In or Out: Jennifer Lopez in Camilla and Marc

Posted on September 26, 2011

Maybe we’re a little cross-eyed after watching and reviewing Pan Am, but doesn’t this have a sort of swinging ’60s stewardess vibe to it?

Jennifer Lopez in Camilla and MarcJennifer Lopez Appears at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas in a Camilla and Marc dress paired with Jimmy Choo ‘Kiln’ booties.

Camilla and Marc Resort 2011 CollectionCamilla and Marc Resort 2011 Collection

Jennifer Lopez in Camilla and Marc

Carrera y Carrera Diamond 'Tiger' RingCarrera y Carrera 18 K Diamond Tiger Ring

Jennifer Lopez in Camilla and Marc

Jennifer Lopez in Camilla and Marc

Jimmy Choo 'Kiln' BootiesJimmy Choo ‘Kiln’ Crystal Embellished Mesh & Suede Bootie

Jennifer Lopez in Camilla and Marc

All it needs is little white go-go boots and a pink hat to complete the picture, right? It definitely did NOT need a matching pair of pink, bejeweled beartrap shoes. We think the dress is sassy and cute, although we find ourselves wishing it had a more traditional halter neckline. But, as is so often the case, the detailing is weak. The aforementioned shoes were a bad idea and the cocker spaniel hair doesn’t really show off the look to its best effect. It’s a cliche to say this, but a sleek ponytail would have worked better here. The makeup’s a bit heavy, but that’s J Lo and besides, it kind of works with the relatively colorless dress. Oh, and we hate the Trapper Keeper clutch.


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IN! Fly me to the moon, J Lo!

OUT! Slutty nurse costume.

In other Minion Opinion news, the voting on SJP wearing Wilma Flintstone’s wedding gown was vigorous, but ultimately came down to OUT, even if many minions did not agree with us that the dress was too young for her. Dianna Agron, on the other hand, got an IN even though many opined that the dress was a bit too mature and demure for her. Fashion is so confusing, you guys!



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  • Sobaika Mirza

    In… I have the same concerns; the hair should be pulled back, the shoes look like they belong to a bedazzled 80s Barbie, but overall she doesn’t look bad. It’s a cute little dress and I’d be showing that much skin if I had that kind of body too.

    • Anonymous

      I agree.  I’d even give it an enthusiastic in if the shoes were in purple.  

  • I just can’t stop looking at her pink landing strip. I mean… No, that’s exactly what I meant. 

    • Anonymous

      well played!

  • Anonymous

    It’s pretty and she works it, especially with those shoes. Definitely has the stewardess vibe, but that’s OK. IN. 

  • Anonymous

    Out: slutty nurse. Although it had potential.

    P.S. Why aren’t TLo stylists? I love your ideas to fix bad outfits!

    • Because then they wouldn’t have time to share with us with all of their expert bitchery and allow us to join in. 😉

    • Anonymous

      because then they’d have to work with divas and might have to be more discreet, and that would be a shame.

  • Anonymous

    I was definitely thinking more furturistic go go girl (because of the shape of the halter neckline) rather than stewardess. I like the shoes better in purple (then again I hate pink so that’s no surprise for me). Overall I think she really just looks the same way she tends to look so I just barely give her an IN. I wish she’d change it up some.

  • Anonymous

    Pregnancy test perhaps?

    • Oh, MAN. We are so pissed we didn’t think of that.

      • Anonymous

        You just made my day! Also all I can see now is the pregnancy indicator window when I look at her outfit :S

    • Mine have always been blue…

    • Anonymous

      Oh shit it does look like a pregnancy test. Now I can’t unsee that. I wonder which end gets peed on? Perhaps Kim Kardashian can enlighten us.

      Lower case in. I love those shoes in purple, I’m not so enamored of them in pink.

    • I think I love you.

  • OUT – because the dress is way too short! What is wrong with adding a few extra inches to the bottom? Then at least it would have been an enthusiastic “meh” dress.

  • Steve LoCascio

    Those shoes hurt my feelings…

  • D Devious

    The first thing I thought of with the single pink stripe against the background was “NOT PREGNANT.” Would two have meant that she was? The dress might not have bothered me so much if it was a size larger and didn’t look like she was wearing a white tube bra.

  • Out. The shoes are bad, the hair and makeup are uninspired, and while she still has a killer bod, I think she’s too old for that dress.

    • judi townsend

      I totally agree with everything you said. She is an OUT. Reminds me of Madonna – they are both in a time warp with their fashions. You can’t wear the same thing in your 40’s as you did when you were 20.

  • Anonymous


  • The dress is ill fitting and not flattering.  The eye makeup looks like she went to bed after a performance with her makeup on and didn’t do anything about it the next day, as does her hair.  Love the shoes in the purple, detest them in the pink, and I LOVE pink.  She is a gorgeous woman with a slammin’ body and none of this highlights that.  OUT.

  • Alyssa Stanfield

    Out. She’s trying to hard to pull off that sexy vibe and the outcome isn’t working.

  • Anonymous


    I’m not sure why I like this…kind of has a tennis feel to it and with all that matchy pink (stripe, shoes and lipstick)…it’s kind of Barbie-ish.  Does she have a pink convertible dream car waiting to whisk her off to her beach house? 

    Overall I like the dress and think she looks pretty good…legs look great, and it’s very JLo.  Agree that a more traditional halter cut would be more flattering….this cut is kind of distracting.  The matchy shoes really don’t bug me…but that lipstick…ack! 

  • The hair should definitely be pulled back, and she looks great with her hair back so there’s no excuse.  And the face… well, it’s wrong.  I can’t tell you how it’s wrong, but there’s something off — I’m not sure if it’s her make-up or if she didn’t sleep well, or what, but it lacks the punch of her normal diva look.

  • Anonymous

    You’re right about the 60s Go-Go vibe, but it looks more Rowan and Martin Laugh In to me than airline wear. She’s OUT. It looks like a big girdle on her.

    • And in the ’60s it would have been A-line without a belt. Had a closet full of them myself.

  • Perfection. 😀

  • Anonymous

    Out.  Shoes are wrong, and I’m never going to like that neckline.  You’ve been seeing it a lot on the RC, and it never fails to make even the loveliest and perkiest chest look saggy.  The shoes here take it from “cute retro frock” to “yet another JLO slutty” look.

  • Ooh and don’t forget the white lipstick and concentric hoop earrings in pink and white.  Cause if we’re gonna rock Carnaby St. then its GOTTA be matchy. But I’ll give her an IN.

    • Anonymous

      Nice styling touches, Minion with devilishly hard-to-spell name!

      As for JLo, it’s a meh from me.  And I guess that translates into an out.  Not an OUT, but an out.

      • Thanks, Inforapenny.
        I’m one of those people who just doesn’t “get” JLo.  No rancor, just a big “whatever”.

  • OUT. The dress looks too young and twee for her. The fact that her make-up / hair is so diva-tastic proves the point. You’d be much better off seeing this on a freshly scrubbed starlet in her 20s, who wouldn’t feel the need to overemphasize everything to overcompensate for the simple, minimalist dress.

  • In, but it would have looked better with her hair pulled back to show off the neckline.

  • Anonymous


    arbitrarily and with no other defense than “i like j.lo and her flamboyancy.”

  • Agree that the shoes are too heavy for this dress – and even though she has an amazing body – the single stripe looks better on the model with no bust or hips to pull at it.  Mild out.

  • Anonymous

    Very femme-bot. I like it, but agree with your changes. A ponytail and some better shoes would have made it better.

    Uuuuhh, I guess I’ll give her an IN.

  • Anonymous

    Swingin’ dress, but agree about the shoes and hair. Her hair looks SOOOOO fried and tired. And the shoes are just stupid. 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I’ll say IN because it’s a huge improvement for her, and really, I don’t think it’s that bad except for the shoes.  You guys are so right about the hair, though.

  • Anonymous

    It surprises me (and maybe pains me a little) to say this, but she’s IN. I agree that the shoes are horrendous and the hair would have been better in a ponytail, but the dress is cute and I’m just getting a great vibe from the whole look (despite all the bad detailing).

  • Anonymous

    I  AM   SO  TIRED  OF  HER…. no other comments!

  • In, because in comparison to what she usually looks like, this is an A+.

  • Mary Nau

    I was going for an out until I noticed she was at Pure in Las Vegas, so except for the clutch, I’m going for an In.

  • I think this is down right demure for Miss Lopez. I’m going with an IN.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going for a an In. I actually prefer the hair this way rather than pulled back. I can’t stand that neckline, and at least the hair is covering it up.

  • Anonymous

    IN.  I agree that the details could be better, but she doesn’t look bad.  And that ring is a whole new breed of fierce!

  • Anonymous

    Out, sick of this look with her.

  • Anonymous

    IN- I agree with most of TLo’s concerns, but it’s Vegas and it’s nice to see JLo opt for something a little more demure (for her). I’m also choosing to ignore those shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Cute dress, but not on Miss AlwaysTryingTooHard.

  • Melanie S.

    Out.  I like the dress all right in the runway shot, but whether it’s lighting or a different fabric, the dress just looks too greenish-beige instead of cream on JLo–a bad color against her skin tone.

  • SJP gets dinged for dressing too young but JLo doesn’t? This is way too young for her. I would say she’s wearing another woman’s dress but the only woman who would wear it is a 1960s streetwalker. OUT.

  • MilaXX

    OUT JLo can bring it but then there are times like this. She should  have her hair in a ponytail to showcase the top of the dress.. The skirt needs to be a hair looser, the shoes are way to matchy and blingy. Just too many missed details to give an IN to.

  • LocMama

    I’m going IN.  She’s just Jenny from the block ya’ll.

  • What a whore.

  • Anonymous

    Out..Act your age not your shoe size sista.  We know your Miami stripper sexy, you don’t have to remind us!

  • Anonymous

    Out.  Bad makeup, wrong hair, bad shoes, and too much bronzer that, when coupled with the beige dress, paradoxically seems to wash her out.

  • Toto Maya

    It’s ok… but I hate the pink stripe. I really can’t even form an opinion about this.

  • Eclectic Mayhem

    TLo said:

    “Carrera y Carrera 18 K Diamond Tiger Ring”

    Tiger ring?  Oh come on – let’s just call a spade a spade (US trans: call a square ended shovel a square ended shovel) here.  It’s obviously a COUGAR ring.

    The dress gets an in from me though.  Yes, I’m surprised too.

    • Anonymous

      hahahahahahaha….cougar ring….hahahahahaa

  • Anonymous

    Out. I’ve never had a stronger urge to wash someone’s face.It seems like the older she gets the more “smokey eye” makeup she wears. Soon her face will just be one, big black spot. Get that hair out of your face and tone down the eye shadow and eye liner. You’re in shape and rich, honey, no excuses.

  • Anonymous

    The fit isn’t very flattering. Tight across the bottom but leaving the girls looking droopy up top. She needs a better bra and fit. And since I’m not a huge fan of the dress either, I’m giving a half hearted OUT.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Nothing on or near her is doing her any favors. I hate it all. Dress seems a bit too tight, horrible color on her, stupid hair, horrific shoes, generic clutch. I especially hate that gigantic, mouth-agape, tiger ring. She’s beautiful, her outfit is not.

    PS: Wow. I didn’t realize what a horrible mood I was in until I started writing that comment. I may need coffee….it’s still an ugly outfit though.

  • Anonymous

    I like the dress, but that’s it. 


  • Anonymous

    I like the dress and even the shoes, but it’s very poorly executed. Girl needs to let go of the extensions and find someone else to do her hair and makeup. Out.

  • Anonymous

    Give her an English accent and she could do chewing gum commercials.

  • OUT. Her hair should be pulled back to show off the neckline. The dress is too tight and, like many dresses from the 60s, would work better on a less curvaceous woman. Hate the shoes, hate the clutch. 

    Oddly enough, I really like the dress on the model but, on JLo here, it looks like a slutty tennis outfit.

  • I’d like to give her an in, but she’ll need to go up a size first.

  • nancy

    You don’t have a MEH choice… I’ll say IN but I’m not thrilled. My vote is for the purple shoes too.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe a stewardess moonlighting as a hooker.  

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know everyone. I hate it but it’s such a perfect JLo look. I can’t see her hiney or her vaginey so I’m leaning towards in. Her hair is, well, it’s JLo hair. I just wouldn’t expect her to show up in Carolina Herrera so I got to say it’s ‘IN.’

  • OUT. Now usually I hate when you say someone is too old for a dress. This is one of those for me. Hate the shoes, hate the hair, hate the bag. 

  • I think we’re missing the real story here. Some talented red carpet photographer was able to take a picture of Lopez with her mouth closed.

  • Anonymous

    the overall colorlessness of the dress makes this OUT for me. Plus her eyes look gross and her hair is blah. Overall, this is a big BLAH for me, with bedazzled pink shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Out for the reason (and the only reason) that it looks too tight.  Otherwise, it is JLo’s “look”, so she can wear it.

  • OUT. That dress is made for flats, yo, not some hoochie-mama mesh and crystal bootie. Also, as mentioned below, TOO TIGHT. Looks seriously cheesy. 

  • Judy_J

    This dress is very reminiscent of the swingin’ ’60’s, but it is much too tight across the abdomen to be considered an IN.  And I really hate those shoes with that dress.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you. It’s pulling across the front. Why didn’t she just get something that fit her properly? WHY? 

      Also, why have a neckline like that if you are going to drape your hair over it? Ugh. OUT.

  • The dress isn’t doing anything for her girls, it’s too tight and plain and just yucky.  OUT

  • Jenna Gordon

    i don’t really care for the dress and think that it is way to young for her. the shoes were too matchy matchy and the purse is too big to be a clutch. the ring though was fanfuckingtastic!

  • Anonymous

    So out, and, she is way too old to wear it.

  • Anonymous

    The dress is adorable on the model but much too small for JLo. In her defense, these photos are terribly lit and don’t do her justice, but they don’t excuse the muddy eye makeup or tasteless Barbie shoes either.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Because it put me to sleep. 

  • Massively OUT. This looks like she put it together herself, wihtout a stylst, in a hurry. fail.

  • Anonymous

    IN. I think it’s a bit tight when it comes to the fit, but it looks good on her. The shoes are hideous, though.

  • Sara__B

    JLo is famous for her curves, but the slightly loser fit on the model is much more attractive. Perhaps if she’d styled it differently? Out, I guess, for being overdone and boring all at the same time.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a cute dress. I think it’s a little too tight though. Hate the shoes and that really icky ring. So, the dress is In but she’s Out. Good try J-Lo!

  • Terence Ng

    LOVE that ring…It probably costs more than my grad and undergrad tuition…

    • Anonymous

      that ring could feed a family for a year.  that just seems obscene to me.

  • Anonymous

    The dress looks better on her than the model.
    Completely agree on the hair/shoes/clutch.

  • In.  Better than J. Lo usually does.  I’m also pretending that those shoes never existed, which helps.

  • Anonymous

    Oy. She can definitely wear this dress, but the question is, SHOULD she wear this dress?

    There is such a thing as aging gracefully. Not that’s she’s old at all, but it’s time to start backing off the twenty-year old vixen look, doncha think?

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear.

    She just went public with her split & she’s past 40. Plus, hoochie-ing up a quite stylish look is something she does regularly.

    Lower case in.

  • In.  I think she looks awesome.

  • Anonymous

    In. Although I can find fault with just about everything on her, if you look at the overall picture and don’t look too closely or for too long it works. That wannabe diva ring screams of desperation, though.

  • OUT. The hair ruins the look. The shoes are just plain stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Not loving it. The Tiger Ring in my favorite part of this whole look.

  • Wish she’d of kept the Choos in purple cuz those look crazy.  

    I agree some kind of an updo/ponytail was required here, also with you on the clutch hate.  

    Otherwise I actually like this look, including the makeup.  Cute. I think it might skew young but, y’know: it’s JLo. She’s gonna do it and diva can work it. So who am I?  


  • Anonymous

    Out.  Too tight, too short.  She’s got a great body that would look better if she wore something that allowed her to breathe.  Love the nail polish and tiger ring, though.

  • In. Love the dress, a lot. Shoes, bad. Clutch, meh. Hair, meh. But the dress looks fantastic on her – she has the definition of a slammin’ bod and that dress shows it off beautifully without being hoochie.

  • It’s an out. Hair and makeup look ROUGH, the outfit just isn’t working on her. It’s all looking dated.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  Way, way, way too short.

  • Anonymous

    Hate the hair. The shoes were better in purple. Way too heavy on the eye makeup. OUT! 
    …Oh yeah, the dress is cute but too short.

  • Anonymous

    Man, that thing is tight! I don’t need to see her ribs!

  • Aly Light

    It’s a dress that doesn’t make me question her sanity. For her, that’s IN.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Hate the matchy shoes, the clutch is too heavy and dark. Oh, and she looks slutty.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  Hate the hair, the shoe color, and the fit.

  • Rachelle Neame

    In. I kind of love the shoes for their unapologetic pinkness, and hair up, and minus a few shoe sparkles, this would be KILLAH.
    But in. She’s working this.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  The only thing I like is that awesome ring.  Her eye makeup is particularly off.

  • Anonymous

    I really wanted this to work.  So many of the different elements are great, but they just don’t work together.  It’s an IN, though.

  • it’s a lookin for a replacement outfit. kinda quick to be looking for love in all the wrong places yet again, but there you go.

    i actually love the shoes in their original purple incarnation. in the incarnation she had dyed the color of labial flesh, no.

  • No two things work together here. Oh, and I hate the dress, it’s just trampy. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    In but I hate the shoes!

  • Samantha Irene

    I don’t love it on her. It’s nice she tries a little to break out of her box with the dress, but then she styles it right back into her comfort zone. OUT. Though I do like the beartrap shoes on their own..

  • it’s too bad that i’m saying it this way, but “it could be worse, so IN”

  • Anonymous

    Out.  The shoes are way too elaborate for that dress, which is too tight across the hips.  What’s the point of a neckline like that if it is just covered up with hair?

  • Anonymous

    I love the top just not with the bottom.  The hair is weird–it’s like there was a curling iron malfunction over each ear.  I kinda like the crazy anime eye makeup but the rest of the styling is dreckitude.  My initial reaction was “cute!” but it immediately fell apart.  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  Hair looks a weird color.  HATE the ring. It’s ostentatious and embarrassing.  Different shoes – perhaps?   The dress is cute even if the top cutouts in the front are weird.  I like it that she’s totally not grieving the loss of her marriage, right?

    • Anonymous

      To me, she looks unhappy and uncomfortable here.

  • out

  • Anonymous

    Out. Wrong person in the dress. Styling is all wrong, too.

  • IN.

  • Anonymous

    Meh, it’s not awful on her or anything, but I am just bored with her.  My frined and I had lunch today and checked out the newest Nordstrom here in STL that opened this week.  She tried on these exact shoes in the purple, very fun!  Actually, JLo should have gone with the purple here.

  • Anonymous

    OUT by the shoe choice alone.

  • Grace Ritt

    OUT. I just don’t even know why I don’t like it. But really, the styling. Get it together, diva.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Has she been hitting the botox?

  • Anonymous

    Her makeup is way too heavy.  She is starting to reach that certain age — an age that I am well past, so I’m sympathetic here — where heavy makeup is ageing in the wrong way.  Out.

  • of course, i’m reading this just after watch pan am myself, but it does look a little stewardessy, and not in the awesome way the ladies of pan am wear it. step it up jlo. not a good look on you. OUT. also, what is up with these inward cut straps everyone’s wearing? not flattering.

  • Meh, it’s pretty uninspired and too tight to boot, but there’s not much to complain about either. In, sort of, I guess.

  • Anonymous

    Looking desperate, JLo.  She’s not measuring up to her usual fun blend of fierce and ridiculous.  This is just OUT.

  • Addicted2Glamour

    Another one I am SO over. I thought her time was up about 5 years ago when her “acting” and “recording” careers went belly up. Now I see she’s just famous because she used to be famous. Yawn. And so very OUT.

  • Anonymous

    El Cheapo!

  • Anonymous

    Out..too young for her, although she’s still got it, I know she can do better….

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  I bet she was jerking down on the back of that thing all night.  Looks like something a Williams would play tennis in.  Hair looks half-assed, eye makeup too heavy.  And I guess she thought she would get bored, so she brought her Kindle along.

    (actually, my Kindle cover is cuter than her clutch.)

  • noooooo. OUT! J Lo, you need to re-discover your sexy fire!!! These juvenile works just look sad. :C :C :C

  • Nolan Chung

    IN. JLo doing JLo. done.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like the purse and the hair should be pulled back in some way, but still it’s an IN. Love the shoes!

  • Anonymous

    IN. It looks very J Lo. And I like the shoes.

  • Anonymous


  • Meh. I sorta like the dress, but I agree about the details, and she just looks worn-down here. Not selling it at all. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    The dress is too tight.

    Too hoochie to be In.

  • Sigh. She has an amazing body. Why does she insist on wearing things that are too tight? They do nothing for her. Sorry, dear. Out.

  • Anonymous

    At first I was thinking, “Oh, it’s not *that* bad,” but the more I look at it the more my eyes burn.  Just… no.  It’s a tacky high school freshman dance outfit with just enough sixties to look dated, and not in a cool vintage way.  In an “I’m pretty sure this is made out of cheap polyester” way.  Plus shoes from Kim Kardashian’s Shoe Club.  OUT.

  • The pink line should have continued from top to bottom of dress.  Stopping at the waist is such a distraction.  The shoes are hideous.  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not crazy about what she’s got going on here, but it’s not horrible. The styling is blah and there’s nothing to get excited about but I don’t hate it.

    in. Doesn’t deserve the capitals.

  • I think it is cute. IN.

  • Anonymous

    Too tight.  I think once a woman’s face matures it is time to wear the clothes a bit looser and a tad longer and still be sexy.
    Including our Miss Heidi.

  • Are her curves somehow distorting that pink stripe?  Because I don’t seem to mind it so much on the model, but it looks too…taut on J-Lo.  And I love me a curvy girl, but this isn’t quite happening.  I mean, she doesn’t look god-awful or anything; just as a fashion statement its fairly blah.  I’ll be a fence sitter on this one.

  • margaret meyers

    A little too tight, a little too young, still in.  She looks good enough.

  • Anonymous

    Mutton dressed as Barbie. OUT!

  • In.  It’s cute and very JLo.

  • OUT.  She is seriously confused about her actual age and dress size.

  • Phillip Wilde

    The dress is cute, but on her, with the combination of that pink with those shoes, that hair, and that makeup reads Streetwalker Barbie.  OUt

  • Anonymous

    IN — love it! Shoes and all! I guess I could live without the purse, though.

  • IN, but for the love of god push your stupid hair off your stupid shoulders!

  • Mary McClelland

    In with concessions. Styling is a mess – the hair, the shoes, the purse, the ring… ick. But the dress itself is cute! and she wears it well. 

  • In Britain, we have the phrase:  “Mutton dressed as lamb.”  This is one of those moments…

  • Express dress.

  • She looks like an extra on the ’70s remake of Buck Rogers. That’s an OUT.

  • Carrie L. Boram

    Go. Up. A. SIZE! Gah, don’t make me shout. That dress is begging for mercy.

  • Wow – I actually kind of like JLo in this outfit.  Scary that!  In…somehow

  • Wrenaria

    Too tight, too short, the hair is all wrong. OUT!

  • Vaniljekjeks

    It’s almost cute, but too tight.  It’s throwing off the stripe.  Out.
    I still don’t like her.   There is a commercial of hers airing in Norway and she’s trying so hard to be sensual it’s tragic. 

  • Anonymous

    this would be a good dress to wear to the gyno office.  no need to change into a gown.  easy access up top, too.

    but, she looks cute and i say in.  i seriously want that ring.  “Come FLY with me….”

  • Anonymous

    p.s. she should throw out that purse.

  • Anonymous

    I like it.  IN.

  • Anonymous

    There’s a picture on the internet of her dancing in this dress.   Totally cougar.   

    I think it’s the Entertainment Tonight website.

  • OUT for the tacky ring alone. I like the dress itself but she ruined it with the accessories.

  • Anonymous

    this dress is entirely too young for her. shes a mother, she needs to remember that

  • IN, barely.

  • Anonymous

    I just wish she would stop with the tight short dresses. She is morphing into Charo.  

  • Margot Brose

    OUT. She needs to go spend a year holding emaciated children in a third world country and stop being so desperate to hold onto her youth. Love the ring, though.

  • In…but the shoes are a little matchy matchy aren’t they?  I much prefer the way she dresses in movies; it’s so much more attractive — she’s hot but could we mix up the “i love my body, look at me” overture just a bit?