Meet the Project Runway Season 9 Designers

Posted on July 13, 2011

We’re still waiting on bios and portfolios (so keep checking for updates) but we have a longstanding tradition of making snap judgments here at the T Lo Institute for Reality Television Studies, so get cracking, kittens. Who’s the cryer? The bitch? The other bitch? That third bitch who isn’t as bad as the other two bitches? Who will send dozens of friends and family members to our comments sections to tell us we’re horrible people? Who’s the talented one? Who’s the least talented one? Who’s the one with the indecipherable accent? Who’s the crazy one?

Oh, we suspect there are going to be a LOT of crazy ones this season, kittens.

Amanda Perna

24, based in New York City

More about Amanda: Citing her style icon as Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, the University of Alabama grad’s biggest “Runway” fear is having to make a tailored shirt. “I kind of hate them,” she says.

Anthony Ryan Auld

28, based in Baton Rouge, La.

More about Anthony: Auld is color-blind in red-green and blue-yellow. “The way I see solids is a little different,” he says. “It’s my biggest weakness.”

Anya Ayoung-Chee

29, based in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

More About Anya: One early design was a slouchy gray jumpsuit — that she wore when she competed in the 2008 Miss Universe Pageant!

Becky Ross

38, based in Portland, Ore.

More about Becky: The first garment Ross ever made? Barbie clothes! “I started sewing when I was 8 on a flimsy Fisher-Prince plastic sewing machine…I was more into making Barbie look great than “playing” with her!” says Ross.

Bert Keeter

57, based in Los Angeles

More About Bert: A graduate of NYC’s Parsons design school, the single Keeter warns Us, “I enjoy my space and can be difficult when I don’t get it.” (His nephews call him Uncle Tightass!)

Bryce Black

26, based in Portland, Ore.

More About Bryce: Lady Gaga is not just his style icon. He tells Us he listens to her, “internet-stalks” her and wants to create something for her “so overdesigned, it would be offensive.”

Cecilia Motwani

34, based in New York City

More About Cecilia: The self-taught designer would love to create a garment for Ellen DeGeneres. “I would design her a jacket with a tail and a big convertible lapel, [along with] silk jeans,” Motwani says.

Danielle Everine

26, based in Minneapolis

More About Danielle: Always dress to impress! An intimates designer for Target, the engaged Everine says that the fashion faux pas that drives her crazy is sweatpants worn out of the house.

David Chum

29, based in Boston

More About David: How would Chum — who runs his own fashion line, Selahdor — relax outside of the workroom? “If I wasn’t designing, I’d be at the beach, tanning, swimming and sipping a cocktail,” Chum says.

Fanelle Wells

29, based in Denver

More About Fallene: Will Wells make for a drama-free season? “I can get along with almost anyone,” she says. “I let things roll off my shoulders.”

Gunnar Deatherage

21, based in Louisville, Ky.

More About Gunnar: A hair stylist for AVEDA, self-taught designer Deatherage would “kill” to design for Nicole Kidman.

Joshua Christensen

29, based in Los Angeles

More About Joshua: Why should Christensen win “Runway”? “I’m focused and driven,” he tells Us. “‘Runway’ is not about being on TV; it’s about being a designer. Plus, I have years of pent up creativity waiting to be unleashed.”

Joshua McKinley

25, based in New York City

More About Joshua: The single McKinley is a spare-time runner, moviegoer and thrifter — but not a hard-core tube viewer. “I honestly don’t own a TV set,” he tells Us.

Julie Tierney

35, based in Grand Junction, Colo.

More About Julie: Before studying fashion design at age 32, the avid skier and snowboarder was a pastry chef at a restaurant owned by Heidi Montag’s parents!

Kimberly Goldson

36, from White Plains, Md.

More About Kimberly: “The first garment I ever made that was actually wearable was a dress for my sister’s wedding rehearsal in 2007,” Goldson says. Years later, the designer has already crafted a garment in her head for singer Jennifer Hudson. “I’m thinking of a long-sleeved backless mini with gold and bronze gems [all over it],” she hints.

Laura Kathleen

26, based in St. Louis

More About Laura: “I put my career before everything,” says the fashion design teacher. The single Kathleen, who has been auditioning since season 5, adds that the “love of my life” is her toy poodle, Oliver.

Olivier Green

22, based in New York City

More About Olivier: Green’s most prized design was a men’s suit jacket he designed in 2010 that has been featured on Italian Vogue’s Web site.

Rafael Cox

27, based in Atlanta

More About Rafael: Cox’s celebrity style icons? Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen!

Serena da Conceicao

31, based in New York City

More About Serena: da Conceicao knows just which celeb she’d want to wear her designs. Dying to outfit Marion Cotillard for the Cannes Film Festival, da Conceicao would put the actress in a draped gown for the red carpet.

Viktor Luna

30, based in New York City

More About Viktor: The youngest of seven siblings, Luna would love to design for quirky singer Bjork. “I would make a futuristic voluminous gown and style her very alien-like,” Luna tells Us.


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    • Brady
    • Anonymous

      I’m Becky and I am so much fun!  No, really.  I am fun dammit!!! Love me…please? 

      I already hate Gunnar.  Unless he’s blind, then he’s my fave.

      • Jenna Waterford

        No way on EARTH that is a real last name. Death Rage? REALLY?!

        • Allison Fisseler

          To be fair, I grew up knowing a family with that exact last name, so it’s not made up. Although it is more ridiculous paired with the first name Gunnar…

          • Shannon Stewart

            Gunnar Deatherage has got to be the most absurd name ever on this show! 

            • Anonymous

              I went to HS with several Deathrages. Maybe he is from Arkansas!!

            • Anonymous

              Some people have all the luck. None of the deathrages I went to school with wore a warning label.

            • pacconci

              The Deatherages I knew all came from Kansas

            • Joanna V Billingsley

              Deatherages in Missouri too—-I always though it might be French in origin.

            • Alyssa Caruso

              gunnar deatherage is the most awesome designer name ever! like he should be a character named after himself in a tarantino film.

            • Basil Von Broccoli

              He’s missing out on his true calling, I think. Dude clearly belongs in a Viking Metal band.

        • Vania Seng

          His personal Facebook page looks like it’s viewable to everyone, and he posted his birth certificate (with certain sensitive info blocked out, of course.) Yes, it’s his real name!

    • Jessie Melcher Brown

      And don’t forget, how many have goofy made up names.  Gunnar Death-e-Rage? really?

      • Anonymous

        Well, you never know. Last time we were all over the name Mondo Guerra, which turned out to be quite real.

        • Anonymous

          Okay, so I had my doubts too, but it looks like a real name:

        • Cassandra Loyd

          ehh not quite, Mondo’s real name is Armando Guerra, not quite the same.  But Gunnar is a very popular name in Iceland.  And in Iceland they don’t use last names, so it’s totally possible that Gunnar is his first name but the last name is complete BS.

      • Anonymous

        Deatherage is a very real name.  Belgian and English.

      • Dina dV

        To which Tommy Tune (given name) would say “Who would make up such a ridiculous name?”

    • AbbottRabbit

      Do I see 20 designers? TWENTY? This season will last forever…

      • Samuel Joesph Donovan

        I was just saying the same!

      • Anonymous

        That was my first reaction!
        I bet the first couple shows have more than one ‘auf’.

      • Logo Girl

        I read somewhere that they are going to have a first challenge that will be kind of like a job interview with the judges, and that five or so will be eliminated immediately. Can’t remember where I heard that, though.

      • Bonnie

        Twenty designers and not one for whom I can even work up even a tiny bit of interest. This series jumped the shark quite some time ago.

      • Bonnie

        Twenty designers and not one for whom I can even work up even a tiny bit of interest. This series jumped the shark quite some time ago.

    • Anonymous

      the token old lady, the token fem black guy, the token hot fem guy, the token straight guy…. so much fun, can’t wait for next season

      • Sara Munoz

        Looking at the updated pictures— Becky is not old, she just dyes her hair white. That can not be good. First one out.

        • Anonymous

          my god, most of them are younger than me but look older than me, what’s with advanced aging process?

        • Beth Mellone

          nuh-uh, it’s super-light platinum blonde

      • Anonymous

        The first thing I did was make sure the demographics fit the usual pattern, and they do. There’s also the requisite Hispanic, the requisite foreign-born designer (at least two this time, I think), the requisite older guy, etc.

      • Toni Mitt

        Ahem–I hope you’re not calling the 38-year-old an OLD LADY! 

    • Audra Hammer Ross

      Check their Facebook profiles for portfolios.

    • Anonymous

      What the hell-20 contestants!

      that’s stupid. It’s way too many people. Haven’t those people listened already. We don’t want 10 collections on the runway at fashion week. And here I thought there might be only 3 or 4 decoy collections this season.

      • Anonymous

        If you’ve read any of the promo material, they are aufing four? i think right from the get-go (based on presentations to the judges), and then there will be a regular challenge and another auf. So we’ll be down 5 in 90 minutes.

    • Anonymous

      rafael cox should tone down the make up

      • Tess D

        To which all I can add is that his style icons are the Olsen twins. Yeah. Two young, adorable, richer than god, girls who mainly dress like dowagers. The makeup, while intense, I can live with, it seems to fit an over the top personality, but the thought of those girls being style icons…shudder.

        • Bonnie

          Add the one who cites Carrie Bradshaw as a style icon, and it’s quite silly.

        • Bonnie

          Add the one who cites Carrie Bradshaw as a style icon, and it’s quite silly.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, Olivier. You are just fabulous, aren’t you?

    • Anonymous

      is Bryce Black recycled from a previous season or he just looks a lot like a former contestant?

      • Megan Fitzpatrick

        He’s a (slightly more well-fed) doppleganger for Johnny Marnell on “Platinum Hit” (and no, I’ve have no good defense for watching that show).

    • Jen Alien-Spouse

      Based purely on these photos I feel confident in predicting that Tom and Lorenzo are going to be creating some fabulous new alter egos and nicknames for this latest cast of designers. I also think that Bryce Black looks like the only sane one, so he’ll probably turn out to be mad as a box of badgers.

    • Anonymous

      First one out, Bert Keeter.
      First one to cry, Julie Tierney.
      Most annoying, David Chum.
      Most southern-y Tara-esque horrors, Becky Ross.
      Biggest douche, Gunnar Deatherage (Really?!?!)
      Tim Gunn’s pet, Bryce Black.

      Winner, Failene Wells

      • Anonymous

        See, I was thinking…
        Most Likely to Get Booted in the First Episode: Julie Tierney
        Most Likely to Make Me Throw Something at the TV: Danielle Everine
        Most Likely to Be Kind of a Tool but Win Me Over Anyway: Joshua McKinley
        Most Likely to Make Me Swoon: Anthony Ryan
        Most Likely to Make Me Swoon With Their Designs: Cecilia Motwani…there’s just something understated enough about her own style that I feel like she’s actually more focused on what she designs for other people. (Hey, I had a random thought, and I followed it)

        • Sara Parker

          I think you’re both right: Julie will be the first one to cry, and will also be booted in the first episode.  Fo sho.

    • Eliana Alger

      Ok my bets are going to be with: Fallene, BeckY *Im not sure here but I will give her an opportunity*, Rafael and Viktor

    • Jillian Kroos

      I bet Rafael has a signature side eye move.

    • Andrew Hay

      After last season’s Gretchen upset I’m not sure I can even bring myself to watch…

    • Stevie Holcomb

      YAY! Looks promising.

      However, I just want to say this: I do not like this new trend of  women using their middle name as their last name in their stage name. If that makes any sense.

      Becky, Rafael and Fallene look very, very interesting. Like very fun, you know. More than a few of them are giving their best “Blue Steel” modeling poses, what is up with that? And sunglasses inside. Really.

    • k_skenes

      Bryce: too sweet for reality TV.  Bitches: Anya and Danielle.  Rafael spends more time on his hair than all the others combined.  Viktor tends to overthink.  Fallene wants to be everyone’s favorite and ends up being bitch #3.

    • Anonymous

      Rafael is our diva, people. All that remains is to be seen is whether he’s deliciously bitchy or insufferably bitchy.

      • Amanda in Austin

        I had that same thought about Danielle!

      • Tamara Hogan

        I’m getting crazy Angela granny circles vibes from FANELLE. 

        • Anonymous

          Oops! I could have sworn her name was Danielle.
          Yeah, Fanelle is the one I was talking about. My bad.

          • Tamara Hogan

            Clearly great minds think alike! 😉

        • Anonymous

          Fanelle = Angela granny circles definetly. I expected to look closer and see Angela’s special  “I’ve had an that-time-of-the-month accident” panel in her knickerbockers. But, sadly, no. She needs to step up her game!

          Roll on PR! Roll on.

    • Anonymous

      Is Bert that guy from Fringe?

    • Anonymous

      Viktor Luna has a face that screams “LET ME SHOW YOU MY CLOWN DOLL COLLECTION”.

      • Anonymous

        Just as he locks the door to the basement from the outside — with you inside!!!

    • Annie Leung

      Danielle looks like Angela 2.0 (look at those pants!).

    • Jen Alien-Spouse

      Ooh! Viktor Luna has those really shiny orange shoes that Kevin Thingy from Glee was wearing in London last week! Nice!

    • Anonymous

      This reminds me-never wear my boots and skinny jeans again.  UGH.

      • Anonymous

        Seriously, low rise skinny jeans look good on NO ONE!!  Especially no man.

    • Eliana Alger

      Serena…whats going on with that shoes?!!! No no no no no no…The skirt and the shoes are a totally no no no…I keep loving Rafael Cox even more ♥ If Danielle made her own clothes then Im lookign forward to see more of her work, it looks so daily weareable…love it♥♥♥♥!!!

    • Anonymous

      Two Danielle Everines?

      • Sara Munoz

        Second one is Falene Something…

    • Sara Munoz

      You did not offer a “douche” category, but clearly that would be Gunnar.
      Least talented= Anthony.
      Bitchiest (in the most fun way)= Rafael
      Boring= Olivier
      Bitchiest (in the raging way)= Cecilia
      “I don’t know why everyone hates me” bitch= Laura

    • Sara Munoz

      You did not offer a “douche” category, but clearly that would be Gunnar.
      Least talented= Anthony.
      Bitchiest (in the most fun way)= Rafael
      Boring= Olivier
      Bitchiest (in the raging way)= Cecilia
      “I don’t know why everyone hates me” bitch= Laura

    • Brian @ PWYJudges

      Well… models they are not…

      And Viktor… I’m going to have to require you to hand over your shoes immediately.

    • Brian @ PWYJudges

      Well… models they are not…

      And Viktor… I’m going to have to require you to hand over your shoes immediately.

    • Megan Fitzpatrick

      I’m betting “Gunnar Deatherage” is not on that guy’s birth certificate.

      • Anonymous

        I’ll take that bet.  Both Gunnar and Deatherage are very real and pretty common names in Belguim and areas of England (Deatherage).  If he adopted this as a fake name it would be pretty lame and obvious.

        • Lies L.

          I’m Belgian and I’ve never met anyone with either name, so I’m not sure how accurate that is, but I do know Gunnar is very common in Scandinavia and Deatherage sounds like it may very well be either an obscure-ish English or French name.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, Gunnar went to the same school as my sister did. That’s his real name, unless he changed it before middle school.

    • Anonymous

      well HELL-O Mr. Joshua McKinley

    • Laura McDougal

      So many clunky boots! Dickensian moppet hits Park Slope.

    • Anonymous

      Let’s see… My three bitches would be Daniel Chin, er – Chum, Gunnar “Pocket Pool of Death”eredge, and Rafael “The boots are Hermes, the Jacket is McQueen and the hair is cardboard” Cox.

    • Ollie Launn

      Anya looks super fierce. What’s the betting she’s the season bitch?

    • Anonymous

      Danielle is so crazy she’s two people!

    • Danielle

      Who’s going to be the one who seriously sucks, but somehow makes it to the top 5?

    • Amanda in Austin

      Why are the all standing so weird?  What’s with the profile stances?  I have vowed not the watch the show this time around. I am relying solely on T and Lo to bring me my Project Runway. If it turns out to be a good season, then MAYBE I will catch up with reruns. MAYBE.

      • Anonymous

        This is my default stance for this season as well …

    • Joseph Lamour

      Not one, not two but THREE black women?! A minority might have a chance of winning this season! How about them apples.

    • Anonymous

      David Chum and Rafael Cox. Oliver Green. The designers I gravitate to based on nothing at all but their looks. 

    • Sara Munoz

      “Too talented for all this bullshit” diva- DAVID
      To sweet for all this bullshit breakdown- Serena

      And Hellooooooo Boots! Wow! Lots of boots!

    • Anonymous

      20?!?!  Seriously?  I can barely muster up enough caring about 10 or 12, 20?  Who cares…… get rid of half in the first episode please.  I think Laura Kathleen is a St. Louis gal, if it is the same Laura Kathleen.  BORE-ING!  And what’s with all the guys tucking their pants into the boots?  That is such a douche bag pretension stunt.  Ugh…

      I’m loving Anya’s dress, who the heck told Becky Ross she should be shot from the side in that pose for her promo pic.  Not flattering at all.
      I get good vibe from Joshua Christensen, not sure why, but I do.

      There, that’s all I can care about.

    • Sara Munoz

      Viktor Luna wants to design for Bjork. He is my favorite now.

    • Judy_J

      Looks like they’re trying to be more like fashion models than fashion designers.  Let the games begin!

    • Renee Bomar

      Laura Kathleen will have “taste issues”.

    • Anonymous

      The former Miss Trinidad has some experience appearing on video it seems.  Girl already had a scandalous video leaked.  Alleged threeways with her boyfriend and the then-Miss Japan.   I didn’t watch the actual videos so don’t know how cringeworthy this mess is …

    • Chris Hampton

      Kimberly Goldson has Laura Kathleen’s bio beneath her picture, just FYI.

    • SANTU M.

      fuck the Photoshop tool has gone mad 

    • Anonymous

      Anya Ayoung, the former Miss Trinidad has some experience appearing on video it seems.  Girl already had a scandalous video leaked during her Miss Universe competition.  Alleged threeways with her boyfriend and the then-Miss Japan .   I didn’t watch the actual videos so don’t know how cringeworthy this mess is …

    • aussiegal77

      Ooohhh….so much to randomly judge!  But alas work calls….how boring.  I’ll be back though!

      Ok, just ONE snap judgement then!

      “Fallene: Will Wells make for a drama-free season? “I can get along with almost anyone,” she says. “I let things roll off my shoulders.”

      Kids – meet this season’s Gretchen!!!  haha!  Yeah right – anyone who says this as an answer to THAT question has voodoo dolls of their frenemies since high school lined up by alphabetical order in their basement.  =D

    • Anonymous

      “Tlo said: T Lo Institute for Reality Television Studies”

      Wow, what a coincidence: That was my safety school!

      OK, here are my snap judgements: Serena is the talented one; Victor is the delusional one; Gunnar is a ficticious character created to get on a reality show; Danielle has lived most everywhere, from Zanzibar to Barclay Square & Danielle likes her rock & roll and once won a hot dog eating contest; Kimberly is The Diva who didn’t come to make friends; Laura is the other Diva; Amanda is the simple girl with bad taste in shoes; Anthony wants to be Amanda; Joshua (w/hair) will preen for the cameras; Cecelia will shake your confidence daily; Oliver is the crier; Rafael is hoping to parlay his PR notoriety into something bigger (like something with Dr Drew); Julie is the one everybody underestimates; Becky is either the pathetic southerner who will get auf’d early, or the pathetic housewife who will be kept on to pacify the flyover fans; and hairless Joshua is here because he was rejected from Big Brother.

      Oh, snap. 


      • Anonymous

        I could not get past Amanda’s shoes. Can she not see how fat they make her legs look?

      • Lauren Rose

        Thank you for the Simon and Garfunkel reference.  

        • Catherine Katz

          I love that song.  Now every time I see her on PR, it will run through my head!

    • aimee_parrott

      Kimberly and Laura both have the same bio.  Either that’s a typo, or there’s a love triangle going on with the two of them and a poodle named Oliver 😉

      Getting big-time Angela fleurchon/droopy pants vibes from Danielle. 

      Based on facial expressions, I nominate Anya, David and Joshua as the bitches of the season.  Anya also wins the indecipherable accent award.  Viktor wins both the fabulous shoes and the craziest style icon award.  BJORK!  I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

      Raphael wins the lamest style icon award.  Really?  The Olson twins?  Gah.

    • mellbell

      Gunnar looks incredibly, almost extravagantly pretentious, but he’s from my hometown, so I’m tentatively rooting for him. Cecilia gets points for thinking outside the box. Viktor looks like he’ll be trouble.

    • Anonymous

      If they are all wearing their own designs, then I am already rooting for Anya. LOVE that dress! Darn, you guys are sucking me back in – I swore I was done with PR after last season’s terrible ending…

    • Dwight Lake

      GO ANYA!! I’m so psyched to see her rep for our little island LOL
      In love with Olivier’s name and pose.

      Who’s the cryer? Amanda or Bryce
      The bitch? David
      The other bitch? Rafael
      That third bitch… Kimberly/Cecilia

      • Anonymous

        ME TOO!!! 😀

    • Eliana Alger

      Anthony is color Blind? …Mmmm Im defenetly looking forward to check his work!

    • Svanhild Salmons

      I’m very wary of the black guy who thinks the Olsen twins are style icons.

    • Anonymous

      Amanda gets points off just for wearing shoes that make her look like she has enormous Minnie Mouse feet. Mr. Chum doesn’t look like he’s interested in being anyone’s chum. 

      I think I’m canceling my cable since we rarely watch TV. I’d rather just read the TLo take on a show which I think has passed its expiration date anyway.

      • Sara Munoz

        Go ahead and cancel. Last year Lifetime had full episodes on their website. Hopefully they will do it again, because I am not reinstating cable for this.

    • Anonymous

      I need more before judging but what is with all the boots?

      • Anonymous

        my thought exactly about the boots!

    • Anonymous

      Kimberly Goldson has no profile, is she irrelevant?

    • denise e.

      ooh Viktor has those shoes ye like

    • Beth Reed

      I got excited when I saw Becky because I thought her name was Betsy Ross…then I got disappointed.

    • qplnm

      Looks like Viktor Luna stole Kevin McHale’s shoes!

    • Anonymous

      Amanda Perna: Carrie Bradshaw?  Come on, reach a little.  I put her safe until the judges get bored and boot her halfway through.

      Anthony Ryan: We’ll hear a lot about how he “sees differently,” until the judges get bored and boot him halfway through.

      Anya Ayoung: Auditioning for resident bitch in the photo.  Won’t last long.

      Becky Ross: Looks like an old colleague of mine.  Probably quirky and nice, possibly a little irritating after a while.  Will be the first loudly protesting aufing.  Isn’t making Barbie look nice how you play with Barbie?

      Bryce Black: Could go either way, but I’m putting my money on “oddball, but welcome character.”

      Cecilia Motwani: Irina 2.0

      David Chum: Poses like a douche, but then, he’s not a model.  Gotta root for the Boston guy, at least until he proves insufferable.

      Danielle Everine: Honey?  That is not dressing to impress.  That is dressing to hang out in the dorm and pull an all-nighter while stoked on caffeine and writing a paper on the sociopolitical implications Othello’s rise in the military.

      Fanelle Wells: Trying too hard to be cute, but I like the quirky ones.  She has a Mondo-ish vibe.

      Gunnar Deatherage: Give me a break.  Could be really nice, but I kind of have a feeling he’s going to be the one going on about how straight he is, and ogling his models.

      Joshua Christensen: In for a shock if he doesn’t think it’s about being on TV.

      Joshua McKinley: Definition of “Middle of the pack”

      Julie Tierney: Will have to explain to a model what a “pastry” is.

      Kimberly Goldson: We know nothing about her, since the blurb is off.  She looks like she’s auditioning the bitch role, too, but she might just be trying too hard to look like a model.

      Laura Kathleen: Has a toy poodle and has been auditioning for, what, four seasons now?  Gone in sixty seconds.

      Olivier Green: Too fragile for the competition by the looks of him, but I kind of like him.

      Rafael Cox: Might make it close to the end.  He jus thas that look, you know?

      Serena da Conceicao: Will have to spend a lot of time explaing how to pronounce her name.

      Vicktor Luna: Got beaten up a lot by someone who looked exactly like Gunnar Deatheredge.  They’ll end up best friends after a drama filled interlude.

      Let’s see, finalists: Serena, Olivier, and Danielle (total shots in the dark–I just think they’re going to want to annoy me by putting Danielle and her ugly baggy pants in, Serena just looks competent, and Olivier looks like he might be a favorite)

      First off: Anya

      • Sara Munoz

        I’m thinking Julie will have to explain “pastry” to Olivier! :)

        • Anonymous

          That’s a very good point.

    • Brooke Sample

      Oddly, I was struck by how many of their shoes I hate! Man, that’s a lot of fug right there.

      • Anonymous

        More like Two Tons of Fug

      • Sara Munoz

        This does not bode well in terms of “using the accessory wall thoughtfully”.

    • Anonymous

      Those are some serious shoe decisions…on the lot. Not sure about this season. Seems like way too many designers which will make for the dreaded team design craziness. Just doesn’t seem like we’ll be able to actually SEE any designing/construction happening, but I guess that’s not what the show is about these days.

    • Ginger

      I already don’t like that Laura Kathleen.  She looks like a reject from “The Real Housewives of (insert whatever city here)”.  However, I’ll probably wind up loving her.

      • maybe more

        I saw her and immediately thought she belongs on a Housewives series too.

        • MilaXX

          let’s hope she doesn’t act like one.

    • Anonymous

      Does “self-taught” still mean “can’t sew”?  I sincerely hope not, it’s always excruciating watching contestants who can’t set in a zipper or align buttons trying to put together something to send down the runway without resorting the glue gun and double-sided tape.

      Auld looks goofy, and then I read that he’s color blind.  Am I supposed to be intrigued by the existence of a color-blind designer?  It’s not working, so far.

      And seriously — putting Marion Cotillard in a draped gown for the red carpet?  Carrie Bradshaw?  Dressing Bjork like an alien? Booorrrring. I have a lot more interest in Rafael Cox for naming the Olsen twins, Wells’ horrific jodhpurs, and Becky Ross’s crayon-inspired sundress. 

      Were these photos selected because they were the *least* flattering available?

    • Alison Sigman

      What is up with all the boots & slouchy pants? I was so distracted by that, I forgot to read the bios!

    • Anonymous

      – Oh thank god there’s a few hot guys this year.
      – I sense that there will be a lot of drama this year. Was picking out the bitches and lost count.
      – Top 3: Viktor Luna, Olivier Green, Kimberly Goldson
      – First to go: Cecilia Motwani

      Beyond excited. So over being mad that Gretchen won since I really like her jewelry.

    • Aldona Dye

      “Uncle Tightass”?  Your nephews hate you, Burt.  Favorite is Anya, but mostly because of her hair.

      • lilithcat

        Not necessarily.  Tim Gunn’s niece and nephew called him “Uncle Nag”!

      • Anonymous

        No they don’t…I’m their mom!!!  Guarantee he’ll surprise the hell out of everyone!!!

    • r0ckmypants

      I still haven’t decided whether or not I’ll stick to my guns and skip this season, but regardless… I already want Uncle Tightass to win.

    • Miss Andrea Chapman

      Project Runway Season 9: Men in Boots.

    • Anonymous

      Gunnar Deatherage from Kentucky looks interesting.  Princess Puffy Sleeves also started out in hair and work in a hair salon.  Gunnar must have had avery interesting and impressive portfolio to get cast on PR at the young age of 21.

      • Anonymous

        I searched him on facebook, and he’s slowly winning me over. He has statuses like “‎2 openings left for custom designs. Don’t worry about the price. A budget is just that, a budget. Let me work around yours:) and I’m just in the mood to create lol”
        Which I thought was very cool. I also remember I saw the two girls being photographed while walking in the park on the profile pic, and while I’m not nuts about the girl on the right’s dress, the one on the left is beautiful (in my opinion).

    • Ella B. Mudge

      At the end of last season I said I wouldn’t watch the show again, and I wasn’t sure I could hold true to that vow.  However, this line-up gave me a headache and it’s making it much easier to not watch the show.  That, and the fact that I need my Bruce Campbell fix, so I’ll watch “Burn Notice,” which is one from 8 to 9 pm on the same night of the week. 

      I never watched “Seinfeld” because a guy in my office would retell the episodes in under 5 minutes and he was hilarious.  He was far funnier than the show.  Similarly, I think reading TLo will be far more fun that sitting through the entire PR season!

    • Anonymous

      TWENTY designers?  Good god!  What, are they starting off with a quadruple elimination?

      • Anonymous

        Actually according to Tim Gunn’s video blog of 07/22,  YES!  Four will be cut immediately and then I assume one more by the end of the episode.  There goes 25% of the cast right there!

    • Todd Gangel

      “His nephews call him Uncle Tightass!”

      Um, yeah…still tallying up the number of things that are wrong with that
      sentence. But the idea of having a male version of Peach on the
      show is intriguing.

    • Anonymous

      Gunner Deathrage picked his name at the age of 15 in a fit of angst because his mom would not let him out of the house looking like that. 
      “My name is NOT George mom….it’s Gunner Deathrage now. STOP LAUGHING!!!!!I HATE YOU MOM!!!!!!”

    • Eric Scheirer Stott

      “Gunnar Deatherage”  So his heavy metal guitar career didn’t pan out…

    • Anonymous

      I’m rooting for Gunnar, but mostly because he’s from my hometown. I’m also hoping his name isn’t made up because that would just push the doucheness factor up to ten. Remember though, Princess Puffysleeves also went to school, and this guy’s self-taught (not like there’s a lot of design schools around here, but still). I hope he redeems himself away from his painted-on stubble and name.

      Other than him, I’m rooting for Fanelle because she’s adorable and Bryce mostly because I’m curious and want to see what he thinks would offend Lady Gaga. I mean really.
      My choices come with a lot of thought put into it. ^_^

    • Anonymous

      If “I kind of hate them” is code for I can’t make a tailored shirt, then we can look for a lot of unfitted tops from Amanda Perna.

    • Anonymous

      “I put my career before everything,” says the fashion design teacher. The single Kathleen, who has been auditioning since season 5..
      She could’ve also tried starting her career in the 5 years or so she took to get into PR.. They should put a limit on how many times someone can apply.. how about once every 3 years or so.

      We also hit the generation of Gaga-worshippers.. well that had to happen sometime.. having her as a style icon is about as horrid as Carrie Bradshaw.

      I’ll wait for the portfolio’s, but not feeling it at the moment

    • Anonymous

      I said I’d never watch another season and I won’t but I’m still going to look at your recaps…probably.

    • Anonymous

      ”I honestly don’t own a TV set,” he tells Us.

      Yet he knows about Project Runway.

      Some of those people are truly scary.  I just might have to tune in this season.

      • Meira Niibori


        Quite a few people (like me) don’t own tv sets and do know about Project Runway.  That’s what the internet is for!

    • maybe more

       “Uncle Tightass” really does look like a tightass. I suspect he’ll be one of the first to go, which means we’ll only get the “joy” of seeing his OCD space-neediness briefly. I hope.

      Fanelle Wells is adorable. I hope she is genuinely drama-free and cute because I am taking an early liking to her!

      Gunnar Deatherage looks like such a douche and is perfect as a hairdresser, but I have a feeling he’ll become more likable if he gets more airtime. Or maybe I just like douches.

      Kimberly Goldson immediately made me think of Jennifer Hudson in style, so her comment was perfect! I hope she makes some killer looks on the show because she’s established herself as being quite stylish at a glance.

      • Anonymous

        FYI…UTA is in for the loooooong haul!!!!

        • maybe more

          Then I hope he isn’t actually as uptight and bland as he comes across here. :(

    • Daniel Vispreeve

      TLo, it would be fun to hear your thoughts.

    • Donna Lynn

      “Joshua Christensen: In for a shock if he doesn’t think it’s about being on TV.”  

      Exactly what I was thinking.  He’s apparently watched fewer episodes of the show than the guy who doesn’t own a TV. First one out if he doesn’t soon change that mistaken line of thinking.

    • Matthew Just

      I’m born and raised in Louisville, so I have a built in rooting interest for Gunnar, but I fear he’ll crash and burn early. David is the DIVA, no doubt. I’m obsessed with Anya. Luv hu! And it looks like Viktor is wearing the same shoes that Kevin McHale wore in London. That, plus his love for Bjork make him an early fav for me. That is all.

    • Anonymous

      Also, were they required to walk on a treadmill for these photos? A lot of these guys just have a weird stance.

      • lilithcat

        Weird or wide?  😉

    • David Calder

      I think I hate all of these people.

    • Melanie H

      Anya- bitch #1
      Anthony- gone in first episode
      Bert- talented, but bitchy
      Bryce- annoying and self-important
      Cecilia- nice, but in bottom five
      Danielle- aloof, but talented and in top 5
      David- bitch #3 that I predict will be in the top 5
      Gunnar- Aveda boy is off in two episodes
      Joshua- snob
      Julie- nice, but in the bottom five
      Kimberly- bitch #3
      Oliver- will be in the top 5
      Rafael- full of himself for without anything to back it up
      Serena- nice girl with talent
      Laura- had to keep trying out for a reason, in bottom five
      Viktor- crazy accent guy!

    • Anonymous

      Kimberly looks FABULOUS!
      Did they ask them all to wear stupid shoes?  (Except Kimberly.  Who is FABULOUS!)
      When I read Mr. Deatherage’s name, I pronounced it with a long “u” like “Goo-nar”, which is how my Latvian uncle pronounces his name, “Gunars”.

    • Anonymous

      “Why should Christensen win “Runway”? “I’m focused and driven,” he tells
      Us. “‘Runway’ is not about being on TV; it’s about being a designer.”

      Hahahahahahahahaha! Snort!
      Say it again, this time with feeling.

      • MilaXX

        and how much to you want to bet he’ll be the biggest camera whore there?

      • Anonymous

        The fact that he’s put in this distinction is what’s sort-worthy.  If you want to be a designer, be a designer.  If you want to be on TV, try the A-List.  If you want to design on TV, audition for PR.  It’s a different animal altogether.

    • Darien Nevulti LeDisko

      Being from Trinidad, I bet my friend $50 that that silly pornstar, Anya, wouldn’t make it into the top 10.

      And yeah, she was forced to drop out because of a sex tape.

      • Sara Munoz

        Out of Miss Universe? Are you sure they didn’t kick her out becasue she wore a sweatsuit in the pageant? ;p

    • Anonymous

      almost every single guy looks eye-rollingly insufferable based on appearance. twee-huggers, all of them.

    • Neil Fortin

      I want Viktor’s shoes now. I beleive they are Florsheim by Duckie Brown…such awesome shoes.

      • MilaXX

        Those are the shoes Kevin McHale was wearing in the MOTS post last week.

      • MilaXX

        BTW They are Florsheim’s. And at half the price of the Pradas, no wonder everyone is getting them. They look great.

        Woops, looks like the Prada is on sale at a really great price..

        • Lisa

          My boyfriend got a great pair of Florsheim’s for a wedding we went to last fall, and he looked wonderful!

    • Richi Robilotto

      I twitched when I read Bryce Black’s. 

      “Lady Gaga is not just his style icon. He tells Us he listens to her, “internet-stalks” her and wants to create something for her “so overdesigned, it would be offensive.” 

      UGH GET A NEW STYLE ICON. I like Gaga, but that is SO overdone. We are going to get nothing but Lady Gaga’s wardrobe all season from him. 

    • April

      Was it a rule that they had to bring their ugliest shoes to the shoot? Seriously. If this is the way that they’re accessorizing themselves with plenty of planning, it’s going to be some crack-tastic fun this season.

    • lilibetp

      Is it just me, or did they seem to leave out the straight man this time?

    • Joyce VG

      Woo hoo.  Here we go!

    • Anonymous

      Seems like the guys have more drama queen potential (and style) than the ladies.

    • MilaXX

      Amanda Perna – hates tailored shirts? Really?Anthony Ryan Auld – Kinda interested to see what a color blind designer makes.Anya Ayoung-Chee – can’t wait til someone locates a screencap of that jumpsuit
      Becky Ross – What’s with all the Portland designers this year. Did Gretchen tell all her friends to apply?
      Bert Keeter – Something tells me he’s Vincent level crazy.Bryce Black – A Gaga-stan? Looks like another Portland hipster to me.Cecilia Motwani – Flake. She’s gonna be the 1rt or 2nd auf’ingDanielle Everine – Hate to sya it, but that outift looks like it’s from target. Still, the quiet ones surprise.
      David Chum – Why do I get a Calvin Tran vibe from him?
      Fanelle Wells – Oh good, a perky one. Let’s see how long that last.
      Gunnar Deatherage – Looks like a poser, but I want to see what he can do.
      Joshua Christensen – Hate him. After 8 seasons, you’d think he’d understand that it’s as much about celebrity as it is being a good designer.
      Joshua McKinley – On the fence about this one. A thrifter could make for an interesting designer.Julie Tierney – She sounds interesting as long as she isn’t into granola clothing.
      Kimberly Goldson – I kinda hope she’s a diva just for the excitement, but I think Uncle tightass has that role sewn up.Laura Kathleen – Sounds anal and annoying.Olivier Green – NYC hipster, hope he lives up to the hype.
      Rafael Cox – I hope he brings it. His choice of style icons has me intrigued.Serena da Conceicao –  No comment yet.Viktor Luna – He wants to style Bjork and he’s wearing those wingtips. I kinda like him.

    • Anonymous

      Snap judgements. 
      Amanda -Boring
      Anthony- hope he doesn’t talk about being color blind every episode and what is the lumberjack look he is going for?
      Anya-love the dress she is wearing, hope its hers and she brings pageant drama. 
      Becky-had me a Barbie clothes, not loving the Tabitha hair. I’ll be obsessed with her roots the whole time like ANTM
      Bert- love because he is named Bert
      Bryce- funny in the top 3
      Danielle- seems like she’ll be there a while
      David-like his outfit, if he can sew may be in a while
      Fanelle-  she looks and dresses like a hairdresser. I see her in the middle
      Gunnar-Tool. Logan times ten, will be the first to hit on a model
      Joshua C. Liked, top 3
      Joshua McK. Loved his look,hope doesn’t talk about not having a TV the whole time, and he better have seen an episode of PR 
      Julie- Hate her look, vans and a work out jacket? First Off
      Kimberly- ? getting sassy black girl edit? What is with that face in her pic?
      Laura- strong competitor, the next Laura
      Oliver- next Christian
      Rafael- Mary-Kate and Ashley? Trying to hard, with be an attention whore
      Viktor- my favorite because he has those shoes and he’d dress Bjork like an alien

    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      Anya and Rapahel are going to bring the drama.  

    • Tanya Wade

      Laws, they all look slightly crazy! I am personally quite scared of “Uncle Tightass.” I predict he makes the girls cry…

    • Anonymous

      Frankly I can’t give two sh_ts about previews. Just start the show already and let’s see how it goes.

    • Anonymous

      Some of the “29-year-olds” – no, I don’t think so.  If you’re 29 then I’m 18.

    • Anonymous

      I’m already rooting for Becky, Danielle, and Serena. Which means none of them will make it to the final four. Sorry, ladies!

    • Anonymous

      Is it just me, or do Amanda’s shoes look like they are a size too big?

    • Anonymous

      Oops, I missed Bert on my previous run-through.  I can appreciate the space thing–I’m like that myself.  But then, I’m not going out of my way to earn a spot in a crowded apartment full of designers and camera people.  With good reason.  Either they put in a really horrible soundbite, or he’s not going to be fun.

    • Dee B

      I need Anya’s dress IMMEDIATELY!

    • Dixie Murphy Ross

      I’m related to one contestant and went to school with another.

      It’s going to be an interesting season.

      • Lisa

        Spill it, sister!

    • Anonymous

      It usually takes me two to three episodes to get everyone’s names memorized. But, with twenty designers —- ugh! It’s going to take weeks and weeks. It’s nice to see they’ve added more color to the lineup. I’m totally psyched. This group looks almost as cray-cray as last season’s. 

    • Anonymous

      Seven out of twenty designers agree that fabulous boots deserve a role in today’s reality TV.

      The eighth doesn’t count. Because colour blindness doesn’t excuse those fucking awful clodhoppers that Anthony’s dragged inside. 

    • Anonymous

      Gunnar, Beth, Joshua Mc, and Rafael look like fun to me.  I peg Bert as the crier, Chum as the bitch, and Viktor as a fun looney bird (with great taste in shoes).

    • Anonymous

      And BTW…was this the “BRING YOUR BOOTS” photo shoot??

    • Anonymous

      They sound boring already. “I have no television!”? Please

      • Lisa

        I know!  I generally get all eye-rolly whenever I hear the “I have no television” claim!

        • Anonymous

          Indeed.  That’s something you can only respond with to a direct question.  “Did you see that episode?” “I don’t have TV.”  It’s not something you volunteer as part of a bio.

          • Lisa

            “How did you know to try out for that show without a TV?”
            “What show?  I don’t own a TV!”
            “Ahhhh HAAAAAAA!!!!!”

        • Rebecca

          Those people should just get fired back the question, “Do you have a computer?” With Hulu alone, you can get all your trashy fill of streaming media without a Evil Television. It sounds just as pretentious as it ever did, but now sillier!

    • Jennifer Coleman

      Amanda – cue the tailoring challenge!
      Anthony – are those jeggings?
      Anya – could be the Bitch
      Becky – Portland quirky vintage tattoo chick
      Bert – has PR ever had a cranky old man personality?
      Brice – deadpan hilarious gay, hopefully
      Cecilia – wack design sensibility; out in 3
      Danielle – either dull or the Bitch
      David – tiny, bitchy gay
      Fanelle – batshit cryer
      Gunnar – batshit – the self-taught everyone looks down on
      Joshua C – silliest statement ever
      Joshua M – he’s lying about the tv
      Julie – how many reality shows is she eligible for?
      Kimberly – that JHud dress sounds tacky as hell
      Laura – top 5
      Oliver – the Duchess would be all over that crazy crotch
      Rafael – oh gee, another Black gay Atlantan. Will be strutting around in stilettos by episode 4
      Serena – top 5
      Victor – would’ve been more impressive to want to put Bjork in something ‘human-like’. Wearing THOSE fab shoes!

    • Rebecca

      I’m going to call Viktor as the winner right now. Something about that death glare he’s giving over his shoulder. I have a 1 in 20 chance of looking like a genius a few months from now!

      And David Chum: you could use those cheekbones to cut glass, no?

      • Logo Girl

        Viktor is the only one I can picture in the finals right now. A lot of the rest seem like early exits.

    • Lauren Jean St. Martin

      Was the theme offensively hideous shoes? With the exception of Luna, all of their footwear made me cringe!

    • Anonymous

      I have to say, just from reading these thumbnail bios, I am under-underwhelmed.

      So Anthony is color-blind.  Sort of like a surgeon who lacks manual dexterity.  I mean, what the….?????
      Utterly bored with the Gaga stalker, the Carrie Bradshaw fan who “kind of hates” tailored shirts and wears hideous shoes (at least she didn’t wear big, clodhopper boots!), the Miss USA or Universe or Planet or Galaxy, the guy who loves the Olsen Twins, the guy who doesn’t own a TV, and the gal who wants to put beautiful Jennifer Hudson into some kind of over-blinged skankwear.

      Of course, that still leaves a lot of contestants.  But this just doesn’t look like a promising bunch.  Clearly, a lot of them were chosen for their reality-show personalities. Maybe their portfolios will prove me wrong.  But I doubt it.

      I thought I couldn’t feel any worse about the new season after seeing the nude-Heidi poster.  But I was wrong.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, P.S.  I do like the fact that there is a contestant named Gunnar Deatherage.  I’m sure it’s pronounced DETH-er-ridge, but it’s more fun to pronounce it DETH-rayj. 

    • Anonymous

      Bert Keeter may be the oldest designer to appear on Project Runway; however, he brings years of experience and a level of maturity so lacking in the past.  UTA (Uncle Tight-Ass) is an endearment given to him by his nephews.  I (his sister) and his many friends and family know he’ll definitely “entertain” the PR audience and blow the judges away with his amazing talent!  All in all, he’s a really nice guy and a fantastic brother……Good luck Bert!!!!

    • Kate Lorenz

      Danielle and Laura are the bitches, Oliver is the winner!  Fan favorite is Becky Ross.

      And is just me, or does Fanelle smack uncomfortably of Holly Hobbie Angela?

    • Lisa

      “Who will send dozens of friends and family members to our comments sections to tell us we’re horrible people?”
      (*Oh god, oh god, oh god, I can’t wait!*)

      • Anonymous

        Well, we’ve got the sister of Uncle Tightass already posting — looks like she cross-posted with you. 😉

        • Lisa

          Story of my life – cross posting with realty TV show contestant relatives!  Yup, happens every day!  😉

    • Anonymous

      Anthony Ryan Auld, Bryce, and Gunnar in a 3 way tie for Douchiest!

      • Anonymous

        Oh good, so I’m not the only one that went down the list going, “douche… douche…. total douche…”

    • Ali King

      Ugh, all the men come off as really obnoxious already. Hope some of ’em at least are tolerable…. I want another Ben :)

    • Anonymous

      BTW, who does Danielle Everine look like?  At least in this picture, she looks like someone…I’m thinking an actress, possibly on television.  It’s one of those things that sort of tickles at the brain and drives me crazy.

      Or maybe I should just be sure to take my medication tonight.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, and if Serena dyed that skirt, I may have to rethink overlooking her initially.

    • Anonymous

      20 designers???? It will be a cattle call for way too many episodes.  Maybe I’ll skip the first 10 episodes and then see if anyone’s worth watching.

    • Laura Ann Springer

      Dear PR designers….STOP THE SKINNY PANTS!!!! kthxbai

    • Anonymous

      I hope the guy who doesn’t own a TV has at least seen previous seasons, otherwise he’s going to be the jerk who whines when they have to make a garment with building insulation and razorwire.

      The woman who says she gets along with everyone is my pick for annoying the hell out of the other contestants. I hope I’m wrong, because I want to love her. Her shorts are kinda WTF, but they are very like Elizabethan pumpkin hose, which is kinda cool.

    • Anonymous

      Viktor, Serena, and Cecilia sound pretty interesting. And Uncle Tightass, but I doubt he’d be my favorite based on his self description. Maybe the guy who says it’s all about design, not TV. Maybe he might have some personality.

    • Carla Edwards

      I already watched the home visit videos on and I know that I don’t like Serena or Fanelle. So let the bitchyness commence 

    • Lori B

      Joshua’s McKinley’s full quote was probably, “I honestly don’t own a TV set…I watch everything on my IPod.”

       The Olsen Twins, Heidi Montag’s parents’ restaurant, It’s not about being on TV, phone calls to the poodle…that’s it, I have to watch.

    • Mags

      Fanelle’s quote makes me think she’s going to be the biggest bitch of all.

    • Anonymous

      Can’t wait.  Looks like a diverse group with a lot of potential crazy.

    • Anonymous

      Gunner Deathrage?  I call bitch, with a side of psychosis.

    • Anonymous

      A new season of the greatest TV show ever! Woohooooooo!!!!!!

    • Mariah J

      omgosh I actually know Amanda Perna from high school O.O small world.

    • Anonymous

      20? Really? 20??  I look forward to this blog to sort them out for me – there seems to be a disproportionate amount of potential divas.  Poor Tim!

    • Zel

      If Gunnar is 21, I’m fourteen years old and purple.

    • Anonymous

      Ugh.  They all annoy me and the show hasn’t even aired yet.  Was it a pre-requisite that they all had to wear their butt fugliest items in their closet?   And why is it that everyone looks at least ten years older then their purported age?

      I won’t be watching this season.  I just cancelled my cable.  So I’ll rely upon TLo’s update which are always better and much more interei

    • sonictofu

      I like Viktor’s personal style.  A lot. 

    • Vera

      Oh, the boots!

    • Matt

      Pretty sure I regret doing a google image search of Anya Ayoung-Chee

    • Ivy

      Julie- seriously, girl… if you had any fashion sense at all, you’d get out of Grand Junction.

    • Logo Girl

      First impressions (and I actually watched all their videos yesterday!)
      Very housewife-y, like they probably usually have a maid to do stuff for them:Amanda, Anya, Laura.Faking it:Olivier (who probably sounds like he is from the San Fernando Valley when he isn’t “on”)Bit of a loon:Bryce, who apparently thinks Fashion Week is still at Bryant ParkMost likely to have a sad back story:Bert, who seems to have had a lot of ups and downs in his career
      The funny ones:
      Julie (who seems like a sporty Amy Poehler) and Kimberly

      The unfunny one:

      The kooky, avant garde ones:
      Fanelle, Viktor

      High maintenance:
      Serenal, Gunnar, David

      Low maintenance:
      Becky, Cecelia

      Straight man (which is obvious – cannot read him otherwise):
      Joshua C

      Can’t tell yet:
      Rafael, Joshua M, Anthony

    • Nicole

      5 bucks the girl who says she “gets along with everyone” and “let’s things roll off her shoulders” starts the most drama.  

    • vmcdanie

      I tried to read all of these profiles but SO many. My eyes began to blur.

      I wonder if I’ll regret these snap judgements but Bert is pretty much took his sound bite time to make sure we know he’s an asshole. Bryce is annoying and probably is the crier. Becky is trying 1000 times too hard.

      And Danielle and I aren’t evidently meant to be besties. Sneer at my sweat pants in public spaces will you?

    • vmcdanie

      I tried to read all of these profiles but SO many. My eyes began to blur.

      I wonder if I’ll regret these snap judgements but Bert is pretty much took his sound bite time to make sure we know he’s an asshole. Bryce is annoying and probably is the crier. Becky is trying 1000 times too hard.

      And Danielle and I aren’t evidently meant to be besties. Sneer at my sweat pants in public spaces will you?

    • Jahna Peloquin

      I know Danielle personally, she’s a sweetheart but don’t let her sweet appearance fool you – she’s tenacious and competitive. She also has a wry sense of humor. And most of all, is an insanely talented designer. I’ve compiled much of her past work on my blog, do please take a look!

    • abby liles

      Ooooh designer portfolios are up! Let the judging commence!

    • Rebecca Zmarzly

      Weird. Glancing through them, I ran past Becky and thought, Dude, she looks like me with blond hair. Then I saw her name. We have the same name. THIS may be the only reason I actually tune in this season, after the debacle that was granola-hippie-turquoise chica.

    • Jasmin

      Okay, I’ve reviewed the portfolios and here’s what I’m thinking.

      Top Contenders:
      Anya–If the size of her portfolio is any indication, she sure has a lot of experience. There are some gorgeous pieces in there. Her weakness, though, may be that it gets a little repetitive at times.
      David–Also has lots of experience. The clothes look very well made and lots of pieces would make great wardrobe staples. Kinda reminds me of Ben.
      Julie–She has an eye for texture and color, and though her pieces aren’t my style, I could see tons of people paying for them. By the look of one piece, she should have no problems with an unconventional materials challenge.

      Easy Aufs:
      Bert– All his past pieces are super, super simple. There’s hardly any design in them at all. They’re not even especially well made.
      Joshua M.–He seems to work most often in menswear which means he may not be able to fit a woman’s body under extreme time limitations. His menswear pieces aren’t even as good as the other contestants with experience designing men’s clothes. The few pieces for women are swimsuits, I think. They seem to have been designed by a horny straight guy.
      Rafael–Loves to emphasize a woman’s shoulders and hips, which doesn’t even work very well on models. The fabrics he chooses tend to look cheap.

    • abby liles

      Just checked out the casting sessions!

      —–Fallene: She seems super nice and has some interesting stuff going on in her work. The stripey dress was pretty cool, though she does seem a little too entranced with mustard-y colors.
      —–Olivier: His accent is adorable, he’s adorable. He has CLOGS. Kind of worried that he only knows menswear though.
      —–Serena: Eh. She seems nice enough, but I was thoroughly bored by all her work.
      —–Laura: Seems like a high maintenance perfectionist. The dress she was wearing was alright, but nothing else seemed too breathtaking.
      —–Kimberly: My god that dress is short. Might be a taste issue there? She seems pretty sweet though, even though I could definitely tell she was self taught.
      —–Bryce: Oooh, I’m already gleefully anticipating Nina’s raised eyebrows if he keeps the asymmetry up. Also, it’s great that the one-legged jeans fit, but they’re still ONE LEGGED JEANS. Seems a bit student-y.
      —–Julie: She seems a bit bitchy, but damn can she sew. Those pieces were absolutely gorgeous. If she’s not one of the finalists I’m going to be quite surprised.
      —–Gunnar: It’s hilarious, because everyone has been predicting him as the angry straight emo boy and he’s… most emphatically not. He’s adorable. I want to hug him and watch him and olivier be adorable fashionistas together. And I really want that coat.
      —–Viktor: Another strong contestant. I’m getting a super strong Mcqueen vibe of him, what with all the printed fabrics in the blues and oranges. He’s pretty talented, he should last a while.
      —–Rafael: Okay, it wasn’t bad or anything… but what is up with this exposed zipper trend? It couldn’t have died by now? Also, I predict way too much black fabric, and confusion when he’s forced to use color.
      —–Danielle: Seems to be taking everything a bit seriously, and reminds me of a skittish deer for some reason. That said, those are some rocking pants. She has the construction skills at least, and I can’t see her having any taste issues, so she’ll probably stay for a while.
      —–Josh C: Eh. Kind of boring. That skirt looks like student work.
      —–Josh M: You didn’t bring your women’s wear? Why would you- oh. Okay, I’ll overlook your logical fallacies if you take your clothing off, sure. Damn.
      —–Cecilia: Excellent tailoring, knows what she’s doing, no nonsense. On the other hand, talking back to the judges like that? Gretchen 2.0 anyone?
      —–David: He seems to have the potential for bitchiness, but for a self taught designer, those coats are pretty impressive.
      —–Becky: Super sweet, super easygoing, and she seems to have real talent. The construction was great, and the pieces were all very cohesive.
      —–Bert: Could see this going either way. There is an easy chicness to his stuff, but he’s going to need to do stuff a bit more fancy if he wants to impress the judges.
      —–Anya: She learned to sew 3 MONTHS ago? That’s ridiculous. There’s no way she’s going far in this; she’s screwed as soon as she hits a tailoring intensive challenge. Also, she only started sewing when she applied? I’m kind of confused about her motivations.
      —–Amanda: Seems ditzy, none of her stuff seemed very impressive.
      —–Anthony: A lot less hung up on the colorblindness than I expected. And I’d buy pretty much everything he showed.

    • Frank

      I can’t wait for Chum to read the hell out of every sassy bitch who thinks they know anything!

    • Anonymous

      Olivier’s already my favorite. Look at those prissy ankle-cuff pants.

    • Anonymous

      oh good lawd. This may bee the TWEEest (hahaha) bunch ever.

      • Mimi Lintvedt

        I had the very same thought :-)

    • Kyle Henry

      These pictures made me suddenly detest skinny pants + boots.  When a designer isn’t conscious about how things are fitting on his body both in proportion and fit, I worry how they’ll design for someone else. 

      Olivier is absolutely adorable.

    • Liz Bloodbath

      It’s kind of creepy how much larger they photoshopped some of these people’s heads… Bryce Black looks like a bobblehead and David Chum is not far behind…

    • Toni Mitt

      I don’t know about “Deatherage”, but the name Gunnar is very popular in my Esto-Finnish-Norge-Swede circle….

    • Anonymous

      David Chum and Anya both have “Bitch” written all over them.
      Gunnar is this seasons’ Jeffery Sabilia-I wonder if he has an awesome (retch) neck tattoo
      I don’t think Julia will cry unless she gets scared of Bryce’s huge cranium.
      Serena will win the entire season. I am just getting a vibe.

    • Anonymous

      One thing I’m pretty sure of:  Kors and Garcia have already made up there mind who they want to win.  I am still undecided about watching this season.  I may just read your recaps for the designs and forgo the drama and ultimate betrayal.  Yep, I’m still bitter!

    • Damien Washington

      First instincts:

      Instant roadkill:  Amanda Perna, Bert Keeter, Bryce Black, Fanelle Wells, Joshua Christensen, Kimberly Goldson, Viktor Luna,

      Decent showing until out: Anthony Ryan Auld, Anya Ayoung-Chee, Cecilia Motwani, Gunnar Deatherage, Joshua McKinley, Laura Kathleen,

      Players: Becky Ross, Danielle Everine, David Chum, Julie Tierney, Olivier Green, Serena da Conceicao,

      Fan faves: Anthony Ryan Auld, Becky Ross, Julie Tierney, Rafael Cox  
      Bitches: Anya Ayoung-Chee, David Chum, Gunnar Deatherage, Serena da Conceicao  
      Pitied: Bryce Black, Fanelle Wells, Rafael Cox, Viktor Luna
      Keith II: Gunnar Deatherage
      Johnny II: Joshua Christensen

    • Anonymous

      Last year, a few episodes in, my mother informed me her favorite was the gay guy. When I told her they’re all gay, all the men left anyway, she balked, and then said, well I mean the one who is obviously gay. It turned out she liked Casanova. But now I’m wondering which of this crew will be the gay guy to her.

    • Anonymous

      tragic.  sounds like something i’ll quite happily not watch (but still read the recaps, of course).

      the chick from alabama whose fashion icon is carrie is the hottest of the hot messes, though.  she should be kicked off the show just for wearing those shoes with a) her legs (you need a much shapelier leg to pull those off imo) and b) that dress.  just reading that shorty short bio on her had me rolling my eyes.  she’ll be the one with more of an image of herself as talented than actual talent ~ probably booted within the first 2 eps, if not the inaugural bootee.olivier and serena are uber precious tho.

    • Richelle

      Why are most of them in the  the soap opera ‘turn and face the camera smiling’ pose?  It’s really bizarre.