. I think both girls look adorable.

  • Anonymous

    I would love Hailee’s outfit (for her right now, not in general) if she just lost the socks.

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah, I remember dressing like Hailee. It was tons of fun and I loved being the sassy, funky girl while some of my other pals were trying on the “I’m so sexy” thing.

    Chloe looks very pretty and polished but is trying awfully hard. Lighten up, have fun while you’re young enough to get away with it.

  • I think they both look adorbs. 

  • margaret meyers

    More pandering to the hair fetish.
    The Baby Boom girls grew up thinking they were going to wake up one day looking like Barbie.  These kids must think one day they will wake up with more hair than a My Little Pony.

  • Is it just me, or does Chloe look like she has really bad posture or a really short neck because of what she’s wearing?  I think it might be because her shirt is so high cut and her hair is kind of closing in her neck area, which just makes her look slouchy.  She probably could have benefitted from a braid or an up-do to open up and elongate that neck area.  Or from standing up straight–I honestly can’t tell.  

  • Chloe’s outfit is making me dizzy.

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea who Chloe Moretz is but I kind of want to smack her face in that close-up shot.

  • Lori

    Chloe Moretz is annoying beyond her years.

  • “dressing as if she’s going somewhere to accept an award or make a PowerPoint presentation”

    She was excepting an award as was Steinfield for their involvement in different charities. They gave acceptance speeches which is not far from a PowerPoint presentation.

    • fiddling w/ charities is a requirement among hollywood pre-stars & -starlets. it’s part of the job.

  • I’m guessing you know nothing about her outside of seeing some photos.

  • Anonymous

    I see Hailey’s hat and am having a Debbie Gibson “Electric Youth” flashback.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t look at these tweens and twinks without feeling a tinge of sadness that they little ones are trying way to hard to be older than they are.  From this day forth, I’m boycotting these posts.  

  • Anonymous

    Oh hush, TLo.  I love Hailee’s outfit.

  • Anonymous

    Ms. Moretz should go back home and put on a longer skirt and not wear those shoes.  This is your Aunty speaking.  

    The Chanel boots on Ms. Steinfeld are horrible.  Otherwise, what the heck, yes, throw a bunch of stuff on.  And see how when it’s short shorts Aunty doesn’t care so much?  It’s the streetwalker shoes on Ms. Moretz.  ick.  Giving me the heebie-jeebies.

    • akprincess72

      I agree!

  • Yeah, whether or not it’s an informal event, denim short shorts are never okay on the red carpet. The top half of Hailee’s outfit is fine, but Chloe’s outfit and the clashing prints wins by a mile for me.

    Also, when I was 14 I pretty much dressed the way Chloe does. Not the black lace part, but all her other outfits. 

  • Anonymous

    I honestly wish both of them could just dial down the “on” faces. Moretz is heading straight into Lea Michele territory there, and Steinfeld is basking in smugness that doesn’t quite go with her face.

  • Anonymous

    LOVING Hailee’s look. I think over- the- knee socks would’ve worked better, and perhaps in a softer color, but I’m still loving it.

  • the first person whose name i dont recognize is wearing an absolutely stunning outfit that is just three or four inches too short. i blame the designers & the stylists for putting everyone who’s anyone in a skirt thats somewhere between figure skating & tutu length. when this silly trend ends–& w/ hope that will be soon–most people will look a lot better, or at less distracting & distracted. imagine how much nicer this wouldve been if that neednt have been discussed. as an addend, however: hate the shoes.

    the second one is a variation on stuff which i know predates my very own birth somewhere between the pleistocene & miocene eras. it’s okay. you are right. this one’s addend, redux, being: one variation or another on it probably predates the births of most peoples mothers. i say two or three decades into the industrial revolution should do it. or–make it a skirt & you have a flapper. something like that.

  • Anonymous

    HS looks completely adorable and, as you say, age -appropriate.

    • margaret meyers

      I really want to see those great shoes paired with city shorts and a vest.

  • i think hailee looks soo cute! whats her face chloe, although she is cute and all, does take herself too seriously, and whats going on with her hair. but yeah her outfit is really cute, id actually would have liked it more on hailee though.

  • ” Experimenting with goofy hats and mismatched pieces, trying on
    everything at once, and spending the rest of her life getting red-faced
    and wondering what the hell she was thinking whenever pictures like
    these surface.” yes. I am 20 years old and everytime i start to take myself too seriously i realize that if i dont dye my hair weird colors now ill prob be and old person trying to relive my youth later on.

  • Anne Slovin

    “Face it, ladies, I’m older and I have more insurance!”

  • I worry about Chloe, and I didn’t even know who she was until a month ago. On the other hand, Hailee seems like a normal kid, and someone my niece’s teenage daughters would hang out with.

    I would like Chloe’s look more if it weren’t for the hooker shoes.

  • I LOVE Chloe’s look, but I can’t believe she’s so young.  It isn’t slutty, but it’s definitely a sexy look.  The skirt looks like it’s sitting just a bit too high on her waist. 

    I think Hailee’s outfit is completely awful, but I really do admire her for trying different things all the time with fashion. Good girl.

  • I worry that young Chloe is going a bit kardashian in the hair and keeps flashing blue steel.  Hailey is having more genuine fun by the look of it, good for her!

  • vmcdanie

    Well, I like both looks here but looking at Chloe again after seeing Hailee, she does look unnecessarily mature. Hailee looks stinking adorable. I’ve always been a sucker for the Blossom look though even if now I’m hearing Joey what’s-is-face saying “Whoah!” on loop in my skull. Someone please kick me in the head.