WERQ: Hailee Steinfeld in Louis Vuitton

Posted on August 09, 2011

We just adore this little chicklet when she remembers to dress her age.

Hailee Steinfeld at the Premiere Of Twentieth Century Fox’s ‘Glee The 3D Concert Movie’ in Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton Resort 2012 Collection

Jimmy Choo Pilar Bakelite Magazine Clutch

Louis Vuitton Resort 2012 Collection

HOW FREAKING CUTE ARE THOSE SHOES? The dress is simple and breezey, with a lot of visual interest. She looks cool, put-together, and youthfully chic.

Yes, EVERYTHING matches everything else and we don’t love that, but we’re willing to ride this trend out (so long as we get to bitch about it). If a woman much older than her sported that clutch we’re not sure we’d go so far as to love it, but we’ve long maintained that the very young can get away with so much more, fashionably speaking. And it behooves them, when they have the kinds of opportunities young starlets get, to have a little bit of fun with their clothes while they still can. We find it depressing when some teenage starlet goes out looking like Kate Winslet on Oscar night. There are plenty of years to be fiercely sophisticated, but when the first digit of your age is a 1, all bets are off. You go out there and WERQ that fun shit, teenage girls.

And yes, we’re the kinds of gay uncles who say “shit” in front of teenagers.

[Photo Credit< PRPhotos.com, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, vogue.it, pursebag.com]

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  • I wonder if she ran into Lea Michele here.

  • DH

    Those SHOES.

    • Anonymous

      How much do I want those shoes? Let me count the ways.

      • shorty j

        srsly, I don’t even wear heels but I’d wear those all the time. Like, in the shower, to the grocery store, whatever. 

    • Anonymous

      I had those in 1977 — not in red patent, alas.  They were made by Bass….and had the logo stamped into the bottom….

      I would have bought them in the red to go with my denim gaucho pants and striped toe socks.

  • Anonymous

    matchy shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it’s just tuesday

  • Anonymous

    The shoes are great – but again – I noted on another post today – I prefer that if the skirt is very short, that the shoes are not super high

  • Anonymous

    i want those shoes so, so bad. though i’m 100% sure i’d have to sell my soul to the banking gods to afford them.

    • Christine Campbell

      Whatever do you mean?  Aren’t they at macy’s?

      I hate my boring life.

  • RyzandShyn

    Adorable. On your home page the post about Christina Ricci is directly below this one. I remember when she was a chicklet herself.
    Not so much now, eh?

  • Love it! And I want those shoes like a bookie wants to get paid!

    • Anonymous

      Enough to break some arms?

  • Joyce VG

    Adorbs!  Love the clutch etc.

  • She looks so freakin’ cute! 

  • She’s adorable. full stop

  • This one’s for you Taylor Momsen.

  • Anonymous

    LV’s homage to old skool “Wannabe” Patrick Cox Loafers.

  • Anonymous

    The clutch is cute despite the Fiorucci/Interview magazine flashbacks it’s giving this old queen.

  • Allison Arcos

    I’m a teenager and I approve this outfit.

  • Tamara Hogan

    Those shoes have 5″ heels and she’s a teenager supporting her entire body weight on her toe joints. Yay! Fun! 
    Sorry for the bitchiness, but just look at the angle of her foot. That’s not fun – that’s work. She’d better start saving her $$ for the podiatrist.

    • Christine Campbell

      But god there are such worse ways to make a living…..

    • She’s not clutching her toes in agony, her feet look relaxed to me.

      • Christine Campbell

        Also, it’s not like she’s about to run a marathon.  She got out of a limo, is standing on a red carpet posing for some pictures, she’ll sit down, watch a movie, pose for some pictures, and get back in a limo.

        No, they’re not orthopedic shoes, but she’s not exactly bagging groceries in them either.

        • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Cute as a bug’s ear!  

  • Anonymous

    I love everything.  I want everything.

  • scottyf

    Tios Fabulosos T&Lo said
    “And yes, we’re the kinds of gay uncles who say “shit” in front of teenagers.

    What the hell else are gay uncles for?

    She looks lovely.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve said shit (and worse) in front of my own children.

      • Anonymous

        My toddler was struggling to get his socks on the other day and said “Dammit!” I think we may need to watch our language a little more. 

    • >whines<

      I WANT GAY UNCLES!!!!  (especially that kind)

      I grew up with only one uncle, and he's a REPUBLICAN.    Lord help me.  

    • TLo, can you be my uncles? Please? I may be older than one of you, but I don’t think I’m older than the 2 of you combined…

  • Anonymous

    Very cute and a total WERQ entry if there ever were one. Hate to say, I’m not on the shoe love train, though.

  • Anonymous

    Meh – Love the dress and agree that the clutch is something only a young girl could get away with, but I really don’t like those shoes with the outfit (on their own they are great). She’s adorable, but the shoes kind of kill the look for me.

  • omg I love that clutch!

  • Margot Brose

    She looks great! My one nitpick is the fingernail color. I actually think the shoes and the dress were a good choice together, due to their opposing styles, the shoes being all neo-Velma Dinkley’s-loafers and the dress being what it is. I think if her nails had been, say, apple-green or something, this would have officially been the best red-carpet look of any young hollywood girl.

  • PostsYouCanDanceTo

    That clutch is great at any age.

  • those shoes are even better than cameron diaz’ shoes yesterday.

  • Anonymous

    She’s so cute, the clutch is PERFECT for her, and I’ll let the shoes slide because they’re a cute take on penny loafers and she is young enough for penny loafers. (Though they’d have been so much cuter if they’d had pennies in them!). 

    Others may not share my belief that penny loafers are appropriate only before one is full grown. Unless your “look” is retro-prep (heavy Connecticut suburban private school), in which case you cannot be helped, and are wearing many, many items which I hate with passion, although there are responsible adults who would call me mistaken.

    • Christine Campbell

      “Unless your ‘look’ is retro-prep (heavy Connecticut suburban private school), in which case you cannot be helped, and are wearing many, many items which I hate with passion)”

      made me snort Diet Coke out of my nose. In a good way (if there is such a thing.)

    • Oh…oh, dear.   I fear that that IS my look.  

      If it’s any consolation, I do live in suburban Connecticut.

      • Anonymous

        And you probably look better than I do, often. See, my *brain* knows that prep and prep-influenced style really *isn’t* evil, but I was scarred by going to college when the preppy look was in, and seeing many cute young things wearing shapeless, ill-fitting expensive clothes which made them look dumpy. And, often, in horrible colors. So my emotions are not under control of my brain.

        • I like to think of it as quirky eccentricity.   But, then, I live in the land of “logos on a purse?  what a fashion victim!” 

  • Anonymous

    I’d rather see matching shoes than nude shoes any day.

  • MilaXX

    I agree, she looks adorable.

  • Love it.  A purple shoe would have been cool, but this is still adorable~~!

  • Anonymous

    Complete agreement with thei WERQ! Love the dress and she has styling is far better than the model. Love the bag. Is it supposed to be high end tho? My brother got one of those hard plastic magazine bag, out of the TRASH! That was years and years ago, and I still have it (and I still use it too).

  • Anonymous

    Love the look, except the shoes would be cuter if they were straight-up heels, not on those tippy platforms.  Even so, she’s as cute as a button.

  • Anonymous

    First off, the term is ‘guncles’ (per my teenage daughter).  The shoes are downright fugly–(and look like torture devices to boot).  The dress looks too big on her and really does nothing for her.  The only thing that is werqing in this picture is that million dollar smile. 

  • Love the clutch and the shoes!  Adorbs.

  • We’re those kind of gay uncles, too.  Our nieces refer to us as their guncles, which is adorable even though it sounds kind of like an unpleasant foot condition.

  • Anonymous

    I covet that clutch so much.  Don’t care for the shoes though, they look like orthopedic shoes on crack.

    I actually do have a gay uncle, but he lives in France, so I don’t see him very often.

  • I think she looks wonderful. Love her accessories and her pinned back hair. Just perfect, from head to toe.

    TLo — you can be the gay uncles anytime to my 16 and 17-year-old daughters. God knows somebody needs to break them of their Forever 21 addiction.

  • Anonymous

    “Live your life like you’re 80 looking back on your teenage years.” Taylor Swift 

    See, that’s great advice that Hailee has taken to heart. (Taylor, meanwhile, often dresses like an 80 year old in a teen body.) 

  • Anonymous

    Love the shoes. Love the clutch. She looks adorbs! Loooove huh!

  • yeah, those shoes look like they’re from The Wild Pair circa 1995. otherwise, totes adorbs!

  • Anonymous

    She looks totally ill proportioned in this dress, way to long and thin. Also its not interesting at all and seems wrong for the season. She has looked sooo much better than this. Even her hair looks funky, look at that first pic again, she looks anorexic and I do not believe she is.

  • We’re that kind of gay uncles, too.  Our nieces call us their “guncles,” which is adorable, except for the fact that it sounds like an unpleasant foot condition.

  • Anonymous

    ah, those sleeves are making my OCD kick in 😛

  • Anonymous

    It’s 100% Couldn’t Be Cuter.

  • Ohmygosh, she looks too adorable here.  Those shoes are adorable.  And that clutch would be ridiculous on anyone not 15 years old, so more power to her.  WERQ!

  • What kind of uncle doesn’t say ‘shit’ in front of a teenager?

    Also, I hate that dress.

    • sonictofu

      lol it’s true.  My uncle is in a rock band, and always had a delightfully inappropriate vocabulary.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not only the type of mom who says shit and worse in front of her own kids, but other people’s kids. Not as much but it comes out. And now my sons are almost adults and one curses like a sailor as the saying goes and the other rarely curses. How awesome would it have been to have gay uncles growing up!

  • I think she looks cute! And…I would totally carry that clutch (and I’m 26). 

    *sigh* and you guys make me miss my gay uncle, and all the time I never got to have with him. Stupid family feuds. :/

  • Grace Ritt

    SHE. IS. SO. CUTE.
    Also, you guys give her “WERQ” more often than others, I think. She is fast becoming universally loved.

  • Laurel Bobbitt

    She really needs to cut at least 6″ off her hair. It’s past her elbows!

  • Anonymous

    She looks fabulous!  And I might be willing to cut someone for that clutch.

  • Anonymous

    Age appropriate and fabulous!  It can be done.  I’m lookin’ at you, Elle Fanning.

  • Anonymous

    completely adorable!

  • Anonymous

    i love those shoes, and i like the dress, but i hate them together.  i mean, hate.  the dress looks like a more orangey red than the shoes and they clash, and not in an interesting way.  

  • Anonymous

    Though that outfit is totally age appropriate for this lovely girl less than half my age, I just know I could rock that look and not look desperate and crazy!!

  • Anonymous

    That’s a great color on her. She looks wonderful. 

  • Oh, I love this kid. My Katniss forever.

    And those shoes are adorable!!

  • Anonymous

    IMHO the shoes don’t match, they clash.  2 different reds that DO NOT match!

  • Anonymous

    IMHO the shoes don’t match, they clash.  2 different reds that DO NOT match!

  • She justifies the existence of that dress.

  • Hate the dress- looks like a crap paint job. Love everything else, almost too much. 

  • The hair is sooo long. But she has lovely style.

  • Anonymous

    She’s totally adorable. And those shoes are amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Perfection. And completely agree with you guys about having fun with clothes when you’re young!  I certainly did, although I’m admitting right here that it never came off looking this good.  But I had fun!

  • I’m not liking those shoes at all, but agree that the dress is adorable.

    Had a very similar purse in junior high school, circa 1985.

  • Anonymous

    youth, you’re doing it right!

  • It’s also the perfect hair and makeup for someone who is still too young to drive. She has all her eyebrows and her teeth aren’t yet whitened to an unnatural white. She just looks like a kid who’s put on her best lip-gloss and a little concealer and gotten one of her friends to braid her hair. So much nicer than the whorish way Disney stars her age dress.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE IT! Those shoes are wonderful. Penny Loafers, right?

  • Jennifer Hofstetter

    I want her dress right now.

  • Anonymous

    She looks adorable.   Even her makeup is perfect.  It’s fresh, youthful, and pretty.  No complaints here!

  • Anonymous


  • Amanda in Austin

    FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!!  I want those shoes so hard that it makes my ovaries ache.

  • Judy_J

    She’s beyond adorable.  And she looks like she’s having fun and handling her fame very well.  Good for her!

  • Magazine clutches are back?!  I need to pull mine out of the chest of drawers.  Cute girl, cute outfit.  Not sure about the shoes, but they work for her.

  • Anonymous

    Seeing her looking so fab in the dress, then scrolling down to see it on the model made me think the model is too old for the dress. 

    The shoes are gorgeous!

  • aussiegal77

    Wish you were MY gay uncles. Oh wait, you are!  Well, more like Gay Overlords. But…quibbles.

    Also – the dress and shoes are lovely.  Not so lovely – the clutch, can’t get into it.  Also too….matchy-match but whatevs, she’s young, it’s allowed.

  • She has sure learned how to WERQ that red carpet pose. And look how precisely she holds that bag for prime readability.

  • aimee_parrott

    Wow, she’s adorable!  WERQ it, indeed.

  • Bakelite clutch?  *SWOONS then dies and goes to rockabilly heaven*

    I’m sorry.  I know I’m getting old and it’s showing in my tastes, but . . . under 18 in anything more than a kitten heel (sandals are an exception, I suppose) grosses me out.  The platform helps, but those are still big girls shoes to me.  Wicked cute, but still big girl shoes.

  • Anonymous

    She looks great–wish there wasn’t an expectation about kids wearing high heels–but what really makes it for me is the beautifully expressive face.

  • This is excellent! The clutch makes the outfit for me: it’s very age appropriate.

  • sonictofu

    first pair of shoes on a rc (or gc in this case) that I’ve gotten excited about in a long time!