WERQ: Rosie Huntington- Whiteley in Gucci

Posted on June 24, 2011

We are SO not going to hear much agreement in the comments section on this one, but we don’t care. Work them panties, girl!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley attends the premiere of the ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ during the 33d Moscow International Film Festival in Gucci.

Gucci Fall 2011 Collection/Model: Anabela Belikova

Minions are often confused by us. “T Lo,” they say, “You said you didn’t like sheer skirts, so why do you like this?” Well, maybe we’re different (although we don’t think we are) but we think every item of clothing depends on its wearer and the place it’s being worn to determine whether it works or not. Would we like to see someone wear this to the Academy Awards or the Met gala? No, not really. Would we like to see this on Helen Mirren? Definitely not. Elle Fanning? No. In other words, we don’t hate things like nude shoes per se; we hate the ways in which they’re deployed on the red carpet.

Now, granny panties are definitely reserved for the specific gal in the specific time and place, but yes, they can work when it all comes together. We think she looks amazing here. The dress suits her as well or better than it did the model, whose only job in that one moment was to sell that dress. She looks sexy without looking sleazy, and somehow, it just works for something like the Moscow film festival (it’d work at Cannes too); especially since, ironically, Russia apparently doesn’t do red carpets, choosing instead to favor eye-searing capitalist green carpets.

At any rate, we can’t impose across-the-board dictates regarding granny panties, because sometimes – rare times, to be sure – some gal comes along and rocks the hell out of them.

We were going to type “rocks the shit out of them,” but that seemed wrong in a discussion about panties. WERQ it, girl!

[Photo Credit: Getty, style.com]

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  • Anonymous

    I have too agree it Werks, although wearing the runway outfit should lower your points. 

    • Anonymous

      But if it’s a dress how could she avoid it? Besides, this look is styled in an entirely different manner than the runway look.

      • Anonymous

        Is it? I thought they were separates. 

  • Rose, darling, you’re a MODEL!

  • Rose, darling, you’re a MODEL!

  • She looks AMAZING!  Like that outfit was made for her.

  • LOVE the shoes, and she looks fab. She has such an interesting face, it really draws the eye.

  • Anonymous

    WERQ indeed!  She looks fantastic, few people could do this but she did.  Huzzah!

    • Anonymous

      But her name still makes me giggle.  It’s like a bad sorority girl character from a Farrelly brothers movie.

  • Anonymous

    I am so annoyed with her hair, I can’t focus on anything else! I love the dress on her so much but I wish she would have pulled her hair back, it’s getting in the way of the foofy on her right side.

    • Agreed – that hair is making me twitchy the way it’s hitting the flower-pouf… though I’m generally opposed to copying the runway look to a T, the original hairdo is a sleek and perfect combo.

  • Anonymous

    Girl is WERQ’n those granny-panties like nobody’s business! She looks fantastic and totally appropriate given the event and venue.

  • Anonymous

    Dayum, gurrrl.

  • Anonymous

    Dayum, gurrrl.

  • You had me at ‘panties.’

    For serious though, she’s one of few ladies that can make them work. Flawless.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful. Panties and all!

  • Valerie Owens

    She looks great. Also you guys crack me up explaining “rocking shit out of something”

  • Anonymous

    I like it but dislike her hair — it just makes her shoulder look messy.  Shoulda pulled it back.

  • She looks amazing. That green carpet, however, is unbearable.

  • Anonymous

    I like to believe that all things are possible in the right conditions.  Here’s a perfect example of the right person, clothes and styling and attitude coming together in an unlikely but completely seamless perfection of finished look. Grrrrl. Whoever your stylist is, keep them happy.

  • Anonymous

    This is one of those things that really shouldn’t work, but it is stunningly beautiful on her.  She looks amazing!

  • Jillian Kroos

    I, too, think she looks gorgeous. But she also strikes me as more of a model than an actress. Maybe that’s why? Also, that mustard color is very tricky to pull off and she’s doing it quite well.

    • Anonymous

      I think the green background is helping set off the mustard.

  • I think it would have worked if the sheer skirt started where the granny panties ended.

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea who she is but she does look amazing. I think I’d normally hate the top, too, but it’s great on her. Still, I think the sheer-skirt-skirt-over-panties looks silly, and I’d probably like it better if it was just layers of sheer skirt (enough layers that we didn’t see London and France).

  • I think she looks fantastic. I’d definitely wear this to a screening of my summer blockbuster in Moscow. You know, when that happens…

  • Anonymous

    It does work well, her hair, make up, shoes all fit perfectly.  The color works well with her skin tone.  I generally hate the granny panties (I’m looking at YOU Gretchen Jones), but here, I’ll agree, she looks fabulous.

  • peter ryan

    above the waist – werq

    below – blerq

  • Anonymous

    I like it, she looks hot

  • Anonymous

    Agree definitely. She looks hot. And I love your comment about rocking them!

  • aimee_parrott

    I’ve been stridently anti-granny panties, but she looks fabulous!  WERQ is right.

    PS – that green carpet is making me quite bilious.

  • Bridget Dierks

    On her, WERQ, on anyone else, YIKES.  99.999999% of the world cannot wear black granny panties under a sheer skirt and look good doing it.

  • Anonymous

    It does work — if the skirt to the floor weren’t sheer, it would be way too heavy. And these are more like nice shorts than the flat-out real granny underpants Gretchen from Project Runway was so fond of pretending women wear on the street.

  • She is WERQing it!  That top is amazing.  Didn’t Beyonce WERQ the same outfit for a magazine shoot not too long ago?

    • Beyoncé was photographed in the same outfit for a magazine shoot, but she did not WERQ it.

  • Anonymous

    She’s beautiful, love the top on her. Hate, hate that she looks like she is wearing a black girdle or the bottom of an Esther Williams bathing suit. Loathe the panty look on anyone and under any circumstance.

  • I fell in love with this dress the momment I saw it at Gucci Fall 2011 fashion show. And this model/actress looks FAB in it! WERQ, indeed.

  • I guess if the granny panties are going to work on anyone, it’s a former Victoria’s Secret model

  • No complaints from me. I actually love the green carpet. Red so is passe. 

  • Anonymous

    You’re right, we totally disagree. But that’s cool. I sometimes astonish myself by liking someone in a romper or a jumpsuit. I’ll be extremely astonished if I ever like someone in a sheer skirt over granny panties. I do like the top half of the outfit on her, though, and I like the the drape of the skirt.

  • Anonymous

    I think it works on her because she’s got the perfect body type for a dress like this. On anyone with any other body type (or anyone younger or older for that matter), it wouldn’t have worked.

  • This is the first WERQ you’ve done in a while that I completely agree upon. She looks stunning from head to toe. She has the legs for the sheer look and, even though I could not rock the granny panties, she can. Plus, I much prefer this style to the mini skirt with a sheer maxi skirt overlay. I can’t believe I am saying this but I can’t find a flaw. What is wrong with me? You have shaken me to the core here, Men. I might need a cool libation and some smelling salts (or a margarita and some nachos).

  • Anonymous

    I completely agree TLo…she looks amazing here and deserves a WERQ.

    I really detest the granny panties, but I can separate my personal taste from what is well done and stylish.   If anyone is going to pull off wearing granny panties under a sheer gown…it’s her here.  The color of the top is gorgeous and all the layers and shoulder frufru, even though bulky, still has a very light feel to it. 

    My only criticism (minor) is I don’t like it when hair is long and has the ability to tangle in all that stuff…hair she be up and/or pulled to the opposite side of it…just opposite of what she did.

  • Am I allowed to analyse no further than just a “no, she annoys me”? Because she does.

  • Am I allowed to analyse no further than just a “no, she annoys me”? Because she does.


  • Anonymous

    I was willing to give her this, as she’s a model and her job is to sell ridiculous outfits like this until she did the lame “hold the skirt out” pose. Then she lost all WERQ qualifiers for me.  And yes, she can get away with this dress, but I do wish the entire translucent skirt/grannie undies look would die, die, die.

  • She looks good and I love the bottom half. The top half is a gorgeous color and effect, but it’s just a little too plush for the minimalist bottom half. She’s top-heavy. Hair and make-up are stunning though. STUNNING. I love about 99% of this look.

    • Agreed. I also have a feeling the reason she can pull something this cracktastic (on paper) off is because, you know, she’s a MODEL. 

  • Must agree also, it is pretty fabulous on her!

  • Anonymous

    This look is helped ENORMOUSLY by the green background. I have to admit it’s working though. So it’s the exception which proves the rule (Rule being No Granny Panties).

    (I don’t know who made up that exception proves the rule stuff, but it sure comes in handy.)

    Maybe because you can see where it’s tacked down so clearly, what I can’t get out of my head is the intern/lowest wage on site labor spent installing that green carpet. It must have taken hours.

  • Anonymous

    I agree- generally hate sheer skirts and granny panties, but if it works on the wearer, then it just gol’ darn works. WERQ!!

  • Anonymous

    Not my favorite look, but I can’t but agree…she looks good.  It helps that she was (I guess still is) a model, so she knows how to wear clothes to make them look their best and she has that look on her face like ‘That’s right.  I look hot.’  She is wearing flattering makeup, and while I like her hair, I think with the shoulder doo-hickey, she should have pulled it back.  I can’t think of anyone else that might have been able to pull this off…well, maybe Zoe Saldana.

    That carpet is the stuff of nightmares.

  • Sara__B

    She does indeed look fabulous. Only one quibble: The over-one-shoulder hair collides with the explosion of ruffled flowers on her shoulder. A different hairdo would have werqed even better.

  • She wears it well.

  • oohsparkley!

    I agree, it werqs.  It helps that she’s not trying too hard to be overtly sexy (like J. Lo or Christina Aguilera sp?) She’s keeping it classy.  The panties work because they are intentional, like a lining or a bustier intended to be shown and to protect the naughty bits, not just underwear showing.  They are specially lined panties, like ice-skating costumes.  She has a slight resemblence to Cameron Diaz, but fresher.

  • Anonymous

    She looks like she feels so comfortable, too.

  • Anonymous

    She looks like she feels so comfortable, too.

  • Judy_J

    She does look fantastic.  Never thought I’d like a granny panty look, but I’m changing my mind for this one.

  • I hate the big flower thing on it, but hell, she is rocking those granny panties.

  • Emily Giovanni

    I love it! But with a big flourish like that, she should really put her hair up. Also, I would love it more if it was a miniskirt under the long sheer skirt, rather than the granny panties.

  • kim i

    i think she looks stunning across the board.  but you’re right, better boys, it wouldn’t work on others.  RHW soars above the merely mortal … plain.

  • Love it! Except never ever ever hold your dress out away from you. Gives me flashbacks of Blake Lively.

  • Anonymous

    She’s wearing the shit out of this dress. The unusual green backround is enhancing the overall look. The flower does look as if it is eating her hair. 

  • Anonymous

    She’s wearing the shit out of this dress. The unusual green backround is enhancing the overall look. The flower does look as if it is eating her hair. 

  • Lies L.

    I love it.

  • kerry dee

    Saying she wears it better than the model is kind of funny to read, considering I’ve never really found Rosie to be a great model to begin with. She looks great here though.

  • Anonymous

    I guess she’s getting away with this more than anyone else would, but I just… can’t. I refuse to accept that it’s OK to walk around in public with your granny panties showing. I also hate these all-sheer-all-the-time skirts.

    I friggin’ love the top and would kill to be able to wear it.

  • Michelle Prahl

    No. She looks stupid. 

  • MilaXX

    I’m gonna cut you guys a bit of slack here. She doesn’t look bad, in fact I think she looks pretty good. I haven’t seen her before she took over for Megan Fox in the Transformers movie, so I don’t know if she truly qualifies as a WERQ, but this is certainly a good way to introduce yourself.

  • Anonymous

    I have to admit, it does werq on her, she looks stunning.

  • nope. hate hate hate sheer skirts, sorry :/

  • Christine Marie


  • Anonymous

    I’ll chime in as well.  She is .0001% who could make this WERQ which makes it all the more impressive.  She’s gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    This is why I watch the carpet: to ooh and ahh over outfits us regular mortals can only dream of  wearing. Although I’ve never aspired to wearing granny panties in public, this evoked the same reaction I had when seeing La Blanchett in the black and white Alexander McQueen, Nicole Kidman in the green and blue Dior, Halle Berry in her first Elie Saab, Julia Roberts in the vintage Armani….

    Well done, Ms. H-W! And your cheekbones belong in a museum alongside other great works of sculpture!

  • I think she looks amazing!

  • Grace Ritt

    I love sheer skirts! I don’t know why you hate those so much. She looks awesome!

  • DH

    Agreed. I think she looks fierce.

  • Jill Roberts

    Wow.  It’s the proportions that make the sheer skirt work–it’s full and it hides a lot while showing a lot.  Well done.

  • Anonymous

    The only woman on the planet who can work this look: an undapants model. She sure is WERQ’in.

  • Anonymous

    The top part of tht dress is gorgeous, but I don’t love the sheer skirt+granny panties.
    Still, it’s hard to deny that the bitch looks fabulous.  

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks pretty stunning, I’m agreeing with you guys – WERQ!

  • Anonymous

    I agree. She does look fabulous – and I HATE grannie panties.. Even the giant shoulder flower doesn’t look like its eating her neck. Probably because her neck is about 12 inches long.

  • Zubair Ghumro

    Out…Those panties and sheer skirt is a NO! NO! Though she looks good from the waist up. 

  • Anonymous

    Whoa. The laws of nature dictate this should work, at all, ever. That big ass flower in one shoulder, granny panties, a sheer skirt on top, and all this makes a pretty dress? And somehow, it works beautifully, and she looks amazing and classy. Go figure.
    Whoever her stylist is, I want to see more of them.

  • Anonymous

    I think you are right. This looks terrific. My only complaint are the geometric earrings. I hate the way they look with the floral top and I also dislike gold jewelry with the brass colored fabric of her top. 

  • Anonymous

    she’s SO FIERCE, but to be fair, two things:  1)  i always liked this look, even on the runway, and even when t.lo eschewed sheer-paired-with-panties; 2)  SHE’S A MODEL.  it’s like cheating to feature her in a werq post, especially b/c for any other mortal who had a similar bod (i.e. no one) we’d all be trashing them for copying a runway look exactly.  but she knows how to work shit, so there you have it LOL.

  • Anonymous

    WERQ indeed. Fierce and fabulous.

  • i figured you would mention the setting when you said you liked it.

    otoh, i would have prefered the skirt w/ some kind of postpostpostmodernized i love lucy pants beneath. think about it. gaultier, i believe, just did something similar. so i gather i’d rather the skirt wrapped around. or somesuch. the whole gantzemegillah is nice elsewise.

    • Anonymous

      People don’t use ‘elsewise’ enough. Thank you.

  • She looks amazing.  The exception that proves the rule.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t stop looking at her cheekbones.  You could cut glass with those things.

  • All For You Sophia

    She looks like a mental cyborg! The face I mean. The outfit strangely works I think.

  • All For You Sophia

    She looks like a mental cyborg! The face I mean. The outfit strangely works I think.

  • What the fuck is that?  Seriously, that is hiddy.  “Looks like a drag queen” should not be an insult, but seriously, if one of the girls on Drag Race wore that shit, we’d be ripping her taste.  Its O to the UT.

  • Anonymous

    I really hate seeing knickers in public, whether they’re poking out the top of jeans or underneath a sheer skirt; to me it just looks vulgar. And I don’t think the bargain-basement-looking, bright green carpet helps matters at all. This dress would look much better against red. Despite everything that’s wrong here, though, she’s still pretty much werqing it.

  • Anonymous

    I think you guys nailed it. Every styling feature is perfect and proportional, I’m digging the brown tresses on her, and I’m coveting that lip color (course, it helps having those lips).

  • Anonymous

    She looks amazing. I’ve never really been against granny panties, though – I’ve always thought they could be fun on the right person, and RHW is definitely the right person.

  • I love that, ON HER.  On any other shorter non-modely type, it would be a no.

  • OMG!  No granny panties!  Ever!  And who the hell is Rosie HuntingdonHyphenWhiteley?  Well, smell me!  Someone needs to change the cookie cutters-all of these starlets are interchangeable & confusing.

  • TLo, I AGREE. I am usually as anti-granny panties and anti-sheer skirts as they come, but I’ve loved this dress since it came out. I actually thought Diane Kruger would try to rock it, but it looks much better on Huntington-Whiteley than I imagined it would on Kruger!

  • I really think it’s all face here. She could be wearing damn near anything and it would look badass with that expression 🙂

  • Nah, TLo, I’m totally with you on this one. She is WERQing that ensemble. Maybe I’m just thrown off by the fantastic face she’s giving?

  • Patricia Biswanger

    Yeah, what’s with the green carpet?  Ick.

  • No no no.  It would have been dramatic and lovely without the sheer skirt.  With it, it’s just “hi, look at my panty-clad glorious legs.”  How can we judge J. Aniston for wearing tiny skirts and condone gratuitous leg-baring? No.

  • Anonymous

    aww hell to the no!

  • Anonymous

    its the top –  THAT is beautiful the  bottom is as much of a push as you can get without fighting with the top.

  • Vaniljekjeks

    It’s a WERQ!  Perfect.  

  • Lisa

    Noo no no.  The top has too much going on, and I just hate the sheer skirt trend.  Not good.

  • elzatelzabelz

    It generally works, except that flower thing is too much. I still wouldn’t wear it, but I’m not a model/actress, so….

  • She looks amazing.  Flawless hair and makeup, too.

  • Isadora Paiva

    I love it when you guys predict the minion opinion and get it wrong. Makes me feel unpredictable. She is so WERKing it!

  • I wonder what she looks like from behind. I mean when you wear this type of dress does your booty hang out, if so, not so sophisticated of a look.

  • Anonymous

    Yep, I agree. She looks aMAZing!

  • Agree, this is fab and would be divine at Cannes.

  • Beyond gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    FIERCE!! Wow, this is a study in How It’s Done! Proportions, children. Perfect. 

  • Andrea Rossillon

    I like it because it looks rather _sporty_…. Like she’s a very sophisticated tomboy.

  • I gotta agree. This works in SO many ways. She’s got the body and the attitude for this dress.