In or Out: Vanessa Hudgens in Farah Khan

Posted on July 23, 2011

Kittens, we don’t quite get what’s going on here:

Vanessa Hudgens attends the ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ Los Angeles Premiere in Farah Khan paired with Giuseppe Zanotti shoes.

Why does Vanessa Hudgens have Joanne Worley’s old hair and Goldie Hawn’s old dress? Is it a salute to Laugh-In? If it is, we must confess we don’t get why she’s wearing cheap slipcovers over her shoes and carrying a roll of old contact paper. Was she in the middle of lining her shelves when she realized she had somewhere to be?


IN! Trying – and failing – to match your upholstered wedges to your gyno dress is TOTALLY chic!

OUT! Unless I just woke up from a 25- year coma, I’m pretty sure Vanessa Hudgens isn’t 50!

We’re going to leave the voting open on Robert Downey, Jr. because some of you are risking being stripped of your bitter kitten titles for saying things like “I love him too much to give him an OUT!” Minions, being opinionated bitches is hard work and not for the dainty. Consider very carefully what you’re saying. Bitter Kittens do not assess outfits based on their love. Bitter Kittens must be cold and distant.

[Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

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    • Mari Rose

      Psst, Vanessa. There’s a glittery gold penis pointing to your crotch. 

      • Sarah Dickerson

        Thanks, Mari.  Now I can’t stop seeing it!

        • Mari Rose

          You’re welcome! Y’know, that means her boobs are the sparkle penis’ balls. 

          • batandpuck15

            THE TRUTH

      • Anonymous

        Thanks – I’m glad I’m not the only person who immediately thought that.

        • Anonymous

          Even when everyone else is yelling about penis and vagina dresses, I rarely see it right off the bat. But, holy cats, you’d have to be blind *and* dead not to see that.

          It’s a really odd graphic (in both senses of the word) on a very cute dress.

          • Anonymous

            But, holy cats, you’d have to be blind *and* dead not to see that.

            I didn’t!
            But now I do.  :/
            Where’s the damn brain bleach gone….. 

      • Chantelle James

        At least now we all know where her va-jay-jay is. Thank you, glittery gold penis!

        Thankfully, the fake wood veneer clutch draws the eyes away from the penis although not for good reasons. And the couch-like shoes draw the eyes away from the clutch… again, not for good reasons.


      • Anonymous

        That’s the first thing I saw. 

      • Cheri Lee

        This is the first image that to my mind when I saw this dress!!!  And those shoes are so damn hideous.

      • MilaXX

        why did you have to say that? now it’s all I see.

      • Chelsey Lauer

        I’m glad someone else sees that. That was the very first thing I thought.

      • aussiegal77

        Preach it sister.  And yes, now I can’t NOT see it either.  So yeah…OUT!

      • Anonymous

        Can’t see anything else now. Thanks!  :p

      • Melody Sellers

        Hahahahaha! But seriously this girl is so OUT it’s frikkin crazy!

    • Anonymous

      I get the distinct impression that she’s more than satisfied with this look. In fact, I’ll bet she think she’s looking pretty fly.

    • Sara Nolan Collins

      Those shoes are heinous.  OUT!

    • Anonymous

      It’s like a very bad maternity top with a bedazzled phallic symbol pointing to the baby saying “That’s right!  I did this!”.  And those shoes!  Just awful head to toe….

    • Anonymous

      She… she has a penis on her dress.  And those shoes are offensive to my delicate sensibilities.  OUT.

    • Katherine O’Dea Snyder Stein

      The shoes are too heavy, but…I kinda love the dress. And the veneer -looking purse with Goldie’s dress is 12 shades of awesome!  Her hair?  Kid is doing the best she can with a movie-required haircut, so I’ll speak of it no more.

    • Eric Scheirer Stott

      Would have been a rocking cool outfit in the 1960’s

      • Anonymous

        hmmmm…. I lived through the 60s and I can’t agree, Eric. Goldy Hawn would have been in something brighter, polyester-er and tighter and would not show up with a penis on the front of her dress.

        • Anonymous

          I’m with AudreysMom on this one, Eric. I was married in 1971 in a dress so short that when I look back on it now, I leave my own self gasping!  The Sixties were my era, and this outfit would not have been rocking or cool then. No one would have worn shoes like that with a tunic–or with anything else. Shoes were more proportional and heels were low or nonexistent. And short, flirty tunics like this did not come plastered with cheesey-looking gold. They came embroidered with silk threads. And I believe it was illegal to sell clutch bags in the Sixties. Shoulder bags. Usually tiny little ones. We were experimenting with being free and unencumbered.

          You’re just going to have to trust us on this.

          • Anonymous

            The only even vaguely appropriate footwear would have been thigh-high boots with a flare at the top.

        • Anonymous

          Goldie in minis (at the beginning and again at 2:29):

          And this one, just ’cause it’s so Goldie:

          • Anonymous

            Priceless! Thanks for the memory.

      • Anonymous

        You obviously did not spend your formative years in the ’60s. I did, and I can assure you that this isn’t even close. It looks as if she got out of bed, pulled off her pajama bottoms, threw on some seriously ugly shoes, and rant out of the house.

        I can’t even talk about the phallus on the front, but the “dress” is pure PJ top.

    • Liana Brooks

      Well, the shirt isn’t eye-searingly horrible. It’s not a hideous color on her. It is, however, not a dress. It’s a shirt from the XXXL department. She had to roll up her sleeves.

      I think this is a buyer’s remorse outfit. She loved the shirt, couldn’t find it in her size, so she bought a few sizes larger. Then she realized she had nothing to go with it, that she’d wasted a ton of money, and the tags were off. Rather than sigh and hand this mistake over to the battered woman’s shelter or Goodwill where it could have become someone’s blanket she found a pair of hideous shoes on e-bay.

      The purse is… TLo I’m pretty sure you’re right on the purse. She was paneling something.

      OUT on so many levels.

      • Rachel Lee

        You’re SO right about the XXXL shirt! It looks like it had the potential to be something resort-y and comfortable, but turned out looking cheap and ill-fitting. I kind of like the purse though. It’s refreshingly different from the non-existent nude clutches that a lot of celebs carry around. 

    • Mary Nau

      Wasn’t she a really cute young lady just last week?  She is not aging well.

      • Anonymous

        I think she wants to be Selena Gomez (my favorite of the Disney/Disney like starlets. She’s so adorable) or Mila Kunis.

    • Trinh D.

      I hate her pout. OUT!

    • Democracy Diva

      O-U-T. Every bit of this is awful.

      • Anonymous

        No! Every bit of this is Jesus! Mary ! Oprah! god awful!

        How can you have unlimited access to the best designer clothes, designer shoes, designer accessories and high priced stylists and leave your house looking like this?

    • Jennifer Blais

      This is horrible. There is not even ONE beautiful thing about any of the elements in this outfit. Why would someone dress her like this???

    • Ben Perry

      Well since the high school she went to was more about singing then actual learning, I would say OUT. But at least now she knows where her belly button is. Shoes really, i think my creepy uncles van had walls like that. 

    • Lauren Jean St. Martin

      Out! I don’t even know what is going on here. And oh yeah, Robert Downey? OUT!!!

    • Dani Colman

      The hair is for a film role.  Kinda like KStew for “The Runaways”.  So that being said, I can find Ms Hudgens some points just for clearly trying to make the best of a bad ‘do, notably unlike KStew and her mullet.

    • Charmaine Cropper

      UGH! OUT!

    • Sydney Rose

      That’s definitely contact paper she’s carrying. Although, having just bought some of that stuff today to redo the shelves of a linen closet, I’m not sure it even comes in that ugly fake wood print anymore.

      I assume this is supposed to be some sort of “retro” look?

    • Anonymous

      The hair’s for a role, so I’ll let that pass.  A lot of ladies with wavy/curly hair don’t realize how poufy it will be if they cut it short.  I think when it grows out a little and will lie down, it may actually look cute on her.  She has such a pretty face, and we can see it better without the heavy locks.

      But that dress…it makes me want to weep.  I guess designers have never heard the Nina-esque criticisms about things pointing at a woman’s hoo-hoo.  Plus, this one is very penile, and the poor placement of it makes her look like she has a big belly.  And it’s too short.

      And I normally don’t mind ‘cartoon’ shoes, but those are especially awful.

      I actually dig the clutch.

    • Dina dV

      OUT.  The outfit is trying desperately to make you not look at that hair, which I believe even avowed soccer moms call “dowdy.”  And while it’s succeeding in distracting from the awful haircut it’s also saying “My taste level isn’t questionable, it’s non-existent.”

    • Sophia H.

      The clutch is actually not that bad. I’ts pretty interesting from a purely design point of view. I just can’t for the life of me get over the awful shoes! Also, that dress is beachwear, no?

    • G

      Horrible.  OUT.

    • Anonymous

      Good God.  OUT.

    • Anonymous

      OUT!  But she does look a little like Catherine Zeta Jones done up like that…

    • Anonymous

      There is much OUT going on here. The color is bad on her, the embroidery is awkwardly placed, and the hair doesn’t flatter her. I actually like the Giuseppe Zanotti wedges, and I stand by it. The bag had the potential to be interesting, and someday wood bags will look stylish and conceptually interesting. 

    • Kathryn T.

      She has a giant glittery pictogram saying “PENIS GOES IN HERE” and her shoes look like she stepped in taffy. OUT.

    • Anonymous

      Oh dear.  Another stylist with an ax to grind.

    • Anonymous

      Whoa.  For a second I thought she was a Trekker at Comicon, except the dress isn’t tight enough. 

      Penis goes where?


    • Anonymous

      It seems like she wears some variation of this dress a lot. It looks like she just got out of the pool, threw on a coverup & some shoes and ran out the door. OUT

    • Anonymous

      She looks decades older than her real age in that outfit and hair.

      O-U-T to the tenth power!


    • Anonymous

      Mess, mess, mess. OUT

    • Amye

      OMG, I love those shoes!  I love the dress, it’s so fun & flirty!  But that’s a God-awful hairstyle and clutch.

      But she’s so OUT it it’s funny! 

      • Amye

        I didn’t even notice it was a penis on the dress.  Never mind, now I hate it.  I like the idea of it, but not that design on the front.  So it’s even more OUT.  I still want those shoes, though.

    • Anonymous

      I love the dress and hate the shoes. If she was going to try and rock a Worley doo, then she should have gone big.

    • Anonymous

      Out!  I think she should have worn wooden shoes to match her veneered clutch.

    • Michelle Prahl

      I love the dress, but just about everything else is wrong. Shoes, yuck. Let’s never speak of this again. Purse, cute, but wrong with this. Hair, no. Just no. The dress with a cute pair of flat sandals, and the hair long and flowing, very nice. 

    • Anonymous

      I agree that the shoes are wrong, mostly because they are suede (christ!). The dress, bag, and attitude are cute and chic. IN.

      • Anonymous

        and I’m pretty sure they don’t fit. Looking at them closely it looks like she might have stuffed some toilet papers in the toes.

    • Anonymous

      I actually kind of love the shoes. The tunic isn’t bad either. The clutch could be cool with the right outfit. All together though, this is pretty awful.

    • Anonymous

      Joanne Worley’s hair…I love you two to pieces. She is so Out. Those shoes are godawful. Also, who wears heavy suede shoes with a light tunic. (That’s not a dress.) I must confess to liking the clutch, though.

    • Rachael J.

      That haircut is horrendous!! Some girls don’t have the face for it, clearly Vanessa doesn’t either. I kind of like her shoes, though a jewel tone would’ve been nicer.

    • Anonymous

      Call me crazy, but I think she looks chic and fabulous. IN!

    • erin l.

      out. i love the purse though. 

    • Anonymous

      A beach coverup and velour shoes? I don’t think so. HIDEOUS.

    • Anonymous

      the hair i know is bc of a new movie where she plays a super androgynous (maybe even trans*? idk ~ i’ve just seen pics of her done up looking like a hawt ass boi) teen on the streets. it’s a funny length for feminine styling, but when she wears it zefron-style in the movie, she looks amazing.

      but it seems that, overall, the capt. america premiere was one big ball of tragedy. not unlike the movie itself, i’m sure.

    • Anonymous

      OUT!  isnt she 20 something?
      TLO, i will do my best to be a better bitter kitten.

    • Anonymous

      Minus the giant gold penis (and I’m so glad I’m not the only one who saw that immediately), I kind of love the dress. And the purse! The purse! Is fantastic. The shoes, the hair, and the wang…I guess they just push this to OUT.

    • Jean

      I agree – glitter penis pointing the way. Out! Also, can someone burn those shoes? They are hideous.

    • Anonymous

      Some see a giant gold penis, I saw a giant gold hair follicle. Complete with sweat glands. Either way, it’s beyond awful. Hate the shoes (not only horribly clunky, but scuffed!), hate the clutch, hate the heavy shoes with the tissue papery tunic, hate the clutch with the tunic, hate the clutch with the shoes, hate the way the shoes make her calf muscles look as if they’re about to explode from tension…

      Pausing for breath:  OUT!  I have to go bathe my eyes in soothing solution now.  I really wish I hadn’t seen that.

    • Merneith

      Cold & bitter, cold & bitter: I like the intent – but trying and failing is an out. There is no “try” in fashion.

    • MinAgain

      It’s not that a penis graphic is tacky, per se.  But a glittery gold penis graphic?  That screams bad taste all the way to the international space station.

    • Anonymous

      Out. The hair is terrible and there is a giant glittery penis on her dress that I can’t stop staring at. 

    • Anonymous

      I never cared about fashion at all before someone posted a link to one of your articles. I love you guys.. just had to say it!

    • Anonymous

      Out.  Funny,  but out.

    • Anonymous

      Okay I get, not love, the caftan, it’s her thing but there is no excuse for everything else. Out

      No matter what anyone said I never liked her style and it’s such a shame cause she’s gorgeous and has great hair (which could probably use a cut).

    • Anonymous

      I like it. I’m not a huge fan of the shoes, but this color looks great on her, and at the very least it’s something different. I’m so tired of seeing color-block outfits and nude heels at premieres. Love her ring and her makeup. IN.

    • Rachelle Neame

      This makes me feel like my mother.

      Get your hands out of your sleeves, Vanessa!

    • Erin

      She looks like Molly Shannon impersonating Ann Miller.  OUT.

    • Anonymous

      strange color dress. fun shoes but already scuffed. can’t even hold up for one hour on the RC? 

    • T.S. Alexander

      She’s got a giant beaded phallus pointing from her boobs to her crotch… OUT.

    •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      I honestly had no idea who this was when I first saw the picture.  She couldn’t have worn a wig for her movie? (And what’s going on with all the stylists? Is this the year of their revenge? You better believe I’d treat mine like royalty.)

    • Terence Ng

      The mixed shoes are gross, but the dress is cute.

    • Warmheartedgirl Seattle

      what the hell?!?  So OUT.  Those shoes are just hideous.  She’s a beautiful young woman.  Whoever came up with this look should be fired!

    • Courtney Hellams

      i actually like the dress on her, it’s gyno but at least it isn’t skin tight. and the clutch is interesting at least! but the shoes. THE SHOES. it’s an out. 

    • Stella Zawistowski

      Hiddy, from the giant penis on her front to the bricks on her feet. OUT.

    • Vaniljekjeks

      Log Lady from Twin Peaks.  Out.  

    • Molly Maguire

      You two are hilarious and so very very spot-on! Contact paper, indeed!

    • Anonymous


    • Catherine Rhodes


      But you’re still wrong about RD Jr. — he is rocking that look!

    • Anonymous

      Even if the rest of the look had been actually good, she would still get an OUT for those shoes alone. Terrible

    • Anonymous

      Why does she have a bedazzled penis pointing to her crotch? 

      • Catherine Katz

        Exactly what I though!  OUT!

    • Anonymous

      Why does she have a bedazzled penis pointing to her crotch? 

    • Anonymous

      She looks like Joyce DeWitt wearing one of Mrs. Roper’s caftans… cut in half. **OUT**

    • Anonymous

      I keep trying to find one redeeming thing… there isn’t one. OUT

    • Judy_J

      OUT.  And I can’t think of a pithy comment to go with this judgment.  Just OUT.

    • Anonymous

      Out. Her shoes look dirty, OK for the rest of us, but not OK when you go from limo to red carpet. And she looks like she is carrying an old suitcase. How much stuff does she have in there?? 

    • MilaXX

      Small IN for me. The hair is not the best short cut I’ve seen, but it’s not entirely offensive. The only truly wrong step are the shoes and I don’t think she looks bad enough for an OUT.

    • Lee Reece

      C for effort… but it’s still out.

    • Suzie Vazquez

      She called HERSELF a soccer Mom lookalike. So there’s that.

    • Anonymous

      we don’t get why she’s wearing cheap slipcovers over her shoes and carrying a roll of old contact paper

      Thanks for a true laugh-out-loud moment!

    • Anonymous


      She’s wearing an embroidered upside down penis pointing directly to her good china and her tits are acting as the balls! Am I the only one seeing that?

      And where’s the rest of the dress?  It looks more like a tunic and she forget to put on her pants.

    • Alyson Lamble

      Hem is too short, sleeves are too long, the shoes are godawful and I can’t even tell what she’s done with her hair.  Massive OUT.

    • Anonymous

      I can’t say she’s In, but it isn’t the most appalling Out I’ve ever seen. She had to cut her hair short for a role and hates it, so the hair isn’t her choice either.

      On a much sadder note, could TLo please do an Amy Winehouse photo retrospective? No judging, of course. Just a little memorial to a truly unforgettable person.

    • Anonymous

      I like the dress and the hair in theory, however, she is not Goldie nor from the 1970s, so it a loud and clear out! The shoes I love, but if a stylist cannot match the color story on the dress, fire them. The shoes are mustard not gold. 

    • Anonymous

      I like the dress and the hair in theory, however, she is not Goldie nor from the 1970s, so it a loud and clear out! The shoes I love, but if a stylist cannot match the color story on the dress, fire them. The shoes are mustard not gold. 

    • Anonymous

      If only for the phallus pointing to her hootch as if anyone needed a GPA (Gross Penile Addition)  to locate it–OUT OUT OUT OUT! And then there are the shoes….

    • Malia Tanji

      That color  (or non-color)- argh. so out

    • Anonymous

      Other than the Glittery Pointing Penis, I love the dress. Too short, but she’s young and can get away with a hem that short. She gets a total pass for the hair, since she’s stuck with it due to a movie role. I like the clutch (I know! I’m a little embarrassed by that). The shoes are insane, although not really horrible. The worst part about them is that they’re too big. I have to give her a qualified IN. Being young and pretty helps her a lot here.

      “Joanne Worley hair”

      HA! I love her.

      • Mercy

        This exactly, IN, because she’s working the shit out of it… apparently poor thing didn’t recognize a penis dress when she saw one.  So not counting that against her, IN.

      • Mercy

        Also I love the clutch too, I got more of a teak/danish modern vibe than a vinyl contact paper vibe, up close.

    • Megan Sullivan

      As soon as I read “Vanessa Hudgens” I knew it would be an out… she always looks ridiculous, and this is no exception.

    • Anonymous

      Head-to-toe mismatched beige – OUT.
      Trying to convice directors you’re old enough for roles beyond HSM by wearing Joanne Worley’s hair — OUT.
      Wearing a tunic as a dress, complete with shiny gold dildo pointing right to your crotch — OUT.

    • akprincess72

      Good GRAVY that’s hideous!

    • Anonymous

      OUT….but I really don’t hate the individual elements – well, except for the glittery penis graphic on an otherwise cute dress – but together they are really, really, really OUT. Really.

    • Anonymous

      I like her hair, most of the dress, except the phallic symbol, dislike the bag, hate the shoes.  She does a good job of selling it but, still, out.

    • Celia

      I wish I hated her, because this would be deLIGHTful if I hated her. As it stands, I still know nothing about the girl other than the fact that she’s NOT the munchkin dating Justin Bieber, but the other one who dated Zac Efron (?). She must’ve pissed off the stylist something royal.

    • Christine Campbell

      OH DEAR GOD.  OUT.

    • margaret meyers

      She needs a management intervention all the way around.  She’s talented and adorable and her career is invisible.  Oh yeah, and her styling is terrible.  She rarely looks as good as she could.

    • darrel


    • myblackfriendsays

      Out. I like the dress (would like it even better as a shirt,) and I really like the clutch. But those shoes are so bad they cancel both of the others out.

    • Anonymous

      It’s definately a costume.  But it’s a Red Carpet; what are they for if not costume.  Deciding between too much costume and just enough, I’ve come down in favor of just enough.  IN.

    • Anonymous

      Where to begin?  There is just so much wrong about this look.  OUT!

    • Summer Born

      Ouuuuuttttttt for serious. Like ugh.

    • Katherine Lavender

      HahahahahahahahaHA. Good God, OUT. But keep them coming please Miss Hudgens.

    • A DK

      Yikes. Regrettable penis dress with an even more unfortunate sartorial selection – those dreadful shoes. Out, out out. Along with her gays.

    • Anonymous

      Out. God, I loathe shoes like that. They look good on exactly no one.

      Joanne Worley hair. Perfect description, and made me LOL.

    • Anonymous

      Nothing was good there. OUT.

    • Jessica O’Connell

      Ugh OUT. If not for the shapeless dress then for those terrible shoes! OUT OUT OUT!

    • AWStevens

      The upside down cock embroidered on her dress is pointing to an invisible camel toe.  OUT

    • Elena

      It hurts my brain AND my eyes. OUT!

    • aussiegal77

      Wipe that smirk off your face, young lady and put some pants on!  And how many times must I tell you not to put those shoes on?  They make you look like you have hooves.  It’s not fabulous. 

      You’re OUT. And…you’re grounded.

    • aussiegal77

      Now that I’ve realised there is a penis on that tunic, we are going to have to have THE talk.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I like that tunic (though the sleeves look ridiculous on her), and the clutch is kinda cool, but they don’t look good together. Those shoes are giving me a headache – I’m fascinated at the prospect of someone actually WALKING in them, but I think at a certain point, shoes get so high they just look…stupid.. That hair is also…ummm…not good. OUT.

    • Anonymous


      I kind of like this retro look…she’s really committed to it and is selling it too. 

      her legs look great…the shoes are really fug though. The bag is so tacky it’s cool…a real hoot! 😉

    • Anonymous

        I think the dress is cool, but overall she’s OUT.  

    • Anonymous

      So. I like the dress, and actually LOVE the clutch (though I have no idea what is going on with that thumb nail).  I find it interesting that the shoes don’t look outta da box/new fresh (re loaner) they look a tad worn, like they are shoes she has been kicking around for a while.  Overall.  I give her an IN

    • Jessica Goldstein

      Dislike dress. Really dislike shoes. Amused by contact-paper purse. Not the purse itself, but your description of it. Think none of it flatters or goes together. Big, Giant, OUT.

    • Anonymous

      this outfit ages her 20 years. what the hell

    • Aly Light

      Oh my goodness, this dress looks like the kind of disaster whipped up on PR when someone gets assigned to design something inspired by the ’70s. “But I don’t know anything about the ’70s! I wasn’t even born then! They wore floaty, bell-shaped kind of things, right?”


    • Anonymous

      I didn’t get Joanne Worley at first–as I was scrolling down, I was getting vibes of the very much younger wife of the old, deposed Shah of Iran (what would that be?  A Shah-ess?), mostly because of the hair.  As in,

      Anyway: unmitigated awful, a dress disaster, a clutch calamity, a shoe tsunami.  Just as OUT as any one look can get.

    • dickinson-julie

      Didn’t like the dress, the shoes the hair, and the clutch, but was tempted to vote her in because I felt bad for her as it looked like she slammed her thumbnail in the limo door on the way to the red carpet.  But then, remembering that  I let my emotions get in the way when judging RDJr., I remembered my duty as a bitter-kitten-wannabe, gave myself a firm shake and cast my vote as a resounding out.

    • Anonymous


      Those shoes are hideous to begin with, but even if they weren’t, they’re waaaay too big and clunky with that dress. The glitter penis applique just adds to the awful.

      However, I disagree with you on the purse. In the close-up, it appears it is made of actual wood. If it is, then it’s an AWESOME purse. If, however, it’s a faux-wood print on plastic or something, then yeah, it’s awful.

    • dancinfool

      OUT.  I lived the 60s. Once was enough, thankyouverymuch.

    • Anonymous

      Boys, I really needed a laugh tonight.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Joanne Worley and Golden Hawn line.  Love you. Mean it. 

    • katie

      Oh honey….no. OUT. and I suspect that until she grows out that haircut, she’s gonna have a hard time getting an in.

    • commish24

      She’s so far OUT she’s in Delaware. Or maybe even West Virginia.

    • Em Web

      You know, I would be okay with the penis dress, the fake wood bag, the neckline that makes it look like she ripped it down the middle.
      But those shoes are just such a hideous shade of yellow, and such a hideous un-match with the dress makes me want to scrub my monitor with bleach.

    • Anonymous

      OUT. She looks pretty awful here. the shoes are especially heinous.

    • Jenna Waterford

      I don’t like it, but it’s giving me more of a Classic Star Trek vibe than Laugh-In and therefore I don’t fully hate it, either.

    • Super Red

      I actually kind of dig the shirt/dress—- Paired with some fun leggings, and better (at least not eye-searing) shoes, this could have been good. Now that I’ve seen the penis, I can’t unsee it, (thanks, EVERYONE) but I’m still kind of liking it. And, yes, I even actually like the shoes. I get that the hair is for a role, but she can pull off (a) slicked and (b) hats. There are ways around it that are still very cute. All in all, OUT, but it makes me sad to say that since I actually really like the idea behind it.

    • Anonymous

      OUT, of course. Nothing good here. Joanne Worley hair indeed, at least Ms. Worley was a lot older when she donned it.

    • Richi Robilotto

      If it had some shape to it, and if it didn’t say “hey, my vageen is over here” then I would of considered it an in, buuutt OUT.
      Plus what in the world are those shoes? I don’t even. I just can’t.

    • { edi } ilovetrash

      sante kimes doing her very best liz taylor impersonation, maybe thirty years ago.

    • Anonymous


      I was so stunned by the photos this morning I forgot to comment!

    • Anonymous

      Ugh.  Out.  I had a pair of shoes that color back in 1981.

    • Tiger Gray

      Everything about that is terrible. 

    • Mags

      Is she still a thing? Why do we care? Anyway, the shoes are horrendous, so they go great with every other hideous thing. OUT.

    • Anonymous

      I like the shoes, but that’s about it. Their colour doesn’t go with the tunic, the giant penis pointing downwards is a definite no, and her blush is way too low on her cheeks, making her look a lot older. So that’s an OUT! Did she need to be so matchy matchy? *sighs*

    • Anonymous

      Love the hair. LOVE the clutch!  The dress is OK if it was done deliberately, although a carefully chosen color would be better.
      But the shoes! Hiddy! Ick ick ick ptooey! No thanks.
      They overwhelm the rest, so OUT.

    • Melissa Della

      My god. So OUT.

    • Anonymous

      OUT! But Robert Downey, Jr. is still IN!

    • Emily Rose

      I am not a fan of the hair, and the shoes are pretty atrocious, but if I line up my screen so that I can only see from her eyeballs to her ankles, I think it’s a very cute look. Probably gonna get shit for this, but I’m giving her an IN.

    • Janie R

      That purse matches a credenza we just bought off craigslist. Out

    • Emily

      Out!  She needs some lessons from Nicole Richie on how to do bohemian right.

    • Anonymous

      Out. No redeeming value in any of it.

    • Terri

      I couldn’t see anything but the awful shoes the first time through.  What a mess. OUT.

    • Anonymous

      I rather like the clutch and might think the shoes were cute with something else.  The dress, however, is irredeemable.  My God, that thing is hideous.  O  U  T.

    • Amye



      Sorry for the all-caps, but I needed to get your attention.

    • Anonymous

      “Joanne Worley” hair!  Priceless!

    • Anonymous

      OUT.  Gawd, that’s awful, from the collarbones down.

    • Anonymous

      Out, because the colors are FUG and the shoes are actually DIRTY.

    • Leigh Kwiatek

      Joanne Worley’s hair…. Thank you!!!

    • Joyce VG

      Bitter Kitten proud and present.  OUT.OUT. OUT (damn spot).

    • Jennifer Hofstetter

      Ew.  Out.

    • Anonymous

      That dress isn’t the most flattering thing. By the way, is she pregnant? OUT

    • Sara Parker

      Ugh. I like the idea of the dress (kind of) but I hate that babypoop color, hate that “clutch,” hate her nails, and want to steal those shoes and burn them immediately.  Oh, and those sleeves need to be hemmed, no hands is not a good look here.  SOOOO out.

    • Anonymous

      Totally out. And hideous. And, not to show my complete lack of designer-awareness, but who is Farah Khan? Anyone else thinking about Louis Farrakhan? Maybe this designer can organize a “million penis-dresses march” on Washington!

    • lester

      Obvi out!

    • Heather

      Penis dress = OUT. Wasn’t she in the Mickey Mouse Club?

    • Paige Boerman

      A bedazzled golden phallus and ugly shoes, plus aging hair mean OUT.

    • Eileen Mannion

      OMG ~ she looks just like Annette Funicello!

    • Anonymous

      The hell…?  Obviously, OUT.  But I think you need to add a category for this sort of thing.  IN, OUT, or WTF????

    • Amy Dunning

      is the hudge preggers? am i the only one that thinks that dress makes her look at least 2nd trimester? apparently the gold penis look isn’t slimming for a gal’s figure. 

    • sonictofu

      When a wood-panelled clutch is the least offensive part of your outfit, something is seriously wrong. (out)

    • Patricia Biswanger


    • Brittany


    • Anonymous

      OUT. The gold appliqué on the dress looks like a penis hurtling towards her vagina.

    • Anonymous

      Yikes. Those are possibly the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen. I could forgive the dress if she did something with her hair and burned those shoes. But, as it is, OUT.

    • Micaela Cannon


    • Anonymous

      The hair kills it. It may have been possible to work that dress with good hair and good shoes. Not likely, but maybe. But oy, that hair. OUT. 

    • Anonymous

      Liza with a Z.

    • iCouture

      OUT.  Hideous.

    • Anonymous

      Out, out, out!

    • sweetlilvoice

       I like the bag actually, it’s groovy. As for the rest, meh. So it’s more out than in.

    • Anonymous

      Out. You nailed the description though. And her purse totally looks like contact paper.

    • Fifi LaRoux


    • Anonymous

      I saw the dick in the dress immediately. Can’t ever, ever unsee. And I hate her block o’ wood wedges. Oh You Tee!

    • Mariah J


    • Cheri Patrick

      While I now see the darn penis, and wish I didn’t, and I do think it’s two inches too short, and the hair and makeup makes her look old, I think the ugly shoes are actually perfect for this, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that purse.  Enough to make this an IN.

    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      Did she seriously put on her bathing suit cover up and some wedges and come to a red carpet? She just made my summer so much easier….

    • Lisa

      Oh, honey, OUT.  And I hate the hair – JoAnne Worley is right!

    • Stacy

      OUT. She looks like a 50+ socialite who’s had too much plastic surgery. The dress and the hair just age her so much. Choose one or the other, not both! And the shoes are just hiddy, no matter what. OUTTTTTTTT.

      Also, I hate her, so this was really easy.

    • Anonymous

      This is a nothing dress, Anyone can get one just like it hanging on a rack on the street outside an Indian dress and schmatta shop for about $20. Its ugliness is only surpassed by what could be the most god-awful shoes I’ve ever seen. I CAN’T STAND hoof-shoes and can’t wait for them to go away for good.

    • Anonymous

      When you just zoom in on the shoes, I kind of like them. Although I hate the color and the fact they look dirty (unless that’s part of the color? Either way, not good). The length of the sleeves versus the length of the dress makes it look like she forgot to put on pants and ran out the door in her shirt.  Her big shiny penis shirt.  OUT.

    • Svanhild Salmons

      Aside from the fact that this is aggressively ugly, she has a giant glittery you-know-what pointed directly at her lady area.  And that short skirt is giving it full access.  Tacky, tasteless, dated, and vulgar to the max.

    • drdarke

      I’d call wearing two wedges of cheese on your feet while sporting your Dad’s stolen Renaissance Faire shirt a bold choice, myself – not “tasteful” or even “good”, but certainly bold.

      “Farah Khan” – isn’t she an Indian movie director/dance choreographer? She shouldn’t quit her day job….