In or Out: Iman in Prabal Gurung

Posted on June 02, 2011

We’re going to need a paper bag and a few minutes sitting quietly with our heads between our knees. Our OWN knees. You see, we …

Oh, we can’t even say it. We promised ourselves we wouldn’t cry. It’s just that …

We have issues with Iman’s outfit.

Stop it! Stop looking at us like that; you’re making this harder!

Just look:

Iman attends the Gordon Parks Foundation awards dinner and auction in NYC in Prabal Gurung.

Prabal Gurung Spring 2011 Collection/Model: Irina Kulikova

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We’re big fans of Prabal Gurung and we like this dress, for the most part. Love the colors; love the slightly disheveled sexiness of the top paired with the sleek skirt. But we can tell from the proportions that it’s not an easy dress to wear; a tight high-waisted skirt with a blouson, off-the-shoulder top in eye-searing contrasting colors. No mere mortal can wear this dress, which should make it the perfect dress for the divine Iman, but, well.. she’s not making it work.

Give us a minute.

Okay, we’re ready. We can do this.

The length of the skirt and the way it’s sitting on her hips isn’t all that flattering on her. The shoes are too heavy a choice for this look and the earrings clash with it. And whoever did that to the neckline needs to be put on a flaming barge and set out to sea.

Please don’t whip us, Iman! Whip one of our minions instead! Some of them are into that sort of thing!


IN! She’s IMAN, peasants. Bow the fuck down!

OUT! Oh, don’t be such babies, T Lo! It’s not like Iman can actually DO anythi— !

Here are the Minion Opinion results for yesterday’s historic double IN or OUT phenomenon:

Kylie Minogue’s TARDIS-colored walking away dress received an IN, due to Doctor Who nerds rallying and because she uses gladiators as props.

Kelly Rowland’s disturbingly juvenile belly-baring look received a near-unanimous OUT, which is as it should be, no matter what Lorenzo thinks.

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  • Anonymous

    Scootch that skirt down, hack off about four inches off the bottom, and completely eye-murder the guy who did what they did to the top..or maybe, untuck it..oh, I don’t know. Then we’ll have a winner.
    Ugh, but she’s IMAN, guys. This makes it harder. I love her earrings, the color’s divine and makes her skin tone just look plain gorgeous (but when doesn’t it?) on a HUGE curve..IN!

  • Ted Kane

    She looks pretty.  That is her face looks pretty, and given that it’s Imam, “pretty” is pretty awful.


  • Anonymous

    I cannot bring myself to call Iman Out, so I’ll just say “Not an In.”

    Hold me.

  • Anonymous

    Besides the old lady heel/sandals…I still say this is an IN. The color is fabulous on her and I actually dig the longer skirt. 

    • Anonymous

      Agree with you chelles_bells, the only thing I do not like are the old lady shoes.

  • Anonymous

    IN.  Iman is not having her best day, but even a bad day for her is head and shoulders above most.  And I love the colors with her skin tone.  

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree; a bad Iman day is 100 x better than any excellent day most of us will ever have. Love the colors, admittedly blinded by my Iman love……IN!!!!!!!

  • The top isn’t sitting right and it’s knocking all the proportions off. It’s too tucked at the waist and the neck/arm seems to be very different from the one on the model turning it from relaxed to bungled. 
     If it was worn the same way as the model it might have a chance.
    The colours are really set off my Iman’s dark skin too in comparison with the model so the colours seem much richer and louder which normally works but here just feels like too much

  • Anonymous

    really bad shoe choice, but she looks amazing otherwise! great summer color combo.  the blue reminds me of the sky and sea.  the tangerine/mango remind of a yummy sorbet.  all good things in my book.

  • Anonymous

    I love the colors on her. “IN!”

  • Ooh, bitches, she gonna bite your face off.

  • Sara__B

    Please count me as another “not an in”. I’m unable to give Iman an out.

  • Anonymous

    When I saw that this post would be about Iman I was ready to tell you to just butt out, she can never look bad.  But, sadly, I see that I was wrong.

  • IN, if no one can wear this dress, then Iman should be the one to not wear this. …Or something.

    Anyway, she looks good, the colors are splendid on her and she’s giving fierce face.  IN.

  • Anonymous

    What the hell happened to that top between the runway and hitting Mrs. Bowie’s closet?  It looks all jacked up in the neckline and that off the shoulder wackiness.  It was a cleaner, simpler line on the runway.  And those shoes are the wrong choice, strappy sandals were needed.

  • Anonymous

    Hate the top.  Not crazy about the shoes.  Skirt color is fantastic.  Love the earrings.  Somehow it’s not coming together.

    Overall an OUT.

  • She looks like she’s just daring someone to call her on this shit. She knows what she looks like. She knows you know what she looks like. This is an ensemble selected specially to allow Iman to figure out if there is anyone in the world brave enough to oppose her, probably thereby volunteering to test out her new iguana-mounted death ray. All they gotta do is man up and say it…

    … which I will not be doing. She wins. I concede.

    • Anonymous

      lmfao ali!!!!!!! i spit out my frappachino. and crap i already said out so now i have go into the witness protection program or something.

  • greathill

    that skirt is amazing and she looks fabulous in it.  I don’t car what she is wearing; she always looks amazing.  Say what you will but this is a great look, very classic, wonderful color.  I am so jealous.

  • kim i

    that off-the-shoulder swag was made to be draped back over the neckline — it would work if someone would just sneak up behind iman, grab the swash and throw it over her head so it fell off the other shoulder.  quick, you do it.

    • I thought that too – she needs to throw the collar over her head to the other side.  But there is no helping her shoes choice – OUT

    • Anonymous

      Do you want to be the one who tries to adjust Iman’s clothing? You are brave. She could smite you in a nanosecond. And I suspect she can read minds.

  • Well the reason it looks good (or, actually… better) on the model (the *other* model) is that shoulder thing is coming from the other side of the garment. On Iman it just looks like she forgot to put it on correctly. (Iman please don’t hurt me)

    • jessamyn

      Thank you, Joseph and Kim I – I could not figure out what had gone so horribly wrong with the drape of the top and why the arm-sash-thing was so much longer on Iman. This explains everything!

  • Anonymous

    IN.  Maybe I’m just afraid of her (and I see your points), but she’s Iman, and I don’t feel like punishing her for being a skodge less divine than she always is.  This still merits an “in” even if it’s not up to her usual standard, but god help the queen who picked this out for her…

  • Anonymous

    In. I love the blouse and the earrings are beyond, beyond. The skirt looks good on her. The shoes, I don’t love . But who the hell cares. She’s Iman! Bow the fuck down.

  • Anonymous

    Oh no. And it’s not even her; it’s the dress, which when handled improperly begins to look like a brightly-coloured cami-and-skirt set from Banana Republic. They’ve handled it improperly. It’s looking like something I would wear.

    And The Goddess Iman should never wear anything that I would.

  • Anonymous

    Well, if she styled it with the drapey thing heading to her right side, like they did for the catwalk, it would look a wee bit – ouch! – better. I don’t hate the earrings with it, but I’m a sucker for big honkin’ opals. The shoes are definitely wrong, tho– ouch! Who keeps hitting me?


    Ouch! Iman, cutitout!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The colors rock, at least on her, the top is weird and the skirt’s too tight around her hips. I like the length though, and the shoes. And it’s Iman. I just can’t vote. On color alone she’s in. That’s all I can say.

  • Anonymous

    The colors are pretty, I like the deconstruction etc and she’s trying to sell the hell out of it.  But the shoes are  awful.  I=On balance though I think I am gonna go with an….


  • if only the skirt was a tad longer. Still she is a goddess. IN

  • aussiegal77

    Well thanks TLo.  Throwing us under the Iman Whip.

    Ahem.  Dear goddess of Fab & Fierce, Iman:  I love the colours.  I love the idea of the outfit.  But…erm….you’re just not making it work.  Whoever re-worked that neckline deserves eternal roasting.  It was way better in the runway version.  And whoever made the skirt that long needs to be leg-less by day’s end because…..well, it’s making YOU look leg-less.  Plus the shoes are ugly.  So….it would apear….that this is an OUT.  So sorry.  Don’t send a lightning bolt to kill me please.  TLo put me up to it!

  • I don’t care.  Sure, it’s not her best look, but you can’t spell Iman without “IN.”  Who else would look so amazing in those colors?  No one, that’s who.

  • Anonymous

    Her face looks fabulous, the colors are gorgeous on her, I love her earrings, but….out.

    the clothes aren’t working

  • She’s Outta Here!

  • Anonymous

    Like the colors on her. that’s about it. Sorry but she’s OUT. Bound to happen. Laws of probability and all that

  • The shoes don’t go at all.  I do think he colors look amazing on her and if the top didn’t have that thingy on her arm, with the right shoes, she may have worked it….but this is an OUT.

  • In. Period.  Though I agree that the shoes are heavy.  But it’s Iman!

  • Angela Green

    Out.  Love you Iman, but this is not working.

  • Anonymous

    I think you’re grading on a curve *against* Iman. She looks gorgeous to me. In.

    • I agree here. IN. If she were anybody else she’d get an IN with no trouble. It’s her own high standards that are confusing the issue. 

  • OUT.

  • Elizabeth Winer

    Out, the skirt looks like a carrot.

  • Amber Garvey

    IN on the colors alone. They look fabulous against her skin. 

  • Anonymous

    Iman must not have gotten the instructions included with the top.  No Iman…that sash flapping aimlessly on your arm goes over your head and other shoulder…dear…

    First reaction was…good colors on her, then almost immediately noticed the messy top.  Then oh…the length of the skirt hits at a really unflattering spot. Finally…egad…wtf is up with those shoes! 

    Now I notice that she has no waist. 

    I really want to give her an IN but can’t, too much wrong here. 


    (awaiting the apocalypse to commence…)

  • Leslie Carver

    This would be in without the hideous shoes, I think. I think OUT, though. 

  • Tamara Hogan

    For me, the black shoes are the only real issue – they’re too dark, and throw the entire ensemble out of balance. A flesh-toned shoe would help immensely. 

  • Anonymous

    An IN for the colours alone and what they do for her, and I do intrinsically love the outfit though it has some fitting flaws.  Also celebrities who don’t feel the need to expose the good china every time they wear a skirt should be encouraged. The shoes are big fat OUT, but I think if they were changed the minor flaws in the outfit wouldn’t be half as noticeable. The earrings are divine.


  • Anonymous

    As much as it pains me to say this, she looks dumpy.  That outfit makes her midsection a rectangle. Unacceptable.

  • Gail Kwak

    True, she’s looked better, and the outfit is a loser, but this is fucking Iman we’re talking about.  She’s IN on that alone!

  • Anonymous

    In. Seriously, the colors, her skin, her freaking cheekbones! I AGREE that the shoes do not work, but seriously if Courtney Love gets a WERQ then Iman is always in. In! IN I SAY!

  • IN.

    We are powerless to name her anything but.

  • On anyone else this would be an automatic flop. So this would rather go down as an “not so automatic” flop.

  • Anonymous

    IN! She’s IMAN, peasants. Bow the fuck down!
    ‘Nuff said.

  • Particularly since you two talk about grading fashion on a curve, and Iman is most definitely in the highest echelon, she is sadly Out.
    LOVE the color(!!!!!) but the details (neckline, hem length and shoes) screw the whole thing up and reminds us why most celebs are colorphobes: it amplifies imperfections in an outfit. Still she looks pretty, but not nearly fantastic enough for an Iman In. Luckily since Iman has looked so perfect so many thousand times i have no doubt that an outfit like this is really just momentary aberration from her fashion outlier status and we can all go back to breathing normally soon!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, it’s OUT. It’s not Iman’s fault, she can wear almost anything and probably gets a little confused about that almost.

    Of course this is easy for me because I had no love whatsoever for the original ensemble.

  • Out, the skirt is a terrible length

  • Iman is always IN.  Didn’t you know?  It’s the 4th law of thermodynamics.

  • Anonymous

    In….she’s Iman and the colors are lovely on her skin. But I have to agree the skirt is a weird length.

  • margaret meyers

    Her hair and makeup crew needs to work on making her wig hat less apparent.  I know they can do it.

  • MilaXX

    Y’al must be tired. It’s Iman and while I don;t love the shoe I like the outfit just fine and I think the earrings work with the top just fine.

  • Anonymous

    I think the heat is getting to you.
    I’m with Sinead, a bad day for Iman – though unexpected – is not an actual ‘bad day’ for her.
    She’s in. She looks fab and put together and a little funky. I see her personality in that and let’s face it; she did that to the neckline. Do you seriously think she ‘lets’ someone else make her decisions for her.

  • aimee_parrott

    *whispers*  She’s out.

    But if anybody asks, I’m denying I said that.

  • suzq

    Own it, guys.  She’s out.  The skirt is too long.  The top is too wonky.  The shoes are too clunky.  She should know better and she’s judged others as harshly.  She’s a big girl and can take it.

    It’s actually quite comforting to see her err like this. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry.  She’s Iman.  She’s always and forever IN.  Plus, I like the bold colors and earrings too.

  • up with pod people

    Can’t help but say in because of THOSE COLOURS and THAT WOMAN. Would have liked a different hem and shoes, but still take a knee at her feet.

  • Anonymous

    Guh! Is it possible she put the top on backwards so that swoopy thing would by on the other shoulder, thus making it pull and look ever so strange? Or she just flopped it over thus getting rid of the doubled up effect (which is pretty cool) on the model? I don’t know – but – OUT. Although, that color is fab on her.

  • I hate that sleeve on Iman. The model wears it better. The length of the skirt makes her look 90. The shoes are appalling. I adore Iman and those colors on her, but she is really OU—-

  • Anonymous

    A rare misstep. Beautiful colors, though. If we’re grading on a curve, I guess I’d have to say, OUT.

  • IN.  Iman is like a skinny Asian woman in Chinatown, anything looks good on her…

  • Anonymous

    Was the neckline changed? I can’t tell. And I don’t like that fabric over her arm, but I have to say I like everything else. I do love the searing colors on her. But I love color, so that might be that I am odd.
    I would have to say IN!

  • Not perfect but still very much IN.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind the colors so much as that arm sling thing. And black shoes? OUT. 

  • Rand Ortega

    IN. But it’s not perfect & that’s the word I always associate w/ this goddess. It’s like the Lakers not making the finals or Marc Jacobs not presenting a killer collection for LV. It’s just… weird.

  • color: fabulous!

    collar: flaming barge! absolutely!!

  • Anonymous

    Switch out the shoes, take that hem up a skosh. I’m too afraid to give her anything but an IN.

  • Joyce VG

    IMAN is FLAW…ed??  *whimper* Bad shoe choice but…IN.

  • This is a tough one because the shoes are terrible and the earrings are distracting and the skirt is too long and the top of the blouse does look a bit… odd. But the colours are gorgeous and she’d catch your eye in a crowded room and she’s so lovely that she rises above the bits that don’t quite work anyway. So I’d call it an IN. (Just.) 

  • Anonymous

    IN. I must bow down. Because the colors are great and she’s still working it.

  • Iman is beyond such mortal things as In or Out. She is likely a minor deity and we will all bow the fuck down.

  • In??  Out??

    How about, “do over!”

    The colors are gorg, I love the  length of the skirt on her, but the shoes, and that HORRIBLE top (even BEFORE it went all limp)…. Just Wahhhhh!  I want to hide in the corner & cry.  Esp since I thought Heidi looked better and more put together than Iman!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i agree with you wholeheartedly (especially on how wrong of a choice those shoes were), but even so, IN. i loved this collection and wished more people wouldve worn these clothes out. color, great shapes, just interesting fashion. thats how im justifying all this.

  • Anonymous

    Everything’s bad but the colors.  Out.

  • Jessica Goldstein

    I vote IN. I agree with you about the length: it should be shorter on Iman. I agree on the shoes. But I like the earrings, love the colors, and like the basic proportions. Plus, you know, it’s Iman. Issues aside, she still looks amazing.

  • Aly Light

    Oh, give it up, it’s IMAN. It’s IN. The color is lovely, and she still looks fantastic.

  • I don’t like the shoes, but otherwise, she’s IN.

  • Judy_J

    The neckline of the dress is absolutely ruined…looks like whoever dressed her didn’t know the off the shoulder part was supposed to cross the body.  Other than that, I really have no problems with this outfit.  So I’m giving her an IN with an asterisk, just like Roger Maris’ 61st homerun.

  • they totally wrecked the shoulder on that top. But I do think her dark skin looks better with the colors than the anemic white model. I’d give her an OUT though, just for the shoulder sling.

  • Anonymous

    OUT. The blouson plus the skirt waist makes her look blocky. Iman, blocky? There’s an out right there.
    And the shoes are hiddy and totally don’t go.
    The earrings I like.

  • Hilary Sain

    yeah, bow the fuck down.  the skirt is a bit too long but thats my only quarrel.  she looks gorge. 

  • Lisa

    OMG, now Iman’s gonna kill you both! 

    (*Quickly hides TLo and tries to look innocent*)

  • Out, as much as it pains me to say so!

  • Anonymous

    Um, love the colors. Hating the fit on both the top and skirt. The shoes aren’t good. Not IN.

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous woman. Gorgeous colors. Hideous OUTfit.

  • Tim Wong

    its not THAT problematic…… if the scale is purely based on IMAN standards- the previous outfits that IMAN have worn… then this could be an out…but compared to say KELLY ROLLAND and J’LO”s previous astheticly not pleasings…. then this is NOT that bad… all it needs is to be hemmed up 3 inches to a below the knee skirt then its all good… she is IMAN and she can wear ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!!!

  • Anonymous

    omg i can’t really believe it, iman is really human after all & not a goddess hiding out among us!  naw, she is still a goddess, even they can have an off day i guess. i agree with everything tlo said, plus i don’t like her makeup here. 

    hate to say it, but this is an out.

    • Leslie Streeter

      No! She is a goddess! She’s…trying to prove some point? Messing with us? Daring us? Auggggh!

  • Oh. My. God. What is happening?!?!? Is this a sign of the Apocalypse? Iman deserving an OUT? What is going on?!?

  • Out 🙁 The colors are fabulous, but someone murdered that top and the skirt doesn’t fit right at all.

  • Anonymous

    Today sucked, and now this. Iman is not in (I will not say the O-word). I need another drink.

  • Catherine Dluzak

    In! Bow down!

  • Jessica Marcrum

    OUT for Iman, but IN for a mortal.  Take that as you will.  Her face and hair look gorgeous. 

  • Anonymous

    Even on her worst day Iman looks fabulous but it’s an OUT for me.  I would have given her an IN if it didn’t appear that she was wearing the blouse wrong.

    On the model the strap folds over to the right hitting several inches above the elbow, hiding the seam and laying flat and wide across the bodice.

    On Iman the strap sits on the left causing it to limply dangle and buckle at her elbow, showing the seam and not laying flat and wide across the bodice.  

    I shake my head in bewilderment.

    • So right! At first I thought she was wearing it backwards. Sadly OUT for not knowing how to put on clothes. Sigh.

  • The outfit might have worked, if she hadn’t worn the black shoes. As it is, I’m still inclined to say she’s IN, because the colors are fabulous, and she’s IMAN.

  • Anonymous

    take me, Iman. Save T Lo. They are innocents and deserve to live another day. I’m merely a minion….

  • sonictofu

    I realize that many are loving them, but I kind of hate the colors on her.  They look like flavors of sno-cone.  out. 

  • Anonymous

    If you crop the phto so that the dress is not any part of it, she would look fabulous, as she is wont to do. However, though it pains me to my very gay fashion-oriented soul, I must give her an OUT. Don’t hate me, Iman! It’s not your fault!

  • Ouch. No bueno.

  • Anonymous

    I think, if the neckline had been done as it was on the model, that it would be an in, though I’m not a fan of blouson tops on anyone. I like both of the colors individually, but I don’t really like them together.  I sort of like either one solid bright color, or a bright color paired with a less bright one; two different bright ones seem to be fighting with each other here, and it’s even taking attention away from someone as beautiful as Iman.  I think I’d have liked the top with a black or brown skirt, or the skirt with a cream or white top, but  I know fighting brights are the thing this season (thank you for teaching me to watch seasons, TLo), so I wouldn’t give an out on that. 

    But a model not checking how the arm-strap is supposed to fall?  That gets an OUT.  She’s worn enough pretty clothes that she should have noticed it was off kilter.

  • Anonymous

    I love it … she’s in, as always!

  • Anonymous

    Man, she is working the hell out of it. And those colours are gorrrgeous. And I love her. But the dress sucks. OUT!

  • She is far superior to that ensemble.  OUT!

  • BOW THE FUCK DOWN, BITCHES! LOVE the color combination, HATE the clumsy top and too long skirt. But hey, it is the DIVINE IMAN. Her name only is a guarantee to an IN, so we better bow down like good peasants should do.

  • Anonymous

    Well, it’s certainly an outfit that only a model can pull off, that’s for damned sure.
    I just think that top looks really messy and we can’t really tell where her boobs end and her waist begins. The shoes are horrible. They look like the basic black sandals you leave under your desk at the office to change into when you get to work. 

  • Anonymous

    In. There is more good than bad. Love the colors and the shape of the outfit. Lose the shoes and the earrings and shorten the skirt and it would be perfect. But as is.. I still say it’s IN.

  • In. I don’t like those proportions… But those colors with her skin, whew. They make my heart beat faster! 

  • Anonymous

    It pains me, but OUT. Those colors look amazing (both together and on her), but I hate the drape of the neckline (the runway version looks wayyyy better) and the accessories really detract from the look…

  • I don’t like the shoes at all and the skirt’s a bit too long, but I love the colors and she’s Iman. IN.

  • Anonymous

    OUT.  She didn’t even put the blouse on correctly.  No wonder it looks odd.

  • Anonymous

    I was going to give her an OUT but then, just like that scene in “The Princess Bride” where Christopher Guest challenges Mandy Patinkin to a duel and then turns and runs, with his girly hair swinging, I turned and ran. Dammit, I can’t do it. She’s IN.

  • Oh my God. I need to break this down. I can’t really be seeing what I’m seeing… right?
    Hair makeup and jewelry look fine. Neckline is bad, top hides her shape. The skinny belt doesn’t look like it was done properly, the skirt is too long, slightly wrinkled, and I don’t feel the color is complimenting her. Shoes suck.
    I can’t believe this. IMAN IS OUT.

  • You are far, far braver than I…. it’s Iman!  But…*whispers* the shoes are horrible – they look painful.

  • *You* may say she’s OUT, but I couldn’t possibly comment.

  • Karen McKeown

    Oooooh, I see what she did, um, well, not “wrong”, because it’s Iman and she could never be anything so pedestrian as “wrong”.

    But she, um, appears to have “styled” the top differently than the runway model did: the off-the-shoulder strap is supposed to go across the bodice and on the other side. Can anyone else see that? Or have the two martinis blurred my vision too much?

  • Shawn Hill

    In. Turquoise is very flattering on her.

  • She’s IMAN, bitches! You are absolutely right about her outfit, but she gets to be in JUST BECAUSE she’s Iman.

    Is it me, or did they add 2-4 inches to the shirt before she wore it?

  • Anonymous

    I do NOT agree with the verdict of “out”, I think she looks fabulous. The colors are beautiful on her. BUT she shouldn’t have done that to the neckline, I agree with you there, put that stupid little piece of fabric the way it’s supposed to go and she is perfection.

  • horrible shoes

  • frankystein123

    The skirt should had been cut off around her knees, otherwise, fab.