Gal on the Street: Pippa carries Pippa

Posted on July 16, 2011

Future gay icon Pippa Middleton has been sashaying all over London, slinging her Modalu “Bristol” handbag so much for photographers that it completely sold out. Knowing a good thing when they see it, the company re-released the bag with some slight changes and renamed it the “Pippa.” Now that’s some style cred. We’ll have to start paying more attention to this gal. She’s more fun than Cathy because she’s not bound by any rules. Also because she’s called “Pippa.”

Pippa Middleton running errands in Chelsea.

It’s not always easy to rock flats and a miniskirt, but girl is pulling it off.

Pippa Middleton on King’s Road [in a Zara dress].

That dress is super-cute. Good deployment of wedges. She’s got good shoe instincts, it seems.

So what do we think of the bag, ladies? We’re not as enamored of the black with the croc finish, but the brown one is gorgeous.

Your turn:

The Pippa Bag: Yea or Nay?



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  • Love the brown — I don’t like the beige as much, but the brown is lux

  • Nichole Beaver


  • it looks an awful lot like the Michael Kors bag that Heidi likes a few pages back.  I like the finishes on hers better.

    • My first reaction is that this bag has it all over the MK bag. Nice.

    • Anonymous

      That is EXACTLY what I thought.

  • Ooh, not too expensive, roomy, has a strap so I can wear it on a bike…TLo, you just cost me £170. 

  • Anonymous

    ADORE the brown

  • Anonymous

    Sure, whatever. Also, she has no ass. She may be a future gay icon (lolz on that, btw), but she is no ass icon!

  • Michelle Prahl

    Eh. It kind of reminds me of my Grandma’s purse. She’s cute, but I keep expecting her to pull out a pack of Camel’s and a coupon wallet. 

  • Love the beige and the brown. But then again I think that animal skins belong on animals.

  • Anonymous

    Nay. I just find bags like this one of the Michael Kors bag earlier painfully boring.

  • Anonymous

    Want. Bag. So. Much.

  • Anonymous

    I like the brown one a lot, esp. in the photos of Middleton. The color looks richer there.

  • Anonymous

    TLo said: “It’s not always easy to rock flats and a miniskirt, but girl is pulling it off.”

    Actualleeee. . .  originally the miniskirt was all about flats or, at most, a little block-y 1″ or 1-1/2″ heel. Seems to me it was only after the mini went out of style and then came back that heels (as in high heels, stilettos, etc.) were added.  Minis first time around made the wearer look young, carefree, sexy-but-at-the-same-time-desexualized. Second time around tight fit, cleavage, and high heels were added, making the wearer look hypersexualized, streetwalkerish, sometimes desperate. I’m painting in broad strokes, yes, but look at these pictures of first-wave minis (Twiggy, Jane Birkin, Natalie Wood, Joni Mitchell, Rita Tushingham, Susan George, Brenda Sykes, Charlotte Rampling, more) and you’ll see there are only a couple examples of heels higher than an inch or so.

    Pedantically yours,

    • How educational.  😀  Thank you.  

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for the stroll down memory lane in the flats we wore with our minis. I’d forgotten about Ewa Aulin. She was a waif-icon for me,  as was (of course ) Twiggy. My sister and I always wanted to visit Carnaby Street to be a part of the ’60s fashion.  Now I just want to take the Jane Austen Tour in a pair of comfy flats.
      Hey! Flats! Full circle!

      • Anonymous

        I did get to visit Carnaby St. in the mid-70s. Oh, and the Mary Quant store!

        • Anonymous

          Soooooo jealous!  I remember drawing tiny eyelashes along my lower lid, a la Twiggy.  At least I thought they were tiny and uber stylish at the time.  Looking at old pictures, I looked like a racoon who had been out in the rain!  Ah, youth…

    • Anonymous

      On the money, BB!  I never wore flats with my minis in the 60s, but instead wore what were called “chunky heels,” which were exactly as you describe them–blocky and 1 or 1 1/2 inches high, no more. Stilettos were not worn with minis in the 60s. The look was meant to be young, independent (something totally new for women at the time!), and a little cheeky, not overly sexualized, even though it was a sexy look.

      So Austentatious, my best friend bore a striking resemblance to Twiggy, and once she had her hair done in Twiggy’s style, she could have passed.  It was a great time for fashion and for being young.

      • Anonymous

        Cheeky! 🙂 Yes.
        I miss those fashions. Sigh.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, was so lucky to be there, young, enjoying swinging London in my Dolly Rocker and Mary Quant Ginger Group dresses and fabulous snakeskin, slingback chunky heeled shoes.

    • Anonymous

      The more I think about it, I think people did start wearing platforms with dresses in the mid-’70s (Ferragamos, anyone?). But it was platform wedges, not stilettos or anything like that, and the skirt styles were different, too. I found more of those great pictures; sheesh, even the prostitutes didn’t wear high heels!

      • Anonymous

        Fabulous link – thanks so much for posting it!  Yes, I remember wearing mostly boots with 1-inch heels and – sorry TLO – t-strap flats with my 60’s minis, and big chunky wedges in the seventies.  THEN the stiletto heels with short skirts in the 80’s, but that was more for “clubbing” – ( eye-roll ).  Although, come to think about it, I do remember wearing a fantastic pair of kelly green “Flings” stilettos that had been my mother’s in the fifties, and walking from 19th St to 59 St. NYC to work!  No wonder my feet hurt now!  

        • Anonymous

          My bunions are a small (but painful) price for wearing the shoes of the 60s and 70s!

    • Anonymous

      Damn that brings back memories. Shoes were so much easier on the feet back then! Maybe some shoe designer will take pity and bring back those heels?

      • Anonymous

        Absolutely, annieanne! And from your post to the eyes of shoe designers around the world.

    • Thank you for that absolutely amazing link. I still get sad when I see pics of Sharon Tate. But, wow, that is one great resource and I will be bookmarking.

    • Christine Campbell

      This made my freaking weekend!

    • Thank’s for the link BB.  Spot on!!

    • Anonymous

      That link was fabulous, BB! Loved the fashions and b/w format. It really brought back so many memories.

    • Anonymous

      Geez — they didn’t say she invented the look, just that she was rocking it.

      That being said, I enjoyed the link. Thanks!

      • Anonymous

        Glad you liked the link. And you’re absolutely right about what TLo said/didn’t say, but you misunderstood my point, which was that since wearing flats w/ a mini is how it was originally done, it’s not unusual or difficult.

        • Anonymous

          Actualleeee….your point was a mini-lecture about the origin of the mini and how it evolved with a flat (or 1-1 1/2″ heel) and how wearing a mini with heels looks like a streetwalker.

          Since today’s eye is more used to seeing all those desperate women walking around looking like prostitutes (in your estimation), one could argue that it is more unusual to wear a mini with a flat and still “rock the look”, as they did back in the day.

          • Anonymous

            Wow. I don’t think that was BB’s point at all, nor any of the other posts. Thanks for the walk down memory lane BB!

        • I still find it ridiculously difficult — my legs are short and tend toward dumpy… not a pretty look in a skirt that bares my thighs without a heel to make them look better:)

    • Judy_J

      Let me add my thanks to you, BB for your on-the-money assessment of miniskirts and footwear in the sixties and early seventies.

    • Dianora Rose

      I love the mini with the higher neckline and flats or a low heel. Those thigh high boots are fantastic! And on that first link, Barbara Sykes is super gorgeous! As perhaps the whitest girl ever, I ask for more models of color please!

    • Um, they started wearing platforms with dresses in the 1930’s.  Everyone just thinks they are an original ’70’s style.

  • bailey debruynkops

    she and her style are boring. just like her big sis. 

  • I dig the grey one, but then I love grey…goes with so much.  

  • Anonymous

    Yay!!  and Yea!  Brown one is the best.

  • That brown one is gorgeous. Sign me up!

  • I think it’s a great bag!! I personally love the cream one she’s carrying in the first two shots (or is that the “shark” and just looks cream to me? Anyways, love it because it’s so difficult to find a really nice bag in a light colour. Seems everything those Middleton girls touch turns straight to gold!!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, I just don’t see it. She’s cute, but so are a million other girls. Without the connection, she’s nothing special. The bag’s okay.

    • theresa johnston

      She has a lovely bum, and a passable face. Otherwise…*yawn*

  • Anonymous

    I’m also not crazy about the panty — what, ditch? Maybe they’re too tight.

  • Boring boring boring uninspired boring. Honestly, I’ve been trying to get on board with the obsession over both Cathy and Pippa but if I wanted classic, safe style, I could do that myself without needing the inspiration of those two.They’re lovely girls, but I can only say “meh.”

  • akprincess72

    I like & would carry the brown one, but not the others.

  • Toni Mitt

    I love the black croc!  Great style, but I’m over carrying the big handbags in which one might hide a child.  My arms can’t take it anymore…

  • Anonymous

    Love the bag.

    And seriously, does the pap follow her everywhere? I don’t know how you could ever recognize her, she just looks like any number of attractive, but wealthy, women walking in London.

  • Trinh D.

    The bag is very meh…but I don’t really like bags that much. She’s very stylish though. I wonder why her parents named her Pippa. Is it her actual name? Nickname? It just seems worlds apart to have one child named Catherine and another named Pippa. Basing on just their names alone, one would assume that Pippa is the black sheep of the family. I’m just saying.

    • Anonymous

      Pippa is a pretty common English name for girls. It’s the diminutive/feminine form of Phillip, and there’s a famous poem by Robert Browning called “Pippa Passes.”

      • MilaXX

        I just assumed her full name was Phillipa and Pippa was her nick name.

        • Christine Campbell


        • That’s correct:)  And she’s not particularly fond of the Pippa nickname, but she can’t seem to shake it now.

    • Her given name is Philippa .  Pippa is her nickname.  Sounds kicky!

    • It’s a nickname. It’s short for Philippa.

      • Oh, sorry. I see this has been answered already!

  • MilaXX

    yea, it’s a cute and practical looking bag

  • Anonymous

    I like it better than Heidi’s MK.  With a shoulder strap yea.

  • Totally agree–it’s the brown one that melts my butter.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll take all three, plz.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a bag carrier (I own exactly one, and deploy it about once a year, if that), but I like the brown and the grey isn’t so bad, either.  The black looks like a day planner cover.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I use my bag to bring in grocery store candy and water to the movie theatre. Otherwise, I use a small purse or wallet on a string!

  • Yea. Especially in the black croc.

  • I agree with the comment below about it looking a bit like a Grandma bag–when she opens up to put in a few rolls from dinner or get out a nice leather cigarette case I can think of my Grammy Rene and her weird collection of porcelain poodles.  So it has that going for it.

  • Anonymous

    Oh God, please tell me you guys aren’t going to be the next folks trying to make her happen. She was a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding, and she wasn’t made to look horrible while doing so; can we all please move on now.

  • Anonymous

    Yea to the brown. Nay to the other two. Love the Zara dress – I wonder if they have that one in my local store? It’s a cute kick-around dress for summer.

  • Anonymous

    Love the brown.  Is she having some waistline location issues or am I imagining things?

  • Anonymous

    Love all three of them, but the brown one is a serious want.

  • It’s a cute bag, but I don’t need to carry that much stuff with me all the time. I wonder what she has in there.

    • Anonymous

      It really isn’t that big of a purse.  

  • Love it in brown! 

  • Anonymous

    ADORE the colorblock dress and the brown bag is awesome.

    It seems way more fun to be Pippa than Kate.

  • Anonymous

    Yea. The brown one is lovely.

  • Anonymous

    Yea.  i am a shoulder stap kinda girl, but if i carried this i would always choose black. just cant help myself

  • Nay. It looks like every other bag that came out this season. Boring.

    • Anonymous

      i’m with you, big leather bags like that bore me to tears.  just thinking about lugging it around makes my back hurt.  when i shop for a bag the first thing i think about it how heavy is it when empty.  it should be light as a feather , and with no hardware.  i don’t need to haul around a bunch of buckles and bangles.  so NAY to the bag.  but, seriously, does no one else see those flats as run down and sloppy looking?  to me theylook like they came from the free box.

  • yay.

  • Anonymous

    Well, they all certainly look very practical.  Yeah, that’s about it.  Not getting the whole Pippa thing.

  • Like the brown one, although it’s bigger than I’d ever use, personally. Reptile skin is still gross. Overall it’s an In.

  • Helen C

    She dresses just like any other girl her age in London.  In fact her face looks way older than she actually is.  Don’t see anything special except she’s got a royal brother-in-law.  

  • Patricia Biswanger

    As a confirmed Handbag Addict, I absolutely LOVE it.

    P.S.  In Philadelphia, we call them “pocketbooks.”

  • Yea completely for a classic bag with a somewhat plain dress. But totally shocked and disappointed that you didn’t call out the VPL on the side/rear view of lovely Pippa in that dress. Bad news.

  • Not reading down the comments, but the major panty lines in the last picture are distracting. I have zero opnions on the bag because I am not a bag person, so enjoy the random comment, all!

  • Absolutely YEA.

  • It has a strap, major points. YEA!
    HOWEVER. I do not like the Zara dress. It looks like she just left her barista job and forgot to take off her apron.

  • Rebecca Zmarzly

    LOVE the “Chili” color on Modalu’s website. 

  • I’ll take one in brown, please.

  • Yea all the way, from a gay in G-A!

  • Which “Future gay icon”? Richard Simmons? Puh-Leaze! I will stick with Kate. She’s the one who landed a prince (who’s also a future King of England). I still have not forgiven Pippa for dressing so sexy on her sister’s wedding day. If I were Kate, I would have banned Pippa from appearing on that day. Completely stole Kate’s thunder.

    • To be fair, don’t you think Kate picked out Pippa’s dress or at the very least ok’ed it? Most Brides pick the Bride’s maids dresses out.

    • Lori B

      No, if you were Kate, you would have chosen that dress for Pippa, because that’s what happened —  Kate selected the dress, with her sister’s input no doubt .  And some of us think it was an excellent choice by a very secure bride following a longstanding tradition of dressing attendants in white.  Pippa may have gotten a lot of press coverage, especially tabloid and blog buzz, but she didn’t ‘steal Kate’s thunder’ on her wedding day, that’s laughable.  

      (Oh, and love the bag, especially in brown.)

    • Under what circumstances does a bride not know what her bridemaid sister is going to be wearing?  And even if that were a common thing, do you honestly believe that the royals didn’t insist on knowing (and managing) what everyone one in either immediate family would be wearing? 

  • Anonymous

    TLo said: “Future gay icon Pippa Middleton has been sashaying all over London, slinging her Modalu “Bristol” handba….” 

    Do not understand why Pippa is on her way to becoming a gay icon.  I cannot see her in the same company as Cher, Liza or Judy.  Can someone help out the culturally challenged and  please explain?

  • Anonymous

    It’s just a bag.

  • narita_rayna

    WANT. all of them. and also her clothes & shoes.

  • Anonymous


    i’d prefer the gray one, though, as i have no use for brown generally, but especially not that shade.

  • I love the bag, I love her style.  I love her name!

    That’s my SIL’s REAL name.  Not nickname.  It’s her REAL name.  Of course, being a very butch lesbian, it was the wrong name for my in-laws to pin on her.

  • Anonymous

    It’s…. It’s okay? I’m a Betsey bag girl, though. 

  • Okay, I love just about everything on their site, too.

  • yea.

  • Anonymous

    I sent an email to Modula a week ago asking where I could purchase this handbag in the US.  I am so sick of the hobo slouchy bags that don’t stand up and my stuff is all over the bottom hiding from me.

  • Any bag that comes in a warm gray is ok in my book!

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous? Yes if you are an old Grandma..this is so traditional, so Old Fashioned and so conservative I do not think it suits a 20 something girl. I’m 50 and I’d feel like an old bag carrying one of these…

  • Anonymous

    Yea.  Love it.  In grey or brown, please.

  • Anonymous

    Love it, Yea…

  • Lisa

    Wow!  Can you imagine being such a hot commodity that all you have to do is carry a bag around here and there and suddenly the company re-names it after you?  I mean – damn, girl, you go!

    • Anonymous

      does she get a royalty or anything? No doubt it’s cool, but it kind of seems like they’re using her name for their benefit.

  • I want the brown one.

  • Anonymous

    YEA. Especially the tan version.

  • Anonymous

    I like the brown one as well. I like that it has outside zippered pockets; that’s a huge deal for me.
    The bag is a little too big for my taste, but I like that it has a shoulder strap option.

    What I really don’t like is that Zara dress on her. Look at that side view. Flat as a pancake. What happened to the ass heard around the world? That dress makes her look like she has nothing.

  • Joyce VG

    YEA  to all.

  • Anonymous

    The gray one is the only one I like at all, and I’m probably just reacting to the color.  Bag is dull for me. 

  • Joan Pantsios

    I fail to understand why Pippa Middleton is future gay (or any kind of) icon.

  • Don’t get the hype with this lady. She screams “meh!” to me. All…the…time.