Monique Lhuillier Spring 2012 Collection

Posted on September 18, 2011

Monique Lhuillier Spring 2012 Collection
There’s a simple boldness to Monique Lhuillier’s spring 2012 collection that we really enjoyed. Her program notes informed us that she was inspired by athletic women and highlighted that with color-blocking and very body-oriented silhouettes. Keeping the color palette to mostly primary colors gave a sort of proto-chic feel to the collection by outlining and putting the focus on the shapes and the bodies underneath them; like taking sports uniforms or workout clothes and using them as a basis for a cocktail dress or evening gown. There’s a nice juxtaposition of masculine and feminine as well, with the use of both lace and leather elements to bump up the interest. From beautiful flowy goddess gowns to tight sheaths to simple tunics to full-skirted cocktail dresses; there’s a range of silhouettes here that plays nicely with the stark color scheme and prevents the looks from being repetitive. We love the splatter prints, but we REALLY love that yellow, black and white combo. Very eye-catching and modern. And, as always with Monique Lhuillier, it’s all very feminine and very elegant.

Monique Lhuillier Spring 2012 Collection
Monique Lhuillier Spring 2012 Collection
Monique Lhuillier Spring 2012 Collection
Monique Lhuillier Spring 2012 Collection
Monique Lhuillier Spring 2012 Collection




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  • Laura Schultz

    There are some VERY cool dresses in there.  I like the splatter-y patterns a lot, not so much the color block-y ones. 

  • Tiffany

    I think Monique Lhuillier will be able to design some amazing tennis outfits for the WTA. Some of these combos would work pretty well on the court I think

  • Anonymous

    I love her prints. 

  • Kiltdntiltd

    Pretty uniformly gorgeous stuff here. I really like the contained, controlled manner in which she used the black lace, making it a  structural statement within the bounds of the bold color.  The splatter prints are a huge success.  Often such things fall sort of the mark but the adroit handling of the prints makes the most of the irregularity and seeming random nature of them.  And personally I love working with fabrics with tons of stability, so the yellow dress in the second row, center is a great fave.

    • MilaXX

      Yes that yellow dress is gorge!

      • Anonymous

        It is lovely.

    • Anonymous

      I lover that you used the word adroit! I think it is really interesting as you stated, the lace making a structural statement, but to me it also looks like she used the lace as part of the color blocking which, in my limited fashion experience, I don’t recall seeing before. I am not a huge fan of lace, but I really want the jacket in the center of row eight. I think it’s kind of genius, and worn over a colorful top fits in with the color blocking theme.

  • Nora Mulllin


  • Anonymous

    Oh this is stunning! Thanks for the morning eye candy.

  • Anonymous

    I love this collection, and her use of color. But can I say that that black number in the row second up from the bottom is pure “Solo in the Spotlight”. She just needs a stand up microphone, long black gloves and pink silk scarf.

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely love this collection. I’m a pretty athletic woman myself, and it’s hard to find outfits that will flatter my shoulders but not look like they’re hunched and hidden either. By keeping most of these clothes pretty wide and open at the collar (ex. completely baring one or both arms, keeping the straps at the tips or slightly off the shoulder blades) it showcases one of the most feminine parts of the human body that many people wouldn’t normally think about. This collection shows that strong, athletic women can look powerful, elegant, and amazingly beautiful. It also looks as though it’d work for any age range.
    I would buy every single garment in this collection had I the wallet size. 

  • Anonymous

    What a beautiful collection. The silhouettes are great. I can see the inspiration, but she isn’t ham-fisted with it.

    Looking at it again, I can honestly say that I could own every single thing in this collection. I rarely feel that way, even with designers I love. Not that I have a life that would allow to make use of the gowns, but I can dream can’t I?

  • Lilithcat

    I do like these very much.

    An interesting side note:  compare her use of black belts on a yellow dress with Viktor & Rolf’s.  Hers is so much better, more appropriately used and the belts more proportionate.  That is how it’s done, ladies and germs.

  • Anonymous

    Love the very last one (blue on white) because of the daring fabric choice. Unlike other posters I don’t find the silhouettesat all compelling. Standard stuff. The colors are driving this bus (maybe the fabric too). 

  • Mariah J

    Gorgeous!!! I expect nothing less from Monique Lhuillier

  • Alyson Lamble

    Not all of it is ground-breaking, but it’s all quite beautiful.  The prints are fantastic; I especially like the blue/white and the black/white/gold dresses in the final row.

  • Anonymous

    I love that she was inspired by athletic women–very refreshing in the fashion world.  A beautiful collection.  

  • Terry Weyna

    Beautiful, beautiful clothes.  If I were young, rich and thin, my closet would be stuffed with things from this collection.


  • Anonymous

    I want all the long dresses, many of the shorter ones but not really any of the seperates but still gorgeous pieces. Please can I be rich?

  • Anonymous

    I love the first yellow and white patterned dress. If only I was 20 pound thinner, a whole lot richer, and someone who goes to charity balls….

  • shawna ready

    That yellow dress on the 5th row looks a LOT like a McQueen that Drew Barrymore wore once. Anyone else remember it?

    • amanda lynn

      great dress, and it *really* does:  

      • Anonymous

        I like the McQueen one better. The lace is more graphically interesting, and I particularly like the tattoo quality it gives the top. Good catch!

    • Anonymous

      That’s exactly what I thought, too. And I definitely hadn’t forgotten Drew’s horrific two-tone hair.

    • Gaby Ripoll

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Alexandria

    So very red carpet ready. Beautiful

  • Anonymous

    It’s a relief to come to this post and find a designer who loves to dress women’s bodies. Flattering to both curvy and slender women alike. Great use of primary colors, and very sophisticated splatter prints.

    I don’t often yearn for a strapless gown, but I definitely would want one of these hanging in my closet, begging for me to find a place to wear it. I also love the white,black,yellow print.

    The use of lace on the red jacket and the yellow dress is spot on with its minimal use and placement. And I usually hate layered lace.

  • Anonymous

    It would have been nice if she used more models with “athletic” builds.  There are a couple of women with shoulders here but for the most part they are standard breast-bone-sticking-out models.  I think those dresses would look fab on a woman with a strong physique. 

    Love the colors and the leather.  Hate, hate, hate the lace.

  • Elena

    Pretty but I’ve seen it all before.

  • MilaXX

    I like this a lot more than I thought I would. I really the the yellow/black/white spatter combinations. It’s a vivid, yet still feminine collection.

  • GQueen

    If only I was a rich, tall model and I could get my hands on some of these. Beautiful!

  • JoannaOC

    I could see myself in the shorter dresses with wide skirts, since my not-so-athletic body would look like a pair in the figure-hugging dresses!

  • Anonymous

    I love most all of these.  What a great collection.

  • Anonymous

    I love this collection!  Great use of color, gorgeous prints, and interesting playing with shapes that FLATTER the body.

    I especially love that last gown…looks like the ink-in-the-water scenes in the opening credits of ‘Kwaidan.’

    • Anonymous

      I wasn’t familiar with ‘Kwaidan,’ but found the opening credits on youtube. Beautiful, and exactly evocative as you noted. I love learning these things from fellow kittens. That last gown is one of my favorites here too.

  • Anonymous

    Out of all the FW collections you’ve shown so far, this one and Oscar de la Renta are my favorites.  Really beautiful!

    • Anonymous

      Me too!

  • Anonymous

    That yellow dress, second row middle, needs to be on January Jones NOW. I’m not positive the color would be the best choice but it’s a nice blend of 60s (which she works so well) and modern.

    It’s all gorgeous. Want.


  • Terence Ng

    The fourth yellow dress down with the black design overlay looks an awful lot like the vagina dentata McQueen dress Drew Barrymore wore a while back at the Toronto Film Festival…

    Still, everything here is gorgeous, so I can’t knock it. I love the first yellow dress. Gorgeous.

  • Kris

    Ooh, gorgeous.  And I agree that the black, white, and yellow gowns are especially fabulous.  I hope to see a daring starlet rocking one of them on the red carpet.  

  • accidental housewife

    Stunning. So many of these pieces are elegant and wearable.

    5th row from the bottom, left, is one of the most fabulous LBDs I’ve ever seen.

  • Anonymous

    More beautiful clothes!  Gasp worthy for me.  Many thanks TLo.

  • Anonymous

    LURVE it all! And I’m not usually a fan of bright yellow and black together.

  • Susan Bullard Mayer

    While this is a beautiful collection, I get the feeling of “seen it all before.”

    • Hayley Riemer

      I totally agree.  I think it’s all beautiful, but also familiar in a way.  Like the yellow dress that looks like the McQueen Drew Barrymore wore.  Also the long white one on the third row looks a lot like the red Michael Kors dress that Rachel McAdams wore to a premiere last year.

  • Laura Helton

    Nice!  Some of these are really lovely and wearable.  Love the print on the last dress; looks like ink in water.

    • Anonymous

      It really is a lovely dress.

  • Liana Brooks

    I love that last dress. There are some very wearable pieces here. Some of the collections have left me wondering what crack the designer was on. This was designed for a specific portion of the population in mind, and I appreciate that.

  • Maggie

    Eighth row on the right… that’s a long version of the skirt Anthony Ryan made during the first challenge on PR this season. He’s a bit referential, no?

    • Sea Elle

      he would have made that before this was on the runway so no chance for him to see it and copy it unless he knows Monique and she showed him months ago

      • { edi } ilovetrash

        i thought the same thing.
        perhaps she copied him.
        i’m not joking.
        somewhat frighteningly, i think theres ten tons o’ cross pollination going on these days. etsy, project runway, ebay, couture, all of it in one big minestrone pot. & more!

        edited to add:
        not that i dont think he’s often derivative.

        • Janie R

          I hope it’s finished better than AR.

  • Richi Robilotto

    The only ones I am not to crazy about are the ones with the lace overlays. Everything else is beautiful, though. 

  • Pat Biswanger

    Oh my gosh — I do love this collection!

  • Anonymous

    That yellow dress with the black lace makes me want to vomit.  I hate it so so so so much.  What is UP with all the primary colors – especially that yellow – on the runway?  UGH.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I like this a lot, though my yellow-phobic mind is reeling  a little. ;p

  • Anonymous

    She always has a few intriguing pieces but this may be my least favorite collection of hers.  The patterns and color choices work sometimes, other times not so much.   The shapes are pretty boring.  We’ve seen the last three dresses 100x on project runway alone.

  • Rachel Council

    Well, hello! I love this collection. I want everything but the lace stuff and mermaid dresses.

  • { edi } ilovetrash

    well, i am inspired by women who sit around & read books, but i do like the last dress. i like the red one w/ the black shoulders & beltline & the one above it. i think the entire world could have easily lived w/o the yellow & black lace suit & the rest of it, you know, it’s there.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously want.

  • Anonymous

    Love the feminine fun and elegance of this collection.  Now, I realize we are mid season 9 and the past is the past but I am nothing if not persistent and stubborn.  This is yet another example of that nonsense Nina and Michael were droning on about during the finale judging of Season 8 about Gretchen “being on trend”.  We have seen many, many great examples of how incredibly on trend Mondo was and I don’t recall seeing any sad poop sacks and droopy earth tones like Gretchen.  Just sayin”……

    • Janie R

      Just agreein’

  • Synnamin

    Pretty, but it all seems like stuff I’ve seen a hundred times before. Or maybe I’m just in a fit of ennui today.

  • Sea Elle

    the white dress in the 7th row with the zipper? detail reminds me of bert’s design from last week (the HP challenge)

    • Anonymous

      i thought the same thing.  but this time it’s done right.  no ugly print, perfect length. no zipper across the boobs.

  • Anonymous

    Thoroughly unoriginal.

    • Anonymous

      What really is original in fashion these days?  It pretty much has all been done before.  Now it’s just a matter of how it’s re-interpreted

    • Kiltdntiltd

      Its kind of like looking at a room full of portrait paintings from different ages.  All of them are portraits its true, but each one expresses the subject in a different way, some subtly, some not.  Coming up with a look that isn’t event the tiniest it referential is pretty darned unlikely these days.

  • Anonymous

    The last two rows of dresses are STUNNING!

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE this collection, except the 4th look (with the Y on the skirt). The graphic is too jarring for me. Otherwise, good grief! I’d love to own all of this, even without a single place to wear them to.

  • MandyM

    I love that white, black and yellow print. Amazing!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure if anybody has already commented about this, but haven’t we seen that yellow dress with black patterning from McQueen? Like, almost exactly?

  • Jane Patterson

    The white gown with the black straps in the 3rd row would be a Really Kick-Ass wedding dress.

  • Anonymous

    what i’m dying to know is, how do we pronounce monique’s last name?  is it french?  when i try to follow the french rules, it comes out something like looweeyeeay, and that can’t be right.  or maybe it is? it trips me up every time i see it, and distracts from the beautiful clothes.

  • Dani Ottaway

    one of everything please!

  • Anonymous

    Oooh, I like the prints. The standout piece for me is the yellow dress, row 5 on the left. I would LOVE to be able to pull off. I’ve got to find a close-up of that dress. For some reason I’m just really digging it. 

  • Tim Wong

    in Rachel Zoe’s words- seeing alot of “moments” in these collection….. can’t wait to see them on the R.C…

  • tom

    Great selection for a variety of women; good design and wearability, this to me is what a successful designer does.  The yellow dress in the the 2nd row is a great take on the 50’s style.  The only one that I don’t like is the red sheath in the fifth row just doesn’t work for me.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t really like the shorter, tight, strapless looks –  those sorts of dresses always look as if they’re either falling off or about to, to me – but the rest of it – love!  Love the prints, silhouettes, and the big colors.  ADORE the black and red goddess gown.  And look 13, and that final blue and white tye dye looking one… 

  • Anonymous

    I rarely comment on the shows that you put up here, but this is just lovely. 

  • Anonymous

    I love those. Especially the black white and yellow. Fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    That black-and-blue dress in the second row — good grief. Body-conscious is one thing, gynecological is another.

  • Elizabeth Siegel

    I want to see who will wear that blue and white tie dye on the red carpet.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE those paint splatter prints!

  • Dee B

    All the yellow/black dresses are EVERYTHING!

  • Wrenaria

    Really really lovely. 

  • tom markiewicz

    woah! is no-one else seeing the huge michael kors influence in those leather harness dresses?? or the i think it was prada dress that drew barrymore wore? wow.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, these are some dresses to pick up awards in. Stunning.

  • Kate Gorton

    The color scheme is so Mondrian. LOVE.