Sarah Jessica Parker in Oscar de la Renta

Posted on July 12, 2011

This is how Sarah Jessica Parker dresses to take her kid to the Harry Potter movie:

Sarah Jessica Parker attends the New York premiere of ‘Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2’ at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center New York City in Oscar de la Renta.

Oscar de la Renta Resort 2012 Collection/Model: Aline Weber

It’s a fantastic dress on its own, and we wouldn’t have recommended pairing a men’s-style sports coat with it, but something about this whole look, from the hair, relatively minimal makeup and jewelry, down to the almost shockingly sensible-looking shoes, is kind of endearingly low-key, or as low-key as one can get on the red carpet. The whole outfit says, “Fine, I’ll wear the dress because that’s what everyone expects, but I’m here with my kid because he’s dying to see this movie.”

And doesn’t that make her seem all the more chic?

EDITED TO ADD: We’ve had to delete a good 85 or so comments that consisted of nothing more than saying nasty things about a less-than-perfect body part. We’re not kidding when we say knock it off. Further comments will result in banning.
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  • true on all counts but don’t her hands just look terrible? ouch. 

  • Jessica Rowe

    haha the guy in the back

    • I really love the hilarious, inadvertent photo bombs.

      • Anonymous

        I know, they crack me up.

      • Julie Woodson

        Track and field event in the top photo.

        • Tom Shea

          I know! What are Stella and Ursula doing in step back there?

        • Anonymous

          I want to see video of that chick running in the purple stilettos!! Now that’s talent!!

          • Hahaha, I nicknamed them the Happy Prancer and the Not-So-Happy Prancer!

  • Jillian N


  • Does no one know how to hem anything anymore?

    • Ashley DeHaye

      Thank you! I actually really like her, but this whole refusal to take a piece of clothing to a tailor is getting mighty irritating. It is the easiest fix! I did it the other day with a too-long sundress! And I was just going to wear it to Target! I don’t care if it is a borrowed piece either. If the designer can’t be bothered to make it fit you correctly they don’t deserve you as a client.

    • Anonymous

      I was just wondering the same thing.  Is there some sort of unspoken agreement that these are all borrowed clothes that they’re not allowed to hem, so everybody pretends not to notice their dresses and pants dragging on the ground?  I’m not being (just) snarky, I’d really like to know.  You see stars wearing dresses with significant modifications, so did they buy those?

      • Anonymous

        I believe they aren’t allowed to alter the dresses if they’re borrowing them. But I do think that there is a way to hem a dress without doing permanent damage, I’ve done it myself. You don’t need to cut it to hem it, it’s like when I was a kid my mom would buy party dresses that were too long for us and let them down as we needed them.

        • Anonymous

          Thanks.  So when you see modifications from the runway versions, they’ve bought those?

          • Anonymous

            Often the designer will have more than one version, or customize the dress for mere mortals. My sister worked as a wardrobe stylist for a while, not at Rachel Zoe level, more like Ben Stiller level, so I’m not 100% sure of my info. But when she was working I’d often assist her, and there were a lot of temporary alterations done, for photo shoots at least. I think sometimes the celebrity doesn’t decide till the day of the event what they’re going to wear, so maybe that’s why so many of them just show up with a dress that’s three feet too long.

            And when you see a star with shoes that are obviously way too big, it’s because sample size shoes are a size 9. Not gigantic, but at the high end of average.

          • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    IMO, the lenght and darkness of the jacket throw the whole thing off. Otherwise, great dress.
    The makeup is horrible and the smile is kinda forced. 

  • Anonymous

    meh.  the earrings.  OUT.

  • I saw a few other photos that have Matthew & the son, Matthew looks genuinely good in them. Remarkably unterrified.

  • Her hands terrify me…I am expecting them to haunt my nightmares tonight.

  • Shawn Hill

    Love the earrings. Not matchy matchy. Turquoise?

  • Anonymous

    I love the dress. Not crazy about the jacket or bag. She’s leaving the memorable gowns for the stars of the show, so good for her.

  • We just had to delete a whole bunch of comments that expressed horror at a celebrity body part that is less than perfect. Enough with the hand comments, guys.

    • Wendy Dietzler

      Right? We could be hand twins, Sarah and I.

    • Anonymous

      I would just give you a “like” but I love you for doing and saying that, T Lo!  Mwah!

      • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

        ME TOO, TLo!!  Mwah!

    • YAY T.LO!  Thank you for letting a woman in her 40’s be that without snarky comments.

    • Anonymous

      And here I was feeling glad that nobody had made that comment. I was reading in a fool’s paradise. But thank you for deleting.

      • I was doing the same thing, “Oh look at how nice and polite everyone is being!” WHOOPS! Thanks for keeping it real TLo

    • Jillian N

      Sorry, you’re right, that was mean. 

    • Anonymous

      Thank you!

      A small request, could you please make a similar statement regarding all the comments about Katy Cambridge needing sandwich,  or cookie, or milkshake? The flip side of that wouldn’t be tolerated.

    • Anonymous

      It’s funny to me that anyone was surprised that people would be mean about a thing like that.  On the internet. 

    • Not that I disagree with deleting such comments, but why are those unacceptable but comments about “Cathy Cambridge’s” thinness are OK?

      • When the Cathy Cambridge comments reach the level of “OHMIGOD HER DISGUSTING HANDS ARE GIVING ME NIGHTMARES” they’re deleted. If we tried to delete every “eat a sandwich” comment we’d never have time to write posts.

  • Anonymous

    Fabulous.  Effortlessly chic.  She looks so much better than the girls running around behind her in the tight shifts.  

  • Anonymous

    I love that dress and it looks great with the jacket. Too long though, but that’s a minor quibble.

  • aussiegal77

    Love it, it hits just the right notes!  Well done, SJP!

  • Anonymous

    Love the dress (I’ve got a thing for long dresses like that). But the hair and makeup aren’t doing it for me.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Eyeliner than heavy does not work for women with small eyes.

      • Anonymous

        I agree, but isn’t that kind of her thing? Seems like she’s usually heavy handed with the liner. 

  • Anonymous

    I like the whole look. She strikes a great balance between glamor and casual here.

    I LOVE the woman running behind SJP. She looks like the red-carpet equivalent of a Wimbledon ball boy/girl. Like she runs out on the carpet to pick up stray false eyelashes then dashes back to the sidelines.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks fabulous.  The dress is so chic, and the blazer somehow works with it.  It does need hemming, though.  And for going to the movies in the summer, something shorter might have worked better, but there’s no arguing with the fact that it’s a great look for her.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, but she’s still wearing Oscar de la Renta resort wear to take her kid to the movies…not a normal person’s “low-key” look!

  • Christy Cricow

    I think she looks great, and I actually LIKE the menswear jacket and easy shoes. She looks pretty, and unforced, and that’s all good. 

  • I  really like that dress BUT OH GOD THE GOLEM HANDS!!!

  • I think she looks great.

    Except for her hands, they scare me.

  • The dress is beautiful, and she looks really good. I can’t imagine wearing something like that into a movie theater, though… guess they probably keep the floors of that one pretty clean!

  • Anonymous

    She looks better than she has in years. She’s not trying too hard, for starters. Good for her.

  • Anonymous


  • Jennifer Hofstetter

    I wowed by everything except the hair.  Awful awful hair.

  • Jill Roberts

    What do you want her to do about her hands, people?  It’s the price you pay for being thin – and she’d take even more shit for not being thin.

  • Anonymous

    Is that chick in the first pick running or just taking big steps in a marching cadence?

    I am scared of the shoes.  I don’t care for the blazer with this dress.  I am fine with the length b/c it’s like a maxi dress.  I really like the dress.  I like the contrast of the earrings.

  • Anonymous

    Forget the outfit. I’m intensely jealous of her kid for getting to see the movie before it comes out. Lucky brat.

  • Maybe I’m projecting here, but she always seems uncomfortable on the RC – like her shoes hurt or her dress is too tight.  Here she looks lovely and relaxed.  I like the dress on her but damned if I understand the blazer.  Too dark and too heavy.

  • She should wear her hair up more often. The loose, parted down the middle hairstyle ages her and elongates her face.  Here she looks refreshed. Her outfit is forgettable. 

  • Wow, she is looking old!  Did you see her hands?  I’m not crazy about the outfit.

  • Love it! So chick and fab.

  • I am sorry, I just can’t get beyond the length of the dress. WRONG WRONG WRONG and that man jacket! The sweater the model has on would have been lovely! She is either too short or too long and never in the middle!

  • Anonymous

    Overdressed. She’s not in the movie so the gown is a bit much — even dressed down with the jacket. Plus — I like the sweater from the runway version better. It would have been a great look if she’d cut it off and made it a day dress.

  • Anonymous

    No. She looks like she borrowed Matthew’s jacket because the a/c was too cold inside Avery Fisher.

    The runway version, however, I like from head to toe.

  • Cheri Lee

    She looks like a chic mom taking her kid to the movies.  She looks amazing.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind the menswear jacket, just wish it were about 8″ shorter.

    No mani/pedi also appears to be her way of being low-key.

    • Anonymous

      Not pickin’ on you, kimmeister – it’s just that you mentioned mani-pedi. And it’s something people mention here a lot, as if it’s something absolutely expected, something everybody does. Like, everyone knows they’ve gotta floss their teeth; get the oil changed every 4,000 miles or so; and, if you wear sandals get pedicures on a regular basis. Is it really like that for the majority of people? (I’m not being snarky; I’m really always surprised by the pedicure comments, so I’m asking.)

      • I can’t speak for kimmeister, but here in Dallas, it’s pretty standard.  Maybe because it’s so FRIGGING HOT here, such that we live in sandals for half the year, but most women seem to have painted toenails, done by one of the hundreds of nail salons around town. (And when I say most women, I realize that this does not include those living in poverty but, for the middle class, it’s a pretty inexpensive indulgence, as you can get one for $25).  

      • Anonymous

        Weird. I just had a conversation with a friend about this yesterday. I’m 46 and I’m trying to remember when the collective transition to pedicures as grooming necessity happened. Certainly well cared for feet and toenails are good, but the “need” for pedicures is sort of a recent development.

        • Anonymous

          I think you’re right. It wasn’t always this way. But it sure is now. In my little patch of Brooklyn – within, say 5 minute’s walk in any direction – there are 2 Starbucks, and, lemme see. .  . 6 or 8 manicure joints.

          • oohsparkley!

            If money is tight, you can always paint your own toenails and buff your heels regularly.  I can do a decent job on my own.  I can afford pedicures but I prefer to do my own and change colors more frequently.  “Bare” toenails or “french-style” toenails kind of gross me out.  Just a personal quirk.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t like French style toes either.  To me, toenails shouldn’t be long enough for there to even be a white part.  I see some women with toenails so long they curve down over the edge of their toes, and it makes me want to hurl.

      • Anonymous

        It wasn’t a criticism of her, just an observation.  The average-to-high maintenance gal in northern California gets a pedicure or paints her own toenails if they are seen in public; it’s just a little surprising to see a supposed fashion icon at a movie premiere with bare toenails.  I personally rarely ever get pedicures because I feel bad for anyone touching my feet (especially since they’re always fellow Vietnamese people), so I just paint them myself.

        • Anonymous

          I didn’t think you were criticizing (in case you thought I did).  I do get pedicures once in a while, and I feel that same squirminess about someone having to work on my feet, and of the cultural divide: I’ve tried several salons in my neighborhood, and almost without fail the customers are white and/or black, and the workers are Southeast Asian.

          • Anonymous

            What’s funny is that I’m Vietnamese, but don’t look it (I regulary get mistaken for Japanese and Korean).  All Asians are always trying to figure out the national origin of other Asians, so when the Vietnamese manicurists see me, they talk about me in Vietnamese trying to figure out what I am, not realizing that I can understand them.  (I’ve never heard them say anything bad about any customers.)  Then they find out I’m Vietnamese and they flip out.  I’ve actually never seen another Vietnamese customer.

  • Remembering watching her on square pegs as a kid, I would love to see how she would look if she let her hair go back to its natural dark brown and let up on the eye makeup.  I bet she would look terrific.

  • Anonymous

    Low-key? With those eyes? Lay off the liner, Sarah!

  • Love the earrings, the head in general. 

    The ‘You Suck’ T reminds me of the mug Jeffrey served to Tim in the Season 3 home visits.

  • Anonymous

    I love the background woman sprinting in stilettos in the first pic!

  • LOVE this. Love the jacket, but yeah, probably only would have worked on her. 

  • MilaXX

    I like it. When it’s hot I prefer dresses over jeans any day of the week. I love a flowy maxi dress and would wear a non designer version of this to a movie in a second.

  • Erin Nice

    I’ve been a huge fan of SJP for a long time (since I saw Girls Just Wanna Have Fun when I was in kindergarten!) so I tend to be slightly biased about most things relating to her. Having said that, I honestly love this look. I think she’s chic and daring and adorable.

  • Anonymous

    Egads look at those hands!

  • Anonymous

    Well I’m planning to wear either jeans or capris and flip flops when I go to the movie with my boys at the midnight opening here. But then I guess that’s why I’m not SJP. And o     m     gaaaah, she really DOES have man hands (last pic).

  • LOL at the two women behind her in the first photo.  They look like they’re running in at the end of a marathon, exhausted.

  • Anonymous

    Oops, sorry, hadn’t read all the comments. I take back the comment about her hands. But still, it’s the first time I really noticed them!

  • Anonymous

    Considering the event and the uber casual accessories chosen, SJP would have done better to go with a sweater &big jewelry like the runway look. The blazer just looks funny.

  • Anonymous

    What is up with her hands?  They are terrifying!

  • Anonymous

    That dress really suits her. She looks fresh and pretty. It might be better without the jacket but this is very much SJP. 

  • aimee_parrott

    I love this dress on her.  I agree that I wouldn’t have recommended the men’s jacket, but I actually really like it.  She looks great.

  • In!!! She looks awesome!

  • Dowdy and weather-beaten. That’s not a good look. OUT!

  • Anonymous

    The dress is fabulous but is several inches too long.  The jacket works but at the same time is way too dark and heavy for the weather.  The sweater from the runway look would have been much more seasonally appropriate.  Also, wearing the jacket just seems a little too “I’m a fashionista and I must do something unexpected._  It seems forced.  The bright turquoise earrings are jarring.   But the dress is so gorgeous that I’ll forgive her the other missteps.

    I understand not wanting people to comment on her hands, but otherwise why have that middle pic?  All it really does is to highlight that part of her body.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe that’s the only shot they have that shows her shoes? 

    • Christine Campbell

      Agreed.  It’s unfortunate.  I think the photog wanted to show her shoes but was pretty happy to show her hands as well.

  • Anonymous

    She done good! Way to go SJP!

  • OMG! Is anyone else noticing her ARMS? Did she get a hand transplant or something?

  • Lisa

    She looks gorgeous, as always!  But yes, I do notice how skeletal her hands look, which concerns me.

  • Nice dress but i am completely distracted by how old her hands look 

  • narita_rayna

    its pure mom. she wins for that.

  • Anonymous

    dear lord, HER HANDS!

  • Christopher Diggins

    Is everyone ignoring the elephant in the room here?? SWEET JESUS LOOK HER HANDS!!!….why does she have the hands of a 90-year old woman?

  • Anonymous

    it was like 96 degrees in NYC last night. I’m not sure that the jacket was at all necessary, especially since it’s not really adding anything here. 

    • Anonymous

      I was just thinking either she felt fat, or she didn’t want to be cold in the movie theater — once you pass 40 you sometimes catch yourself saying cranky old-person things like “I’m cold! Where’s my sweater?” and “Get off my lawn!” 

      • Anonymous

        Haha. If I had a lawn, I’m sure I’d be saying that!

      • Anonymous

        Is it really because I’m (ahem) past the first blush of youth that I get cold in movie theaters? How dispiriting. Though if what you meant is that at a certain point in life you’re willing to dorkily carry a sweater through a movie lobby & to cover up that cute top (sitting in a dark room with all eyes on the screen, I know, what a sacrifice), well, I’m willing to plead guilty.

        • MilaXX

          you should see the hiddy sweater I keep in the car and carry to the movies sometimes.

          • oohsparkley!

            Movie theaters and restaurants are always freezing, they have the air condidtioning set so low.  I don’t go anywhere without a summer-weight sweater or jacket with me.  I’m well-aged, but I don’t think it’s the age-thing, I’ve always been easily chilled.

  • AC

    UM, doesn’t anyone else find it hilarious that there’s a girl in sky high stillettos literally sprinting behind her in the 1st photograph?


    That’s all.

  • Anonymous

    Since she’s teeny model sized, but not model height, I’ll bet that dress is the runway original. And if it’s borrowed, they won’t hem it, since it will be used for photo shoots in the magazines. I wouldn’t notice the not-so-perfect body part if the face wasn’t botoxed and filled to within an inch of 29 years old.

  • Anonymous

    Since she’s teeny model sized, but not model height, I’ll bet that dress is the runway original. And if it’s borrowed, they won’t hem it, since it will be used for photo shoots in the magazines. I wouldn’t notice the not-so-perfect body part if the face wasn’t botoxed and filled to within an inch of 29 years old.

  • jesus..her hands….woo….

  • love the look.

  • Anonymous

    I like the dress and I like the jacket with it, but why is she wearing a long dress for this?  Is she in the movie?  Seems like a bit much for a mere spectator.

  • Anonymous

    My Grandma wants her hands back…

  • Anonymous

    I beg to differ. If her heart wasn’t in it, why not wear a regular length dress, or something fun? Is there a rule that if you’re an actor with the celebrity level of SJP, you have to wear a gown? She just looks all wrong. Also stop hating on the hands. When you get to a certain age the veins just look like that. Is she supposed to have hand vein surgery or something? Come on. 

  • So pretentious. How about some jeans, a cute top and wedge sandals for sitting in a movie theater instead of thousands of dollars of couture mopping up tspilled coke with its hem?

    • Anonymous

      Possibly because her photograph is going to be taken and published in a zillion venues? And because they loan her the clothes for free? 

  • Anonymous

    her hands scare me…they look like they belong on an 80 yr old woman

  • Beth G

    I don’t mean to pick on her because of her hands – it’s not really something you can control, but they do make her seem quite older.

  • Anonymous

    At this point, whether she looks great or ridiculous, I’ve seen enough of SJP’s twists on fashion.  Exhausting…

  • I will buy your argument! After all, she does look better than the two others behind her. So I did not realize her hands were so old looking, but she looks good otherwise.

  • Needs hemming.  And the purse doesn’t work with the dress.

  • Anonymous

    Good Lord, her hands look like she is 80 years old!!! Is that because she is so skinny? Really sad, to see every single vein. If that is what a size 2 looks like, I will keep a size 12, thanks, anyway. 🙂

  • Dear lord, what happened to her HANDS?! Sarah Jessica, dear, you’re loaded–I’m sure there’s a way to get that fixed.

  • Lauren Field

    I really like this look! She is SJP and obviously HAS to take the ‘mom going to a movie with kids’ look to the next level and this was a good choice. I love how she took the colors in the dress and modified them to be her accessories (the earrings and the bag) as well as bringing in the jacket to play down the dress a little.

    And yes, everyone has been commenting about her hands and saying they ‘could be fixed’ but what I love about SJP is that she really doesn’t look like she has had anything done, now that being said, she could probably stand to gain a little weight… it seems she has been this size forever! She is either blessed by the gods with good genetics (entirely probable) or she forgoes anything that my up her weight (which makes me sad.. and hungry). But seriously, she is a mother and still an amazing fashion icon. I think that no one would fault her if she had a froyo with her kid and put on maybe 5 pounds. It would definitely soften her out and maybe help with her… erm.. hand issue.

  • Joey Melliza

    she looks like she was ravaged by the HANDS of time

  • Anonymous

    I like the dress, but the jacket looks like an afterthought, not planned.
    Her face looks very harsh, particularly all the eye makeup.

    Those shoes are atrocious!  They look like something my Granny wore in the 70s, and they look cheap, which I’m sure they aren’t.  And I still can’t tell if they are doing something REALLY odd to her toes, or if they are always that way…like they have an extra joint or something.  I have no problem with no pedicure, but those shoes are incredibly unflattering for someone NOT wanting to show off their toenail polish.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like the jacket, it takes a beautiful dress and makes it look so plain, it would have been better without any jacket at all, or a least one that hit at the waist instead of the hips….

  • Christine Campbell

    Looks like T&Lo are going to have to whip the bitter kittens once or twice per page so that we’ll shut up about SJP’s hands.  Otherwise they’ll be up all night deleting comments and no one wants tired, bitchy queens in the morning.  Let’s restrain ourselves and refer to TLo’s comment earlier in the comment thread.

    From the TLo sycophant who has old lady hands at 36 and not because I’m super-skinny either

  • Anonymous

    She looks great. And the way I’d want to be able to look if I were constantly photographed: Way Above Average, but still relaxed, maybe even comfortable. (Though realistically, to walk much you’d want to hem that thing, I’d think.)

  • Anonymous

    Well, I’m sure with all these comments she’ll be fleeing to the cosmetic surgeon to see what can be done about her hands. People who work out a lot and are very thin and past 25 can look like this. Get over it, people.

  • Anonymous

    Whassup with her hands!!??

  • I love the dress but I just can’t get past those hands of hers.  They creep me out.

  • Anonymous

    The dress is fine,but what’s wrong with her hands. Mine aren’t that wrinkley and I’m a few decades older!

  • I love SJP, but what is UP with her hands in these photos? Not only do they look entirely too manly, but they look like they belong on an 80 year old woman! All that said, lovin’ the dress.

  • Anonymous

    I love that look, so much so that i plan to copy it! Lucky me i already have a similar jacket, if only i can find a decent dress…
    I hate her shoes thow…

  • I actually kind of love the sports coat with it, gives it a very easy breezy “running out the door in my maxi dress, oh let me grab something for my shoulders for when i get into the ac” kind of vibe. except the maxi dress is Oscar de La Renta….I think a cardigan might have worked a little better, not necessarily the one on the model, but at the same time, a cardigan on the red carpet would have been….weird. Jacket it a little my chic.

    She could have used more hairspray but I deem this look IN

  • Anonymous

    She looks cute, but that skirt should have been taken up a bit. She’s sweeping the floor with it.

  • I’m not usually a fan of how SJP dresses, but I love this look, especially the print of the dress.
    I’m sure the blazer is so she doesn’t freeze in the overly A/Ced movie theater. What is up with that? I just about froze last night at the movies because I didn’t bring a sweater while it was 95 outside

  • YES!!!   It does make her seem all that much more chic.  Love it.  🙂

  • lilibetp

    I like the look.  The dress is chic, but also looks comfortable to sit in (which so many women forget about for movie premiers).  I like the jacket with it and the theatre is probably cold so the jacket becomes necessary.  I’m not sure I understand the turquoise earrings with an outfit that has no other turquoise, but they bring attention to her face.  The shoes look much comfyer than most of her shoes.  And the bag is okay (although I’m not convinced there’s actually anything in it).

  • Love her bag!

  • I hate the whole thing. The bag is too casual, the shoes are meh, don’t care for that dress AND it’s too long. Too understated. I don’t like her much so maybe that has something to do with it…..

  • Needs hemmed so badly, but I love the dress. And her bag too.

  • Patricia Biswanger

    Her hands!  Scary!

  • Anonymous

    I am afraid of her hands.

  • Anonymous

    I think if the jacket was a little shorter and the dress was hemmed a bit more I’d like it would me much better. I do like the maxi dress and menwear jacket combo. It would be a good way to transition into fall. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like the balance of a long boyfriend blazer with a floor-length dress, especially on someone this petite. Never have, never will. Makes the wearer look like she’s disproportionate and/or standing in a ditch. Otherwise, I like the idea and color of the jacket and everything else about this look. Brava, SJP! 🙂

    • oohsparkley!

      I agree, the jacket is a little long, with the full, long dress.  It would look even more dis-proportionate if it was hemmed properly.

  • Joyce VG

    I think a sweater would have been good with it.  Otherwise she looks great.

  • Trinh D.

    She looks good. I wish I could pull off the men’s blazer. I’m too short. 

    • jean horton

      She looks casual but I’m not convinced in a good way. Maybe she is caring less (healthy, really) about having to look perfect. She’s loaded down with a set of twins now, and it gets harder and harder to keep up appearances when you are so entrenched in motherhood and just getting to the damn event on time. I give her an In, if just for the fact that she seems less fussy and more eclectic.

  • I don’t love the purse, but the rest of the outfit is rocking awesome. She looks great. I even like the jacket with it, it just all sort of goes. Wish she’d hemmed it, though. The pool of fabric at her feet is the only problem with this look. 

  • Kyle Henry

    It’s low-key, but I LOVE that dress.  When partnered with the suit jacket it really works for me, especially considering SJP’s age. 

    BTW, body comments?  She looks perfect fine to me despite the vein-y hands.

  • well done

  • Anonymous

    I actually liked it better w/ the cardigan.  LOVE the dress… just wish SJP would run a comb through her hair, though; I don’t get the little flyaways…… 

    But most of all, I like that you always see her w/ her kids.  As a fellow Mom, THAT I love, too.

  • Anonymous

    She sure looks,despite the jacket,wud have preferred the runway jacket.

  • elzatelzabelz

    This is one of the few SJP looks I actually like. Fashionable without being totally cracked out and bizarre in an attention grabbing way.

  • Anonymous

    A sweater wpoul dhave been MUCH better. And what is with HER EYES? Photons at maximum and ready to fire or WHAT? 

  • Her hands look so old.  Sorry, just an observation.