PR: Cindy Braidy and Post-Rehab Shaggy

Posted on September 26, 2011

Who’s a little teapot? YOU are!





Look, we’ll freely admit that Bert’s entry was definitely one of the better ones and that he made some smart decisions, but we’re still finding it hard to work up the words to discuss any of these looks. The stiltwalker challenge remains our pick for the very worst Project Runway challenge ever, but the more we look at these horrifyingly bad getups, the more we’re leaning toward the Sheepdog challenge as a close second.

We burst out laughing when he came out with those adorable little Cindy Brady braids, but we take Nina’s point that at least Bert gave him a definable look. We think “Viking” is overstating it quite a bit, but at least he doesn’t look like an early ’70s cartoon character.

On a more analytical level, we think the monochromatic aspect of the look isn’t a point in his favor and the Dorothy Zbornak-style jacket was both too feminine and kind of impractical for a bass player.

The absolute best piece was that pair of pants. Lambert said they looked a bit too literally ’60s (which is an almost pointless critique in light of the fact that EVERY look was like that), but we disagree. Striped jeans are a ’60s thing, but the deep colors and relatively slim cut of the pants took them to a more interpretive, less literal place. They were also the most flattering, best tailored pants on that runway.

Hey, remember when Shaggy sold Scooby to a lab in order to get cash to score some heroin, got busted, and then got into a work release program waiting tables at Denny’s? Good times.

And remember how they forced him to wear lady blouses in order to humiliate him?

And then he auditioned for Godspell but he was so nervous he was facing the wrong way the whole time?

Oh, Miss Kimberley. Where did it all go so wrong? Judging by your expression here, it was some point prior to this picture being taken.

Poor Shaggy. He looks like he wants to cry.

If we cut her some slack on the ridiculously bad pants and the ugly fabric for the top, that still doesn’t explain the lady buttons and scalloped collar. What was she thinking?

She’s still one of our favorites, but she was damn lucky there were – as unbelievable as it seems – worse looks on that runway. Kimberley, we know you’ve got it in you. Please come roaring back this week with something that blows those bitchy judges out of their chairs. This season desperately needs a wow moment and you’re just the gal to bring it.


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  • Bert’s pants were my favorite piece on the runway. Like you guys, I’m jonesin’ for a wow moment. Is it ever going to show up this season?

    • I agree on the pants. But you can tell the yummy Viking’s last nerve was shot by the Pippi Longstocking braids.

      • Julian Betkowski

        Am I the only one who thought the braids were adorable? Nothing is every going to make that man look feminine save some major surgery, and I enjoyed the contrast.

        • Anonymous

          True, it would be impossible to make him look feminine, but the braids AND the “Dorothy Zbornak-style jacket” together were an odd combination for such a masculine guy.

          • Anonymous

            with the braids, i was getting a braveheart vibe.  i loved the jeans, especially because they’re PURPLE.  i want purple striped jeans.  bert was pushing his luck with the cut of that jacket, though.  the whole look could be titled “purple haze in medieval scotland.” i guess the pants would have to be purple plaid, and a kilt would be just the thing.  and underneath…..  anyway, i digress.

        • Anonymous

          With the braids:  A very large Pippy Longstocking. 

        • In answer to your question, YES.

    • Anonymous

      It has been said before and here it goes once again: this show jumped the shark a few seasons ago. Thanks a lot, Lifetime.

      • Anonymous

        And imagine, THIS was the season to bring back those of us nearly departed after the Gretchen debacle.

      • Stephen Trask

        Yes.  This show jumped the shark, I think, the moment they gave Gretchen the win for adding sunglasses to her final collection in an almost exact parody of the creation of Poochie, the Rockin’ Dog on The Simpsons:

        An animator, who looks like David Silverman, draws a sketch of a dog.MEYERS
        No, no, no! He was supposed to have attitude.SILVERMAN
        Um… wh-what do you mean, exactly?MEYERS
        Oh, you know, attitude, attitude! Uh… sunglasses!EXECUTIVE
        Can we put him in more of a “hip-hop” context?KRUSTY
        Forget context, he’s gotta be a surfer. Give me a nice shmear of surfer.EXECUTIVE
        I feel we should rastafy him by … ten percent or so.Silverman redraws Poochie. They’re still not totally satisfied.MEYERS
        Hmm… I think he needs a little more attitude.Silverman blackens in Poochie’s sunglasses.EXECUTIVE
        Oh yeah, bingo. There it is, right there!KRUSTY
        Yeah, that’s it!MEYERSI love it!

    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      The pants were my favs too.  I don’t know why, but I’ve always had a soft spot for boys in striped pants.  Those pigtails, though, Jesus Mary and Oprah, what the hell was he thinking?  I too am wishing and hoping for just ONE wow moment this season.  What an abysmal season.

  • Oh, fashion is so fickle. Remember when orange & brown were so OUT (candy corn teeth anyone?), then were suddenly IN (burning avant garde tree), and now they are most definitely OUT again. And we know it is so because Kors said so. Every time. How’s a girl to keep up??

  • Anonymous

    I still don’t see anything praiseworthy in Bert’s look (though I’m fond of striped pants). And a lot of people said Anya’s was worse than Kimberly’s, but to me it’s a toss up. Maybe the sewing is better on Kimberly’s?

    I’m starting to imagine this band in the PR costumes (they are costumes, after all) doing a “Free Credit Report Dot Com” commercial.

    • Anonymous

      I think the fact that Kimberly’s pants aren’t *splitting open!* in the back automatically makes her entry better than Anya’s.

      • Anya should have been in the bottom 2. Anyone who thinks otherwise (judges?) is insane.

    • Toto Maya

      For me what makes Anya’s worse is the frayed edges on all the fabric and the split pants. Also, at least Kimberly’s looks like clothes a person might wear, even if that person works at McDonalds.

    • BuffaloBarbara

      I think it’s close between Anya’s and Kimberly’s, but  the buttons put Kimberly’s in the bottom.  Stagewear means that flaws that are covered up are less bad than flaws that are right on the front.  Also, the splitting pants were just bad construction.  The buttons were bad design.

      • Anonymous

        Sure, but let’s not forget Anya’s “Super Groovy ’60s Guy!” top that looked like it came from a bagged costume at Halloween Express.

        • BuffaloBarbara

          Oh, true, they were both hiddy, but I thought Anya’s wasn’t quite as bad.  It looked like a cheap costume, but at least a cheap costume dashiki, rather than a cheap costume fast food uniform.

  • Anonymous

    Cindy Braidy looks like he should be “Peggy” the customer service rep in those commercials.  But look how nicely the pants stripes line up!  You go, Bert!

    Kimberley needs to get her mojo back.  I’d have thought long and hard about wrapping Shaggy in a toga, or even naked, really, before I sent that embarrassingly bad “designer?” outfit down the runway.

  • Anonymous

    Yes much sadness in this episode. The even sadder thing is I feel this challenge actually on paper was a good idea. Yes you’re making menswear but you’re still making stagewear so you have room for designing. Also they got 2 days to do it. What a waste.

    Anyway Bert’s was a bit too monochromatic. The tshirt should have been black or white. I think he should have gone further with the mixed dyeing on the shirt. But yes the pants were excellent and he wisely avoided going for bell bottoms to avoid making them too literal.

    Bert really served as an important contrast to Oliver. He really was a polar opposite to PM in this challenge. He didn’t bitch about having to work with a big client. He tried to accommodate the man as best he could. He made a pair of pants that flattered and fit and with only 1.5 yards of fabric.

    Kimberly made me wince. But again she knew she had a trainwreck and took the barbs in stride

    • Bert seems to be fine with clients (experience and maturity, plus he’s no waif himself), but as we’ve seen, not so great with team challenges.

    • Yeah, I was freaking out on those pants made with so little yardage. That was sort of a miracle.

      • No miracle, just a very Hitchcock mentality — why buy more (film in Hitchcock’s case) than the piece actual needs?  You don’t need extra “in case” material unless you screw it up.  Don’t screw it and there won’t be a problem. 

  • I think Bert’s look was a cool, kind of pared down vibe that I liked a lot. Particularly in comparison to the ass hat stuff delivered by everyone else.  His work showed that he was paying at least SOME attention to his client and the challenge.  Kimberly’s work displays the same taste issues I’ve had with her stuff all along.  And I don’t think she really heard a word her client said to her.  That top is not only fugly in the extreme but so badly cut and sewn it is plain old tragic.   I don’t care if she’s never made menswear before.  Its a effing shirt!  How hard is that?

    • Yeah, really.  Chloe Dao made a tailored shirt, pants and vest for Nick in the dress-your-fellow designers challenge.  She’d never done menswear before, but did a great job…and won the challenge. She had a little coaching from Nick, but Chloe was an impeccable seamstress/tailor and pulled it off beautifully.

      • Anonymous

        I thought of that challenge, too, so I had to go back and look.  Jesus, what a difference between then and now.

      • I was never a Chloe fan, but that outfit was impeccable.  Now, I will say, she did get lucky with having Nick — not only because the man knows damn near everything but because he can teach as well, and I’m sure he gave her a lot of feedback and pointers, both those shown on camera and not.  I’m also sure he spoke very clearly about what his style was and what he would like and feel comfortable in.  But she was still the one sewing it and all the instruction in the world only goes so far. 

        The mindboggling part to me is once it’s on the man — it doesn’t fit correctly.  Has she never seen a man before?  How do you not know how it should fit, even if you don’t know how to cut it to begin with. 

        (This is why I told my husband and his friends last night that if I do decide I’m going to audition for PR in the future, I’m making them all suits first — if you can make a suit, you can make anything.)

  • Re: Lambert’s criticism of Bert’s pants being too literal.  Lambert also praised the stamped-on, cartoony faux Native American print on the cheap t-shirt fabric of Josh’s tank, so I’d take his criticisms with a big grain of salt.

    But I liked Ewan’s braids.  They weren’t Bert’s idea, though.  The stylist asked if he wanted them, since Ewan appeared to have such pretty, shiny hair, and Bert was like “Whatever.  If he’s comfortable, go for it.”

    • Anonymous

      I thought the braids were awful, but I can see how with the right outfit they might have been interesting. When Ewan walked out onto the runway with them I literally cringed. 

      • Yes, with the right outfit, the braids would look good on him. I could see it at some points during the runway show. The braids would not have to be a permanent fixture, seen at every concert like some gimmick.

    • Anonymous

      I think Lambert praised Josh so much b/c they were eye-fucking the whole time.  Lambert didn’t want to say something that might ruin his chances.

  • Anonymous

    As Craptastic as last episode was (and Lawd it was!), I thought Bert exemplified Experience and Professionalism. Two characteristics his PR comrades sorely lack. First, he graciously donates part of his mood money to that ungrateful and catty BRAT, Laura. Then, by listening to his client something Precious Moments refused to do, he was able to avoid the “Purple Blouse” debacle. He had me worried but then he turned it around. He produced a really good outfit for Ewan ( I think that’s the guy’s name (??) ). The pants were great and I liked his dye technique far better than Catty Bratty’s “blood spill” dye job. Suck It ( I know I’m ten) Laura! I wasn’t feeling the braids, a little too “Willie Nelson” for my taste. But, I thought Bert’s look had a Southern Rock vibe that worked well for his client. Way To Go Bert! 
    Side Note: I’ve noticed that there has been a noticeable mellowness with Bert’s demeanor within the last couple of  episodes. I think, he recognizes that PR this season is a complete  joke and he quietly treats it as such. It has taken whatever pressure he may have felt at the beginning of the season off of him and hence the recent mellowness. It’s nice, he actually has been smiling and laughing. I dunno I could be wrong. 

    • Good analysis. Bert seems to be paying attention to the world around him. He sees what a train wreck this season has become. I hope he goes for it and just has some FUN with what time he has left.

      • Anonymous

        I kind of feel like this is Bert’s first foray back into the world of fashion designing, and let’s face it, PR is a pressure cooker.  It seems like now that he’s holding his own against the youngsters, he’s more confident and calm.  I’m starting to love him again.

    • Sobaika Mirza

      I LOVE BERT. Quite frankly, he is the only thing keeping me invested in this season (and that’s saying something). Oh, and also seeing how many other penis references Joshua can make in the remaining episodes.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe that could be a new drinking game? 

    • Anonymous

      I turned to my husband part way through the episode and said, “Bert’s trying really hard to be decent, isn’t he?” I also thought more Willie Nelson than Viking on the braids, but looking at it again, his hair isn’t long enough to pull off either. I think Cindy Brady on steroids is about right.

    • Maria Donaire-Cirsovius

      I do think that in sea of fug Bert’s pants were a lonely outpost of good construction and 60s interpretation.  I’m surprised that so few people have commented on how kind he was to Laura during the trip to Mood (btw, how did she spend $450????) and the way that she continued to bad mouth him during the rest of the episode drove me insane.  What is this anti-Bert-ness?  He has tried pretty hard to make up for his earlier bad behavior and no one seems to give him credit for that.  

      • Anonymous

        How did she spend that $450?! I think a “Bag Check” is in order! I smell a pair of new shoes. She certainly didn’t spend it on that fugly costume she produced!

    • I also thought Bert’s looked comfortable – which I would think is important for being onstage. When they were actually playing, I thought Bert’s outfit was amazing. When Ewan was just standing on the runway, I liked it slightly less, but still a lot. Well done.

    • Toto Maya

      I’m proud of Bert, he’s really turned it around. I don’t think he’ll be in the final three but I really hope he manages to keep it together and be successful.

    • Anonymous

      I agree! He showed a great willingness to work with the client and listen respectfully to his desires. The jacket was a little long I think but the look on the whole was good and I loved the pants.

  • I thought Bert’s had the best pants. It was unfortunate that he couldn’t get the fabric dyed the color he wanted, because head to toe purple is too weird. I don’t remember what the top under the jacket looked like, but I think if I had to choose an outfit from this challenge to wear, I’d have picked Bert’s.

    I don’t understand why Kimberley and Anya had so much trouble making a simple tunic, especially Kimberley.. she has good sewing skills. That collar wouldn’t work on anyone, and I don’t know why she thought those big buttons were the way to go.

    • Sometimes I think it must be sleep derprivation, or exhaustion. But then Bert came up with those pants, and as someone who is Bert’s age, I think I would be in a coma by now from lack of sleep. I’m agree with you, she (Kimberly) could have made a scrub top and it would have been better. 

    • Anonymous

      I would have picked Bert’s too, although I probably would have ditched the Dorothy Zbornak jacket. Those jeans are great. We wore striped jeans in the 80s too. They had stretch so they fit skin tight and you absolutely had to have them in several colors.

      • Marie Drucker

        I remember a friend of mine wearing lots of what was labeled as “over-dyed” pants. Just like Bert’s. Denim that was then dyed another color. And they were tight. She also had jeans that looked like graph paper. All circa 1982.

        • My college roommate had some…in 1982.  They had zippers near the ankles cuz they were so tapered.

  • Post-Rehab Shaggy, indeed. I was also thinking Pebbles & Bam-Bam a bit. I suspect it’s the collar.

    This whole episode is a Hanna-Barbera-inspired mess.

    • Bam-Bam, yes that’s it!!! Give the man a silly cap and it’s him!

  • Yeah, Ewan and Shaggy deserve Emmys for not bursting into laughter or tears while modeling both of their custom-designed outfits.

    Yeah, Bert’s pants were alright. And the tie dye was better than that drape fabric with the curlicues he had originally. But that tunic cardigan doesn’t transcend the t-shirt material.

    Kimberly’s… you know, I was speechless. It’s not even funny: the cut of the sleeves, that bizarre reverse-scalloped collar that only went up the front panel, those buttons! I’m almost wondering what would have happened if she went with that ugly plaid she originally had?

    • Anonymous

      Yes! I was wishing she had given that plaid a try instead.

  • Anonymous

    That poor singer. He looks like someone out of Asterix.

    There have been worse challenges, and there have been worse individual outfits. But this has to be the ugliest bunch of clothes ever on PR. 

    • Someone out of Asterix–Obelix, to be specific. How right you are.  Down to the striped pants and the beerstained shirt… He still is gorgeous, though.

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t want to say Obelix, but with those ginger braids (and you’re right, the striped pants!), he couldn’t be anyone else!

        And I agree. He is still hot despite the braids and…everything.

        • I have no pride. I’m with Nina–he looks hot *in braids*!  Maybe just because it’s unexpected?

      • OMG!!!  Totally!  All he needs is a menhir and a wild boar!  Kimberley’s guy could be Asterix with the right outfit…and  Asterix’s outfit would look better than what the poor guy ended up with!

        (Just in case you’re not familiar, Asterix and Obelix are French cartoon characters who are popular throughout the world, but less well known in the USA.  )

  • The interesting thing is Kimberly had the most attractive member of the band with the best body. You sure can’t tell by what she dressed him in.

    • lilibetp

      No, Bert did.

      • Sobaika Mirza

        Glad I’m not the only one who was totally into the lead singer.

        He also dealt with Oliver’s ugly attitude with a surprising amount of grace.

        • I’m totally into Ewan.  Not that I’d kick any of those guys out of bed for wearing those clothes…well, maybe I would, but only long enough for them to take them off.

          • Anonymous

            I’m pretty sure I fell in love with Ewan. Subsequent internet stalking has not revealed anything about whether he’s taken, but his good natured attitude about being left in his underwear while Precious Moments melted down? Totally endearing.

    • Well, attractive is debatable. There are many on this blog that prefer a burlier man. But he is definitely the most slender so you would think a limited range designer would be able to dress someone like him. Definitely makes you wonder why Olivier didn’t pick him? 
      She did well with the grooming, I will give her that.

      • Olivier didn’t get to pick him.  Mr. Lead Singer was the last one left…

        • Then he is just a perpetual “victim” for not asserting himself. 

          • ITA.  He could have looked at his teammates and said, “I can’t dress someone that far off from model size.  It won’t fit.  I need someone else.” 

  • Anonymous

    Bert’s pants were enough to have won this challenge.  Loved them.  Wish there was a photo of the back – without that jacket covering his behind.    Liked the tank a little better than that awful jacket

    The braids?  Were they his idea?

    Kimberly’s was hideous in so many ways.  And WTH did anyway style his hair.  at all?    It looked awful.

    • I think the hair guy suggested the braids, and Bert said, “sure, if he wants them.”

      • Anonymous

        Thanks – I didn’t think that Bert suggested them

  • Anonymous

    I liked Bert’s pants, though his shirt was pretty hideous. At least he made it work once it was more than clear that his client hated the first “blouse.”  The braids, as I and others said before, give him a Willie Nelson vibe.
    LOVE that screencap where you mention Godspell. so perfect.

  • “And then he auditioned for Godspell but he was so nervous he was facing the wrong way the whole time?” Burst out laughing, dogs and cats looked my way in perplexed curiosity, all thinking, “Mom’s losing it for real this time.”

    I love you so very, very much.

    • Anonymous

       The buildup with Scooby and Shaggy and the heroin and the Denny’s, topped off with Godspell…huge snort o’ laughter here, too.

  • Oh, and I really liked Bert’s pants, too. One of the few semi-stylish things up there. It really was a disaster, wasn’t it?

  • Anonymous

    It was a ridiculously bad challenge…these designers have no innate sense of “rock” …and the added twist of designing for men, and real men at that, just made them all panicked and fail. 

    The striped pants Bert made were the best part of his look, and I didn’t agree with mAdam’s “too literal” comment at all. If he had a completely different top, the pants would have been praised.  Dorothy Zbornak…LOL!  The braids were ridiculous.

    Kimberly really was lucky….looked like Barney Rubble’s bowling shirt to me! XD I think hers was equally bad to Oliver’s, and Anya’s was the worst.  Based on that challenge alone, Anya should have gone, but we know the judges are taking into account the entire body of work and their potential too.  I’m not disputing their rationale in this case.

  • Judy_J

    I really liked the pants Bert made.  They were retro, but had a modern feel.  Definitely the best garment produced by anyone in this challenge.  It kind of made my blood boil when Bert gave Laura part of his money, and she said something to the effect of “I never talk trash about you” (which is a huge joke), and then proceeded to do just that later in the episode.  I like her less and less with every passing week.  And since I never really liked her at all, we’re talking in the negative numbers.

    • I LOVED their little exchange. Laura’s “I take back everything I ever said about you” then his “Just take back everything you’re GOING to say.” THAT shit was funny. 

  • Anonymous

    Poor Shaggy didn’t get off his shift running the fryer at Hardees until late and almost missed band practice.  Oh, Kimberly, no.  Just no. Why must everyone pair brown with orange automatically?  Paired with, say, a strong deep blue or black the color brown is so much more attractive and less likely to make you think of those construction paper turkeys kids make by tracing their hands.

    I thought Bert’s look seemed like something he personally would wear while lounging around the house.  I can actually see him in it, minus the braids of course.  If he had ditched the bathrobe idea and maybe did some sort of structurally interesting t-shirt he probably could have won this round.

    • Anonymous

      Kimberly had originally picked a plaid fabric for the shirt and Shaggy was the one who said he wanted the orange fabric.  Ugh.

      • And I think both she and Anya went for the Thanksgiving look because the drummer wanted those colors. So this was a case of listening too hard to the client. Don’t know whether he loves big buttons, though.

        • There are times, as a designer that you have to tell a client no.  This is one of those times.  Having worked with performers many times sometimes you have to pull the “it won’t read well from the stage” card.  In the case of Kimberly’s client she should have mentioned that since he is the drummer and we only get to see half of him that half needs to really bring it.

  • Anonymous

    At this point PR season 8 is looking better and better.

    • Anonymous

      Come back, designers of season 8! All is forgiven! Except you, Gretchen.

  • Anonymous

    Was anyone else expecting Nina to grab Ewan by the braids and haul him off for some dirty, dirty play time?

    • Audra Ebling

      Yes! And was it me or were Joshua and Lambert making eyes at each other?

  • Anonymous

    like i said in a previous post. those poor sheepdogs, god bless them.   you know tlo it really was one of the worst challenges & so late into the game. 

  • Anonymous

    this whole season is a joke. it’s disheartening.

  • Anonymous

    I was going to skip the rest of the posts about this episode b/c we all know it was horrid in every possible way. Oh, but I’m glad I checked in: Several hearty laughs and a snort or two while reading this.

    Kimberly’s boo-boo face in that last picture says it all, doesn’t it?

    I love the phrase “lady buttons.” Some woman was blocking our car in a parking lot once (just standing there), and I said something to my daughter about how irritated I get by rude people. She said, “Yeah, you just want to yell, EFF YOU LADY PANTS!” We use it regularly and will now sub in Lady Buttons when we feel the urge.

    Oh, and as I commented in an earlier post: bad button choices always make something look home made.  Badly home made. One of the first things my mom taught me when I was learning to sew. WHEN I WAS 7! Kimberly, you know better!!

    • Anonymous

      You’re right. I’ve changed the look of so many garments (made an inexpensive garment look more expensive, made a newer garment look vintage, etc.) simply by changing the buttons.

  • Sobaika Mirza

    I loved Bert’s but the braids not so much. He looked a bit silly.

    And Kimberly! I can understand how a look can run away from your original concept and get muddled and even a bit disastrous. But how in reality TV hell did a scalloped collar seem like a good idea??

  • I guess you didn’t have Vicky the Viking in the US, then:

  • Hm.  And here I thought the braids were a bad Willie Nelson imitation….

  • Anonymous

    There is nothing to say about Kimberly’s look except YUCK.

    I thought Bert’s pants were outstanding. My son said they were too literally sixties, but I was alive then and I had the literal version. The monochromatic wash is very updated, as is the straight cut, plus they’re well made.

    They braids were very Cindy Lou Who. I see Nina’s point, but I’d have rather they did something more literally Viking, like maybe braid the beard (with extensions, I guess).

    If one of the two top pieces had been a strong contrast — a tight black tee, say — the whole outfit would have benefited immensely.

  • Anonymous

    I thought Bert’s outfit was the best, love the pants, and that Bert’s comment about Kimberly’s was right on point. It did look so fast foodish. I think Viktor and Bert have the most fashion chops but I doubt the judges will let Bert go to the final. I hope I’m wrong.  

  • Anonymous

    Just not feeling the utter shapelessness of Bert’s top at all.

  • The most good natured, polite, sweethearts of clients. My punk rocker son wore a women’s orange polyester leisure suit so it can get worse!

    • Anonymous

      My art school son bought a black hoody vest thing which has cutouts for the arms from some Etsy girl. I asked him if he joined a cult first time I saw him wear it.  I try not to have an opinion and sometimes I really like what he puts together but this thing was horrible.  I say was because I found it on his floor and I balled it up and I hide in the back of his closet. He will never find it and the odds of him cleaning his closet are very slim. Someday he will thank me.

      • Eclectic Mayhem

        You made me laugh out loud with your confession.  My boys are just five and (almost) three but I know there’s a time coming where I’ll feel the need to ‘lose’ certain items of clothing… I just hope I have as good a poker face as you must have!

        • I’m grateful the oldest will never give me that problem, at least.  The kid is downright conservative when it comes to clothes.  (He must have gotten that from his uncle — my brother wore a powder blue sweater vest over a white shirt for 3 school pictures in a row… and they were all different sizes, and I know for a fact he picked them out himself!) 

          Now, my daughter… we already fight about clothes and appropriateness.  “Why can’t I wear heels to school?” “Because you’re 5”  “Why can’t I wear this tunic sweater as a dress?” “Because you’re 5.”  “Why can’t I dye my hair?”  “Because you’re 5.”  Are you spotting the theme here?  Which is why I’ve already informed the child that if she brings home ugly clothes I don’t care, but if I find anything that breaks my “appropriate for a minor” rules, I’m burning it in the grill, including the Bratz dolls she wanted just because I said no.  Can you imagine what the little thing will be like at 15?!?

          • Eclectic Mayhem

            *wipes brow*, I sympathize Shannon and am, again, relieved that I have boys!  

            There’s is clearly a correlation between little girls growing up/wanting to grow up too fast and the media but I think part of it is just hard-wired.  

            I was very much a tom-boy but I distinctly remember – circa 75/76 – pulling the sleeves of my little gathered, gypsy style top down to reveal my shoulders.  It’s like there is a little, flirty, coquette in almost every wee girl, and some wee boys too.

          • In her case, she’s just on fast-forward in every way.  She wants to learn to do all the adult responsibilities too, so I guess it’s a trade-off.  A lot of the clothing stuff is just that the kid LOVES clothes.  At 18 months she asked for a sweater for Christmas, and picked out a little red sweater that looked like something I would have happily bought in my size:) 

        • Be awfully careful moms…five decades after Kindergarten, I still feel the loss of my head-to-boot Dale Evans outfit. It disappeared sometime after the first five consecutive half-days I wore it. I searched doggedly well into first grade, kicking myself for losing it. (Okay, I was in the “slow” group.) Finally, sometime in middle school I got a clue. It became an issue of long-standing on my list of fashion betrayals by mom. Right next to the purple-and-green plaid taffeta gathered skirt she made me wear every dance day.  All I can say is, it was a good thing she hid the gun and Greenie Stick’em Caps, too. 

          • As long as it isn’t inappropriate for her age, I stick with my mother’s line: “If it’s not permanent, it doesn’t matter.”  That was her explanation for why we could pierce belly buttons, ears and tongues but not noses or eyebrows (scarring) and why we couldn’t have tattoos but could have blue mohawks. 

            Inappropriate was a whole different story.  Another of her guidelines: “If the first word that comes to mind is ‘jailbait’, you can’t wear it!”

          • Anonymous

            Haha – just like me & my blankie! Still pissed off about that.

    • I’m not a parent, so take this with a grain of salt…but remember what kids wore when you were his age? (Whenever that was.)  I always think about that when people talk about what “kids today” wear. 

      That said, I do think it’s a parents job to make sure their kids’ clothes are appropriate.

  • I thought Burt’s was the best look of the evening, and the pants were the best part of the look.  I was a little surprised that Adam liked the jacket/top so much more than the pants.  And I was stunned that Nina like the pigtails. 

    • Anonymous

      If Nina likes pigtails so much I challenge her to wear them next season! (If there is a next season.)

      • There will be a next season. “Project Runway” is not going anywhere anytime soon.

  • This whole episode seemed like something out of “Spinal Tap.” Comedy, indeed.

    • On another thread, I said that maybe Rob Reiner is doing a remake of “Spinal Tap” and this was part of the filming (they did a scripted judging, which we didn’t see, that will end up in the film, along with more Kors one-liners.)

  • Anonymous

    Kimberly’s costume was heinous. Period. She couldn’t even defend the awkward buttons to Nina. And it looks like Shaggy is wearing a white shirt which was used to mop up a coffee spill. Or apply wood stain .

    And it’s wan praise, but Bert’s outfit was one of the best to walk the runway. Too bad the dye didn’t take properly; the outfit would probably have been top two had it been executed in navy blue or charcoal gray. I’m shocked that I actually agree with Nina on the pigtails; they make Ewan look like a wuvable Viking.

    • sarah jacobs

      I assume that the problem he had with the dye is that dyes labled “navy blue” usually have a heavy purple cast. I don’t know why, but I have found that to be the case over several different brands. I don’t know why it is the case…but it is ( and the color swatch on the bottle looks like navy blue too)

      • Anonymous

        So Bert would need a pale green (?) tint to counteract the red in the dye, I guess.  And the tints he could have whipped up in the pantry, coffee and tea, probably would have made matters worse. Tricky.

      • On PR, they use Rit dyes, which aren’t that great for cotton. They fade quickly.  But they’re OK for something that’s going to be worn for the duration of a runway show, I suppose.

    • Anonymous

      “used to mop up a coffee spill.”  Funny!  “Or apply wood stain.”  HILARIOUS!  Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    To paraphrase an adage from animation, Kimberly needed to engage her brain before engaging her scissors. I think if she had allowed herself a little time to do nothing but think about men’s clothing, it’s shapes and elements, she would have come up with something at least passable and more likely good. This is just panic explosion.

    I loved Bert’s striped pants and will not hear one word against them. He cut them brilliantly so the stripes remain vertical rather than contouring to the leg. The only thing I loved on that runway.

    • I concur on the cutting (which I had to explain to someone yesterday is really the hard part of making clothes — with most fabrics the actual sewing together is pretty self-explanatory, but cutting perfectly is tough).  Setting stripes up that way is harder than it looks — yeah, it’s hard to line up a pattern at a seam, but getting stripes to lay perfectly on a 3D surface isn’t much easier. 

    • I always noticed the first time I saw the episode that Bert’s pants were actually the best in the bunch in terms of fit, styling, and construction. It doesn’t look like cheap denim you buy at K-Mart. His only misses were the matchy-matchy dye work and had he shortened the cover-up a little but to a shirt-like length it would have looked more masculine on a stocky guy like Ewan. Skinny and tall rockers would, however, look good in what he made.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, flowy stuff works when you’re thin and angular, but as anyone of “size” knows, tailoring and structure are your best friends. Case in point: The (fitted) pants looked fantastic and sexy. The (flowy) tops didn’t. A structured and fitted (but not tight) button-down shirt with maybe a simple open menswear vest would have looked better, IMO. but I give Bert madd props for at least attempting something different. And even though I don’t think they’re structured enough for his client, the top and “jacket” might have worked better if they weren’t all that purple/blue color. Dark gray and/or black with some kind of collar/placket/cuff detail might have helped.

  • I think all of the designers suffered the same problem — they all tried to hard to do something interesting and “designed” for menswear.  There’s a reason why menswear doesn’t get the same press as women’s wear, and why it hasn’t changed all that much in the last 200 years — it works how it is. 

    Yes, there are some lines that manage to mix it up some for menswear… but those lines are done by menswear experts!  When you don’t know a damn thing about menswear, don’t try to be interesting!  Try to fit and be acceptable, it will serve you better in the end.  On any other challenge, that attitude will kill you, but on menswear?  There’s always enough fug on the runway during a menswear challenge that “safe” might even get you into the top 3.

  • I don’t agree that this was a bad challenge. This was a good concept.  Might’ve been more sensible to use a girl band so as not to add the “menswear” aspect (although I liked the feeling that last week they dodged the bullet, only to have it come around again).  The problem was not the challenge itself.  It was the crap job the designers did with their two days and $300.  As TLo pointed out in an earlier post, imagine what Chris March would have done with this challenge. “I’ll show you a rock-show costume, Elton John!”

    • Anonymous

      I agree that it would’ve been fun for the designers to do whatever they wanted, but I think they were stymied by the parameters given by the band…this was a boring guy-band playing pretty generic sounding music….not gonna Elton John this group out. It would’ve been fun if one of the designers had just said screw it, I’m going for it, a la Christ March. It wouldn’t necessarily have been an automatic ‘auf’ if it was made well…and it would’ve given the Duchess a chance to coin a few more pithy phrases.

  • Bert’s pants were great, but that shirt and over-shirt were terrible. Were there even hems on those items? And when did Dorothy Zbornak become a style icon for rockers? LOL

    I didn’t think Kimberley’s outfit was terrible, but it sure was too much brown, and the references to Shaggy were apt. (And you guys cracked me up with your comments, especially the Godspell one!)

  • Anonymous

    I have to admit I needed a good laugh the night this show aired.  What fun although puzzling for the “designers” thought processes..  

  • tom

    Without the overblouse we might have been able to glimpse some mantit, but the whole outfit  was still better than Kimberley’s offering.  I have not really seen one thing this season that I’ve gone “Wow” about , at least in a good way.  I don’t whether  the show is past its sell by date or I’m just burned out on it.  I guess I can only wait until next season to see if there is improvement;  foolish challenges and unexciting designs aren’t doing it for me this season.

  • Anonymous

    Y’all have me cracking up at my desk! Love the Shaggy story. I wondered
    what happened to him. I’ll have to go to Denny’s. And the Godspell line.
    Too funny!

    I did like Bert’s pants. “Like” being a relative term to what else walked the runway that day.

  • Anonymous

    I get all giddy when you mention anything Golden Girls in your posts.

  • I liked the pants Bert made. They reminded me of Heath Ledger’s Joker. But since I doubt that’s what he was going for, it’s not a good enough reason for the look to win.

    …And they *were* well-fitted and flattering to Mr. Ewan’s physique.

    The top looks like an art smock.

  • Anonymous

    “Welcome to Carl’s Jr., may I take your order please?”

    Seriously, Bert nailed Kimberley’s as fast food garb.  It’s just missing the headset.  This is really, really bad; chalk it up to a designer that hasn’t ever designed for men ( let alone hippie rock stars!)  I think that’s probably why she received a pass. 

    Bert’s was hilarious.  The more I think about it, the more I wish they had just declared this a No Winner challenge because they were all so bad.  I suppose they couldn’t do that because of the half dozen corporate sponsorships involved.

    Seriously, I can’t take many more of these episodes.  This one had some purely comedic value, but I don’t want a steady diet of it.

  • Anonymous

    “Tlo said: Hey, remember when Shaggy sold Scooby to a lab”

    I was thinking that he looks like the brother the Louds never talk about.


    • Anonymous

      Absolutely!  I was trying to put my finger on what he looked like, and a distant Loud relative is exactly it!

    • Anonymous

      Oh, how nice to see someone else who watched the Louds.  I was utterly fascinated.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, Jesus. The Louds.  

  • Anonymous

    “Hey, remember when Shaggy sold Scooby to a lab in order to get cash to
    score some heroin, got busted, and then got into a work release program
    waiting tables at Denny’s? Good times.”

    This is why I read you guys.  Still laughing!

  • Anonymous

    Kimberley’s “I hear ya” comment to the judges, trying to hold it together on the chopping block, and utter relief at the end provided some of the best moments of this episode.

    The drummer really got the short end of the stick in this challenge but was a good sport about it.

    • “The drummer got the short end of the stick”….LOL!!!

  • I think this was way worse than the stilt-walker challenge.  At least then there was some variety in the awful looks produced.

    • Conceptually the stilt-walker challenge was a far worse idea and yet these designers took what in any other season would have been an awesome challenge and totally massacred it. If I weren’t addicted to the hilarious writing of T-Lo, I don’t think I could bear to look at these heinous clothing crimes, except for Bert’s pants, again.  Everything was pure ass.

  • The more I consider all the looks that were presented, the more I wonder if the producers of PR and the editors over at Rolling Stone are having a weird passive-aggressive feud.

  • Scott Kullberg

    The final realization of just how broken this ep was came to me when I just couldn’t think of what would have possibly been *good* to do. There were just no right answers, so the designers just had to throw crap at the wall and hope something stuck, or at least that someone else’s crap was crappier.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe a Jerrell-inspired ripped up T-shirt with a lot of sparkle and tight leather pants? I agree w/T Lo on this, next to the lurching stilt walker challenge, this one was the worst PR challenge ever. It’s guys – guys in a band – in pants and shirts. Just doesn’t seem like a huge design challenge to me – unless you reinvented KISS or some other ‘theme’ band. It’s guys with instruments in pants and shirts. GAH! I would love to know what the Challenge Inventors thought would come of this particular idea.

    • Anonymous

      Right, let’s take 4 guys whose image is basically anti-fashion, and update their image. There are no right answers here.

    • Really? My mind was working in overdrive for this one.
      Something like this:
      My Morning Jacket
      Kings of Leon
      The Faces
      Townes Van Zandt
      Just some ideas, but I thought the Sheepdogs were not Rolling Stone cover ready, and a challenge like this could have had them kick it up a notch. 

      Edit: apparently I don’t know how to embed photos, but I put the names of the bands and the links are there.

      • Eclectic Mayhem

        Love me some Kings of Leon!

      • Anonymous

        What your links show us is that it doesn’t take much to brand a band like this:  good fitting jeans or cords in an interesting color, a white or denim button down shirt or black t-shirt with an interesting print on the front and/or back (lookin’ at you Anya) with a vest and/or blazer.    All very contemporary.  Tie-dye, fringe, Indian headdresses….puhleeze….no macrame or engineers hats?

        • Yep, exactly! I don’t know how they failed this so bad. Is this a crowd that only goes to Lady Gaga/Britney concerts? I feel like you can see this kind of look at any decent rock/country show.

  • Anonymous

    ” remember when Shaggy sold Scooby to a lab” – I would SO watch that episode of Scooby-doo, a show I thoroughly dislike.  
    I kind of love the Bert stripey pants, and want some for myself. I think I would feel very happy wearing stripey blue/violet pants. Everything else on the runway scared me.

    • Eclectic Mayhem

      I’d rather he took Scrappy Doo to the lab but I’m with you on disliking the show!

  • I actually liked the stilt challenge. In my opinion, it’s been generally downhill since then. The artist one where the winning look was bits of cloth glued onto a sheer? the avant-garde snoozer? The HP b&w challenge where the most interesting looks had painted, not printed, cloth? 

    I just hope this one is where they hit bottom. I don’t think it was such a bad idea, but the designers are just beyond common sense at this point and they lack fashion sense to compensate.

    • I liked the Stilt challenge too — I just hated the results and the judging.  I thought the basic idea was killer, though.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t decide whether this challenge is better or worse than the stiltwalker challenge. I’m inclined to say worse, actually, in terms of the actual designs, but it lacks a lot of the ridiculousness of the stiltwalker challenge.

    All in all, for all of its problems, I think Bert’s was probably the best look – certainly the pants are probably the single best item anyone made in this episode. The main thing it has going for it is that it isn’t a late 60s/early 70s cliché, which is more than can be said of almost everything else produced in this challenge.

    Kimberly’s is bad. Laughably bad, and she knew it (I give her credit for that). But you’re right, mind-bogglingly it wasn’t the worst thing on the runway. I think she’ll rebound next week – I doubt it could get worse. But, hate to say it, I have absolutely no anticipation of her bringing a wow moment to this season.

  • Susan Crawford

    I honestly think if Bert had made a really nice shirt to go with those pants, he would have won this challenge. The flowy top was bordering on Mrs. Roper, but the Sheepdog wearing it managed to pull it off by dint of being Eric the Viking. (I think NinahGahcia had a little moment there – I saw her eyes light up when she saw this hunka-hunka pigtailed man.)

    Kimberly’s look . . . well, T Lo said it all: Shaggy. Yep. Forest creature crackhead Shaggy.

    This challenge, the stiltwalker challenge, the boyfriend/hubby boob challenge . . . it just keeps getting more and more ridonkulous each week. I have a feeling St. Tim of Gunn goesa home at night and sobs into his sock drawer over this season’s madness. I know I do!

    • Anonymous

      Am I paranoid, or does Tim’s role seem to be diminished this year?  And, I SO miss his vlogs.

      • Susan Crawford

        I’m seeing that, too! But after all, with designers this uninspiring, even Tim’s well-manicured hands are tied. But he does seem to have less of a role, and, like you, meowing, I really miss his vlogging.

  • Kate Pearce

    I liked Bert’s a lot. I liked the contrast between the well tailored striped pants and the softness of the T-shirt and top and Ewan looked rather hunky with the viking braids.
    KImberley just had a very bad day. 🙂

  • From the front Bert’s look is passable (though the color story still makes me giggle–he looks like the Lavandar Lady at a San Francisco farmer’s market), but the back is ABSOLUTELY HEINOUS.  It shocked me that anybody would consider for even a moment placing a patch ambiguous brown in the vicinity of one’s ass remotely acceptable–at best it looks like he sat in mud, at worst it looks like he shit himself.  


    • I think it would have been interesting had he placed it higher, and also placed it in the front, as a pattern. At least he didn’t go literal with the tie dye.

  • Rand Ortega

    Back in love w/ Bert.
    Yes, I’m fickle.
    SB scottyf, obviously you’ve been whispering the right sweet nothings to your man, ’cause he’s made a complete turn for the better!

  • nancy

    This is the first season I can remember saying to myself, “I’m so glad I missed that episode! I don’t think I’ll watch it online.” I’m embarrassed for those poor guys.

    • I said the exact same thing to my friend this morning.  From what I gather, the TLo recap was way more entertaining.  Side note: totally back on the Bert Bandwagon

  • LocMama

    This episode made me laugh & laugh & laugh, but when it was over it made me sad because this just isn’t the PR I want to be watching.  Right now I could go for a “make a pretty dress for the red carpet” challenge. sigh

  • The only band I still follow — faithfully — is Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.  None of them would be caught dead in these get-ups.  If anybody on PR knew anything about rock and roll, they’d know guys wear jeans and T-shirts, and maybe a blazer or sport jacket over it.  Maybe.  

    The Sheepdogs are not the Osmonds.  This challenge would have made a lot more sense if they were told to dress a family singing group, like the Patridge Family, if any of them are still around.  

    But dressing a rock band?  It makes me wonder who has money invested in the Sheepdogs and wanted to garner them some (cheesy) publicity.  

    But they were such good sports about it, I actually like them now.

  • Anonymous

    I loved when Heidi said he looked like Tinkerbell’s boyfriend!  Hahahaha

    • Oh, thanks for remembering that! I loved that. I’m thinking Heidi’s kids must really like those movies, because she nailed it.

  • Well, at least Kimberly’s outfit makes sense of why Shaggy was so happy in Anya’s….

  • Toto Maya

    I was gonna say that Shaggy looks like a pizza delivery guy, who tripped and fell onto a pizza and got it all over his uniform.

    I thought that Bert’s was good… relative to the rest of the looks, which were all atrocious. His at least looked like something someone might wear.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t this the ugly burnt orange fabric that Miss Golden Anya gave to Kimberly?  With friend-that-like-you-don’t-need-enemies, much?

  • sarah jacobs

    No, you need to choose a different blue. blue is a primary…if you want a good indigo /navy blue…it’s hard to find it in RIT.. I have used Pthalo blue mixed with a drop of black to get something close- ish.

    bert’s error is one I have made more often than I would like to think about

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  There.  That’s better.

    God, that poor Viking lead singer!  I actually loved the pants that Bert made, and for cryin’ out loud, at least they (a) fit and (b) weren’t coming apart at the seams (unlike the band members). But the jacket and shirt!  So embarrassing!  What a good sport Ewan was not only to wear the Zbornak look, but to wear braids with it.  Man deserves a medal.

    Kimberly’s look was so horrific–the atom bomb of band wear.  There just aren’t enough words to describe the egregious fug. TLo, thank you for the line about auditioning for “Godspell.”

    I hope the Sheepdogs are reading this blog so that they know we aren’t laughing at them and that we are overflowing with sympathy for what their publicist put them through.  At least they sounded good!

  • Eclectic Mayhem

    The disconnect between the parameters of each challenge – as described by Tim to the designers – and the criteria upon which the judges balance their crack pipes is getting worse.  We saw it in the dreadful stilt walker episode, where Tim talks about the elongated proportions of fashion sketches and the judges based their decision on what looked wearable.

    With the Sheepdogs, Tim was very clear in his instructions that the designs didn’t have to be cohesive but the judges were expecting  the finished product to look more like ‘team work’.

    And through all this we, the viewer, are left wondering (and wandering) in the dark because Tim has either been totally gagged or has decided to drink B/M’s Koolaid!


  • Anonymous

    Just gotta say, maybe Bert’s outfit was palatable because he seemed to actually be relaxed and enjoying himself this time. Yeah, the top(s) were not great but the pants were styled so well (even to the perfectly straight vertical lines). But mostly, in every picture/scene he was just doin’ his thing and seemed to enjoy it. And his kindness to Laura will not go unremembered, at least not by me.

    • Yet it seemed as though Laura forgot about Bert’s kindness to her as soon as he gave her the money.

      Bert did seem to be enjoying himself, which made me happy. I never left the Bert train, not even for a smoke break. I knew he had it in him to be awesome.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    The idea for the challenge was really good–but they shouldn’t have based it on a vote-in contest, because this is 2011, and people are never going to vote in a glam-band.   The Sheepdogs, nice as they seem, could not have been a worse challenge for a design contest.  Everyone was trying to figure out how you can wow the judges by making casual clothes that everyone already has.  And it turned out with poor rehab Shaggy.

    And the Garnier guy who suggested braids needs to find another line of work.

  • This is shaping up to be the least talented season yet!  Damn you, Bunim Murray!

  • nancy robinson

    I think that Bert’s was the only design that could have worked in both Rolling Stone and Marie Claire. (Both with alterations, of course, as is done for every “and then you’ll see it worn by ________ and published in _________” challenge.) That alone, in previous challenges, would have been enough for the win. And that faux Native print of Josh’s looked like a Penny’s pillowcase from 1974.

    Watching the bitchieness that was included in the show was nothing to watching the contestants’ post-judging excerpt. Anya not only couldn’t be bothered to actually face Bert when he spoke, she, Anthony and Laura rolled their eyes and made fun of him on camera and in front of his face…literally.

  • Anonymous

    How anyone kept a straight face during any of this is beyond me.

  • Ella B. Mudge

    Bert’s outfit reminded me of the things Robert Plant used to wear in the 1980’s — actually, the jacket reminds me of what Plant wore in the 1970’s, only with no shirt.  However, perish the thought of Plant in pigtails…

    And if everyone was going to be referential, someone could have at least styled the poor drummer up like Axl Rose. 

  • Anonymous

    I am really, really, really ready for a “Make a pretty dress for the red carpet” or “make a pretty dress for a cocktail party” or….  just “pretty.”  Please? 

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t see this episode but have been reading your recaps (of course!). I cannot believe how horribly the designers did. Seriously! Very frighteningly dull! 

    Your Shaggy critique above is priceless! ohhhhhh thank you tlo!

  • Mary Nau

    Instead of the “jacket”, or whatever that is, Bert should have made a simple Western style shirt to wear over the tank. 

    Kimberly should have gone to her strong points, and grabbed a dark brocade and made the guy a 60’s style hippy tunic.

  • Bert’s outfit for Ewan reminds of the outfit Van Morrison wears on “The Last Waltz” when he sings Caravan. Van’s outfit is a dusty purple sequined pants and loose, open shirt with a grayish-green tank top underneath. “The Last Waltz” was filmed in 1976 so Van’s pants are bellbottoms and his collar was enormous. It’s on YouTube, if anyone wants to check it out.

    I thought Bert’s outfit should have been the winner here but really, it’s like they were all designing Halloween costumes.

  • MilaXX

    I liked Bert’s pants, but not the Golden girl jacket. I think the silly hair was an attempt to use the garnier products. All any if these guys needed was a trim and a bit of product to calm down the frizz.

    • Those braids. Ack! Not just any man can pull them off. They’re pretty much Willie Nelson’s signature. There’s no need to saddle poor Ewan with the damn things.

      This episode should have been titled “Poor Ewan”.

  • Anonymous

    nonsensical challenges produce nonsensical results. you think the producers would’ve figured that out by now.

    they’re really struggling to come up with new ideas for challenges. you know how this one was made up? they put a bunch of random ideas in a hat, drew out three and combined them all into one. apparently what came out was “rolling stone magazine,” “lifetime promotion,” and “obscure band with no interest in fashion whatsoever.” i feel sorry for the sheepdogs more than anyone else.

    • Anonymous

      I agree that they’re struggling to come up with new ideas–but shouldn’t the designers also be able to be more creative?  Even if the band has no fashion sense, shouldn’t the designers bring some?  

      • Anonymous

        that’s certainly true, but the producers could have easily made the parameters of this challenge more optimal for a design competition without sacrificing the creativity required on the designers’ parts. it was obvious from the get-go that the image which suited the sheepdogs (and their music) best was no more complicated than your standard jeans and henleys. there are tons of up-and-coming bands promoting an image that lends itself more readily to the kind of innovation a fashion design competition demands. it would’ve made so much more sense to have the designers work with a band more experimental or edgy with their image, even if only to make for better television.

  • I picture these guys showing up at some music festival and having to take a TON of abuse from other bands… “dude…you and those braids…..”

  • I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I think this challenge was actually a lot worse than the stiltwalking challenge.  At least the stiltwalking challenge produced some variety.  These guys all look like they belong in the exact same shit heap.

  • Anonymous

    Aren’t braids on Viking males as much of a myth as horns on Viking helmets or that there’s any consistency to the judging? 

  • Anonymous

    Oh I beg to differ. Despite the fact that The Sheepdogs all looked like extras from the 1970s JC Superstar movie musical, Kimberly’s gender confused Shaggy costume was THE worst thing on the runway from a design perspective. She’s damn lucky Olivier didn’t finish the sleeves on his swan song ensemble.

  • I wanted to critique the looks, but I couldn’t get past ‘Oh hell no, they did NOT put that man in pigtails’ and couldn’t stop laughing.

  • I hated the stiltwalker challenge, but I probably would have liked it if they hadn’t had to actually walk.  Conceptually, it was sort of a cool idea to design for women that were proportionally very similar to what their drawings look like usually.  I guess them not walking the runway would have not really fit for “Project Runway.”

  • I don’t get it. There wasn’t a caveat to the challenge that said, please make everyone look like a rock reject from days gone by was there? I mean, a simple Google image search of say the Foo Fighters immediately comes back with a shot of them all in button down shirts looking rather crisp. Nothing like this. Why a bunch of people supposedly obsessed with being fashion forward would come up with such dated things across the board is beyond me. 

    • I can think of two reasons: 

      1) They’re (most of them) too young to remember the sixties and seventies
      2) They’re not allowed to use the Internet, except for Skype calls to family members, and then only with the producers’ consent (AFAIK)

      and one more: they’re obsessed with fashion, not music

      • Well sure, they can’t use the Internet, but being that out of touch seems kind of inexcusable. Fashion and  music have long gone together. There’s a ton of overlap. How can they not know how to make someone look edgy and modern? The not remembering the sixties and seventies though, I’ll give you, which makes it even dumber that they reached for that. 

    • I agree with you. Have these people never gone to a show? Seen bands on Letterman? Browsed Rolling Stone magazine? Fashion and music did not begin with Lady Gaga. This kind of music isn’t inaccessible.

  • Anonymous

    Have these bandmembers commented on this experience? Even though the music was not to my liking, that’s no excuse for putting these poor people in these horrible clothes.  What is with this group of contestants?  I’m not crazy about the challenge, but this is just pitiful–all of them were, not just these.  It’s like they don’t have any imagination.

  • Anonymous

    I hope the Sheepdogs got some album sales out of this, something to make it worth it.

  • mrspeel2

    I read the description for this Thursday’s episode and they’re supposed to do a “70s look” so I think we’ll be seeing even more terrible-ness.

  • I hope this teaches up-and-coming bands a lesson: When PR calls, run the other way. Fast. It will do nothing to help your career.

    Berts pants were the best thing on the runway but man, this show is just killing me this season and I thought nothing could be worse than last season. Shows you what I know….

  • Julie Clark

    Bert’s pants were rad. The top(s) – Too femmey. Poor choices in fabric.

  • Anonymous

    So tragic. It’s as if . . . as if . . . as if these guys weren’t actually very good designers at all.

  • Anonymous

    “And then he auditioned for Godspell but he was so nervous he was facing the wrong way the whole time?” Perfection. There’s really nothing else to be said.

  • Bert’s pants were the best in the bunch in terms of fit, styling, and construction. He made some mistakes in the matchy-matchy colors and the length of the cover-up. Had he shortened that cover-up to a shirt-like proportion, it would have looked less feminine on a stocky guy like Ewan. His look as it came out would look OK on a tall and skinny rocker type though.

  • Anonymous

    I have no thoughts about Bert’s look.  I can’t get past the Anne of Green Gables braids.  Actually, I appreciate Bert coming up with an idea for the hair other than mousse+headband but I look at that big hunk of a front man and see Anne Shirley, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Pippi Longstocking – notice how none of these characters are men?

    As for Kimberly’s look – Frodo Baggins’ bowling league shirt.  “Tonight, the Hobbiton Hot Shots take on the Longbottom Lucky Strikes!”

  • Unlike the stiltwalker challenge, which I agree made absolutley no sense, I thought this was actually an interesting idea. But the designers completely blew it. The results were certainly as bad as anything in the show’s history.

    • Totally agreed. I thought this was an appropriate challenge. I’m actually kind of mad at the designers for treating this like a joke. 

  • Anonymous

    Kimberly’s look is one of the worst to ever grace PR.  Bert was right – he looks like he works at Popeye’s on the midnight to 8am shift. 

  • Anonymous

    The designers need to learn to ask better questions.  It’s more than just what colors they like.  Ask them:  do you want to be Lynyrd Skynyrd or Aerosmith?  Flamboyant or understated?  If you were nominated for a Grammy, what category would you be in?  Plus, when you play an instrument in a band, there are certain practical considerations to be made so that the clothes don’t interfere.  I still admire the band for going with the flow because they could’ve been total dicks about how awful this shit was.

    • Anonymous

      I think the problem is that most of the *designers* don’t know their classic rock, which was the style that Sheepdogs wanted (specifically southern rock, which is what they sounded like to me, Canadian birth certificates aside). This doesn’t strike me as a group that listens to much Skynyrd or Allman Brothers or even Black Crowes. 😉 So how could they ask about references they themselves didn’t know?

      • Anonymous

        They could ask the right questions within their own era of music:  like do you want to be Radiohead or Lady Antebellum?  Coldplay or Pearl Jam?  They just need to be more curious.

    • There are other things that the designers should have asked — both in this challenge and last week — that were never asked.  For instance, I find the most important question to ask someone when talking about silhouettes or pieces, is not only do they wear them but why or why not?  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had someone say that they don’t wear something (last night was jackets) and the reason ended up being that they love them but can’t find ones that fit. 

      They should have been asking about fit and about style, and they weren’t.  Hell, they didn’t even have to ask with examples of bands — they could have just asked who do you feel your style is most like?  These guys could have given them band names and musician names.  And they could have then asked their other teammates about who certain people were if they didn’t know. 

      Not to mention the fact that they certainly SHOULD HAVE some points of reference from fashion history — rock and roll provided most of the style icons in the ’60s and ’70s for menswear. 

  • vmcdanie

    Can I just say let’s give it up for this band? These guys were amazing good sports, especially the lead singer who spent the episode being called fat, sitting in his underwear, or rocking pigtails. Their music sounded like something I might actually like to hear more of so I hope being part of one of PR’s worst challenges doesn’t impact them.

    (And was the episode edited kind of oddly by the way or was the rest of the band really that non-communicative? They kept showing shots of the lead singer sitting in his undies in the work room making jokes and cutting away to the rest of the band staring at him or nervously tittering.)

    I actually really like Bert’s pants but I’m kind of baffled by the rest of the outfit. Thank you for reminding me where I’ve seen that tunic before and, you know, thank you T Lo for being a friend.

    Oh Kimberly. I’m going to give you a pass because of the whole menswear thing-and also because you are so pleasant and smart and low key I cannot quite figure how you got past reality show casting. I realize this many seasons in they should expect it and yet, I think this is kind of unfair when they occasionally spring it on designers.

  • Anonymous

    “We think “Viking” is overstating it quite a bit, but at least he doesn’t look like an early ’70s cartoon character.”

    No, but with the striped pants, he does bear a striking resemblance to Obelix, doesn’t he?

  • Anonymous

    Oh how I wish I hadn’t fallen asleep!!!

  • I dig the striped pants, but the rest of of Bert’s look was just too girly, including the Cindy Brady pigtails.  Kimberly’s look really was so laughable that there is no need to discuss it.  Let’s just forget it ever happened, m’kay?

  • Anonymous

    I liked Bert’s entry on the spot. The design is simple but not simplistic. He knew he wasn’t tailoring something for a woman or a gay so he kept the purple color palette and designed a quiet killer look. The pants are to die for and the styling was perfect. He couldn’t have done something with more punch on top, it would have destroyed the effect of the pants. No. Very smart decision given the challenge and the model. Definitely the best entry of the week.

    As for Kimberley, I still don’t get the love you all give her. She seems to be a nice girl, with her head to the task at hand and definitely tailoring goods. Still, everything she produces looks tacky : too shiny, too blingbling.
    I’ll take any Bert’s production over one of Kimberley’s, even if she has definitely more social skills than him.

    • And her skirt in this episode’s runway was the same skirt she’s now sent down the runway in 3 different challenges.  Anya makes the same top every time and she’s blasted for being one-note; Kimberly makes the same skirt every time and she’s so great because people don’t have the hate on for her like they do Anya. 

      And it’s not even a great skirt — it’s kind of unflattering on everyone!

      • Anonymous

        And I think we have also seen that top.
        I guess Kimberley is, like Anya, making clothes that she would totally wear.
        She souldn’t try and make skirts, she’s better with pants.

  • I’d like to suggest a challenge for B/M next year:  If you INSIST on doing menswear (which I hope they won’t just in case I do try out for the show:), how about a Matt Smith challenge?  He has style and he’s interesting and I’m pretty sure Doctor Who has more fans than the Sheepdogs.  And Whovians are rabid, and even those who aren’t interested in fashion may well tune in because you said the words Matt Smith. 

    (Also the only way I could be at all interested in doing menswear — I’d be okay with Tennant too)

    • Anonymous

      I’m going to be unduly cruel to your dreams and suggest a fat dude challenge! As a fat dude, I think fat dudes are underrepresented in fashion, with only Tommy Bahama catering to the fat dude market (which is just, yeah, no.). We need some classy fat dude clothes in the world.

      Also the people who crash and burn would crash hard, which would be fun, depending on the cast.

      • I think a plus size challenge for men or women would be awesome.  They did women who had lost a ton of weight awhile back — now let’s do women who have chosen not to lose the extra weight! 

        I actually think it’d be easier to do a man than a woman for a plus size challenge (though I do not understand WHY they find it so hard for women either!)   Why?  Because every man in the world looks good in a suit, as long as it’s the right suit for him.  While a man’s suit is a very difficult garment to make, it’s the easiest thing in the world to design.

        Though to be fair, I do not have any experience with truly plus-size men in terms of fashion — the closest would be my husband, who’s got an extra 20 lbs and a 46 in chest.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, remember when Shaggy sold Scooby to a lab in order to get cash to score some heroin, got busted, and then got into a work release program waiting tables at Denny’s?   And would you like fries with that?  Dear God, but Kimberley really sent out a bad piece of work with that tunic.  I was relieved that the judges hated Precious Moments’ efforts even more, but it was a close one.

  • Anonymous

    I’m about Bert’s age, and was doing about the same thing during the ’70s as he was, so I remember it about as well as he does (which is to say, not a whole lot).  That being said, I thought his pants were great, but the saggy knit top(s) just wrecked the outfit.  And then there’s the braids.  Ewan’s hair was at least a foot too short for proper braids, and the job the so-called hairdresser did on those braids was downright pathetic; one has a big bend in the middle, with short ends sticking out, and they just look totally ineptly done.  So, so sad.

    The awful thing is that Bert’s outfit was probably the best of a really shitty bunch.  His pants were definitely moving in the right direction; if he hadn’t picked totally wrong fabric for his original shirt, he might have actually produced an entire outfit that didn’t have any embarrassing parts to it.  As it is, the badly tie-dyed knit was truly painful.  He should have just give the guy a plain blue shirt, that would work off the blue in the stripe of the pants fabric, and called it a day.  That would actually have looked pretty good for their style of music; I know what he was going for, but he just didn’t get there. Kind of a half-Hendrix is how I’d describe it.

    The whole challenge was a mess from the word go, and I really hope the band got some MAJOR sales and/or apology ransom payments to make up for it.  I loved the band guys, but wow, did this challenge ever highlight how there is just ZERO design creativity in this bunch!  When I think of previous seasons, I could weep.  Even the worst things of some early seasons were so far ahead of the best of this season that I really think it might be time to give the show a decent burial. 

    But I keep wondering, was the fact that Tim wasn’t sitting in on ANY of the auditions a factor in the selection of this really lame bunch of alleged designers this season?  I thought Seth Aaron would do a good job, but man, is this group a disappointment.  (Actually, that’s too kind a word; I can’t come up with one to describe just what total trainwrecks most of them are!)

    I’m just going to ignore Kimberley’s effort.  There’s not really anything much to say about it, is there, that hasn’t already been said?

  • Damien Washington

    Oh Lawdy. Between the strung-out Shaggy scenario and the Godspell reference, I’m wetting myself.

  • narita_rayna

    seriously. there hasnt been such a wasteland of boring garments since the dreaded LA season *shudder*. come on bert & kimberly! bring the fabulous!

  • Anonymous

    In spite of Bert’s early interpersonal ridiculousness in the season, he has been growing on me.  This is largely due to his ability to work effectively with clients.  Go Bert!  

  • Anonymous

    Every outfit in this challenge should be put into a pile, be drenched in 666 cans of lighter fluid and be fucking lit up. Throw Heidi’s black mini friggin rag on the top. What the hell are the producers of this once-fabulous show thinking?

  • Anonymous

    Kimberly’s, uh, confection looks a bit like a Burger King uniform from 1977. I don’t think clothing has been made in Harvest Gold since. I totally had a Harvest Gold poly uni for working front desk at a hotel in 1977. But it didn’t have as bad a collar or buttons as Kimberly gave this.

    • Hey if you got Harvest Gold in ’77 at a hotel, you should thank your lucky stars — at least then is when it was actually in style.  When I worked at a hotel a decade ago, our uniforms  walked right out of 1986, complete with huge gold buttons.

      • Anonymous

        It went from there to a brown polyester suit (jacket and pants or skirt) with a white blouse (also poly) with huge orange and brown circles on it. Big pointy collar that went over the lapels of the jacket. Ah, the late 70s…

        • I still would have traded you — even 20 years later.  Ours were navy blue tops (made out of a bizarre polyester fabric that would be like what you see on kids’ fall jackets, but cheaper) with a short sleeve that came almost to the elbow, but not quite — 60 year old woman length.  It was a crew neck, with giant — I mean, GIANT… they were bigger than a quarter — gold buttons with navy blue paint detailing going all the way down. 

          The skirt was a straight skirt — not a pencil skirt as that might have been flattering to someone in the world and we couldn’t have that.  Instead it was a straight drop from the hip (cause every woman wants legs that are as wide as her hips) in the same godawful fabric in the single ugliest shade of khaki ever.  And it came down to mid-calf. 

  • Anonymous

    The poor guys in this band. Poor Sheep Dogs. They had no idea that, by agreeing to act as a Project Runway challenge/models, they’d be forced to deal with…This.

    Of course, this is probably going to get them more publicity (and going along with the fuckery will work in their favor, I think, as proof that they are easy to work with)…I don’t know if that’s necessarily a fair trade, but…

  • margaret meyers

    Yummy Viking had a good figure (see him in the workroom wearing a tight Henley tucked into his pants?  no rolls)  and Burt dressed him like he had a bad figure: striped pants, untucked shirt, big over shirt.  Olivier was more directly insulting, acting like Ewan was fat, but Burt also fell into the trap of dressing a big man like he was a fat man.

    I loved the purple — it’s a great color for strawberry blonds — and the striped pants were an excellent blast from the past.  

  • scottyf

    My Silver Stallion

    We can take the t-shirts piled up by the castle door down now. And thanks to the few stalwarts in the commentariat who passed us food through the dungeon windows while offering moral support, we didn’t starve. The fickle public has turned their ire to other producer-made villains, and we can leave the leper colony and breathe the fresh air of freedom.

    As I’ve said on countless occasions: you haven’t changed at all. If folks had only gone back a few episodes–and watched you when the camera wasn’t on you–they would have seen the very same behaviors that they are gushing over now. One doesn’t somehow become generous overnight–unless you were visited by three Ghosts of PR Contestants-Past, Present and Future- overnight, and didn’t tell me about it. From the moment you made a joke about your age, I knew you didn’t take yourself too seriously. And while I was afraid of being jumped and pummeled by the masses if I brought up your relationship with Olivier, your generosity of time and expertise (and now, even money for Laura) was clear. I think I would have slapped the kid silly had he–a MENSWEAR DESIGNER–asked me about measuring crotch depth.

    Your course correction after the initial consultation with Ewan and Tim was nothing unusual for me. You proved you could do that in the first challenge. I thought your pants were amazing and that the lead singer looked hot (I hope you don’t mind, but I invited him to the wedding, and asked him to RSVP about doing a three-way). I’m so proud of you. And I’m proud to be a Middle-Aged Queen for Bert Keeter.

    I’m also letting those wishy-washy of the commentariat who jumped on the Hate Bert Bandwagon, and now suddenly like you again, that they are still invited to the wedding.

    But they have to stand. In the back……WAY in the back.


    • Anonymous

      You really need help.

      [ 😉 xoxox  ]

      • scottyf

        In the WORST way.

        • Anonymous

          I believe in my heart of hearts that Scotty and Bert are going to meet before this season is over and it will be the beginning  of beautiful friendship.

    • Now, I don’t think I ever jumped on to the Hate Bert Bandwagon so much as I felt he need a reprimand.  I still don’t think anything in this episode was as impressive as watching him with his student artist; the kid gave him a piece that was EXTREMELY hard to interpret and yet he was so nice to him, praising the kid’s work, talking about what a great kid and artist he was.  Rather than being annoyed at having yet another challenge that he had to listen to someone else’s vision instead of his own or irritated at having that piece to interpret (because as a painting it was perfectly fine), he was gracious and complimentary and kind and receptive. 

    • Anonymous

      I was never on the hate Bert Bandwagon – tended to side with him on most of the confrontations – but I do wonder if he was on some sort of medication. I ask because I know a few old guys who were on a painkiller which randomly made them raging assholes – that’s not even remotely their character in regular life – and it could be that Bert had one of those.

      • scottyf

        I’m an old guy who has never been on a pain killer stronger than Tylenol (thank goodness!), and I’ve STILL been a raging asshole a time or two in my life. I think we keep trying to explain away behavior that’s abhorrent to us, because we want to believe we live in a world that always makes fairy tale sense. The fact is that each of us has said, or done things that we regret. I think Bert is the recipient of the same thing that EVERY contestant on a reality TV show is subject to: Producer Manipulation. That doesn’t mean that I condone all of his words or actions. It just means that I recognize that he is a part of a season long story arc created to keep us watching. We can debate whether Olivier and Bert are dealing with Asperger Syndrome until we’re hyperventilating. That’s fine…as long as we recognize that we are doing it simply for our own personal entertainment value. The minute we think we have one iota of real information based on the manipulative media of television, then WE become delusional and, we are the ones who really need therapy.

      • I don’t know anyone who was on a pain med that made them an ass, but my best friend’s mom was always super moody and bitchy when she wasn’t in a good mood.  Turns out she has a nerve problem with her back.  When they started treating her with morphine patches she went from totally zoned out (morphine does tend to have that affect) to her normal pleasant self as it stabilized to heinous as it started wearing off.

        I always assumed in Bert’s case he just reacted to a stressful situation with defensiveness and walls and it took time for them to come down, though.

        • Anonymous

          I just had the thought because there seems to be two Berts, Nice Bert and Dick Bert, and they’re not really consistent with each other. When the guys I know were on that painkiller, their dick versions were very inconsistent with their normal personalities – if most people are acting like assholes it’s still consistent with their personalities, if that makes sense. 

  • Anonymous

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Ewan’s braids would have worked if his hair were longer, and the braids draped over his chest. As it was, a single braid down the back would have worked better and been far cooler.

  • So the two gals that were the worst had fabric chosen by Anya who Tim professed as being some sort of pattern savant. Interesting.

    • margaret meyers

      That’s right!  Anya, in an effort at sabotage, gave Kimberley that hiddy fabric! 

  • Anonymous

    I think Bert’s early showing of bad temperament might have been the result of insecurity and self-doubt. Here he was, among a sea of ambitious young Turks, trying to reestablish himself in a difficult business. I think the longer he lasted, the more comfortable he became and was able to shrug off the abuse and be a bit more laid back.

  • Anonymous

    Really, i can hardly revisit this horro of an episode without vomiting.  I did like Berts pants quite a bit, they fit extremely well and were cool.  The tops….. as a man who alos carries a few extra lbs (more than this guy, btw) I would have liked to see bert steer clear of such drapey, clingy fabrics.  Those fabrics are not the friend of man boobs, even relatively small man boobs.  Those pants with a more contrast, structered shirt would have been a home run.  Even with the braids.
    Kimberly – I can’t even go there.  I just can’t…… “Don’t let her see that, it’s foul.”

  • Anonymous

    To quote Charles Barkley: I think that’s TURRABULL!

  • Anonymous

    Why can’t I stop watching this show? Bert’s pants were the best piece, hands down, so of course they were criticized for the silliest reason. I like how he died them and the slim cut and fit looked better than the crack everybody else was serving (I’m looking at you Anya). But Bea Arthur wants her jacket back. And Kimberley’s poor guy got stuck with the worst looks. Both times. I just don’t understand the shirt.  

    • I love how Bert retorted that he lived in the 60s/70s and did not want to go bell-bottom with the pants. Their critique that his pants were literal did not make sense.

  • Anonymous

    I think I’ve figured Kimberly’s out: If Batman ran a Burger King in 1974, this would be the guy on the drive thru. That’s the only way to explain the collar, and also everything else.

  • Anonymous

    So bad! We also burst out laughing when he came out, he looked like an uncomfortable little toddler. Those pants look like stuff I’d find at TJ Maxx in the early 90s, and that bleach fart in the back looked oddly placed. 

  • i’m actually gonna watch this this evening.

    all i have to say now is i’m glad people are re-liking bert. i never understood what reason there was to dislike him in the first place. i know he’s not gonna win–not w/ what would be considered televisual gold in anya around, anyway. but i sincerely hope he gets a good job out of this. in this, our new depression, that, itself is a wonderful thing to have.

  • Anonymous

    Bert used a very sophisticated color story here – taking into account the client’s own coloring, and jewelry or statement pieces. As a print color correction specialist, trained painter, and ginger, I can’t disagree with you enough, TLo.  Bert successfully used a complementary color scheme, meaning that the 2 colors fall opposite each other on the color wheel:

    The great painters of the Rennaisance, the Impressionists, many plein air painters and others use a process called underpainting rather than black to make shadows. It involves painting the opposite color, and then overpainting with th color desired. Titian, the master painter of gingers, is said to have created this process.

    Adding to the aesthetic balance is Bert’s deployment of the golden mean, or golden ratio. Photographers use something similar, called the rule of thirds, or somesuch.  If you look at Cindy Braidy’s own russet brown coloring and accessories, they are counter balanced by the amount of complementary violet shades contrasting with russet. Bert worked the ombre effect in color and size proportion, and managed to tie it all in together with a striped print.  In purples – no less.

    As often as you justifiably bust on redheads about monochromatic dressing, I believe you need to revisit this one.

    • Bert admitted on camera that the colors didn’t come out the way he wanted. We think you’re overthinking this and giving him a bit more credit than even he himself tried to take.

      • Anonymous

        Good point – I may well be overthinking, probably more overfeeling and overexplaining. Color is ridiculously interesting to me. Bert may have had a happy accident – if the blue had been true, I most likely would have been have been bored.

        Thank you for the thoughtful response & bless your cotton socks!

        ~ For whoever mentioned lead Sheepdog’s resemblance to Willie – I’m thinking more Jamey Johnson.

    • Anonymous

      It also looks  like the results of washing an old greyish white t-shirt with a brand new pair of jeans.

    • Anonymous

      I found the information you provided on underpainting quite interesting.  As a weaver and dyer, I find that often “saddening” a shade by adding some of the complement rather than black can add a dimension to the resulting color that would not occur if black were used as a shading.  

      • Anonymous

        Saddening – what a wonderful term for it!  It really does add a depth to things, and I would not be surprised if it was not by degrees, and all the effects not detectable to our eyes or conscious thoughts.  I’m not sure about dye, but black inks and paints carry a heck of a lot of blue in them.

        Here’s a page that I found quickly which delves a bit into the Impressionists and shadows: 

        Thanks for the new vocabulary word – wonder if it’s in the Tim Gunn lexicon?

    • Anonymous

      This is all super interesting! Write more, I too am fascinated by color and would love to learn more and you obviously know your stuff!

    • This is interesting. Bert is a studied fashion designer, so he may have known at least intuitively what he was doing with this. Now the brownish splotch on the back makes more sense.

    • In photography, it is the “rule of thirds”.  Essentially, you divide the frame into thirds vertically and thirds horizontally as well.  Your subject should ideally be either completely centered in the middle box if you’re doing a very close in shot, or hitting one of the line intersections.  The more you can follow those lines, the better the resulting photograph is. 

  • Anonymous

    I liked the striped jeans, not crazy about the t-shirit cardigan (it looks a little momsy).

    Kimberly was just lucky because that shirt is unspeakably bad. 

  • Anonymous

    Too tired (nine hour road trip today!) to read all the comments…just wanted to say that I really loved Bert’s pants.  I love purple anyway, and I thought the overdyed stripes looked really cool…and not necessarily sixties, Adam, if paired with something different.

    Also…I’m sure someone has already said this…but Cindy Braidy isn’t the bass player.  He’s the lead singer…sounds like he occasionally plays guitar.  As a former groupie (LOL, my hubby and I met when he was drummer in a local rock band), I would actually say that long overshirt wouldn’t bother a guitarist at all, and a bass player (even though that hangs lower), probably not very much.

    But it is very Dorothy, indeed.  (Hey, it worked for Gretchen, right?????)

  • Bert’s look was the least cliche’d of them all and is why I liked it best. The pigtails looked alright during the actual concert. The tie dye detail was lost because of the guitar. 

    Oh, Kimberly. The fast food uniform makes me have a sad.

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely can’t stand the pigtails.  I hate them.  I think they are a crime.  I also think that all purple was not the way to go for this guy, seeing as he seemed to have the most classically masculine taste in the bunch, though I realize that wasn’t Bert’s intention.  That said, I really like the pants, and definitely agree that they were the best-fitting on the runway.

    Another thing that bugs me though is that the judges for the most part praised Bert for this look, which the guy told them was outside of his comfort zone, and then turned right around and bashed Olivier for not giving the client what he wanted.  Yet another instance of cracktastic judging.  Not that I disagree with Oiliiivieeiier’s auf’ing — he definitely needed to go.

    The poor lead singer, though.  He looked so miserable and furious the whole time, and I don’t blame him one bit.

  • Anonymous

    Shaggy was not only auditioning for Godspell but seriously asking God “why God? Why me?”

  • ugh. i seriously hated this episode…. all the clothes looked sad and dirty.

  • What I don’t get about the designers was their overall horrifying lack of taste in fabric selections. Were they scared to death of paisley? Did Mood not have any in stock? Think of all the overcast dye you could whip up on it! Black on black, indigo on black, red on red. This was such a frustrating episode for me to watch since menswear is my thing. I’ve never yelled at the TV as much as that night.

    Sad, sad clothes.

  • Anonymous

    Just got home from hospital for major back surgery and need to take it easy. Cindy Braidy comment caused me to unleash laughter that may have set back my healing progress by days. Worth it though

  • Anonymous

    glad to hear someone else liked Bert’s pants. but otherwise, i think they were not just smokin’ the crack, but it was being piped into the work room. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think the challenge was horrible, if you say this is one of the worst challenges in history, then the Tiki Barber challenge automatically becomes one of the worst as well. The problem wasn’t that it was menswear, the problem was their aesthetic. Their literal 70s aesthetic, to me it sounded very literal the way they were describing it, caftans etc.. added more pressure to the designers’ already heavy load of tackling menswear. The challenge concept was quite great, just as the one from the 1st season to create a stage costume that female rocker, forgot her name, guessing she never took off. This band I thought sounded great, I actually looked for some of their music when this show was over, but the looks tried to please their literal 70s vibe, which was a bit off-putting. I loved Bert’s pants though, and would actually wear those. And indeed I to have noticed that when the nice girls use a brown/orange color palette, its deemed hopelessly dated and old, but when bitchy queens use it, its suddenly fresh, and exciting. The challenge was great, great in concept and idea, but the strict time limits, menswear, and catering to their band aesthetic hamstrung a lot of these designers.

  • Suzanne Heist

    I liked Bert’s striped jeans — just about the only thing on the show that I did like. The collar on Kimberley’s shirt was inexplicably horrible. I watched “Person of Interest” and only tuned into PR for the runway concert thingy. No reason not to follow that pattern again this week IMO.

  • Anonymous

    Stop! I’m going to bust something laughing!

    Bert’s pants = pajamas.

  • Anonymous

    There is nothing here but more fug.  Purple fug, brown fug, shaggy fug, 70s fug, but make no mistake it’s fug.