Prada Spring 2012 Collection

Posted on September 29, 2011


Prada Spring 2012 Collection


The Italians are certainly loving the kitschy retro prints this season. After Dolce & Gabbana’s kitchen-curtain kitsch, Prada unveiled her auto body detailing version of it. Miuccia described her collection as “sweet,” which it is; with pleated skirts and dresses in pale colors and floral lace or crochet coats in more vivid colors. But there’s also a flip side: retro car prints, leather skirts, and the kind of airbrushed flames you’d see on the type of van you’d be advised to not come a’knockin’ if you see it rockin’. There was also a a tip of the hat – or more accurately, a metaphorical flip of the skirt – to that embodiment of sweet and sexy, Marilyn herself, as the models walked over a subway grate on the runway. The fifties are all over this collection, with its pastel palette, round-shouldered coats, and retro “bathing suits” in satin. It’s a gorgeous collection and like so much of Miuccia’s work, will have an influence on other designers down the line.

Prada Spring 2012 Collection

Prada Spring 2012 Collection

Prada Spring 2012 Collection

Prada Spring 2012 Collection



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  • Anonymous

    there literally is not one of these skirts and dresses that i don’t covet…  and i even like a few of the coats (the mostly solid ones).  brava, prada.

  • Anonymous

    Love the retro prints and lightweight dresses and graphic swimwear. Hate the short, boxy, patterned coats that (in these photos anyway) look like the vests my craft Aunt Alice makes. The longer coats are better.

  • MilaXX

    This was another collection I had to look at as separates. I like the tiny pleat skirts and a few of the dresses, The jackets are a bit too boxy for me, but I think on a taller person they would look lovely. I’m also really digging those green sunglasses.

  • Terence Ng

    Ugh, feeling hardly any of this, except the dress posted at the top and the blue and yellow swimsuit. The prints look so tacky and cheap to me…Different strokes, I guess.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I agree. Most of this stuff looks pretty cheap, and while crochet isn’t a horrible idea, it is used here very poorly. None of those jackets seems to fit very well. They just look cheap. A big swing and equally big miss this go round for Miuccia

  • Anonymous

    Most of these are extremely unflattering.   To super thin models.  They most certainly would be awful on “normal” women

    .. and I went back to look again beyond initial impression WHAT IS that outfit in the second last row (first one) with the skirt with what looks like an elastic waist AND HEM?

    • Shannon Stewart

      Neither is elastic, it’s simply gathered.  Personally I hate gathering like that for the same reason — it can read as elastic.  I wouldn’t wear elastic when I was 5 (I made my mother cut it out of all of my stuff, like nightgowns with cap sleeves) I certainly don’t want to imitate it now.

      • Anonymous

         I will wear elastic at the waist (and often hope to find some ) IF it is not so blatant and gathered. 

        Unfortunately my waist size can change inches in no time flat.   I guess not only eating or drinking but breathing and no sleeping can change my waist size greatly.  Also I lost a bunch of weight and while my waist got smaller, the clothes are not so large that I can necessary go down in size in some of them – and they are more bunch-y than this skirt when I hold the pants up with a belt.   

    • accidental housewife

      I know! That skirt is horrid. Who looks good in something like that? Even the model looks bad.

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking the same thing – some of the models and looks are stunning, but others make the models look like normal women. That’s bad, right? 

  • Kiltdntiltd

    I like most of the collection. the huge, boxy jackets and coats in bold prints, not at all.  Something about the proportions on them bugs me.  Its the extended, but dropping shoulder line.  It makes the models look slightly pin headed.

    • Anonymous

      Pinheaded!  My thought exactly!  All very David Byrne.  Except for the prints, of course.

      In contrast to the D&G collection–with all its crazy prints–this one does nothing for me.  The prints are kind of ugly and lack the whimsy of the D&G prints, and the blue lace shown here is just tacky. 

      Also, please count me among the *No Bandeau!* brigade. The bandeaux shown here don’t even look good on most of the models. 

      • Anonymous

        I was thinking the same thing–what a let down after the D&G collection

  • Jennifer Krumel

    Boo for this new upper midriff craze. J ne l’aime pas. But I appreciate the natural waistline, and as always, Prada has a great sense of ….whimsy? A cool chicness. Love the painted skirts!

    • Shannon Stewart

      I particularly dislike it because it is just the upper midriff — I think that generally makes women look flabby, even when they clearly aren’t.  Something about the spots it cuts in.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think the midriffs are bare.  On the video, they appear to be belts or sashes that give the illusion of bareness–which can be quite flattering.

  • Toto Maya

    Loved the first look, but I hated everything else. But I hate kitschy crap. I feel like if most of these models, whose entire job is to look good in clothes, look awful in these, how will regular people look?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I have to agree. None of this stuff is very flattering, is it?

  • Anonymous

    not sure at all &  the coats look so huge to me its distracting. 

  • Malve Lyborg

    I’m thinking of aprons, to be precise: of Else Kling (for the german minions). Don’t get the vibe.

  • Kate Pearce

    Um, no, just no thank you. I’ve have the D & G please.

  • Liana Brooks

    Retro-curtain-wear! No. Thanks. I hate the boxy jackets that look like inflated muumuus and the eye searing orange. The dress with flames intrigues me, and a few of the others will work for sedate office wear, but otherwise no.

  • Anonymous

    The jackets look way too oversized. Also, are any women going to buy the separate skirt plus bikini top and actually wear that combo in public?

    • Laura Schultz

      I tried on a printed coat that turned out to be plus sized and it was WAY too big on me, looked like one of these. Looked great from the back tho. Gosh, if it’s a trend maybe I should go back and get it!  Or not. 

  • kim i

    i love these, actually.  i think i’d piece them out and wear a skirt with some other, less assertive, top and jacket, and a jacket with … et cetera.  but i love the feel, the textures, and especially the palette here.

  • Laura Schultz

    There’s some fun cute stuff in there and lots of this is very original.  I tell ya, tho. Not loving the tube top trend I’m seeing on the runway. 

  • Lucía Valencia

    The first dress (the one you picked for the thumbnail) is TO DIE FOR!

  • Anonymous

    What’s with all these bras/bandeaus masquerading as shirts? 

    There are a few things I like, but overall, I much prefer the D&G guys. I like boxy shapes, but many of these look just downright huge and so unflattering. The whole show has such a downer feel to it with the music and the lighting; it just doesn’t go with the clothes for me. 

    I guess don’t especially like automobiles as design inspiration. I do love some of those retro handbags, though.

  • Anonymous

    I am sorry but I just do not get Prada with regards to the clothes.  The shoes and handbag, YES!  I just do not get the clothes.

    This collection is very unflattering…on size “0” models so how is going to look a real size “6”??????? I just do not get it.

    • accidental housewife

      I don’t get Prada either. Never have, and I guess I never will. At least you’re not entirely alone.

    • Anonymous

      I’m no size 0, but I could wear a fair amount of this stuff.  If you have a waist, you can wear an A-line skirt or a belted coat.  

      Yeah, the bandeaux aren’t practical for real clothing, but they don’t have to be.  Those are there for the show.

  • Anonymous

    I’m in LOVE with the dress in the header picture and the outfit on the far right, third row.  Those leather hot rod skirts are adorable too. 

  • Anonymous

    Not liking those big minister stole thingies. Totallyhuge-making. The fitted dresses are pretty. Weird colors. 

  • Urban Gypsy aka Tess

    Hate, hate, hate those large boxy coats. Love the first pleated dress though it reminds me of a dress I got at H&M, minus the lovely pattern. I loved that when I wore it someone asked me “who are you wearing?” Ha. Priceless, H&M looking expensive.

  • Aplomb Pomilio

    Another mixed bag as far as I’m concerned but I love more of these and hate fewer than the D&G collection. There are some great pieces here!

  • Judy_J

    The next to the last, next to the last two coats look like they’re made out of pajama fabric from the 50’s.  I swear my brother had a pair made out of the car fabric, and I had a pair made out of the pink & green.

  • Lattis

    I look forward to every collection from Prada. Miuccia’s POV fascinates me. LOVE THIS COLLECTION.

    I have a vintage 50’s souvenir scarf that looks a lot like the coat (far right second to the last row), except that it’s Paris and the Eiffel Tower not cars. I love that scarf. I love this collection. The swimming suit-ish pieces remind me of 50’s diner chairs – only updated and cooler. 

    Anyway, I am gobsmacked as usual. 

  • Isabeau Mochrie

    Many of the garments look like something from The Golden Girls.

  • Olechka Milashka

    Oy, not my cup of tea at all

  • Anonymous

    It’s twee.  It’s tacky.  It’s disgustingly 50s.  But damn! there are several pieces I most certainly must have.  Prada is either the greatest spell-caster or the best con woman in fashion history. 

    • accidental housewife

      I’ll go with con woman.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful.  Your kitty should be proud of her name’s inspiration.  (Sorry, couldn’t think of a word for the reverse of namesake!)


    LOVE IT.

  • Anonymous

    The straight boxy printed jackets and coats look like strips of wallpaper, but I love the skirts.  There’s a variety of cut, color and style, but they’re all long enough that you don’t have to be under 25 to wear them, but they’re still fresh and breezy looking.  I also like the swimsuits and belted coats.

    All in all, I’m happy to have this Prada collection influence everybody else.  It works.

  • Anonymous

    There’s a great style statement!

  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    I’ll take one of every skirt.  You can have the rest.

  • Anonymous

    I love the colors and the prints.  Some of the jackets/coats look too stiff, though…they come off housecoat-ish.  LOVE the pink dress with the flames…cool juxtaposition of ‘prim’ and ‘tough’.

  • accidental housewife

    I don’t get it. I just don’t. I went in with an open mind, because I think Prada did come out with something last year that I kind of liked. I’ve look at each photo several times, considering each look as a whole and each piece individually. To my eyes, most of this stuff is hideous. It’s dumpy and ugly and looks like crap on the models. They look like they’re playing dress-up with grandma’s clothes, and I mean the grandma who wouldn’t know style if it bit her on the ass.

    Some of the skirts are pretty, but they just look like skirts. Nothing special. I will never understand how she’s conned so many women into worshipping at her feet.

    /screed over/

  • Anonymous

    I am amazed at how intensely I dislike this collection.  It combines so many things I am not in favor of: ironic retro silhouettes, unflattering boxy coats, and kitchy prints.

  • Anonymous

    Thank goodness the 70s vibe is over. It had gotten tired. These are such fun, happy spring clothes. 

  • Micaela Cannon

    The flame print is hideous on cars and worse on clothes, imo. Love a lot of this though

  •ía-Gavello/1253586868 Lucía Gavello

    Love it, love the colours, but just like Versace and D&G… my midriff is so not ready for this trend you guys.

  • JoannaOC

    I’m not sure why, but I’m  having an allergic reaction to this collection. I don’t like the prints, don’t like the color combinations, the proportions, nothing. I will just have to chalk this up to a question of taste; I can’t eat papaya, either.

  • { edi } ilovetrash

    i usually really really look forward to seeing the new prada collection, it’s often among my favorites, but this stuff, boy, it’s not attractive. i want to like it but i dont, so many of the models seem to be wearing big square tablecloths cut into only the most convenient shapes. i will try again later, but for now the only outfit i like at all is the pink flame one, four up from the bottom on the right. i do really like that. it seemed like a breath from underwater.

  • Laura

    That yellow dress is divine!

  • Anonymous

    mostly ambivalent, some pretty shapes.  My favorite is the pink dress, 5th row, far right. But where does that smokey/flame print fit into the collection? 

  • Lattis

    wow, tough crowd

    But, I have the same crazy visceral hate-reaction to other collections – like last year’s D & G with all the white lace – which other people love. There is probably some kind of personality test that could be devised using clothes and one’s reaction to them. And, I, for one, would love to take that test. :) 

  • Anonymous

    wild guess…Prada hired Gretchen (?) 


  • Anonymous

    The “swim wear” that must not get wet is great, I really, really, like the more finely pleated skirts. Beyond that, it takes more imagination than I have to envision a way to wear the rest that I’d like. Not loving most of the fabrics – neither the graphics nor the pastels are more than o.k. & those medallion-ish prints remind me strongly of these odd little semi-fitted, thigh-length housework smocks one of my aunts gave female relatives – nicely finished with piping on the edges & around the pockets – to protect our clothing when we cleaned.

    (Always got a strong vibe that under the smock she thought we should be in shantung silk sheaths, ready to strip off the smock & the gloves we wore to protect our manicures at the first sound of hubby’s car pulling into the driveway.) I tried to appreciate them, really I did.

  • Suzie Vazquez

    I reallly really want to like it, for it’s retro appeal alone, but I just don’t. Especially the jackets. 

  • Isabel has better looking clothes at a reasonable price.

  • Lisa

    Nada, Prada. It’s not doing it for me at all!

  • Anonymous

    Good Lord Jesus. I could not scroll down fast enough and scram the hell out of this collection. 

  • Anonymous

    Add me to the pile of “no, just no” reactions.  

  • Dave G

    My 1 complaint about this site: I wish we can enlarge the pics to like 600%.  This thumbnail/squinting business is NOT working for me at all.

  • Leah Cronen

    Alright. I usually hate any sort of flame decoration on anything, but the flame detail on that dusty pink dress is GENIUS.

  • Anonymous

    Wow I had to look at this for awhile. From the outset, I thought I would love it – bright prints and interesting details. But the pieces themselves are too, um, ‘clunky’? Hate the boxy jackets, hate the bandeau tops, hate that pink and yellow skirt. There are a few pieces, but much like a few of the other shows, we are veering into costumey.
    And my son doesn’t like it either. He’s standing here. Being an idget and not going to bed so I had to write that he didn’t like the collection or he won’t go to bed. Happy now Cal? Go the @#$% to bed!

    • Anonymous

      I came back to sigh over my coveted dress (the one in the header photo), got sucked into the comments, and laughed at your son’s bedtime scenario. Sounds like what I often go through at bedtime!  Love your blog too.  :) 

      • Ass Kicking Adviser

        Thanks minnye!

  • Sara__B

    I’m trying to understand the hugely over-sized boxy coats and jackets. They strongly evoke the jackets and shirts that men wore in the 50s (minus the circle prints, of course). But why so huge?  Any ideas, minions and kittens? What’s going on here? I know designers like to play with proportion and silhouette, but I think they screwed up some great looking coats.

  • Addicted2Glamour

    Very odd. Half of the silhouettes are incredibly boxy, and make the models look like linebackers. And the other half are ultra-feminine hour glass looks. But I love most all of this. The prints and colors (especially that pale blue ) are just gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    Love the bags

  • Anonymous


  • Katie Dunneback

    I so incredibly do not have the body for those leather skirts, but I *love* them! Overall as a collection, it’s very interesting, but I’m definitely drawn more to the simpler pieces, both in terms of print used and silhouettes.

  • Anonymous

    I love and hate it.  I can’t figure out which I love and which I hate.  But at least it’s something that’s not boring the holy fuck out of me.  So that’s something.

  • Louise Cornege

    Well I love it. Not every outfit is wearable for the everyday woman, but there are so many stand out pieces that definitely are. But I’m partial to whimsy and pastels. And car motifs? Well, I do love me a novelty print.

  • Anonymous

    I came back for a second look and I find it even worse today, if that’s possible. The mullets on the models!! Lord have mercy! 

  • Anonymous

    If I had the money to spend for these clothes…I’d save it for something else. 

  • Nellie Wilson

    Two or three nice pieces, but overall, I don’t find this collection particularly compelling or even attractive. But it’s early – maybe I just need another cup of coffee.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but the coats look like housecoats granny would wear around the house.  However, that pale blue and yellow “swimsuit” is terrific.  Wish I could wear something like that

  • Andrea Lane

    I just became so sad, because none of that is in my closet.

    Maybe if I save up my pennies, I can get that blue dress. And that red and gold printed jacket. And the blue skirt. And…

    Fuck it, I’ll just declare bankruptcy.

  • Anonymous

    Hell to the no

  • Anonymous

    sorry, but i really hate the cut of the coats and jackets.  they all look like they borrowed david byrne’s big suit (talking head).  the prints don’t inspire me, overall i’m not feeling this collection.  the “bathing suits” are lovely, but how and where does one wear them?  certainly not swimming.

  • Anonymous

    p.s.  are the coats made out of crocheted granny squares?  yuck.

  • Anonymous

    Saw this collection online last week and was very disappointed.. read those boxy jackets/coats  were made of neoporene – that in itself  without any attempt to tailor fit is what most of us find appalling – and those prints are hideous inmho, same as those artsy print on the leather skirts. BTW, the he/she model in the satiny coat – middle one , 7th row did not want or forgot to tape and  was sporting a bulge.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry but a CAR PRINT?  Flames??  Ick.

  • mc90

    Yuck. You liked? Really?!!

  • Anonymous

    ……..get ready for the watered down dvf version. those maillots are hot hot hot!

  • Anonymous

    That pink dress with the gray and green flames on the bottom is so cheekily, hilariously fabulous it completely lifted my mood. I want it desperately, in an alternate universe where I have money and that color isn’t deeply hideous on me.

  • Anonymous

    OH AND I cannot stand the hairstyling. It looks dirty. Does this mean I don’t have to shower tomorrow morning?

    • Tom and Lorenzo

      Only if you’re walking a runway in Milan.