Red Carpet Rundown: Comic-Con

Posted on July 22, 2011

Darlings, here are two things one should never do when Mr. Jesus decides that 110 degrees sounds just about right for your area of the world:

1) Do not follow through on the teeth-cleaning appointment
2) Do not pick today to replace a crappy old air conditioning unit.

So, yes! You’ve guessed it! Mouth pain AND soul-melting heat for T Lo today! Hence, a somewhat lackadaisical approach to posting today. Sorry for the delay, darlings. Let’s look at sweaty celebrities and be bitchy at them, mkay?

It’s been ten years since the T in T Lo made the nerd pilgrammage to nerd mecca, the San Diego Convention Center. Back then, the nerds were just starting to grumble about how “Hollywood” the proceedings were getting while the “comic” part of the whole thing seemed to be taking a back seat. We can’t imagine how the nerdcrowds must feel now that there are red freaking carpets at Comic-Con. That just seems wrong somehow. Still, it gives us more chances to be bitchy.

Bear in mind that we must temper our bitchiness, kittens. Maybe a stylist got a couple loaner dresses here, but it doesn’t look like anyone availed themselves of professional hair and makeup; nor is there any jewelry to be seen, and the shoes look like they were chosen for comfort more than for flash. We can dig that. As wrong as it is to have red carpets at Comic-Con, it’s even wronger-er to have celebrities show up looking like they’re at a film premiere.

Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried attend a press conference for “In Time” during Comic-Con 2011 in San Diego. Amanda Seyfried is wearing a Prabal Gurung resort 2012 dress and Prada shoes.

Prabal Gurung Resort 2012 Collection [modified version]
Model: Anabela Belikova

The more we look at him the more we think he needs a serious style re-assessment. The vests and newsboy caps are not for him. He looks terrible in both. Also, why is he so gloomy-looking for San Diego in July? It’s summer, Justin. Dress like it. And get your hands out of your pockets.

She looks cute enough. She also looks like she’s wilting a bit, so we’ll be kind. Great color on her. The shape is perfect for an event like this but the shininess of the fabric doesn’t hold up well. Something this shape with this swing in a matte fabric would have looked fresher. The shoes are serviceable.

Ashley Greene attends Summit Entertainment presents ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1’ Press Line during Comic-Con 2011 in San Diego in Cut 25 by Yigal Azrouël and Jimmy Choo pumps.

Cut 25 by Yigal Azrouël Resort 2012 Collection

Jimmy Choo ‘Cosmic’ Platform Pump

See, now that’s a decent cocktail dress that works as a day dress. Comfy and cool-looking, with some visual interest to make you look a bit more like a superhero. The problem is – wait for it – NUDE PUMPS. NUDE PUMPS?!? Who wears pumps to Comic-Con? You’re at an event where it’s not at all uncommon to see someone in a metal bikini or dressed like a Hobbit. Honey, leave the wedding shoes at home and just slap on some sandals.

Carey Mulligan attends Film District Photo Op Panel Press Line during Comic-Con 2011 in San Diego in a Roksanda Ilincic dress.

Roksanda Ilincic Resort 2012 Collection

See? Perfect shoe choice. All the credit in the world to her for choosing something that’s so … interesting… but we can’t look at that torsal ventilation system she’s got going on there and not think she’s constantly sweating out of it. Great colors and great shape on her; it looks like it would be very comfortable otherwise, but with those openings, all we can think is she’s sucking in her stomach and all her underboob sweat is trickling out the port holes. Interesting, but a lot of work for a convention center.

[Photo Credit:, John Shearer/Getty Images,]

[Photo Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images,,]

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  • Anonymous

    Amanda’s dress is a pretty color, but I think it like it better with only the one belt.   Having the second line (?) makes her look like there’s a pooch.

  • Cydne Butler

    Whew!   Thanks for the post – I was both worried about you two and suffering withdrawal! 

    • Oh man, me too!  I seriously considered emailing ’cause I was worried.  Then I realized if there was a problem they were probably too busy with that to deal with my email:)

      • Anonymous

        Me, too. I was wondering if anything had happened. 

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it’s just that Ms. Mulligan is so much shorter than the model, but I don’t like the length of this dress on her.  The ventilation doesn’t bother me so much as how unbalanced it looks with a hemline practically down to her ankles.  Shorten the length–to the knees–and I bet it would look a lot better.  Cute dress all around.

    Don’t care for the added panel in the skirt of Ms. Seyfried’s dress–again, it makes it too long, although in this case I think the model’s length is too short for even a Hollywood version of human.

    Sorry about the air conditioning, TLo.  And the tooth pain.  Is it too early in the day for a thermos of watermelon mojito coolers? 

  • Ashley’s dress is summery and gorgeous, but Carey’s made me weep. I can’t abide those torso cutouts that are all the rage. Seriously trashy! I don’t want to see ribs!

  • Carey Mulligan’s dress looks silly, and like something one of the dafter PR contestants would come up with and try, unsuccessfully, to defend to Nina’s disapproving gaze.  I can almost hear the Duchess squawking about how SHE looooks…like a milkmaid from MARS…on her way to LILITH Fair.  I mean….

    Like the sandals, though.

    • Anonymous

      Dina, your Duchess comment is hilarious! And, I agree! Totally interstellar and a bit odd.

    • Jill Roberts

      I thought the same thing–well, not the funny part about the judges, it’s definitely a PR challenge fail.

    • Anonymous

      But it’s INTENTIONAL! She’s obviously cosplaying a Watanabe character but the jerks at the door took her two latex swords away.

      No wonder she looks pissed off.

  • i love carey’s dress! i think it would have worked better if the top wasn’t so drapy

  • Anonymous

    Ashley Greene gets best dressed from me despite the shoes. I too have heard of how Hollywood Comic Con has gotten, but I still want to go so badly.

  • Anonymous

    The placement of the knot detail on Ashley’s dress isn’t good.  It makes her look 25% wider than she “should” look… (all that “extra” body after the knot, which my eyes expect to indicate the nip in her waist).

    I think that the knot should be further over, and/or the dress should be belted as on the model

    • I love the knot detail! It makes the dress so unique, and the belt just hid that!

    • My first thought was she had a rubber band holding her dress together.  Bad idea.

  • Anonymous

    I love that you know about under-boob sweat; however, Carey’s boobs are small enough that she probably doesn’t have to suffer through it as some of us do.  I love the dress.

  • Adella Thompson

    The color of Amanda’s dress is one of my favorites, although I liked the shape on the original better. Think I liked the red belt with the original of Ashley’s dress as a color break and waist definer, but I’d have to see it on her. Not digging the shoes and that last outfit…? My only thought is “wedgie” when I see that center piece. I love cut outs and she has the abs to pull it off, but it just doesn’t look right. 

  • Carrie Mulligan just, well, it pains me to look at her. Its like a high fashion take on nerd fashion, and it just pains. 

  • I love the knot detail! It makes the dress so unique! The belt just hid it on the model.

  • Carey’s… thing elicited a “Oh, honey no!”  And those shoes make her feet look like water skis.

  • Anonymous

    Do not like Amanda’s dress and the yolk drop asymmetrical hem skirt, gives me a headache. Ashley Greene, needs a belt and sandals.
    I like Carey’s look, fresh and very stylish.

  • Crystal Thomas

    Two thoughts:
    Thank goodness someone got a pedicure!
    Someone needs to beat Jimmy Choo for making those nude pumps so ubiquitous.

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t like the dress on Ms. Seyfried.  The first black band hits her just at the top of her hips, and with the billowing about it the whole thing ends up looking too big and as if she has a thick waist, which we know she doesn’t.  With her thin legs poking out below she looks like a sack of flour propped up on two sticks.

    The second dress is really cute, but if I never see another pair of nude shoes again in my life it will be too soon.  Was there some sort of mistake at the Hollywood shoe factory where all the shoes were dyed nude?  Just making them shiny doesn’t improve them at all.

    Carey’s dress just looks too big on her, and I don’t like the random bare skin.  But she should definitely wear those sandals until the evidence of foot torture left over from all those nude pumps has healed.

    It’s hot here, too, and therefore I have extra bitching to go around…

    • Seeing the shape of her toes more or less permanently conformed to the shape of pointy pumps was like seeing the results of an extremely less drastic yet still unsettling sort of foot binding. Why can’t these damn high heels be made to conform to the width of human feet instead of whatever arbitrary width the designer feels like using?

  • Anonymous

    It’s in the low 70’s here in San Diego so the stars are not sweating unlike the rest of the country.

    • Anonymous

      I’m also in S.D. County, altho’ inland where it’s in the upper 80s.  Comfortable flat shoes are the ticket since there’s TONS of walking to do, and the crowds are snout-to-snout.  I try to avoid the whole area like the plague.

      P.S. Heat and all, just made puff pastry peach tarts–there must be priorities in the world.

  • Hey you guys! I just saw a picture of Carey Mulligan on CNN. She has the same dress, but, *gasp*, red pumps. Discuss, please. 😉

  • paintedfish30

    That Roksanda Ilincic dress has a homemade look to it. I think a belt would help. Otherwise I think it’s a cute summer dress for a casual event and the torso vents are just sexy enough for a geek fest. 

  • Amanda’s and Ashley’s dresses are very cute.   My inner nerd self can not believe there is a RED CARPET for Comic Con?  Really?   I knew it got Hollywood… but that is beyond crazy. 

  • Anonymous

    I want to like Carey Mulligan’s RI, really I do, but I just can’t. It just doesn’t look as good on her as it does on the model. Perhaps it’s the sandals, her height or proportions…I dunno. It’s just not that good of a look. It looks like a combination of haphazardry and first-year design school aesthetic.

  • Amanda looks kinda great, though i hate the asymmetrical hem and the added line.

    Love the dress on Ashley, i wouldn’t mind the nude pumps, to be honest

    And Carey, If the torsal ventilation(?) isn’t that broad maybe it is still acceptable. The skirt length seems unflattering.

  • Anonymous

    What a strange dress Carey Mulligan has on, but I love that it’s so strange and that she wore it. If that makes sense. And the sandals with it are great. I saw her on stage last  month in “Through a Glass Darkly.” Her performance really tore me up.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry about the air conditioner.  I, too, suffered through the teeth in today’s heat, but at least I got to come home to air conditioned coolness.  Be well.

  • Oh, lord, I feel for you guys.  I just came back from New York, where it was in the high ’90s, to Chicago, ditto.  Although it rained this morning which cooled things down considerably – unfortunately, just for a couple of hours.

    Anyway, I love, adore and want that Yigal Azrouël dress.  It is a perfect summer dress.

    Carey looks miserable.  Girl, give Amanda your shoes and go home and lie down.

  • Anonymous

    I thought Carey looked perfect until I saw the weird vents. Still, pretty perfect. Cazh for the event yet lovely.

  • Justin always looks so uncomfortable. The outfit wouldn’t be so bad if he weren’t obvious one sudden move from running like a deer. 

    It sounds weird but he always seems less freaked when he’s got another dude with him. With Sandberg, on Kimmel, during the Social Network press, he seemed much less freaked and looked better because of it. He blinks when he’s with dudes, paired with a woman he stays wide eyed. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m currently at the border visiting my elderly parents. They do not like to put the air conditioning on until late in the afternoon. If anyone can top that, please do.

    • Nancy Snyder

      I hope you mean the border with Canada . . . I go to Houston every August and can’t even imagine surviving without AC and that’s not even the worst place in Tx.

    • Anonymous

      You win.

      I was feeling pretty proud of my misery because we’re approaching the 40th 100+ degree day this year, killer drought and somehow HUMIDITY STILL REMAINS. Walk outside at 8:00 a.m. and glasses fog up (or they would if it weren’t 80 inside my house because I can’t handle even higher electricity bills).

      But you totally win.

  • MilaXX

    Justin Timberlake – Eh, don’t like it, but this seems to be his look for now. At least the pants fit a little better.
    Amanda Seyfried – I prefer the model version better. Hers looks too loose/big on her and that second stripe or tier is too fussy.Ashley Greene – I don’t think this fits her well. On the model the gathering is more on the side than just left of center as it is on her. Also? Nude pumps, make it stop.
    Carey Mulligan – I dream of Jeannie pick a boo center aside, I like this look. Bonus points for not only wearing sensible shoes, but also grasping the concept of a finished pedicure.

    I am doing absolutely nothing today. Was supposed to take the car in, but when I heard how hot it was at 7am, I decided against it. I will not be venturing out today. Hope you guys are cooling off now despite the mouth pain.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, but on Carey that dress looks like a high school home-ec experiment gone wrong. Cute shoes though. Ashley has turned a flirty summer dress into something stodgy and not so interesting. Timba-man’s gonna have to work hard to put that sexy back because it is MIA. The heat index here is nearing 120, my crankiness level is at an all-time high, so I’ll refrain from criticizing that cheap, limp, ugly green thing Amanda is wearing.

  • Anonymous

    I’m currently at the border visiting my elderly parents, who do not put on the air conditioning until after 2 pm. If anyone can top that, please do.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like the Seinfeld episode where his parents–in muggy, hot Florida–didn’t even know how to turn on the AC and Elaine was melting.

  • Anonymous

    The only part of this I like are Carey’s sandals. Ashley Green’s dress looks great on the model, but not on her. Eh.

  • Anonymous

    P.S. Sorry about the dentist and a.c. situations. I hope your day is improving. It’s almost cocktail hour – there’s that!

  • Judy_J

    I rather like Carey Mulligan’s dress.  It seems totally appropriate for ComicCon.  Love her sandals, and love the fact that she obviously had a pedicure to show them off to best advantage. 

  • Anonymous

    Somehow makeup turned Amanda Seyfried into Amanda Schull.

    Carey Mulligan is not quite tall enough for that dress. It just looks awkward, but props to her for good styling choices and taking a comfy-looking risk of sorts.

  • Anonymous

    I wish Greene had worn some fun sandals or espadrilles with that dress. I like Mulligan’s dress on the model, but she looks stumpified in it. Is that just the camera angle? A cute little sprite like her shouldn’t look dumpy.

  • Anonymous

    How many movies has Justin Timberlake been in lately?  If he wants to be in movies, he better get used to red carpets and photo calls and look like he wants to be there.

    I hope your dental and a/c issues work out. 

  • Amanda Seyfried’s version of the dress is awful. The original was gorgeous, and every alteration they made on it ruined it. That second band beneath the belt, the fact that it’s all droopy? Oh honey, no.

    Ashley Greene’s dress is cute, but did she get tired of keeping her hair tied up, and attached her hair band onto her dress for
     safe keeping?

    Carey Mulligan’s dress is actually kind of cute, in a weird way. Like I think someone mentioned earlier that the hem was too long, and I agree. If you are going to show off your torso, it doesn’t make sense to wear a skirt a Nun would wear uhh….whenever she’s not wearing a Habit? I guess. I dropped the ball on that one.But anywho I think it fits Comic-con.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure if you guys really want to know this, but it is actually not that hot in San Diego today.  It’s like 73 (don’t give them TOO much credit, is what I’m saying).  

  • Anonymous

    Carey FTW. Love everything about it – seems like the perfect dress for current CA weather and LOVE love love the sandals. Super cute and appropriate for geek-fest.

  • Anonymous

    When I saw your headline, I immediately thought “red carpet-Comic Con”…how can that be?!?

    Good luck with the AC!  Man is is hot.  Just think how bad it would be if there weren’t AC…ever!  There would be entire states that would be uninhabitable.

  • Anonymous

    Carey looks cute but I couldn’t help think she looked a little like an editor at Amish Vogue. 

  • Anonymous

    clearly “what to wear” to ComCon was a question these people found hard to answer

  • I wanted to say a good word about the green dress. I think Ms Seyfried looks comfortable and pretty in the loose version. I see no relationship beyond the colors to the dress on the model, though. But the model does not look like she would be comfortable among the trekkies and cosplay types.

  • Anonymous

    Good for the girls, though my take on Ms. Mulligan is that the skirt is too long on her. It makes it look like a costume. It only looks o.k. on the model because she’s a foot or more taller and is wearing heels.

    Justin Timberlake is just not that attractive, period. IMO, of course. He is sometimes attractive because he stays in decent shape, he can be funny and occasionally moves nicely.  But still pictures on the red carpet don’t do much to showcase those assets.

  • Anonymous

    BTW, I think live TLo commentary on the Comic-Con red carpet would be a fun field trip some year soon. (You can make it up to Lo by letting him make all the sightseeing & shopping decisions before/after).  Start looking for a trip sponsor!

  • heheheh. Clearly you guys have got heat on the brains. I’m in San Diego (and trying really hard to avoid downtown) and it’s really not that warm here.

  • Megan Curran

    I think the East Coast heat is getting to T-Lo’s brains… it’s a high of 73 in San Diego this week, these folks are not that sweaty!

    • They’re in the convention center during Comic-Con. Believe us, they’re sweaty. Besides, you can see it in all the pictures.

      • I can’t speak for where these pictures were taken, but as a Comic-Con attendee, it was FREEZING in the convention center. I was so glad I remembered to bring a hoodie.

  • Anonymous

    Argh. Carey’s middle, um, strip of fabric + Carey sucking in her stomach makes it look like it’s a very complicated snap-crotch bodysuit with a skirt over it.

  • Presumptuous Insect

    I like her sandals, and especially because her toes are not hanging over the edges, looking desperate to hang on . . .

  • Presumptuous Insect

    I like her sandals, and especially because her toes are not hanging over the edges, looking desperate to hang on . . .

  • Anonymous

    Torsal ventilation! Yes! Adding it to my vocab now.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I say this as someone who has nothing against Justin Timberlake, but the fact that there is a red carpet at Comic-Con with Justin Timberlake on it is a clear sign that Geek Chic has jumped the shark (much like that phrase itself, but I’m using it anyway).

  • margaret meyers

    It’s funny:  I don’t like Carey’s blouse, but I like her for wearing it so well.

  • weird, boring, fug in that order

  • Anonymous

    Carey Mulligans dress looks like a bad 1 day project on Project Runway.  The losing look.  The look that got someone Aufed.   Good shoes though.

  • Marie Drucker

    Crossing guard pumps. That’s what I think of whenever I see the “nude” shoes. Around here (Nassau Co., Long Island), shoes that color and gloss are part of the crossing guard uniform. They match the skirt and the hat. 

  • Toni Mitt

    Wow–a RC at Comic-Con.  That’s as weird as if there were one at Gen-Con which I still wish were held in Milwaukee.  I loved it when the wackos came to town.  Yes–Carrie looks cool and cute, even though her dress is way too long.  Amanda’s is…unfortunate.  Justin looks like he walked right off the pages of GQ…in 1977.  Ugh. 

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, it’s Comic-con – couldn’t ONE of those bitches dress like Wonder Woman? Maybe even Timberlake?

  • Anonymous

    Fashion at a big con.  Worlds collide!

    Seriously, it would be way funny to do a fashion post on the, er, more eccentric clothing choices at a con–up in the suite, or on Dealer’s Row.  There’s fun stuff to be had on Dealer’s Row.

  • The port holes comment was pure comedy gold, boys. Well done.

  • Anonymous

    Side note, for anyone who thinks CC is too Hollywood, you gotta check out our little southern gem, Dragon Con, in Atlanta. Still plenty of nerd and just a smattering of HW.

  • Anonymous

    Justin Timberlake looks like a walking STD to me. I DUNNO WHY! HE JUST SKEEEEVES me.

  • Anonymous

    and these celebrity people are all four feet tall aren’t they?

  • Susan Walker

    Hey guys – San Diego in July is usually in the 70’s – not so hot and humid as where you are!

  • Is she wearing the same shoes as the model, only in black?

  • Anonymous

    I think Ashley should have worn the belt.  That dress makes her look a lot bigger and older than she is.  I love Carey’s look, it suits her.  Amanda is cute as usual and Justin looks sloppy and weird as usual.

  • Kathleen Malcolm

    I’ve really about had it with Justin Timberlake – someone needs to smack that manboy upside the head with some decent clothes…