Gucci Spring 2012 Collection

Posted on September 27, 2011

Gucci Spring 2012 Collection

Ooooh, we like this one, darlings. We’re in the mood for an Art Deco-inspired collection right about now. Designer Frida Giannini took her inspiration from Deco-era architecture, especially the New York skyscrapers of the period. Lots of rigid lines and angles tempered by soft, flowy pieces, drop waists, and fringe; rendered in starkly chic black, gold and brilliant green. You can see exactly where she’s coming from and yet none of it feels like the same tired old flapper looks. It’s all thoroughly modern, Millie. Not a cloche hat or finger wave in sight. It’s more along the lines of the kind of embellishments you’d see in an old train station or hotel lobby. The styling is a bit too severe, though. It was a good idea not to be referential to the hair and makeup of the period, but the somewhat grim visages and tight hairstyles don’t sell the looks as well as they could.
Gucci Spring 2012 Collection
Gucci Spring 2012 Collection
Gucci Spring 2012 Collection
Gucci Spring 2012 Collection




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  • Anonymous

    Way too cluttered for me.

  • Jaime

    Those are some pretty greens.

  • MilaXX

    I don’t mind the hair so much, but the super dark smokey eye is a bit distracting. The clothes are pretty, but nothing is especially wow-ing me. I think several will make nice RC looks.
    BTW – many of these collections have some interesting bags will we be getting another bag post any time soon? I’d love to see some of these close up.

  • Anonymous

    Some of these would look great on Nina and Heidi for PR.  We need some great fashion to look at on that show.

  • Anonymous

    A lot of this is take it or leave it for me, but everything with a crewneck and all the jackets make my heart go pitter-pat. I think the tomboy elements here evoke the part of that style era that I really like; the super sexy stuff feels a little off. For me.

  • Liana Brooks

    It feels like a fall collection to me. I suppose NYC has cold springs sometimes, so it could work, but I’m not in a rush to own any of it.

  • Lauren Dorsee Dillon

    I like these clothes on the models but I don’t think they’ll translate well to real life wear. I’m definitely too curvy for them and I wear a six (I know, plus size).

    • Alisa Rivera

      Yeah, anyone with a small waist relative to their hips is going to look dumpy in these, no matter what their size. 

  • Anonymous

    Lovely lines and proportions here – not sure how they would translate on an average figure. 

    I’ve been stewing on the Garnier guy, Bert’s longevity and experience in the rag trade, and wishing make up wiz Way Bandy was still around to mix things up {can’t believe he’s been gone a quarter century}. This racoon peeper treatment adds nothing for me – it does not enhance, adorn, or even disturb enough to contribute to the show.

    In closing, I just knew that I should’ve hung on to those parachute pants!

  • Anonymous

    I think these are pretty fabulous (except for the panty outfit) but they sure do not read Spring to me. The models are downright scary looking; they look like zombies walking the runway.

  • Anonymous

    Spring? More like Fall.  Definitely Art Deco inspired collection.

  • Anonymous

    Clothes: A+ love the style and the look Styling: C, can see where it could go wrong but this was not the right style, maybe something lighter or abstract  Music and presentation: D, Music is all wrong for the clothes and the season. 1920s were about fun, so pick something else then down tempo.

  • Anonymous

    No me gusta. Clothes or styling. Plus Bad hair and bad, bad makeup. 

  • Anonymous

    OMG these are GORGEOUS. I love love love. They don’t look like everything else, they’re modern and fresh and even “on trend” but they’re not recycling all the trends. No sheer lace granny pants in hot pink for MILES.

  • Anonymous

    Very nice collection. The dresses are the standouts for me, especially the ones in the last few rows. I don’t mind the styling. It doesn’t distract from the clothing, which I like.

  • Sara__B

    I like this one, too. I love the art deco references, and also the fact that women like me, with wide waists and narrow hips, will look very nice in most of these. Maybe some of these silhouettes will work their way into the department stores and catalogs. I’ll be watching.

  • Wendy Kaufman

    Pretty, but they mostly seem to be variants of the same dress.

  • Leigh David

    The makeup is very reminiscent of Edward Gorey’s drawings. 

  • Rachel Council

    Cute jackets, but a little boxy for my taste. I really like the drop waist dresses, but all the pants are horrible.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE Art Deco architecture, so this is right up my alley.  I’m not wild about all the gold metallic, though.  Looks cheap (that’s a personal bias of mine), and the ornamental metal of the period’s architectural accents was silver in color…so that would have made a lot more sense.

  • Anonymous

    I really love the concept — in fact it’s one of the strongest ideas for a collection that I’ve heard — but I’m not sold on the execution, especially in the jackets. The boxiness that works so well in a drop-waist dress has a dramatically different effect when it’s being broken up into separates at the waist or just below. It’s a shame because I think the deco patterns are lovely, but the shape of the clothing is fighting them tooth and nail.

    I do love that flowy turtlenecky capey pen and ink thing, though.

  • Anonymous

    Me likey.  I can’t wear the dropped waist but I like this version much better than the Marc Jacobs (?) collection of dropped waists you showed last week.  I think because this feels much more sophisticated.  I just love those jackets.

  • Anonymous

    how can pleated pants be thoroughly modern? my 80’s wardrobe is calling…

    • Anonymous

      At least 80s clothes were generally pretty comfortable.  I can get behind that.
      Seriously, though, there are a lot of updated deco elements mixed in with the tapered ankles and severe shoulders.

  • Anonymous

    I was excited by that first dress, and can kind of dig some of the others, but a lot of the pant/jacket combos look too 80s to me. Curse that decade to death and darkness.

  • Anonymous

    Love the dresses.  Not too keen on the trousers and jackets, though some of the fabrics used are pretty cool.

  • Anonymous

    It’s hard to really appreciate when the styling is so awful.

  • Anonymous

    I want the dress on the last row, on the right.  
    I hate the way these models look.  I would rather have seen some teeny reference to a softer, more period hairstyle but that’s because I am crazy for all art deco stuff and styles of old.  Hell I’m sitting in a 100 year old house as I write.  If I could have a computer made of wood I would.  

  • Anonymous

    So freakin’ gorgeous!

    Third down, far left reminds me of Katherine Hepburn’s pool outfit in The Philadelphia Story.  Ms. Hepburn got to wear some amazing costumes in her work.  This is what her characters would wear in the modern day.

  • Celia

    Love it a lot, so much so that (as awful as it sounds) I can’t wait for Zara to rip it off next year. I’d wear the CRAP out of all of it.

  • Sabrina Sorich

    So Randian utopian

  • { edi } ilovetrash

    i really love the one you chose for the thumbnail. i love it even more blown up.
    & i like the jackets that remind me a lot of when kansai yamamoto designed for david bowie, only rendered less in primaries here & more in gold.
    & i have to say something i would never have known to say before i found yr website:
    jay mccaroll’s chrysler building dress. it was the first thing in my head.

    • Anonymous

      jay mccaroll’s chrysler building dress. it was the first thing in my hejay mccaroll’s chrysler building dress. it was the first thing in my head[/i]Ooh! You beat me to it!

  • Anonymous

    So much to love here, in my heart anyway.  The jackets and pants have rendered me sleepless (except for two pair of pants, and you know which ones I mean).  I really like the dropped waists – obvious that, done right, they bring fascination to the hips.

  • Kiltdntiltd

    love love love the deco vibe of it all.  And its easy fitting stuff that will well adapt to a broad range of shapes.

  • Anonymous

    there are many things here to love.  most of the jackets, many of the dresses (the first look, the last four looks)  but sometimes it looks odd just for the sake of being odd, such as the first row right and second row middle.  i do love that green.  so glad she didn’t choose to go with just the black and gold.  green is my color. the zombie alien hair and makeup is really off-putting.

  • Judy S

    I like these–didn’t like the other low-waist collection (Marc Jacobs?). Talbots is selling a “flapper dress” right now. My figure is not suitable for the dropped waist BUT if enough people watch Boardwalk Empire they will see women of various shapes and sizes in low-waisted dresses. So maybe it will be easier to imagine.

  • gillian holroyd

    whew, finally something I *don’t* love.

    I was getting dizzy from all the gorgeous collections.

  • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

    Loves the dresses.  Hates pleated pants.  Come on!  Who did those ever look good on!?

  • Anonymous

    Yum! Love the Deco references and the intense colors—especially the Kelly greens. Made me hungry to see Jay McCarroll’s Chrysler Building dress again and reminded me how he was robbed on that challenge.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to see this translated to ready-to-wear that I can afford.  Love!

  • D Devious

    Am I the only one who immediately thought of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” (B&W lithograph version) the first time you saw the thumbnail image of the dress and model from the 5th row, far left?

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree on the styling – it’s almost offputting for what’s a really a lovely and well thought out collection.

  • tom

    The kind of waiter jacket outfit 3rd row right is my favorite.  Except for a couple of the fringey looking things this is a really nice collection; not a lot of stuck on adornment; the clothes speak stand out on just their design.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm, Gucci got the drop-waist memo as well. Will be curious to see if this silhouette ever takes off.

  • bailunrui

    Overall, very interesting; however, billowy pants and a structured gold blazer/jacket automatically make me think of MC Hammer.

  • Julie Clark

    best. gucci. evah.

  • Anonymous

    There are some really chic pieces in here, but I couldn’t pull of a dropped waist if my life depended on it.  My freakishly long torso already goes down to my ankles as it is, don’t need to lengthen it!  But short-waisted girls with slim hips would look amazing in these.

  • Anonymous

    I tend to love anything with a flapper vibe to it, so that first look made me gasp.
    The “NY Skyscraper” inspiration is as done and done as the “Urban Safari” inspiration, so while there are some very pretty pieces here, it just doesn’t feel so fresh to me. Some of the pieces, I think, would have looked better if the lines were not so harsh.

  • Emily


  • Tina

    Lovely! All the gold and zigzags with the wide shaped dresses reads ’80s to me too.

  • Anonymous

    I love these!  Really stunning.  The use of architectural lines of the era in clothing reminiscent of same is kind of brilliant.  Also, I’m on the flat, straight side, so the dresses would be flattering on me.  I’d buy the pieces just for the look of them themselves, though.

  • Rebecca Johnson

    Ugh – a dropped waist flatters no one. “Let’s highlight the thickest part of your lower body! Yay!” 
    Other than that unfortunate aspect, though, these are awesome.

  • Karen Stephens Bassett

    If you can get past the terrifying raccoon eyes, the fashions are gorgeous!

  • Lisa

    Oh, I just love all of this!  It’s so beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    There’s some lovely stuff here, but that one pair of pants is going to give me nightmares.

  • Anonymous

    Dear God those models are terrifying.  I’m going to have nightmares.

  • Vera

    It doesn’t look like a Spring collection, so much but I like the Art Deco dresses.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I disagree on the styling; the severity of the hair and the raccoon eyes is WHY it reads more ‘borrowed from architecture’ than ‘stolen from Dorothy’s closet’  AND I think this looks like a direct riff on Versace’s daydream from two years ago…that said, I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Of course, I couldn’t wear a SINGLE piece but that’s okay; please all you toothpick girls with the little-boy bodies, go dress yourselves like this so I can sit out on Green street and daydream myself into your lives for an hour or two!

  • oohsparkley!

    Loving the dresses, tops, and skirts, but not the pants.  I love Deco.

  • Anonymous

    I want the bottom middle dress badly

    • Anonymous

      The big baggy pleated pants I do not like.  Please tell me they are not making a comeback.