In or Out: Hailee Steinfeld in Versace

Posted on September 28, 2011

Aw, our little fashion baby is growing up. And we all know what happens during the growing-up process, don’t we, grownups? EMBARRASSING MISTAKES THAT WILL HAUNT YOU FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Hailee Steinfeld in Versace Hailee Steinfeld attends the 9th annual Teen Vogue’s Young Hollywood party in Los Angeles, California in a Versace dress.

Versace Resort 2012 CollectionVersace Resort 2012 Collection/Model: Daphne Groeneveld

Hailee Steinfeld in Versace

Hailee Steinfeld in Versace

Hailee Steinfeld in Versace

We’re just teasing. This won’t haunt her for the rest of her life. But she did make a couple mistakes here. And by “mistakes,” we mean “things T Lo don’t like,” which really should be the definition of “mistake,” yes?

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way. The YBW color combination is all the rage right now and personally, we love it. But we don’t love the Barbie-matching going on in the accessories. That clutch should be black or white. The shoes are awesome. The second mistake was eschewing the belt. We have some quibbles with this dress, like the irregular hem and the … we guess we’d call it a “racer front,” but it’s a sassy and photogenic dress with a bold graphic quality to it. Giving it a belt gives it shape, which it definitely needs. We think her makeup looks cute but her hair’s not doing it for us. And hey, where’s your jewelry, girl? One ring isn’t cutting it. She needed earrings or a bracelet.


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OUT! Didn’t stick the dismount.

J Lo’s “come fly me” dress was deemed OUT by the commentariat.

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  • Anonymous

    this girl is adorable. But I agree on the shoes/bag. And I’m not a fan of the nail polish. Still, it’s an IN for me.

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree with your comments, but I hate to give her an out!
    She’s young. Can’t we forgive a couple of little mistakes?
    How about an IN-minus?

    • “IN-minus”. I love it. It reminds me of when George-Michael got an A- on a test, and Michael told him, “I’m proud of you…minus”. Still mourning Arrested Development.

      • Em

        I’m giving this dress an A-minus and your arrested development comment a billion never nude angels.
        Marry Me!

        • Anne Slovin

          There are dozens of us.  DOZENS!

    • Nora Mulllin

      That is exactly what this is! In-minus is perfect.

  • I’d have to agree with TLo, I liked it better with the belt, and the matchy-matchy isn’t great, but overall I think this is an IN. 

  • In.  She’s the cat’s pyjamas!

  • Anonymous

    Besides her lipstick, I cant help but give this an in. I’m in love with the black/white/neon color combo. And it especially works for teens (didn’t we all go through that phase?). Also, I give props to any Hollywood pre-teen/teen who can dress her age and maturity level. This dress would have been horrible on a Kim Kardashian or any other attention grabbing 30 year old. 

    • OMG, picturing this on a Kardashian. Blech.

  • Ok, OUT for me. Hate the shoes and purse. Love the dress, tho. 

  • I will give the look a reserved IN.  I will grant its a great dress.  Mostly the mistakes seem to be about under-accessorizing rather than going overboard. So Hailee gets points for not rushing headlong, which is the more typical error of the young and talented.  So Hailee, turn it up just a skosh, babe.  You’ll be fine.

  • Anonymous

    She looks lovely and her age. Imagine that! I agree on the hair needing improvement and would have preferred some earrings but she’s doing more than enough to earn a fabulous IN.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t feel comfortable in-ing or out-ing a girl so young! Too painful a time of life! I vote for letting her have fun, wear designer dresses and find her style. 
    love you tlo!

  • IN IN IN!! She looks great and fun and fresh and the yellow is super age appropriate. IN.

  • A few tweaks could have made it amazing but I think she looks great (and still young enough to pull off that nail polish). IN.

  • Anonymous

    That neckline is truly awful. It looks good on no one. 

    • Anonymous

      I agree.  I really hope that neckline isn’t becoming a thing.  Isn’t the same as that monstrosity Katie Holmes wore to the Emmys?

      • Anonymous

        yep, both versace.

    • I like the neckline.  Very Battlestar Gallatica.

  • Anonymous

    Love the yellow shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Earrings and a bracelet would have been nice, but I agree with the minions who’ve already stated that, for someone her age, it’s refreshing to see her err on the plainer side.  Love the shoes, love the dress, and I think she looks very pretty.


  • Anonymous

    In. I like the dress both belted and not belted. I think a young, very slim person is the right person to eschew the belt, especially with the easy hair and soft make-up.

    But I hate the shoes (I hate pointed shoes and I hate seeing the base of the toes exposed by the the toe of the shoe) but the color works.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for pointing out the toe cleavage! I can’t stand that look. If the shoes were intended to be worn on real feet, the toes of the feet would fit nicely into the toes of the shoes. If the shoes are unnaturally pointy, the top should extend a bit further so it’s not so incredibly obvious that the shoe is an inch longer than the actual foot. Sheesh.

      • Anonymous

        When I see toe cleavage (and thanks for adding THAT to my vocabulary) I immediately think, the shoes are a size+ too big and last second styling. Like Haillee gets ot the red carpet, her stylist takes one more look then, takes off her own shoes and purse, thrusts them into her hands and says, ‘Here. Wear these.”

        That said, an IN for me. This looks like a very approrpriate next step for our 15 year old.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with your list of mistakes, but taken together they don’t detract all that much from what’s still a terrific look. IN.

  • Honestly, close enough. She looks more good than bad – though some finishing on the details you mentioned could have taken this to a WERQ. 

  • Anonymous

    It’s practically her first misstep. The hair is wrong. I don’t like the makeup. I love the shoes and I’m okay with the Barbie-match bag. The dress hangs funny and looks saggy; the belt would fix it.


  • Aly Light

    IN! The girl looks sweet but stylish.

  • It’s an IN for me!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with everything you’ve said, but I’m cutting her some slack and saying “in.”  Isn’t she a cute little thing?

  • Don’t like the racer front,  but I love matchy accessories and think they are the best, so THERE! In.

  • It may be the hair, but this just doesn’t look like Hailee to me….at all.  I like the dress though, it’s fun and flirty and bold but still appropriate for her.

  • Anonymous

    IN. she looks like a living doll. true, she should ditch that purse immediately (is there a potted plant nearby?)  and the belt on the model is too cute.  i love this dress!

  • nicole seligman

    IN, though i loathe this “racer front” trend.

  • Nah, I like the purse. I hate the shoes. I think plain pointy-toes in a bright color like that almost always look cheap.

    • Agree but I’ll give her an IN anyway. She just looks Young Vogue to me.

  • In.  Sure the shoes and bag are too matchy and a belt would have been better, but I quite like the interesting pattern and neckline of the dress and she looks fresh and lovely in it.

  • Anonymous

    i actually like it without the belt…nipping the waist in like that feels like a more adult style and the belt-less-ness (?) brings it back to a more age appropriate look.

    i like the matchy accessories too.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed – I like it better without the belt too, and I kind of like the matching accessories. Her face looks gorgeous – in.

  • Anonymous

    In! And given her youth, I think we can give her a pass on the matchy-matchy. 

  • Anonymous

    IN.  she looks sweet

  • The dress is formless without a belt. With the hair and matchy shoes and purse? OUT It looks like she grabbed a beach cover up on the way home from the gym.

  • I wish I had been this cute when I was her age — and this outfit could be right out of my teen 1980s. IN

    • Anonymous

      I was this cute when I was her age. But most of my clothes came from Montgomery Wards.

  • She’s still an IN, even though I have the same quibbles as TLo.  She’s neither tarty nor too mature.  I <3 this adorable girl

  • IN.  I think her still looking appropriate for her age, while still looking modern and fresh outweighs the small mistakes.  she’s fabulous.

  • Sarah Masson

    IN!  I love me some Hailee.

  • Anonymous


    I hate to do that to her, but the matchy shoes/clutch and a dress that looks like it’s on backwards just can’t get another response from me.  Definitely needs earrings…at the very least. 

    I’m good with the hair and lack of belt, although cuter with the belt.

    I really hate the shoes…but if TLo says they’re awesome…well, I’ll relent to their expertise, this time.  😉

  • Anonymous

    IN, but I’m grading on the curve given her age.  Let’s encourage her, not slap her down.  (Yet).

  • She got so much more right than wrong. In!

  • Anonymous

    IN. JLo, this is how you should do your hair when your wear a racer-front dress.
    I like the matchy accessories in that bright accent color. The belt might make it better, but it is cute enough without.

  • I’m not a fan of the matchy-matchy but she’s still super cute in this. IN.

  • Anonymous

    This is how JLo should have worn it – but then again, JLo is too damn old to wear it.  I hate yellow but kudos to her for wearing a cute, happy look.  IN

  • I think she looks adorable, and I like the matchy accessories with this look for some reason, although I’d probably prefer black shoes and keep the yellow clutch. I could go either way with the belt. I don’t like the hair and makeup. But she’s definitely IN.

  • Amanda B

    I thought Hailee’s look was cute when I first saw it but seeing the styling on the original model, I agree that the belt improves the look significantly. Still, first impression says she is IN.

  • IN. I wouldn’t choose the yellow clutch but not a big deal.

  • Anonymous

    IN!  I think she looks great – she looks her age and she looks like she’s having a blast.

  • IN!  She looks fabulous even with the minor quibbles.  You are holding her to a higher standard.  Looking good is looking good.

  • She’s great and she looks just like she should – she’s a teenager!  Back off the grouchy factor, honeys!

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I kind of like it better without the belt, though it’s not my favorite dress by a long shot in either state. And black nail polish should be reserved for when you’re going full-on goth–it belongs with shoepolish black hair, dark mascara, and ripped black steampunk lace, not with a sort-of-cute little b&w dress with pumps and a clutch.

    Neither in nor out.  Just there.

  • Anonymous

    Out, but because of the pointed toe pumps on a girl that age.  Black open toed shoes or sandals,  or black pumps that are a little less “Mad Men’ or “Playboy Club”.  Love the yellow clutch and would keep that before the shoes here.  I think if the shoes were younger the lack of belt would be less of a problem, but the belt does look good on the model.

  • Anonymous

    She looks like she’s playing dress up. I like her better in Miu Miu.

  • Anonymous

    Love it!  It’s youthful and edgy.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The YBW color combination is all the rage right now

    This cracks me up.  I’ve been wearing that color combination for yonks.

    Lilithcat, way ahead of the trend

  • Anonymous

    Not sure bright yellow shoes are an improvement on nude ones. I’d have kept the yellow clutch and gone for simple black sandals. Earrings might’ve been too much with all the graphics around the neckline, but a big bangle would’ve been the perfect accent.

  • In – quite cute!

  • Anonymous

    She’s totally IN though I hate the shoes with a passion. Bright yellow shoes scream Payless to me. I think her hair looks cute and puts the focus on her very pretty face. She is adorable.

  • Joanna Schuth

    She’s too adorable to out. I hate hate that neckline on anyone, but the rest I can live with.

  • Susan Crawford

    She is SO adorable that it might be hard to give her anything but an unqualified IN, but I have to agree with T Lo that a few mistakes were made here. I loved the yellow shoes, but I hated the clutch. If it had only been in black or white, or even a metallic. The yellow just made it look kind of chintzy (although I know it cost the world) and like something from the local prom shop. And I would have loved a skosh more in the way of jewelry:  an edgy cuff would have boosted the look a bit.

    But you know, this young lady is just too fresh and pretty and . . . oh, who am I kidding? She gets an IN.

  • aussiegal77

    I’m giving her an IN, even with the over enthusiastic matching purse. She nailed most of the look and I’m nothing if not nice to the kiddies. =D

  • I love it that even when she doesn’t get it 100% right, she’s still not boring OR slutty. IN!

  • Anonymous

    The only thing that’s really bothering me here is the hem. I don’t mind the Barbie accessories here, maybe because I really love that they’re that bright, screaming yellow. Maybe it’s because she’s just so damned cute. It could also be that I just love this kid and I tend to give a pass to young people like her, who make me think, “her parents must be so proud” rather than “they should lock the door and throw away the key”. IN, I say! IN!!

  • IN!!!
    Racer-front works on her body type. If she was a busty girl, it would be all wrong, especially given her age. 

  • Anonymous

    In points – dress, shoes, she’s just a youngin’,
    Out points – hair, matchy purse, makeup (eye or lip needed more), needed jewelry, needs the belt.

    Sorry Hailee, that means you’re out!

  • Anonymous

    IN.  i would have prefered a black shoe/yellow clutch combo personally.  as others have stated the neon yellow pointy toe pump always tends to read cheap to me and i am quite positive the last thing those shoes are is cheap.  i think she can pull it off without the belt because she still has a very girlishly slim figure.  if she were someone older and with more curves i think the belt would have been needed.  she is cute as a button.

  • Anonymous

    Minor quibbles, she looks young, fresh and stylish. IN.

  • Anonymous

    OUT — Love the dress, but that particularly intense hue of  neon yellow is tough for anyone to pull off.

  • Anonymous

    In, with reservations. I really like the dress & she looks good.

    Shoes & clutch shouldn’t match when both are so eye-searingly & solid-color popping 15 feet out of the photo, though I usually don’t mind matchy-matchy so much. (A girl can’t leave ALL her raisin’ behind.)

    Too little jewelry is better than bad jewelry choices, but too little hair style AND too little jewelry is pushing things. But she slides because she’s young. And I like that yellow and I like that dress.

    ETA: I’d not have replaced the yellow shoes with black, though. Black & white shoes – maybe a spectator pump? Or, even more to my taste, black & yellow (more black than yellow).

  • Anonymous

    IN. She’s at a teen Vogue party–looks perfectly cute for that occassion.

  • aimee_parrott

    She’s adorable.  I actually like the dress without the belt.  I agree that perhaps a black or white clutch would have been better, and her hair needs a little zhuzh.  But this is an IN.

  • IN! J’adorable is right!

  • Anonymous

    Out, I agree with T and Lo on all points….

  • Anonymous

    Still an In, because there’s nothing seriously wrong.  You’re right on the matchy shoe/bag thing, and the racer front has to die soon.  If a  perky teenager looks saggy chested in this cut, there is no saving it for anyone.

  • The yellow accessories are not good (to my eyes) but I love the dress with or without a belt and she’s so fresh and cute. It’s an IN.

  • Sara__B

    I actually like the way the dress sans belt skims her body, but that big bright clutch is a mistake — my eyes went to it immediately — and she could definitely use a great cuff and/or earrings. Overall, she looks young and fresh and pretty. IN.

  • In.  Love the look and she’s young enough to pull it all off.

  • love it, although I agree about the clutch. i like the shape of the dress and think that a belt takes away from it. IN.

  • most definitely in, that is le precious.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks perfectly great except for the purse.  Love her hair and makeup. Beautiful shoulders and skin tone.

  • Anonymous

    I have to give her an OUT just because I loathe that racer-front.  It’s just not flattering on anyone, like Katie Holmes at the Emmys proved.  I agree that it needed a belt too.

  • also i need those shoes, stat.

  • Anonymous

    Aw. In. She’s adorable! Although I actually think the lack of belt is a pretty big mistake.

  • Miranda Prince

    Love her, hate the racer front. Out.

  • Actually I love a nice bit of matchy-matchy and I don’t care who knows it. But that racer front is hideola beyond belief. But she’s looking pretty cute, and If I’d looked like that as a teenager, I’d have been very very happy indeed. A big fat IN.

  • IN for me.  I don’t have a problem with anything except the hair. I do think the dress looks better with the belt but as she’s only 14, I see no need for her to show off her shape any more than she already is. It’s the same thing with the jewelry. She doesn’t really need it.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    In.  She’s young enough to make it work.  

  • Anonymous

    In, perfect dress for her age. The quibbles are minor and the belt not needed.

  • IN. I like the shoes and bag. IMO, the belt cuts the pattern at a weird place, so I prefer it without. The jewelry is okay – I won’t quibble with small amounts. I hate the racer front with a passion, but on the whole, I love this look.

  • MilaXX

    Small IN for me. Scrolling down I was okay with the outfit until I got to the shoes. I  like the bag but not the shoes, the hairs okay, and she needs a pair of earrings. I don’t mind the dress sans belt.

  • Daniele Paulding

    In. I agree on the matchiness of accessories and the need for a belt, but she does look cute!

  • Anonymous

    IN.  The details may not be perfect but her overall look is great.

  • D Devious

    In! Given that she’s not even 15 yet, it’s totally appropriate for her to NOT be blinged-out (no jewelry on the model, either). I will agree with needing the belt, but other than that, she’s a perfectly age-appropriate 14-year old young lady.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t matchy-matchy bags and shoes any more than TLo does but come on, she looks lovely. IN

  • I disagree, I think she looks great. 

  • I love it! IN (tho I woulda liked a belt too)

  • Anonymous

    IN. I like it better without the belt! The only thing I would change is a different color clutch, otherwise, I think she’s totally rockin’ it.

  • IN

    I love her.  She always looks clean, age-appropriate, and fashionable.  Amazing what the likes of Britney and Lindsay have done for the expectations of young starlets.  “Show up looking like you have bathed, not had plastic surgery, probably have all of your own hair (preferably in it’s natural shade), cover all your bits and for god’s sake, smile!” 

    But then we have the Fanning girls and Hailee here, and they remind me that there is hope amongst America’s youth. 

  • Deb

    In. Looks great

  • Anonymous


  • IN! I’m no more a fan of matching your shoes to your purse than you guys are, but I think it’s totally acceptable on a 14-year-old.

  • She looks like a normal teenage girl at a party and not a celebrity teenage girl at a premiere. Tragic, really.

  • IN 🙂 despite the matchy-matchy.

  • Anonymous

    Love the word “eschew.” Hate the shoes. Too old for her.

    • Sorry, I forgot — TLo, you get a big IN from the librarian for your usage of the word “eschew.”  Tim Gunn would be proud.

  • Anonymous

    the matchy shoes/handbag combo doesn’t bother me. The look needs it.
    She should have put a belt, but other than that it’s a definite IN.

  • Make-up isn’t right for the outfit, hair is a mess – should’ve been more tamed, outfit screams for a belt, and the matchy shoes and purse are too much. And on top – no jewelry? OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Love the toe cleavage.  IN

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    When I was growing up matching your shoes and bag was the way to go. So when I see the “barbie” matching that most of you disapprove of I kind of smile and say “you go girl”. 

  • Anonymous

    In, although I dislike the pointy, yellow shoes.  I prefer the handbag.

  • Anonymous

    IN. I’m so out of it–had no idea who she was (I have since googled). I think she’s adorable. I would say either the bag or the shoes but not both together.

  • I’d say In, just because she’s cute and sassy, as you said, and it’s not a total disaster.  

  • There were some mistakes, true, but she’s young. In.

  • In, but I agree about the matching clutch and shoes, one of them needed to be a different color.

  • Judy_J

    I give her an IN, because she’s still age appropriate.  She should have gone with either the yellow shoes, or the yellow clutch, but not both (although when I was her age, I would have done the same matchy-matchy thing, because that is what was done in my day).  And a belt would have given her waist a bit of definition.  She’s still just as cute as a button.

  • nancy

    Oh, give her an In. She’s adorable. I agree on the matchy bag & shoes, though. Love the dress, so cute!

  • Hate the racer-front (I’m blaming Katie Holmes for this trend if it lasts).  It’s doing weird things to her bustline.  Overall she looks cute, despite the matchiness.  I still give her an IN. 

  • Anonymous

    IN.  I like the matchy-match sometimes, especially when it’s something bold like this.  My shoes/clutch would be purple if I were this adorable, thank you.

    Her hair’s kind of a mess, and why is her makeup SO pink?  Props for a KILLA outfit, though!

  • IN, but barely. Total agreement on the bag being too much. And I’m very pleased that I thought, “she should have kept the belt” before I read the post. (Doesn’t take much to please me). 😉

    (Edited to correct typo)

  • Grace Ritt

    It’s IN, even though she could have done better. She got a B-, let’s say.

  • Anonymous

    Your critique is reasoned and insightful.  (Translation:  I agree)  

    The dress, not bad – an even hem would have been great.  That shrieking yellow clutch?  Not so much. So like Grace Ritt, I give an IN – B-

  • Anonymous

    Not a fan of the super matching shoes and clutch. Matchy doesn’t always bother me but here, they both just pop too much in the exact same way. But she still looks great so I give her an unenthusiastic IN.

  • I’m not loving that shade of yellow, but I think she looks terrific in the dress. It’s fine without the belt. I like the way it hangs, and I love the asymmetrical hem.

    Her make-up is perfect for a girl her age. It’s pretty and it doesn’t hide her natural beauty, of which she has an abundance. She’s truly lovely, and she positively glows. Obviously, IN

    P.S. Scroll down shock: The model is disconcerting after seeing how genuinely pretty Hailee is.

  • Phillip Wilde

    All your points were valid, but she still looks cute and age-appropriate.  IN

  • Christina Brennan

    Don’t like the shoes, but otherwise a solid look.  IN!

  • Jessica Goldstein

    Agree on the clutch, but given her age I’m giving her a pass on everything else. Cute fun dress on very pretty girl. IN.

  • IN.  She’s adorable.

  • Anonymous

    In! Not sure it’s healthy that I’m jealous of a 15 year old though. Great style and gets to wear great designer clothes at such a young age.

  • IN. Love the outfit on her!

  • It’s cute, and I normally like black/white/yellow…. but the combination here makes her look like asphalt. She’s got the black rode, the pedestrian crosswalks, and the yellow warning signs telling drivers to stop for said pedestrians. Cute as she is, I have to vote out since she reminds me of my daily commute.

  • Anonymous

    In.  Her hair could be better and an accessory or 2 would be nice, but overall, an in.

  • Chantelle James

    IN. While I don’t like the matchy-matchy yellow clutch and shoes or lack of accessories, she still looks put together, age-appropriate, and cute. I love the dress with its racer front, graphic quality, and shape without the belt.

  • Samantha Irene

    she can and has done so much better. OUT

  • margaret meyers

    IN!  That’s one shana punim.

  • Anonymous

    In. Cute.

  • I don’t agree with her hair here, but she’s still so IN it’s ridiculous.  On a grown woman the Barbie accessories would be embarrassing, but she makes it work. LUV.

  • i dont think anything here works.
    although i know it is, it’s even hard for me to believe she & the model are wearing the same dress.

  • Anonymous

    Out. Love the dress and the shoes, hate the purse and lack of belt. 

  • Anonymous

    In.  But lose that purse now.  Right now.  Just drop it and run.

  • Anonymous

    With a belt, a white bag, some hot earrings and a little more effort on the hair she’d look amazing. As it stands she still looks good. 

  • In, but she could use some jewelry. I agree on the “In-minus” status

  • IN! She looks adorable – or will once she cuts off those selvedge pieces on the hem. But still, not enough to ruin the look, I think she looks great!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the critique, but it’s such a sharp dress with a shoe that’s not a nude pump. She’s so adorable and stylish that it’s still an IN. 

  • In,  Like it with or without the belt,  clutch is a bit too much

  • Anonymous

    IN from me. I like it sans belt very much

  • Anonymous

    I actually like the dress better without the belt….IN!

  • Anonymous

    I’m on the fence. Not sure I like the top part of that dress. The patterned panel at the top is doing something odd this to my depth perception. But overall, she looks pretty cute. I like the bright yellow with the black and white. This is a good small step toward more adult dresses.

    Okay, I talked myself into an IN.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. I’m sorry, but I hate that dress. Love the use of color popping and the shoes, but the dress kills it for me.

  • Nora Mulllin

    IN, no where near a WERQ but together enough to still be cute and age appropriate.

  • No teenager should be wearing heels she can’t walk in with comfort. Save it for the older ladies, please.

  • Anonymous

    Definitely an IN, although I agree with your nitpicks.

  • So IN. She looks great, and I don’t horribly mind the matchy accessories.

  • In, super cute, but yes, honey you needed the belt.  adorable though, simply adorable.

  •  I totally had a thing for Barbie-matching accessories when I was younger (and stupider, but that goes without saying), so I feel her future pain and forgive her.

    She looks adorable, love the dress.


  • In – j’adore!

  • Anonymous

    Baby’s 1st OUT! Needs the belt, better hair, and some jewlries!!!

  • We need to be consistent here — remember our rule that when there’s an interesting neckline the hair gets pulled back? So no fair saying the hair here “isn’t doing it for you.”


  • Anonymous


  • Lisa

    IN!  And I like, in this instance, that the shoes and the clutch match, because it just works – as does the hair. She looks wonderful.

  • Anonymous

    Agree with Megohd.  In. 

  • Anonymous

    I agree with everything you said, except I still think it all adds up to an IN. Maybe it’s because she looks so self-assured and content, but it works for me.

  • IN

  • Anonymous

    Cute.  IN.

  • Urgh. Her hair doesn’t look good at all and the makeup’s leaving something to be desired. The matching bag is too overwhelming and the removal of the belt was a mistake. She’s done so consistently well that it doesn’t matter if she gets an OUT. It’ll still be an A for the semester. (Ha, school jokes!)

  • IN with reservations as TLo so nicely outlined 🙂

  • Hate the heels, they look cheap. Out, just because of that!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    TLo nailed it.  Too matchy with the shoes and clutch and should’ve kept the belt.  Still, for me those aren’t heinous enough crimes to be an out.  IN.

  • Despite the aforementioned accessory stumbles, she’s In.

  • Like the dress, hate the shoes. OUT.

  • I think she looks fantastic and matchy-matchy is making a comeback. Deal with it.

  • I really dislike pointy yellow shoes, pointy any shoes. Color of shoes: nice. Color of clutch: too much yellow. Sparse on the adornment: you’ve got taste girl. Thinking how too many young girls dress what the frump? and old gals dress in “did your daughter outgrow that already?” Ms. Hailee Steinfeld looks okay.  

  • Anonymous

    IN. I wish she kept the belt but for some reason I like the matchy shoes and purse here. Also she gets extra points for the pose. Notice she is not doing the silly knocked knee pigeon toe stand. Nothing annoys me more than to see grown women with children posing like shy teenage girls … I am looking at you Gwyneth. Doesn’t Heidi pose like this too? Look ladies if an actual teenager can pose like an adult so can you!

  • I almost didn’t recognize her! Somehow, I feel her hair/makeup were meant for a softer look. Her head and body seem incongruous. 

  • LocMama

    Like the dress, but hate that hem and what that top is doing to her chest. If I squint & tilt my head it’s perfect!  LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes!!!  For those she gets a big ole IN!

  • No question. In.

  • Presumptuous Insect

    What a cutie.   IN!

  • oohsparkley!

    IN.  And some of us like matchy, matchy.  I rarely change my purse, so it isn’t a problem for me.  But my inclination is to match.  I’m wary of black, white and yellow, it always seems to remind of a bee costume; just as orange and black = halloween.

  • Another example of how much PR effed up last year by awarding Gretchen the win over Mondo.  This is an adorable, totally current look.

  • Anonymous

    Completely agree with TLo on the matchy-matchy accessories and the wrong call to ditch the belt.

    The “racer front” thing is going to be a trend, isn’t it. I hate it already, and I seriously doubt there exists some magical woman for whom that cut works. If she has breasts, they will look exaggeratedly enormous, and if she doesn’t, she’ll look as if her head spun around 180°.

    That said, this one works because the pattern distracts from the stupid form of the racer front. Bonus points for her happy smile, and I give the girl an IN.

  • Great dress! Shoes, too. Bag, ugh.

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    IN!  She looks adorable, and I love the matching shoes and clutch.  I even like the dress better without the belt.  Totally age appropriate and she looks great!

  • i think she looks perfect, basically. i like the matching the shoes to the bag; i think having the pop of colour at her middle helps keeping it from being boring. and wouldn’t a white or a black back still be matchy-matchy?

  • Caitlin Gozdecki

    IN! i love YBW and I don’t mind the matchy-matchy shoe and cluth. But I hate the “racer” front- I hope that doesn’t become a thing…

  • OUT. she is not carrying this look. where is lucy lui when you need her? she was born to wear this outfit. with a better purse of course.

  • IN! Doesn’t need a belt. Love the black nail polish!

  • Anonymous

    She looks fresh and cute

  • Anonymous

    IN, she looks great. I agree with your quibbles, but damn, she looks much better than 90% of the seasoned pros out there.

  • narita_rayna

    i love it

  • frankystein123

    (barely) IN.