Lady Gaga Named Fashion Icon at 2011 CFDA Awards

Posted on June 07, 2011

Let’s have a little Gaga with our morning coffee, darlings. At last night’s CFDA Awards, she accepted the “Fashion Icon Award,” which is, according to the CFDA, “awarded to an individual whose signature style has had a profound influence on fashion.” Say what you will about Stefi Germanotta, she has managed to get the fashion industry to love her every move and utterance. Past award recipients include Iman, Nicole Kidman, and Sarah Jessica Parker, all of whom are now wondering if they should have skipped the couture and just worn fetish gear and cheap wigs.

Aw, we’re just teasing. She gave a rather sweet acceptance speech where she admitted,  “I can’t believe I’m allowed in here,” and told the crowd, “I used to save up my money to buy Mugler vintage archive. I used to save up all my money. I had to have it. That’s really what fashion is all about for me. I already felt like I had made it before I had made it. All of you made me feel like a star before I was. Thank you for believing in me.”

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She wore Mugler for the night and if there’s any current star who can make Mugler work, it’s her. There’s no point in critiquing the outfit according to any rules of fashion, because she’s clearly working outside that sphere. She’s 24/7 performance art so everything she wears is a costume, rather than clothes. At some point in her career, she’ going to have to change up her image (all pop stars with clearly defined styles have to eventually) and it’ll be interesting to see where she goes next.



[Photo Credit: getty, wireimage]

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  • Shoes and thong look painful!

    She suffers for fashion!

  • I love how she needs an escort to help her walk in those shoes. It’s not a fashion statement if you can move about on your own — European royals knew that. 😉

    • Ha, ha, ha, ha… someone’s done their homework.  Yes,  there are etchings of the aristocracy of centuries ago wearing powdered wigs so huge that a team of servants where needed to support the wigs with sticks whilst walking behind them.

  • SO MUCH HATE for those stupid boots!  I do have to say, though, I like that she kept her makeup “simple,” hee hee.  Her face looks good.

  • Oopsie, double post.

  • Aaron Blair

    I have to say, aside from the shoes, this is actually the least stereotypically “Gaga” she’s looked in a while.  I mean, take away the shoes and the giant train and she looks almost like a normal punk/avant-garde fashionista chick on her way to a party.

  • Mariah J

    I just wish she would stop wearing those ridiculous shoes, being led around tettering on them takes away from the overall look.

    • Came here to say this. At a certain height those shoes would work, that ain’t it.

  • Lauen newman

    I laugh every time I see her in those shoes. She is always holding on to somebody unless she is taking pictures. How can one even walk in those? 
    Oh wow, they have no heel. That’s ridiculous. Lean the wrong way and you are on the floor.

  • Hot to death, totally off in her own universe.

    Her escort in the 5th picture in the slideshow is her baby sister Natali, for your records <3

  • Anonymous

    She is a fashion experimentor like no other today.  Sometimes I like it, sometimes I’m left scratching my head.  I like this Mugler outfit a lot except her “girls” are drooping pretty low and exposed here, esp for one so young.

  • Anonymous

    I really like Gaga a lot but…..don’t you have to have been around longer than 5 minutes to be declared an icon?

    • Anonymous

      Yes. Yes you do. They need to find another title for this award.

    • Allyson Wells

      Technically, an icon is a person/thing regarded as a representative symbol of something. Gaga has been around for several years, but of course her career isn’t as long as many other artists. However, you cant argue that the girl has made more talked-about fashion statements in those few years than anyone else in the entertainment industry…probably ever. She’s incredibly talented and one of the most successful artists of her generation, but she’s known just as much for her fashion as she is for her music. Now, even when others wear crazy outfits, they remind us of her. I think that her impact, more than her longevity, makes her an icon.


  • Anonymous

    Everyone is either a “diva” or an “icon”.  Does it even mean anything anymore?

    • Anonymous

      Nope. Those two terms have been used, abused and put to bed wet so many times they do not mean what they should!

  • MilaXX

    Bless her little whack a doo heart, there is something about Gaga I like even when I don’t love all of her songs.

  • Anonymous

    I notice the CFDA specifies a “signature style” and “profound influence on fashion” in conferring the honor on Gaga. I can see the signature style part, but has she influenced fashion? Maybe she has influenced designers and other performers, but I don’t see her influence on fashion trends that people actually wear. Am I wrong here?

    She is so much about theater and costume that I don’t consider what she wears fashion, even though she is wearing and working with some fabulous designers.

    • Anonymous

      It does seem a bit early to designate her as Icon.  In my mind people should be emulating her for years before she gets this label.  I don’t see regular fashion following her footsteps at all.  If anything, she is copying some already existing designs.

  • Anonymous

    Well, isn’t that special?  Now, will this tacky, talentless little attention whore please go away?

    • The bitch can actually sing!  She IS talented.  Besides hiding behind your keyboard, do you have any talents motherfucker?

      • Anonymous

        Wow.  I’m sorry my opinion upset you so much, but the fact is I can’t stand her music, and I find it repugnant that she feels the need to work out her daddy issues (or whatever it is that drives her behave this way) in public.  If that makes me a “motherfucker,” then so be it.

        • Hey… my blood sugar was low.  Seriously.  It’s like TLo said, she’s a performance artist.  That is why I let her attention whorishness slide.  Doesn’t bother me.  I’ve seen her in concert.  She doesn’t lipsinc and she does have a voice I like.  I do like her music… 

          • Anonymous

            I’ll share a candy bar with you and agree to see her as a performance artist instead of an attention whore.  She’s a lot more palatable that way.  I’m not being sarcastic, and here’s a smiley face to prove it —–>   🙂 

            Her music, though, I just can’t like.  Not to my taste, I guess.

          • Anonymous

            Wow, that was the most quickly and painlessly-resolved fight I can remember seeing on a blog. Lovely!

          • I hear ya… I mean, she’ll never be Tori Amos or Leonard Cohen nor is she trying to be… Peace out….   🙂

        • Anonymous

          Her music isn’t to my taste, but she’s definitely talented.  I’d be the first to condemn her if there was no musical ability to back up the showmanship but there clearly is. Ach, we’ve had years of dull, worthy celebs. Nothing wrong with a bit of colour.

        • So, does that mean Elton John and Cee Lo have “daddy issues.” 

    • Bree The Vole

      Okay, I know “attention whore” is a common word but it really disturbs me to see a woman known for her sexually outrageous style referred to as a whore. Could you try to make your point about why you don’t approve her without resorting to misogynist language?

  • The spiked thong cracks me up!

  • Yay Stefani! The whole outfit’s stupid but she makes it work FOR her.  I think having to have a walking helper is cute; at least she’s smart enough to know she needs one and she’s got enough money to pay for one.  LOVE HER!

  • Toni Busch

    Has she had her nipples surgically removed in the name of fashion? 

    • Anonymous

      I was reading the comments waiting for one to pop up about nipplelessness…Thanks Toni! Now I know I’m not the only one who started at the bustier wondering if part is flesh-colored…

      • Just read a post about her nipples actually having popped out on the red carpet…

      • No, you don’t understand.  She’s never had nipples.  The nipples you thought you saw actually retract into her body when she’s inspired.  Nevermind.  It’s deep and symbolic and you wouldn’t understand anyway.  ITSPERFORMANCEARTGUYS!

    • Anonymous

      Nope, they’re still there, both of them.
      She had a bit of a bodice malfunction on that same red carpet, that’s why I know.

  • The bodice is too small but this is the best she’s looked in ages. There’s a pretty face hiding under all of the extreme costume makeup.

    • I agree with the face part.  I saw that close up and really enjoyed seeing a bit of who she actually is.

      • Lori B

        If you want to see her face see her in concert. Or watch most of her videos (especially “Eh Eh”). Or watch the 60 Minutes interview.  Or or or — oh, forget it, you just want to perpetuate the b.s. that she always covers up her face.

        • Anonymous

          Even make-up, which Laddy Ga-Ga most definately uses, covers your face. Watch her videos and you can’t really tell if the woman is pretty or not without the makeup. Skilled makeup artists can do pretty much anything!

          • Anonymous

            The “whether or not she’s pretty” is exactly the question she’s playing with. Armed with the obvious knowledge that every female entertainer will be judged by how attractive she is, she purposefully offers a mind-fuck rather than a straightforward answer to that question. Is she pretty? Who knows. Who cares!

          • Lori B

            So true, Alwaysancerc. And playing with the very idea that collectively “we” decide who is pretty. She’s constantly telling her Little Monsters not to let others define them. 

            But SayWTH, I AM saying what the hell, because based on your comment we can’t judge any actress, singer or really any woman at all with makeup, ever, because as you have condescended to teach us, it “covers your face.”

      • Right? Like the real person vs. the persona.

  • The look works, but it looks much better with the purple carpet than it would have with red. The pieces work together here to create a cool-hued tableau.
    I will say that her bosom appears to be screaming for help of the ‘Libera me’ variety.
    As much as I agree that it’s too early to bestow upon her the title of icon, it will be interesting to see what’s next from her.

  • Anonymous

    The way she walks in those shoes reminds me of The Diva in The Fifth Element.

    • MilaXX

      I bought the dvd just so I could watch Lady Blavalaguna walk out and sing. I love that movie.

  • Anonymous

    Those be some serious chopines she’s wearing.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if she ever groans before she gets done up and thinks…”not again.”  I’m positive she must be elated when she goes home and get out of these contraptions.

    • Not as elated she must be to make billions.  And really, at the end of the day, she has no one else to blame for feeling hoisted by her own petard.

  • Anonymous

    Heck, it’s their award, so if the fashion design community thinks she’s an icon, so be it. I tend to think she hasn’t had enough time in the game to be an icon – there’s been no chance to even hint at what the enduring effect of her presence might be.

    I am most anxious to see if her spirit, drive and dedication, and willingness to work and to be uncomfortable shift over to other aims (besides fashion as performance and selling concert tickets) or if we will get a differently nuanced pursuit of the same goals as she collects life experience over the next decade or two.

  • Anonymous

    HOW does she not DIE in those SHOES????

    I kind of think she looks fabulous though… spiked thong and all.

    • Anonymous

      I know I don’t get it – but could she be just as idol-worthy if the shoes were, oh a couple inches shorter and maybe independently walkable? Or is it just part of the overall Gaga-ness that she also have impossible shoes?

    • Anonymous

      I like that part of the Gaga thing is that people always have to help her: support her in walking in perilously high shoes; carry her on the red carpet in an egg. It’s the House of Gaga, and she is the queen bee.

  • I’m confused. When and where did she lose the gyno mini (in a fight with a drag queen?) and be forced to go it alone on the podium in a thong and pantyhose?

  • im sick of her costumes!!!!  is getting old

  • Presumptuous Insect

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  God what a bore.

  • Anonymous

    I like turquoise hair.

  • Anonymous

    She looks fab as always, love her to pieces. But dang, the girls are smooshed and riding low. I’m 50 and mine are perkier than that!

  • Is this another revisionist/retcon in the Lady Gaga story?  That she’s “always” been into Mugler?  I didn’t know that vintage Mugler was bodysuits and hoodie onesies with sunglasses.

    • Shannon Twigg

      And the fact that she had to save every penny for it. Home girl grew up loaded.

  • sophie elliott

    One of the biggest fashion risks she could take would be to really change up her image.  But I wouldn’t be surprised if she thinks she has already changed up her image.

  • Anonymous

    “I used to save up all my money. I had to have it. That’s really what fashion is all about for me.”

    yep, fashion is all about ridiculously expensive clothes that the little people can’t afford.

  • Anonymous

    Not a bodice or bustier but a corset, and therefore not too tight! Probably Mr Pearl who works a lot with Mugler.
    The boobs are being squished down by the sheer body suit under the corset. You can see space between her and the corset cup in the second pic. 

    I think she looks great. And it’s good knowing there’s someone about with the guts to take some of those looks off the runway and actually wear them.

  • I’m not a fan, but I will concede that she’s been very successful at constructing her image.

  • akprincess72


  • The fit is terrible on the bust is terrible. There is not much I can say as I’m pretty much over her as a phenomena. She is not an icon, I REFUSE. 

  • whatever

  • Hail Mama Monster!

  • kim i

    i … think she already HAS changed her image.  a couple of years ago — a year ago, even — first and foremost, she aimed for outrageous.  how it looked on her was secondary.  that’s not true anymore.  all of her looks flatter her somehow now:  her face, her figure.  formerly, it seems it was “gaga as artiste.”  now it’s … “gaga as sexually attractive artiste.”  maybe that’s not much of a difference really, although i think it is.  i think it’s HUGE.

  • i am happy for this cos it will decidedly make clothing more interesting, at least for the next little while.

    i only wish she hadnt won it–not earned it, won it–atop the flaming corpses of the people whose work she outright copied. stole.

    i can name them if you want.

    that is all.

    • Anonymous

      But those artists you could name stole, too. It’s OK.

  • That’s what my wardrobe is missing!  Something to puncture all my furniture with!  Do they sell spiked thongs at Old Navy?

  • Anonymous

    Aside from her fashion for a minute (because it’s all been said much better before me) I think it’s all very calculated on her part but she really is ensuring her longevity in the business with her graciousness at this sort of thing and I’ve noticed that she never ever badmouths anyone else in the industry. She was asked about Britney a few years ago; I forget the question but it was clearly baiting her to slam Britney for something or other but she was very sweet instead. She’s never given the impression that she deserves to be a musican more than anyone else (eg Rebecca Black) which I think is pretty unusual (even Gwen Stefani has been a musical snob at times which, come on).

  • Lisa

    I’m not a fan of hers, but I kind of do like her look here, and she’s beyond gracious in her acceptance speech.

  • Anonymous

    Her face, in its severity, what I can see of it below all the flotsam and jetsam, reminds me of Edith Sitwell’s.  I think she would look great with an elegant, severe look.  Maybe when she relaxes some and grows up some??

  • I don’t know, I just can’t get into her. I try – but I don’t like her music, her voice or her fashion. I appreciate it, but I don’t like it or need it in my world.

  • Making it work? How? By not looking real? On anyone else, this would look absolutely tacky. On her, it looks absolutely tacky, just as it would on anyone else.

    Just because she operates on a different sphere, I do not see it as a good reason to throw taste out the window. If it is, well then, our next recipient of this award will be Chloe Sevigny, no? Now you are horrified at that idea, right, now that I mention it, eh? I know. What a frightening world we live in.