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Posted on June 06, 2011

It’s been something of a boy-heavy day here at T Lo Enterprises, LLC. We might as well continue the trend with Tom Ford’s Ken doll, Nicholas Hoult. He’s in that new X-Men movie and it looks like he’s got a busy schedule coming up, so we all know what that means. Poledance, actor! Poledance!

Aw, we’re teasing. He’s a decent model and he seems like a well-adjusted kid.
BlackBook June/July 2011 Issue
Featuring Nicholas Hoult
Photographed by David Roemer

Nicholas, take it away:

On detesting watching himself on screen: “There are so many people watching you. I enjoy the acting part. But then I forget that people are actually going to watch it.”

On self-doubt about whether he’d ever work again: “I still worry that I’m never going to get another job. Whenever a new film comes out, I always worry that it’s going to be the one people look at and go, ‘Don’t ever hire him again.’”

On working with Colin Firth in A Single Man: “I was doing my American accent, and Colin was doing his usual English accent, but I was letting mine slip. I remember thinking, Uh oh, I’m in trouble. But Colin is very relaxed and free, which made my job easy. There’s a fantastic subtlety to his acting, like you can read every thought and emotion that passes through his mind.”

The only acting we ever saw him do was in the Tom Ford-directed A Single Man. He was decent enough, although Colin Firth carried all their scenes (which isn’t all that surprising). The thing is, we were a good 30 or 40 minutes into the movie before we connected him with the guy Ford had shot for his eyewear line. For some reason – and we’re not talking about Photoshop – he looks very different in photographs than he does in a film (Although to be fair, control freak Ford did have him Photoshopped to a plastic perfection). That’s not a bad trait for an actor/model to have, actually; the ability to change up your face. In fact, that’s a pretty good definition of “giving good face.” He looks good here. The clothes are very classic to the point of retro, and we’re digging the very retro hair. Not too many young men can pull off that 1920s-style hair, but he’s got just the face for it.


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  • Lisa Sutton

    It’s so hard to believe he’s the same chubby kid who sang “Killing Me Softly” in “About a Boy.”

    • Meghan Young

      Yes! He was talented even then. 

    • Dina dV

      It’s always nice to see the kids who make such a big impact actually grow up to be well-adjusted adults.  I thought he was so lovely in About a Boy, so I’m glad he grew up well.

    • Anonymous

      i know!  i really can’t get over it.  It’s like Jerry O’Connell in The Stand.  Amazing how a chubby kid can change so much to become such a lean, attractive man.  I’ve always thought he was a good actor, and I’m glad he’s still getting good parts.  He was a lot of fun in X-Men.

    • Katherine Lavender

      I know. Marcus gone high fashion is kinda hilarious.

  • MilaXX

    I like this shoot. It’s a nice change to see someone who doesn’t look posed to death, although I’m sure he is. I’m oddly attracted to the hair even though it kind of reminds me of the guys from Ah-ha.

    • margaret meyers

      I was thinking of David Byrne from Talking Heads.  He wore his hair this way.

  • Alli

    I love this guy, if only because he made Tony on Skins sympathetic — so excited that he’s been getting more press in the US!

    • Tamisha Martin

      Oh my, he was brilliant on Skins. I have almost convinced myself to see X-Men just because he is so wonderful. It doesn’t hurt that James McAvoy is also in it. I have suspicion though that they have fantastic actors in a crap movie.

      • Grace

        Your suspicion is sadly correct. Entertaining, but crap nonetheless.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, I disagree!  I saw it this weekend, and thought it was a lot of fun, and pretty solid for a superhero movie.  It wasn’t nearly as embarrassing as it could have been!  But definitely, McAvoy and Fassbender (mmmm….to both) class the joint up a bit.  

  • Eclectic Mayhem

    Slap About A Boy (2002) on your Netflix list chaps.  You’ll get to see Nicholas in his first big screen role, Hugh Grant in a startlingly revealing (emotionally rather than physically) performance and Toni Collette doing her funky thang.  You’ll also hear a fabulous soundtrack by Badly Drawn Boy.

    Lovely photo spread – go Nicholas!

    • Cara Ballard

      +1 to ALL of this. “About A Boy” is absolutely fantastic, imho. Check it out, TLo!

    • Anonymous

      Type your comment here.

      Amen! I’ve seen this film more times than I care to admit and can’t help but well up tears and sing-along to the fantastic soundtrack. If you haven’t seen About A Boy, put it on your Netflix list. Pronto! Great images of him. Gorgeous man.

    • Anonymous

      I couldn’t agree more. I’m very particular about my “sappy” movies and this is an all time favorite of mine. It’s hard to believe this is the same person. Look at him all growed up. Time to head to Netflix and add About A Boy to my queue.

  • Anonymous

    He does look really good here. I loved him in Skins and he’s pretty good in the new X-men movie (which is incredible, by the way)

    • Isadora Paiva

      True! Loved the movie, and considering Tom’s geeky side I thought we were gonna get a comment about the movie in this post.

      About Nicholas, adorably weird and talented in About a Boy (great movie and book, the author, Nick Hornby, is one of my favorites), great in Skins, great in X-Men. To be honest, the whole cast of X-Men were great, except for January Jones. I thought she was a good actress on Mad Men, capturing the apparently cold yet conflicted Betty. Apparently not. The cold look is just an inability to make any other facial expressions.

      • Anonymous

        I love her in Mad Men but she was indeed pretty bland as Emma while everyone else really stood out.

      • Anonymous

        I think JJ is one of those actresses who does one thing well (besides model), and that one thing is…Betty Draper.  She just doesn’t have enough expression to make herself interesting in anything else (which makes her a perfect, emotionally constipated Betty).  Her boobs were the only thing worthwhile in X-Men.

  • margaret meyers

    Camel hair jacket with canvas pants?  They couldn’t have changed his hairstyle for one shot?  THey did do an excellent job lighting th furrows in his brow.

    This photo shoot is only a little bit better than Ruffalo’s, so I’m blaming the magazine not the models. The only clever thing is the Truman Capote shot.

    • Anonymous

       You, my dear, have a good eye! :)

  • Anonymous

    The outside shot of him in the hat, watch, and sweater is stunning

  • Ryal Woods

    Love guy posts, keep it up. So to speak. 
    Can’t wait for another Model T Ford directorial, so gorgeous to look at as to enjoy.

  • jabes

    He’s got a great hairline.

  • skadi1

    I loved About A Boy, and I’m so glad that this boy turned out so well. He does give good face.  I think it’s the caveman eyebrows paired with the hard-planed face.  Just gorgeous.

  • Sara L.

    He has kind of a River Phoenix thing going on in that last photograph.

  • Emilia Corbin

    That last photo seems so River Phoenix to me. Love that! I still feel a bit dirty, looking at this kid as a grown-up, but he pulls off these looks so well, I’m getting used to the idea.

  • Bitsy Carver

    He was good in X-Men but I found him annoyingly wooden in A Single Man.

  • Anonymous

    I did enjoy him in “About a boy” very much, he was unmemorable in “A Single Man” but then again, that was so Colin’s movie.  I must say, he does NOTHING for me in the sex appeal or looks department.  Zero, zilch, nada.  Just an observation about the comments section: There seems to be a lot of freedom and need to judge when a girl or women is percieved as “too skinny” but never a man.  To me, he looks almost gaunt with a nonexsistent waist.  Just an observation.  men can be too thin and have eating disorders too.  I’m not suggesting he does, just in general.

    • Anonymous

      Gotta agree with you on the sex appeal thing. I thought maybe I was the only one on this post who just didn’t see the attraction! Maybe it would help to see “About A Boy”–I don’t know. I don’t find the David Bowie androgeny look particularly compelling or sexy.

    • Laurie Cubbison

      That thinness is something I’ve particularly noticed about young British actors: Matt Smith, Colin Morgan, and Nicholas Hoult, among others. It doesn’t seem the fashion for young British men who aren’t athletes to try to bulk up the way I see American college boys do.

  • Anonymous

    This shoot seems to be tailor made for him. He looks good, even the hair, and apparently he knows how to werq. The more I look at these photos the more I like them. Not a bad shot in the bunch.

  • Sophia Kor

    he was incredible in the brit tv show Skins

  • Anonymous

    Ive seen  him in quite a few things.  – good little actor

  • { edi } ilovetrash

    in the straw hat pic he really looks like bosie {lord alfred douglas, oscar wilde’s trouble}.

    other than that, i like what he said, which is unusual for me w/ a member of the profession.

  • Anonymous

    um, you guys, stop…! have you not seen him in the uk version of ‘skins’?!? his eyebrows annoy me to no end, and his character is a bit of a twat, but he’s fabulous in it nonetheless! it’s on netflix watch instant.

  • Emily

    Wow.  He’s amazing.  Loved him in About a Boy and A Single Man.

  • Jillian Kroos

    I still can’t get over the fact that he’s the litte nerd with baby fat that I loved so so much in About A Boy. So grown up!

  • Sabastian Thomas Mae

    I wonder if Tom Ford will book him again, because as far as actors go, Nicholas Hoult is as close as you’ll get to a high fashion model: young, tall, thin, sample size, alabaster skin, broad face, even and symmetrical face, deep set eyes, long lashes, full-lips, really model-pretty, though sexy enough to be boyfriend-pretty…the only one who I think is comparable is Douglas Booth (Burberry), as the lookers of that generation haven’t come up yet. I just think he’s fantastic!

  • Brian @ PWYJudges

    I had no idea he was the boy in ‘A Single Man’! ‘X-Men’ is quite a different role for him.

  • merrigator

    What a beautiful man.  Sigh!

  • aimee_parrott

    You haven’t seen him in About A Boy?  He was really good, and really young.

  • Anonymous

    I’m dubious about those extremely wide lapels, but otherwise I am left to wonder: Why will the men in my life not just hand me their checkbooks and let me dress them?

  • Magdalena Monzerrat Ontiveros

    He is the boy in “About a boy” (2002) with Hugh Grant, he’s very young! 

  • Anonymous

    Whoa.  Too bad he’s practically jailbait!  He really pulls this off.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t Baz Luhrmann making a Great Gatsby film? If not young Gatsby then at least a bit part, I don’t know about A SIngle Man but based on About a Boy  and Skins the kid can act.

  • Lisa

    I’m in a bad mood, so I have to find something to crab about.  Since I can’t bitch about his looks, I will say that his interview got on my nerves immediately.  I hate actors who boo-hoo in their interviews about “Oh, I can’t stand the way I look on screen, oh, I’m never going to get hired again, bleedah blaadah blee…”  

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never seen him in anything but Skins, but he did an amazing job as Tony. He was such an evil, manipulative bastard, but you still felt sympathetic for him. Damn, I miss good Skins. And not the american shit.

  • Fifi LaRoux

    Wow he’s all grown up isn’t he! :)