In or Out: Evan Rachel Wood in Yves Saint Laurent

Posted on September 29, 2011

Well, it was bound to happen eventually. Evan Rachel Wood has disappointed us.

Evan Rachel Wood in YSLEvan Rachel Wood attends the Premiere of “The Ides Of March” in Beverly Hills, California in Yves Saint Laurent. Jewelry by Neil Lane, shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti and clutch by Salvatore Ferragamo.

Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2011 CollectionYves Saint Laurent Fall 2011 Collection/Model: Karmen Pedaru

Evan Rachel Wood in YSL

Evan Rachel Wood in YSL

Evan Rachel Wood in YSL

Evan Rachel Wood in YSL

Anyone who scoffs at the oft-expressed idea that Madonna is a fashion icon should take a good long look here. Her ’80s look has become a classic style and all of us old farts are just going to have to accept that.

There’s nothing wrong with the suit she’s wearing. She can definitely pull off the padded shoulders and pleated pants, but we think sticking a bustier and a whole bunch of rosary-style necklaces underneath it kind of undermines the chicness of the look. The runway look is a sleek, uninterrupted column of white, but the way she’s wearing it pulls the eye right to her waist. Not that there’s anything wrong with her waist, but now all you can see are the pleated pants and the way they widen her lower half. We don’t think the outfit was designed to expose the waistband like that. We don’t mind the bustier-and-rosaries look, but we just don’t think it works with this suit.


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IN! Papas, don’t preach! She looks AMAZING!

OUT! Julie McCoy, Cruise Director!

In other Minion Opinion news, Lily Collins’ “Baby Alexis” look got an OUT and Hailee Steinfeld’s “bumblebee chic” look got an IN.

[Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, Andrew Evans/PR Photos,]

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  • mdesmondobrien

    Agree with every point you just made, but she’s still freaking gorgeous. IN.

    • Anika

      This is the comment I was going to make. IN.

  • Lauren St Martin

    Out. She looks awful.

  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    The girl gives good face, she is just gorgeous…but the outfit is just an OUT for me.  I already had to suffer through 80’s fashion once.  That was enough.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. And it pains me to say that because she had been doing so well lately. But she is definitely out. It looks like a costume for an 80’s party, not like the chic suit that it should have (could have?) been

  • Laura Schultz

    Hard to believe it’s the same suit. It looks AMAZING on the model.  Don’t care for the shoes or the hair either. She looks sloppy and juvenile.  And judging from the way she’s posing with the jacket tucked behind her arms and the sleeves pushed up, there was a stylist heavily involved. Or she just has poor fashion sense. 

    • Anonymous

      Interesting point, and I agree.  Too much product placement going on from the waist up!  Had she not zhoozhed the sleeves and had she worn a simple black camisole with good jewelry she would have looked simply amazing.  As it is she is doing a Madonna tribute.  And she is OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Out. The pants look like she wore them a few days ago and pulled the out of the hamper at the last minute because nothing else was clean. Not that I’d know anything about that. Ahem.

    I don’t mind the beads and the bustier, but I think she needs some pattern or texture or something to break up the blocks of B&W. If the bustier had a lace overlay or some embroidery, I might like this better.

    But, really, the pleated, pegged, 80s pants are what doom this outfit.

  • Anonymous

    Julie McCoy!  Out.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Don’t like it on the model, don’t like it on her. And her hair is horrid!

  • Anonymous

    To be honest, I have a distinct feeling this suit doesn’t translate well off the runway. However, if that was the case, she should’ve gone for a different look. We don’t need the Madonna looks, thank you.

    • Pinup Ghoul

      I think what clinches it is the overdone hair and heavy makeup. If she had gone with a sleek pony and some fresh, understated, barely-there makeup, it would have been lovely.

      • Anonymous

        Completely agree, the hair and make-up are the true culprit here.

      • Anonymous

        The hair and make up might’ve worked had she gone for the runway version of this suit. This version is busy enough without it, true.

  • CQAussie

    Yeah the pants don’t look so hot. Plus they seem to be longer on ERW than they are on the runway. It’s a close one but I gotta give this an OUT for the fat looking pants alone.

    • Anonymous

      I’m looking and looking and don’t/cant see the pleats on the pants.  I think they’re just the wrong size.  I still think they look awful — they’re too big and too long (“fat looking” indeed!), and the wrinkles add to the overall schlumpiness of the look.

  • Vickie Lord

    IN from me, it’s chic but with a little edge, like her.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. IF it wasn’t for the weird pants, this might have worked.

  • Anonymous

    Hate the pants – ice cream (sugar) cone look.  Don’t like the hair or makeup either.  IN the last picture the jacket is obviously too big.

    Oddly, to me,  the bustier and the beads are the only parts that are not totally wrong 

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Can she not afford an iron? 

  • Anonymous

    Out. High-waisted white suits for the WTF. 

  • Grace Ritt

    IN. I think the bustier makes the suit look edgy. If she weren’t wearing the bustier, you guys would say she looks too old!

  • Anonymous

    IN. The runway look and her look are just two different looks in my mind. But they both look great to me! And I lived through the eighties once already. I just don’t mind their return.

    • Anonymous

      I would’ve liked to see a different shoe though. Or just a solid black pump. That white tip makes my eye twitch.

  • Kathryn Perry Hopkins

    She looks like a “hipper” version of Blanche Deveraux.  

    • Anonymous

      You need to post a *spit-take* alert :)

    • theneva

      She gets an IN from me for that reason alone.

  • Trish Barker

    IN. Apparently I miss the 80s.

  • Anonymous

    IN! The photo of her seems to be taken at an lofty angle (they were trying to show the shoes, maybe) and that makes her look a little dumpy, but I think the outfit is great.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, if you head over to Jezebel, there are some more flattering pictures of her in this outfit. But I don’t think they’ll change the mind of the “OUTers,” though. :-)

  • D Devious

    She raided Céline Dion’s closet for that suit, I do believe.

  • Anonymous

    She doesn’t have hips like mine, but those pants make her look like she does. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a gorgeous suit, but I prefer it as it looks on the runway. Don’t like her shoes. And with that hair, she is giving off a Julie McCoy vibe.
    That first picture is odd. The way she’s standing with her hand back in her pocket against the billboard for the film makes it look like Clooney’s giant hand is grabbing her.

    • Anonymous

      I wish clooney’s giant hand were grabbing me, lol

  • Addicted2Glamour

    Speaking from personal experience, unless you are rail thin, pleated pants can make you look hippy. And here they look just a scosh too big on her. But Woods’ hair and makeup are flawless. And the fact that they don’t actually have crosses dangling from them make the rosaries look more like necklaces. Fabulous shoes. Overall this is a great look.  IN

  • Anonymous

    What you said, TLo. Out. 
    (Those pants, ugh.)

  • Anonymous

    The bustier/necklaces combo is not doing it for me.  Maybe on a more casual look?  Hate the consumptive eye makeup too.  A rare OUT for ERW.

  • Jgar

    I’m wondering if the problem with the pants isn’t really that they’re just horribly wrinkled in *exactly* the wrong spot. I think if we’d seen her freshly pressed the outfit would take on a sharpness that it loses a bit in this photo. Still, can’t blame a girl for sitting. IN.

  • Anonymous

    Something about that little pop of white on the shoes is bothering me.  It is like my eyes follow the white column of the suit downward only to trip on the toe of the shoe.  The neutral metallic shoes on the model work better.

    In or out?  Just “Okay”

  • Claudia Gilbert

    Out.  The trousers make her look squat.  And I don’t like how heavily her eyes are lined, but that’s probably based on personal preference rather than fashionable acceptability.

  • RMJ12345

    IN. She looks glam and fab and not boring. Columns of white are okay, but I’d rather see someone take some risks than duplicate a runway look.

    Though I think the fit is a little off, esp. in the pants, and they look wrinkled.

  • katie

    I agree with everything you say TLo, but this is an instance in which the attitude helps carry the outfit. She thinks she looks good, therefore, others think she looks good. IN.

  • KatyMightHave

    Total IN for me. Love the hair, makeup, KILLER shoes, etc. They make up for the slight dumpiness of the pants. (Although, it must be said, I should look so dumpy!)

  • Anonymous

    Um, what about that horrible hair and eye make-up?  To me, that’s the biggest offense here.  Yes, the multiple rosary necklaces with the bustier is a bit off putting with this suit but combined with that hair and raccoon eyes, it is an awful out.

    • Judy_J

      I should have read your post before I posted mine.  I also hated the hair and makeup.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    The pants fit a little weird.  She’s still in though.  

  • Kiltdntiltd

    HATE the raccoon eyes.

  • Amanda Herriott Welliver

    I love the suit on the model – but the jacket is clearly meant to be closed.  Wearing it open like that takes away the best detail.  And for me, it’s reading much more “Golden Girl” than “Material Girl.”

    • Anonymous

      Total agreement. The suit on the model looks nothing like the suit on Wood.  And not in a good way.


  • Rachel Lee

    I like how she’s turned the outfit into something with a different sort of style, but I agree that those pants are awful for her hips. And also I don’t approve of rosary-style necklaces because they just look silly. Out.

  • Denise Alden

    Hair and makeup OUT.  Rosary beads and bustier OUT.  Wrinkled, pleated, pegged pants OUT.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. The pants just don’t fit. And they are too long. They look better in the shorter runway version. And the jacket does not look good unbuttoned. And her makeup is weird. But what a lovely face she has.

  • Judy_J

    I’m having more trouble with the hair and makeup than I am with the outfit.  I didn’t even recognize the girl!  Those raccoon eyes!  That horribly messy updo!  Those pants make her hips look enormous; she should have kept the jacket buttoned.  OUT.

  • Eileen Duffy

    IN.  She pulls it off.

  • Nim Tith

     Stunning. 80s vertigo, flashbacks. In!

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was Kelly Osbourne.

    You know, makers of quilts and oriental rugs deliberately make a “mistake,” to show that only God can achieve perfection. I’d like to think this is her one deliberate mistake.

  • Dee B

    IN.  It’s so Madonna that I can’t help but enjoy it.  And I always encourage unique makeup looks so yes, IN.

  • Anonymous

    i’m going to go with OUT.  this is a curved out, tho, b/c evan rachel wood is usually SO GOOD that for her a small slip is a major thing.  i know that growing out a short look (or changing it up) is hard, but this wavy stuff is not the way to do it.  she can normally pull off just about anything, but not this.  slim cigarette pants would’ve been the way to go, even tho they’re not the “in” cut anymore.

  • Mari Rose

    OMG. High waisted pleated pants with tapered legs are coming back? The horror!

    I need to go lie down. But first, I vote her OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Bad pants. Please don’t tell me ice cream cone pants are coming back (thank you Clinton & Kelly for the best description of this style). 
    That hand on the poster is freaking me out. Looks like it’s trying to cop a feel on ERW.
    Oh, and OUT, but barely. I actually don’t mind the bustier, makeup or hair. It’s those wretched pants. If they fit lower and were straight leg, it’d be a thousand times better.

  • Leslie Kim

    OUT.  it’s a cool look, but it makes her look like 35 (may also be an effect of the makeup), and any look that ages you 10 years is definitely out.

  • Anonymous

    What a beautiful suit!  Can’t believe she made a black bustier and a bunch of beads the focal point when that suit was fabulous.

    Hate the makeup.  Hate the hair.

    Basically, hate this look.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  i dont like the bustier at all.  also it looks so wrinkled.

  • Anonymous

    Out. That jacket was never meant to be worn unbuttoned. Too bad, it’s an elegant suit on the model, and ERW could totally have pulled it off.

  • Aly Light


  • Anonymous

    For some reason I keep thinking of Julia from Hellraiser (before she lost her skin).  I can’t find a pic to back it up though.

  • Anonymous

    The pants don’t fit. The beads are tacky, but I don’t know what else would work better.  The bustier with the tailored jacket is a little edgy and the shoes are perfect.  I love her hair.  She gets an IN from me.  But someone should warn her about the creepy hand coming up behind her in the first picture.

  • Olechka Milashka

    yeah, this outfit makes her look very hippy.  Unfortunate.  Out

  • Christina Diaz

    OUT.  all i could think was “TOO MUCH!”  yuck.

  • Sara Parker

    I think with her short hair, even the runway version of the suit would have looked way too 80s on her.  It’s like Honey-That-Isn’t-Your-Dress, except it’s a suit.

  • Anonymous

    She managed to make YSL look thrift store.

  • Anonymous


    The pants are just way too baggy and unflattering.  Too much makeup, especially the eyes and too many beads.  The Madonna ’80s reference is obvious…with the bustier, beads and then she throws in a bit of Miami Vice with the pushed up sleeves.  It’s so 80’s literal that it looks like a costume.  Styled differently, it could be quite chic.

    I like her hair and the clutch.

  • Manon Eileen

    Nah, bleh.

  • aimee_parrott

    Love her, but this is OUT.  The pants are making her look huge, PLUS they’re wrinkled and schmutzy looking.  Having the jacket open ruins the whole line.

  • Anonymous

    extremely well said. out but she always gets points for her uniqueness

  • Anonymous

    Ugh. Leave the cheap Charlotte Russe bustier at home next time.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  Leave this sort of work to Lourdes.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe if she had buttoned the jacket and lost the rosary, I could have put up with a hint of black bustier.  As it is, “out.”

  • Anonymous

    out. those pants are awful. ’80s Madonna from top to waist; ’80s mom from waist down.

  • Anonymous

    OUT on all counts:  The wrinkled mess of the pants which make her look wide (HOW is that possible?), the unflattering hair, and the way-too-heavily made up eye.  As an aside:  remember the Charlie commercials of th ’70s, with the model breezing in wearing the wide pants?  Well, I always wondered why I didn’t look like that in my pants.  And the reason is, that look was not for mere mortals–it was good only for really tall, reed-thin models.  This is an example of the same thing:  The model looks fabulous, and she is the only one who can pull it off.  If the thin and graceful Evan Rachel Wood can’t wear it, no one can.

  • Lori

    OUT.   And OUT OUT OUT to the SJP makeup on her lovely face.

  • Anonymous

    What a terrible thing to do to a classic YSL look.  OUT.

  • Charlotte Horseman

    You guys are right in all you say – could have been better.  But I still like the look.  She makes 80’s look amazing!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if it is just the way she is standing, but the pants don’t look like they fit her. They look baggy instead of sleek – and too long.

  • AWStevens


  • Anonymous

    First of all, I have to say I love the graffiti drop of snot that is dripping from Gosling’s nose (last photo).  Somebody who posted on the Clooney/Gosling red carpet appearance suggested that they themselves might have drawn the graffiti and I totally agree!

    Don’t like anything about this outfit or look.  Hair is too many colors, makeup is overdone, jewelry is distracting, suit makes her look short and squat, and I don’t care for the shoes, either.  Sorry ERW, this is an OUT.  But your winning percentage is still really good, so don’t be discouraged.

  • Lauren Dorsee Dillon

    IN. I prefer the more streamlined look as well but the girl is still rocking it. Definitely not like a virgin, however.

  • Democracy Diva

    OUT. This is a suit that’s great on the runway but terrible for her. Those pants are so unflattering, and you’re right about the eye being drawn to the waist and the black corset breaking up the clean, sharp white look.

  • Anonymous

    She looks like Kelly Osborne.

  • Joyce VG

    I don’t like the pleated pants because they make her look short.  And her hair is too messy.  I guess it was bound to happen. OUT.

  • accidental housewife

    If ever there was a case of the whole not being more than the sum of its parts…

    Almost every element is something I love – heavy eye make-up, short, obviously styled hair, a white suit, even the necklaces (I can do without the bustier). But put together, it looks like a mishmash, as if it were laundry day and she had nothing else to wear. I would think ERW, of all people, could pull this off, but it’s just not working. And, OMG, those pants! There’s no excuse. OUT

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know; I kind of love it just for the sheer 80s-ness of it. I had a white suit like that back in the day (although granted, it was NOT YSL) and I used to wear it with a rock t-shirt underneath instead of a bustier (I was dressing like the Duran Duran boys, not Madonna), white Capezio shoes and and a fedora on my head. I thought I was the shit.

    In any case, this old fart has no problem with Madonna being a fashion icon and I love it when 80s looks are replicated by people who can actually pull it off, like ERW here.

    • accidental housewife

      I’m willing to bet you were the shit.

      I don’t have a problem with Madonna being a fashion icon. Even now, when I see photos of her I think she looks damn fabulous. Her style was practically revolutionary at the time, and her influence on fashion cannot be denied. If someone wants to use a couple of Madonna’s signature looks, I’m all for it.

      To me, however, ERW looks entirely off. It’s got to the pants that are throwing the look off, because every individual thing is great on its own. The pants are so bad they ruin the entire look. In my not so humble opinion, of course, 😉

      Also: Capezios! Yes!

      • Anonymous

        It’s true; pleated pants are the devil’s handiwork, but to me, this girl has the attitude to pull off just about anything she wants. It’s possible that I’m just biased because I think she’s awesome.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to give her an IN even though I do have some issues with the look. Namely, the pants are too high-waisted and appear to be a size too large for her. They are cropped pants on the model but come down to ERW’s ankel. But I think her hair and make-up are fantastic and I really love the bustier and necklace look here.

  • Allie Carter

    double-breasted suit jacket open? Yetch. Out

  • Anonymous

    OUT. There’s a reason the model had the jacket buttoned – those pants are awful. I wouldn’t mind the rest of her outfit if it weren’t for those ill fitting clown pants. Blech. Shoes are killer!

  • Pat Biswanger

    OUT.  Nobody should emulate Madonna, ever.

  • Meghan Young

    She looks amazing, but she also looks like she’s in a Madonna costume, not in her own look. I don’t know how to vote. How do you vote for someone who looks incredible but is clearly not dressed as herself? Referential is one thing. This is literal. 

    • Anonymous

      Well said. You summed up my thoughts perfectly.

    • MilaXX

      agreed and that crosses the line into a costume for me.

  • Sara__B

    ERW has been stunning on the red carpet lately; I guess she was overdue for a misstep. The only nice thing I can find to say is that she’s an extremely good-looking woman. The outfit and styling? Head to toe OUT!

  • Emily Rose

    I think she looks fab. Definite IN.

  • Cheree Winston

    This is another IN minus moment. :)

  • Anonymous

    I completely and irrationally hate those shoes.  However, I do think she’s working the 80’s Madonna look.  Love the hair on her

    she’s an in for me

  • Anonymous

    IN! It’s a lot of look but still feels effortless, and she continues to hold my intense goodwill for that haircut. And just generally for being a really interesting actress.

  • Anonymous

    IN IN IN! the hair is terrible though

  • MilaXX

    It pains me to say so bu this is an OUT. If she had worn the jacket  closed like on the model it could have been a sleek, retro look. Adding the bustier and the beads makes it look like a 1980’s costume. As much as I love a smokey eye I don’t like the makeup here. It looks too harsh against the white suit.

  • Nicole Merrill

    OUT; it’s the way her hips are ballooning that I’m having trouble with.

  • Anonymous

    hands out of pockets, close the jacket.  I like the look, not the pose.  In on clothes, out on her presentation.  so I’m abstaining – ?

  • Kenta S

    Stylists… “you just keep on pushing my love over the borderline”. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    Out.  Looks big and sloppy.  Love the shoes.

  • Anonymous

    I thought in thumbnail this was Kelly Osbourne, then Diane Argon…neither of which should insult  (but not necessarily thrill) Evan. Plus she is working some popeye in the second photo. OUT

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    If you’re going to wear a big wrinkled suit that adds 20 pound to your tiny frame, make it black with a white blouse. The beads are OK. 

  • Anonymous


    This outfit adds about 30 lbs and makes her look weirdly proportioned.  Ick.

  • Robyn Morelli

    OUT – let’s talk about the cracked out eye makeup…

  • Karen Johnson

    Out.  I know she is skinny.  We all know she is skinny.  And leggy.  This outfit is trying to disguise that.  I don’t mind the bustier, but I think she should have worn the jacket closed, still.  As it is, the jacket is opening like a triangle with her head as the top point.  It is at its widest where her hand is in the pocket, making her look hippy and like her legs are only about 18 inches long.  The pleating on the pants also make them kind of balloon out, creating the illusion of a weird pouch-like phenomenon in the area of her crotch.  The tapering of the legs also contributes to this.  She is an undeniably beautiful girl and I think the hair and necklaces are kind of fun. The eye makeup is a little heavy for my taste, but doesn’t bother me too much.

  • Phillip Wilde

    She looks totally Miami Vice, but in a good way.  I can’t believe I just typed that, but nevertheless I must say IN.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Also, her makeup isn’t… right… right? It looks okay in the closeups but photographs badly in the longer shots.

  • Ann Strunk

    IN.  I like it.

  • Kimberly Burke

    Lose the bustier, wear the jacket properly, leave the beads and fix the hair, and it would have been a loud and assertive IN.

    As it is?  Out and not really happy about it.

  • oohsparkley!

    OUT.  Her hair and makeup are unflattering.  It’s the worst I’ve ever seen her look. 

  • Anonymous

    Her outfit is so 80’s that the hair I would normally like immediately read “Flock of Seagulls” to me.  Out.
    Kinda dig the shoes though.

  • Anonymous

    I’m getting a “Hillary Clinton’s insane, trashy alter-ego” feeling about this. I don’t know how you make ERW look dumpy, but the stylist managed it here. OUT.

  • Ain’t Baroque

    I thought this was Kelly Osbourne in the mini-pic. Dunno what that says about either of them.

  • Anonymous

    This look might have been better with more straight up and down (rather than pleated cigarette) pants and a softer (i.e., less hard looking) top.  The genral issue is that folks continue with having a suit on – which could be really chic – is making it interesting and not like you’re coming from the office.
    I continue to hate the those shoes (the ones with the different colored pointy part).  I don’t care how many folks are wearing them, or how many designers are making them, this season.  Seeeing them on everyone will not make me like them one bit.

  • Anonymous

    ’80s Madonna’ was the first thing that jumped to mind and I think she looks great.  IN

  • Anonymous

    NO NO NO…why ERW, why?!?!  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    I still have to say IN.  She’s fab and she’s pulling it off.  Which is amazing because she’s wearing the largest shoulder pads on the planet and tapered pants.

  • Rand Ortega

    Love this young lady. She obviously loves fashion, has an amazing eye for it & plays w/ lots of different looks. All of which she pulls off flawlessly. Makes you wonder why that seems so difficult for other beautiful young women?
    Never a fan of the Madonna aesthetic, it looks so chic on ERW. This is the youngest I’ve ever seen her. Usually, given the sophisticated couture she usually is seen in, this outfit really shows how young she really is.
    Gorgeous. She’s gorgeous.
    Definite IN.

  • Anonymous

    Out. Terrible make-up, hate the bustier. She looks like the love child of Madonna and Kelly Osbourne.

  • Dinah

    Julie McCoy, indeed.  I actually love the bustier and necklaces.  Her makeup and hair is okay — I would NEVER have known this was EVR though if you hadn’t told me, but I guess that’s my fault not hers.  She could totally pull off the Madonna look. 

    Like you guys say about dresses, I say about this suit.  “Honey, that’s not your suit. Let it go.”   I think she might be too short and petite for such a look. The jacket is too long and blousy white pants are hardly any woman’s friend.  Even if she had ditched the bustier and worn it as the model did I doubt it would have done anything for her.  I think she added the bustier because once she got that suit on she was trying to fix it, thinking it might just need a lil’ sumpthin, sumpthin. 

    Love ya, EVR.  But that suit is OUT 

  • Sara Munoz


  • Rebecca

    Oh, honey.

    The zipper on those pants is longer than you are.


    But not, “Ah! My eyes!” Out.
    Just, “Oh, this doesn’t really work, does it?” Out.

  • Robert Sanchez

    Out for me. She really looks like she just finished her work as a receptionist, took off her professional blouse, threw too many necklaces on, changed out her shoes, and now she’s on her way to have appetizers at the bar with the girls.

  • Catherine Rhodes

    Completely agree. OUT

  • Anonymous

    Out. She looks short and wide.

  • suryasnair

    Out. she looks bloated in the middle.

  • Liana Brooks

    You’re right. The look works on the runway because you don’t see the pants, just the hourglass figure. The black underwire ruins everything. OUT

  • Anonymous

    Beware the Ides of Mar….oh, girl, what are you doing?  OUT

  • Harmony Scofield

    I think she looks like a parody of herself from a few weeks ago in the ultra hot pantsuit, like a copycat ERW.  I see what she was going for, but it’s too jangly and she looks too smug. Out. But not an all caps OUT, because she’s still beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    I like the whole Madonna-chic retro look on her, but I’m just not a fan of the raccoon eyes.  I’ll give her a lower case in.

  • Katherine Pisarro-Grant

    Oooh, honey, no. The pants aren’t hitting where they should and they look baggy for it. The jacket is nice, but the bustier and necklace are just uggums. And the poodle bouffant with this look just sends it way into crazyland….OUT.

  • Anonymous


  • Fifi LaRoux

    I love her, I really do, but this is an out for me.

  • Anonymous

    Out. If she wants to wear a white suit, she should channel Bianca Jagger, not Madonna.

    • Rand Ortega

      I think given ERW’s age, Maddona IS her Bianca Jagger.
      No disrespect, but what 1 generation perceives as trashy or not chic, another may see as chic.

  • gillian holroyd

    Out. That’s a gorgeous double-breasted jacket gone to waste. She made Yves look *cheap*.

  • Anonymous

    As soon as I saw the thumbnail, I knew it was an OUT.  I can’t look past the black paint on her eyes.  It’s criminal.  

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, while I agree with everything you said? She’s still an IN.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks pretty hot. The bustier and necklaces give it an edge it wouldn’t have otherwise. I say IN. You werq that 80s shit, girl!

  • { edi } ilovetrash

    i am surprised it’s even her.

  • Anonymous

    In. I love the hair way too much to quibble on how the styling draws the eye in an unflattering direction on what is a pretty cute outfit on her.

    (Calling anything so 80’s in is hard for me, but I am learning to do it.)

  • Anonymous

    In.  i agree with your comments butit still is a squeaker of an in for me.

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree. It’s a sleek suit and it’s clashing with the retro Madonna look from her eyebrows to her waist, just in the middle. It’s a Madonna-filled Oreo™ cookie!

    Either the two looks should have blended better, or she should have picked one look over the other.

    Love her hair and shoes, and the heavy eye makeup and pale lips are working for her.

    I’m on the fence, and so the ill-fitted/proportioned pants make the call. I must give this a lukewarm OUT.

  • Karenlibrarian

    OUT!!  I agree with TLo, she’s ruined the entire line of the outfit with that bustier and the necklaces.  She could have kept a black top but buttoned the jacket and looked much better.

    And I HATE her eyeliner.  It makes her eyes look even smaller. 

  • Anonymous

    The fit of the pants ruin it for me. Baggy and too long.

  • JaneM

    OUT.  Because you shouldn’t use Hostess Ho Ho’s as eye makeup.

  • andy

    IN, IN, IN! This girl looks sharp, pretty, and put together. Why shouldn’t she worship the Madonna?

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I totally disagree. She looks great, and it’s not often that I say IN! to a pleated, tapered, white pant. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Out. I was trying to figure out who she was reminding me of and then you nailed it with the Julie McCoy reference.

  • Anonymous

    TOO LITERAL.  out.

  • Cheri Lee

    I agree.  The suit and the shoes are amazing but the bustier and those beads make it look cheap somehow.  OUT!

  • Anonymous

    In, but a “That’s okay” kind of in, rather than a “That’s fabulous” in.

  • Merneith

    I like the bustier and the beads. It’s the generic whiteness of it all I can’t stand – and yes, very Love Boat. Out.

  • Anonymous

    No, I really don’t care for what’s going on here. I salute the pants on the runway but the bustier and necklaces are a little ridic.

  • Christina Brennan

    I really don’t like how the pants fit her.  It looks like her hips are ballooning out, which I know they aren’t.  She has been dressing really well lately but this falls short.  An OUT for me.

  • Christopher

    In.  Great shoes. Too much necklace though, starts to look like a Madonna costume.  But still in.

  • Anonymous

    Out out out, out out, out, out.  The runway model looks great.

  • vmcdanie

    I suspect the found the runway look too simple and was trying to jazz it up. But, I don’t think everything quite fits together. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the black bustier. I love her from the neck up though-there’s lots of makeup but it’s done well and she can pull it off.

    I’ll say OUT. She’s been in so many times, one vote that went the wrong way for her won’t even dent her rise to iconic status.

  • Sorana Tarmu

    Well put. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    It’s hard for me to take in the awful pleated pants and tacky rosary beads because she’s a victim of Momsen eye!  I hope there’s a warrant out for the arrest of the perpetrator.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    IN. I think she looks awesome here, and I’m glad she made the look her own.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Desperately seeking a better outfit. I am kinda digging the comb-over-wave bangs though.

  • UltimaEsperenza

    Still stunning, but still a miss…OUT>>>>>

  • Vera

    It’s her makeup that bugs me the most.  Not her best look, but a (lower case) in.

  • Ann

    Out. Too much going on.

  • Anonymous

    So that’s where Bert’s (from Project Runway) “avant garde” designed pants went. Not sure if it’s the angle, but the makeup on the left eye looks like she’s unsuccessfully trying to hide a shiner. I usually look forward to seeing her on the runway, but today she’s out.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. Definitely Julie McCoy territory. No problem with short, textured/mussed hair but this is bad. And I generally like shorter hair. But I will admit I wouldn’t mind looking like her on her worst day.

  • Anonymous

    top to bottom out

  • Lisa

    Too much makeup, and messy hair.  And while 80s Madonna and YSL are both classics in their own right, there are some things that just don’t go together.  Pizza and ice cream are fabulous on their own, but you wouldn’t put a scoop of double fudge on a slice of pepperoni!

  • Anonymous

    I see Palm Beach Yenta getting a little edgy with a corset. OUT.

  • Sammi M

    Out. The bustier ruins the look for me.

  • Paula Berman

    The pants are a wrinkled, baggy mess and undermine whatever sexiness the look might have.  Also, the whole thing is way too literal.  OUT.

  • Anonymous

    It was so chic on the model!  What has she done to it?  Those pants are a nightmare.  OUT.

  • Nellie Wilson

    She’s taken something that should be elegant and made it look tacky. OUT.

  • Anonymous

    OUT  – ugh!

  • Alexandria N

    OUT she took a gorgeous chic suit and made herself look tacky dumpy and wrinkled. even that cute hair and makeup looks off. this bustier and beads is a killer, meaning it’s killing off everything around it…

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely love everything here BUT those awful awful pants. Pleated highwaters? WHITE pleated highwaters? It pains me, but she’s OUT.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  OUT OUT OUT.  But on the way out, I will take those shoes. 

  • Anonymous

    Love her pose in the first picture.

  • Polarity

    IN! She looks amazing, her makeup is flawless and the bustier with the suit is fierce as hell. 

  • Anonymous

    out!..she took a classic suit and just tarted it up…

  • Anonymous

    Just not a flattering pant on her. Not a huge fan of the hair either. Some things work but OUT. Still love her, though.

  • Samantha Irene

    Agree with TLo. Better on the runway –  bustier/beads = bleh = OUT

  • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

    She looks short and stout in that suit.  Really unfortunate, and the hand in the pocket isn’t helping.  Too much eyemakeup, but I like the hair.  OUT.

  • Anplica Fiore

    Love the hair & makeup…hate the bustier.  Shiney in a bad way.  out.

  • Jen R

    Yuck on the matchy-matchy shoes.

    And wtf did she do to the jacket sleeve? Because I’m visually trying to straighten all the wrinkles and figure out if it would even be long enough for her arm. It doesn’t look like it but I could be wrong.

  • Shawn Hill

    Out! You can’t mix YSL and Chanel that way. Either/Or darling!

  • Anonymous

    When I saw the picture, my first thought was that Melanie Griffith looks pretty good. All she needs is a big bag with her aerobics shoes stuffed in it so she can change out before she walks to her car. I do not like the 80s styling.  

  • Anonymous

    She looks like Melanie Griffin in 1985.  That mascara is insane.  

  • Annie Chen

    OUT. I love the shoes but that jacket is not meant to be wornopen.

  • Marissa

    IN. It’s Madonna, it’s overt, but it really works on her. I don’t really love the necklace, but it definitely deserves an IN.

  • Mary McClelland

    Out. ewey. 

  • MandyM

    Starting with the top, her hair is bad, the eyes are too dark for this look, there are too many cheap looking necklaces, hate the bustier, the pants make a skinny girl look FAT and the shoes are just awful. She looks like a hooker cleaning up for a job interview at a bank. She would have been better off without the jewels, and just wearing the jacket closed without the bustier. Even a sheer cami under the closed jacket would have been ok if she didn’t want to go nude. The suit looks GREAT on the model but I didn’t even recognize it as the same suit on her. Bleck! OUT OUT OUT

  • Emily

    Out.  It would have looked so much better without the bustier as the model wore it. 

  • narita_rayna

    this does not work at all.  if she was so dead set on doing a madonna look, then she should have respected the long white column of the suit and gone with a white boustier, with lighter jewelry & shoes.  its like a virgin madonna, while offering less disruption to the eye.    OUT

  • Lauryl Sulfate

    I can see your point, guys.  The runway look is much more sophisticated.  But I think she looks kinda cute.  And it is *kind of* making me want to run out and dress up like Blonde Ambition Madonna as well.  I grew up on Madge, and honestly, I’d be sort of thrilled if this look came back in.

  • Chrissie

    I like this new look of hers. In.

  • Anonymous

    Out, especially the raccoon eyes.