Ryan Kwanten is DA MAN

Posted on June 02, 2011

He may be DA MAN (or at least, on the cover of it), but we think Ryan can do with a little coaching and we’re just the opinionated bitches to do it. We’re going to let Ryan and the pictures have the floor first to make their case and then get the final word in ourselves. We’re magnanimous that way. Consider:

Ryan Kwanten for the June/July 2011 issue of DA MAN Magazine
Photographer: Eric Silverberg
Fashion Editor: Ashley Phan-Weston.

On what he thinks about the whole vampire phenomenon: “It was always a phenomenon that was hard to conceive, because it was never quite in the mainstream. Yet, these are the shows that brought all these fans together from what used to be considered as a cult, more of a minority, out into public view. And it has become pretty much a mainstream force. I think it’s now in the hands of the audience to demand the trend as it goes now, so I’m happy to be a part of a show like True Blood, which constantly lives up to the expectations of the audience.”

On maintaining his six-pack: “To be honest, the physical side of things has always been a part of who I am as a person. My dad is a white-collar worker by day, but as soon as he’s home, he’s out surfing and he’s a very physical father, so I sort of very much follow in his footsteps. The physical side of things is always there, it is not something I do out of vanity, but I do it just to maintain my own sanity—to be honest.”

On being a sex symbol: “It’s hard to fully accept the title with complete and utter humility. It’s obviously not my goal to have this title, but if someone wants to give it, hey I’m all for it, you know. But, at the end of the day, I’m an actor and if that’s what comes out of it, that’s great; that’s more of a byproduct of something that I’m trying to achieve.”

Tie, pants and belt by Giorgio Armani. Shirt by Calvin Klein.

Suit by Giorgio Armani. Shirt by John Varvatos. Belt and shoes by Emporio Armani.

Suit and shirt by Burberry. Tie by The Tie Bar. Belt by American Apparel.

Jacket and denim pants by Burberry. Shirt by Emporio Armani.
Tie by The Tie Bar. Shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo.

Suit and shirt by John Varvatos. Tie by Emporio Armani.

Nice things to say: This is a really well-styled shoot.  Beautiful items styled in a very modern dressy/casual way. We love every outfit and they all suit him well, which means he wears them well. Plus, he’s got a fantastic body and a decent face.

Unasked-for opinion: He may even have a spectacular face, but we’ve never really been able to tell because the boy just doesn’t know how to give good face. Granted, the facial hair doesn’t help, but he’s really got to learn how to lock in a face when the camera’s on him. It’s odd that he’s an actor and doesn’t seem to know this. It’s like he just points his face at the lens. Posing is about more than looking off into the distance or putting your hands in your pockets. Everyone jokes about smizing but Tyra has a point about learning how to arrange your face for the camera; to pose facially. Most screen actors of any note usually learn this; especially the ones trading on their looks. It’s a really great editorial style-wise, but from the neck up the model looks like he’s posing for his driver’s license. Consult some gays, kid. They’ll give you your very own version of Blue Steel.

[Photo Credit: daman.co.id]

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  • Anonymous

    Skinny belts for boys??? Please say it ain’t so!

    • Sara__B

      Maybe that’s why he looks faintly sad or worried in almost every shot.

  • http://profiles.google.com/grandiva1968 e jerry powell

    Reluctant, my ass.  For as much flesh as that boy flashes…

  • http://pleasewelcomeyourjudges.com/ Brian @ PWYJudges

    Give that blue blazer to me!!!

    • Anonymous

      Yes, that blazer is fab.

  • http://profiles.google.com/sauchih Sau-Chih Feng

    He looks like a young Carey Elwes to me, and that’s not a bad thing.

    • Anonymous

      That was my first thought too!

  • Jillian Kroos

    He’s wearing entirely too many clothes here.

  • Anonymous

    The lighting is pretty lousy, but that’s a complaint against the photographer.

    I’m enjoying that blue jacket.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=523566011 Dawn Grimes Stough

    he kind of looks like a creepy preacher in the one with the jacket slung over his shoulder…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=12500056 Joseph Lamour

      He could be a creepy anything as far as I’m concerned. He looks a little drunk in all of these shots. Like that slack mouthed way that you get when you’ve had one too many tequila shooters.

  • Anonymous

    I just want to jerk his face towards the light and put that slackjaw in place. Sorry, he just doesn’t do it for me. All these actors are starting to look the same to me in all these photoshoots. Can we get some variation of guys other than the brooding, white, Northern European features, please??

    • http://profiles.google.com/angelarosesarno angela rose sarno

      Amen- what a yawn!

  • Anonymous

    Agree w/you on the facial hair…it has got to go. And I think his smizing skills are pretty much on par with his acting skills……don’t hate me True Blood Minions!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    He ain’t no model, but he’s a handsome dude. The suit in the pic where he is buttoning the jacket is to die for. I want it.

  • http://profiles.google.com/kbryna kbryna frogboots

    Love the photo of him in the Armani windowpane suit. He looks good when he’s looking down. I don’t really know or care who he is.  But he’s dead wrong about vampires – they’ve been popular (mainstream, even) for a pretty damn long time. You know, since *Dracula* was published in 1897? And earlier, actually, like with Varney the Vampyre in the penny dreadfuls in the 1840s. There’s just more buzz now because there’s more media, more places to slather on those vampires.

    • Amy Sinclair

      The mainstream popularity of modern vampire fiction can be credited to Anne Rice. True Blood and its dumbed-down cousins (Twilight, Vampire Diaries) owe her a great deal. Since 1976, she’s the one who changed vampires from inhuman, soulless, evil bloodsuckers (Dracula) into what we have today: attractive, romantic, brooding beings with a conflicted conscience.

      Yes, Ryan has the body to showcase great clothes, but he’s not much of a model. He’s giving the same constipated expression in most of the photos.

    • Anonymous

      he also seems unaware of the whole buff/angle phenomena as well as all big vampire novel series so popular under the urban fantasy gendre. all of which as amy says owes creditt to ann rice. i love the true blood books but the series is too much about showing skin and sex. that’s also why i stopped reading the laurel k. hamilton books, it  got be all sex & bondage, silly me missed the good plots & character development.

      ryan is an attractive guy, but he doesn’t come acrosss to me as much more intelligent than his true blood character, which is not sexy to me. and let’s be honest here, the boy was not hired for his acting skills. 

      • Anonymous

        sorry for the typos, the comments section does not play nice with my phone.  and i wanted to clarify, i  love the true blood books but am not a fan of the direction taken in the hbo series.

  • Anonymous

    I am just the gay for him to consult with.  And by “consult” I mean get naked and roll around on the floor for hours.  Trust me, he’ll give good face after that.

  • http://visceralresponse.com Dina dV

    Ryan, at least when he’s acting, has quite an expressive face.  Jason is for all intents and purposes a total bimbo but a sweet and well-meaning one, and Kwanten always gets to the heart of who Jason is. His scenes with Chris Bauer after they learn Sam’s “secret” are a little treasure because of how much Kwanten sells Jason’s sweetness instead of his stupidity.

    That I’ve come to like Jason MORE as he’s been forced to wear more and more clothes is a testament, I think, to Kwanten’s acting.  I just don’t think the photographer gave him good direction.  When he’s in a scene with someone else he’s quite good at giving “face.”

  • MilaXX

    eh’ he does nothing for me.

    • http://vhanna26.typepad.com Vera

      I’m not feeling him either.

  • Anonymous

    i like the first shot, but i dont think the other pictures show him in the best light, style-wise and otherwise.

  • scottyf

    T&Lo said
    “It’s odd that he’s an actor and doesn’t seem to know this.”

    I’ve never seen the gentleman’s acting work–he may be the next Sir Laurence; and I know you fellas are well aware of this but: not every person that makes their living on stage or screen is an actor.

    So many people–including, unfortunately, many performers–think that acting is faking feeling. But almost everyone knows when a moment on stage or on screen isn’t genuine. Acting is feeling–really feeling in “fake”–or manufactured situations. It takes true technique to master consistently. Again, I’ve never seen his work so I’m not about to disparage him as an actor. But I can tell you this: if he can’t even create an aura to get me excited about these incredible clothes and really good styling–I’m not sure I’m interested in seeing his work in True Blood.

  • Anonymous

    Nice clothes.

    Skinny belts on skinny boys? Yum.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, and yeah, he should shave. But we know he’s not going to any time soon. This tired trend for half-hearted facial hair is as undead as the vampires. Will not go quietly to the grave & stay there.

  • http://profiles.google.com/sara.e.munoz Sara Munoz

    Meh. Does nothing for me.

  • Anonymous

    Love the clothes, love him, hate his posing.

  • margaret meyers

    Looking like a worried douche in one picture after another.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L45O634UYINX3IZCHBWUWT3DRM Christina

    His mouth is open in every single photo.  modeling fail.

  • Anonymous

    One time someone mentioned to me they thought he looked like George W Bush, at which point I basically could no longer look at this guy. Makes watching True Blood a chore too! Ack!

    • http://profiles.google.com/trashilove { edi } ilovetrash

      he -does- look like george w. bush!!

      what made anybody think people who look like this look like vampires? 
      {it’s hard not to make an inadvertent joke here, when the referent above is george w. bush: no bloodsuckers, for example…..}

      • http://visceralresponse.com Dina dV

        His character isn’t a vampire.  But he is part “fairy.”

  • Anonymous

    Everyone jokes about smizing but Tyra has a point about learning how to arrange your face for the camera; to pose facially.

    I’m terrible at this, so I sympathize with him. But he needs to lose that chin scruf.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=619862187 Britt McCombs

    The lighting on  his head seems intentionally directed to eliminate his jaw and bone structure in all but the cover and final shot. Why? Hard to feel bad for a guy who looks as good as he does – especially naked – but damn. Not well shot.

  • Anonymous

    Aw, poor wittle Wyan haz a sad.

  • Anonymous

    Aren’t you guys always saying that actors (male and female) are rarely also good models? 

  • http://vhanna26.typepad.com Vera

    Great clothes, but otherwise, meh.

  • Anonymous

    He does nothing for me. And True Blood is awful, just awful. Carry on.

  • Anonymous

    He doesn’t make my pants move.  I don’t get the appeal.  And that peach fuzz facial hair is all sorts of douchey.

    The only thing he has going for him is his bod and you can pretty much put anyone’s head on his body and they would look good.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1294512334 Terri Griffith

    Why doesn’t he ever smile?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1405004314 Cindi Tracy Aune

    How can he be so smoking hot as Jason Stackhouse and so not hot in these (or any ) photos?

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, it seems still cameras don’t love him the way movie cameras do. He’s a gorgeous specimen, most certainly, but it’s not the type of beauty a still camera captures optimally. And yes, better posing would help but I just don’t think he has the type of face still cameras “love”.

  • Anonymous

    He looks to have a rockin’ bod.  (Is he wearing clothes?  Didn’t notice.)  Good point about him not giving face; he needs to ditch the goatee and show some jaw.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joseph-Guarino/13902216 Joseph Guarino

    I hate his facial hair so much. I want to pull all of it out of his face strand by strand.

  • Anonymous

    There are so many Ryans, and they’re all so… unmemorable. I can’t keep up.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry but he only has an average face, magazine cover-wise. Ryan, be nice like many other young actors and throw in a couple of shirtless pics.