American Horror Story Premiere Red Carpet

Posted on October 05, 2011

Darlings, the Ryan Murphy Stable o’ Stars came out to support his new show, American Horror Story. Let’s assess.

Amber Riley

Very cute and perfectly flattering. We’re even going to get behind the matchy shoes.


Carla Gugino

A bit basic, but it suits her. We don’t love the dishwater color, though.

Chris Colfer

Not loving the pairing of a henley collar with a vest. He’s looking a bit like a background player on The Waltons.

Christian Serratos

Bleh. It’s like a million other dresses of its ilk. Too many elements on this one. We hate the crap on the shoulders and the waist is too high.

Cory Monteith

There’s no way he can button that jacket. Wear clothes that fit you, Cory.

Dylan McDermott

Just a bit too mafioso. Tight and shiny with a black shirt is at least one element too far. We might have liked it if the shirt was white and if it all looked like it fit him correctly.

Fiona Gubelman

Kind of a nothing dress. A belt and a sassier pair of shoes could have done wonders here.


Harry Shum Jr.


Jayma Mays in Rachel Zoe and Asos

We don’t love the hair, the sweater’s a bit precious, and we’re not convinced all these pieces go together, but this is the most style we think she’s ever demonstrated.It’s at least a step in the right direction.

Jenna Ushkowitz

Simple but chic. Would have liked to have seen a tiny bit of color somewhere.

Jessica Lange

The dress is a great color and we love the shoes, but we’re not sure the former fits and flatters as well as it should.

Kate Mara

Basic but cute. The shoes are kind of ugly, though.

Lea Michele in Asos

You can give us all the Blue Steel in the world, Lea. We all know you spent the night tugging at that skirt. TOO SHORT, young lady!

Naya Rivera in Intellexual Property

Wow, she looks chic as hell. Love the shoes.

[Photo Credit: Claudio Uema/PR Photos, Wireimage]

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    • Kiltdntiltd

      Wow, with the exception of Jessica and Kate, did they all get a memo telling them to wear only lackluster colors in deadening combinations? That said, I love Amber’s look and even like Dylan’s Suit. At very least the pant’s aren’t too long. And he works that Mafioso shit like crazy. Sexy man.

    • Anonymous

      OMG Lea!! Really, you left the house thinking that was an OK outfit?? 
      That skirt and that collar look ridic on you and those shoes are all kinds of ugly and wrong for that “dress” you’re pretending to wear.  

      • Anonymous

        Agreed.  I think Lea’s dress-ette looks like a reworked bridesmaid gown.  And those shoes?  ugh.

    • Anonymous

      Were they offering free Pap smears at this premiere? Because Lea Michele is ready.

    • Emily Smith

      i adore lea’s dress if it was only a few inches longer.  alas.

    • Susan Collier

      Jayma Mays, my time-travelling mother called. She wants her business outfit back in 1983. Kthxbai.

      • Anonymous

        I love that sweater! Too bad about that jacket.

        • Susan Collier

          You know, I like the sweater too, but its preppiness needs to be mitigated. The pieces were so random, but not in a good or interesting way.

    • siao

      Wow, a lot of ASOS. Too bad none of the pieces from there are very nice otherwise I would probably go to the site and buy the same thing, just so I can point to the picture and be like, “Yeah, same thing as Lea Michele. No big deal.” (I understand in this situation I would have to have that photo of Lea Michele on me at all times so I can conveniently whip it out any time someone eyes my outfit.)

    • Anonymous

      Jessica Lange  – Another example of a woman/look that would benefit from a skirt/pant with some volume at the hips (take that Michael Kors)

      Jayma – I like the skirt and shoes but the rest are not good

      Dylan’s shiny suit – I like it.

      Leah could have looked really good if that skirt were a few (MANY) inches longer

    • Anonymous

      Yikes. Nothing really standing out in a good way for me here. Lots of these stars were close, but no one nailed it.

      I kind of like Jayma’s outfit for some reason. Although, it looks more luncheon than red carpet to me, even though this isn’t a ballgown sort of red carpet.

      Lea Michelle looks ridiculous.

      • Anonymous

        I kind of liked Jayma’s too.  I wished she had worn different shoes.  I don’t know what, but not gold pumps.  And I don’t feel her hair.  But it’s different and not expected, kind of fun.

    • Anonymous

      Jessica Lange: too tight across the bust and makes her look barrel-shaped. She needs to work more of a grande dame vibe, à la Streep and Mirren. Perhaps Sissybear should be called in.

      • Kiltdntiltd

        Wonderful idea getting Sissybear involved.   Its also unfortunate that the shot we have of her is from the least possibly flattering angle.

      • Anonymous

        Something looks really amiss about her torso.  It’s like it’s wrapped in ace bandages or something.

      • MilaXX

        I think she is a bit barreled shaped. Whitney Houston is a well. I think it just became more apparent with age. Jessica was on Craig Fergusen last night and even though her dress had a bit of ruching in the center you could still see that shape.

      • Anonymous

        Yes! Chris March + Jessica Lange = Awesomeness.

        Sissybear needs his own signal up in the sky, like Batman. What would it be, though? A big bear? A big bouffant hairdo?

    • Lauren Dorsee Dillon

      Naya takes the prize! 

      If Jayma’s sweater was a nice men’s style shirt, maybe in a royal blue to make it pop, her outfit would have been perfect. In the future, Jayma, no ponies on the red carpet unless the ponies are real and someone is there to scoop the poop.

      Lastly, Lea. TLo now has me wondering if you can turn left. You looked so cute in Paris. WTF?

    • Anonymous

      Lea totally pulled a Britney here, wearing a shirt as a dress. Ridiculous.

      I can’t help it, I love Dylan McDermott no matter what he wear. As long as he has those gorgeous blue eyes I will love him.

    • Sara__B

      Lea’s dress is marketed as a top. No wonder it’s so short!

      • Anonymous

        I’m thankful she had it lined.

      • Anonymous

        Ugh, my niece does that too.  So trashy.

      • accidental housewife

        Oh my lord. Of course Lea is wearing a top as a dress. I don’t even know why I’m surprised.

    • Anonymous

      Colfer’s henley & vest look like a Mr. Schu outfit.

      I have a bit of a girl crush on Naya Rivera.

    • Mariah J

      Has Amber Riley lost weight or is that dress just that good?

      • Anonymous

        I like that dress; the fabric is so unusual.

      • Isadora Paiva

        The dress is not a miracle worker. I’m sure she has lost weight, I just finished watching the last episode of Glee and she’s definitely thinner here. Good for her, I’m all for representing different sizes in the industry, but her weight was not healthy. I think it’s weird how people are always criticizing the unhealthy skinny models but don’t follow through on the other end of the spectrum. The beauty ideal should be the healthy ideal, IMHO.

    • Anonymous

      Lea Michele has put some sort of spell on me or maybe she looks as if she’ll kill me if I say anything negative.  I like.

    • Jessica O’Connell

      Damn, Naya looks fantastic! Agree that Lea’s dress is way too short… a couple more inches and it would have been great little look.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      Naya is killing it. Why isn’t she a major red carpet presence?

      • Anonymous

        Agreed.  Naya is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

    • Anonymous

      This is like the three bears:

      Carla’s dress is TOO LONG
      Lea’s dress is TOO SHORT
      Ashley’s is JUST RIGHT

      • Anonymous

        But…who’s Ashley? If by “Ashley,” you meant “Naya Rivera,” I 100% agree. :)

        • Sara L.

          I think she might mean “Amber”, because, damn, that is one flattering dress. She looks amazing.

          Naya looks amazing as well, of course, but she nearly always does.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, I meant “Amber”.  Don’t know how Ashley crept in there…….CRAFT disease strikes again, I guess!  :-)  Thanks, Sara!

    • Gaby Ripoll

      Jenna Ushkowitz, return those extensions to whomever you borrowed them from. They clearly don’t match your hair. 

      • Sobaika Mirza

        Not sure they’re extensions, she seems to be doing the ombre thing – it just doesn’t work well with her coloring. Or it was clumsily executed.

    • Anonymous

      I believe that is an ASOS SHIRT Lea is wearing.  I’m not even kidding.  I am 99% sure it is listed as a SHIRT.

      This show makes me want to get cable.  I want to watch it soooo badly.

      • Allyson Wells

        You’re right – it’s a shirt!

    • Anonymous

      May I add how much I love the color of Kate Mara’s hair whoever she is?

    • Anonymous

      Amber and Naya really look fabulous (and as if they are at the same event)

    • Chloe Stabler

      Anyone know what dress Amber Riley is wearing?  Because that looks fantastic.

    • ecallaw
      • Anonymous

        Yikes!  Whose decision was that – her stylist’s or her own?  Either way, the dress/shirt is terribly unflattering to her legs.  The color is beautiful, though.

    • Anonymous

      Naya FTW!  She looks so chic and glamorous.  Amber looks great but I wish she hadn’t gone quite so matchy with her jewelry.  Chris Colfer’s shoes are a disgrace.  He used to look so much better on the RC.  Ditto for Harry Shum.  He does look cute but I’m used to him bringing quite a bit more individuality and style to the RC.  Jeans and a sweater – eh.  The shoes are fantastic, though.  Love the color of Kate Mara’s dress.  It really looks great with her red hair.  Also love the color of Jessica’s dress but it’s doing frightening things to her shape.  I agree that Jayma’s hair is awful but I’m liking that quirky little ensemble.  Lea Michele could not possibly look more ridiculous, with those hideous shoes, slutty dress and too-heavy makeup.  And I see she’s back to trying to give a come hither look.  Carla’s look is standard issue but she looks amazing.  Everyone else, too boring to comment on.

      • Leigh David

        I’m with you Cassandra, would it have killed Chris to shine his shoes!

    • Anonymous

      Lea Michele looks like a cocktail waitress who does lapdances in the supply room. Cheap and awful – all of it. The duckface, the WAY THE HELL TOO SHORT too tight dress, blech.

    • Cindi Williams

      Christian Serratos was so cute as Suzy Crabgrass on Ned’s Declassified (shut up, I like that show). Now, to quote another Christian, she looks “hagsville”. Sad.

    • Anonymous

      Jenna’s makeup is tragic but the rest of her is cute. Amber really has lost quite a bit of weight naturally in the past few years. She looks great. I actually think Lea looks pretty hot in her shirt, don’t kill me. And Jayma is just such a precious personality that I actually think her clothes say a lot about who she is in a positive way. Dylan is so beautiful but I agree about his suit. Naya looks cute. She generally looks tragic on the red carpet but has being doing herself proud in the last little while.  

    • Megan Patterson

      Naya wins!

    • MishaFoomin

      Are Chris Colfer’s shoes supposed to look filthy like that? Because, yuck!

    • Anonymous

      NAYA, yah yah! and I love Jayma’s colors, they suit her without being saccharine.  and I wondered who the guy who turns out to be Harry Shum jr. was – anyway, nice look, dude.

    • Anonymous

      NAYA, yah yah! and I love Jayma’s colors, they suit her without being saccharine.  and I wondered who the guy who turns out to be Harry Shum jr. was – anyway, nice look, dude.

    • Anonymous

      Amber and Naya knocked it out of the park.  And I like Jayma’s outfit.  If you’d held up many of the component elements individually (particularly that sweater), I probably would have been skeptical, but I find the whole combination aesthetically pleasing, as Nina would say.

    • Judy Raddue

      Where in hell is the series star, Connie Britton?  She was the one reason I clicked on this link.  The woman has one of the best bods in the business and I wanted to see how she worked it.

    • Anonymous

      Naya FTW!

    • Anonymous

      The reason Lea Michele’s dress is so short…is because it’s actually a shirt. No lie.

    • Jessica Ballinger

      God love Naya.  She is just beyond BEYOND.  

    • MilaXX

      Love Amber & Naya’s looks. hate Chris’s vest. I honestly don’t mind jayma’s look except for the hair. The rest were kinda of “meh”

    • Anonymous

      Other reports have confirmed that Lea’s “dress” is really a shirt.  Love the Blue Steel comment!

    • Anonymous

      Other reports have confirmed that Lea’s “dress” is really a shirt.  Love the Blue Steel comment!

    • Anonymous

      Naya Rivera looks terrific. Kate Mara is wearing a prom dress. Chris Colfer didn’t have time to change his clothes before his dinner theater role in “Titanic: The Musical.” 

    • Taija HU!

      What Lea is wearing is literally a shirt. Who thought that was a good idea? Goodness me, I feel like such a prude, but it is too close to good china territory for my liking. 

    • Anonymous

      Maybe I have too much of a Chris Colfer bias going on but I love the henley paired with the vest.

    • Anonymous

      Naya’s shoes are stunning!!

    • Shawn Hill

      Dylan can be as mafioso as he wants. He’s got that sexy-douchey vibe thing going on.

    • Anonymous

      I love Amber’s shoes, Jessica needs help, and Lea is a total washout. But what is this SHOW? I can’t get any information on it.

    • Anonymous

      I love Amber’s shoes, Jessica needs help, and Lea is a total washout. But what is this SHOW? I can’t get any information on it.

    • Anonymous

      Lea’s back to “I’m sexy. Don’t you think I’m sexy? Look how sexy am!!!!!!” Sad. Naya is killing it. 

      • Lisa

        “I can’t keep tugging my skirt down without my boobs falling out, but really, I am too sexy!”

      • Lisa

        “I can’t keep tugging my skirt down without my boobs falling out, but really, I am too sexy!”

    • Anonymous

      I wish they hadn’t switched out Amber flowy wavy extensions with these freshly ironed ones. So bleh.

      Lea must have lost a bet with somebody and she had to wear that outfit. Makes me think of that new Hugh Jackman movie, Real Steel for some reason…..

    • Ass Kicking Adviser

      Naya looks chic AND her age. Nicely done Miss Santana.

    • Indigo

      I have no clue who dylan mcdermott is, but he can be my “daddy” anytime

      I’m horrible I know

    • Tiger Gray

      Amber Riley looks like a million bucks. 

    • Anonymous

      Naya Rivera just took my breath away. Cory Monteith looks RIDICULOUS. Jayma Mays stole from Rachel Berry’s closet. Harry Shum is just so cute.

      Agree about Jessica Lange’s dress. LOVE the color, hate the fit.

    • Anonymous

      Dylan i think is just plain old thin as hell and the suit fits. The shine..well…
      Naya – gorgeous creature!

    • Leonardo Alves

      Naya brought it!
      Would love Lea’s if it was just a bit longer…

    • Karen

      The glee girls look great, pity there wasn’t an extra inch or two of fabric on lea’s dress though.

    • Aki

      See and yeah, I don’t like Naya’s dress at all . . .

    • Pat Biswanger

      Jessica Lange looks great, but you know she’s going to get out of those shoes the minute the camera turns away and put on some flats.  She just has that look in her eyes.

    • frankystein123

      The only one who looked chic and sophisticated as all here was Naya Rivera.