In or Out: Julianne Hough in Naeem Khan

Posted on September 29, 2011

Julianne Hough, we have a little advice for you.

Julianne Hough in Naeem KhanJulianne Hough at LA’s Promise 2011 Gala Honoring Ryan Seacrest in Hollywood, California in a Naeem Khan dress.

Naeem Khan Resort 2012 CollectionNaeem Khan Resort 2012 Collection

Julianne Hough in Naeem Khan

Julianne Hough in Naeem Khan

Julianne Hough in Naeem Khan

Julianne Hough in Naeem Khan

Julianne Hough in Naeem Khan

After Goldman Sachs is done with honoring Ryan Seacrest – the most WTF-y WTF we’ve encountered in quite some time – you must get in your limo and go straight home. We fear if you linger or dawdle, you may stumble across a den of oven-cleaner-huffing teenagers who will attack you en masse for being covered in giant bugs. Hell, we’re not even hallucinating and we can see it.

Now we can’t stop seeing it. We’re getting itchy.

And that’s kind of a shame, because it’s a really sharp, cool dress and your hair and makeup look lovely. It’s a very striking look, but it does tend to make us want to reach for the can of Raid.

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IN! She looks pretty! Shut up about the bug thing!


Evan Rachel Wood’s Madonna-esque look is still open for voting. Have you noticed how many black-and-white looks have been showing up on the red carpet lately? We’re giving this trend another ten minutes before we officially declare that horse dead.


[Photo Credit: Claudio Uema/PR Photos,]

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  • Anonymous

    Oh, shit. I was really liking the dress. Now all I’m seeing is bugs, and I don’t do well with bugs!!!

    • MilaXX

      Ditto, didn’t see the bugs until I read the post and now I can;t unsee them.

      Small IN for me. There’s nothing wrong with this look, it’s just not very exciting and now all I see are bugs darn-it!

    • same here

      but actually, I think it makes her look older and she’s in her early(!) 20’s
      so OUT 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Oh, it is a little mature. It’s true she doesn’t look that young here.

      • Anonymous

        OMG I thought you had a typo and meant early 30s. That girl is in her 20s?! I’m 24 and can’t believe she’s actually younger than me.

    • Anonymous

      Ditto. Once I see the bugs I’m outta here! Pronto.

    • EXACTLY. But, I’m going to have to go with an..In. Because… well yeah print besides, it’s a really nice look. 

  • Anonymous

    IN!  And I can’t stop laughing at “OUT! GET THEM OFF OF ME!  GET THEM OFF OF ME!!!!!!”

  • Anonymous

    Ew, just say no to the giant Florida cockroach dress.
    I don’t get this child. She’s beautiful and she has a great dancer body, but the crap she wears is always ugly and/or unflattering.

    • Anonymous

      Agree on all points. Big out!

  • Anonymous

    Out. Giant bugs. Thanks a FUCK of a lot, boys.

  • are they not supposed to be bugs?  Specifically, they look like fleas.

    • Fleas and ticks. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for this, TLo – I just chased down a house centipede, and now that you mention it, WHY is it crawling all over her??

    Out out out!! This is giving me the heebie jeebies.

  • Sara__B

    Once I see the bugs, that’s all I can see…  Oh, right, IN or OUT. This is a lovely lady who can sing and dance up a storm and has a great body and killer legs, but she tends to dress badly on the red carpet. Even without the bugs, this isn’t the greatest look for her. It’s throwing off her proportions and making her look … stumpy? frumpy? OUT.

    • Anonymous

      Yep. She always dresses too old. And I saw the bugs before even reading TLo’s copy.

      (I thought the “advice” was going to be, “First, stop dating Ryan Seacrest,” but apparently not. Is he like Jessica Simpson now, like a billionaire for all his business ventures that have nothing to do with what we know him best for? Is that why he’s being honoured by G/S?)

      • Anonymous

        Oh, and OUT, obviously.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree. She’s got a killer body, but you wouldn’t know it in this dress. A small “out” for me. I kinda like the dress, just not on her.

  • Even on the stick – excuse me, I mean, model – the dress makes her look like she has wide hips. OUT

  • Am I the only one seeing jellyfish?


      Thank you! Yes. OUT.

  • I *refuse* to think about any creepy crawlies. It’s a HOT dress! IN!!

  • Anonymous

    The ants have decided to feast on Julianne Hough because of her annoyingly perfect hair.

  • Anonymous

    Sadly it’s an out for me. The dress requires a model’s size 0 body for the dress to work. Julianne thicker proportions throw off the pattern. Sad for me to use the word thicker to describe professional dancer

    • Anonymous

      I know–you’re right on all counts.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. Julianne is tiny, but she doesn’t look it in that dress.

    • thicker proportions? She’s TINY. It’s the dress.

  • In. pretty. only a few bugs.

  • Anonymous

    What is she, like 13 or something? She’s stunning, but the dress and the white frosty cheekbones make her look 30. The dress gives her the appearance of having breeder’s hips and she’s probably the size of a 6-year-old boy, so beautiful or not, gotta go with OUT.

  • I still don’t see them as bugs. I mean, I get it, but it just looks like a bad floral to me. Still, she is out. The dress is unflattering and doesn’t fit right. The biggest thing bugging me (no pun intended, really) is her hair. Yes, it is quite beautiful, but get it out of your face, girl!

  • Anonymous

    do. not. like. bugs. OUT

  • Bugs…yuck.  But I really hate the hair and makeup.  The girl is what? 23?  She looks 40, *maybe* 35 at best.

  • Nicole Merrill

    I think IN; she looks cute and fresh! You bug people are silly.

  • Anonymous

    In.  Sorry, no bugs here.

  • Anonymous

    OK, tell me the “decorations” on the lovely Ms. Hough’s dress don’t kinda look like this:

  • Anonymous

    I saw the ginormous bugs at first glance, but I’ll still give her an IN. She’s an entomologist’s wet dream.

    Also – no kidding about the Black and White thing. Every time I have gone dress shopping in the last 14 months, 3 out of 5 dresses has been rendered in a black and cream print. I have 4 of them in my closet.

  • CQAussie

    Oh come on TLo!  This isn’t that bad!  I’m give it an IN =D 

  • Anonymous

    IN. I like the dress, but I have the feeling it looked better in person than it photographed. There’s something about the angle of the photographs that makes her look dumpier than she is.

  • In, but I’m cracking up over the bugs.

  • “the most WTF-y WTF” — HAHAHAHA! I think i have to steal that.

  • Anonymous

    I love this. IN.  Could not figure out what your issue might be.  I see barnacles sweeping their fringe to grab ‘food’ out of the water.  Or possibly jelly fish.  But then again, I was an oceanographer for a long time.  It’s cute.  Also possibly looks like a drop of seawater uner a microscope, lots of little amoebas and copepods swimming about.  I like it.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I have always found her dull and insipid but she looks amazing here.  That is a gorgeous dress and it looks wonderful on her.  I didn’t see bugs and once you mentioned it…. I still didn’t see bugs.

    • I agree. “Dumpy”? “Thick”? “Hippy”? I’m just not seeing it. I think she’s look terrific.

      I only sort of know who she is. She’s on Dancing with the Stars, isn’t she? Maybe if I’d seen her more often, I would get the negative comments.

      I thought they were bugs when I first looked at the dress. Then I thought they looked like the little costume ball masks that only cover the eyes. Or maybe amoebas. If they are bugs, they’re still not bothering me. We have so many damn bugs on our property, and in our utility room, sometimes they feel like part of the family. When you have a running stream under your property, I guess you get used to the little bastards.

      All that to say I love the dress, and I think it looks great on her. IN.

  • Anonymous

    A weak IN, but I wish you hadn’t pointed out the bugginess. Didn’t see it till then, and I am now itchy as well. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    all I keep thinking of is Tracy Turnblad’s cockroach gown…but Tracy she ain’t! = out then…

    and I think that she is styled (or she does so in her head) more “maturely” so that the age gap between she and Seacrest won’t be that obvious…’cus she always looks ooolder than she really is and that can’t be an “Oh, my! Aren’t you pretty”-style versus what I think it is- “Oh! Now you look 35 not 23…and it isn’t that skeevy anymore going out with the 38-y/o”

    • Anonymous

      YES!  I was totally thinking Hairspray too!

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking amoebas, but now I see beetles. Yikes!

  • Kyle Crawford

    Its a cool dress, I loved it when Madonna sang ” Don’t cry for me Argentina ” wearing it.  Is today theme day  ??

  • It doesn’t feel buggy to me, but it does somehow make her look bigger, which is strange since she’s such a tiny girl. Hair and make-up is gorgeous.  Way better than this one, tho,,20531805,00.html#21061566

    • Oh my god, what is THAT??? Surely no stylist approved that mess…

  • Not seeing bugs, not seeing thick, just seeing her looking great. I would say it was her age but seriously, I never looked that good at any age. I’m saying IN.

  • IN, I didn’t get the buggy vibe at all…matter of fact, while scrolling down I kept looking and was thinking…Damn she looks good!

  • Anonymous

    How can SHE pick a dress that makes her look FAT! She is a freaking twig! Horrid color on her.

    • Anonymous

      She’s a teeny little thing. The lower half in white with that fabric is really hard to pull off. Then again, that model does look pretty skeletal.

      • Chantelle James

        That’s what I thought – the white lower half is hard for anyone who’s got hips to pull off. Personally, I like the dress even with, or maybe because of, the bugs. Her hair and face look radiant, too. So I’m giving it an IN.

  • Anonymous

    IN.  I love the print, and the dress really flatters her.  Her hair looks sleek and pretty.

    The bugs look more like itchy little potscrubbing poufs that are disintegrating to me.  What can I say, I have a weird imagination.

  • Anonymous

    Aw come on…. it’s a lovely dress… and I see flowers (and rainbows and unicorns!!!)

    • Anonymous

      Black and white rainbows.

  • Anonymous


  • Phillip Wilde

    I immediately saw bugs, and it’s freaking me OUT.

  • Eclectic Mayhem

    Bugtastic!  Out!  

    Honouring Ryan Seacrest – seriously?  *sigh* That’ll be another sign that the apocalypse is right around the corner…

  • Anonymous

    I saw bugs too, but it’s still an IN for me.

  • Toto Maya

    So wait, they aren’t SUPPOSED to be bugs? I thought it was intentional.

  • Anonymous

    IN. Did not see bugs until you mentioned it, and really was thinking that this was almost a WERQ! Like it that much. (Also, generally a straight-up sober person, so the bugs never even entered my mind.)


  • Anonymous

    I like it and am ignoring the bug thing because the thought makes my skin crawl. A tentative In. The hair and make-up look a little Aniston to me.

  • UGH!  Get Them off ME! Oh, and OUT!

  • Judy_J

    I didn’t see the bugs till y’all pointed them out.  I still give her an IN because the dress fits well, her hair and makeup look great, and I’m a sucker for black & white.

  • Anonymous

    The dress is neither here nor there for me.

    What I can’t get over is how this girl is supposedly 23 years old.  Sweetie – take it down a notch. I’ve got a full decade on you and you could pass for my older sister.  

    Something about her styling always reads “daytime soap actress in her early forties”.

  • In – I think it’s more jellyfish than bugs. I can see why it’s iffy though.

  • tom

    It’s sort of like that dress Wallis Simpson wore with lobsters crawling up it(Schiaparelli?) ; just odd.  That’s nothing to actually honoring Ryan Seacrest.  What did he win “Closet Case of the Year” ?

  • Anonymous

    The more I look at it, the more I see the bugs, so I am going to give it the IN that was my first impression and then I will stop looking.

  • Rebecca Zmarzly

    I say IN. And I didn’t see bugs until you mentioned it. Bad TLo!

  • Anonymous

    I really like the top of that dress, in particular, but she does look like she is getting ready to check in at the Roach Motel. I wanted to like it, but the longer I look at it, the more it gives me the heebie-jeebies. Got to go with OUT.

  • I don’t see bugs!  I see STD’s!  but still, IN

  • in

  • Anonymous

    In – but I agree that it kinda looks like bugs. Ewww.

  • She’s just getting ready for Footloose

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like it on her.  Her hair is covering too much of the bodice; and I am seeing a fold of fabric between her neck and shoulder that makes me think it doesn’t fit well.

    I don’t know what the print was meant to be but all I see is bugs and bugs eating little bugs.


  • I can see where you’re coming from on the bug thing, but I still think she looks good– IN.

  • Anonymous

    I exclaimed, “BUGS! immediately.  So, now I’m chanting, “OUT, OUT! GET THEM OFF ME!”  Since, in less-than-top-drawer apartments of my long-ago youthful past I’ve had to deal with terrible bug infestations, this brings back all those pestilential memories.  And the recurring nightmares of those bugs getting  REALLY BIG.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not seeing bugs, but I’m also not seeing the neckline of the dress–which is the prettiest part–because of her long hair.  An up-do would have been better.

    Also not loving the black accessories with the black-and-white dress.

    It’s a squeaker, but in the end, out.

  • Anonymous

    I think it would be cool if they WERE bugs!

    I don’t like how the dress is working around the shoulders (on her or the model), but that’s a minor flaw. Your eye bounces right past that and up to her face and hair, which are great.


  • Anonymous

    not just bugs, but BREEDING bugs

  • Molly OBM

    Even before I scrolled down to read the post, I’d already said “EW! BUGS! OUT!” I’m glad it’s not just me being irrational!

  • Anonymous

    I’m going with In.  It does resemble bugs towards the bottom, but I like it near around the neck and chest before the shapes start to break up into bugs at the waist.  I also wish it was a bit shorter.  But overall, I really like it.  And her hair and make-up are the best I’ve seen from her in a long while.

    And seriously?  WTF is this event?  Everyone’s welcome tomorrow night to the 2011 Gala Honoring Me, sponsored by margaritas. 

    • Anonymous

      consider this my RSVP! even if it is an imaginary Gala…I’ll be wearing anything off the D&G Fruit Kitsch runway. Margaritas!!!

  • Ew! Ew! Ew! Ew! Just for the bug association – O.U.T.!!!!!

  • Out,  the fuzzy things while interesting are not pretty at all.

  • I Think she’s IN… she looks lovely. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I saw them as bugs, too.  What makes it worse is that I just caught part of Hairspray with Ricky Lake – the dance number where she was wearing the roach dress.  icky!  I want to say IN but it would bug me too much.  OUT.  (Sorry)

  • Anonymous

    Nah, she looks good.  IN

  • vmcdanie

    I am not adverse to rocking the bug/spider/snake type of jewelry. I think maybe this is too whimsical for a red carpet look

    Still going to buck the trend and say IN although the voting ship has probably sailed (with all of Juliane’s bugs on it. Hah!)

  • OUT. This just isn’t flattering to her figure and it’s too mature.

  • Anonymous

    As soon as I opened the photo, I thought “Tracy Turnblad.”

  • Anonymous

    Don’t know who she is but I don’t see how this can be anything but in. Pretty dress, hair and makeup.

  • OMG!!! Giant fleas!!! Giant OUT!

  • Anonymous

    Aw, she’s awfully pretty.  Forget the giant bugs.  She’s an IN…

  • In – no bugs here!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, she’s IN.  Bug dress or not, she gets big, big points for having her hair brushed and shiny.  It’s a sad time in history when that is a rare treat, but there you have it.

  • Saw the bugs immediately…..ewww!! OUT!

  • Anonymous

    ew. thats an ugly dress. OUT

  • Anonymous

    OUT. I think there is something off in the fit, and the appliques are a bit disturbing.

  • Anonymous

    IN for me! I didn’t see the bugs till you mentioned it. She has made some poor choices lately, but I think she looks cute here. The dress does not look as good on her as the model, though.

  • Anonymous

    The print really bugs me…but I have to give her an IN because she looks great, aside from the print (which I also noticed even before I read TLo comments…)

    shoes and bag are a bit of a snore too.

  • Anonymous

    Today seems to be the day for black and white novelty prints. First skulls, now bugs. Cute dress, pretty lady. I’m OK with it. IN. 

  • Anonymous

    This is just too crazy. It’s an amazing dress. I vote IN. I also see jellyfish.

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was ants.  Then I saw a mask, a fetus, a fish.  So I have to say OUT.  

  • In, I say.

  • I like the top, but not the fade to white.  She looks lovely, but I’m not feeling this dress.  Hmmm…out.  

  • margaret meyers

    Not seeing bugs: only seeing fabulous fabric sewn into a fabulous dress worn by a lucky woman.  IN!

  • Anonymous

    Out.  Regardless of the bug situation, the dress isn’t doing anything fabulous for her, the make up is heavy and her hair looks a little Kentucky Fried.

  • mellbell

    Now that I can’t help but think of creepy-crawlies, I’m seeing, not bugs, but leeches. That being said, IN.

  • Anonymous

    Now I can’t unsee the bugs!  I liked it before I read the comments, so I’m giving her the IN.

  • After insecting this dress carefully, I agree with TLO: it ant the dress it’s cracked up to bee and it mite be best if she beetled on home.

  • John Manson

    IN. Insect appliques are so hot right now.

  • Anonymous

    I immediately thought of the roach dress Ricki Lake wore in Hairspray. 

  • The dress looks so much better on the model. I don’t think it works with that Real Housewives hair and without more interesting accessories. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    See, this is what I meant earlier today (yesterday?)  when everyone was praising D&G.  In the runway show we love the quirky prints and then someone wears the quirky print and we all attack her. No way. Not getting sucked in. I can see the bugs but I didn’t see them right away and who cares if you do; it’s a fun dress and chic as hell. I think she looks lovely ,and much more sophisticated that I would have ever thought she could look. And damn her make-up is awesome – or maybe just her complexion. She looks classy and good.

  • Anonymous

    In. I think that the apparent size difference some people see is caused by the dark background behind the model. Julianne looks lovely.

  • Pretty girl, but the pattern on that dress makes my skin crawl. Still in, though.  Feeling generous today.

  • Anonymous

    She looks amazing! Love the dress, love the hair, love the makeup! Although, she looks a tad too bronze-y. IN!!!!

  • Anonymous

    IN. I didn’t see this until T Lo pointed it out. True, now I can’t unsee it. But I blame T Lo for that. 😉

  • Joyce VG

    Big Black Expensive Bugs is all I see. OUT.

  • Lisa

    Hate the bug dress, and I see she’s still rocking the orangey fake tan and the tacky overly-bleached hair.  Honestly, from the thumbnail, I thought it was LiLo for a minute.  OUT!

  • Anonymous

    Love the big splotchy spiders! She looks really cute, even if a bit orange. IN!

  • Anonymous

    Out – BUGS and bugging me immediately

  • Anonymous

    Too bad about the *shudders* bug thing. I was sort of liking this until then, especially since it a vast improvement over the princessy, tacky dresses she favors. And she laid off the harsh makeup and she looks so much prettier for it.

    Minor IN. Bugs, major out. 

  • I really loved it until the bug comment lol.  But, still an IN.

  • IN. INsects are lovely. And she looks spectacular. 

  • I like it.  In.

  • Lisa Utter

    She used to be so pretty.  The work she had done has turned her into just another blonde Hollywood girl.  And why didn’t she get that dress fitted better, and shortened?  She’s got a bangin body, and I understand she’s Mormon and the modesty thing, but she went around half dressed on DWTS, so honey, show it off!

  • Anonymous

    IN. I think she looks great. Extra points for hair and makeup, I’m sick of people getting dressed and from the neck up they look like they just finished yoga.

  • Anonymous

    IN. Its a great dress. Her hair is gorgeous.

  • Neaaaahhhhh….. gotta go with OUT on this one.

  • Anonymous

    Ahem..being from Baltimore I just wanted Julianne to know we have a dance just for her.  🙂

    • Anonymous

      thank you! thank you! I thought of this dress when I saw Julianne…thanks for the clip. dang! now I wanna see the entire movie!

  • Anonymous

    I think she generally looks lovely, although the dress could have been fitted better, and maybe a bit shorter.  Agree about the “thumbs up” hair & makeup.  Put her in a bikini and the soundtrack would be the Beach Boys “I Wish They All Could Be California Girls”.  IN.

  • In. Compared to some of the stuff we’ve seen lately, this is not so bad.

  • Embarrassed to admit I have to clue who this is……but I love the dress, “bugs” and all. I give it an IN.

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    The bugs were the first thing I saw. Kind of reminds me of the dress Ricki Lake wore in Hairspray when she danced “The Bug.”

    That being said, I think she looks great and I give her an IN.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks well put together and the dress is flattering on her.  I didn’t even think of bugs when I saw it.  IN.

  • Anonymous

    out. first thing i thought upon seeing it was: SPIDERS!

  • Anonymous

    Except for the bugs, I think the look is kinda boring.  I’ll give it an IN because there isn’t anything *wrong* with it, but for me, it’s a snooze.

  • OUT. honey that is just not your dress. great dress, wrong gal. set it free. perhaps to Hailey? also, is it just me or does her hair look a little green? as in blonde gone wrong?

  • Anonymous

    Its kinda pretty in its own way, but still, bugs for sure…Out

  • In, but that’s because I’ve got another bug encrusted dress seared into my brain:

  • This is borderline for me, but she’s in the Footloose remake, which tips it over to “Out” (yup, SO biased and bitter)

  • Anonymous

    Out. Besides the bug effect (which I saw immediately) the way the densities of black to white are dispersed make her hips appear wider.

  • They look like bugs to me, but I really don’t mind the print. Plus everything else is lovely, so I’ll give her an IN. 

  • Anonymous

    Her makeup is fabulous.  I had to keep repeating to myself “those are oriental flowers.  those are oriental flowers.  those are not giant hairy BUGSCRAWLINGALLOVERHEROHMYGODGETITOFFGETITOFF!   And while I’m sick of long hair hanging down, hers looks pretty, if a bit Marsha Brady.

  • I see the bugs, but I still like it. In.

  • I think it’s a mismatch. Lovely dress (I see abstracted flowers, not bugs. I refuse to see bugs!), very sophisticated on the model, just doesn’t seem to suit the celebrity. Hough looks like more of a girl-next-door type with the loose, beachy hair. She’s a lovely girl, the dress just looks dowdy on her.  Out.

  • I hadn’t even seen the bugs, now I’ll just pretend they’re not. I think she’s in, she looks quite wonderful!

  • Since she’s a dancer I don’t understand the modest hem at all, it needs to be raised about 3 inches at least

  • I have to give it an OUT.  The silhouette and fit are great on her, but I hate the pattern.  My first thought was some kind of abstract sea life, but now that you mention bugs, it’s all I see.  Ew! Ew!  

  • Anonymous

    I agree. That’s all I could see from the first photo–giant bugs all over her. The dress is cute but the print makes my skin crawl. If not for the bugs she would be in.

  • The bugs are crawling over her chest ARGH

  • Anonymous

    haha, didn’t see the bugs until you said it. I give her an IN.

  • It’s an interesting dress… I just… Er… I’m not in love and I don’t know why. It’s not even the bug thing, the whole look just leaves me bored. OUT, I guess.

  • Anonymous

    I love it – I suppose it’s slightly bug-like, but not enough to be anything but a complete IN.

  • In addition to bugs, they also remind me of those dust bunny spirits from the movie Totoro.  Which is a good association, but I would have to go with an OUT on the basis of not being flattering, particularly through the shoulders and upper body.

  • Anonymous

    What struck me most is how generic Hollywood she looks.  She doesn’t match the dress, which is way more interesting than she is.

  • Anonymous

    OUT – I am so glad I am not the only one who saw bugs immediately!

  • Anonymous

    OUT. I don’t like the dress on her. The whole look is making her a decade older.

    • Totally!  She looks like a Real-Housewife-in-Training.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I saw the bugs before I read your commentary.  Not a great idea.

    I’m assuming they’re not supposed to be bugs.  Does anyone have a theory on what they are supposed to be?

  • Beautiful!!  IN – although I’d like to see silver shoes with this dress. 

  • I don’t think the fit is very flattering, and she has one of the best bodies I’ve ever seen.  That bothers me more than the bugs.

  • I’m thinking Ricki Lake in Hairspray… I have a sudden urge to do the Roach.

  • Anonymous

    In! But then again, I like bugs 🙂

  • Anonymous

    In! But then again, I like bugs 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I’m sticking with IN because I think she looks fab. I didn’t even see the bugs until you pointed it out.

  • wait. didn’t tracey turnblatt (sp?) where that in Baltimore in the ’50s?

  • The bugs are fine, but the dress isn’t fitting her.  She’s a young gorgeous girl with a killer body but it looks boxy on her. It seems stretched across her and the hem could be 3-4 inches higher.   

  • Anonymous

    OUT. She is so gorgeous, why would she think wearing a dress crawling with bugs would enhance her beauty?

  • Those are the types of fleas and ticks I want to keep off my dog.  Thanks Juliana Hough!  OUT!

  • Anonymous

    Weird. She looks like the offspring of a Heather Locklear/Jennifer Aniston pairing. The fabric looks cheap, the fit is subpar, and I’ll be dreaming about those waterbugs tonight. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    julianne:  #1, take a few inches off your hem  #2 get rid of the those shoes and that purse because they are boring.  find something interesting to wear on your feet.  #3  what are you so damn cheerful about?  IN because the dress is TOO CUTE.

    and the rest of you, shut up about the bugs.

  • Mary McClelland

    Ummm… In, but I don’t like the hair or make-up. Too shiny and wan. 

  • Anonymous

    Would not have known they were bugs.  Too bad because I like the pattern dispersion.

  • Like the dress, but the hair is terrible, really spoils the effect of the dress. OUT.

  • I don’t mind the buggy aspect. She is channeling Heather Locklear in her styling though. At first glance, that’s who I thought it was. In.

  • Out.  I don’t mind the pattern, I like the dress — I just think it’s too mature for her.

  • IN. Love it! The bug pattern element really doesn’t “bug” me (sorry).

  • alex

    Bugs were the first things I thought of as well, but strangely enough that doesn’t keep me from liking the dress, anyway. IN from me!

  • Jessica O’Connell

    …way to ruin the dress for me, T Lo… I was thinking “Ooh it’s pretty, interesting pattern! What is that?” And now I feel like things are crawling all over me… Ick. I say IN because I liked it before I read your comments at least…

  • Anonymous

    Do the roach, Hairspray style! You guys should have made a Divine joke!!

  • This is too Upper East Side mom at a benefit luncheon for me. I guess that fits with the event, but it’s too mature for her

  • frankystein123

    Maybe she is compensating for the fact that she always wears the skimpy costumes on DWTS.