Victoria Beckham Goes Shopping in NYC

Posted on September 21, 2011

You can say whatever you want about Vicki Posh, but the one thing you can’t call her is “stupid.” Switch out the “stu” for “va” and we won’t stand in your way, but the girl has always had big goals and the smarts to figure out how to get what she wants. So when Vicki goes out for a little stroll in New York, knowing perfectly well she’ll be photographed, Vicki puts on Vicki.

Victoria Beckham goes shopping at the Balenciaga Store in New York.

Victoria by Victoria Beckham Spring 2012 Collection

We kind of adore Vicki for being completely self-aware, and we even like Vicki’s clothes quite a bit, but we don’t like this dress at all. That’s not just too young for her, it’s downright juvenile. Maybe a gal in her late teens and twenties could pull it off, but we can’t help thinking this dress looks like it belongs on a girl in the single digits.

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  • Tiger Gray

    I think that shade of pink is almost impossible to pull off if you’re sixteen and up. It instantly evokes a little girl’s tea party dress, I’m afraid, which is really too bad since I think the color itself is lovely. 

    • Shannon Stewart

      Really, urban fantasy?  Have you published?

      Sorry… as a writer, I tend to get sidetracked by that sort of thing:)

      • Tiger Gray

        Coming out in November-ish :) How about you? What do you do?

        • Anonymous

          Yay urban fantasy! My favorite escapist reading.

  • Darren McMahon

    If it was in navy, it be fabulous!


    • Anonymous

      Yeah, a different color is seriously needed.

  • Maria Rosenfire

    Word. I would have been all over this like a koala on eucalyptus when I was 8, but I’ve moved beyond that stage.

    Not to mention that combining it with giant fetish boots adds a whole ‘nother dimension of creepy.

    • Suzanne Heist

      “like a koala on eucalyptus”

      Love it! And I would totally break my neck if I tried to wear those boots.

  • Anonymous

    the hem:meh
    don’t like that technique, doesn’t look finished enough to go with the precise cutout detail.

    • laura magner

      I agree. A ‘bubbly’ hem on a woman’s dress? The whole thing looks like Kohl’s kids, and reminds me of fondant on some Cake Boss’s sweet 16 project.

  • Chase

     I also think the boots are too heavy for the dress.  I suppose she was trying to butch it up a bit and perhaps make the whole look come off as more mature, but it didn’t work.

  • Robin Finney

    The dress even makes her look like she’s hiding something underneath. Not flattering and wrong color. 

    • Stephanie Leach

      She had a baby two months ago. I’m guessing she is still recovering.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe that’s why it’s pulling so much across her chest.

  • Anonymous

    What happened to her purse? Surely we would’ve heard if she’d been purse-snatched…right?

    Hate those boots with the dress.

    • Carolyn Wilson

      That was the only thing I thought of as I scrolled through the photos. It looks like she was dropping the money off from a bank job.

      • Karenlibrarian

        She doesn’t need to carry a purse, she has minions do to that for her.

  • Susan Collier

    I’m suddenly craving Good ‘n’ Plentys. Oh, silly dress would look better on that younger Fanning child.

    • Anonymous

      Oooooooooooh, that would be great, wouldn’t it?  If only those Fannings were real and not wispy specters forced to roam the world of the living in nothing but garments utterly devoid of color.

    • Anonymous

      Oooooooooooh, that would be great, wouldn’t it?  If only those Fannings were real and not wispy specters forced to roam the world of the living in nothing but garments utterly devoid of color.

  • Eric Scheirer Stott

    Maybe this would look good if she was smiling and giggling in a garden- but the shades and city setting aren’t doing this any favors.

  • Aileen Bartels

    Didn’t she have a baby, like five minutes ago?  I guess that dress shape would cover a baby bump that’s still going down, but I agree that it’s a bit Sunday Dinner at Grandma’s house.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, that cute girl from Moneyball you featured earlier today would look great in this. I do think the color is largely to blame for the juvenile look. I think in black and white, it wouldn’t look so cutesy, ruffle notwithstanding.

    • shorty j

       exactly. In another color, it could almost be neo-flapper or something.

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree.  Also, hate the shoes.  And the purse is just….I mean, is the baby in there?  Unless you’re a doctor working in the late 1800s, there’s just no excuse to carry such a thing.

    • accidental housewife

      On last Friday’s Fashion Police, Joan Rivers also wondered if the baby was in the bag. Great minds. :-)

      Despite it resembling a doctor’s bag, I really love it.

  • Margot Brose

    I think without the flouncy hem, it would have looked quite mod. WTF is with those boots, though?

    • Anonymous

      Probably her attempt to de-juvenile-ize it?

  • Eliza Leoni

    Hate mid-calf boots with a minny skirt. Horribly unflattering.  I wouldn’t mind the dress with black pumps.

  • Anonymous

    Far too discordant for my tastes, both as to the little girly vibe from the dress and the twist-your-ankle thick sole/stilletto heel booties.  The way she’s carrying her head is so self-aware as to be coy.  When I see pix like this, I’m glad I’m a reg’lar ol’ civilian.  I wonder whether celebrities really go through a form of bewildered, sorrow-tinged withdrawal when they’re no longer noticed.

  • ali meowmeow

    It’s the ruffle that’s doing it in for me. Without it, I don’t think age-appropriateness would be much of a problem. And I know she obviously can’t get around the city by magic (or walking… which would amount to the same thing in those shoes), but the creases around her hips are also pretty distracting.

    But I’ll save all negative points for that ruffle.

  • MinAgain

    Stupid shoes, stupid dress, and she looks like an Olsen twin.

    ‘Nuff said.

  • Amye

    And the shoes definitely don’t go with the dress!  OMG those are winter shoes and a spring/summer dress.

    Terrible!  Can we switch her OUT with Cate’s?

  • Anonymous

    Honey that’s not your dress.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps she is trying to hide the 1/2 millimeter baby weight that has the nerve to cling to her abdomen.

  • Anonymous

    It looks like she may be going for a Carnaby Street-ish thing but the ruffle is just not working.  Replace the ruffle with a black color block and maybe you have something there, even with that pink.  I think the boots are great with it.

    • Urban Gypsy aka Tess

      Totally think it could have had a fabulous Carnaby Street vibe if it had just been a-line and minus the ruffle. I’d prefer it in black and white, that pink is super bubblegum. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I am so over the super platform shoes. Maybe I could like those with something else, not digging them with this dress. Now, how she walks in those boots in NYC, I have no clue and I am from the school of walking everywhere in heels but these things are a podiatrist’s wet dream.  She doesn’t even have handlers like Gaga. Victoria is an impressive woman.

  • Trish Barker

    I love it all. I have been totally Posh brainwashed.

    • Anonymous

      Is that like Poshwashed?

      • Anonymous

        Poshwashed! Add me to the list!

  • Anonymous

    I really liked her take on classic, and I will be so disappointed if her new thing is twee.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t she just have a baby, like, 5 weeks ago? Gotta admire her for getting her shape back. Bitch.
    But seriously, that dress is too twee for my taste. I love her clothes, especially the sharp-edged sheath dresses. But not this one.

    • Anonymous

      I’m trying to find a way to say this without offending you, because I don’t want to call you out on this, but I had to say it. A celebrity getting their “body back” after a baby is one of the most hateful things I have to hear about time and again. In the first place, having a baby changes the body, and the expectation that it should go back to the way it was pre-baby represents a disavowal of what maternity represents. Why can’t we celebrate the post-baby body in the same way we celebrate the nubile young thing? These celebrities have fleets of nannies, trainers, and nutritionists to help them achieve this mirage of perfection, so I don’t see it as some great accomplishment.

      • Anonymous

        Well, I didn’t say she got her BODY back. I said she got her shape back, and frankly I think it’s a great thing for her. I was complimenting her and was not being hateful at all. I have two children, and I got my shape back pretty quickly after both of them, without disavowing my maternities or what they represented. And without trainers, cooks or nannies. I was lucky, and maybe she is too. C’mon folks – lighten up!

  • Anonymous

    It looks like it should be a longer dress, but she tucked the hem up into her panties so her mother wouldn’t know she turned her respectable going-to-dinner-at-grandmas-after-church dress into a mini skirt. (Don’t ask me how I know this.)
    The bottom just doesn’t look finished at all.

  • Anonymous

    The dress looks cheap and I would be willing to bet it isn’t….bad combo


    Photo #1 – deranged nurse?

  • Anonymous

    If it is this unflattering on her, and she weighs like 12 pounds, can you imagine what it would look on mere mortals? Perish the thought of having to look at hundreds of middle-aged toddlers walking around.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, that’s terrible. From the thumbnail I thought I was going to like it. As a top, with chic black pants, yes. But as a dress, with the flounce, no less? Ecch.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, yeah, and those shoes. Give me a break.

  • Sara Munoz

    Maybe sales of this particular dress have been slow. No doubt these little pics have given it the boost it needed.

  • Anonymous

    That dress is both ugly and age inappropriate.  That ruffle thing skirt looks poorly made as well.  Cheap even….

  • Suzie Vazquez

    I really like the dress, but I think you have to be nearly flat-chested to really make it look ok. 

  • Addicted2Glamour

    I love her shoes – just not paired with this dress. It looks terribly cheap, like some Forever 21 knock-off. 

  • Suzie Vazquez

    ps i like Twee, a lot, obviously. And I HATE those shoes.

  • Christopher

    and the shoes don’t go at all.

  • Anonymous

    1. The dress looks cheap (which I doubt that her clothes are) and juvenile (which her clothes usually aren’t)
    2. Platform Loubs don’t look good with everything…!!!  Can’t those bitches get that through their heads??  Enough already with the overpriced stripper shoes.

  • Anonymous

    This dress probably has something to do with the recent birth of her baby.   That’s the only thing that could explain the shape.  Those boots are ridiculously ugly.

  •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

    The shoes are incredible, but god that drop waist/flounce combo is so not working.  And if it has to be baby pink, change it to a tailored sheath with a straight hemline (and use a lighter weight fabric that doesn’t wrinkle so badly) and you might just have a dress suitable for a grown woman instead of a little girl.

    …. Or swap dresses with Kerris Dorsey, that would work too.

  • Anonymous

    This is not her look, but she is fashion royalty, bow down!

  • Denise Alcantara

    love the dress! it’s stark raving MOD, which i love! 

    the color, on the other hand, well…it’s fun if you’re still dabbling in fingerpaints.

  • Shannon Stewart

    I think early 20’s, and it could be cute.  Still far younger than Vicki though. 

    I kinda love her anyway.  No, she’s not an intellectual, but she’s never pretended to be — she started off doing pop fluff, married well, and now makes clothes.  None of this really requires a ton of depth. And her clothes are stellar for a vanity line.  They’re interesting, stylish, and wearable (for a certain type of woman).  She’s not an artist, a la McQueen, but some of us (in fact, most of us) don’t need art; we just need clothes. 

    Plus, when you’re selling a vanity line, it should look like your clothes — that’s the point: you have a definable style that people want to emulate.  (See the opposite: Katie Holmes, who no one wants to emulate, for the perfect illustration of this rule)

  • Anonymous

    Yeah. No. Also, it looks vaguely home-sewn in a bad way.

    • Anonymous

      That was my thought as well, that it just looks poorly made. Is this at Forever 21 or Target?

      • Anonymous

        What it looks like to me is a poorly executed dress pattern. It has that combination of bad fabric choice, simple but cutesy design, and home-sewn look.

  • Taija HU!

    I like the colour, sue me. And I like the fact that she’s wearing something that isn’t dark blue or plain black. Baby steps, even if it means doing so with baby colours!

  • Anonymous

    Also, the shoes do NOT go with that dress.   The shoes are all dominatrix and the dress is ingenue.   Maybe she was going for that juxtaposition, but it doesn’t really work.  

  • Anonymous

    “Tlo said:  we can’t help thinking this dress looks like it belongs on a girl in the single digits.”

    When I was 6, I saw Mary Poppins for the first time and the little girl (Jane Banks) in it wore dresses with this type of silhouette and I became obsessed with wanting something similar. 

    I think it might be too late now though.

    BTW, Jane had better taste in shoes.


  • Anonymous

    meh, not good vicki, but I hope you had fun shopping!

  • Judy S

    I think TLo exaggerate. A twelve or thirteen year old would look great in that dress. Unfortunately it wrinkles above the ruffle so she would have to sit very still and not bounce around while wearing it. It seems to me well-made but a poor fabric choice.

  • MilaXX

    Agreed. Its a cute dress & she’s trying to work it, but that dress is better suited for the Kerrisi’s of the world. However I imagine her little one will soon be giving Suri a run for the money in the stylish celeb kid department.

  • accidental housewife

    No grown-ass woman on earth should be caught wearing that dress. It reminds me of the kind of maternity tops women had to wear decades ago. Remember those tops, ladies-who-are-over-40? Frills and flounces and flowers all over the place. Way to infantilize someone who’s about to give birth to her own infant.

    I love the boots, though, and the bag. I’d get three steps before breaking my ankle in those boots, but a girl can dream.

  • Anonymous

    It might work better in a more sophisticated color combo but pink and black with scallops screams circle time!

  • Anonymous

    single digits for sure

  • Anonymous

    single digits for sure

  • Anonymous

    you boys might not think she’s stupid, but that dress sure is stupid. I’m not even sure it would work on a little girl. It’s a Barbie dress

  • Anonymous

    I kinda liked it when seen from the front, however I thought the booties were an odd choice for such a girlie dress….

  • Anonymous

    I kind of like the dress, but you’re right it’s way too young for her. I absolutely hate the shoes with that dress.

  • Lisa

    The dress is way too twee, and combo’d up with the dominatrix shoes, it’s just too much.

  • Anonymous

    she looks mean.

  • Alisa Rivera

    I normally love VB’s style, but this dress would look too young on Elle Fanning. 

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t mind the dress if it didn’t have the ruffle at the bottom…maybe just repeat the black scallop from the top.  As it is, the ruffle reads pretty juvenile.

    Pair it with hooker stilts, and it’s just confusing.  Love her bag, though.

  • mdesmondobrien

    Both top and bottom would be all right paired with different tops and bottoms (and most especially if they were in a different color), but together they take this straight to pillowcase territory. Too bad.

  • Karenlibrarian

    My daughter used to have dresses with ruffles like that — when she was four!!  However, she did not own stiletto platforms — looks like Posh borrowed them from the Bride of Frankenstein.  Horrible!

  • Anonymous

    I think the dress is cute and it would look great on someone much, much younger. I looks rather silly on Mrs. Beckham. On the right girl it could be adorable. The fierce shoes don’t work here at all, though.

  • Aisa Ginger Jake Psenicnik

    Love the top, hate the hem 

  • Anonymous

    Why not?  She’s the size of a child in the single digits…  The shoes totally don’t work with it…or anything else for that matter…

  • Anonymous

    I actually think the color would be fine with a clean hemline – then it’d be a more mod/retro look. That ruffle at the bottom is what’s taking it to pre school land. But honestly I’m surprised t.lo didn’t mention how the shoes were a great choice for making this more fierce and less babyish. Those shoes are MAJOR as miss beckham would say.

  • Anne Lucchesi

    I love the scalloped black bit, imagine if it was on a plain, solid colored sheath! Not so twee without the pink and ruffle…

    • Ashley Wu

      i love the scallop detail too! I think if it’s some other color like beige or camel it may be great.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed, plus the boots are a bad choice with that dress.  They aren’t edgy or street, they’re just a clunky mess.

  • Luke Thomas

    I completely agree this is a juvenile look, but I really like the scalloped detail.  I think this would make a sharp top if you hacked off the dust ruffle and made it in another color combo.

  • Anonymous

    So the shoes absolutely don’t go with the dress, but I’d give up a great deal to own the things. Dunno if I could walk in them without practice but I’d be willing to try. I’m assuming they cost more than my college tuition?

    Dress is, as you say, too young for her, and I find the way the black meets the pink to be incredibly ugly. The proportions just don’t work for me at all.

  • Anonymous

    Love the boots, hate the Pepto, respect her commitment to brand recognition. Is the bag by her too?

  • Caitlin Gozdecki

    if it didn’t have the ruffle. if it was just a straight hemmed trapeze dress it’d be a lot more mature. i like the pink and i love her commitment to herself!

  • Jessica Ballinger

    She’s trying to age it with the shoes and the bag, but it just isn’t happening. You guys have it right.

  • girl crow

    Nix the ruffle (and legnthen to compensate!), switch to funkier colours, and it could have been awesome, even with the terrifying footwear, it would have had a modern day Emma Peel vibe…

  • Ethan Barclay-Ennew

    People she is a tiny little human who makes most adults look like hulking monsters, if any grown woman was to wear this it would be her and I actually quite like it although the Bag/Shoe is making my eye twitch just a little bit

  • Anonymous

    Also bad are the hair, shoes and bag.  And the unpleasant facial expression.

  • Anonymous

    Hate the dress, hate the affect, but most of all HATE THE HOOVES.

  • Anonymous

    GAWD I hate the skirt on that dress… Loose it keep the length and a straight cut and winner winner chicken dinner.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, guess I forgot this wasn’t Jezebel and I didn’t mean to impugn your kindness. I’m having a contrarian kind of day, apparently. As Tim would say, “Carry on!”

  • RachelB

    The whole collection is pretty juvenile, but there is a super cute cat print that I want to wear everyday!

  • Kiltdntiltd

    The proportions are off on this for her, significantly; and the shoes are a disaster with this outfit.  Too much shoe by a long shot.  She looks like she’s trying to be “just like Mommy” and failing.

  • Anne Slovin

    I just can’t believe she’s walking around New York City in those shoes.  Ouch!

    • Anonymous

      Hmmm. I’m trying to picture her walking in Paris with those shoes (there’s this rumor that the PSG soccer club is trying to hire David Beckam for the next season).

  • Christine

    The dress is too girly but the boots are killer.

  • Anonymous

    Lord, I hate those shoes!!!

  • mcarlson

    Those boots are dreadful.

  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    I saw that dress on Joan River’s show a few days ago and thought the same thing.  And when will the booties just go away?  They are not flattering for anyone!

  • ecallaw

    I’m okay with the color and I like the scallop detail, I just have a problem with the silhouette.  I think the usual form-fitting silhouette she uses is what people think of when they think of her designs, and she should stick to them.  This would have looked great if it went down into a pencil skirt.  In a dress form.  What would you call that?

  • Ann Harste

    That ruffle looks like a bad home ec project

  • Anonymous

    A woman with 4 plus children, shouldn’t dress like a nymphette. Just because you ‘can’, doesn’t mean you ‘should’.

  • Anonymous

    I had drop-waist dresses very much like that when I was in elementary school in the mid-1950s.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that it is too young but it is an astute choice for someone who recently gave birth to her fourth child.  You can hide a post partum figure under that dress.

  • Anonymous

    Just hate everything about this look.  The color. The 1950s 5th grader silhouette. Most of all, those hideous, stupid Clydesdale boots, and especially the HSC boots with the juvenile silhouette. 

  • Danielle West

    I don’t care what she wears, I love her.

  • Anonymous

    I can live with the dress, albeit the colour combo paired with scallops and flounce is painfully twee, and i have always been fond of a  satchel type handbag…..the hoof booties on the other hand are truly offending my sensibilities…..

  • Anonymous

    I think the dress would be a lot cuter without the ruffle at the bottom. Even if the ruffle thing was black, it might look a little better.

  • Anonymous

    I think this dress is too immature even for Elle Fanning. But my 4 and 5 year old daughters would look adorable in it. 

  • Anonymous

    It really does look like a little girl’s dress. I’m not sure it’s just the color either, although maybe if it were in a darker color like navy the weird flouncy skirt part wouldn’t look so childish.

  • Anonymous

    It really does look like a little girl’s dress. I’m not sure it’s just the color either, although maybe if it were in a darker color like navy the weird flouncy skirt part wouldn’t look so childish.

  • JaneM

    The top of it looks like it was made out of oreos.

  • Anonymous

    Things I would like to see disappear from the face of the Earth, or at least women’s feet:

    Booties—although maybe okay with slacks
    6-inch stiletto heels—I hope everyone who wears them develops spinal issues
    Platform soles—only Boris Karloff was able to get away with those

    • Anonymous

      I like SOME booties with SOME dresses/skirts, but the proportions have to be right. 6-inch stilettos are ridiculous. And I LOVE platform soles, but only up to about an inch – over that and yes, you’re approaching Frankenstein boots territory.

  • Anonymous

    Completely agree, T Lo.

  • Olechka Milashka

    too bad, I actually like her stuff

  • Catherine Rhodes

    The prepubescent dress paired with the dominitrix boot makes me uncomfortable for some reason.

    Are we voting? Can I vote OUT?

  • andy

    Dropped waist + no darts + ruffle + pink = juvie, without a doubt. However, I really do like this look… I think because of the Oprah-in-The-Color-Purple way she’s marching down the street.

    So, a contrary IN.

  • Liana Brooks

    It’s not a good cut for any girl whose hit puberty. The black/pink line is too high and makes the proportions look off. The colors are nice, but it doesn’t work for a woman her age (or over 14 really).

  • Anonymous

    If it didn’t have the flounce at the bottom and was just a straight sheath dress I would actually love it, and consider it age-appropriate for her (or me, for that matter).  As it is, juvie it is!

  • Anonymous

    And the shoes are way too heavy for that look, I thought she was such a fashion icon but now I’m not so sure.

  • Beth G

    The boots looks ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    I have always taken pride in the fact that I am a woman who could probably run a marathon in heels, if the situation ever presented itself, but MAN do those shoes look uncomfortable…even with the massive platform. Ouch.

    The dress is way too twee for a grown woman. Odd, because Posh’s style is anything but twee.

  • Anonymous

    Waaay too young for her! It looks like something a character from “Peanuts” would wear.

  • Anonymous

    I like it.  She did just have a baby and I am tired of the whole this looks too young for her.. it’s not fucking ruffles from the waist down people get a grip.

  • Anonymous

    Butterick pattern #1055.  Looks like something one of my friends would have made in high school home ec class.

  • Anonymous

    If I were her sales assistant I’d be offering her a chair, thinking the shopping trip wasn’t going to be a nice, long, expensive one if she had to stand around in those shoes for too long. 

  • Anonymous

    If I were her sales assistant I’d be offering her a chair, thinking the shopping trip wasn’t going to be a nice, long, expensive one if she had to stand around in those shoes for too long. 

  • Anonymous

    It’s also just hideously ugly. In a barfatrocious color.

    • Pennymac

      Love the word barfatrocious! Can I steal it?

  • Shelf Afterlife

    I think she got so excited about having a baby girl she wanted to make matching outfits.  Kinda like the little girl dresses that come with a matching one for their favorite dolly.

  • Anonymous

    Those clodhopping boots!

  • kathrineb

    It may not be age appropriate but I really love the scalloped portion of the dress but that puffy dropped waist frill/flounce thing bothers me.
    Happy to see her looking less skeletal here.